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Galaxy Nexus Update IMM76K Approved by Verizon and Ready to Rollout, No This is Not a Joke

galaxy nexus update

Seriously, I do not even know what to say. But yes, the IMM76K Android 4.0.4 update for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon has been approved. The support doc is live and that usually means that update will hit devices within a few days.

This is the same update that leaked in early May, was then pulled briefly by Google, and then resurfaced last week. We were told that the update would finally start to rollout in small batches last week on the 22nd, but it appears now as if it will start at any moment. As a refresher, this update comes directly from Google, however, Verizon clearly was taking their sweet time signing off on it.Β 

As you can see from the changelog, they fixed a bunch of email and text issues, some calendar stuff, and hopefully, those pesky in-call audio bugs.

If you would like to manually update today, you can check out this instructional post.Β The update is approximately 39MB in size. More info.

Be sure to let us know the minute it pops up on your device!

  • EatUrCrap

    The update slowed down my phone so it takes longer for the screen to turn on when unlocking it πŸ™



  • Joshua

    Is anybody else having battery issues after “tricking” your G-Nex into updating?

  • RoadsterHD1

    Anyone get the OTA update yet? Any improvements?

  • Vmaster

    I finally got my update last night (June 4th).

  • GNex GURU


    disable wifi (so you are connected to 3g/4g)
    go to – app drawer >settings > apps > all > google services framework
    hit – clear data (don’t worry, NONE of your settings/data will be lost, πŸ™‚ )
    hit – force stop
    go back to – settings > about phone > system updates
    It should say the last update was checked on 12/31/1969
    hit – check now

    Your phone should recognize the new update and prompt you to download/install it. Some people report they have had to do it up to 10 times before it working… for me it worked first try, some people its 3, some people its 7 etc. But this really does work if you’re too antsy to wait like me.

    Update is only 40mb, fixes just about everything, is still rootable. Enojoy!

  • michellebg1212

    finally got the update today!!!

  • Jim

    Just received the update on my phone and installed,

  • Just got mine about 3 hours ago… Roseville, CA (basically Sacramento)

  • Oh no this update comes from Samsung not Google. Lol this is what they told me yesterday on the phone, I love big red cause they love to make sure they tell you lots of lies.

  • duke69111

    This list of fixes should of been 10 pages long after 5.5 months.

  • Jim

    Actually, i’d say Verizon’s commitment to the Galaxy Nexus IS a joke.

  • steveliv

    I updated using the leaked update, and am still having issues. Muted calls, dropping calls, choppy audio. Is anyone else in the same boat? If this official update is identical to the leaked one, then i guess i might need to go the store and get it checked out. I know they will end up giving me a refurbed device, and i’ve been so careful with this one, and i know i’ll get a scratched up one in return.

    • InyRules

      I’ve had them send me 3 refurbished phones, and none of them had any scratches. Basically when they get a phone sent back to them, they pretty them up and do a factory reset. Nothing more, which is why a lot of them get sent out with the same problems they originally had.

      • steveliv

        should i even bother with factory reset, or should i just go to the verizon store?

        • InyRules

          I would call them instead. It’s easier to tell them “yes, I’ve done the factory reset,” After they hear that, they will transfer you on over to tier 2 support, which is where they start the process to send you another phone. My worry with going into the store is that they’ll force you into a hard reset, and then tell you to come back if it acts up again. Really, it’s a game of roulette. I still believe my original device was the best out of the bunch. This 4th phone doesn’t want to play nice with my work’s Wi-fi.

          • steveliv

            i shouuld call *611?

            did you have the call dropping, mic muting, etc issues on you first device? did it happen on the refurb?

          • InyRules

            Yes, dial *611

            Not really. I had a lot of random reboots though. They were getting pretty bad toward the last few days I used it. It also had the slow 3g to 4g hand off. My 1st replacement we straight back as it had an AWFUL screen, about 40% darker than my first phone on highest brightness. My second replacement had terrible wi-fi issues, to the point where it just wouldn’t stay connected to any router. My 3rd replacement (4th overall) was pretty good in the beginning, but it has rebooted once, and currently hates my job’s wi-fi.

    • The official update is the same as the update that popped up on Google’s servers at the beginning of May, and again last week (IMM76K). I would do a factory reset, if that doesn’t work, call Verizon. I ALWAYS do a factory reset when I apply an update, no matter how minor.

  • any truth to this rumor?……cyraus69 β€’ 11 hours ago β€’ Hide
    This update must of put some kind of toggling program where if u go past 5GB ur service is slowed down . Google probabley disnt want to put that on there, but verizon wanted it there

    • JohnPA2006

      That would occur at the carrier level not on the device.
      Thats called “Throttling” and time and again has proven to do nothing but piss off customers who pay for “unlimited” data plans.
      When you say something to the customer service people and you say
      “but I have an unlimited data plan” they turn their head and look at you funny like when you make a strange noise in front of a puppy. Drives me bananas.

  • Angry Edward

    If this is the same binary as the one leaked earlier this month, it DOES NOT FIX the one way call audio issue. $%&%&#(%#(%&!!!!!!!

  • Doug

    Anyone get the OTA yet? Nothing here yet in Metro Detroit.

  • RW-1

    On IMM30B, working great. Not going back to go forward.

  • Markuz

    Hey, F*** you Big evil Red!!!!

  • kfath1978

    Still nothing here in Columbus Ohio…..no this is not a joke : )

  • motouser

    It’s about time even though I abandoned the phone 2 months ago, my mother should be happy thou. VZW still sucks, greedy [email protected]

  • realfoxm

    Check out all the people who have received the update already.

  • wickets

    This post is muzik to my eyes! Now I can stop being jealous of all the techies and their rooted updates haha

  • Loren Cogar

    Too bad this update doesn’t fix the main issue with this phone which is not being able to make phone calls!! I have the one way audio issue within 5 minutes of pretty much every call I make still.

    • Q

      It does it on every call? Have you tried getting a new device? I’m sure they’ll give you another one if you’re having that kind of problem. I think Ive had the mic cut out problem a few times.. but not “pretty much every call”

    • skunk13

      Download the Market app Wired Headphone/Headset Fix by David Woods https://play.google.com/store/… This is a known android bug and happens on more devices than the Galaxy Nexus though it is more prevalent….

    • Ben Peterson

      File an FTC complaint at FTC.gov. Also contact your state attorney general and file an official complaint. Clearly state what’s been going on and how Verizon isn’t helping you out. I’ve done that and am now starting to get a serious response from Verizon. Negotiating right now for $150 credit and temporary use of a Maxx until the Nexus is actually fixed.

    • RoadsterHD1

      The GNEX was over-rate from the beginning. Never living up to the hype.

  • WVJammer

    I installed this update a few weeks ago hoping it would help with my mic muting in the middle of a call. No luck.
    I have read 100’s of forum pages trying everything & someone suggested this headphone toggle widget, the mic hasn’t muted once since I installed it.
    Hopefully it will work for some of you.


    • br_hermon

      I tried that app too and I’ve had limited success. It’s helped once, maybe twice. But there’s been several times it hasn’t helped at all. I’m not sure if you and I have the same problem though. When I’m on the phone, at random times I won’t be able hear the other end anymore. Or when listening to audio (say Google Music or Amazon MP3), the audio is stops. I literally have to go back and press the play button again. Even then it may only play for a half second or a couple seconds and stop again. I’m also noticing that as my audio gets choppy and skips, the phone can also get jerky (video isnt smooth or the screen “powering off” animation isn’t smooth). Sound familiar to anyone else?

  • Seeing is believing. The damn phone checks on its own every day, so there is no point in checking manually.

  • studwig98

    So what about the random reboot issue? Is that being addressed?


    does anyone know if it fixes restarts and battery life? those are two of my horrible issues.. i got restarts about 2 weeks ago and they are random though i feel like they are when i put the nex through heavy use.. and 3g kills the battery in 4-6 hours very quickly.. don’t know why but it just does. Battery as a whole using it heavy i get maybe 8 hours max, not full time use.

    • jodytamar

      i get nowhere near 8 hours on 3G. i don’t even bother using 4G since i’d probably get about an hour πŸ˜› i’ve had the random reboots for months

      • GNEX(MOTOX)

        Oh yea..no claryfing.. i get around 8 hours playing games actually for about 3 hours.. the rest is either music or idle ob wifi with sync bluetooth gps turned off and on low brightness..yea just checked but hope i get the update soon..the reboots suck as well..

    • Q

      Battery is still the same as far as I can tell.

  • Swag Daddy

    The Galaxy Nexus is my first smart phone purchase ever. I have to say that while it has been a great experience, it is not without its issues. It was a great intro to the Android World but this past week has been terrible. I have never had a problem with signal until recently completely dropping out of 3g and rebooting only twice since purchase randomly while booting the youtube app. Hopefully the update fixes these issues for the time being.

  • cyraus69

    I am telling the truth ! I did some testing ! KELLEX ! check ffor ur self

    • joe

      you have to make this public, tell anyone that will listen, news papers , tv, what ever, make this very embarrassing for verizon

  • cyraus69

    This update must of put some kind of toggling program where if u go past 5GB ur service is slowed down . Google probabley disnt want to put that on there, but verizon wanted it there

  • cyraus69

    I got the IMM76K update when it leaked. I notice two things. Number 1 : The is signal is way better ! Everything is great .But what verizon didnt tell u is that now after 5GB there gonna toggle u . This mostly for the unlimited users . I notice extreme toggling in my service after this update . And yes i am unlimited as well. I bet google as nothing to do with this. Its all verizon.

    • I put this on verizons website, in the review section

  • Todd

    That kills me. Ive not had a single problem with anything the update lists a “fixes.” Im more interested in better battery usage and stronger radio performance. If i get where the phone is constantly fighting to grab a 3g signal (forget 4g….my GNex doesnt even know what that is), my phone will heat up due to super fast battery drain. I dont root and stuff, so may be time for Razr HD to come along.

    • Todd

      Oh, and random reboots and lockups.

  • mic muting.. dropping call issue is not fixed wit this update… don’t know why they say it is…

  • jdrch

    I’ll believe it when I see it on my phone.

  • BunchaDummies

    I am very surprised to hear so many even care about this. This is a Nexus phone and the leaks have been out for a long time which means we should all be running it already. Those that are sitting around waiting for updates and not taking advantage of what they have should have just purchased any phone. Really folks it takes all of a half an hour the first time you do it and minutes every time thereafter.

    • mustbepbs

      Because there are yuppies who bought this phone and decided not to root/ROM. Those few are the ones who want this official update.


  • Bodhiballer

    The funny thing is out of the issues listed on the image in the OP, I wasn’t aware that most of the existed.

  • Biohaz7331

    Ha I finally got tired of waiting and switched from BAMF to AOKP. AOKP is freaking amazing and it already had 4.0.4. Way to take for ever on the update like basically 5-6 months for an update and they skipped 4.0.3

  • ejflyingeye

    Updated to the leaked IMM76K last week using the Gnex tool kit. Phone is faster, better battery life, etc. Question: when prompted for this update it will not matter if I install or not? New to the whole unlocking and rooting world so just checking.

    • Scott

      If you’re already running it, you won’t receive the OTA. If you have any type of custom recovery installed, you also won’t receive the OTA. You’ve got it, now sit back and enjoy.

  • bachinphx

    If big red keeps this shit up, I could see an HTC One X and AT&T in my future! I hate dominant control like this. It’s BS!

    • wickets

      tried the one x……its horrible and so is att. Luv my razr though and the new one coming out looks like its worth thinking about

  • Chronon7364

    I’m curious: to what extent does Verizon really have control over phone?
    Is it simply that they can refuse to activate a customers phone on
    their network? Is CDMA Verizon proprietary in that a hardware manufacturer needs to license the chipsets/tech from Verizon? I hope this isn’t an overly redundant question, but it would seem beneficial to customers if manufacturers were enabled to do what they do best: manufacture. And Verizon can do what they do best: provide infrastructure.

    It’s understandable that a company like Apple -or Google as we may find- would demand total control over their product , but Verizon (obviously) doesn’t make hardware and, of course, Verizon’s software is a nuisance. It should be a symbiotic relationship, however, it is not.

    • Daniel Milton

      I think it more has to do with the Qualcom CDMA radio files. AFAIK, the GSM, UMTS radio files are open, Anyone know more details.

    • Q

      Well the issue is Verizon provides the support for the phone, not Google or even Samsung. When people have an issue with a device, they go back to the carrier. Even “enthusiasts” who end up bricking their devices go back to Verizon to get another one.

      • William_Morris

        I would agree with this, but I’m more inclined to go to Samsung for any repairs to my phone because Verizon just pushes me off to make a claim with the insurance company. The reps wouldn’t even give me the time of day when I dropped my phone and cracked the screen. (Of course I don’t root and rom so I don’t brick my phone)

    • cphilano

      The problem is that Google doesn’t have licenses to certain CDMA signed keys (Qualcomm technology) so Google writes the code, sends it to Verizon and then Verizon must insert signed keys. That’s where the problem lies. At this point it is in Verizon’s hands waiting.

  • Typical Google minion says:

    ive been on 4.0.4 for weeks haha too bad it doesnt matter because Ive had my gnex since launch and never had 1 issue so I dont know what people are talking about. this phone is perfect, this just makes it official

    • oh and i bet your speaker is real loud too huh … yea right

    • epyon0

      so never an issue with random reboots?

      • Q

        Mine has rebooted maybe 3 times since I got it six months ago.. no big deal really.
        My Droid X used to reboot every couple days. My buddy’s TB rebooted twice within 3 hours yesterday. My Droid Bionic would go black every day or two and I’d have to do a battery pull to recover it lol…. When I compare the GNex to other phones Ive had, issues like a reboot or two are totally insignificant IMO.

      • Typical Google minion says:

        “_____the galaxy nexus is without fault because I purchased it and must not show remorse_____google made this phone therefore it is without fault_____”

  • Shouldn’t most of you have had a rom on your phone for a while now with android 4.0.4?

    While this is good for the regular user…I’d assume most of us on Droid Life are rooted and have had 4.0.4 for quite some time.

  • I need stability this update made my phones keyboard slow

  • neiander

    Wow! Word from the man behind the curtain. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this is true.

  • jer85008

    OK, this is great – but let’s get to the real issue here…where is the Rezound update??!!
    Just kidding, glad this is happening though.

  • dragon04

    I wish it was something new ie. not what i’ve had for weeks. Verizon really needs to get on the damn ball. Watch now that this is “official” that rumored 4.0.5 will leak.

  • Michael G

    You have got to be kidding me! I just spent yesterday evening unlocking boot, rooting and flashing the update from Google because I was sick of waiting. Go figure…

  • Brian Barcus

    It is about time. The only reason I have not rooted and updated my GNex is that I don’t want to deal with the nuisance of recreating all my application passwords for Google’s 2-way authentication to get the Authenticator app working again. As soon as I have an official v4.0.4 to use as a fall-back it is time to root this thing and get back to a really owning my phone.

    • Stingray

      Same here brother!