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ParanoidAndroid ROM for the Galaxy Nexus – Finding Middle Ground Between Tablet and Phone Ice Cream Sandwich Layouts

Developers are continuing to make the Galaxy Nexus a classy device for all users. Since Ice Cream Sandwich is an OS made to operate on both tablet and smartphone devices, there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to toggle between whichever layout you want. Being an Android user, if you want your phone to have the look of a tablet, you better believe there’s a mod out there to make that happen and ParanoidAndroid is just that.

This isn’t just some cheezy “tablet mode”, where it puts the notification bar at the bottom, but it is the actual formatting (two column layout) that you would see on an Android tablet. It’s a pretty unique experience and if you’ve been getting bored of the same old ICS look, then this is sure to give your phone a nice makeover. Download links and instructions for flashing can be found at the via link.

Via: RootzWiki

Cheers Jason!

  • This rom for galaxy nexus is brilliant. It would probably be the best if you could change soft key battery and clock color like liquid smooth rom

  • Towelie420


  • Droid_Dude

    I really wanted to run this ROM but I noticed that it changed my wifi MAC address every time I rebooted my phone. No one at Rootzwiki was able to help help me figure out why this happens. I changed the kernel but that made no difference. I might try it again if this issue ever gets resolved. Having to add my phones MAC address to the allowed list at my place of employment every time I reboot my phone is not what I want to do.

    • Tony Horning

      I had the same problem too and Leankernel from v3.06 and above has a fix for it.

      • Droid_Dude

        Thanks, I’ll have to try that one. I tried Glados 1.33 and it gave me the same problems but it doesn’t do that on other ROMs.

  • ddevito

    Thom Yorke shakes his head

  • Jon

    I just recently bought the Galaxy Nexus. It’s unbelievale at how many ROMs are out there for this phone. A crack-flashers wet dream.

    • peter

      Its getting to be a problem for me… a good problem but still a problem

  • wickets

    Wow….you techy types are so lucky!!….very nice

  • dan

    Is the wifi hot spot built into this rom or aokp m5 free?

  • IanKellogg

    I have trouble dealing with the tiny home and back buttons. Would be super amazing if i could switch between nav bars on the fly.

    • juscozimme

      I currently run Liquid ROM ICS 1.35. It gives you the option to hide the notification bar and the dock, plus you can max the screen size. Great ROM! ICS 4.0.4.

    • Boblank84

      you can change the dpi of the systemui wich will make the size of the home and back buttons change. try 250, that works well for me.

    • you decide how big things are. you can define EVERYTHING separately from each other. heres a snapshot to demonstrate this: http://www.abload.de/img/untitled-113awq.png

      phones running in tablet mode 192 dpi
      systemUIs running in 250 dpi for bigger buttons
      nova left is running in phoneUI and 320 dpi
      nova right is running in mobileUI ans 220 dpi

      see what i mean? its HYBRID in the truest sense of the word. (-:

  • sk3litor

    “…bored with the same old ics look”. I say bite your tongue kind sir. My poor tbolt is still waiting for that “same old ics look”. Damn ril.

  • KreeTerry

    tried this a few weeks ago and the changes theyve added are nice but i had many issues with standard things. mostly wifi tether and data issues. great rom, cant wait to see where else this bad boy goes!!

    • i tether my wifi everyday. i have NO, absolutely NO data issues whatsoever. (-:

      • KreeTerry

        It may have been fixed since the last time i flashed it. hoping to give it a shot soon. Espcially since these skankwich builds are starting to get a little buggy

  • jjrudey

    I thought everyone knew about this

  • 11knives

    I tried this about a month ago. Worked very well. Devs have put a lot of work into this one. Give it a go!

  • harryharry

    I’ve been using this for about 2 weeks and love it! Having a notification bar up top AND a bar for buttons on the bottom always seemed like a waste of screen real estate to me, so I love this! I remember someone posting on a rumor thread about the GNex that this is what they thought it would be like after hearing there would be no physical buttons. I guess that idea stuck with me and I don’t think I’m gonna go back.

  • DroidModderX
    • michael

      ty droidmodderx for the vid

  • CJLee89

    I would love to get that Gmail layout without switching ROMs.

  • radiohead14

    love the radiohead reference there

  • regkilla

    a ROM for all the paranoid folks with a Galaxy Nexus

  • M C

    this rom is awesome been using it on the sprint nexus for a week or so now … waiting for them to finish the per app layout to have a true hybrid

  • KatsumeBlisk

    I can see using this on a device as large as the Galaxy Nexus. Anything smaller than this wouldn’t work well.

    • Davy B

      Well it’s also a matter of whether or not your screen has on-screen buttons. Without them, I don’t see how this ROM would work.

    • I tried it last week I feel like some apps the flow just does not feel right. Maybe on the note it would feel a bit better

      • iamcc88

        I installed it last night and the key is to properly configure the in-app dpi on a per-app basis. If you do that it works great. I’M IN LOVE!

        • True but all I wanted it for was for the bottom bar

    • actually you are wrong. it runs on the s2 just fine, it would even run on htc wildfire. this is hybrid mode, not tablet mode. you decide which apps drop into mobile or tablet UI whenever you want, no matter if your phone runs in general phone mode or tablet mode. thats what makes it so special.

  • I used the version 0.6b and loved it…..However, the latest update seems even more awesome ! Need to try this out again

  • Dan Tillman

    I have been using this rom for awhile now almost since the beginning, and i havent looked back since. i love having the tablet options but the phone options.

  • Chris

    What the Galaxy Note should have been?

  • Greg Morgan

    Ran this for a few days, definately a different experience. Not quite ready to me as a daily driver, but quite good.

  • ASDF

    is this different than changing the DPI on AOKP?

    • Yes, a lot ! There is a per-app DPI setting, because all apps don’t run great with just a single system DPI…..Also, no incompatible market errors in this ROM….There seems to be a lot of effort put in this ROm

    • tanknspank

      quite. many new settings, including a per app dpi setting, plus certain apps have been fixed (launcher, keyboard, etc) to better support our screen size in “tablet” mode.

    • Yes, it’s much more different.

    • yes, changing the dpi on aokp will fuck your phone up real good. change it and experience: broken launcher, broken phone, broken market, broken installations, broken wallpapers, broken keyboard, 99% of your apps are broken. in short, you phone is trashed afterwards. paranoidandroid features per-app-density, that means you can scale everything separately from each other, blow it up or shrink it down. the second feature is called per-app-layout, that means you decide how an app display, tablet UI or phone UI. that means you can enjoy 3d youtube while being in standard phone mode or mobile chrome while hanging in tablet mode. no other rom has these features, they are PA exclusive.

  • Looks good. Anyone’s thought who has tried it would be welcome.

    • JBartcaps

      Used it at the early stages and I absolutely loved it. It works quite well on a cell phone. I would recommend a test drive if you’re on the fence. It couldn’t hurt to try it out.

    • tanknspank

      It’s a real different experience. You can have the notification bar at the bottom, but can change dpi on a per app basis so that they fit more like they would on the regular layout.