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Motorola: Not Upgrading the DROID 3 and DROID X2 to ICS Because It Won’t “Improve” Them

Late Friday afternoon, Motorola took to its blog to help clarify its reasoning behind the decision to not upgrade the DROID 3 and DROID X2 to Ice Cream Sandwich. This note came just hours after they released a new timeline for Android 4.0 updates, which as in the past, did not include either of them. It seemed odd knowing that both devices have dual-core processors, were released right around the middle of 2011, and for the most part, have above average specs, aside from a lack of 4G LTE and only 512MB of RAM. 

So what is the problem then? According to Motorola, ICS will not “improve” these phones enough for them to receive an upgrade:

You may be wondering why all devices aren’t being upgraded to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Here’s the deal. We work very closely with Google and cell phone carriers for every software update. And, obviously we want the new release to improve our devices. If we determine that can’t be done—well then, we’re not able to upgrade that particular device.

If we look at the actual timeline of updates, again, it does mention that all devices set to receive ICS have 1GB of RAM, so there is a good area to target since neither of these phones do. Using the word “improve” may not have been the best choice though, as we all know how much Android 4.0 improves everything about an Android phone. Choosing the politically correct or PR/vague response wasn’t the best choice here. When it comes to updates, Motorola, you need to tell people exactly why without beating around the bush.

Via:  Motorola


    Windows 8 here I come. Tired of this android dance. And I’ll never buy another Motorola anything.

  • DX2 is a pile of sh*t anyway. The only thing that would improve that piece of junk is a good sturdy hit with a sledgehammer.

  • Bill

    This response from Motorola is just your typical PR bullshit any corporation spews on it’s customers while trying to smooth over the negative reactions over their unwillingness to focus a development team to make a product better. The bottom line always comes before the customer especially when dealing with dated products. The Money has already been milked for all it’s worth and they leave us hanging out to dry. My Droid X2 with stock firmware is a total piece of shit (well, it works fine until I load a bunch of apps from the market then everything quickly goes south). The fact of the matter is that ICS WOULD improve the Droid X2 immensely. Gingerbread would also improve it immensely if they bothered to assign a development team to fix the god damn bugs. Google is basically taking Linux down the same path Windows has taken, a buggy mess for well over a decade. My next phone will not likely be Android based. This situation is the same with EVERY generation, we customers are always left with a product that has serious software issues that are easily corrected but no company dedicates the resources to do so. They move on to the next product and the cycle repeats. And we’re the victims with our two year contracts.

  • Bryan Burk

    I’m not sure about the rest of you on here, but I’m more than a little upset by this! What happened with their agreement to update phones for 18 months after release? I would like my money back, or exchange. My phone has been as buggy as a garbage dump, and often less useful than one! I haven’t had many days that haven’t wanted to spike this Droid X2 off the ground! It still locks up, now only a few times a week (an improvement over a few times per day before an update). This is total garbage! They put out a phone that was basically forgotten about less than a month after they released it. Sure they did put out a couple bug fixes and one update, but bug fixes are fixing a faulty product that they sold as working! They didn’t even make it compatable with newer accessories that have the same port configuration, aka lapdock. This is just short of stealing in my book. I want to like android, but my experience with this phone has made me wander if I should have bought an Iphone! MOTO, get your act together!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billy routh

    In other words not even ics can improve our pos Motorola phones

  • Anyway, let’s just hope things get better under Google’s ownership. {{-_-}}

  • The two phones I TOLD people not to buy. Re-hashings of older phones. Lol {{^_^}}

  • What’s the big deal? My X2 is fairly Awesome as is. Does everything I ask of it, never lets me down. For people who mock apple fanboys, this site seems really obsessed with the shiny new things.

  • ICS on my Droid X improved it. Why can’t it improve a Droid X2? My dad has one and it’s so much more powerful than my phone, so the benefits would be much greater. If you couldn’t already tell, their argument is total BS.

  • Joanthan Gery

    CM9 with ICS is… AMAZING on my D3. Completely changed the phone. No Blur release will help, ever. Its just the silly marketing scheme with Big Red and Moto. What does everyone expect when they EOL the D3 after 8 months and release the danmed D4.

  • Jeff Big Red

    Droid 3 and droid x 2 are no different then the bionic with the exception of LTE. So If it won’t improve anything why upgrade the bionic to ICS? Just be honest and tell.everyone the truth that your just too lazy to upgrade those phones to ICS

    • Diablo81588

      WRONG. The bionic has twice the amount of ram.. Do some research before you post nonsense!

  • MicroNix

    More like “Because we can’t fit our expanded line of bloat and ICS both onto the Droid 3, we have chosen not to”. The Droid 3 is MORE than capable of running ICS. In fact, its more than capable of running GB too but you’d never know running the stock Motorola rom which can suck the chrome off a bumper.

  • Translated to english from corportate robot = It wont improve d3 sales or dx2 sells but it will improve user expierence. But in order to continue screwing consumers a update must never see the light of day.

  • joe

    Makes sense. I wish my Droid 1 never got Froyo. Just not enough RAM. Flashing the popular Froyo and Gingerbread ROMs didn’t improve the sluggishness either.

  • Curious Orange

    All I know is, the OG Droid’s performance went downhill after getting the 2.2 update. I’d rather have a phone that runs an old OS well than a new OS badly.

  • Ryan

    How won’t the upgrade to ICS improve these devices?

    After being left in the dark for nearly a year with a bug-ridden device, mainly due to it’s version of an otherwise, quality OS; one held onto a glimmer of hope that Motorola would make this all right in time by upgrading to ICS. This announcement of inaction and consumer-abandonment, blacked-out those hopes.

    Provide an unlocked bootloader for those devices which are denied OEM updates. We’ll do it ourselves.

    If neither OEM updates, nor an unlocked bootloader; never Motorola again.

    Sent from my Droid x2.

  • Mack

    Ehh whatever, CM9 is already on the device so I’ll take that on my X2 rather than a version loaded with blur.

  • Go here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1661572
    What moto doesn’t give us, devs will. I wonder why DL isn’t reporting this, kind of a big deal

    • MicroNix

      Have you seen the known issues????? That’s like saying here’s a car where the radio don’t work, A/C works off and on, the power windows aren’t operational and the gas cap, well, if you try a dozen times you might be able to take it off to fill it up.

      Without an ICS kernel, all ICS implementations will be incomplete unless devs find a way around it but that hasn’t been the case.

  • Christopher Riner

    isnt that a picture of a droid 4?

    • Knlegend1

      Yep lol

  • BigRed4X15

    So many moto haters on this site. Where would android be if not for Motorola and the OG Droid? it would be in the past and you would all be rocking *phones. So they realized that its a fact that these two devices don’t have the right hardware to run ICS properly, its fact. They obviously released to many phones last year, but so did a lot of manufacturers. The devices they produced at the end of last year and so far in 2012 have been some of the best on the market. The build quality of the Razr/Maxx is top notch and the Bionic is not bad either.

    I’m sure in the future that with the guidance of there new parent company, they will continue to produce devices that are top of the android game. And the 17K+ patents they have will help Google keep Android out of the clutches of the evil fruit company.

  • Malikai

    My original DX is flying with ICS. So much better than a GB rom and my camera works! I’m running b00stedICS from rootzwiki DX dev forum. There are small bugs here and there, but the OS is way snappier than it was on GB. Single core with 512 ram and im running a live background. Tell me again Motorola why you won’t upgrade devices?

  • What many people don’t realize is that as great as the developer community is for Android, many of them take shortcuts and tweak settings to make their ROMs “smooth” that an OEM would never take, as there’s a great risk of instability. That includes init.d scripts, build.prop edits, VM heap tweaks, cpu governor updates, kernel hacks, etc. I’m absolutely certain that the devs at Moto are fully capable of doing all that and more, but the fact is they have to play it safe so that they can pass the stringent internal and carrier testing. The OEMs don’t have the luxury of nightly builds and the infinite patience of their mainstream users.
    I’m not saying that Moto is right or wrong here, I’m just saying that just because something CAN be done doesn’t mean that it SHOULD.

  • Meanwhile my original Droid X is running great, all thanks to Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • BloMeSanjay

    What a load of [email protected]! The X2 would run ICS just fine… just ask the people who are running CM9 on it right now! The real problem is it can’t run ICS AND Blur at the same time. Well, I don’t WANT Blur. NOBODY does (if they know anything). Sure, there are issues with CM9 on the X2 (no camera, flakey MMS, etc.) but it’s just in ALPHA release… they could be easily resolved if Moto would man up and UNLOCK the thing! C’mon Moto… if you don’t want to support your device, at least UNLOCK it so real developers can!
    After the last update (2.3.5) a couple of weeks ago didn’t really fix anything (and made some things worse) on my X2, I finally got tired of the laggy performance, random reboots and force-closes, and rooted it & installed CM7. It now runs ridiculously faster and smoother… like it should have from day 1… AND has been solid as a rock. Not one single reboot or force-close since then.
    Blur adds NOTHING to the device and causes it to lag and become unstable. We don’t WANT it! Quit forcing it on us – or at least give us the option to get rid of it. This is not a lease… we BOUGHT the device. We OWN it. Now, give us the ability to run whatever we want on it – especially since you’re leaving us twisting in the wind now. UNLOCK IT!!!

  • sdcoiner76

    I can only go by my own personal experience but with the exception of no bluetooth or hardware codecs my Droid 3 runs so much smoother with the ICS rom I have installed than Moto’s “stock” Droid 3. My wife still has “stock” and has little hiccups all the time.

  • Sobr0801

    I got the droid 3 over the Inc2 specifically because of the dual fcore processor. I thought it would get ics. The good thing here is I have a rezound now and my fiance is stuck with the droid 3 3. Fortunately I can run cm9 on it with no problem. cm9

  • kevinc

    moto is right. 512 mb is much too small, ICS has a bigger memory footprint than gingerbread did, and thus only phones with better specs can handle it without noticing performance lower any.

    besides, they’re under no obligation to upgrade this phones to provide new features. does Microsoft upgrade all PCs to newer versions of Windows? Of course not. All the OEMs are required to provide are BUG FIXES, which they do an admirable job of.

    • Lee McLaurin

      But Microsoft doesn’t stop supporting an OS after 2 tears, typically.

      • Derrick James

        phone’s move along WAY faster if you haven’t noticed; are you suggesting updating a 2 year old phone with inferior specs to run ICS?

      • kevinc

        ummm, gingerbread is still being supported, and motorola phones have recently received updates to gingerbread.

    • MicroNix

      Yeah, but when your fruity competition supports their devices for 2 years plus, you better get in the game or lose. At this point, I’m all about ANY manufacturer other than Moto. If my device gets supported longer elsewhere and I’m taken care of, I will proudly support them with my next device purchase. Guess who ain’t gettin my next purchase?

    • Dan

      You obviously dont own either of these phones.. running stock 2.3.5 there are still plenty of bugs on my x2

  • hkklife

    Not to nitpick, but that’s a Droid 4, not a D3 in the article’s picture.
    Otherwise, I agree with everyone. The Droid X2 in particular has horrible memory allocation issues (presumably due to the Tegra2). If it had a total rewrite of Blur atop ICS or just was Blur-free (and maybe a better screen & camera) it’d still be a great midrange 3G device.
    One other major reason I could see the X2 not playing nicely with ICS is its horrible storage partitioning. Whereas the Droid X allocated all of its internal 8GB for application storage (and all media had to reside on the microSD card), the X2 splits it into “internal storage” and “SD _1”, with the physical microSD card being “SD_2”.

    This creates major issues for users trying to store a few of those big Tegra 3D games on the pitiful 4GB internal SD. And a lot of legacy apps that haven’t been updated cannot even see the SD_2 volume and just put everything in the precious internal space (SD_1). Without resorting to a 3rd party ROM or some major hackery there’s simply no way to flip-flop the storage volumes. Since ICS doesn’t support installing apps to SD card, Moto probably figured the X2 was impossibly broken and not worth fixing. Truth be told, it probably should have never even shipped in the state it did.
    Another terrible reminder of the Jha legacy!

  • Apostrafee

    I agree with this move, when the first Incredible received Gingerbread it really could not handle it. Showing low internal storage non stop. The Droid 3 and X2 have had enough problems as is.

    • MicroNix

      But amazingly those problems ALL go away with a custom rom that doesn’t have blur. See the connection?

      • Apostrafee

        True! Fixed me waiting for ICS on my Razr

  • jpfrasier

    And with that Motorola continues to become further irrelevant. Can Google turn this trend around?

  • noc007

    Aw Hell No! Damn you Moto.I hope when Google finalizes purchasing you, they’ll smack you upside the head and have you change your stance on that.Google said that they wanted every phone to be on the latest version of Android 1.5 years after the phone was released. We’re not even at a year and haven’t moved. WTF? How about you loose some of that customized BS you don’t want to call Blur?

    • Even China told Google to keep Android open and free. That means they’re gonna have to chin-check Motorola. And possibly Verizon too. {{-_-}}

  • imns

    Won’t improve? F that noise. Even the 512MB is a lame-ish excuse. We’ve seen plenty of lower-end phones & tablets from more or less no-name brands that have considerably lower specs – in both processor & RAM yet they have ICS. How well it runs is a different story – it was able to be done and those companies have far fewer resources than motorola.

    • “How well it runs is a different story – it was able to be done and those companies have far fewer resources than motorola.”
      This statement is exactly what Motorola was saying. Many people complained rather loudly when the Droid X got gingerbread, as the hardware struggled to keep up with the new OS’s resource demands, resulting in a rather bad user experience. Only after several optimization passes, totaling around 6-8 months, has the OS become “passable”. Rather than put their customers through that kind of horror again, they made what is arguably the more difficult decision to not make the upgrade since it would negatively impact the way the phone operated, knowing they would catch hell for it.

      • rolo72

        I’m running ics on my x now and its better than gb. It is capable of more than you are making it out to be.

  • I can understand the hesitation to update it. Above average specs is not sufficient and 512 MB RAM probably makes it pretty unusable. My Desire has 576 MB and I still need a swap file to run ICS somewhat smoothly.

  • Anthony F

    It would be great if they could make the nexus with the build quality of a motorola phone. My droid x was running like new with an ics rom so I dont see how the x2 wouldnt

    • Kyle Fullmer

      The difference is you were running an ICS rom, likely AOSP based or CM9. Sure if you put that on the X2 it would run well, but my brothers x2 ran like crap compared to my D2 running CM7. The AOSP roms really make a huge difference.

  • that coud just be the worst excuse ever by Moto. I would much rather them just say straight up they are not going to update it. No BS reason necessary. Its almost like they were trying to soften the blow, but it just makes it much much worse. I dont own either one of these phones, but the released statement here really pisses me off.

  • Guest

    If you owned a company, what would you do? Spend countless hours of manpower and money… updating software for very old devices… so that customers would *NOT* have to buy any of your company’s new products for the next few years????

    Duh. I would fire you in a heartbeat if you offered that suggestion.

    Face the facts: *USERS* will always want updated software. *MANUFACTURERS* will always want you to buy their new products instead. Did you really think it would be the other way around? No matter how hard you wish… it just isn’t reality.

    All you can do is this: If you feel a company stopped updating your device too soon (12 months)… buy their products again in the coming years.

    • Asuriyan

      I wouldn’t call a 10 month old phone very old by any stretch of the imagination.

      And not to say they are a shining example in every regard, but a certain fruity company gives their 2yr old phones the newest operating system version the day it becomes available. They also rank quite highly in customer satisfaction. I doubt this is a couincidence.

    • hkklife

      You obviously haven’t been paying attention to how Apple is making to eke out a profit by updating devices that are several years old. The iPhone 3GS has “good enough” specs and looks likely to continue life in the prepaid market. I’d expect at least another few major OS updates for it. And it’s older than the OG Droid!
      Several of my family members have iPads/Touches/old iPhones. They just get a new one and pass the old one down to a parent or a child. That gets more people hooked on Apple’s ecosystem and extends the perceived value of their devices. The Android OEMs (other than Asus) simly DO NOT get it and sadly never will.
      I reward (both with my $ and vocally) . For example, Nvidia is still releasing driver updates for theit 6-series video cards (from 2005), yet ATI/AMD has decided to stop supporting their HD 4xxx series with updates, despite being much newer and more powerful. I know what chipset my next video card will be from.

  • My D3 is the most unstable piece of crap I have ever owned. Any update would be an improvement. Although I am never buying a Motorola phone again, seeing as Samsung and HTC have been working hard on a lot of updates and improvements. the phone sucks anyways, trying to take a picture with it is incredibly long, and of shoddy quality.

  • What they forgot to mention is that they’re not really pressing for many of their existing devices to be upgraded to ICS because it “won’t improve them”. Where is the BIONIC update?

  • Stewie

    Basically suckers, is that since they can’t retrofit BLUR onto those two with ICS, you are not getting it from them.
    What a load of BS …

  • Darkseider

    LOL! Way for Moto to screw its’ customers once again. First no unlocking of bootloaders as promised and now sticking you with a perfectly capable device and a legacy OS. This is why I jumped ship after the OG Droid. FailOrola to the rescue!

    • Darkseider

      LOL! Voted down? Truth hurts doesn’t it? Motorola is continuing to screw its’ customers at every turn imaginable and yet people continue to buy their devices. This pretty much mimics the classic definition of insanity:

      Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  • lfkiter

    So glad VZW allowed me to do an early upgrade from my POS droid x2 – was able to get the Rezound, and my gawd, what an upgrade.

    • Derek Gelinas

      I had a rezound. I thought it was nice until I traded it to a guy for a Gnex. 😀

  • Phillip Miller

    well I think that was the last Motorola phone I ever buy. I should have learned my lesson sooner.

  • Rob

    I thought Moto already let everyone know they weren’t updated the Droid 3? I assumed the X2 was included since it came out before the D3 and was totally overlooked and passed up.

    BTW, that’s totally a Droid 4 and not a Droid 3 in the picture…

  • florious80

    If you read the statement very carefully, it almost seems like Moto is saying that if ICS cannot be implemented to a specific phone, they won’t do it. Sounds more like a limitation on the hardware side, not so much as if the software will/will not improve phone performance.

    That said, I’m sure Moto is stating this to make us all buy their new phones, regardless of the software/hardware limitations. Basically some PR BS.

  • Sp4rxx

    As much as I liked the Droid lineup (originally) from the OG Droid all the way up to my current phone, the RAZR, I am definitely going to be moving to a different manufacturer after my contract expires. This is ridiculous….

    Galaxy Nexus 2, anyone? or Galaxy S4? (not sure of HTC’s lineup on VZW though – but whatever they got is still more viable than Moto!)

    Looks like other manufacturers have my vote now!

    • Droidzilla

      I hear you, but I’d hold off and see what Google does once the merger is complete. I know Google said Moto Mobility will be treated as a separate company, but Big Daddy Google making a “suggestion” to the “separate company” that they own will probably go a long way. It probably won’t be immediate, but I would be surprised if we don’t see a major change in how Moto treats Android within the next year.

    • So, any properly done QWERTY sliders out there in that “other manufacturers” land?

      • smwandrie93

        nope just moto

        • Hmm and I wonder why will my next phone be a Motorola device. Either the XT898 if it finally gets released or the DROID4 when it gets the GSM update.

  • Daniel Dlugos
  • ocdtrekkie

    I was never expecting the Droid 3 to get ICS, and it really doesn’t matter. It’s a great phone as is.

    • MicroNix

      …if rooted and romed

      • ocdtrekkie

        I’m actually a big stock fan, all of my Androids are stock. And in the case of my Droid 3, I don’t actually have a choice, since it’s a corporate asset.

  • mustbepbs

    Motorola is doing a great job making themselves look bad, and making Samsung and HTC look great.

  • enigmaco

    I have ics on my droid 3 and it is night and day vs gingerbread. They are just upset about not being able to have the space to load blur and the verizon bloatware that comes with it, so in turn we get punished for it. Looks like its HTC for me until Google gets Motorola back on track.

    • BigRed4X15

      As others have mentioned, I am sure that Verizon is partially to blame for keeping the manufacturers from upgrading non 4G devices.

  • NorCalGuy

    It only makes since as vz is trying to push everyone to lte phones theres no reason to upgrade 3g phones. This way they can put more time into releasing more slight variations of the same phones.

    • Droidzilla

      Now this is a very good observation. I sense the foul hand of Verizon behind this move by Motorola.

      • smwandrie93

        i dont because the milestone x2 and the milestone 3 are the same phones as the droid x2 and droid 3 (respectively of course) just on different carriers (didnt want to spend the extra $$ for the droid branding) but they are also now not getting the ics upgrades… so its not just vzw its moto too

      • MicroNix

        Good observation but I’m not up for another phone until Q1/Q2 2013. There’s nothing for them to push to me since I’m not eligible. Now what?

        • Droidzilla

          Now you wait to see if/how Motorola Mobility changes with Google as its parent company, plus wait to see what happens with the new Nexus program and Google trying to mix it up in the unlocked phone arena. 2013 might be a very good time to purchase a phone, though it may take longer for things to come to fruition (I won’t even light on Project Glass’ potential to upset the market, once it’s mature enough).

  • meijin3

    My Droid X runs CM9, Gummy, MIUI V4, etc. just perfectly!

  • ceejw

    Isn’t the Droid 3 pretty close to the Galaxy Nexus in specs, with the only big difference being it having 512MB of ram instead of 1GB?

    • RedPandaAlex

      In their defense, I’d say ram is a big deal. I had CM9 on my Droid 2 for a while, and things like music apps running in the background kept closing because the system ran out of ram.

    • Kind of. Nexus has a newer processor (OMAP 4460 as opposed to 4430) that is clocked at 1.2 instead of 1.0. Memory is kind of a big deal, though… But with that said, my DX runs an ICS rom just fine (as others have expressed).

  • Translation: We don’t want to put an effort into improving your older phones. You should really just buy a new RAZR/RAZR MAXX/WHITE RAZR/BLUE RAZR/PURPLE RAZR/JOSEPH’S TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT RAZR.

  • Mike

    Well not with that attitude…

  • InyRules

    This is just a long winded way to say “We don’t feel like upgrading these devices because we don’t want to waste our time on phones that we already have your money for. Buy the next Droid to get ICS.”

    • balthuszar

      that would make sense, except the razr/maxx have already been promised ICS

      • InyRules

        That doesn’t help the customer who purchased the Droid 3 and Droid X2, since they’re not eligible for upgrades yet. And “promises” by carriers and manufactures really mean nothing at this point.

    • MicroNix

      Only problem is that the D3 is only 10 months old and almost nobody that purchased one is eligible for an upgrade. #MotoFail

  • mustbepbs

    I’m pretty scared to see the final builds of ICS on the RAZR/MAXX if ICS wouldn’t improve the X2. The X2 runs like complete **** on GB. Literally anything would be better than GB on that phone. And if 512MB of RAM is holding it back, 1GB of RAM is barely going to be enough to house the new Blur. I mean, it’s got a dual core processor. What else do you need, Moto? Their developers need some serious help if they can’t get ICS running well with the X2’s specs. It’s gotta be something else.

    • InyRules

      Money! They want you to buy the newest Droid and Droid X, so they won’t upgrade these devices. We know from our fabulous devs that newer versions of the OS can run smooth on older phones, but Moto will not spend their time nor their developer’s time on this when they can just have them start on the newest version of Blur when newer phones are released with ICS. God help us.

    • BigRed4X15

      The ICS leaks for the Razr are actually pretty good, one of the most minimal OEM skins out there. So if the official is as good as the leak, it should run rather well.

  • Tyler Chappell

    Motorola is a joke, seeing as how HTC has promised to upgrade my SINGLE-CORE Thunderbolt with just 768MB of RAM to ICS.

    • Yet it has 768MB of RAM the cpu may have nothing to do with it if the OS has a larger footprint. It would be interesting to see which devices with 512MB of RAM get ICS and how they run. It is Motorola’s discretion to make that call 1GB RAM minimum for ICS. When anyone bought a phone honestly if they expected anything but security updates they were expecting too much.

      • 4.0 really likes having more RAM; at least that’s what my own tests state.

        Emulated devices:

        Case 1: single-core ARMv7 CPU clocked at 1GHz, 512M RAM, emulating PowerVR SGX530.

        Case 2: single-core ARMv7 CPU clocked at 1GHz, 768M RAM, emulating PowerVR SGX530.
        Case 3: single-core ARMv7 CPU clocked at 1GHz, 1GB RAM, emulating PowerVR SGX530.

        Emulator running on: SGI Tezro (quad MIPS R16000) with 48GB RAM.

        Emulated OS: Android 4.0.4 built from official (“pure”) sources.

        The 50% memory bump for the test case #2 resulted in a much higher responsiveness. Namely, the launcher did not get unloaded almost every time I started Google+ or Google Currents (like it did in the first case). I also noticed some insignificant interface lag. Test case #3 wasn’t much different (I blame the emulator there). With the first case, there were apparent issues with free memory all around.

        Maybe Motorola doesn’t quite want to listen to complaints like “my phone with all these 120 apps I have installed is slow on this update”?

        • BlueLetter

          Im curious what did you use to do these tests? Id live to be able to do some testing like that myself.

      • Kyle Fullmer

        While I am not sure about 512 devices running ICS being the cuttoff, I do know that my droid 2 runs CM9 just fine with its 512, much better than my charge runs GB.

    • Captain_Doug

      Same with my Dinc2. I’m running CM9 on it nonetheless(ain’t gonna wait for a delayed, sense ridden ICS) and it runs way smoother than gingerbread.

    • hkklife

      Having “just” 768MB is a big jump over 512MB, at least as far as Android is concerned when running a skin like Sense or Blur.
      Samsung and LG are also jokes, seeing as the Thunderbolt is the oldest of the bulk of VZW’s “big” 2011 non-fall releases (Charge, Revolution, Droid X2, Droid 3) and the only one seeing ICS, alongside the Charm and Inc2. I’m honestly surprised VZW has allowed HTC to update all of those “old” devices to ICS. I really expected the Bionic to be the oldest VZW device to see ICS.

    • Jake

      The 512mb of RAM is the REAL issue. Moto is notorious for giving us anemic RAM quantities for the era a device is released. The OG Droid probably should have been 512mb. It would have ran many subsequent releases of Android MUCH better if it had. I can’t fault moto on anything here other than not giving these two devices more RAM in the first place. I tend to feel we should have 2gb of RAM on top shelf devices at the moment. The only reason we don’t is the pursuit of slim. Until recently it would probably require two chips or 4 chips depending on memory config, rather than 1 or 2. It can now be done with one or 2 so should be the standard for top shelf phones from now on out.

      • daengbo

        My Aria with 256MB RAM can run ICS rather smoothly. I doubt 512 is a real problem, unless they have stuffed the phone full of crapware. Oh, wait.

        • J

          Exactly. My Touchpad has 512 and CM9 blazes compared to what it did with CM7. This is a bullshit excuse.

  • Dave

    What a bunch of BS. Given how much ICS improves on GB and how capable these phones are at running ICS, this is purely a dumb statement. They are basically saying they can’t find a way at making “Not-Blur” play nicely with ICS.

    Bad PR move, Moto. You aren’t making any fans like that.

    • Have you ever tried using a skinned 4.0 on a device with 512M RAM that has 40+ apps installed?

      • Dave

        Well if HTC can do it with the One V, why can’t Moto? Besides, I was hinting at removing blur completely from the equation but of course that would never happen.

        • Still, you didn’t answer my question.

          • Pos

            I’m running ICS on a Droid 3. It runs much smoother than Gingerbread. Having 512 of Ram is not a limitation at all.

          • And you are a typical non-rooted user, right?

          • My brother has ICS due to the fact I put it on his phone. He’s not techy and he even can tell the difference on how much better it is already.

          • Dave


          • Dave

            Nope. I can’t say I’ve personally used one.

  • RickyBoss

    Blur doesn’t improve the phone but that has never stopped them from forcing it on us

    • so what you’re saying is that Motorola is the Sandusky of the cell phone industry?

    • LiterofCola

      So you’re saying that any manufacturer’s UI has never contributed any new ideas to the present make-up of the Android OS?

      • That’s not what he said at all. He said Blur specifically doesn’t improve the phone, it just lags it down.

        You should read more carefully.

        • LiterofCola

          Buuuuut if the OS has however benefited from “Blur” in implementing some nifty ideas from it, it kinda is improving the phone.

      • LionStone

        I think we just appreciate the irony of that statement 🙂

    • RoadsterHD1


    • BlueLetter

      If we’re talking stock gingerbread, then I disagree. Every recent Blur build(since the DX GB build), has been way better.

      • MicroNix

        Blur on the D3 is a performance sucking pig. Are you kidding me??? I’d hate to see what you think is bad!

        • BlueLetter

          Well gee I didn’t know the D3 was the only device to have blur, I certainly couldn’t have been talking about the Bionic, or the Razr, or the Photon or anything. Not that i’ve ever heard of the D3 bogging down for no reason.

          Let me guess you downloaded about 200 apps and let them do whatever the hell they wanted in the background and the phone slowed down overtime like all devices do? Nah that can’t be it, and no stock device has ever had performance issues either right?

          • MicroNix

            Yeah, why would you mean a D3 when it and the X2 are the topic of this article? Silly me. Of course you meant something else.

            You guessed wrong. I have exactly 65 apps, but really, my D3 runs great. My wife who has downloaded little to nothing for her D3 and which is her first Android phone (no prior settings “downloaded” from Google) is the one lagging like crazy. The difference? I am rooted and running a custom rom. She is running the stock rom with blur. The stock blur version of the D3 rom is absolutely pathetic. Bug ridden since the start. A camera that has taken 17 seconds to launch and take the first picture. Battery life that blows for a 3G only device. Lag on just about everything you do. But hey, every blur build is getting better hey? Too bad another build will never make it to the D3 because I’d love to see the next one. NOT!

          • BlueLetter

            was I responding to the article? Have more than 15% of any of the articles on this blog been on topic lately? I doubt it.
            but fair enough, maybe I took that guy’s comment out of context.
            And thats a damn shame about your wife’s D3, but it definitely aint blur that bugs and slows down every android phone with bugs. Including stock GB devices like the G2x, Nexus S, hell even the Galaxy Nexus has a couple issues. So I guess if you’ve got such a bone to pick with blur, you’ve got one with plain gingerbread as well right? And even skinned devices that don’t have blur. Or does that not work because your wife doesn’t own one that’s screwing up?

          • michael

            Motorola won’t update these good devices because they want you to buy their newer devices, corporate greed bringing down america. No money in updating older devices.

          • trumpet444

            Yeah, not updating phones to the current Android OS is “bringing down America”. Root your phone and do it yourself, hippie

          • Even with few apps, Blur is still a resource hog. Vanilla Android comes with less restrictions. {{-_-}}

          • Even with few apps, Blur is still a resource hog. Vanilla Android comes with less restrictions. {{-_-}}

          • BlueLetter

            All skins are resource hogs to some degree, and if I didn’t have blur id just be downloading extra widgets and programs to make up for what GB doesn’t have built in and using up those resources anyway…and what’s the deal with and those emotions?

  • Buy a Nexus, simple!

  • supermiah

    Can we really comment on this? “Won’t improve?” …wow

  • the best made up excuse their PR could some up with huh… well that’s what you get with motorola, nobody should be surprised

  • Towelie420

    i really dont want to sound like this but unfortunately its the truth: if you buy motorola’s crap, this is what you get.
    on a lighter note, today’s my birthday !

    • John
      • InyRules

        BAHAHA! I love Cook.

        • John


      • I have been yelling at Disqus to get images to work properly! I want GIF support!

        • John

          Ya. I’m surprised they haven’t ported or even put that feature into this new version of disqus.

        • LionStone

          It did work though? I wasn’t sure it would because I’m in 1X, hotspot from TB to GTab10.1 and just using the stock browser…took a minute but played fine.

    • Just a straight up BS excuse to not support their products.. anyways HAPPY BDAY!