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BlackBerry Messenger Not Coming to Android After All, Not Sure Anyone Cares Anymore

According to a report out of the Wall Street Journal, RIM is no longer looking to license its BlackBerry Messenger client to other platforms and will instead focus on creating additional features for it while pushing BlackBerry 10 and new devices. This move comes as somewhat of a shocker to many, as purported pictures of the service running on Android devices have appeared a couple of times now. There have also been countless rumors over the last year which suggested that RIM may try to leverage the popularity of the service to make some money for the company as their sales and market share continue to fall off cliffs.

My thoughts? Who cares. RIM had a chance to port this service over to Android and iOS a couple of years ago when it actually was still popular, but failed to do so. It’s just another sign of a company that may no longer be with us in a couple of years – one that has made the wrong move over and over again.

Seriously ask yourself, would you all of a sudden switch your messaging life over to BBM should it launch on Android today? You have lived without it for years now, is it really an app that you need to survive? Had RIM made the move to license it back in 2009 when everyone was migrating from BlackBerry devices over to Android and iPhones, it would have been a big deal. Now, not so much.

Via:  WSJ

  • shuqian245
  • jiujiu1145
  • roy brent

    it might work better if it was a whiteberry lol

  • I’m still using YM because i can access it using any phones. and so are my friends.

  • florious80

    Even if they ported over, why would anyone on android use BBM? We have a thing called Google Talk from day one and that’s exactly what BBM is. Even better, Gtalk has video chat.

  • Fun With Drugs

    I think there are more people on Google+ than there are people still using Blackberry.
    And that’s sad, ’cause G+ is a flop.

    • nope u wrong. expand ur mind remember other parts of the world

  • Michael Quinlan

    “Had RIM made the move to license it back in 2009 when everyone was migrating from BlackBerry devices over to Android and iPhones, it would have been a big deal.”

    Offering BBM on other platforms at that time would have only hastened the defection from Blackberry; it was one of the few ways they had of retaining customers. When a single feature is your saving grace, and users start to realize that it’s not as critical as they once thought, you’re doomed.

    • y d beef? bb messenger has exclusivity, other platforms allow unknown users to infiltrate ur list. plus i love the idea of using pin. if u dont have my pin then u cant add me

  • enigmaco

    Rim is fading out like disco in the 80’s

  • Chris

    LOL no thanks… Shoot I just want group messaging without having to download a stupid app…

  • who wants stalker messaging anyway?

  • Anthony Armando

    i wouldnt say this is a surprise at all. the former co-CEO, jim balsillie, wanted to provide/sell carriers blackberry services over their own networks to help reduce stress and costs. this would be BBM for android/ios/win. however, the new CEO thorsten heins and the board initially rejected this strategy. heins later became open to the idea, but the board was still dubious to the proposal. you can bet as a new ceo he isnt going to go rogue on them by going ahead with the plan only to get removed like his predecessors.

  • kazelement

    most corporate companies are dropping blackberries due to the fact that they have to pay for blackberry servers and its just not worth it anymore having everything routed twice and allowing for more chances of more problems.

  • regkilla

    Too late RIM!

  • noc007

    I care and I’m glad it’s not. BES is a RPITA to support. Upgrading BES is almost as much a pain as setting it up. I have to read through the damn release notes each time just to see if I have to open up or unthrottle one more damn thing for that infernal POS. Android and iOS both have licensed ActiveSync and it works just fine out of the box. Phone manufacturer and Carrier BS may not allow the built in Email app to work well, but the glory is you’re not stuck with the stock app.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Nope, no one cares.

    Also, what’s BlackBerry again?

  • Butters619

    RIM should have really focused on porting their services over to iOS and Android to stay alive and relevant. Now it is only a matter of time.

    It’s sort of sad watching this giant train wreck in ultra super slow-mo, but at the same time they have had so many chances to get on a better path.

    • corymcnutt

      I couldn’t agree more… Very sad to watch them fall, they had many opportunities but never took them. This new operating system better be in some super duper phone… Not in a 4 inch phone that is already out dated. It’s almost summer and no phone… Probably 2013 before a LTE version. Mike from RIM said we are a fickeled bunch and will hop to the next new phone… Now look where he is! Sad, very sad.

    • y does apple port ichat to other platform. smh u r dumb

  • moelsen8

    agree, who gives a Fk

    • i do and so do 20 million bb users in nigeria

  • New_Guy


  • Korey Page

    I just found out that Live Profile (remember that BBM like chat application that was cross platform?) Was bought by RIM a few years back…. looks like that was for nothing.

  • John

    What’s this BlackBerry you speak of?

  • kixofmyg0t

    Even when i had a blackberry I didnt use BBM….

  • Not only did I not know it was supposed to be coming to Android, but I simply don’t care.

  • “their sales and market share continue to fall off cliffs”
    Love it.


      You’re right, we should all be happy that Blackberry is failing and people are losing their jobs…

  • Blackberry will be a memory in the next 3-4 years.

    • Would have to agree with this. Blackberry 10 is probably not their saving grace.

    • sc4fpse

      A memory? In 3-4 years? Hell, I can hardly remember it *now*…

    • This is what they said about Apple not so long ago. Don’t count them out. They’re still a big presence in the business world all over the globe. BB 10 looks great, unfortunately, it’s not about the OS anymore as much as it is about the ecosystem, and BB has no ecosystem.

      • The business world is changing especially with BYOD becoming so popular among corporations and small businesses alike. It helps them keep overhead down, and make more money. The business world doesn’t care about Blackberry, if they did then you wouldn’t see Blackberry being the laughing stock of the Mobile Industry. Hell, most feature phones do more than a Blackberry can.

      • bb messenger still remains one of the most popular messengers in d world. y dont u stop hating cos some of us will very much appreciate an android version

    • MicroNix

      Once something is perceived as failing, there aren’t many times it can be turned back around when the competition is already way ahead of them. Unless BB10 lifts skirts and drops drawers, BB is a goner.

      • Mike

        With all the “skirt lifting” and “drawer dropping” in your comment, I read the last bit as “BB is a boner” the first time around…..

    • Droidfann

      RIM is like the titanic thinking it was invulnerable to competing technologies, and stopped being innovative, thinking they were unsinkable 6 years ago when they were just releasing different styles of phones instead of improving upon their own os and versatility as a platform. Wouldn’t be surprised if apple or google or microsoft buys this company for its patents (if they have anything good, but doubtful). And agree that it will be phased out in 3 years.

  • ramp1188

    good blackberry is trash