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Motorola: Not Upgrading the DROID 3 and DROID X2 to ICS Because It Won’t “Improve” Them

Late Friday afternoon, Motorola took to its blog to help clarify its reasoning behind the decision to not upgrade the DROID 3 and DROID X2 to Ice Cream Sandwich. This note came just hours after they released a new timeline for Android 4.0 updates, which as in the past, did not include either of them. It seemed odd knowing that both devices have dual-core processors, were released right around the middle of 2011, and for the most part, have above average specs, aside from a lack of 4G LTE and only 512MB of RAM. 

So what is the problem then? According to Motorola, ICS will not “improve” these phones enough for them to receive an upgrade:

You may be wondering why all devices aren’t being upgraded to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). Here’s the deal. We work very closely with Google and cell phone carriers for every software update. And, obviously we want the new release to improve our devices. If we determine that can’t be done—well then, we’re not able to upgrade that particular device.

If we look at the actual timeline of updates, again, it does mention that all devices set to receive ICS have 1GB of RAM, so there is a good area to target since neither of these phones do. Using the word “improve” may not have been the best choice though, as we all know how much Android 4.0 improves everything about an Android phone. Choosing the politically correct or PR/vague response wasn’t the best choice here. When it comes to updates, Motorola, you need to tell people exactly why without beating around the bush.

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    Windows 8 here I come. Tired of this android dance. And I’ll never buy another Motorola anything.

  • DX2 is a pile of sh*t anyway. The only thing that would improve that piece of junk is a good sturdy hit with a sledgehammer.

  • Bill

    This response from Motorola is just your typical PR bullshit any corporation spews on it’s customers while trying to smooth over the negative reactions over their unwillingness to focus a development team to make a product better. The bottom line always comes before the customer especially when dealing with dated products. The Money has already been milked for all it’s worth and they leave us hanging out to dry. My Droid X2 with stock firmware is a total piece of shit (well, it works fine until I load a bunch of apps from the market then everything quickly goes south). The fact of the matter is that ICS WOULD improve the Droid X2 immensely. Gingerbread would also improve it immensely if they bothered to assign a development team to fix the god damn bugs. Google is basically taking Linux down the same path Windows has taken, a buggy mess for well over a decade. My next phone will not likely be Android based. This situation is the same with EVERY generation, we customers are always left with a product that has serious software issues that are easily corrected but no company dedicates the resources to do so. They move on to the next product and the cycle repeats. And we’re the victims with our two year contracts.

  • Bryan Burk

    I’m not sure about the rest of you on here, but I’m more than a little upset by this! What happened with their agreement to update phones for 18 months after release? I would like my money back, or exchange. My phone has been as buggy as a garbage dump, and often less useful than one! I haven’t had many days that haven’t wanted to spike this Droid X2 off the ground! It still locks up, now only a few times a week (an improvement over a few times per day before an update). This is total garbage! They put out a phone that was basically forgotten about less than a month after they released it. Sure they did put out a couple bug fixes and one update, but bug fixes are fixing a faulty product that they sold as working! They didn’t even make it compatable with newer accessories that have the same port configuration, aka lapdock. This is just short of stealing in my book. I want to like android, but my experience with this phone has made me wander if I should have bought an Iphone! MOTO, get your act together!!!!!!!!!!!

  • billy routh

    In other words not even ics can improve our pos Motorola phones

  • Anyway, let’s just hope things get better under Google’s ownership. {{-_-}}

  • The two phones I TOLD people not to buy. Re-hashings of older phones. Lol {{^_^}}

  • What’s the big deal? My X2 is fairly Awesome as is. Does everything I ask of it, never lets me down. For people who mock apple fanboys, this site seems really obsessed with the shiny new things.

  • ICS on my Droid X improved it. Why can’t it improve a Droid X2? My dad has one and it’s so much more powerful than my phone, so the benefits would be much greater. If you couldn’t already tell, their argument is total BS.

  • Joanthan Gery

    CM9 with ICS is… AMAZING on my D3. Completely changed the phone. No Blur release will help, ever. Its just the silly marketing scheme with Big Red and Moto. What does everyone expect when they EOL the D3 after 8 months and release the danmed D4.

  • Jeff Big Red

    Droid 3 and droid x 2 are no different then the bionic with the exception of LTE. So If it won’t improve anything why upgrade the bionic to ICS? Just be honest and tell.everyone the truth that your just too lazy to upgrade those phones to ICS

    • Diablo81588

      WRONG. The bionic has twice the amount of ram.. Do some research before you post nonsense!

  • MicroNix

    More like “Because we can’t fit our expanded line of bloat and ICS both onto the Droid 3, we have chosen not to”. The Droid 3 is MORE than capable of running ICS. In fact, its more than capable of running GB too but you’d never know running the stock Motorola rom which can suck the chrome off a bumper.

  • Translated to english from corportate robot = It wont improve d3 sales or dx2 sells but it will improve user expierence. But in order to continue screwing consumers a update must never see the light of day.