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Week Three Contest: Win an Asus Transformer Pad Prize Bundle (Updated: Winner Picked!)

It’s the final week of DL and NVIDIA’s celebration of TegraZone’s first birthday. The turnouts have been more than fantastic, so let’s have one last hurrah! As a reminder, NVIDIA is also hosting their own separate giveaways over at TegraZone, so make sure you enter those for even more chances to win a brand new ASUS tablet and other cool prizes. Good luck to everybody.


Update:  Winner – Our winner is baldypal who enjoys playing “3 star level type games” on phones and “adventure and shoot’em up games” on tablets. He has been contacted and will receive his prize pack shortly. And with that, we wrap up this 3-week blitz of contests, powered by NVIDIA and Asus. Big shout out to both companies for providing so many amazing price packs. Be sure to check out the TegraZone if you haven’t yet, for all your gaming needs.

Prize –

Running the latest Android™ 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the ASUS Transformer Pad (review here) is a value packed tablet that with multi-color style, and productivity with expandability when connected to the mobile dock. With a 1.2MP front and 8MP rear auto-focus camera with large F/2.2 aperture and exclusive office software, staying connected and productive has never been easier. Along with the tablet, you will also receive a matching lapdock, Jambox Speaker, and Logitech game controller.

To enter –

1.  Follow @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra on Twitter.
2.  Tweet the following:

Win a Transformer Pad Prize Pack from @droid_life and @NVIDIATegra to celebrate TegraZone’s first birthday! – http://goo.gl/V3b1s #android

3.  In the comments, tell us what your favorite type of game (FPS, RPG, etc) to play on your smartphone is.

Entry period and Winner –

The contest will run from the time of this posting until Friday (5/25/2012) at 3PM Pacific. At that time, a winner will be chosen from the comments and contacted via email. Make sure to use a valid email address with Disqus.

A huge thanks goes out to NVIDIA and ASUS for hosting the contest and putting up the prizes. 

  • pmgdisqus

    Not that hardcore of a gamer so mostly quick 2-3 minutes games like Angry Birds and Temple Run, but with a sweet new tablet I’m sure I will get into more advanced games.

  • soccorgoddess

    I do love me some puzzle games, simple yet fun! 🙂

  • lakerstar25

    damn that is sweet

  • andystolemywallet

    I like action adventure.

  • My favorite games to play on my smart phone are puzzles.

  • thebluegod

    Honestly, even with graphics getting better and games on phones getting more complex, I prefer simple games that are easy to pick up and have smartphone-specific mechanics. I really don’t like virtual joysticks.

  • Cut the Rope. Me and my kids love this game!

  • I like obstacle games like temple run and ninjump.

  • guitarshredder87

    My favorite game type on my phone is FPS.

  • bwash30

    Fav type of game is fps really dont like rpg games

  • Princess punt is pretty dang fun.

  • HonKudasai

    I like games where I can accomplish something quickly, because ik not on it for long. Angry Birds, Train Conductor, and Cytus are some of my top ones.

  • RPG Tower defense games!! Tons of play while on watch 😀 Entered finally! 😀

  • FreshMikey

    FPS games are definitely my favorite!! (:

  • casual games to kill time / gracias.

  • Sports games

  • DerekHerrington

    I love playing RPG and RTS games especially classics using emulators.

  • I like a good puzzle game on the go

  • My favorite type of games are arcade games. Right now, my addiction is “Temple Run.” Here is a link to my tweet. https://twitter.com/rob_valdivia/status/206114765263732738

  • My favorite type of games are arcade games. Right now, my addiction is “Temple Run.” Here is a link to my tweet. https://twitter.com/rob_valdivia/status/206114765263732738

  • My favorite types of games are arcade games. Right now, my addiction is temple run. Here is a link to my tweet. https://twitter.com/rob_valdivia/status/206114765263732738

  • Carlos

    I’m not really that of a hardcore gamer and so I enjoy those “simple” and casual games in my smartphone to while away time. Angry Birds is a regular, as well Fruit Ninja, but Plants vs. Zombies is something I don’t get tired of playing even if I’ve completed it a number of times already. I do have a couple or so of FPS games I like including Left 4 Dead, though I usually play them on a PC.

  • FPS games, Only settle for the best!

  • Definitely puzzle games!

  • mplacido9

    I like casual games. Mostly to pass the time when I have a few minutes to kill.

  • FR3SH_JIV3

    Puzzle games. Quell Reflect and Cut the Rope had me hooked for a while now. I am also a big fan of Flick Golf Extreme.

  • IlanAlpert

    RPG is my winner

  • owensbri

    I prefer RPGs for smartphones. Something that helps pass the time while relaxing. Have yet to find a FPS that is comfortable to play on such a small device. Now a Transformer Pad? On one of those I would play everything I could get my hands on!

  • I like playing casual games, sorta like Angry Birds and Sprikle

  • I’m a big emulator fan, and use GameBoid to play all the Pokemon games I never got to finish while I was a kid.

  • Couldnt tell you what type of game. Whenever I am home my 4yr old is constantly playing Angry Birds or Zoodles.

  • I really only play puzzle games though I have been playing temple run lately

  • I would love to play any game that does not freeze my rooted Droid Bionic w/ ICS, but that would require Moto to start officially releasing ICS…

  • JKA22

    Casual games like match 3 gems (Devilery Huntress, Bejeweled) and NFS: Hot Pursuit is pretty fun too. Google

  • iGun Zombie!!!

  • Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3!

  • FPS all the wayyyy

  • I like Racing games the best!!!!

  • My favorite games are definitely first person shooters. I love Shadowgun and NOVA. I also enjoy GTA3..

    Also, when I’m bored.. I like to load us a simple game like Cut the Rope or Where’s my Water?

  • I’m a fan of mainly casual games….though a good RPG can always ensnare me for awhile.

  • Dawn Henderson

    My favorite game to play right now is Scramble With Friends. Ithought I’d be tired of it by now but it’s just not happening!

  • Whatever passes the time when I have nothing to do.


    Don’t have any FPS on my GNex… time to get one! Hmmm will see what others like and try something out

  • Sports games is all my DX are useful for 🙁

  • miketb34

    RPG! All the way

  • I love RPG games because you can make the game your own. Unlike FPS or other games that are the same every play though.

  • I love playing RPG games on Android best. I struggle with the controls on FPS so far.

  • The genre that is Game related.

  • Xm4n

    It would be awesome to own this pack I love ICS..

  • Afallucco

    Real Time strategy or rpg games ftw!

  • Matt R

    RPG all the way!

  • Big fan of puzzle games, I usually just need something mindless to unwind with

  • TheFirstUniverseKing

    My favorite types of smartphone games are first-person shooters.

  • FPS, but I have been enjoying temple run.

  • Which ever genre Tiny tower is. lol

  • bartclantrash

    I play puzzle games like Sudoku.

  • Ezra Byrd

    I’ll play anything on my device as long as it’s good. Though I prefer rpg style because it’s usually got better controls.

  • Puzzle games are probably my favorite genre right now. Doodle Fit is still my go-to when trying to pass the time.

  • Kent Burton

    RPG … I find that the controls are difficult to master in FPSers on a touch screen device.

  • Definitely RPG games…

  • Angry Birds or any other fairly short game

  • m1ghtysauc3

    Definitely games that go BANG! Shadowgun, GTA3, etc

  • Puzzle games.

  • Definitly FPSs like Shadowgun, NOVA, etc

  • Brian Rule

    FPS typically

  • EricMc

    I like RPG’s. Inotia currently has my attention.

  • I love me some RPG

  • Dkny


  • SCJaredJ

    Puzzle games on the phone. Good distraction from work.

  • Pedi

    Plants vs. Zombies is a personal favorite.

  • I dig RPG games. Then again I like puzzle games. Gotta exercise the brain. O_o

  • Phil

    My favorite type of game is either a puzzle game or a platform game; currently, the old arcade X-Men is on my play list.


    Favorite game-type for android? Strategy. I’d like a tegra device so I can stream Civ V with splashtop THD.

  • TeeJae

    Casual games like Draw Something or Angry Birds.

  • Jack Paleczny

    i love love love fruit ninja

  • Baseball superstars 2011 best sportz game out there

  • RPGs – games should take hours to finish.

  • Ray

    Shadow Gun

  • jimmy king

    I love RPG on my phone since I’m playing in a small screen if I win this tablet I’ll try some FPS

  • Love playing Single Player games that are easy for me and my kiddos

  • I like first person shooters most. Modern Combat and Shadowgun have stolen countless hours from me that I can never get back.

  • fastsnake98

    I love playing all games, it’s hard choosing one type. It matters the mood I’m in.

  • casual games.

  • amosk

    Puzzle games are cool

  • I really enjoy Casual Games such as Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, Temple Run and even Plant vs Zombies. I find that I pass more time playing these games, than I do with FPS. Perhaps I need a bigger screen to make use of FPS.

  • john owens

    Racing games like Asphalt 6

  • xboxkid

    I like to play strategy games, but that could change to FPS with a controller 🙂

  • Tower Defense for sure.

  • Casual quick games – Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds, etc.

  • big007hed

    FPS always has been my choice

  • I love 1st person shooter, flying, and mindless games after a rough day at work.

  • Dwight G

    FPS and RPG are best

  • DJ Rausch


  • Chris B.

    I like puzzle games.

  • I enjoy fps, rpg, sports, and puzzle games

  • Mostly tower defense games like Fieldrunners or Sentinel 3. Looks great on the small screen and does not require too much skill. Amazing way to kill time 🙂

  • My favorite games on a mobile are puzzle games. they are quick and not too stressful

  • Ryan Frank

    i like casual and puzzle, as well as fps on occasion.

  • cprusz

    Favorite are FPS and Sports games.

  • Do I really have to pick just one? I suppose Puzzle. 🙂

  • kindrudekid


  • My favorite games are usually puzzle games like Cogs, Cut the Rope, etc.

  • Jumpingforjroid

    Games that make you think. Quell, Sporcle, and even Shortyz crosswords.

  • Strategy games, such as tower defense, are an addictive short recreation for me.

  • fromo68

    I preper puzzle games

  • Big_EZ

    I mainly play tower defense games on my phone. I love fps, but until I have a tablet (and maybe a game pad) I will only play them on a console or PC, they aren’t very fun on a small touch screen.

  • Chris

    I like FPS shooters. I’m a product of the Doom generation.



  • Russell Parks

    My fav genre is FPS… but only recently. Didn’t really like FPS until Modern Warfare 2…

  • Casual games. Fruit Ninja is a personal favorite.

  • I like first person shooters the best, but I also enjoy casual games like Osmosis

  • GTA

  • ewilliams1009

    action games and FPS

  • Love them all – but FPS games are my favorite.

  • psik0teq

    I like strategy, FPS, and…uhm.. oh yeah, Angry Birds…a little….

  • aj34

    I love simple games that don’t take a lot of work to play. (angry birds, plants vs zombies, etc..)

  • Slyfox187

    Gotta go with the classics like tetris, solitaire, uno, & jewels

  • I like to play dungeon defenders! I also like Rip Tide, and GTA III!!!

  • Brian Bogovich

    I prefer playing puzzle games (Quell Reflect, etc.) on my smartphone, but I’m always on the lookout for a good RPG.

  • Words with Friends

  • Love ZDefense HD

  • davidpryke2

    I pretty much only play the quick, casual, action games on my phone when I have a few minutes free…nothing deeper, though RPGs are my favorite gaming genre overall.

  • Bradley Ruiz

    Racing and Puzzle


    I enjoy playing Cut the Rope.

  • James

    I like sports games like auto racing & Fifa 12.

  • Racing games are my favorite…

  • Favorite game type are the ones that challenge my mind…The puzzlers (is that a word…lol)

  • I like games I can play with friends such as Words With Friends, Sramble, or Draw Something

  • I play casual games. Where’s my water, cut the rope, etc… I don’t play often but if I am waiting for someone. Oh and it replaced a book in the bathroom.

  • Wiil Cyclone Sanchez

    rpg all day!!

  • aholland1

    I have to think a lot at work so I like games where I can zone out and relieve stress by blowing shit up or bust some skulls aka FPS or 3rd person free-roam games like GTA. Thanks!

  • seth drasner

    favorite type of game is something that keeps me from being bored while waiting, usually in line or on the train

  • I don’t usually play games on my phone, but my 6 year old made me download MineCraft Pocket Edition. He loves this game.
    I’d have to say that I’ve always been a FPS gamer.

  • Casual games.. Angry Birds, MIB3, ect

  • I enjoy playing puzzle games on my phone such as Unblock Me, Where’s My Water and Cut the Rope!

  • I like playing casual games on my phone, usually don’t spend time playing many of them (would rather game on PC or xbox).

  • ocarcallas

    I like more social games like chess games, poker games, scrabble. Games that can be played with other people! It’s like hanging out with your friends while you’re at work!

  • I like to play puzzle/strategy games like Plants vs Zombies, Angry Birds, etc.

  • I love games like angry birds… enough thought to be interesting, but not enough that they don’t let me relax. Pocket Legends is a good hack and slash as well.

  • Adam Wilkins

    gta III… if it didn’t glitch out so much…

  • Justin

    RPGs are definitely my favorite, Illusia is holding my attention span atm.

  • I like playing Strategy games or tower defense games because those games are really awesome.

  • GazaIan

    That’s a tough one, but I gotta say MMOs, especially MMORPG games. I just love the fact that you can interact and compete against other people, it makes the game really fun.

  • dtm4

    I like easy games that don’t take a long time to play so I can just play for a few minutes when I have some down time.

  • GuidZilla

    My favorite types for mobile are FPS and Sidescrollers.

  • RedPandaAlex

    I like a good puzzle game, but I’m looking for an easy-to-pick-up RPG

  • I currently have a droid x2, angry birds, and cut the rope work well, but more intense games are not perfect. But anything that passes time and is semi fun.

  • I have always loved rpgs and love them just as much on my smartphone.

  • Tower games make ma happy in transit.

  • On my smartphone, it would have to be puzzle games.

  • Larry Franks

    I like puzzle games and casual games. Monopoly and Angry Birds and stuff like that. But I have gotten pretty addicted to GTAIII on it once or twice.

  • aypee

    tower defense

  • moccor

    My favorite type of game to play on my smartphone is RPG or TowerDefense

  • Troy Fillerup

    I like the games that are quick and easy. I have a pretty short attention span when it comes to .. hey look, a bird!

  • i like casual games like cut the rope, angry birds, etc

  • oneeyejack

    favorite type of games are casual games.

  • Kris Kaiser

    Doodle-Jump…Need tablet!!

  • I like simple games, as they are mainly time sucks. Right now, words with friends is what I play the most.

  • Puzzle games

  • Sim games are my favorite. Anything by Kairosoft is simply amazing. Favorite is still Game Dev Story.

  • Matt Bailey

    RPGs, you don’t lose anything with touchscreen controls.

  • Casual or strategy games. Anything I can put down for a minute and pick up right where I left off!

  • Mark Lukowitsky

    Anything fun

  • Chazzhd3rd

    I love casual games like zombie smash

  • jmasterj

    Puzzle games for me, though I also enjoy some Shadowgun.

  • Xix19

    Puzzle games. Casual games

  • An oldie but a goodie…Enemy Territory (free, online, FPS).

  • Love playing the casual games, like Angry Birds and Word Search.

  • gambrel022

    Angry Birds is always a favorite, haven’t found a RPG that has really drawn me inn yet though!
    * btw the inn was intended 😉

  • Puzzle games, Words with Friends, etc.

  • DroidBulb

    I love playing Action role play games like Zenonia,and casual games while sitting on the train or waiting for the bus,but when i’m home all i do is heavy emulations…

  • relkma

    Currently I love playing any of the angry birds games because my 3 yr old daughter gets such a kick out of them.

  • jromash

    casual games to play in airports

  • pd240

    My favorite games on a smartphone are puzzle games.

  • JoeyM

    I like puzzle games the best for my phone. Something I can pick up and play and then out down quickly if I have to.

  • I love rpgs but they just eat up too much time for me. but a nice fps is easy to jump right into and walk away from when real life demands it. of course if I win it will be hard to walk away from any game I suppose. 🙂

  • I’m a fan of puzzle games and tower defense. Of course you also can’t go wrong with flinging some birds at some pigs.

  • I love fps games they are the best.

  • My favorite are tower defense games, I can always play it, pause it and go back to it whenever I’m ready.

  • Kevin Bukowski

    My favorite type of games on my phone is physic based puzzle games like cut the rope.

  • Adrian0E

    I like casual/puzzle games (Cut the Rope, angry birds and others).

  • Monica Young

    I like to play puzzle games like Tetris Attack, ect also I like fun addicting games.

  • iNever Win

    RPG its fine when I can take it on the go(:


    I Love droidlife

  • Obi5683

    I like casual games, tower defense, and adventure games.

  • VassilSpasov

    FPS or 3rdPS it doesn’t matter. I like competitive games.

  • Jenny

    I like to play casual games, nothing too complicated.

  • Fps). But mc3 force closes at the moment :'(… Galaxy nexus.. Rooted aokp milestone five

  • Bryan Burk

    I play a lot of angry birds, but shadow gun is a good fps.

  • osseus200

    I like casual and puzzle games on my smartphone because it’s a nice time waster.

  • Aaron

    Angry Birds Space

  • D Myers

    So far on my Nexus I have only played simple games for the most part. BUT I do have one involving zombies.. guns and gore!! it kinda catches my attention.. In short, anything with 1)zombies 2) guns 3) gore… and ya also gravity, ropes and candy.

  • Emulated old school platformers. Android + Wiimote = the way it should have always been.

  • Its all about tower wars on my phone!

  • I like normal games like angry birds, temple run, puzzles etc

  • Justin Williams

    NBA Jam is the best game out!!!

  • Brian Kracoff

    Casual definitely!

  • Favorite games are the puzzle/casual games. Like where’s my water and spinkle.

  • CoppellStereo

    I love playing word games on my phone but if I had a tablet I’d play some graphic intensive action games.

  • calculatorwatch

    I generally stick to casual games (like Cut the Rope), games with a lot of replay value (Spirit HD), and slow paced games and strategy games (Androminion). I really like FPS and Platforming games but unless I get a bluetooth controller they’re too much of a pain to play on a phone screen. If I had a tablet however I’d definitely go crazy and play everything.

  • I like casual strategy games, like Robotek. Great game that deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

  • Kurt Edens

    I would have to say strategy / tower defense style games rule my Android devices. The I also really love my physics puzzlers… don’t know if I could pick between the two. maybe if I had a nice new 10.1″ screen to compare on. I hint hint.

  • Christopher

    On my Smartphone, I love playing Platformers. Especially with the ability to control such games with blue tooth controllers, it’s a great way to kill a couple Minutes during commute or waste an afternoon when I’ve got the time for it.

    Current Favorite is definitely Sonic CD

  • Bill Georgen

    I like RPG games that have lots of content and varying levels of difficulty. That way I can play my level while at the same time teaching my son to play too. He usually ends up better at the game than me so I might need something else soon

  • favorite type of games are usually tower defense games like sentinel 3

  • RPG or Defense Games

  • EdwardZampella

    I prefer multiplayer games. Whether pass and play or online matches, it helps the game stay fresh.

  • fun4Samar

    I prefer FPS games..but Racing games like Riptide is fun too.

  • Racing games are my favorite.

  • XceeD

    I would love to play FPS, Adventure and good racing games on a tablet or smartphone but I don’t have a powerful mobile device so I have to content myself with simple puzzle and word games. So this tablet would be perfect.

  • strategy games are my fav!

  • JaseYANG

    Favorite type of games to play on smartphone are RPG and PUZZLE

  • NexusMan

    I like arcade style/quality games like GTA III and Temple Run, as well as simple games like draw Something, that I cam pick up and play for a few minutes.

  • MikeD675

    On my smartphone I prefer puzzle games.

  • Kie

    playing side scrolling beat em ups currently. Wish there were more high quality ones

  • ClarkAndrews

    Puzzle games mostly. Although, I have been getting into GTAIII.

  • sciaid

    my favorite FPS on my Droid 2 is Sandstorm. A fun game.

  • If you consider Angry Birds to be First Person Shooter, then I guess I like FPS games. But I suppose you could also consider it to be a Role Playing Game. Hmmm? I guess I will go with RPG.

  • kaos2flo

    My favorite type of game to play on android is RPG for sure! I love the stories from them.

  • Aaron Rich

    What catagory is Angry Birds and cut the rope? Productivity stopping awesomeness?

  • temasek2005

    I like FPS games…

  • MKader17

    defense games are the best!

  • Tim Buchanan

    My favorite games are usually FPS. On a side note, I could really use a new tablet since my Touchpad just died on me. :-/

  • KRS_Won

    Lately it’s been puzzle games like Tile Storm or old school games like Soul Craft.

  • Donald Dowd

    My favorite games are tower defense games.

  • My Favorite Type of Games to Play on my HTC Rezound are Games that Take Skill… Not just pick a letter like Wheel of Fortune but that Really Take Skill Like my Words with Friends that I play EveryDay…..My Other Favorite App is Tapatalk because I can keep up with my Tech Info that I find on DroidLife.com Which I view EveryDay even on the Day its not even updated with New Stuff

  • DickerFred

    I love playing lane splitter!

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    I actually enjoy more of the strategy games on my tablet. Tower defense and military field strategy are the best. If only a better port of simcity was made available. whoa!

  • BAoxymoron

    It depends… on my OG Droid(yes I’m still rocking my baby) I play puzzle games mostly but I also love FPSs and RPGs

  • jvrcb17

    I enjoy very complex and GPU-intensive driving game. One that requires the charger to be plugged in the whole time.

  • I like first person shooters. Call of duty for the win.

  • Matolan

    Strategy games

  • some puzzle games and space games to use with my zeemote

  • papajohnny

    enjoy playing Angry Birds

  • desiman26

    I really enjoy the casual games like Angry Birds & Temple Run. But when I don’t have to wait for my friends, Draw Something can be enjoyable.

  • Jared Hininger

    Don’t care as long as it’s fun.

  • My favorite type of games are usually puzzle games on my phone, from apparatus to unblock me, anything that challenges your mind. I hope to get a tablet to start developing apps that can start defying traditional ideas.

  • Moneer Alasmar

    I like casual games you can quickly pick up and put down, can’t get enough of Temple Run. Home Run Battle is great too

  • PuzzleShot

    action platformers, my favorite genre on any platform

  • A nice blend of GTA, Shadowgun, and Parallel Kingdom with a little Death Rally mixed in for flavor.

  • mavioo7

    games like where is my water, angry bird space etc are my choice

  • Turn by turn strategy

  • Swampy

    I prefer puzzles and card games. Cribbage ftw!

  • I like games like Classic Simon. Games to keep my mind sharp.

  • I enjoy playing cut the rope and other puzzle games but I just got gta3 and I am a little obsessed with that right now.

  • Casual/Puzzles…Then again Temple run right now has me a bit hooked!

  • Adam Minichelli

    Sandbox games… GTA 3 for instance. And other racing games are pretty sweet.

  • tedbrian

    something that doesn’t take too much time. action and puzzles. i definitely judge a game based on being able to play it on the can.

  • Clint O

    Casual games like Words with Friends.. But would really enjoy an Transformer so my 3yr lil boy can use it for his arm and hand therapy from a birth injury. His therapists have ipads and use kid games on it to help him work his arm and fingers. His face just lights up when he gets to play with it. I would like to bring that joy to him too. But android style of course. Lol

  • I love playing strategy games. The interface is usually perfect for those types of games on the small screen.

  • Abhisahara

    FPS….Shadowgun guns them all 🙂

  • Where’s my water?

  • I like third person games like Samurai II: Vengeance THD and Mass Effect.

  • dennis

    I like angry birds, fruit ninja, words with friends and draw something.

  • Scottyb112

    I like the FPS gun crap down games, racing, and Angry birds. And Droid Life! 😉

  • XamThorSr

    love to play RPG’s

  • Yatkoos

    More of a basic game player on my phone. Something i can work on when i have a spare couple minutes.

  • zial

    I like words games and puzzles the most…with an occasion expedition into Angry Bird territory.

  • Words with Friends or casual games like Doodle Jump.

  • Geo

    on my phone I’ve been playing where’s my water and temple run recently, so simple yet challenging games like that.

  • Davros

    mystery/puzzle games

  • FPS!!!!

  • i like puzzle games the best like Cut the Rope and Angry Birds!

  • I can’t just pick one so I’ll pick my three top favorites: Action Adventure, RPG and Physics based puzzle games.

  • Corey Smith

    Still love playing Angry Birds or Cut the Rope to pass the time. Even BeJeweled 2 which has followed me from my WinMo days. Really hope to win the TF!

  • puzzles

  • My favorite go to game is temple run. Then maybe order and chaos.. If I’ve got the time.

  • I like games that I can pick up and put down in a short period of time, like Temple Run. I don’t have time to play through a full RPG on my phone, unfortunately.

  • Card Games

  • bawboh

    RPGs or social games (ie: hanging with friends)

  • Plants vs. Zombies! I play it forever and ever! 😀

  • Kris Lowell

    I guess I just like the simple ones like Temple Run. Not sure what type of game that is.

  • Sports games are my favorite but FPS I will always try.

  • ehoffman557

    I like short games that do not require a lot of attention like poker and solitaire.

  • Nate Myers

    Puzzle games

  • aero0311

    My favorite type of game to play on my smart phone are tower games. I can’t get enough of them. But controls on FPS are getting more tolerable making them pretty good too.

  • Bently Wong

    mmo rpg

  • Edward

    My favorite type of games would have to be fps, shadowngun, hopefully theres a 2nd one as it is an amazing game with great graphics and storyline

  • Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Fruit Ninja. Too hard to pick just one.

  • Packratako

    I used to like the rpg games like majesty but my battery dies so fast. I really enjoy games i can play stop and continue again like angry birds or ninjump.

  • BigLa

    Platformers for sure. Can’t say why, but they always draw me in the most.

  • JonathanUnicorn

    I like games that use your motion sensor to play as they can be very fun without having to touch your screen a bunch (such as Temple Run).

  • I would have to say puzzle games while on the pot

  • dantman072

    Puzzle games are my favorite – I love a good brain teaser!

  • I like a challenge or mental thinking game. Something that keeps me sharp.

  • Ivan92116

    FPS and puzzles.

  • tdog7879

    Any games that me and my 5 year old son can enjoy together

  • Josh Salvi

    casual games and puzzle games, something I can to do waste 15-20 mins while waiting for something else(food, dr, laundry)

  • RPG is the only wy to go.

  • Steve Hong

    Strategy/Puzzle games (e.g. Osmos HD)

  • Word games and uh, fruit ninja!

  • Tom Dwenger

    my favorite game has to be angry birds

  • NoleLilley


  • Bruno

    Word/puzzle type thinking games.

  • I like puzzle games the best

  • MR

    My favorite games are played on SNES emulator..

  • SStewart654

    Action games and FPS

  • tagrzadz

    On my phone I prefer puzzle games, on a tablet adventure games

  • Rafa

    Puzzle games are the best for smartphone play!

  • puzzle games

  • Nickolas Glidden

    Rpg’s of course, great time killer

  • Great little war game is my favorite.

  • Definitely tower defence games! When i grow bored of those I’ll spice up with a round of intense crosswords…


  • Definitely would have to be puzzle games. Cut the rope is my favorite

  • FPS– I really like these games. Modern combat is sweet!

  • onebadpenny

    Lol.. Adventure, RPGs, and puzzles. But only the ones that make me have to think

  • Of course, I enjoy playing golf games on my android!

  • jbeise

    word games like words with friends or hanging with friends

  • skylordusa1

    I have to say my favorite game type on my smartphone is a FPS.

  • Muddy B00ts

    RPGs. How could anyone not pick the genre that has both final fantasy and pokemon in it?

  • with friend games…scramble is my favorite

  • My favorite type of game to play is action-role playing, like dungeon hunter.

  • HGamesTeamCato

    Simulation Games like Sims 3.

  • I mostly play the casual time wasting games like Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, or Bumpy road.

  • knightracer

    Casual puzzle games

  • Ben Graham

    I like any kind of game that supports game pads.

  • LittleBiscuit

    I love word games and puzzles

  • I like turn based games I can play with my friends even when we’re not together such as WWF, HWF, and Draw Something.

  • outlawbishop27

    I like to play strategy and rpg games. I think you get the best investment out of games that require attention to long term character or tactic development. i do enjoy the occasional Angry Birds though. Paradise Island is a fun one too.

  • Bretski169

    My favorite games to play on my phone is platform games, they suit the phone experience best. I enjoy Angry Birds, GTA3, Please pick me, I never win anything *sad panda*

  • FPS. CS Portable on my Galaxy Nexus is awesome!

  • Puzzle games, angry birds, games like temple run, any of the ‘with friends’games

  • Flyinion

    Favorite types would be RPG and FPS

  • Guest

    entered under wrong account, ignore.

  • Justin Frieberg

    My favorite game style to play is Arcade, though RPG’s are my second favorite.

  • Tyler

    My favorite genre would probably be puzzle games that are casual and can be picked up and put down easily.

  • Major into the scrabble style casual games- I like something that makes me think.

  • Andrew

    My favorites are puzzle games and other casual games. Honestly, for other types of games, I prefer to play them on a larger screen, with physical controllers, as on a PC or console.

  • Yes, please! FPS!

  • ogblueberry


  • Scramble

  • Will

    I’m definitely most into racing games on the Android. Can’t wait to see what something like Asphalt could do with a Tegra 3.

  • nathan meacham

    Shadow gun…

  • rpgs and casual games are my favorite to play

  • CmRam

    I like casual games mostly but I really enjoy GTA3

  • I love words with friends!

  • B J Books

    for the smartphone, only casual gaming. Puzzle games, physics based games, etc.

  • Christian Bennett

    I’m enjoy arcade style games on mobile. However, I really enjoy any game that is well designed.

  • Austin Hinners

    I love playing intense RPG games on my Galaxy Nexus, but I have recently been playing casual games such as Fragger.

  • Favorite Game is Buddy Rush!

  • ogblueberry

    I often play the old school adventure game, Adventure or Colossal Cave while I have a few minutes. Yes it’s all text but still so much fun.

  • I like simple games like cut the rope, angry birds,and fruit ninja.

  • Kentholio

    I love puzzle and sports games. I occasionally dabble in social gaming. Would love to see how the tegra 3 handles games.

  • JMonkeYJ

    Favorite is definitely puzzle games! Touchscreen controls still pretty much suck for anything else 🙁

  • PudgyPanda

    easy games with cute characters – like angry birds

  • I like to play the scrabble type games and the draw something game because its so ridiculous.

  • I like to play simple mindless games. If it is too much work, I might as well be doing my own work.

  • droidify

    riptide gp is my favorite but puzzle games occupy most of my gaming time.

  • JustinRhode

    I like causal or puzzle games, like Angry Birds, and Triple Town.

  • Tweekex

    Always been a fan of RPG games. Been playing Heroes of Newarth as of late.

  • broadwayblues

    I like quick games like Temple Run that are not too complicated.

  • AgustinRodriguez

    Adventure Games are fun for me. Been playing Gunman Clive lately, that game is awesome!!

  • bigdad63

    fps, eradicate the bad guy!

  • Any game, casual, rpg…..loving GTA3!

  • Dyzek Mendez

    I love any type of game. all are fun! I have no favorite, thats how a real gamer should be! 🙂

  • I play Zenonia and some other RPGs as well as social games such as X City and Hanging with Friends. It helps pass the boring time between loads at work.

  • Josh Parish

    I prefer casual and puzzle games: Angry Birds, Where’s my Water, Words with Friends and sodoku.

  • iOSh8er

    Anything with action and I’m in! FPS, Racing etc… DL FTW

  • I’ve become fond of the turn-based games you can play with friends (cross-platform). Dice with Friends, Hangin’ with Friends, etc…

  • rubthebuddha

    I digs me some RPG. Grew up on FF and DW for NES, and never really cared about much else.

  • Manolito Sanchez

    i love rpg’s and strategy games

  • rme25

    racing and puzzle games are the ones that i play the most

  • I love playing adventure games and Grand Theft Auto III!

  • 3M4NU31

    Really, anything thats fun. Casual games are what i play the most tho

  • MisterFrancisco

    My favorite games are hands down RPG/strategy games. I also love to play old school style platform action games when I feel nostalgic (more recently Gunman Clive).

  • Rosie

    I like to play puzzle type of game.

  • Kruback

    Lately been buying more kids games for my kids. Using some old Droid X for game plying. Also Minecraft on a wifi network is loads of fun 4 of us can play!!

  • villian1998

    Puzzle games like cut the rope

  • RuDdOgG

    My favorite game on a smartphone is Modern Combat 2 & 3… FPS

  • ray_420

    I wouldn’t know I have no tablet to.play cool games on you should give me one then I could tell you next time

  • Puzzle games mostly, but when I have the time a good fps really hits the spot.

  • ForrestTracey

    I do like casual puzzle games, something that I can pick up and play for a minute while I’m waiting on stuff. For real games I play FPS!! All though it’s very hard to play them on the small phone screen! I would love a tablet to play those games!!

  • Shadowgun!

  • cjgm86

    FPS games always

  • Fighting games

  • favorite game type is one: pinball!

  • Ronald Sederio

    Temple Run ftw

  • Kiter86

    I have always like defense games

  • I like Angry Birds and Cut the Rope: Experiments

  • Brandon Sikes

    I like playing puzzle games or time wasters like Temple Run on my phone. I recently bought Machinarium and can’t wait to actually sit down and play it on my Xoom.

  • A_Hardy

    My favorite type of game is FPS on my smartphone like Shadowgun

  • I love playing Mass Effect right now. Awesome game.

  • MatthewJohnston

    Preferably an RTS game, that way controls are not as much of an issue.

  • Joe Brown

    I prefer the sports games like EA branded games along with the classics like Monopoly and Yatzee!

  • MizterJroc

    My favorite type of games to play are word games and racing games.

  • I like the quick and easy games that I play with friends- Draw something, Words with Friends, etc.

  • I prefer casual games on my phone but if I had a tablet I would definitely play more First Person Shooters

  • So far on my phone either FPS Shooter games, or car racing games. Seems to be the best experience thus far, that might change if I had a tablet!

  • Lane252

    Osmos HD anything that i can chill with, helps me relax

  • My favorite game is gta3!

  • Whatever passes the time on the toilet.

  • zachjen

    casual games like temple run, angry birds, draw something.

  • I like RPGs, i think. But puzzles are the easiest to play by far.

  • CharlesVT

    i loooooove rpgs! like wow 😀 but a cartoon version, like flyff! 🙂

  • john_glass

    angry birds space! or at least thats the plan once I win 😉

  • Puzzle games and word games. Quick fun games that connect me to family and friends far away.

  • Tio Holtzman

    I don’t know how to classify it, but I like to play Minecraft on my smartphone because I like to break blocks and build stuff.

  • I like to play simple casual games on my phone, because touch screen controls can only go so far.

  • I like simulation games – and they keep getting better all the time. My next favorite are physics based games like Angry Birds and Sprinkle.

  • Phillip S.

    My favirite type of games to play on my phone are tower defense type games.

  • p_droid

    I like word/puzzle games like Scramble with Friends, but a close second would be “adventure” games – Temple Run!

  • Favorite game at the time is that addicting Draw Something.

  • I like games like Shadowgun. It is the bomb. The graphics is superb.

  • Puzzle games

  • jason

    its all about the need for speed and my motorcycles.

  • slyder0244

    My favorite are puzzle games or casual games you can pick up and play for a few minutes to waste time.

  • thecharrr

    Turn based games

  • Dima Aryeh

    FPS on mobile is fun, but I’m loving games like Osmos and PewPew. Dual stick arcade stuff.

  • Favorite game on my android devices is order and chaos online!

  • madcow706

    Really just casual games, I did play Gta 3, good port, but the battery doesn’t last long enough on a smartphone to enjoy a full fledged game

  • tj

    And racing game. Drag Race is my current favorite.

  • faganm24

    I really like the random games like Temple Run, Angry Birds, etc. I don’t play too much on my phone right now.

  • Hockey puck55

    GTA III so far!

  • I have been addicted to Draw Something since it first came on the scene and hope it continues it popularity

  • shdowman

    Casual games. I save the serious stuff for consoles and computer.

  • I like trivia/puzzle games, like Logo Quiz

  • I love playing rpgs on my phone… at least until my battery dies!

  • SabRgpl

    angry birds, nfs..

  • kminer1

    I am boring…card games

  • My favorite type of game to play on my Gnex are puzzle games. Mostly because I like a game that can be a challenge

  • Veridor

    Favorite games genre on my smartphone has to be puzzle/adventure, like Osmos or Angry Birds.

  • FadingRadio

    i like RPGs!

  • my favorite is fps/rts!

  • LAmDroid

    considdering the battery life of phones at the moment, ideal games are short level based games to pass some time during a public commute or while in a “waiting room” for one thng or another

  • joe1138

    I’m not a heavy gamer. I prefer time wasters like Angry Birds and Move The Box.

  • jdomann

    I love both casual games like Angry Birds and RPGs like Zenonia. Would love more RPGs.

  • Derek Robinson

    I love playing tower defense games on my phone. It’s a great way to kill time.

  • evltwn

    Wordfeud and Drawsomething are the 2 games I play the most right now. 🙂

  • JustinUnderscore

    Casual puzzle games like Angry Birds are my favorites. I also really like Ken Magic’s popular free solitaire app. 🙂

  • Brian Olson

    Definitely Angry Birds styled games (Shoot the apple).

  • TPS – Mass Effect Infiltrator and ShadowGun are amazing!

  • I like puzzle games and FPS, kind of hard to play on phone… Need a tablet

  • I am a fan of RPG’s, so if I did have a smartphone or a tablet that’s what I’d play on it.

  • brian_debes

    I like Puzzle or tower defense games. Cut the Rope and Fieldrunner are fun to play.

  • Matt Larson

    On my phone… Casual games like cut the rope
    On a table… Definitely more strategy and tower defense games!

  • Stuff like Tetris and such. Attention concentration games are the best when you need to kill some time on a plane.

  • brarelabben

    I love playing puzzle games on my phone.

  • stubbX

    Temple Run and Sleepy Jack are fun and the HD graphics look great.

  • fortunzfavor

    Strategy is my favorite. Tower defense is nice, but I’d love to see more RTS and TBS too.

  • Shadowgun!

  • ankit199

    GTA 3. ’nuff said

  • My favorite types are FPS

  • SilentPatriot

    Until they port DC Universe Online, I guess Angry Birds Space.

  • Have to say GTA III.

  • kevin kan

    i just bough Mass effect infiltrator, its my favorite. along with with contract killer zombies, fps games. also bloons td defense 4 is awesome. tower D ftw.

  • Steven Letourneau

    Love me some Temple Run 🙂

  • ajwolfe1

    Puzzle games, I like a good challenge.

  • It’s got to be Temple Run for me….

  • Puzzle games on the phone, FPS on the tablet.

  • Call me old fashioned…. Words with Friends. I usually have like 15-20 games running at a time.

  • Dana S.

    Tough call but I love me a good RPG!!

  • keith begeman

    My favorite games to play on my phone are usually puzzle games with the occasional FPS


    FPS games like Shadowgun bring me back to the good old days….

  • I play Angry Birds *way* too much! That’s my favorite type of game.

  • Chrs

    fps are fun, shooting asteroids and whatnot

  • mstofle

    Platform games.

  • Any quality game that is FREE. Sure wouldn’t mind a FREE Transformer Pad + other SWAG 🙂

  • eclect1c

    Casual games that you can play with your friend like Hanging With Friends, or by yourself like Basketball Shoot, Dream Zoo, etc.

  • Sohyun Park

    Nyan cat. It is its on genre

  • I like puzzle games. Not too complicated but just challenging.

  • I love physics based games like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Sprinkle, etc.

  • Peter Kenne

    8-bit retro games. They never get old

  • Christine C

    Dating simulation games.

  • Puzzle games! They’re great to play when killing time!

  • Derrick Dot El

    I like Battleheart (RPG), and open to trying any game at least once!

  • Luke Grissom

    I like FPS and casual games. Shadowgun is a favorite.

  • megatec45

    My 2 favorite games are Modern Combat 3 FPS and Temple Run. Both are extremely addictive and have fantastic graphics! Also who isn’t afraid to admit they don’t play any version of Angry Birds?

  • Phialphina

    Puzzle games a la Cut the Rope! Love me some Om Nom!

  • As much as I like FPS games, the gyro or on-screen controls are not great. For me RPG or Puzzle games are the best

  • Lelouch vi Britannia

    My favorite games to play on my smartphone are puzzle games because let’s face it, my battery won’t last me through the day playing FPS games even though they are quite fun. 🙂

  • FPS shooters or casual games are my favorite games to play of my phone. 🙂

  • lilschil

    Pretty much just time for puzzle games.

  • GTA 3. ’nuff said

  • roswellraygun

    Puzzle Games

  • chris k

    mostly arcade games like pacman, bejewled, doodle jump, etc

  • Lucas Rasweiler-Richter

    Puzzle games

  • Danielle Love

    Poker. I keep my pokerface so well the AI doesn’t even feel it.

  • Adam

    RPGs, shooters still seem to be rather clumsy to control without a controller.

  • Shooters such as N.O.V.A, and a lot of the social games like Words with friends

  • bikerbill

    Rpgs I guess i like puzzle ,finding ,and hunting for games

  • MikeOliveira

    been playing a ton of gun bros, but i would REALLY like to see a viva pinata/pokemon game that would suck up ALL my time!!!

  • FPS

  • my favorite is zenonia great story and really lengthy

  • Clint O

    Casual games like Words with Friends.. But would really enjoy an Transformer so my 3yr lil boy can use it for his arm and hand therapy from a birth injury. His therapists have ipads and use kid games on it to help him work his arm and fingers. His face just lights up when he gets to play with it. I would like to bring that joy to him too. But android style of course. Lol

    Sorry for the double post

  • Grand Theft Auto 3!

  • cjgoudy

    Strategy and Puzzle games for passing time when I am out and about…TRANSFORMER!!!

  • Puzzle Games

  • nsnsmj

    My favorite type of games are RPGs. I love the stories, the long game length, characters, gameplay, etc.

  • saranghyun

    RPG games. Because they make me feel like a hero, while I suck i reality.

  • jaymez007

    Puzzle games

  • I am such a social medial game user!

  • RPG’s for me…..good luck everyone

  • MasterEthan

    Favoriate game type on my smartphone is strategy games.

  • Little G

    My favorite type of games to play on my nexy are puzzle games, but if Borderlands comes to Android, I would be Role Playing Gleefully!

  • Andrew Briare

    Casual games are where it’s at. More popular game genre’s don’t port well to mobile, mainly due to control scheme!

  • Legomancer

    I like to play RPG’s, but there’s a sad lack of them!

  • MJ

    I typically enjoy adventure type games and physics based skill games. FPS or RPG type games once in while also…

  • PicoDeGiao

    My favorite type of game is Action/Adventure, but I’ve been playing FPS because all my buddies do. Really, being married, getting to play any game is my favorite.

  • Nathan

    adventure, temple run type games.

  • puzzle games

  • RPG’s and Tower Defense

  • jonzey231

    I love playing Shadowgun on my tablet, too bad it’s a modded touchpad that doesn’t do all that well with graphics 🙁 it’d be nice to have something nice! 🙂

  • Best games are multiplayer ones!

  • I have no idea how people are able to enjoy FPS with touchscreen so much. I do love me some tower defense on my phone though.

  • Angry Birds, Words with Friends or Hold em poker

  • I love me some puzzle games on my smartphone….

    Anything that keeps my mind occupied.

  • Puzzle games for sure

  • My favorite game currently is Osmos HD, but I don’t know where that falls. It’s relaxing. I was a big social gamer(WwF, DrawSomething) but I quit all that crap not too long ago. I also enjoy playing Super Mario Bros 3, which is probably my most played game overall.

  • Josh Karwoski

    RPGs are the best to play on my Galaxy Nexus, racing games are a definite second!

  • I love puzzle games on my phone, they make the train ride go by so much faster.

  • brandito

    Puzzle games.

  • @area0052

    Im a pretty big fan of RPG games like dungeon hunter 1 & 2 but since neither are available for my gnex I’ve been playing modern combat

  • David Hayden

    Puzzle games really seem to take the cake on the touch screen platform.

  • Nicholas Vettese

    I love FPS games, and others such as Riptide. Shadowgun is a huge favorite for me as well. But my ultimate game is Solitaire. I cannot get enough of it.

  • William Peterson

    Whatever games my son wants me to play with him. I like them all.

  • Puzzle games, definitely. Drop 7 is really fun in particular, but I’d love to find more games that work well on mobile devices.

  • HeHateMe

    I love me some rpg action.

  • AMGala

    I mainly play strategy games on my phone, but things would be quite different if I had a tablet!

  • bucwylde23

    Probably puzzle games or whatever kind of game osmos HD is.

  • I definitely like social apps (Hanging with friends, draw something)

  • Kevin Lee

    Restaurant games. I put more effort the game than my job.

  • I like casual games like Angry Birds, puzzle games, stuff that can be played in a couple minutes while I poop.

  • I love that I can play all my favorite ps1 rpgs on my phone!

  • Rich Howe

    Temple Run, Angry Birds, puzzles and racing games

  • baldypal

    My favorite type of game to play on smartphone are 3 star level type games. My favorite to play on a tablet are adventure games and shoot’em up games.

  • Graham Wilson

    puzzle games!

  • N8shon

    I love some Osmos, and some FPS games!

  • Marvin

    Where’s My water

  • Love the puzzle games.

  • jmu33

    i play a lil bit of anything and anything 🙂

  • Nick Johnson

    i like fps games!

  • Chris Baxter

    Tower Defense-style games. PlantsVZombies/Field Runners..etc…

  • dbekoscke

    puzzle games.

  • RPGs

  • fastyzfr1


  • TankerTuff

    I like games that introduce new game play like drawsomething.

  • fastyzfr1

    For the smartphone it has to be something simple….too used to the big screen on my tablet…
    mostly I play Death Rally!

  • Gerardo Zamora


  • ed m

    I play words with friends , temple run and world of goo

  • I play casual games like Angry Birds Space and Plants vs. Zombies

  • SaganMalluma

    My favorite games are tower defense like Fieldrunners.

  • JeffPodwats

    FPS still pump my nads!!! Im the 5 year old 40 year old in my house!!!

  • trainplane3

    My favorite type of game is FPS!

  • Jay

    Osmos is one of my favorite games – and I guess that’s 3rd person/puzzle

    Also Nova series is awesome.

  • My favorite type of game on my smartphone has to be RPG.

  • Right now ShadowGun and GTAIII are by far the best available games to play, but Dark Meadow is turning out to be pretty promising

  • ajhall62

    i don’t play games on my phone because they run my itsy bitsy battery down

  • mnavo

    Puzzle games for sure.

  • ChuckDz3

    For me its gotta be puzzle games or RPGs. Those seem to take up most of my mobile gaming time!

  • RPG games

  • Daniel Welling

    I love little action games like Temple Run. The old PC gamer inside of me hates this… Twitter: spacecataz1663

  • Brett Koger

    Puzzle Games

  • Bblackinc117


  • CivilDroid

    Shooters, FPS or 3rd doesnt really matter to me. Although it feels like you get a wider range of view with the 3rd person shooters.

  • Puzzles and RPGs!!!

  • Jeremy A

    Puzzle games.

  • FPS shooters and Adventure games are the best imo
    Games like Shadowgun take the cake in terms of graphics and gameplay
    Also the Nova series and GTAIII which was really good
    Racing games are a definite too, like RiptideGP, played it on my nexus at 1st and now i wanna get a tablet to play it on there too!

  • NicholasMicallef

    rpgs or 3rd person shooters

  • davedbythebell

    puzzle/strategy/escape games

  • picaso86

    Scramble with friends! – the game, not the action! 😉

  • Rayger

    I like playing startegy games and puzzle

  • Puzzle games.

  • Josh

    RPGs like blood and glory.

  • Puzzle and Strategy games seem to dominate most of my game time spent on my phone. All of the Kairosoft Sims are great too.

  • I love playing RPG games on my smartphone.


  • Scramble with friends!!!! Soo puzzle games. My Droid 2 doesn’t quite cut it for FPS or RPG games unfortunately.. 🙁

  • Puzzle and/or strategy games while I should be working instead of playing on my phone

  • Gotta be RPGs!

  • No_Smoking

    puzzle games or action games are what I love! (sorry if this is a double post, first one looked like it didn’t take)

  • Curtis H

    3rd person shooters (Six Guns).

  • jimmyeuniss

    I prefer puzzle games like Cut the Rope and Ceramic Destroyer.

  • Puzzle/Completion type games like Treemaker or Zen Bound 2

  • 640k

    I still rock the old RPG games through my favorite emulator. Pokemon, Zelda, Fantasy Star, you name it.

  • My favorite game has to be Great Little War Game and i also like puzzle games as well like cut the rope x construct and apparatus

  • Eric To

    I end up playing games like Cheese Tower pretty often, so more puzzle for me.

  • allen spurr

    Usually it’s puzzle games while I’m killing time 🙂

  • My favorite kind of games on phone are word puzzles that I can play by myself or with others.

  • My favorite type of game to play are word games.

  • FPS is my favorite kinda game. Nothing beats the experience of playing FPS games. It’s like I’m right in it. But only if the smartphone is powerful enough to let me play without jitters or frame freeze.
    On lower end phones, I like puzzle games like Cut the Rope.

  • Lyne Col

    Boob juggling. No explanation needed.

  • I love playing the drag racing game.

  • I enjoy puzzle or action games on my smartphone

  • awalkerz

    I usually like strategy games, but I have been playing Shadowgun and it is awesome!

  • Tyrian

    I prefer strategy/puzzle games.

  • Role playing games give me plenty to keep me distracted duirng the day

  • kindrudekid

    Puzzle Games Rock on Tablets!!!

  • I like playing word games, they utilize my mind!

  • Alex Teal

    Cart Racer, or RPG all the way!

  • Scott

    Strategy games.

  • another581

    Game called life.

  • Puzzle games FTW! I can’t help it, I also like Draw Something =/

  • middlehead

    Puzzle or Strategy.

  • JeremiahOverton

    Tower Defense FTW!

  • kevincburns2

    I prefer racing and word games on smartphones

  • MIKE D

    Pretty much stick word games. I’m not sure how Zynga gets crack into my system but I’m addicted!

  • kretz7

    puzzle games!

  • Brad

    FPS are my favorite. When I only have a few minutes a good puzzle game is nice.

  • curtis206

    pure portable gaming

  • Puzzle games

  • I like a multitude of games. As long as the graphics are right and the game is engaging. FPS’s have been my go to games in the past.

  • FPS’s like NOVA is my favorite type of game to play

  • Puzzle and strategy.

  • YariCavi

    Right now my favorite type of game to play on a smartphone
    are puzzle games like angry birds, cut the rope, and Sudoku because these type
    of games work well for casual gamming.

  • puzzle games fer sure

  • balagiwithak

    Puzzle, without a doubt

  • OnlyNexus

    Point and click adventure games!

  • Bobby A

    My favorite types of games to play on my phone are driving sims

  • Minecraft!


    Any type of HD game that takes advantage of the HTC Rezound!

  • seifer

    Definitely love the puzzle games

  • FPS’s are my new favorite, along with a few racing. But if it kills time and highly addicting, I’m game

  • Minecraft!

  • AndrewScottRox

    I love games like Mass Effect that combine the action of a shooter with the story of a RPG.

  • Favorite type is probably word games like Wordfeud/Scramble with Friends, though as those are relatively quick interactions, I spend the majority of my gaming time playing action games like Temple Run and Fruit Ninja.

  • Preston

    Definitely puzzle games!!

  • Christopher Heuer

    Puzzle/casual games. I really only play games on my phone to fill up a couple minutes here or there, so it’s nice to have something easy to pick up/put down.

  • puzzle games are the easiest to play on a phone. We need to start having a universal standard for BT gamepads and then I think that’ll open up a lot of choices for gaming.

  • Quick puzzle games and/or calculator!

  • cfb

    while I am a huge fan of RPG games, Tower Defense games are better suited for phones

  • Phil

    I like puzzle games 🙂

  • doubleksquared

    FPS are my favorite type of game.

  • jhjr24

    Simulation games for the most part. I also like RPG games.

  • Rosario Clarabal

    Nothing like a good puzzle game to keep your brain entertained.

  • FPS for the little bit I play games. Too busy reading DL. 🙂

  • ms20422

    Brain/puzzle games; I play it to show how nerdy I am, not because it’s fun.

  • Kaptain

    I’m currently hooked on Great Little War Game.

  • Geran Smith

    I like the turn based or strategy style games.

  • patrickmaher

    Tower Defense games are the best on mobile devices.

  • Edwin Rivera

    Favorite games to play on my smartphone are puzzle-type games like sudoku and mahjong

  • Alex

    adventure games!

  • beyourgravity

    My favorite type of game on my smartphone is RPG.

  • Wilbur Lee

    RPGs all the way for me!

  • Puzzle games are my preference.

  • Definitely puzzle games

  • puzzle games… old rpgs are sweet also

  • My favorite type of game to play on my Gnex are 2D sidescrolling shooters. Been having fun with Gunman Clyde recently.

  • defense games for sure. Hex defense, Z-defense, and jelly defense are just a few of my favorites.

  • RM

    My favorite type of game for my phone is any puzzle game… I’m sure I would be able to get into better games if I won this tablet!

  • pepperonijack

    I don’t play much on my phone but when I do it’s mostly arcade games.

  • PixelDestiny

    Puzzle games, definitely. Also N64oid, can’t wait to be able to use controllers with ICS.

  • Nick

    My favorite are puzzle games they are so easy to pick up and play, but there are not enough good ones. But I love playing a little GTA 3 or other console quality games.

  • I personally love RPGs and the amount of adventures on Android is insurmountable!

  • Artistan

    Puzzle for sure.

  • My favorite type of games would have to be the ones that don’t really have an ending. By that, I mean games such as Temple Run, Hex Defense and Speedx 3D.

  • jaredgreenwald

    puzzle/social games I can play with friends and family

  • L.J. Android

    My favorite is Minecraft, because I get to build an exact replica of the Ghostbusters’s headquarters in it, brick by brick, tedious hour by hour. That and they now have crafting.

  • I like tower defense games. They are fun and its a great way to kill time while defending your home. My favorite is plants vs zombies.

    Going to try Shooters on my phone soon when I pick up Mass Effect Infiltrator

  • love playing the drag racing game. so nice with the 4.65″ screen!

  • antjphotog

    RPG is my favorite. Just downloaded MIB3 yesterday…lovin’ it already!! 🙂

  • RPGs are fun but I feel there is a large room for improvement on Android

  • I love me some Mini Motor Racing.

  • Sainttaz

    Casual games

  • It’s a good mix of puzzle games (Lock n’ Roll, Elemental) and RPGs (Zenonia). Pretty much anything but FPS.

  • Icehunter

    It’s all about RPG’s

  • Travis Keany

    I like tower defense games like Robo Defense, but have been playing a lot of Osmos HD, Gunman Clive, and Draw Something lately.

  • Gotta love a good RPG!

  • My favorite type of game to play is a puzzler. Anything that I can quickly pick up, play, and put down is great!

  • Mark Prettyman

    Personally, I like puzzle and stragegy games. Anything physics-based like Angry Birds is great!

  • Fps because of Shadowgun. That game is awesome.

  • ironboss

    My favorite is Fruit Ninja!

  • Azazel_Hellion3

    My favorite are RPGs. Don’t think they have been handled very well on tablets or phones.

  • RPG & Racing!

  • David H.

    puzzle and rpg, puzzle for the short rides, rpg for the long ones

  • Puzzle games.. It would be RTS but I do not see a good way for that to work on a smart phone.

  • far_star

    RPGs all the way.

  • BikerBob1789

    Puzzle games.

  • Mike M

    My favorite type of game is: FPS, RPG, etc 😉

  • Adam Engelbrecht

    Trivia games are my favorite.

  • cpeter753

    Action RPGs but there aren’t that many good ones out there. We need more asap.

  • Keeping it simple with casual games!

  • Brain & Puzzle games for me

  • John

    puzzle games followed by rpg

  • Tak3_it_EZ

    puzzle games

  • RPG games are cool to play on my smartphone, but Im a sucker for Angry Birds any day of the week.

  • Finire

    After giving it a try, I’m loving Mass Effect Infiltrator to go along with the whole ME series.

  • EricRoylance

    Puzzle games… I find the controls on other games too awkward to use most of the time.

  • jackrabbit969

    Strategy games on the smartphone.

  • ritesh golani

    racing games

  • Paul Pottle

    I love playing puzzle games on my phone like cut the rope. FPS on computers and my PS3 all the way.

  • Josh Barnes

    I enjoy playing action games and old school arcade.

  • drkylecArchvile

    zenonia series

  • sitrick2

    Puzzle games, definitely. Just finished Cut The Rope and it’s probably my favorite Android game so far.

  • ml


  • woadster

    Strategy and tower defense!

  • tomn1ce

    Racing, puzzle and some shooting games…

  • Greg

    I love RPG, I have especially enjoyed the Zenonia series

  • Stephen Zipprich

    Puzzle games and ones such as WindUp Knight.

  • Michael Forte

    Puzzle games and RPGs.

  • Edwin M

    My favorite type of game is old school RPG a la Zelda or Final Fantasy. I always have fun playing those games on my NES ROM on my HTC Rezound!

  • nycfrank

    i got to say puzzle games cause thats the only thing right now keeping my brain from completely rotting away.

  • QQpayne

    Shadowgun is my favorite so far for the FPS. Looking forward to the days of true MMORPG’s on a mobile device, even if it is a few years out.

    • QQpayne

      Its too bad twitter seems to be down for me atm, ill have to do it later.

      Twitter working again, done.

  • nsauce7

    Puzzles, sudoku all day. But if I had this…I would definitely step it up and see how FPSs are

  • will


  • MTpenguin

    My favorite types of games so far are tower defense and multiplayer card games.


  • Morlok8k

    casual games are the most fun.

  • Kernschatten


  • kdn102

    It’s a tie between puzzle & RPG.

  • Tex

    Puzzle games and shortyz crossword app are great

  • Scott Campbell

    I love RPG games , I am currently playing Eclipse Phase , might have to pay a dev to make an android powered game for it.

  • chris williams

    FPS definitely. Although Shadowgun is in the third person, its my favorite. Followed closely by the N.O.V.A. series.

  • FPS! FPS! FPS!

  • user311

    MMOs ftw

  • TPelt17

    I feel like FPSs like Shadowgun and N.O.V.A. are best suitable for smartphones

  • I like continuous games, where I can always get better or improve scored. Example: TempleRun

  • Casino games, strategy/puzzle games.

  • NYAvsFan

    Really love both RPGs and strategy games. Great on phone and tablets.

  • A good old FPS, or Minecraft!

  • WF

    Words games like Words with Friends, Scramble with Friends

  • Hail Ben-Judah

    Definitely RPG. HACK. SLASH. SEXT. REPEAT!

  • Puzzle, Strategy.

  • nwd1911

    My favorites are puzzle games. Right now I’m hooked on Where’s My Water. Who knew Disney would be my fav game manufacturer. I also like turn based strategy games like Great Little War Game.

  • tat2junior

    I love RPG games

  • FPS most definitely!

  • PhillipNorris

    Puzzle games would be my favorite at the moment but I do enjoy a good RPG.

  • Nick

    Platformers, goes with on the go

  • jefftphillips

    My favorite is puzzle type games

  • My favorite type of games to play on my G-Nex are RPGs, because I get to utilize Play Music and not interrupt the flow of the game when I need to switch songs or pause for a second.

  • monoik


  • Casual and Puzzle – I like to keep my brain thinking.

  • Javelin_Jack


  • David

    I love playing tower defense games on my Galaxy Nexus!

  • David Lutz

    Puzzle games, racing games. I love fps games that support a wireless remote!

  • FPS I love Shadowgun

  • Scott Willenborg

    I prefer puzzle games, like the figuring out who stole my last tablet when I was in Vegas!

  • CudeMonster

    I like puzzle and drawing games.

  • Dungeon Defenders

  • any kind of puzzle game…something to waste the time while waiting

  • axelcano2

    FPS Games all the way!!

  • Edgar Arellano

    My favorite types of games are those I can play with friends and family such as Draw Something, Words With Friends, Etc.

  • TheRealCBONE

    puzzle games

  • Masterminded

    I love FPS action games, Modern Combat 3 is my personal favorite

  • I love playing racing game. But do enjoy a good FPS

  • RPG of course

  • Donnie

    My favorite kind of game is puzzle, fer sher!

  • dukenilnil

    Rpg on a Droid bionic

  • favorite games are just the simple time wasters…right now it’s temple run or hambo

  • jeepguy04

    I like casual and puzzle games… something to kill the time with

  • HieuDo

    Tiny Towers!

  • I really like the Zombies FPS!

  • TheKaz1969

    As a D&D geek in my younger days, I still prefer RPGs…

  • Chris Seward

    i love rts games, but there are too few on android. Rusted Warfare is the best I’ve found so far. Frisbee Forever is pretty cool too.

  • vonny571

    I’ve mostly played puzzle games on my phone, but lately have really started enjoying stationary fps like igunzombie and contract killer.

  • My favorite are puzzle games. Something I can play for a couple of minutes at a time. Though, I wouldn’t say no to a Diablo port!

  • whiteblazer00

    Sports games are my favorite genre to play. My personal favorite is Homerun Battle 3D!

  • DroidModderX

    I like casual games that I can get into and back out of quickly on my phone. Tower defense are the best.

  • Mr_Bucket

    I like puzzle and physics games. There are too many games that don’t work well with touch controls.

  • I use my phone to just play simple puzzle games, nothing to really take advantage of the GNex… 🙂

  • Josh

    I love puzzle games. Anything to make me think.

  • TPS GTA3

  • FPS – PORTAL 2 😀

  • Josh Groff

    RPGs, especially emulating PSX. Gotta have my FF fix on the go.

  • My favorite type of mobile game is an fps just so addicting

  • Mostly puzzle type games like Where’s my water, Cogs, etc. but I am getting used to the racing games. FPS on phone/tablet not much success with yet.

  • Mark F

    Love racing games, not sure what that’s considered. I also love FPS games. Sometimes puzzle games can be fun too.

  • bernie

    I like to play FPS games on my Droid!!

  • phenotype


  • Oh I love FPS

  • X2caleb2X

    I like the old school action rpg

  • andrew egger

    I like Fps, contract killer is what i play most.

  • humidity

    RPG!!! Woot!

  • dapbmonkey4u

    I have always enjoyed JRPG especially. I tend to play more Action RPG like Zenonia series on android though.

  • I am hooked on time management sims games like Dream Zoo.

  • subiedude85

    FPS for me, makes me feel like I’m back in middle school playing Goldeneye on the N64.

  • I like to play Puzzle games and Madden on my phone!!!

  • geedee82

    I love me some racing games!

  • My favorite type of game is 3rd person shooters (ie Deadspace).

  • ateamlawn

    I don’t play a lot of games, but I would love this prize pack for my son, who plays a lot of games. Not sure what his favorite is though. If I had to pick my favorite it would be solitaire.

  • I personally like tower defense games the best.

  • I mainly play puzzle games or TD type games on my smartphone.

  • ckaria

    FPS are the best……Call of duty is my all time favorite

  • FPS and strategy for sure

  • zmberven

    There is nothing better than the fun and strategy of an RPG while on the go.

  • Can’t get enough of the Racing games! 😀

  • FPS games for me….Love me some Call of Duty !

  • sgland7771

    RPG all the way…

  • Ben

    Racing Games all the way! Cars, bikes, jetskis. Anything fun to get to the finish line

  • MrCrusha

    FPS all the way!

  • John

    Favorite type of game: Racing

  • Anything I can start and stop with out needing to save.

  • Joe

    I like playing puzzle games on my phone.

  • Matt

    I like playing FPS games

  • jchitambar

    Puzzle games on the smartphone

  • Juan Arroyo Flores

    RPGs FTW

  • Jordan Claus


  • nybeeks

    Mostly FPS games

  • sean

    I like different kind of games like RPG, racing, puzzles, etc

  • Radgatt

    I like to play puzzle type games on my smartphone.

  • I like physics/puzzle type games.. Love using my noggin

  • James_Kernicky

    Any game I can play with family and friends.

  • David Willden

    I love pretty much all genre of games. I have puzzle, racing, GPS, RPG, action/adventure, and casual games. I just love a well made game and I’ll play them all!!

  • pmagent2013

    I like tower defense games the best.

  • Tower defense and rpg games mass effect ftw

  • sam_evans7

    Word games!

  • I like Tower Defense games best on a phone or tablet.

  • Tower Defense, Puzzles, and other RPG type games

  • I prefer puzzle games.

  • fifteen10e56

    I enjoy simple, relaxing games

  • RPG by far are the best.

  • i enjiy playing rpg games and puzzle games on my smart phone

  • Bubba

    puzzle games

  • Dustin Murphy

    Tower defense games usually…

  • I’m not much on games, but the occasional Angry Birds type game where I can play a quick level or two and put it up for a few days is good to have installed.

  • Puzzle games are the most suited to a smartphone in my view.

  • TCStheSecond

    Best is the Phone App! Dial and Talk! Awesome!

  • drewblann


  • r0lct

    physics based games

  • Playing RPG’s on my phone is a ton of fun!

  • MJL

    Lately I’ve been playing a LOT of Draw Something and NBA Jam.

  • love to play angry birds space, temple run, fruit ninja . anything droid-life recommends! =)

  • Sentinel Homeworld!!!! / RPGs

  • Hazadriel

    I mainly play RPGs and Tower Defense games. FPSs are too much of a pain on a touch screen.

  • John Davids

    Hands down, my fav is tower defense games on the Android platform.

  • Cam

    So far, my Favorite games have been FPS as well as Turn-based strategy games. I would really love to see a Tactics-Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics style game out on Android. I would imagine something like that would play especially well on a tablet.

  • Are comments restricted to only Disqus accounts, or can Twitter, FB, etc be used too?

    • I mean, to be eligible to win.

  • I love rpg, coming fom pc world 🙂

  • I prefer to play on my tablet… but on my phone I typically play simple games like Angry Birds, Temple Run, etc.

  • Whatever iStunt2 & TrailX2 would be classified as. :-/

  • RPG’s. Hours of fun and depending on the game lots of replay ability.

  • Cut The Rope, Where’s My Water?, etc and things of that nature.

  • I’ve always been a fan of FPS and Third-Person shooters. But because FPS’s are not that easy for me without my mouse and keyboard, I prefer Third-Person shooters (like Shadowgun, 9mm, GTAIII).

  • Nelly547

    RPG and most word games

  • RPG and Puzzles.

  • jonathan

    FPS any day

  • Puzzle games on my android phone. FPS on my tablet

  • Kazahani

    Definitely like the time waster games. Angry birds, cut the rope, wheres my water. I like to pick up a game and just play for a couple of minutes here and there.

  • Chris Bobrowitz

    My favorite type of game are ones that keep me involved quick enough so pass time when needed but not too difficult that it takes hours to complete. Yet are not battery hogs 🙂 So my favorite is Flick Kick anything

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    RPG for sure!

  • JRPG. No substitute.

    And there are almost zero high quality ones for android…

  • Michael O

    RPG; could play a lot more games with a tablet. Happy Birthday Tegrazone!

  • My favorite by far is Draw Something.

  • rmoon

    puzzle and sports

  • Mark Christian

    I’m a huge fan of Jewel Quest 2, it’s an RPG, but a matching/strategy game as well.

  • Ryan

    My favourite game is car racing

  • My favorite game on my phone is tower defense I guess. Or whatever Dungeon Defenders counts as.

  • My favorite games are social ones. If I had a tab, that would quickly change. But on my Razr it’s still Draw Something…

  • Weather88

    Gotta go with good old Angry Birds! Still the best (and most classic) game out there!

  • First person.shooter

  • soapinmouth

    I liek rpg

  • Mike_Cook7

    Strategy, Hooked on Move the Box right now…

  • RPG, easier to stop and start playing them than it is FPS games.

  • Flick games are great bc you can normally play them without being so involved that you don’t pay attention to your surroundings!

  • BigFonz

    My favorite type of games are the ones I can play on my phone, cut the rope, angry birds, Tetris. I don’t own any other gaming platform so that’s the extent of my gaming prowess.

  • Definitely any type of puzzle game… Not a fan of FPS w/o a keyboard/mouse.

  • Love me some puzzle games.

  • Jim Whitney

    My pref would be RPG

  • Jason L

    FPS for sure. But I’d like to find a decent rpg game

  • @HollywoodWebber

    Sports, sports, and sports.

  • Puzzle games or games like Osmos HD

  • Christina Cooper

    I love RPG’s. I find them super interwsting. Playing them on my pone is even better.

  • Jon Kipp

    I’d love to play more RTS games on android, but I always find myself going back to puzzle games of some sort

  • WORD puzzles, challenges, for sure!

  • Thanks for the contest!! My favorite smartphone games are puzzle type games.

  • ejtsang

    My guilty pleasures are word puzzle games! But occasionally RPGs and dare i say angry birds? 😡

  • Peter Jang

    TBS (Turn-based strategy) games rock on phones!

    • nwd1911

      Any recommendations? Looking for something new.

  • mkramer12

    My favorite game type on the droid is RPG.

  • MrBlonde04

    RPG is the Best!

  • duke69111

    Puzzle games like Sprinkle and sports like a racing game or NFL Pro 2012.

  • [email protected]

    favorite type of game is puzzle & defent the castle

  • driving games, but I also really liked Baseball Superstars 2011. That game rocked.

  • Tom

    I like to play games like Words With Friends and Hambo. I’d play an RPG if I could fine one I like.

  • I get so addicted to cartoon wars. Definitely one of my favorites!

  • jbone377


  • First person shooter by far!

  • Joe Paul

    Oh and my emulators.

  • Still have a Droid X.. I like to play Temple Run and the old stand by Angry Birds.. both are great time consumers

  • anything that is fun mostly i like ceramic destroyer and angry birds

  • Joe Paul

    Physics based games are great!

  • ParrishRSellers


  • I’m a fan of the arcade type games. I’m just getting into the FPS and RPG.

  • I usually get hooked on an arcade style game for a while, then get bored and move on. I love GTA III on the tablet though!

  • bravsfn1

    First person shooter.

  • cns2007

    Puzzle and strategy games for me

  • supra_2nr

    ima big fan of shooting games… anything target related 🙂

  • My favorite things to play on my Galaxy Nexus are old time Sega games. I have an emulator and have downloaded the ROMs of games that I have owned and play them quite a bit. Vector man, Sonic, Zombies Ate My Neighbors…the list goes on. It’s endless fun (just wish that I had a slide out keyboard lol)

  • My favorite type of game(s) would have to be platformers/puzzles. Such as Marble Blast Ultra.

  • my favorite type of game is anything Sims related!!! i’m totally addicted!

  • Jeff Tennyck

    I like what ever kind of game Temple Run is!

  • Matt Kelley

    Strategy games are the best to play.

  • Still gotta say, i love the little puzzle games best. best time killer in the world is world of goo

  • Love to play RPG’s on my Droid X the most. Currently loving Legends of Yore.

  • phekno


  • Favorite game on my X has to be Plants Vs. Zombies. Even though I’ve beat it it is still a fun way to pass the time 😀

  • Kevin Raymond

    I like to play puzzle games on my smartphone. They’re great for wasting a few minutes here or there throughout the day.

  • Any fun game really, from a FPS to a social game like Draw Something.

  • supermiah

    Sports games. Home Run Battle 2

  • Gary Patrowicz

    love rpg games

  • pokemontez

    I love third person action games; its more exciting seeing your character!

  • I do not have a favorite “type” of game other than a “good” game. I can get lost in a RPG or totally wig out in a FPS.

  • Sports games for sure. Games like skiing or other x-game type sports are the best!!

  • m_iott

    I like casual puzzle games.

  • Puzzle games and word games.

  • smwein

    Puzzle Games

  • Himal Limbu

    I really enjoy playing “Shadow Gun”.

  • puzzle games definitely. and social games a close second.

  • prevail70

    I love FPS games!

  • elemeno

    Puzzle games

  • Chuck Ehrlich


  • Jeff B

    I like playing FPS,RPG,RTS, puzzle, and arcade…pretty much anything that’s fun I’m up for.

  • znewman

    RPG and Tower Defense games.

  • Davy B

    I love playing old school classic arcade games on my smartphone.

  • Tatsuo

    Old NES RPGs mostly via emulators

  • Puzzle games and side-scollers like Sonic!

  • blazingwolf

    I really like seek and find games. Not enough of those around yet though.

  • epps720


  • strikeir13

    RPG, Order & Chaos is pretty boss

  • Jordon


  • RPG or most of the words games that are out there. But if i had a tab id play racing games.

  • Jesse McCall

    Games centered around social interaction for the win! (Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc.)

  • Jessica Casteel

    RPG games, with some puzzle and hidden object games as well.

  • Chris Wilkey

    I like puzzle games!

  • MikeyD


  • competitive mmo, like LoL and rpg like D3

  • droyd4life

    Currently, my favorite game is Tower Defense:Lost Earth. Its a tower defense game.

  • FPR thats right I made that up. First Person Racer. Playing 2xl MX

  • I generally stick with puzzle games, although some of the never FPSs are okay. Would definitely be better on a tablet over a smartphone though.

  • JoshuaNewsome


  • pharmdy

    Definitely RPG’s!

  • Favorite type of game to play on my smartphone is racing…


  • Masta Marc

    RPG… It’s just more fun LOL. I get tired of just shooting at things ugh lol

  • CoolSaluki

    Puzzle games.

  • Tower defense games are my weakness.

  • I really like tower defense games and solitaire – but I also like the idea of third person shooters on an android device.

  • tdpietrini

    On the nexus I stick mostly to puzzle games!

  • ThisIsCrazy69

    I love RPG games and would love them even more with a new Asus tablet!

  • My favorite genre on mobile is the “action puzzle” games (if that’s a real genre). Games like Hambo and Fragger.

  • I love playing a good FPS on my smartphone even though the controls might be more difficult. I’m always up for a good challenge!

  • interstellarmind

    FPS, all day long!!

  • About the only game I have played is Angry Birds a little bit

  • DanThompson87

    Arcade or Casual Games (temple run, plants v zombies)

  • IntlGrizzly

    Easy, arcade type games that can be started up on whim and closed easily

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    I really like puzzle and physics games like “Cut the Rope” and “Angry Birds.” I would be apt to play me some good ole FPS on a tablet though.

  • I currently play tetris and chess mostly. I haven’t tried an RPG yet.

  • So will it be fps or rpg. I will choose drumroll please….. fps

  • Gary S.

    FPS, all the way!

  • Lizz.0

    I like all types of games, just depends on what kind of bored I am!

  • mikesuds

    Puzzle games, word games.

  • AJ

    Stickman Golf is my android crack

  • Corey Marrier

    What about a side scrolling action game? In space? Angry Birds Space

  • Christopher Ruiz

    RPG’s tend to be my favorite but I would love to find a good TBS, something like Heroes of Might & Magic.

  • Mr_Pinkey

    I like 3rd person shooters like ShadowGun!

  • I play word games most often.

  • IHaveNoIdeah

    I find it hard to play FPS on a touch screen device unless you have a PS3 controller handy… RPG is much easier and i can just pause and drop it into my pocket or whatever if the supervisor walks by

  • I like to play Words with Friends.

  • Card games like Euchre, Hearts, Solitaire, or Draw Something

  • Sports games are my favorite. I’ve always sucked at shooters.

  • Flick golf! Luv it.

  • Favorite type of game is FPS. Love playing Deer Hunter 3D 🙂

  • Sean Hosey

    I don’t really play FPS or RPG on my phone – I use it more for like Cut the rope – or tetris – or games like that

  • Chris Brinkley

    puzzle right now, but strategy about a year ago.

  • Love playing Mario 64, Zelda, Super Smash Bros., and Golden Eye on my phone. If i got to play them on a tablet though… WOW.

  • It’s all about the social games! I love to draw a stick figure to get my friends to guess the word “Katniss”.

  • Joshua Wehmeyer

    It’s gotta be puzzle games… love a good brain workout.

  • GaryLee24

    Puzzle Games all day!!

  • Favorite games are solitaire, word search, and Angry Birds Space. I can’t stare at my phone’s small screen long enough to play RPGs.

  • Jason Ward

    Poker 🙂 Pretty much dominates my game time when on my phone.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    FPS is a bit difficult still. RPG is easier to play and get immersed in!

    • mikesuds

      What’s the best RPG on Android?

      • CaptainHowdy13

        Sacracy since Im on a Diablo kick.

  • Action games

  • twistedsyx

    I’m all about the tower defense games.

  • jake

    love me some drawsome

  • Rob

    puzzle games are the best on a smartphone…

  • Jeff E.

    Puzzle games are a blast on my smartphone!

  • Adam Staggenborg

    Flick Golf and Plants vs Zombies

  • Brandon Galles

    I really like playing my R/C plane simulator on my Bionic

  • Andrew Avenoso

    Definitely puzzle games. I just discovered Cogs

  • dpn982

    I am a real fan of puzzle games, something to stimulate the mind

  • RPG for sure. FPS’s are too fast paced for me.

  • Hooked on playing the NBA2k series.

  • RPG for sure. Who doesnt like to get lost in a game?

  • Brian Getchel

    Definitely RPG, love to have a good RPG to play when away from my computer or xbox

  • Neutrontwin

    I love puzzle games on my Galaxy Nexus

  • Pretty much any tower defense game. It works so well for the form factor.

  • FPS Plants vs Zombie its like crack or a Krispy Kreme Doughnut! ^_^

  • zpartal

    I love my emulators!

  • Kyle Smith

    Draw something and Words with friends are my bread and butter, but Wheres My Water is fun if I have more time!

  • hfoster52

    I just got rehooked on Plants vs Zombies….

  • bigos_78

    On my smartphone, puzzle games since they are not graphics intense. I’m rocking an OG EVO

  • Andrew

    Definitely FPS.

  • Sean Stone

    I love playing puzzle games to kill the time.

  • At the moment, I am into the social games (Words and Draw).

  • twohawks

    Mostly defense games and FPS. First game ever on a smartphone was Robo Defense. Don’t play so much anymore but it’s still fun.

  • ProfessAndObey

    A smartphone is the perfect form factor for RPGs.

  • Neutrontwin

    Edit: sorry double post

  • razr-user

    I like puzzle or thinking games like Machinarium.

  • Racing games like Asphalt 6 are fun to kill some time but mostly use Nesoid and load up some Dragon Warrior or Super Mario Bro’s 3 🙂

  • Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and other Puzzle games…

  • ki11ak3nn

    Puzzle games FTW on my smartphone!!

  • Jon

    i love racing games and flinging games!!! :))

  • combatsam

    Plants vs Zombies!

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    My favorite games to play are tower defense games, I can’t seem to get enough

  • Mark

    I love sports games on smartphones!

  • Do emulators count? 😀 Other than that, I like like ports of actual video games like GTA III and Sonic CD.

  • billpittser

    FPS for me. Love to kill some zombies,aliens,and anything else they throw at me in the game.

  • Tower defense…all day long.

  • Marian

    RPG, Puzzles and Platformers

  • For console, FPS. I’ve never had a mobile device that I felt could truly keep up with the pace of one of those though. On mobile, I’ve always been more of a fan of RPGs. But I swear, the only reason I even have a twitter is for these damn contests, lol.

  • koftheworld

    i love playing strategy games such as Diplomacy on my smart phone.

  • I’m more of a word/puzzle gamer when I’m on my phone

  • KreeTerry

    i like puzzles, i need to brain stimulation to keep me out of trouble

  • Beebs42

    I like FPS and puzzle games with short/bathroom friendly sized boards or missions.

  • GTA was awesome on the Transformer.

  • Inquizitor

    On my smartphone? Probably puzzle. Gets my mind going and it’s one of the easiest to get right on a small, mobile platform. I love action games and rpg’s on my PC (Skyrim FTW), but I just haven’t yet gotten into any on my phone besides emulating Pokemon.

  • I enjoy 3D puzzle games!

  • Caprica_6

    I’m a strategy goil myself. TO THE COLONIES!!

  • john_h_r

    I prefer strategy games like the XCom series and Master of Orion.

  • Andrew

    Puzzle / Strategy for sure!

  • Sean Glorioso

    Cut the rope and puzzle games.

  • shanehillsr

    I play all puzzle games.I have a few gps but don’t play that often.

    • shanehillsr

      Fps got Swyped

  • pajallen

    Puzzle games here…

  • Stephen D

    Puzzle games.

  • jpnestel

    I like playing kids games w my 2 yr old son

  • I love old school emulators for nes and snes. Still using my OG Droid with a game gripper for those bad boys!

  • nativi

    I’m playing some zombie smash is really nice game

  • Favorite would be FPS although Second to that would me Strategy

  • llewsarb

    I enjoy games that can be played for a few minutes here and there. I’m not into playing games on my phone for long periods of time.

  • Neomastermind

    I love playing shooters on my mobile devices.

  • My favorite type of games to play on my smartphone are puzzle type games.

  • hochoch

    puzzle/strategy games, but i just got a tablet delivered so that may change when i get home!

  • puzzle games

  • Dwall189

    My favorite are tower defense/strategy games

  • dunkaroos and gushers

    Puzzle games

  • My current favorite android game is Mega Jump

  • MattB

    I like to play puzzle games on my phone.

  • TimXer

    draw something for now

  • Nemesis099

    While I like FPS games I don’t really like playing them on a tablet. I prefer the RPG games on the tablet especially as they don’t require as fast movements.

  • My favorite games to play on android are the emulated kind from the SNES and NES and PSX years!! I have a hard time letting go what can I say?

  • Sport game – specifically 9 innings baseball

  • KK

    Puzzle or strategy games.

  • jdgoldie

    Aside from Temple Run, mostly puzzlers like Cut the Rope and Where’s My Water.

  • Liderc

    Currently playing Draw Something and Words with friends, but been getting a bit bored. Thinking about trying out some of the newer rpgs.

  • Micky

    For me Scramble is the best game to play on my smartphone.

  • JosephCabrera

    On my smart phone, ones with simple controls, such as word searchers or casino style games.

  • Senate9690

    I enjoy puzzle and strategy games on my phone even better using the HDMI port and playing them on a big screen!

  • Puzzle, Arcade, FPS

  • RPG games all the way

  • Currently enjoying FPS style games like Nova.

  • I like casual games, mostly puzzle games.

  • CAPerkins22

    Puzzle games because they’re easy to pick up and put down quickly.

  • DanWazz

    Puzzle games are my poison.

  • TuckandRoll84

    The best games for smartphones are definitely puzzle games. Perfect way to spend time if you only have a a few minutes to kill.

  • FPS for me, stress reliever

  • Rpgs all day on my smartphone!

  • ralphwiggum1

    My favorite smartphone games are the logic / puzzle games which are great on a touch screen. Other games are technically impressive, but not as enjoyable with a touch screen.

  • I love puzzle games on android

  • 3rd person shooters. Tank Hero for instance.

  • kevintufts

    Puzzle games. Easy to play in short stints.

  • RadicalPie

    My favorite is strategy games

  • Mina Beshara

    Ive always been addicted to RPGs, so that transferred over to my smartphone as of late.

  • Bonzix

    I love FPS games but not on my phone typically. For the mobile I have to go with the brain puzzle games like words with friends or crossword puzzles etc.. Have to keep that darned Alzheimer’s at bay.

  • My favorite game genre that I would like to play on my phone is turn-based tactical combat games. I haven’t found one that I really like on android yet though.

  • Thekyguy11

    Racing games, and games involving flinging upset birds at green pigs!

  • TomStieger

    I love turn based strategy games.

  • Matthew Harmon

    FPS, addicted to Temple Run right now

  • MrTrackZed

    I enjoy puzzle games more than anything, it’s great using our amazing phones to keep our minds sharp!

  • I Love RPG games 😀

  • Robert Toudouze

    I have to go with Puzzle games

  • Victor Amaya

    My favorite game type is puzzle/adventure games. Like Machinarium. I can play at my leisure and its not just puzzle solving but it has a story aligned to it rather than jut matching diamonds or colors all the time.

  • I think my favorite is action games. Something that has a lot of content, but can be played in short or long sessions. =)

  • Christian Chew

    Word games like scramble and hanging with friends seem to be the most fun!

  • On a smartphone? Guess that would have to be those darn Word games. anything I can play against my family members with really.

  • cykotix

    Lately I’ve been more into puzzle based games.

  • i only have one game on my phone…temple run…..

  • John Chamberlain

    Angry Zombirds…what else?

  • Ben Schulz

    I love puzzle games; word wrench is probably my favorite right now.

  • GNexSam

    I love playing puzzle games!

  • Andre C

    Either card games or RPGs for those long flights or boring meetings lol

  • RPGs

    emulators FTW

  • tslovejoy1969

    Used to be FPS, but these days I like the relaxed pace of puzzle games.

  • Willard Potter

    Toss up between puzzles and shooters.. and someone else mentioned tower defense… I love’em. Lol

  • ChaseMaag

    I would have to say that shadowgun is one of my favorites very similar to gear of war and i love that

  • Kirsty Lawer

    I am going to have to go with the Zenonia series. 😀

  • I like tower defense games.

  • Puzzle games on the smart phone.

  • ndorfn

    FPS… but that damn Temple Run has consumed me lately!

  • bweiand

    Favorite type of game – puzzle

  • Puzzle games are great!

  • LiterofCola

    Always playing the puzzle games.

  • RPG and any game the requires strategy or thinking like Angry Birds or Cut the Rope because they can keep you entertained for HOURS.

  • demolition505

    Strategy games without a doubt.

  • jaxxmjd


  • justbaum30

    I would say I prefer puzzle or platformer games the most on my phone. Love em!

  • Cut the Rope

  • RPG’s will always have my heart

  • DavidHollinger

    Grew up on RPGs, play them to this day, and always will love me some monster hacking, slashing, and spell casting

  • Jerry

    Puzzle games and tower defense.

  • I’m a fan of tower defense games. Robo Defense FTW!

  • Luis Rojas

    FPS are always fun!

  • I love some of the old Dragon Warrior/FF-style RPG games, but some of the sports games aren’t half-bad either with a GNex

  • Ricky Schleining

    Racing and RPG on the Android phone.

  • I love tower defense games!

  • smariani

    Puzzle games for me with a bit of FPS thrown in.

  • I’ve got to say I like arcade & puzzle games the most!

  • LordStickMax

    now that i got my g-nexus i love playing action but before that it was puzzle/casual.

  • Currently, I play pretty much casual games on my phone. Dice with Buddies and Draw Somthing being my current go tos.

  • John


    That is all.

  • RPG games FTW on my smartphone.

  • pezjono

    I enjoy both tower defense and third person shooters on my Galaxy Nexus.

  • SysWiz

    Tower defense or puzzle games. I agree that FPS games are still better with a controller or keyboard/mouse. Maybe I should try a USB host adapter with a mouse on my rooted G-Nex. Hmmm.

  • ssjnimma

    puzzle games FTW

  • Levi Wilcox

    Been loving well designed puzzle games. osmos hd is awesome on tablets

  • FPS games

  • Favorite type of game would have to be whatever catches my attention at the moment though I tend to play games that I can get in and out of quickly since I don’t have long stretches of time to dedicate. Currently it’s Death Rally, Zen Pinball and Wind-up Knight.

  • fps

  • sciroccohsd

    Puzzle games like Apparatus and RPGs.

  • Tower Defense games for sure!

  • I love puzzle games like bejeweled.

  • Tony Le

    My favorite type of games on smartphones are RPGs.

  • big007hed

    FPS… FPS is my favorite for console and PC games as well!

  • Geekout


  • Jigga_Z

    I mostly enjoy puzzle and strategy games on my phone!

  • Acosand


  • Carlos

    Puzzles and Tic Tac Toe.

  • FPS & racing!

  • Ahku Droid

    My favorite games for my phone are brain teaser/strategy games like Osmos, Cut the Rope, Angry Birds, and tower defense style games.

  • samthomas86

    I like word or puzzle games.

  • ocdtrekkie

    On my phone, it’s still puzzle games. As much as I love Shadowgun and such’s beautiful look, controls for FPS’s I still say are dominated by the keyboard and mouse.

  • Kyle Bailey

    I really enjoy tower defenses, great way to kill some time.

  • FC

    I like fps games

  • Alexander H

    Typically RPG – FPS has always been an issue of hands over the screen controls pushing back towards console/pc.

  • kaufkin

    ARPG – Ditto for ANY of the Diablo Games.

  • Always seem to come back to puzzle games because they keep me thinking

  • RPG and puzzle games!

  • Champlification

    I mainly play games that are quick that I can easily get in and out off quickly, such as Angry Birds. I do like to play tower defense games like Jelly Defense.

  • I can’t seem to get enough World of Goo these days. So Puzzle games

  • George Rudgers

    I prefer puzzle games, but lately have been getting into the top down shooters.

  • I’d say puzzle games for my smartphone.

  • triangle8

    I just like casual action games like fruit ninja.

  • Angryunibrow


  • Jeremy Cope

    RPG…always been my favorite!

  • ARPG – Wish they had Diablo 3 for my Nexus

  • moelsen8

    any kind of short, quick time-wasters! i’m into old school racing games too

  • I like puzzle games on my phone. I save the intensive thinking ones for console games.

  • Shawn Sullivan

    I like to play puzzle games on my smartphone.

  • Sapko82

    FPS for sure

  • shmelks

    Puzzle games take most of my free time

  • Cut the Rope

  • Robert Perkovich

    Tie between action and RPG. FPS is difficult with only a touch screen.

  • rlorenz

    I like playing FPS’s!

  • Corey Foltman

    Puzzle/Arcade (Bubble Shoot)…and Sports (BMX Boy and Skater Boy)

  • Casual games on my phone, but anything goes on my tablet.

  • Favorite game on my smart phone is mind strategy games. Keeps me focused, on not doing work lol.

  • cdangerb

    Give me a good tower defense game and I’m good for hours.

  • pgbod33

    Puzzles and Platformers!

  • Darius Burgess

    I really like puzzle games on my smart phone!

  • I like to play very casual games that are good time wasters. It used to be angry birds, but now games like where wheres my water and world of goo.

  • chris125

    Fps, keeps you feeling like you are part of the game and not just the controller.

  • Tower defense FTW!

  • King Joshu

    I love a good puzzle game.

  • My favorite games to play on my smartphone are board games and puzzle games.

  • I like any and all types of games, puzzle, rpg.

  • jofficus44

    I love casual and puzzle games on my phone – I leave the FPS action for my console and big screen tv

  • FknTwizted

    RPG love a great story.

  • Puzzle’s are fun and puzzling.

  • Love a good first person shooter

  • adomin13


  • Action games!

  • Favorite type of games are ones where I can play with folks. Things like Draw Something and others like that.

  • Lenesse Berg

    Puzzle Games! I’m hooked.

  • d3koms

    My favorite type of games are RPG!

  • Currently have been enjoying some RPGs as it makes it easy to play without physical buttons.

  • My favorites are platformers (like Sonic) and puzzles (like World of Goo).

  • My favorite types of game to play on my phone are strategy and tower defense.

    Thanks for the contest!!

  • I enjoy strategy puzzle games. Keeps the mind working right 😉

  • muffnman

    My favorite mobile game are tower defense games.

  • DevilMan

    First Person Shooter!

  • Arcade style games are the best. Fruit ninja, flick golf, etc…

  • smartguy05

    I like playing strategy games on my phone.

  • brandon kosanovich

    Casual gaming on my phone ( temple run, angry birds, BMX boy)

  • KB Smoka


  • JamisonFrady

    I love me a good puzzle game

  • i love tower defense games

  • br_hermon

    Fps and puzzles

  • Justin H

    Puzzle Games!

  • Randy Nguyen

    RPGs are great

  • FPS all the way

  • Puzzle and mind challenges

  • jcuvs

    Puzzle games like World of Goo and Cut the Rope are my favorites to play on mobile.

  • htowngtr

    Game on a phone would be social type stuff — Words w/ Friends, Draw Something, et al

  • My favorite type of games to play on my smartphone are RPGs…Jetpack!!!

  • I’m a puzzle game kinda guy. I never got into FPS games, and burned out on RPGs years ago.

  • smingo

    word games! keeps me busy

  • Chris Hilbert

    I love to play scrabble-like games.

  • KB Smoka

    Puzzles….Cut the rope….

  • Racing

  • dochill4u

    RPG all the way

  • Puzzle Games

  • Timothy Burns


  • EvanTheGamer

    FPS, RPG, Puzzle, ‘nough said. 🙂

    Oh, also casual games.

  • NexusPhan69

    Finance apps.

  • I like either puzzle games or tower defense type games. Samurai Vs Zombies was pretty much my time waster.

  • jcorf

    Puzzle games.

  • David Larsen

    I love puzzle type games

  • David Cohen

    Puzzle Games

  • topherct

    Flick and swyping games like Flickkick Field Goal and Temple Run

  • RoboRobP

    RPG games

  • Alvin Choi

    Social games, like scramble with friends and draw something

  • Dave Goldstein

    Sadly the main stuff I play on my smartphone are the silly things like Angry birds or words with friends with my wife, but a tablet like this would change things in a heartbeat!

  • xzombiex66

    FPS games are def my favorite

  • andyu11

    first-person shooters and mmo’s!!

  • craig1989

    puzzle games! e.g. cut the rope, etc

  • Action RPG and MMO, loving Diablo 3 right now.