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Friday Poll: Favorite New Android Apps of the Last Month?

It has been a while since we last asked you to share some of the Android app gems that you discovered along the way, so let’s get back on that train and do that today. Over the last few months, the stream of newly released quality Android apps seems to be as steady as ever. We now have apps likeΒ Instagram, Flipboard in beta, and a bunch of quad-core optimized games. Developers really seem to be accepting Android now, more than ever.

So what has popped onto your radar as of late that we should all check out? For me personally, I’ve found myself using Pocket (formerly Read It Later) a lot since the rebranding, Flipboard for casual news reading, Alarm Clock Ultra because waking up in the morning should be fun, and Total Commander as my new file manager for its power and utilities.

Any other suggestions?

  • Sean

    Pezmoo social Q&A is a lot of fun!

  • Pocket is definitely a big one for me. That and Google currents are the only things I use to read news now. BTW, when are we going to see a UI update for the DL Android app?

  • Holo Launcher !!

  • havok

    I was looking threw my bloatware on my razr and noticed an app called MOG its kinda like a rhapsody on steroids. It has every song you can think of and you can keep making unlimited accounts so you dont have to pay.

  • chucklehead322

    UCCW has been coming on strong lately. Loving it!

  • Task Changer Titanium hands down! This app has so much functionality for both Gingerbread and ICS devices. It brings WebOS multitasking to android and… dang. Its really popular with the HP Touchpad combined with the giant thumbnail & hide statusbar mod. I also use it on my Droid Bionic to give it that ICS Recent Apps list feel.

    • I’ve been lookin for an app like this. but I don’t like the look on this app. πŸ™ Doesn’t gel well with ICS. Any other app suggestion with similar functionality?

  • Frank Davis

    Flipboard, Fancy, Evernote, Pocket

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Flipboard is my most used app on my 4S and now on my SGSII πŸ˜› can’t go a day without flipboard

  • SD_Scott

    This may be kind of lame but I use the hell out of Google Drive…

  • SeanBello

    GO SMS, which is much better than Handcent and not as bloated.
    Airdroid, which is one of my favorite apps now.
    Google Drive
    1Weather, which has to be the best weather app on the market.

  • Matthew Merrick

    Fppt. you guys are so unoriginal. I found, and have been loving Holo Launcher.


    • SeanBello

      fppt…we ICS folk have Nova Launcher.

  • fvqu

    Reddit Sync, and Boid.

  • cmonnats23

    Viggle. It rewards you with REAL prizes for just watching tv. Is not on the market yet though. Just google it.

  • KreeTerry

    solid explorer, pocket, alarm by doubletwist, and s voice(actually pretty decent little app)

  • AndrewScottRox

    Throw Evernote into the ring. Such an old, yet well done app. The new ICS version is great!

  • ishmogeekus

    I just found Songify and have never seen something so crazy in my life. It gets my kids rolling on the ground they laugh so hard.

  • Al Werner

    I see a lot of references to Flipboard, why would I use that over Google Reader?

  • Jim Lynch

    Badass battery monitor and Grabatron. Grabatron is hilarious, and strangely addicting.

    • Grabatron – First app from this list that I’m installing now. Let’s see.

  • If you go to Gamestop, their app is great. Lets you check to see what stores have what games, check your Powerup Rewards and even hold games.

  • digitalicecream

    Pocket, Springpad, Flipboard, Currents

  • Shawn Maloney

    FOXFi and Flipboard,

    • SeanBello

      + 1 for FoxFi

      • michael arazan

        so glad this blog told me about flipboard, the best news app i’ve seen, better than the other popular ones

  • draw something πŸ˜‰

    • I was with so many others and loved this when it first came out for Android, but it hasn’t properly updated my games for weeks so I uninstalled…too bad because it’s fun!

  • Russell Tanner

    Loving Flipboard and Pocket. As for apps not mentioned here, I dig Solid Explorer – slickest file manager I’ve used yet – and Shot Control, which is a nice camera app with all your controls laid out on one screen. No opening menus to adjust white balance, turn flash on or off, etc., and the focus is less squirrely than the stock ICS camera.

  • John

    +1 for TotalCommander

    also, you going to answer the questions for the Q&A post earlier this week?

  • ufmd

    I m running no apps, liking it,
    the only one I miss is es file exp.
    <3 ics

  • Fun With Drugs

    I’m lovin’ Flipboard. πŸ˜€

  • Really enjoying flipboard so far

  • Apostrafee

    UCCW, Little Photo and N7player….nothing really new just been loving these lately

  • EvanTheGamer

    Bump(works flawlessly).

    EDGE(if you haven’t played this or EDGE EX yet, you must, they are both highly addicting games, and they are lots of fun!).

    Zombie Smash(also a very smashingly fun game!).

  • Removed…..

  • sc0rch3d

    tapatalk and better battery stats

    • John

      For the love of God, please turn off the default sig that stupid app leaves on all forums πŸ™‚

      (if you haven’t already)

      • sc0rch3d

        yea i did that the first day

        Sent from an a$$h0le via Tapatalk 2


        • John

          lol…you’re a good person. Thank you

  • br_hermon

    Might be more than a month but… FoxFi, Riptide GP (on sale!) and GrooVe IP. (I’m usiing this app on my old OG along with Google Voice for a free second line! :)). Also, give Battery Monitor Widget by 3c a look.


      I used Battery Monitor Widget until I found Gauge Battery Widget, plus it has 1% support for a lot of phones!

      • Sorry dude, we are the 99%.

        • Willard Potter

          RAZR_FANN meant that the widget shows your battery level down to a single percentage rather than every 5% or 10% like a lot of phones show on the status bar.

          • RAZR_FANN

            Thanks for clearing it up, though that was a pretty funny comment otherwise!

      • br_hermon

        Hmm that app is ok. I use Make Your own widget which is another app by that developer. But Gauge Batt. Wid. doesn’t even compare to Batt. Mon. Wid. when it comes to the wealth of graphs and info that it provides. I actually don’t even use the widget, I use it for the info it reports.


    For people who don’t have Ice Cream Sandwich and prefer using folders on their homescreens, SiMi Folder is a really good app. It’s not new, but I recently discovered it. It keeps the aesthetic sense of folders while looking like simply another app on your home screen, however when clicking it, it opens an array of apps either above or below the icon. You can also customize the icon picture itself, as well as the size of the widget.

    However, if you do have Ice Cream Sandwich, the stock folders look a lot better in my opinion.

  • Andrew

    I bought some NFC tags and have been using NFC Task Launcher and Tasker to make my phone talk to me and do all kinds of really cool things.

    • Where did you buy the tags?

      • RAZR_FANN

        You can buy your own online, they don’t really sell them in stores though.

      • double reply πŸ™

      • I got some unformatted ones from tagsfordroid.com and they even sent me an NFC keychain which is nifty

        • I really wanna get some of these, but I can’t think of anything useful I would do with them.

          • Andrew

            I put one in my cheap plastic Samsung car dock and it turns on bluetooth, gps, turns up media volume and then it asks me where I want to go, and navigates to the place I say then turns on music. It doesn’t do anything until I plug in the audio cable though. I feel like KnightRider.

            Tasker is intimidating at first, but it is really powerful and can do some really cool stuff.

        • markgbe

          How do these tags work?

          I bought some from another website and they’re kind of terrible. They don’t read very well unless perfectly placed on the exact right spot on the back of the phone. Kind of defeats the purpose having to sit there for 10 minutes maneuvering the phone until they get read..

          • They may work better if you sort of swipe your phone across the tag instead of just putting against the back. I don’t know, just a guess.

          • markgbe

            i tried everything with my current ones. I just bought some now from tagsfordroid.com so we’ll see how it goes. Fingers are crossed.

          • They work pretty well in my experience so far. I have one by my door to hit when I leave or come into my house to toggle wifi and turn sound on/off. Some of the “tasks” you can do are pretty limited unless you create your own with Tasker (using NFC Task Launcher, haven’t tried anything else or looked). I also have another one on an old Ez-stand to show my clock on my nightstand.

          • elemeno

            I had bad luck with MIFARE Ultralight C tags. MIFARE Classic 1K tags work much better in my experience. A little more expensive but more reliable.

        • SeanBello

          awesome tip…just bought a couple. can’t wait to check them out. much cheaper and cooler than the Amazon ones.

      • Andrew
  • Dion

    My favorite party trick: Tune Me. Like songify, but lets you use real songs and sound like T-Pain on an off day. It gets fun after a few Coca-Colas πŸ˜‰

  • nvm.

  • Greg Morgan

    I do like Flipboard, but my new favorite app has to be Boid for Twitter. Really nice twitter client that’s in beta stage.

    • The only issue with that app is that it resets your timeline constantly. HOLD MY DAMN PLACE BOID!

      I use the newest version of Plume for my Twitter needs.

      • Greg Morgan

        True it is annoying, but you have to remember it just entered Beta and is still being developed. It has great potential.