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Google Holding Maps Event Next Week to Show Off “Upcoming Features”

Google pinged us this morning to let us know about a Google Maps press event that they are hosting next Wednesday. As you can see from the invite, they plan to show us the “Next Dimension” of Maps, but it’s anyone’s guess as to exactly what that means. Further details in the invite mention their “newest technology” and a sneak peak at features that will help people continue to get where they are going, both “physically and virtually”:

…give you a behind-the-scenes look at Google Maps and share our vision. We’ll also demo some of the newest technology and provide a sneak peek at upcoming features that will help people get where they want to go – both physically and virtually.

The timing of this couldn’t be better as Apple is holding their developer conference, WWDC, the following week. Rumors have pegged Apple as having created their own map offering to compete with Google’s and that it would be unveiled during this conference.

Any guesses on what could be new in Maps?

  • Anon

    My one wish is that Google not add deals, social networking, or any extra crap and privacy invasion. Just give me good maps and turn-by-turn navigation.

  • NexusMan

    Awesome 3D Maps, 10 times better and more reliable and usable than what Apple plans to announce the next week. LOL. Go Google! Oh…and they’ll announce it will be an Android exclusive!

  • low enough to peek through your windows all on their own programming without needing anyone to fly them

  • Typical Google minion says:

    My new favorite feature is the removal of street names….I dont really care about street names in my beloved turn by turn navigation, us power-users enjoy the challenge in guessing which street its referring to while sucking down gigs of data in our modded-out dual core beasts with pure ICS.

  • misterwight

    “Next dimension”? Come on, how could that mean anything but “third dimension”?

  • Androidandwp7equalsPower

    I wish they would release those Google glasses soon. Maps are nice, but I want my glasses.

  • webby

    Street names ???

  • Trevor

    Maybe you’ll actually be able to look into people’s windows in this new version.

  • Stewie

    It’s wonderful that they want to incorporate 3D into it aka apple, but isn’t that what Earth if for? I don’t need to suck down more data in maps/nav just for a a 3D map on a mobile device. Keep the map data as current as possible, and the nav algorithims up to date as well, the rest is fluff. Just MO

  • Ricky

    Adam Fisch don’t get us that excited!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Don’t they know, you don’t use Maps anymore to “get where they want to go” you use Maps to G+, and check in and get ratings and find deals and coupons… social crap. You don’t actually use Maps for mapping anymore.

    • Zane

      Unless you are one of the 80% of people that actually need directions. People use maps.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        this makes zero sense.

  • duke69111

    First they brought up google maps, then they brought us google sky map, then they brought us automatic driving cars, now they are to show us how to fly.

    The picture above does look kind of cool.

  • Brent Stewart

    The game is afoot. Gonna keep a few batches of popcorn handy.

  • buzzchilly

    Scratch & Sniff

  • whenjasonattks

    In terms of Maps on android, I hope they improve Navigation cause my tomtom is way better at telling (saying out loud) directions than Navigation. With my tomtom I don’t even have to look at it, but with Navigation I have to constantly be looking at it. For example: Tomtom – “Take exit 121 for herpyderpy road in 0.5 miles than keep left at the fork… (couple seconds later) then take exit 123 on the right” Navigation – “Exit right in 0.5 miles”.

    • sdcoiner76

      That is strange. I have used Navigation almost every day for over 2 years and it has always told me when i was coming up to a turn using the name of the street and then when to turn. It also tells me when to keep right or veer left, distance etc.

      • whenjasonattks

        I used to get that, but I’m still on 4.02 Galaxy Nexus. I still want it to follow up with what I need to do next, like- “Take exit 45 in 0.5miles, then continue straight for 5 miles” My tomtom does this when it knows I have to do a command very soon and gives me the next one right away. With Navigation I have to look to see how much longer I need to drive before I need to take a turn or another exit. One time it didn’t tell me that I need to turn left until it was too late and I was in the far right lane and had to u-turn around to get where I wanted to go. I like how tomtom tells me what side I should be on when approaching a turn or exit.

        • sdcoiner76

          I have never had that type of problem. I just came from a delivery run and because of what you said I paid extra attention and my phone did exactly what you said. It said “Continue on Highway 385 for 6 miles” Then further up the road it said “Continue for 2 miles then take exit 35 to highway 146” before the exit it said “Take Exit 35 and keep right at the fork then turn left on to Miller Rd”.

          • sdcoiner76

            I just looked up and saw where it seems like the Galaxy Nexus has some navigation problems. That sucks considering it is their “flagship” phone has that problem.

        • sdcoiner76

          I just looked up and saw where it seems like the Galaxy Nexus has some navigation problems. That sucks considering it is their “flagship” phone has that problem.

  • white

    Teleportation Brundle mode.

  • Layers for places to find hookers

    • realfoxm


    • RumbaCembe

      Maps of less developed tribal areas, like jungles!

  • Andy Christiansen

    but hasn’t google pretty much taken all the street view pictures themselves? Will apple have to take all their own now?

  • BrianWenger

    “Rumors have pegged Apple as having created their own map offering to compete with Google’s and that it would be unveiled during this conference.”
    You have a typo. I’m sure Apple’s maps wouldn’t compete with Googles. They would just remove Google Maps from the app store.

    • Stew

      Apple would just be taking the Google Maps data out of their stock Maps app and replace it with their own.

  • Corey Foltman

    Streetview Navigation would be pretty cool.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    VzNavigator integration? Lol. But seriously, can we add the ability to set multiple destinations and plot a route? My 2003 TomTom could do that, but not my smartphone.

  • Brian

    Hopefully it’s an equivalent to Bing’s bird’s eye view.

  • derek connolly

    Live Imaging…I want to be able to walk outside and see myself!!!

  • ddevito

    Don’t underestimate Apple in this space. Their purchases of PlaceBase, Poly9 and C3 were smart moves. C3’s stuff looked sick before they bought them.

    Maps will be a fun and innovative mobile space for quite some time.

  • Google maps is just so the standard for all but the iSheep. 3d maps are for show and very little more (even when Google offered it, who cares really) The combination of satellite view, streetview and soon to be indoor view has Google maps a infinite lead imo

  • Google Maps in 4D.
    Calling it now.

  • ddevito

    Enhanced 3D detail, better navigation (routing, enhanced offline capabilities), I’m sure more Google+ integration (including Zagat), more download options, and business listing overlays

  • SleepySensei

    now that they’ve cured the asthmatic voice, maybe she can use the extra air to push out street names…

    • snowblind64

      The 4.0.4 update for the GNex has fixed this issue. Not sure about other phones. Makes me wonder if it’s the OS, the Maps software, or an API that’s causing the issue.

      • fallsgable

        I have 4.0.4 on my Gnex, as well, but I had to uninstall the maps update and revert back to previous Maps version 6.4.0 so I could have the street names spoken in Navigation….otherwise you just get, “turn left in 15 feet” or “take next exit”….

        I hear that there ARE people with 4.0.4 running the latest maps with NO issues….I am wondering what the differences are, that I, as well as MANY others are experiencing….
        Google IS in fact, aware of this as can be seen, and read in the Google Maps forums….Anyone???

        • snowblind64

          Yeah I’m not sure why some are having issues while other do not. I have Maps version 6.8.0 (#6080013) and I’m running 4.0.4 IMM76K stock ICS. Just double checked and it does say the street names.

          • michael arazan

            the update to g maps was for 4.0.4, those with 4.0.2 the street name were not coming up, i just got 4.0.4 from verizon tonight and now my maps is fixed and not missing street names anymore

  • Uh, I’m pretty sure they’re referencing the _3rd_ dimension.

  • Tristan Cunha

    I’m still surprised that Apple is planning on developing their own mapping app. Are they just hell bent on not sending any extra traffic through google? Or do they actually think they can build better software? When you’re starting out so far behind, it’ll be a struggle just to catch up to where Google is now (or even where they were 2 years ago), I have no idea how they plan to catch up with the new features and developments the Google Maps team has been working this whole time, and will be coming out soon.

    • ddevito

      it’s simply because Apple doesn’t want to rely on Google for anything anymore.

      • JosephMoreno

        I have a feeling YouTube won’t be going anywhere

        • ddevito

          not yet. Don’t forget that massive data center Apple built, it will expand into others (and all for a reason)

          • MicroNix

            And all proprietary to Apple devices. Apple is banking on total world domination but competition will always exist. Like facetime. Great app, poor execution because its only available to Apple devices. They may be the richest company but the world still does not revolve around Apple.

            At least Microsoft and Google are smart enough to know that when they build apps, they need to build cross platform. Apple is too pompous to figure it out. Imagine if Apple developed SMS back in the day. Only Apple devices would be able to send/receive text messages. Anyone see how Apple is working against the progression of technology?

          • Apostrafee

            I agree, it is also slowing their innovation. So many different Android manufacturers out there with all kinds of ideas (some great some not so great). They really can feed off of each others ideas and build newer software and newer hardware to keeps an innovative edge and rapid growth. With Apple working with really primarily themselves the innovation seems to have slowed.

    • cmonnats23

      I can feel the lawsuits coming…

      • Stew

        Why? Google can’t patent maps…

        • No, but if anyone could it would be Apple…

    • Apple has purchased at least a couple mapping companies in the past several months so they’re not really developing anything from scratch. I don’t remember the companies or exactly what the tech was but do remember one sounded like really cool technology.

      • Stew

        they’ve acquired quite a few small mapping companies. One of them stood out as one with 3D technologies. Most of the others were just general mapping companies I think

    • fish1552

      They plan on stealing Google’s data, filing a patent on it, then filing a lawsuit against Google.
      HAHAHA, silly man. And you thought Apple would actually make their small tech staff work harder when it’s easier to make their HUGE staff of lawyers work longer hours. LOL

    • It seems to me tat Apple jumping in would be equivalent to Google making a personal music device…too late Apple

  • Act of God

    Floor plans of every house in America?

    • MKader17

      That and house view. There will be random guys with globes on top of their head that walk through your house. It’s street view, in your house!

      • michael arazan

        who needs that now that their are autonomous quad copters that can go several miles high, or low enough to peek through your windows all on their own programming without needing anyone to fly them

  • Google should let apple develop their own lame map software/search and redistribute the bandwidth wasted on Idevices on their beloved android users.

  • Somewhat related, i*S is dropping Google maps in i^S 6. I think that is an absolutely HORRIBLE move. I was wondering everyone else’s opinions…

    Back on topic, I hope it has more inside building mapping so I can search for a product within a store, and it will navigate me through the masses to said product. 😀

    • Bill Mitchell

      I agree that it’s a horrible move, but I understand why they’d want to make it. They definitely want to separate themselves from outside services so that the OS is just one big Apple slice, but I really don’t know if it can beat Google Maps, especially if this upcoming announcement is as big as I think it’s going to be!!!

      • Stew

        The thing is, it doesn’t have to “beat” Google Maps… Most people won’t even notice. Apple’s move will mostly be with data in the backend of the app. Sure, they won’t have streetview but with their acquisitions, they’ll have some sort of 3D view presumably… That’s what’s confusing people… iOS’s new Maps App will for the most part look very similar to the current one

        • Bill Mitchell

          Just because they have 3d doesn’t mean people won’t notice though. Google Maps has always been better than others in terms of overall efficiency (TomTom, MapQuest) and people might notice if their gps starts telling them to take the long way home. So yes, it doesn’t have to “beat” Google Maps… but if they want to gain any ground with their userbase this way, it should.

    • ddevito

      one feature Apple probably wanted was navigation but Google never developed it for iOS (I’m sure on purpose). So I would think that’s one feature they’re creating on their own.

    • aj

      I think the fact the ios6 is dropping Google Maps has a lot to do with this announcement. Apple is trying to differentiate themselves as far as possible from the makers of Android, ie Google. I have know doubt that whatever Apple pushes out will be pretty but pretty doesn’t mean new technology. It’ll probably be similar to navigation and have turn by turn direction, which we all know has been on Android for a while. To no surprise will iphone users go apeshit over the new feature though.

      I think the announcement is to really “beat” Apple to the punch. I’m guessing more Local integration, 3d (which they already have somewhat with the 2 finger swipe), and some sort of technology to improve it. I’m not expecting a HUGE new feature but more so something that will get plenty of press and have Apple announcing their’s in the shadow of Android.

  • KleenDroid