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Verizon About to Turn the Rezound, DROID 4 and RAZR Into Global Devices?

Back at CES, Verizon told us that select 4G LTE devices like the LG Spectrum and DROID 4 would eventually become “global” phones thanks to international radios embedded deep inside. According to our sources, there may be more than just those two devices and the change to make them global could be happening very soon. As you can see in the info sheet for the HTC Rezound that is on display, it has a new “global feature” on the way that will give it access to use in an additional 185 countries. They aren’t stopping there though, as stores are being told to print out new info sheets for the RAZR and DROID 4 as well that include similar notes for global features.

Your LTE smartphone will soon be a world traveler.

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  • sess

    rezound has been usable outside of use since it came out. the newest leaked ruu takes the menu away unfortunately, but if u haven’t updated to that then you have a device that doesn’t need ics to be better than the gnex.

  • My favorite part of this news story is that Team BlackHat has already released a hack for the Razr, D4 & Bionic that enables GSM functionality. My Bionic happily accepts my AT&T GoPhone SIM.

  • nyrmetros

    What about the thunderbolt?

  • phunguyen

    i’m use droid 2 global of verizon .Good +Nice

  • phunguyen


  • TBolt

    This just gave me a nerdgazm. I tweeted VZW a while back – asked them to make the Rez global. I HOPE it’s really happening.

  • Jake

    I think this is more technically related to roaming with these LTE phones on GSM networks over seas while still using your standard VZW LTE SIM. All along they could have offered to just unlock these devices for use over seas with over seas SIMs, but that would have educated people on how they can save money and keep Verizon from gouging them for travelling. So VZW has waited until they had their LTE SIMs all ready to work with their roaming agreements over seas. Not sure what the technical specifics are, but basically you probably would have had to swap your LTE sim for a global VZW sim to roam and VZW didn’t want to have to explain all that as their customers are use to just having a sim in the phone that works independently of the CDMA stuffs. SOOO…they had to get all their roaming partners networks upto snuff at authenticating their standard LTE SIMs as they probably wouldn’t before.

    I think you have to be crazy to pay VZW through a roaming agreement myself when so many countries have really reasonable local prepay SIM rates….but what do I know. I think VZW does support unlocking the 3G devices to do that, but you have to go through a whole customer service crazy routine to get there as the devices were always SIM locked to the VZW SIM by default. This will probably STILL apply to the LTE devices. REAL customer service would be to sell you a device that was fully unlocked in the first place and just worked with whatever SIM you found when you landed….BUT that possible even affects their roaming agreements. Basically it’s a big mess.

    • TBolt

      Getting VZW to unlock a 3G global phone (DInc2) isn’t too hard as long as your account is in good standing. I wonder, though, if VZW would unlock the Rezound’s SIM, too – cuz you are right … pricing of local pre-paid is much more reasonable.

      • Tyler Cameron

        Rezound isn’t SIM-locked.

        • TBolt

          Oh, that’s true considering people have been using T-Mobile SIMs on the Rezound without calling VZW to unlock anything. I guess I just wanted to hear confirmation that unlocking won’t be required after the upcoming update. We’ll see…

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            Thanks. This is what I needed to know too.

            A sim is still required to use the gsm radios though right to not be roaming from VZW right, once the radios are opened up?

          • TBolt


          • TBolt


          • TBolt

            I haven’t tried it myself; so, I’m not exactly sure how it will work after the update. My only desire is to use a pre-paid SIM from a local provider whenever I am out of the country. If it can’t be done with a stock Rezound after the update, I will root the phone once developers make it possible to use pre-paid SIMs. 🙂

          • AnotherAndroidKid

            Same thing I am going for. But my chosen travel market is usually australia and although they’re doing lte, it isn’t the same. So i’m hoping i can put a 3g sim in the rezound and not have service via VZW for those 2 weeks a year.

    • I don’t know about your LTE SIM cards, but the Bionic that has the same transceiver works with 3rd party GSM SIMs fine. It doesn’t even need an unlock code to use it as of now.

    • Tyler Cameron

      I’m fairly certain EVERYONE who buys a Verizon global phone KNOWS that they don’t have to use Vodafone roaming to use it outside of the states. I’m certain EVERYONE calls for an unlock code to use outside of America with a different provider SIM.

  • J

    HTC Rezound still proving to be the best phone at Verizon.

    • yarrellray

      Imagine the HTC REZOUND being the best phone at verizon yeah in what dream world you live in. The ONLY ice cream sandwich device on Verizon to this day is ONLY the GALAXY NEXUS and that is some 5months later. So actually VERIZON SUCKS plain and simple they always will and YES I am a verizon customer….

      • startedfire

        Why? Why are you a Verizon customer if they suck and always will?

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  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    It should be coming with ICS. I am running 6.16.203 Anroid 4.0.4 and it has global, LTE/CDMA, CDMA only, and GSM/UMTS in the Network Mode settings.

  • Ray

    Hope they got plans to unlock the Bionic as well, pretty sure it’s sporting the same radio set as the D4 and Razr.

  • radiohead14

    i was thinking of switching to AT&T after the news of VZW terminating unlimited plans, only because GSM is global. now, does this mean that if i stick with VZW, that my next phone (either S3 or Razr HD) will be global as well?

    • T4rd

      Maybe, depends on the phone. There are a lot of phones on Verizon that have GSM capability; Razr, Rezound, Incredible 2, Droid 4, Droid 3, Droid 2 Global, Droid Pro, a lot of BB devices and even the iPhone 4S. But I’d say that more and more new smart phones on Verizon will start having global capabilities out of the box.

      • Once they implement voice over LTE, they won’t even need CDMA in there. Just a regular European-style 2G+3G+4G GSM (= GSM + WCDMA + LTE) transceiver.

    • Tyler Cameron

      Don’t switch to AT&T, switch to Straight Talk. Much better deal.

  • LiterofCola

    What a great day for Razr/Maax owners….first confirmation of ICS soon and now becoming a global phone? Looks like I’ll be keeping this baby around for a while.

  • Dlongb13

    How much deeper are they embedded compared to normal radios?

  • elliot323

    I already have a global RAZR, it called AOKP ICS

  • daniel.archibald33

    GNEX doesnt deserve this kind of update..

    • EC8CH

      deserves got nothing to do with it….. BOOM!

      • daniel.archibald33

        Ok GNEX should stop trolling posts that dont concern it

    • sc4fpse

      I completely disagree, but the Galaxy Nexus doesn’t have a global radio in it, so whether or not it “deserves” it doesn’t matter.

  • Dan Treachy

    Why do they wait 6 months later to do this?

    • cns2007

      Good question. I’d seriously like to know the answer to this as well.

      • I am willing to bet it was a licensing issue with the radios. They have to add the libraries to a build but they also then have to pay whoever they are getting the radios from to open them up. This is why the LTE and CDMA devices are disappearing from AOSP they are not “open” each phone carries a license. LTE may be considered a successor to GSM but there are lot of companies that claim patents to it. So when a manufacturer buys the chip they may only be licensing a certain band to be available and it would take a little work to unlock the remaining bands. This is also how Verizon and AT7T are going to keep their phones locked. I assume it is the LTE that is being opened up not the CDMA since CDMA is not as popular around the globe. The tricky thing about this is that once these become “Global” and the rest of the LTE bands are unlocked it would make it very easy to take to AT&T and drop in one of their SIM cards I would assume. I have a RAZR on my account and as soon as it becomes a “Global” Phone I will try dropping an AT&T SIM into it that I can get my hands on from a friend running some of the AT&T LTE hardware.

        • The Droid 3 is a global phone and without hacking it cannot connect to AT&T or T-Mo. The North American GSM are all blocked. I’m sure they have the same ability with the LTE radio.

        • Tyler Cameron

          Motorola phones are ALWAYS more SIM locked than the HTC phones.
          Ex: You can use a Droid Incredible 2 on T-Mobile and AT&T in the states. You can’t do that with any Verizon Motorola device to my knowledge.

        • Howard Chu

          We’ve already figured out how to enable the GSM radios on Droid 4, RAZR, and Bionic. And yes, they are still locked as far as US GSM networks go. But my D4 is now working fine on the 3 network in Ireland.

          • Hey Howard… how did you get it working on 3 Ireland? I am also 3 Ireland and my D4 should be here tomorrow. Is it just a case of putting the sim in or do I need to load a custom ROM?

  • Now if only I could get this on my GNex!

    • 4n1m4L

      Interestingly when you use *#*#4636#*#* on the g-nex the default radio mode is CD ma+GSM auto. This may be because supposedly lte and GSM are related… but who knows?

      • Josh Nichols

        LTE is a “natural progression” from GSM, that’s why it’s called CDMA/LTE auto.

  • they told me a month ago when i was planning a trip to italy that my rezound was not a world phone…i hate verizon. a lot.

    • EC8CH

      GOOD GOOD…

      let the hate flow through you

    • it wasn’t a world phone a month ago….it still isn’t. The article states it will SOON be TURNED in to a global phone

    • Tyler Cameron

      It was found out a WHILE ago that the Rezound has full global capability…

  • KleenDroid


  • jer85008

    How about an official OTA update of ICS that also enables the GSM radios? Verizon – I would almost forgive you for canning unlimited data for that. Almost.

    • Ryan1226

      maybe this explains why no ics yet??if the update activates this on the razr ill be a happy camper

      • DarthVerizon

        Are you kidding, you know damn sure verizon is going to sell you a razr global if you want global, why would they give you a way to have a global option for free, c’mon, its verizon.

        • Tyler Cameron

          Because they always do. Verizon has ALWAYS been good about giving unlock codes for world phones. But the Rezound isn’t even SIM-locked.