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20 Reasons to Switch to Google+ [Infographic]

Are you still looking for reasons to switch from Facebook over to Google+ for all your social networking needs? Maybe this infographic that lists out 20 reasons why G+ is doing things the right way, will get you to make the jump. Two things that I think are missing – 21. No Mafia Wars invite spam. 22. Less life sharing drama. 

Via:  Infographic Labs | Mashable

  • sterex

    The only thing stopping me using G+ is the fact that Google is fickle-minded. They pull-out products like a flick of a finger. Remember buzz/wave?

  • elll

    $#%^&* events g&*( da$#$it

  • termiNader

    If only google + would have removed invite only when it was so hyped up and everybody was upset at facebook for it’s overhauls and privacy settings.

  • ixobelle

    “better ads”


  • Typical Google minion says:

    Real #1 is that is made by google, that all I need to know.

  • iNfAMOUS70702

    G+ is for my tech stuff…Facebook for everything else…I’ve been trying to get my friends and fam on G+ since the invite days but nobody cares…it’s just too lonely on G+ for me to use it everyday

  • David Hayden

    I’ll be that guy. It’s a social networking website, who cares?


  • I am thinking of creating a “Facebook Circle” on G+, with all the “facebook email addresses” of my FB friends. If I’m correct, I can share to that circle and it’ll show up in their FB messages, yes?

  • Unfortunately, the number one reason I won’t be fully migrating over anytime soon: To get my friends to see this infographic, I have to post it to facebook.

  • LionStone

    In my experience, g+ is getting better and better (mobile app does load easier and faster) and FB is getting slower and slower to load. As others have mentioned, I really do like that I don’t have ALL my friends or people I know on g+. But that’s me, I like to explore.

    Just recently I realized my pics/videos were not being backed up so I uploaded them to g+…all 1,693 files! It took 24 hrs and 4.5 gigs later and that was mostly on 4G. Thankfully the TB is a beast, it did get hot at times and used lots of juice but it’s done! So if you value your pics/video like I do, it’s so worth having g+ for the Instant Upload feature alone.

  • G+ destroys FB

  • I like G+ alot but not enough of my friends are on it. but Ive been on it since the beginning and I love how they keep upgrading it and making it better.

  • I’d immediately switch to G+ if they implemented a direct messaging system like Twitter or Facebook. Sharing posts with only one person or GMail are imho not adequate substitutions

    • Michael G

      I don’t understand what you mean. What about G-Chat/Talk?

      • Michael G

        Disregard, I understand what you’re saying now. It’s near the end of the week, my brain isn’t firing on all cylinders.

  • Eric Richardson


  • Ooooo, pictures. :]

  • feztheforeigner

    Does anyone else know what that other gender is? It’s .3% of the population apparently…

  • Detonation

    Better or not, if everyone switched from Facebook to Google+, the spam/drama/etc would just follow as well. The only reason it’s not there now is because of the limited user base. You might be able to hide it a little better, but the point is that those issues aren’t Facebook’s fault, they’re humanities fault.

  • What the hell is the ‘other’ in the gender breakdown? Hermaphrodites?

    • Droidzilla

      Aquatic sponges.

    • People who do not identify with male or female as genders

  • FortitudineVincimus

    I dont care enough about what others like or dont like or are following or not following or are +ing or not +ing

  • nwuknowme

    how does google having ‘chrome’ make google+ any better?

    better for business? with 1/8 of the users??

    they really had to stretch for 20 , ey

    • Br_d

      #14 is pretty ridiculous too. Yeah, it’s a less bloated network because no one uses it!

  • AndroidUser

    #3, Better Mobile App.. but why is it shown on a white iPhone 4s? =/

    • Because the Facebook app on iOS is >> than Android. The G+ app on both platforms is >> Facebook on iOS.

  • WilliamKu

    20 reasons to use G+ but only 1 reason I don’t: all of my friends and family are using Facebook.

  • anezarati

    all those things are great and all, but no one uses it.

  • 1 Reason to Switch to Google+
    “Like and Subscribe to get 1000 friend requests!”

  • Hell No We Wont Go!

    Google+ sucks

  • Kris Brandt

    21. All your friends use Facebook.
    22. All the cool stuff happens on G+.

    You use facebook for your “friends” and your family. You use G+ for content sharing and discovery. No one in my G+ circles are my friends, but they are people I game with, people I have discussions with, people I share content with, and people I interact with. Facebook is drama. G+ is information.

    If you want to get a steady stream, follow these people:

    Felicia Day
    Robert Scoble
    Casey McKinnon
    Gary Whitta
    Cali Lewis
    Chris Pirillo
    Vic Gundotra

    Once you get them, you’ll find even more interesting content from the people they share content from.

  • mbaldwin85

    The Android app is what really puts it over the top. Like most people, good portion of my social networking comes from my mobile devices. The FB app just plain sucks. It is soooo slow. Once they implement ads, that app will be unusable. G+ is so smooth.
    LOL @ 87 shares on FB. I say we clog all of our friends stream with this.

  • JulianZHuang

    but all my friends are still on fb. my g+ got no friends. whats the point of moving to a friendless social network?

    • LionStone

      Maybe meet some new ones?

    • Claire

      If this is you on G+,
      zhuang julien, it would help for you to fill out your profile and post or reshare things that interest you so that others can see what you are about.

  • jasdempsey

    What’s missing is a useful API. The existing API can only be used to see public data and can’t be used to post.

  • David Rosen

    #13 is CRAP… I get notifications that I’ve been added to circles CONSTANTLY… And it’s all strangers, where as Facebook, 99% of them are people I know or friends of friends.

    • Kris Brandt

      Except its impersonal. People added you because they found your content interesting. They could care less if you add them back. Your friends, on the other hand, will care on facebook.

      • David Rosen

        right. making facebook better. it’s real people that are your real friends.

        • Kris Brandt

          Who probably aren’t even your “friends” so much as acquaintances. Facebook contains people who don’t share your interests and you probably haven’t spoken/hung out with since you left high school.

          • David Rosen

            and i get far more enjoyment out of that than I do out of being “friends” with 100’s of people that just happen to use the same mobile OS as me or that DJ.

          • David Rosen

            google+ is like myspace except i’m now 31 and have been with a girl for 5 years, so i’m not interested in meeting chicks and partying. i just want to stay in touch with family and old friends. facebook is perfect for that.

    • Br_d

      Not to mention notifications that photos have been added via instant upload. Why do I need to be notified that I just took a photo?

      • David Rosen

        haha seriously.

  • lone

    Google+ ALL THE WAY.

  • Gunther

    That Britney Spears is the top 5 Google Plus user is actually an argument against G+.

  • Kyle Salewski

    Someone please update the article and the infographic with the new logo. That logo was from like the beta…

  • Detonation

    1 reason to stay with Facebook, which trumps the above 20 reasons: All my friends are on Facebook, very few are on Google+.

    Sure G+ has some better features, but those features are useless unless you actually have friends to use them with.

    • Droidzilla

      Try expanding yourself beyond what and who you already know.

      • Neomastermind

        What kind of argument is that?

      • That’s not the point of social networking, Droidzilla. Why share anything on Google+ when none of my actual real-life friends use it? I have no interest on making plans with complete strangers.

        • Droidzilla

          Just my personal experience with Google+. When I used it as a social network, it was just OK; killer interface, but not enough people I knew on it. When I started to use it more like Pinterest/Twitter, it really opened up. I now use G+ to learn new things, keep up with my interests, etc. I also use it for video chat and photo storage (the Android integration on these two things alone makes it a worthwhile thing to have).

          Google+ is a tool, just like anything else. If you pigeonhole it into a mere social network, you’ll probably stick with Facebook. If you, however, use it to expand yourself beyond simple social interaction with people you already know, it can be really fun and you can learn and discover new and interesting things. It’s not Facebook; don’t view it as such.

          • Knlegend1

            Agree 100%. When I first got on G+ I tried so hard to make it like Facebook by sending invites to my friends but ultimately they weren’t interested in creating a new profile and such. So back in beta it was a bit boring until I realized this is a real social network. In order to make things interesting you have to talk to people. The beauty of this is you find people who are interested in the things as you. Just like real life if you met a stranger and you have to find common ground.
            I say don’t get rid of your facebook account because you there really are people you know and may need to keep in touch. If you’re not interested in exchanging phone numbers of course. G+ is another world that opens up and could actually prove benefiting. Yeah sure it would be better if your “real” friends were there, but isn’t that the purpose of a social network? Make some more.
            P.S. Google should probably do some celebrity indorsements to get the word out.

        • When you sharing something on G+ with individuals who don’t have G+ account they can get email notification.

        • michael interbartolo

          so you never posted on a discussion board about something you were interested in because you didn’t know those people? come on facebook isn’t the only social paradigm out there. expand your definition of social. do you follow folks on twitter that you don’t know? how often do you hang out with all your business connections on linkedin?

    • Kyle Salewski

      How did people first get on Facebook with nobody there? Or Twitter? It has to start somewhere. And once you start, more people will start using it. You don’t stay in the same city your entire life just because you don’t know anyone elsewhere. Well, some people do…

    • Philip A. Kaiser

      Not to sound like a smart ass but maybe you could lead them, instead of following them.I have been on G+ since the beta and I know it isn’t easy to get people to switch, but a vast majority of my friends tried it and have made the transition. Ironically, I used Facebook to get the word out.

    • michael interbartolo

      all my friends may still be on facebook but since I could really care less what photo of the day they looked at or who is playing single mom because hubby is out of town or who just got high score in words with friends I left them. I tried cross posting stuff on both FB and G+ but on FB it vanished into the ether while on G+ folks engaged, commented shared and such. So I bid my facebook friends farewell left them a QR code to my G+ profile and haven’t looked back.

      • Detonation

        That’s nice, but there are some of us who actually have useful interactions with their friends on facebook.

        • LionStone

          You don’t ever go anywhere without your friends?

  • Sobr0801

    Jeri Ryan is probably my favorite Celeb on Google Plus, followed by Wil Wheaton, damn I love G+

  • Butters619

    1 reason not to: nobody uses it 🙁

    I love G+ but until more people use it, it’s not a viable social network

    • Droidzilla

      True, only 100 million users. It’s practically a ghost-land.

      • Butters619

        Myspace still has users. Doesn’t mean people are using it.

        • Droidzilla

          There are lots of people using G+ from where I’m sitting. Your experience is not a significant sample size. True story.

          • Butters619

            Well it looks like half a dozen people posted almost the exact same comment about none of their friends using it.

          • Droidzilla

            Then I guess those half dozen people share your experience. Do you really think that’s statistically significant?

    • Stephen Zipprich

      You’re doing it wrong if you think it’s supposed to be like Facebook.

      • Butters619

        I don’t expect it to be like Facebook, but the only friends I know who use it regularly are all programmers (like myself). It’s use is just not very widespread.

        • Sobr0801

          I have met many new friends of G+, and once or twice a week I check in on facebook. I got most of my family atleast to install the app on their phone so they can see when I tag them in G+. Its a step in the right direction. I really dont want all my facebook friends on G+.

          • Chris Pinola

            I really dont want all my facebook friends on G+.”


          • Butters619

            Neither do I. I already de-friended a lot of HS friends and then they ask again to be friends. I think I have 50 people in facebook friend limbo now.

        • Chris Pinola

          honestly, at the moment I don’t mind so much. at least for me, the people that I interact with and the discussion I have via G+ are far more mature and engaging than what I find on facebook, and that’s really awesome

        • Droidzilla

          You say you don’t expect it to be like Facebook, yet you use it like it’s Facebook and lament that it doesn’t work like Facebook (i.e. you use it as a mere social network for your friends and family, and then complain that you don’t have enough friends and family on it). Google+ can exist alongside Facebook if you learn to use G+ for a different purpose than simply talking with people you already know.

        • michael interbartolo

          twitter is for news, facebook is for friends, G+ is for passions – Guy Kawasaki
          circle people who post about topics that interest you. do you just talk about programming with your friends?

  • AL

    21 reasons to switch. 1 major reason not too…everyone i know uses facebook.

  • Stephen Zipprich

    I’m curious about #15. They’ve said they won’t be using the #whitespace for ads. I’m wondering where this stat came from, and who said it.

    • Kyle Salewski

      Yeah, definitely interested too.

    • michael interbartolo

      Vic Gundotra said it after the new layout rolled out.

  • hackthis02

    How does Britney Spears have 2 million followers and right next to that it says Google+ only has 1 million users?

    • MKader17

      It says 100 million users…

    • Chris

      100 Million, read again

    • Smeckle

      100 million

    • Jose Lopez

      Actually, it says 100 million users…

    • hackthis02

      My bad.

    • mustbepbs

      I wonder…do a bunch of people answer the question at the same time..or do they just like to rub it in the questioners face? I hate when I see a question and 800 people answered the same thing.

  • Matt Gondek

    Gotta disagree with you Kellex, the life sharing drama of others is what keeps me coming back to FB, it’s like a bad car accident, I just can’t look away

    • Are you kidding? That’s all I ever see on Facebook. At least with G+ you can easily control what comes up on your main feed.

  • Chris Griner

    The new Google+ app is garbage. Stream posts show only pieces of the posted image and it takes at least 3 different taps to get to the actual image. Its flat out annoying and hideous. After the latest updates, my partner and I are seriously considering ditching Google+ all together.

    • mbaldwin85

      The new update is way better. Smoother and faster and now you can download images from within the app. That is the greatest new feature yet.

    • Kyle Salewski

      It only takes 2 taps, but I do agree that it is an annoying part of it. Everything else I am happy with.

  • normmcgarry

    Lots of new Google+ stuff coming at I/O!


    Reason 21: Facebook stock has plummeted nearly 30% since IPO!

    • Liderc

      This was always going to happen. The employees and angel investors sold a lot of their stock options to get cash, this brought the stock down. Once normal people can actually buy the stock, it’ll level back out.

      • maxoct97

        Employees are not allowed to sell their stock options for a couple of months after the launch of an IPO. All this talk about the ‘wealth’ created by FB isn’t real cash, it’s the asset of fb stock.

  • quiklives

    The one thing they left out is the higher quality of content. Top users list notwithstanding, there is so much more interesting content on G+ it’s not even a comparison.

  • G+ ♥

  • AlexKCMO

    I really like G+ over Facebook. If all my friends (or most of my friends) moved to G+, I’d completely abandon FaceBook. Instant Upload my photos is nothing short of amazing, and circles are the greatest thing ever. I specifically don’t follow things I like on FB (that means you Droid-Life) because I don’t want stuff that isn’t from my friends on my News Feed.

    I feel like G+ took everything that makes FaceBook great and everything that makes Twitter great, got rid of all the stuff that sucks, and created G+. The only problem is making my friends use it.

    • Haha you wrote exactly what I’ve been thinking!

      • AlexKCMO

        Seriously, G+ is vastly superior. It’s just getting people to move over that’s very difficult. Kind of like getting people to move from iOS to Android — they’re so invested in iOS, it’s a pain in the ass to move over :-).

        • deesnutzz

          In life it doesn’t matter how great something is its all about the execution & google hasnt done that

          • I’d say G+ definitely is executed better than Facebook. The problem is mind-share and market penetration. Facebook is literally everywhere, Google+ is not. Everyone is already on Facebook, getting on G+ and getting your friends/family on it requires personal effort.

    • capecodcarl

      “If all my friends moved to G+ I’d use it, but until then I’ll keep using Facebook” is EXACTLY the reason why nobody uses G+ (aside from a few tech geeks). Why move to G+ when Facebook works fine?

      • AlexKCMO

        Because really, nothing important happens on FaceBook; it’s just BS small talk. I live about ~1500 miles away from my friends and family (guess where I live now :-P) so keeping in touch with them is very important to me; I don’t get to have that BS small talk in person.

        If I moved back home, I’d probably just use G+ and if they wanted to read that article I was referring to when we hung out on Saturday, they could just check my G+.

        • OreoMan

          Yes, but if your family and friends used G+, you could all post and start a hang out just like that. No need to move back home, have home setup G+!

    • deesnutzz

      It seems like the only people that’s using google plus are google employees, google/android fanatics & some tech enthusiast and they mostly are self righteous media douchebags (not all of them) and I just don’t care to engage with them. I know a few people that tried it out for a week and haven’t come back yet. And honestly most people I follow on Facebook don’t even use facebook heavily anymore because most moved over to twitter

  • ChrisCornwell

    21. No stupid trends you currently see on Facebook that can make even the oldest of people look like children.
    22. No tagging of half naked girls that your sure haven’t even made it into high school.
    23. No “Like if you ever taken a dump” crap
    24. Facebook just sucks -.-

    • Nick

      Liek dis if u cry evertiem

      • Made me laugh audibly.

      • ethan

        I laughed outloud too.

    • SGMD1

      The “Like if you ever taken a dump” says more about your Facebook friends than it does about Facebook.

  • yo

    Snoop dog..hahaha

    Sent from my LTE Galaxy Nexus running 4.0.4 via OTA.

    • Sobr0801

      Glad you got your update!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Switch? I did this months ago.

  • Davy B

    21. Your office web filters block facebook but don’t block G+

    • BrianWenger


  • MrEnglish

    You lost me at Britney Spears and Snoop Dogg. WTF is wrong with this country?

    • Matt Gondek

      Hey, at least there wasn’t a Kardashian

      • MrEnglish

        Small miracles are still miracles, I guess. Good point.

  • I wonder what the “Other” gender is

    • rohicks

      Probably profiles that are incomplete or not specified.

      • Matt Gondek

        Don’t forget about the “all of the above” demographic

      • Charlie

        You can actually set your gender to “other”

    • CompCrash

      Most likely businesses or product pages.

    • mustbepbs

      Unicorn androids.

    • Everett Bosch

      Varies: include Transgender, switched, etc. I know the names exist, just don’t feel like looking them up… like GLBT+

    • michael arazan

      only 29% female users, G+ is a total sausage fest. Use G+ to confuse your girlfriend/ spouse to your real thoughts and goings ons that you choose not to share with them : P

  • JustTrollin69

    Wow, considering how long Facebook has been out for, Google isn’t doing bad with 1/8th the amount of users on G+.

    • Chris Pinola

      agreed, I was also impressed by that figure…however it would also be useful to see what percentage of those users were active (post something at least X times a month, etc)

      • WAldenIV

        I’m sure it would be much, much lower.

        • As would Facebook’s, though its active % is probably much higher then G+ as well (a better metric of service utilization imho)

    • Google

      You mean 1/8th the people signed up and not 1/8 the users. People sign up for G+ accounts because Google puts it in your face every chance they get. However, nobody(relative to FB) uses G+

  • John

    How in the f does Britney Spears have that many followers on G+? I could’ve done w/o that stat.

    Still love Google+ tho!

  • tbaybe

    i love this!

  • Mneighbo

    I love it!