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Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 IMM76K Update Apparently Rolling Out in Small Batches

Yep, that is a screenshot of the 4.0.4 IMM76K update for the Galaxy Nexus that is apparently rolling out to a select group of users. Well, either a select group or in super small batches. We have a handful of readers who claim to have received the update, however, we keep checking with folks on Twitter and almost everyone is coming up empty. Keep on checkin’!

Update: Β If you look through the comments, it certainly sounds like it is indeed rolling out to quite a few G-Nex owners. Settings>About phone>System updates!

Update 5/31: Β The update is still rolling out in small batches from what we can tell. It’s about 50/50 for users finding the update available in the comments. I hate to say “be patient” but that’s about all we can say.

Cheers Steve, Sean and Joseph!

  • Nothing here is Mass, near Boston πŸ™

    • Waiting patiently for Metro Boston as well

      • Mike

        Waiting in RI…hoping my GF in MA gets the update soon too because she has had an awful time with the mic muting and dropping calls on a regular basis. Let’s hope it fixes something.

        • MikeSaver

          im in Boston and have nothing.

  • JS

    Got the update this morning! Already experiencing 4g reception from towers that I did not before. Albuquerque, New Mexico

    • Can you go to Settings/About phone and tell us what your Baseband version is please?

      EDIT: Got the information I need. So nevermind.

  • Marco De Paulis

    so what determines the order of who gets the update? i have yet to see it and i’ve been “checking for updates” all morning…

  • Nothing in Central Florida

  • so at this rate it seems we will all have it by december,,, maybe lol

  • So is the battery life better? I read that it is not even addressed.

  • Still waiting. We have the Bionic as well and remember getting an update about 2 – 3 weeks after some first started receiving it. We’ll see what happens.

  • Am i going to run into issues updating if i changed my softkeys using jrummys toolbox?

  • @ScottyfromGA

    so-so glad I’m not one of those that are pounding the system update on my Gnex….lol. Been using this update for a month now. But, I’ll ask the same question…..is it exactly the same leaked or does it have more goodies?

    • InyRules

      Yes. It’s the same.

  • William Farrell

    No update here, Long Island…checked at 8:45AM. Running Stock rooted 4.0.2.

    • L9VYWmcJXO

      Nothing in queens either

      • i’m surprised you two dont have it, buffalo got it, thought they would have done all of the NY area, im up in RI, nothing here

        • InyRules

          I don’t think it’s based on location, but on the serial numbers on the phones.

          • oh, that sucks for me, i only got my phone just under 2 months ago, so im probably way down the line

          • InyRules

            That’s just what I heard on another site. It could be completely random for all we know.

    • JustTrollin69

      Long Island FTW!

  • It has the same radios as the leaked IMM76K so if your on a custom rom with these radios then you should be fine and won’t have to worry about waiting for new radios

  • RW-1

    Really torn now ….
    Ok, those of us on IMM30B and have a nice working phone, is it really really really worth it to go back to go forward at this point?

    • Jwhap

      I did last month. Some say the radios are not as good on 76 but I don’t really see much of a difference. If anything it may be good just for easier future updating. If you are rooted just back everything up.

      • RW-1

        I’m halfway there, but either I can wait until someone compiles it into a full 4.0.4 (dev’s love to do that, or google itself) and/or just flash the new radios. I don’t believe we’ll see anything else until JB, but hope I’m wrong.

  • Is this identical to the IMM76K I manually updated to this past weekend?

    • Jwhap

      That is the only question I have….. I would bet so.

    • zepfloyd


  • summit1986

    Is there no way to push updates in AOKP?
    Settings>About phone>System updates doesn’t exist. I know, rooted, ROM… blah, blah, blah… just asking.

    • Jwhap

      No but I would assume the folks at AOKP have already started working these new fixes into their ROM.

      • Tony Allen

        These ‘fixes’ are already part of their ROMs.. this update isn’t new, it’s just new to being OTA’d

  • chargerman165

    This is officially the best phone I have ever owned. I have had many. Recently the Gnex, Maxx and iPhone. Just disconnected the Maxx yesterday and going to wait and see what ICS does for it. Had freeze up problems. Gnex pretty much works flawlessly. If update makes it work better then GREAT!

  • Tyler

    Time to start checking every 15 minutes now. Does anyone know of a widget or app that checks for you every set interval of time? And if it had a notification when there is one that would be great!

    • DroidzFX

      YourFinger App

      • Dingus

        Are you sure that’s the name of it? I keep looking in the play store for it and I can’t find anything.

  • MuteCallsSux

    Does this update fix the mute call issue??

    • brad truelove

      That’s what I’m screaming… I’ve yet to learn if it’s a hardware or software issue causing that. Having calls regularly muting after five minutes into a call ranks pretty high on the get it fixed list.

      • I know what you mean, i’m on my 5th gnex,all had the same problem,, you have all these fanboys who have been running it for a month or so and say everything is so perfect, then others say this updates still have many problems, so have the fanboys been lying ? I know they just cant say anything bad about their idol. i’m hoping it fixes all this crap

        • Liderc

          I wish you’d just get another phone. You literally ruin every post with your 17th Gnex problem.


          • brad


        • Jason Naylor

          I have a Gnex and it’s fine. A little buggy on 4.0.2, but not a problem. Many bugs were fixed when I updated to 4.0.4. I am not a fanboy, If a phone’s crap then it’s crap. But I have enjoyed this phone, and so have other people. If you’re that miserable I think you would’ve rooted and ROM’d to try and fix your problem.

        • will bartlett

          you are a crybaby, plain and simple.

      • Jwhap

        I think it may be a little of both. The update seems to take care of it…. mostly. I still have it happen once in a while though, not nearly as often as it was doing it.

      • Lucky Armpit

        The documents released by Verizon state that is does fix the muting issue. I assume the much-rumored Samsung update is bundled with 4.0.4. Again, that’s rumor. Fingers are crossed because if this doesn’t fix it, I’m getting rid of this phone. I have no choice. And before people start yelling at me to install a custom ROM, they don’t fix the one-way audio issue so there’s no point. Phone is useless if I can’t make phone calls.

    • Brian

      I’ve had it happen twice, since updating.

  • achaf86

    Nothing in Northwest Ohio πŸ™

  • kfath1978

    Empty…..Columbus, OH.

  • Trevor

    Is it time to start complaining about the next update yet?

    • InyRules

      I think we’re good until Google pushes the next version of Android. When that happens we’ll all call in and complain to Verizon, only for them to tell us “It’s not for this version of the phone. This one’s fine.”

      • michael arazan

        Called verizon, the rep said it could take up to 3 weeks to get this update. FBS

        • lazlo

          They just told me 5-6 weeks.

          • Joseph Mueller

            I was in the store last night about something unrelated – two different reps had NO IDEA what I was talking about when I asked about this.

    • seriously, i’m tired of waiting for jellybean on my nexus. damn you verizon!

  • Marclar

    Is it known what determines when someone receives the update? I have heard mixed theories based that it’s on when you bought the phone or what region you are in.

    • i’ve tried the changing the date forward method, i did a month, but didnt work. thats the only method i know

    • Medications

      It must be region, my girlfriend and i were among the first few people in line the day it came out and haven’t received any update yet

  • donnydee

    great a update that fixes nothing.

    • geedee82

      great a dumbass that knows nothing

  • So… to those that have received the update. How has your life changed for the better ?
    Is your dog now not infested with fleas and your cat hair ball free ?
    IMHO 404 is so yesterday.
    I like Verizon however buying a phone through VZW is like buying a Corvette with a Briggs & Stration engine.

  • wickets

    I was first in line at nj Verizon store the day this phone came out, ergo i will be very last customer in USA to receive update lol

    • you and me both. No update for me yet (western north carolina)

      • brad truelove

        Northwest Harnett County is still idle also.

        • Lucky Armpit

          Nash County (eastern NC), and nothing here either.

          • Radgatt

            Greensboro, NC and nothing available.

          • TurdFerguson1

            Bellingham, WA and nothing. Am I surprised, no. This is a pretty big college town and no 4G. Freakin’ Verizon.

          • TurdFerguson1

            Bellingham, WA and nothing. Am I surprised, no. This is a pretty big college town and no 4G. Freakin’ Verizon.

          • TurdFerguson1

            Bellingham, WA and nothing. Am I surprised, no. This is a pretty big college town and no 4G. Freakin’ Verizon.

          • TurdFerguson1

            Bellingham, WA and nothing. Am I surprised, no. This is a pretty big college town and no 4G. Freakin’ Verizon.

          • TurdFerguson1

            Bellingham, WA and nothing. Am I surprised, no. This is a pretty big college town and no 4G. Freakin’ Verizon.

          • TurdFerguson1

            Bellingham, WA and nothing. Am I surprised, no. This is a pretty big college town and no 4G. Freakin’ Verizon.

      • jorge

        No update here either . Fort Lauderdale, florida

    • palomosan

      Yep, got it the same day it came out, hopefully that means I’ll be one of the first ones to get the freaking delay update.

    • Marco De Paulis

      lol same! first one to get it at my local store, have yet to see any kind of update and i’ve been checking all day…(NJ)

    • Matthew DiGiacomo

      same here lol nothing yet in philly

  • Steve

    That’s good news. Finally. Although I’ve had the official 4.0.4 update since Google released it, I’m glad other Gnex users get to have a better ICS experience.

  • thegoodshot

    Had an update prompt waiting as of 6am ET when I woke up. Finished updating by the time my snooze alarm went off. Already seems snappier.

  • Nicholas Fur

    And the Razr fans idly stand by .__. Enjoy your update guys.

    • picaso86

      I cant wait until my Maxx gets ICS – The perfect phone for me! πŸ™‚

  • Evo

    stupid noob question…

    im running aokp 37…i cant download this update because im rooted correct?

    • Tim242

      You can’t…nor should you want to.

      • Dingus

        But what if he does want to?

        • Tim242

          Anybody on AOKP is already on 4.0.4, with many more options. Going OTA would be going backwards.

  • nothing here in socal

    • hushdrops

      Nothing in Louisiana either as of yet

  • boiiiiii

    Turned 4G on and waiting. If this doesn’t fix my mute mic issue I’m going into Verizon, ripping my shirt in half, screaming “hulk smash POS nexus!!!” while flipping over the table full of tablets. Then throwing both my nexus phones past customer service so that they explode against the wall behind them and proceed to run away before they catch me. Serious.

    • yellowcanary73

      If I dont have it by Friday and it doesnt fix the major problems I have trading it in for the Maxx.

      • Word on the street is that it fixes reboots, lag, and audio chirping, but not the one way audio loss.

        • if the mic still cuts off,im done with it,hoping thats not the case

          • delete

          • I’ve had 4.0.4 for five days, and so far, not a single drop, mic issue
            or chirp! Keeping my fingers crossed though. How bout you?

      • chargerman165

        Bad mistake. Have both and selling MAZZ. Great battery life but freezes a lot. Haven’t had any problems with Nexus.

      • chrisc2u

        I traded the Gnex for a Maxx two weeks ago and have been very happy with the decision. I love the battery life and haven’t had any freezing. The 4g/3g switching on my Gnex was poor and is seemless with the Maxx. I also had trouble with Bluetooth devices staying connected and working consistently on the Gnex, no issues at all with the Maxx. I am sure someone may have had the opposite experience or opinion, but for me, the Maxx is perfect.

        • Towelie420


        • ABerry5

          Whatever I have is amazing and whatever you have freezes.. mix cuts out.. and lags..

          Lol so sick of android on Android trolling.. I’ve had a gnex since jan I’ve yet to have a dropped call.. my roommate has a maxxx the thing is awesome other than support will be dropped for it upon the new moto phone faster than jack nikulaus dropped off that golf tourney yesterday

    • el habra

      Do you have to be on 4g to receive the update? Can’t you get it over wifi?

      • dqw

        Doesn’t matter got mine on wifi

      • Marlon

        Will i get the update if I keep it on 3g ?? Or does it have to be on 4g/wifi ?

        • LionStone

          My last update for TB I downloaded in 1X, you will get it no problem…its fairly small update anyway.

        • j__h

          Some people live in non 4g areas

    • KleenDroid

      I think you will be ok when you get it.

  • Sean Pharris

    Mine just finished!! Weird thing though, I got the notice right before turning off my phone for the night, was just barely saved!

  • Richard Jackson

    Nothing happening in NV. Going to bed and hope to see it in the morning.

  • evltwn

    Nothing here for me in Phoenix.

    • michael arazan

      Nothing is Saint Louis MO, not even the displays at the verizon store are updated

  • Bobby

    Where is my Thunderbolt update? …. Just doing the same thing you whiny fanboys were doing when an update would come to other phones. Posting in the other threads that had nothing to do with a Nexus. ” Where’s my update, 6 months since an update on a Nexus that’s bull s@#$.” And once you get an update I read comments like ” what only 36 meg.” Thanks for the laugh.

    • Bobby

      And for the record I had 2 nexus’ over the course of 2 days and the radios on this phone are garbage so I know what I am talking about, I have owned the phone I am talking about. Keep drinking the Nexus flavored Kool-Aid.

      • Colin Zack

        good for you? does crying on here help you feel better?

        • Bobby

          I don’t care regardless, just giving the nexus threads the same love that nexus followers give on other threads that have nothing to do with the device they own. Everything I posted in the above posts is a fact. Deal with it.

          • Colin Zack

            Sure thing. Whatever helps you sleep at night. I love my Nexus and my Mom hates her thunderbolt but more power to you

          • Bobby

            Then she must hate a phone that she actually can make a call from with out it dropping the call, and oh she also must hate the fact she gets a reliable data connection as well. Oh and she must hate the fact that she can have her data on 3g and still surf the internet and talk on the phone at the same time. Try that on the Nexus.

          • yep

      • only two ? i’ve had 5 since day one in dec, but i’ll wait and see if this fixes issues or not,if not i’m trading it for a maxx

  • Droid4LifeDawg

    My AOKP b37 is working just great, I’ll wait for the next build, it should include it if something’s missing… And am I the only one that has not seen this Settings>About phone>System updates! since my Bionic days… I don’t have a “System Update”

  • SeanBello

    “And you too shall be healed” lol

  • EvanTheGamer

    Nothing on my end yet, but will check frequently.

  • Bionicman

    where im at in so cal nothing yet…now im REALLY going to be pushing that check now button constantly daamn

    • Nothing in so cal for me, jamming this button like crazy

  • MrEnglish

    No love from VZW here in Florida….(north)

  • woadster

    Got it running smooth here so far after a hour playing around on it

  • BuffaloNY

    Updating as we speak

    • In Buffalo as well…Nothing yet.

  • already had it. thank you #cm9

  • Byron

    but the bugs that supposedly they’re fixing with this OTA aren’t even half the bugs -__- I’m bummed

    • msnight04

      Many of the bugs people complain about have been fixed in 4.0.3 and 4.0.4. The change log Verizon posted is simply crap. Expect this update to fix many, if not, most of your concerns.

      • Byron

        I hope so they should really take the time to put the whole list.. I hate Verizon sometimes.

        • msnight04

          Don’t we all…

  • Buffalo, NY area

    Updating as we speak

  • yellowcanary73

    So what another 6 months before we get it.What a joke its only 35 megs you doing this from the toilet.

  • D

    Mine just came through πŸ™‚ installing now

  • Murphy


  • EvanTheGamer


  • yellowcanary73

    What 2 phones a week by end of year everyone will have it. The update is only 35 megs is it that hard to push it out.

  • Josh Carroll

    Showed up so I decided to check Droid-Life, Whadda ya know!

    • You just got it as well?

      • Josh Carroll

        Yeah I seriously thought that I was on the tail end of things.
        Edit: Update just finished. Landscape keyboard is nice now… no lag anymore. I haven’t really read much on the update so this is a nice thing for me haha
        Edit 2: I noticed the screen fades in now, it’s another nice little UI thing…

        • David Tourtillott

          Josh I’m a little surprised you haven’t ROM’d. Thought for sure you would have by now lol. Glad to hear some people I know are officially getting it.

          • Thank you for the passive-aggressive post. Custom ROMs aren’t everything to a lot of people.

          • Tim242

            They should be…

          • KleenDroid

            I’ve read this a lot and it’s amazing how every once and awhile one of those people do root and rom and all of a sudden they realize what they’ve been missing and wish they had done it sooner.

          • Jwhap

            I have not thrown a rom on my phone yet. I did run CM7 on my incredible, which I really enjoyed. When I got my gnex, I really bought in to the idea of not having to throw custom roms on my phone and having the latest from Google. I made it all the way to February before finally deciding to root so I could throw on the first leak and subsequently the May 1st leak. I still have not thrown a rom on my gnex…..but I will never again wait 2 months to root a phone!

          • realfoxm

            delete – duplicate post

          • realfoxm

            I’m in the same boat. Bought in December thinking that I would never need to root. It took me until middle of April (when we were SUPPOSED to receive the update). I wish I hadn’t waited so long. I should have rooted right out of the box.

          • David Tourtillott

            I know custom ROMs aren’t for everyone. I just know Josh and thought for sure he would have by now lol.
            I know there are a lot of people that prefer not to though

          • Josh Carroll

            I actually got everything setup and was about to flash AKOP but never got back to it a few months back… I still need to re-root after last night.

        • Stingray

          Is it better to do a wipe and then install the update? I have a ton of crap on my device….

          • 4n1m4L

            If its coming ota then there is no reason to wipe anything.

      • So is this exackly the same as the version that leaked earlier this month or so

      • Austin

        Im still waiting on mine