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Friday Poll: All Android or Do You Mix Up Platforms?

(Feel free to click around the Lytro image if you are bored.)

This morning, our boy Ron wrote up his opinion on the “fanboy” situation that plagues almost every tech community. Whether you own an iOS or Android or Blackberry device, someone is bound to call you a fanboy because you chose one over the other. At one time, Apple users were pegged as being the worst fanboys, but since, it has grown to include other platforms as well. Hell, even in the Android game you are starting to see groups of users band together as “Nexus fanboys” and/or “Motorola fanboys.” It really doesn’t matter what piece of technology is in your hand or on your desk, someone is bound to have a problem with it and thus refer to you as biased or as a fanboy.

But during his piece, Ron talked about removing the blinders and embracing “good” technology overall rather than siloing yourself into one platform or brand. I’ll just say that as someone who runs an Android site and has dedicated his life to the platform, even I find myself branching out to other areas of tech until I find something I truly love. For example, my favorite tablet to this day is still probably the Blackberry Playbook. Had that sucker actually had an app ecosystem, I probably still be using it. On a computer level, brace yourself, I use an iMac and a Macbook Pro. I’ve been through every version of Windows since the early 90s and in the last year made the switch to OSX. So far, it has been a breath of fresh air.

So I’m just curious, since I know that many of you own iPads and other non-Android products, what your mix of technology is. Windows or Mac? iPad or Android tablet? Anything else?

  • gotta mix it up! android phone for my business line, iphone 4s for my personal line, and a Samsung series 7 slate windows 8 tablet.. who says you have to choose??

  • Droid RAZR MAXX, Dell Windows 7 PC, the “new” iPad… Just all over the place. I am happy with the phone and tablet, but computer is showing its age. I will likely stick with Windows for computing, though. I hate buying apps for both Android and Apple

  • Dave

    iMac – Sony Vaio – iPad 2 – Samsung Fascinate – iPhone 4S – Xyboard 10.1 – Apple TV (2) I like it all.

  • dpeeze

    Droid Incredible, htc Rezound and Transformer Prime. Apple free…

  • Galaxy Nexus…iPad 2…MacBook Pro…iMac with bootcamp of windows 7 and OSX Lion

  • Jim Davis

    G-Nex phone, all Linux (Kubuntu) everywhere else (work, home).

  • boybert

    Mac desktop and laptop (dual boot to Win 7), iPod touch, HP Touchpad (dual boot to ICS), OG DROID and DROID 3, Sony Blu-Ray GoogleTV, AppleTV 1.0, Roku

  • Sour_Diesel

    I’m all mixed up. Desktop is iMac, iPad, Transformer Prime is what I am on now, iPod Touch, Windows Laptop, and G-Nex on my hip. I’m basically a person who chooses tech on capability not just who its made by.

  • jpv190

    Mac Book Pro 13″.. Xoom Tablet -Wifi only.. and Samsung’s Nexus S 4G ( If I had the money I would buy an iphone instead though).. And Xoom beats up the IPad..

  • Used to own a Macbook. Switched to a Samsung PC this spring. I really like Windows 7. I use an iPod Classic with iTunes still. Of course I rock a D4 (still wish there was more of a dev community for it). I can appreciate iOS and WP7, but nothing beats the openness and customizability of Android.

    • Don’t actually own a tablet yet, but I’m liking the Asus and Acer ICS tablets

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I currently own a HTC Rezound, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Windows 7 laptop and an Apple iMac. As far as phones and tablets go, well you couldn’t pay me to use the closed iPhone and iPad systems. But despite not having some of my favorite Windows applications available, I think I will always prefer using my iMac for all of my computer needs. That is until Apple, in all their idiotic greed driven wisdom, decide to implement Gatekeeper on all of their computers and ramp it up and eventually get rid of an “opt-out” feature. Well if my current iMac becomes so obsolete over time that I might be forced to upgrade to a new operating system that runs Gatekeeper or a more sinister incarnation, will will most definitely be the final Apple computer I allow in my house.

    If Microsoft decides to follow suit and reimplement their already failed version of Gatekeeper, then it will be hello Linux and a big “EFF YOU!” to Microsoft and Apple. Either I control what is on my computer’s or no one does.

  • Nate S

    Windows PC, Android phone, Ipad2

  • ashykat

    Duel booting Macbook Pro (i5) and an older Macbook (Intel Core 2 Duo). Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Lenovo S10 Netbook for easy portability and general messing around (windows 8 is on it right now). Galaxy Nexus, Palm Pre 2, HTC Trophy. I’ll use any technology as long as I like it. I don’t pledge any allegiance to a particular brand.

    • ashykat

      Oh and an Apple TV (2nd gen)

  • Orange

    Droid Bionic, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad3, Roku.


    Desktop, 3 laptops on win7, Rezound,DX. That’s all folks!

  • First it was Tato… now it’s Kellex. When you guys say “Poll”, provide a poll! Otherwise, call it something else.

  • Gnex (CDMA) X 2 (me and the wife), Droid Razr, Droid X, Droid Charge, Transformer Prime, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab2, Linux workstation (Ubuntu, 6 core 16 gig of ram 128 gb ssd and 1 TB data drive) Sony Blueray with GTV… Just all Linux here πŸ˜›

  • windows pc, android phone, ipod touch. although the ipod touch is pretty much just used for solitaire now.

  • yarrellray


  • Discover the latest apps and games. FREE and enjoy instantly on your Android phone or tablet.


  • iNfAMOUS70702

    Switch between an iPhone 4S and a one x…apple tv 3..MacBook Air and an iPad 3..apples ecosystem is just too convenient to integrate all my apple products…had a transformer tab but sold that..the app selection is what mostly keeps me on iOS

  • I just recently got a Blackberry Playbook at a conference for free and I was shocked. It is actually pretty sweet. Except for the obvious lack of apps, I think the Calendar, Email, and photo gallary apps are awesome and blow away anything I have seen on the Android.

    The Playbook 2.0 OS and the BBX(10) OS are going to be sweet I think. But then again I liked WebOS to πŸ™

    Other than that I have 3 Android devices and Fedora 16 laptop and PC.

  • baldypal

    Windows 7 PC and laptop. 2 Android phones. 1 Android tablet. (Wife’s iPad 2, like oil down my throat to say that). 1 Android MOTOACTV. And a partridge in a pear tree.

  • Korey Page

    GNex, New iPad, xoom, and windows 7 laptop. I like using both mobile OS’s and I wouldn’t mind getting the iPhone later this year if the LTE sim card matches up. Or whatever decent phone comes out late this year.

    I mainly love the google ecosystem and like others have mentioned I can get it on iOS as well. Not up to the standards that is on android but serves it’s purpose. I just get tired of things quickly and I like to mix it up every so often.

  • VZ iPhone 4S, GSM GNex on TMo, MacBook Air, iPad 3 4G LTE, Lenovo U300, iMac Dual Boot OSX / Windows 7. Would try an Android tablet but so far haven’t found one I like.

  • Chris

    VZ iPhone 4S, Unlocked GNex on TMo, iPad 3, MacBook Air, Lenovo U300, iMac w/ OS X and Windows 7 Dual Boot, looking forward to a good Android tablet to check out. Most of the ones I’ve seen are crap.

  • CharlesJorgenson

    Windows 8 desktop, windows 7 laptop, Droid Razr, Hp Touchpad (running CM9), Logitech Revue, Xbox 360

  • eborg9

    Windows 7 HP PC. Motorola Android Phone and Tablet.. iPod Touch. And I’m still holding on to an old Acer Windows XP Netbook that I never use.

    I love Android and am very happy with my devices, but iTunes is still the best music player,, store, podcast catalog, and internet radio application in the whole damn shooting match.,

  • Zacharypt

    iMac that dual boots into OSX and XP, Macbook Pro, iPad 3, Xoom Family Edition (Wife’s) iPhone for work, 2x Galaxy Nexus LTE (mine rooted), and I still have an acer netbook i boot up every now and again (mostly used for table leveling)

  • ericl5112

    One of each: android, iOS, Windows Phone in both phones and tablets (well, not a windows 8 tablet yet, but when they come out).

    I develop for them though, I probably wouldn’t do that for personal use. For personal use, the sim is in the android 99% of the time, and I usually pick up my Transformer or (recently) Tab 2 7.0. I even use the Transformer as my sole laptop. I do have a windows desktop though to program from, and a mac at work for iOS dev.

  • Android phone and Tablet; Qosmio laptop

  • I own a windows 7 laptop, a galaxy nexus, and an Ipad 3. Android tablets aren’t that great yet. If the nexus tablet is good I’ll sell my ipad. πŸ™‚

  • Alexander Garcia

    I mix it up. My current smartphone is a Droid RAZR Maxx. My current laptop is the Samsung Series 9 running W7. I would never get a tablet… but if I had to get one, it would be the “New” iPad. I LOVE Android smartphones, but Android tablets are a bit “meh” for me. Cheers.

  • bobbymay1

    Gnex, Macbook Pro (running OSX and Win7), Nook Color with ICS build (doesn’t work too well), and an iPod Classic. I had an iPod Touch before, but both buttons on it stopped working. Multiple platforms is perfectly fine with me.

  • iPhone 4, Xoom Wi-Fi, Macbook

  • SecurityNick

    Mobile-wise, I’m Android all the way. Galaxy Nexus phone, Motorola Xoom (WiFi), which thanks to Droid Life turning me on to CloudOn, it’s finally a fantastic work device. Of course, my work PC is Windows, I’m typing this on my Windows 7 PC at home (which also has an Ubuntu Partition that I use from time to time). My wife on the other hand has gotten entrenched in the Apple-verse. She has an iPhone 4S, an iMac, and a MacBook. I recently bought us an Apple TV, which I honestly was expecting it to do more, but it’s nice how it ties the whole user experience from an Apple point of view together, something I know Google is working on, but haven’t quite gotten there yet. I’m starting the process to build a Media PC and get rid of Satellite, but still trying to figure all that out. I really wish there was a good Android/Google solution to that. Everything that I’ve read up on Google TV just doesn’t quite seem to deliver on what a true Media PC could do (same as the Apple TV can’t do that). If anyone has any suggestions on that, I’d welcome it. But back to the user experience, I think it really makes a difference if you are entrenched in a particular product. If you use a lot of Google services/programs, then Android is the way to go, if you have a Mac, well those devices just really work well together.

  • Tommy King

    Gnex, Moto Xyboard, iPhone 4, iPad 2, new windows 7 laptop, old mbp. Own a small consulting firm, small as in two of us but we use all Google business apps.

  • ckingt4

    Gnex,xyboard, iPad, HP envy, MacBook air

  • tomgillotti

    Android phones and tablets. Windows desktop and laptops. As much as they piss me off sometimes, I wouldn’t own anything else.

  • Android and Windows 7

    Galaxy Nexus is everything anyone could ever ask for in a smart phone, mobile computing device that fits in your pocket. Android is Amazing, Google’s services are what really makes it a winner for me. Gmail (personal and g-apps), calendar, contacts, maps, nav, music, pictures/picasa, G Talk… even g+ is becoming more useful.

    Windows 7 Ultrabook (Lenovo U300s in my case) has changed my higher need computing… all day battery, super light and thin, easy to carry around, the keyboard is awesome for typing a lot, instant sleep resume… I really love my OG Transformer, but my Ultrabook has replaced the need for a tablet for me.

    Google and Microsoft are similar in their platforms, giving the end user choices in both hardware and software. Choices that allow us to be in control, giving us the ability for true individualism. I want Windows Phone to do well, but for me Android meets my needs and is better. I want the Chromebook to do well and am interested in it, but for me a full powered Win7 laptop is really what I need.

  • Ryan

    Windows 7. Motorola Fanboy! Using Motorola since the Motorokr E6 (Linux), Motosurf A3100 (wm6.5), Milestone 2 (CM7.2), Razr Maxx (CM9), Xoom (EOS). I have flashed custom roms too all my Motorola Devices, I they have excellent hardware design and build quality, but the software is just not as good

  • AJ

    Windows pc & laptop, iPad 3 and android phone.

  • Windows on the gaming desktop.

    Solaris on my Blade2000 workstation.

    SGI IRIX on my SGI Tezro that I use for graphics and animation design.

    FreeBSD on all my x86/amd64 servers and routers.

    MeeGo on the N9, PalmOS on my Palm m100, Symbian Series 80 on the Nokia 9300.

    Android on my DROID2 GLOBAL.

    CP/M-80 on my homemade PC running on a Zilog Z80A CPU, and finally Concurrent DOS on my DEC Rainbow 100+.

  • Windows 7 Laptop, had a Xoom but just got a IPAD and finally my Galaxy Nexus. Hardcore Android fan but quite simply tablet wise the Ipad and the apps available outclass the Android competition by far…will definitely give a Nexus tablet a run tho when one comes out.

  • LionStone

    Windows and All Android… Dinc, TB… The wifey has D2G… GTab10.1 for me and the son and HTC Flyer for the daughter. It is nice being a little Android family.

  • ATT HTC one X x 2, Verizon G NEX & Incredible 2, Apple TV 2, iPAD 2, Samsung Win 7 laptop, Toshiba Win 7 laptop and about to get a Transformer Tf300.

  • Asus G74, transformer prime, htc thunderbolt

  • feztheforeigner

    Windows and Android. Nothing else! :-p

  • G-Nex, iPhone 4s, MacBook Pro, ASUS Laptop, Mac, MotoActv, Xoom LTE, Logitech Revue. One thing I am jealous of with the iPhone is Google+ and the accessories. Other than that, my mobile of choice is Android. That screen is just tiny. And the OS isn’t THAT intuitive or logical.

  • harryharry

    MacBook Pro, Galaxy Nexus, Transformer Prime.

  • WIndows PC, iMac, iPod, iPad, Windows laptop, and my Galaxy Nexus.

  • SueWest

    I have a mixed bag of gadgets. I love good tech & find pluses and minuses with all of the platforms I use. My main phone is a VZW GNex but I also have an iPhone 4. The iPhone really is getting a bit dated though and it is so tiny. At this point the iPhone mainly acts as a remote (HTPC, Google TV & AirPlay). I also have a new iPad but am in the process of transferring to the new Transformer Pad and will pass the iPad on to my Mom (she wants a larger screen than her Nook). Computers are also mixed bag with Windows 7 HTPC, a MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro that dual boots Windows 7 and Lion. I love all my gadgets and they all have their uses. I do have to add that the Android community is by far the most helpful and friendly. I am very proud be a part of it, if only as an end-user.

  • MacBook Pro laptop, with parallels running windows for certain apps I need at work. Phone and tablet all android.

    My wife has my iPad that I won from work.

  • C-Law

    Windows PC but considering the switch to apple, all phones are android, tablets are both ipad2 and touchpad running aokp android rom

  • Lax77

    Current: OG Incredible, iPad 1, 80GB iPod Classic, Win7 Desktop (home), XP Desktop (work), 13″ MacBook Pro, XBOX 360.

    Retired: Too many windows laptops, HTC Touch and Eris, Archos 604 WiFi.

    Wishlist: Android tablet (ASUS), Incredible 4G or Rezound (not sure which one yet, but soon), set top box (ATV, Google TV, Roku, WDTV…too many choices)

  • Ryan D.

    well actually I went from the Droid Eris, OG Droid, Droid Incredible, Droid X, iPhone 4, Thunderbolt, Gnex, Rezound, Razr, and then iPhone 4S lol.

    I had a Xoom, iPad 1 & 2, but the new iPad definitely is my favorite tablet.

  • Ryan D.

    iPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, DROID RAZR, MacBook Pro, iPad 3. damn i’m one spoiled high schooler lol

  • windows pc 2 android phone 1 android tab and soon to be windows phone

  • angermeans

    2011 MacBook Pro i5, new iPad, Galaxy Nexus, iPhone 4s, and HTC Trophy. Just got rid of my Motorola xoom and transformer Prime. Have an iMac and 11inch MacBook air that I hardly use and just got a ps vita to go along with my beloved Xbox 360.

    Point is I have always loved tech not android or iOS whatever I enjoy good technology and love to see innovation so I am not loyal to one brand

  • Windows 7 PC (Gateway)
    LTE Galaxy Nexus x2 (wife)
    iPad 3rd Gen
    Kindle Fire
    Google CR-48
    Mac Book Pro (work issued)
    iPhone 4S (used in box, need to sell one of these days)
    Motorola DROID (daughter using as Wifi Personal Communications Device)
    LG Ally (battery damaged, but works fine – no idea what to do with this)
    Ooma Teelo VOIP System
    Motorola Dect 6.0 Cordless Phone
    Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (given to me by a friend)
    PS3 (used primarily as a media streamer from the Windows PC)
    Nintendo Wii – for Just Dance 3 and tracking weight on Wii Fit (guess who?)
    DirecTV Whole Home DVR system (two locations)
    Sony Bravia 720P LCD 42″
    Vizio VIA (Internet Apps) 1080P LCD 37″

    That’s about it.

  • Teabling

    I have my Gnex, but I use my Win7 Laptop and Desktop for school and gaming respectively. I also have my web server that dual boots Fedora with Apache and Windows Server 2008 (just because I can really). I wouldn’t mind trying out a Windows Phone just to see how it has changed since 6.0

  • brando56894

    I’m Linux all the way baby. On my desktop I run Chakra Linux (only dual-booted because college stuff required Windows only apps that didn’t run well in Wine), and both my tablet (TF101) and phone (HTC Rezound) both run Android. I used to hate Macs until I was forced to use them for 3-6 hours three times a week for college summer classes and found out that they actually worked better and were less annoying than Windows, which I had used previously for 15 years. Not to mention they integrate a lot better than Windows since they both have Unix roots. One of my favorite things was the ability to remotely runs apps (over SSH) without having to install anything extra. Would I get a Mac computer? Maybe if I was made of money, would I ever get an iPhone? Probably not. Whereas they’re beautiful devices, they seem to fragile to me and I’m not a fan of them being closed-source. If you don’t like the way something works or if there’s a bug, you can’t fix it. You have to wait for Apple to issue an update for it.

  • KreeTerry

    Mac, android phone, and an ipad. Though as soon as my ipad dies i have all intentions of replacing it with an android tablet.

  • Towelie420

    Brand new windows gaming laptop. Gnex. Xoom wifi. I don’t like iPhail.
    Also, I’m not a fan of Ron’s opinion columns. Their obnoxious and boring. How did he get a job at droid life? Is he your cousin or something?

  • The truth

    All android. Is there anything else?

  • I have a GNex, I love my Macbook Pro, wifey has a jailbroken iPhone, work PC is Windows XP, home PC is Windows 7 Ultimate. I also have Ubuntu installed via Parallels. Will be picking up the Acer Iconia A700 when it comes out and possibly the smaller iPad for the wife/kids if the rumors are true.

  • aypee

    tabs and phones im only android. just really like the os and the whole rooting scene. almost went with an ipad though. for my computer im using a macbook and would more than likely never go back to windows

  • djembeman

    Always been a MAC user. I thought about leaving Verizon when AT&T was the only carrier with an iPhone, but ended up getting an Original Droid and am extremely happy that I never made the jump to the iPhone. I absolutely hate the iPhone and iPad. I just love Android devices. Specifically Motorola Android phones have worked the best for me.

  • tomn1ce

    VZW G-Nexus, iPad 2, Window 7 notebook and a Window 7 PC.

  • CampyGuy

    Mixed up. iMac 27″ with Lion, Moutain Lion, and Windows XP partitions with an Exchange Server that my company runs on (with Office 365 as a back up and Sharepoint workspace). I personally use one ATT and one VZW iPhone 4, with a Google Play GNex on the $30 T-Mo UL data/text plan (which is a freakin’ great combo), and an old VZW Pre Plus (running WebOS 2.0.3) for notifications of email & messages. And for keeping up with stuff, I have a VZW LTE iPad 3 with a VZW unlimited data SIM in it.

    I am checking out a couple of Win 7 laptops and waiting for Apple to announce its new laptop lineup, and looking at one or two Incredible 4G devices when they come out to put on my two out-of-contract LTE lines.

  • G-Nex, iPad (3rd) and three Alienware Windows laptops.

  • Adam Schay

    Current: Windows 7 laptop and HTC Droid Incredible 2
    Next Year: 2012 Ivy Bridge MacBook Pro, Awesome Android Phone (who knows in March of next year), and Awesome Android Tablet with quad-core Snapdragon S4

  • Jonathan Levin

    Gnex + iPod touch + iPad 3 + MacBook pro + imac

  • tehsusenoh

    Windows PC mainly, with Arch Linux as well (slowly migrating to that), then Android all the way.

  • Jayayess1190

    HTC Incredible, Lenovo X220 with Win 7/8 and an iPod Touch.

  • My Phones at one point or another btw me and my wife OG Droid, Droid X, HTC Trophy, Droid Eris, Fascinate, IPhone 4S, Galaxy Nexus, Droid Incredible 2. Two Windows laptops and desktop, and Zune HD. Kindle Fire. Despite my clear Android experience…I do have an affinity for Windows Phone, unfortunately I’m on Verizon.

  • macbook pro, galaxy nexus, ipod touch, kindle fire

  • hfd1113

    Windows PC w/win7 and Win8 preview, duel boot, Mac book Pro, Toshiba Qosmio X755-3d
    Droid RAZR and Toshiba Excite 10.

  • lordstickmax

    Windows pcs all in my home network, mac, Linux & windows at work, android tablets and phones, windows phone, ios devices. xbox and various other gaming devices. Samsung and Sony tvs and an lg and view sonic monitor that i am typing on. i love tech and at times….i hate it.

  • c4v3man

    I have a blackberry playbook I got for free… a great tablet, but needs more apps, and more features, like USB host. Which is built into the OS, but is locked currently. Ridiculous.

  • MFG

    MacBook Pro, iPad, Galaxy Nexus, Microsoft Xbox 360…no allegiance lol

  • Itsthegooch

    Galaxy Nexus, Iphone 4, Mac book pro, Ipad, Hp netbook, Hp desktop, Google tv, ps3, xbox 360(2), ipod touch, kindle fire,nintendo ds(2) mix it up, lml

  • MacBook Pro with OS X, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS, everything else has always been android.

  • Windows 7 PC, iMac 27″, PSP, PS Vita, iPad 1, the New iPad, iPod touch 4g, iPod touch 2g, iPod Nano, and Galaxy Nexus.

  • jonboi78

    Windows laptop and desktop, Asus transformer tab, and Droid Razr for phone. Wouldn’t buy or use Apple if you paid me.

  • Smooth918

    You might say I’m a Sony Vaio (Fanboy) 17.4 Full HD 1080p w/win 7 dual boot Ubuntu 12.04, I like win 7 but if Ubuntu had the Music and Video application I need I would drop win 7 quick fast and in a hurry. Mobile OS, well let’s just say I’m Droid4Life. (Yeah back in the day, I had HP, Palm, windows mobile) I’m one of the first XOOM 3G/4G Knuckleheads and I haven’t enjoyed it until AOKP, I’ll never get another Tablet until hopefully the Nexus. Phones were: Droid, DroidX, Bionic, and my Now Favorite G-Nex.

  • ojaymayo22

    Most people are such fanboys. Give Windows Phone a freakin chance.
    I absolutely love my GNex (except that I’m still running 4.0.2).
    But no manufacturer beats Nokia’s build quality, so I tried out the news Windows Phone and its awesome.
    Best 2 phones Ive ever owned, and I definitely prefer the Lumia 900.
    Give it a chance, if not just return it. Plus it’s really in sync with my Windows 7 laptop, and will continue to build with Windows 8 rollout. Be open minded, give it a try. You can;t go wrong πŸ™‚

    • brando56894

      My friend had an old Sidekick and finally decided to upgrade to a smartphone, she asked me what she should get an obviously I told her to get an Android device. She came in a few days later with WP7 and I asked her how she liked it and her response was “I hate it!”. It took her like 2 hours to figure out how to even get pictures off of there. Just like Apple, you need to use some specific software to do everything with it. If I want to get something off of my Rezound all I have to do is connect it to a pc and copy and paste! Also I’ve heard that the Windows Marketplace has a very small selection of apps compared to Apple’s AppStore and Google Play.

      • windows phone uses the zune software. yes it a application like itunes that you have to manage your media in.. where its different than itunes is that it runs flawlessly. i’ve been using it for 4 years and love it more than windows media player and xbmc. on the app side of things they only have about 32000 apps with about 500 being added daily. yes its not as many as android or ios but its still alot. also windows phone is incredibly responsive it does take a while to learn how to use tho because it is different. dont get me wrong i absolutely love android but im going to be switching to windows phone because in my opinion it is a better operating system. i dont use alot of apps… and dont really need to root anymore because i dont need wireless tether because foxfi does it better.

        just my 2 cents

  • JDS

    thinkpad, android, ipod. never giving up the ipod

  • Geeks on Hugs

    If I can run Android on it, I choose Android. I’m a developer and I even attempted to do my development on Android. It CAN be done, but it’s not optimal yet. So I still have Windows on my old laptop which I develop on (via RDP on my Xoom). I also have a netbook dual boot with Windows and Linux. Any PCs I get in the future will be Linux if not Android and I plan to have a Linux box soon as my remote host for development.

    For me it’s not because of the technology, but rather the philosophy. I don’t want a corporation making my decisions for me. I love the open android ecosystem. One fo the complaints people have for Android is a major reason why I Love it: FRAGMENTATION. Fragmentation means that Google does not control it. It’s wonderful. We each have what we like and yet the system is still cohesive enough that we can run a wide variety of common apps.

    I do agree about the fan boy nonesense. I think some fun rivalry is ok, kidding around, but people really take it too far and act like jerks about it. That’s just crazy and I’m embarrassed for them.

  • TheMan876

    Home made Win7 Gaming machine + Home made HTPC Running Win8 & XBMC + HP Touchpad + Transformer Prime w/ Dock + New iPad + Galaxy Nexus + OG Droid + Kindle

  • rehabray

    we have an ipad, 2 ipods, 2 kindles, 5 android phone, a windows desktop, and laptop ,xbox

  • PC/Laptop Windows, everything else Android.

  • Jon

    Custom Windows Desktop, Lenovo Windows Laptop, HTC Droid Incredible w/CM7.2 RC2 (Seriously hoping for Verizon to get something better than the Inc4g before shared data plans kick in, I want to keep my unlimited data), hoping to get a tablet some time in the next 18 months, either Jellybean/Key Lime Pie/Lemon Bar? or Windows 8.

  • KennyVeltre

    windows 7 on my PC’s, bionic, xoom and third gen ipod touch.

  • CIFchamp24

    G-nex, I pad 2, windows desktop, MacBook pro, Xbox 360, PS3, kindle 2. Planning on getting next Gen iMac.

  • GCurry

    It’s not about being a fanboy, it’s about architectural coherence. Things run smoother if they’re actually designed to run together. So I stick with the Android/Google scheme, architecturally.

  • David Gilson

    Galaxy Nexus, Acer laptop (Win 7), iPod Touch, PS3, Xbox 360

  • John Davids

    Gnex + Droid 2 + Dell Win7 Laptop + Custom desktop Win7 + two Linux HTPCs + iPod Shuffle 2nd gen + iPod Nano 6th gen

  • MattyB

    Verizon Galaxy Nexus, MacBook Pro and iPad 2

  • Five Windows laptops, two Android tablets, one Android phone, one iPhone and two iPods.

  • New_Guy

    OG Droid, Droid 2, Thunderbolt, Dell Duo (Windows Tablet/Laptop), Windows Laptop with Ubuntu Dual boot option, Apple iPod Nano Gen5, Kindle Fire. Xbox 360.

  • InyRules

    I own a Galaxy Nexus, an HP laptop running Windows 7, a Nook Color, a PS3, an iPod nano 4th Gen, and am in the process of building a Windows 7 PC. No need for a tablet yet, but I would probably go Android for it since I like ICS a lot.

  • Grizzly

    at home: HTC G1, Samsung Galaxy S (Vibrant), intl GNex, iPad 1, Nook Color, Acer netbook (Windows), HP laptop (Windows), homebuilt linux desktop, Penguin Computing 1U linux server, linux HTPC, Raspberry Pi (on order)

    at work: Dell laptop, Dell desktop – for building Android apps, Macbook Air – for building iOS apps, Moto Atrix (test device), iPod (test device)

  • cmiram

    Droid X + Transformer Prime + Windows 7 Laptop.
    (I also have a 2nd gen iPod touch that I barely use anymore.)

    I am planning on getting a Macbook for college over the summer though, so I am a bit apprehensive about trying to learn a whole new OS again.

  • ATBvsBFZ

    Android phone (One X), Android tablet (T-Prime), Linux (Kubuntu 12.04)

  • β€’ Galaxy Nexus
    β€’ iPhone 4S
    β€’ iPad 3
    β€’ Chrome OS Notebook
    β€’ iPod Touch 4th Gen
    β€’ 2 Convertible Tablet PCs
    β€’ Homemade Desktop PC
    β€’ PC used as media center
    β€’ + old computers lying around.
    β€’ Google TV & Boxee Box (do these count? Had an Apple TV. It was pointless)

    All currently used PC’s are running Windows 8.

  • Richard Wolff

    wont touch mac products everything else is used in my house windows linux android etc no webos or windows phone but that’s just i haven’t gotten any yet

  • HPR

    I went from a flip phone directly due a GNex, so have never had a non-Android smartphone. I’ve always been with Windows for computers, but also have a Macbook Pro (paid for by work so that I can mess around with Mac OS, since I provide some tech support in my department). I use Windows computers for everyday use, and don’t use the Mac that much.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Google for smartphones, PC everything else. My gf has iPhone and I think its a real nice piece of hardware but to locked for me. Verizon has no good Win phones so I havent seen any worth a look

  • sneakyj420

    hp touchsmart, galaxy nexus, ipod, motorola xoom, and logitech revue, ps vita

  • cj

    win 7 lappy
    Samsung fascinate
    moto droid 2 global(piece of shit)
    OG Transformer

  • Trevor

    Galaxy Nexus, Macbook Air, Windows 7 PC. A little bit of everything.

  • Bionicman

    GNex, DInc (media purposes), Asus Transformer, Kindle Fire, Roku, Xbox 360, 3 Windows 7 computers. oh and wife has an iphone 4.

  • bionicchimp

    Bionic-windows 7 pc-nook color (rooted running cm7)-xbox360 and i am the proud owner of 0 apple devices i love tech all good tech but unfortunately for apple their devices suck a$$

  • 2funjags

    Apple can go straight to Hell. F$ck Apple.

    • evileclipse

      Wow, we could use a lot less people like you around here. No supporting facts or anything? Just vile hate, with no explanation at all. Well. What is your platform of choice?

  • Oucher

    Windows 7 laptop, GSM Galaxy Nexus, iPod Touch 4G,

  • Knlegend1

    Android Froyo and Gingerbread, Windows 7 and XP, Xbox 360 and Wii. Lol @Froyo Idk why but I still use my OG Droid every now and again. (Media Purposes)

    • Knlegend1

      Forgot Logitech Revenue so some Honeycomb too.

  • TimXer

    My first smart phone was a Treo Palm Os, then Windows Mobile, now Android. PC’s have strictly been windows, but I have to admit, jumping on the ginormous mac at BB is pretty awesome! I’ve been less than thrilled with the durability/build of my last two Dell’s, so I could see a jump to a mac for the next one – I just don’t know how far they’ve come w/playing well with other systems (android, windows, office, etc). I honestly enjoyed my Samsung WM phone (funny, I forget the name) and would consider WM again, even though they’re locked down similar to Apple, since I’m on Exchange at work and the sync is the best. I wouldn’t trade my TPrime tablet for any other tablet right now.

  • jeesung

    android phone
    iPad 2 tablet
    Win 7 laptop


    Galaxy S II for mobile productivity, “iPad” for recreation/movies/internet/facebook, Apple TV for karaoke set-up/airplay, PS3 for Blu-rays, and HD Streaming, Xbox 360 for gaming, Zune HD for music.

  • nawshis702

    retired droid incredible for galaxy nexus, windows laptop for work, not really into tablets, and a macbook pro for djaing!

  • geedee82

    I use a Gnex, TF Prime, and Logitech Revue

    all android, ALL DAY baby!

    But of course I have a badass win7 PC too.

  • Gnex x 2- ipad 2- hp touchpad running android- 1 hackintosh- 2 laptops windows7- 1 no name tablet android- 1 og droid- 2 thunderbolts – 2 windows 7 pcs… πŸ™‚

  • GNex
    Xyboard 8.2
    Win7 desktop
    Win7 laptop
    iPod shuffle 2nd gen (useful when doing yard work)

  • Captain_Doug

    Windows for computer, Android for phone.

  • Ben Kafka

    Gnex on CM9, iPad 3 (wifi only cause I can tether thanks to Android), Thinkpad on W7 Pro/ 8 preview/ Ubuntu, MacBook Air

  • Austin

    Ipad, iphone, galaxy nexus, windows pc, and a blackberry bold. I own all kinds of brands but i pick android as my favorite, hell i just lover technologly period

  • Benjamin Clay

    Thanks for the article. I use Win 7 for desktop, 3 android phones in the house, and an ipod touch.

    Major decision making problems in regards to which tablet to get. I just can’t decide!!!

  • Droid bionic

    Eris,Thunderbolt, bionic, think pad ,MacBook pro , sold Xoom and hp touchpad got iPad 2, I will never get a phone that’s not running android but the iPad 2 is definitely in my opinion the only tablet I can use effectively. Not big on iOS but can’t beat them join them. Ron finally wrote a job article no offense

  • shrew67

    I’m writing this comment on my Windows laptop provided to me by my company; beside me is my Android phone and waiting for me at home is my iMac. How’s that?

    • LionStone

      2 for 3. Hehe…jk!

  • xzombiex66

    GNex, Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom 4G, 2 Kindle Fires, Windows 7 Laptop, 2 mac Minis, Sony Google TV, Blackberry Bold (Work). I use these devices everyday.

  • Guest

    Windows PCs, iPod Classic, Android phone.

  • David Hussey

    Win7 Desktop, Win7 Media Center PC, Samsung Chromebook, Gnex… live-in GF has an iPhone 4s and a Macbook Pro, both of which I bought for her, so does that count?

  • mike waldon

    widow 7 latop, 2 android phones ( rooted and 4.0.3), and 2 tablets ( both running 4.0.3)

  • GSM Galaxy nexus, Revue, MacBook Pro, Prime, X360, T3i.

  • Kaizen_2012

    Galaxy Nexus , ASUS Transformer, HP Touchpad, Windows 7 laptops, Logitech Revue, Roku, and an old iPod that I don’t use anymore

  • Al

    Galaxy Nexus + iPad 2 + Windows 7 Laptop.

  • Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Droid (for music only), Windows Laptop (Came with CrappyVista…Now has Windy 7) No tablets or Apple products even though I have had both recently.

  • possomcrast

    I don’t like how so many people still criticize windows, with windows 7 there is a huge improvement..

  • RedPandaAlex

    Gnex, Xoom, Chromebook, Computer running win7, win8, and ubuntu, PS3, getting a Google TV when the next gen comes out. Apple makes pretty nice stuff, but I don’t like their philosophy of technology.

  • Bill Toto

    MacBook Pro, Linux Server, Galaxy Nexus, Xoom, Roku

  • Windows 7 Laptop, Galaxy Nexus, Motorola Xoom, Logitech Revue. All Android except for the laptop.

  • regkilla

    iPhone 4 only right now. My Droid 1 screen cracked in half and doesn’t work correctly so I’m looking for a good Android to get.

  • shehippie

    Still using a Droid, Droid X and HTC Rezound. Got rid of Thunderbolt, Droid 3 and Gnex. I use an Acer laptop.

  • Macbook Pro, DROID Bionic, Win7 PC, iPod Nano

  • LTE/CDMA gnex (AOKP B36).. 15′ MacBook Pro partitioned w/ Win7 & Lion.. Xoom Wi-Fi (TeamESO 2.0)..

    Its #TeamAndroid till the death of me, but I

  • Darksthour

    toshiba laptop running windows 7 and ubuntu. Android Phone (droid 3. still have the droid 1). Playstation 3, Xbox 360, No tablet (think for $600 they are worthless useless and unnecessary. give me a cheaper one that runs stock android and i am willing to give it a go)

  • Jeremy Gentry

    HTC thunderbolt, Windows 7, Ubuntu, Motorola Xoom,

    i don’t video edit therefore i don’t need a mac. END O’ STORY!

  • ojaymayo22

    Nokia Lumia 900 Windows Phone- Main Phone
    Gnex- Backup phone

  • Win 7 Laptop, Gnex, Galaxy Player 4.0, Acer netbook, HP Touchpad, Win 7/Ubuntu Desktop is what I’m rollin with for now

  • Tjackson78

    iMac, iPad, RAZR Maxx, Macbook Air, Galaxy Tab2,

  • jjrudey

    Went from Droid to Galaxy Nexus.
    Have a 2nd gen iPod Touch.
    Used to have a CR48
    Have a Toshiba Laptop

  • Liderc

    GNex, custom built windows PC, Itouch for running/music, asus laptop.

  • I haven’t had the need or want to mix up platforms, but I am not above it. If a company comes out with a better OS than Android I would be willing to switch to it. That being said I don’t see that happening anytime in the near future. So for the moment I will stick exclusively to Android. But hey, you never know.

  • Gnex, iPad 2, Laptop dual boot Win 7 and Linux, HP Touchpad w/ WebOS-Android-Ubuntu Linux. My Gnex does almost everything I need a device to do.

  • kylebrodeur

    iMac, Windows Laptop, Kindle Fire, Galaxy Nexus


    Gnex + Xoom + Windows 7 laptop + PS3
    I loved my Blackberry Storm, until the Droid X came into my life… want to add Google TV.

  • inzandity

    Gnex + 3rd gen iPad + Blackberry Bold 9930 (work) + Windows 7 i7 laptop (work) + MacBook Pro (home laptop), dual xeon windows 2008 server for citrix developments.

  • Jeremy Roberts

    Motorola Bionic (with lapdock), Acer Iconia A500, Logitech Revue, Custom Win 7 PC

    Not particularly varied….

  • Raven

    Windows Laptop, Linux Server, ASUS Transformer and Acer Iconia tablets, Motorola Droid 2 phone (and a retired OD Droid), and an iPod Nano that my work gave me for a 10 Year anniversary present. I swore I would never buy an Apple product, but my free iPod works good in my car’s jack where I don’t have to look at it.

    • Raven

      I, of course, meant OG Droid, but for some reason, when I try to Edit it and save it, it keeps reverting back.

  • tanknspank

    I actually online have an Android phone and tablet, and a computer running Ubuntu. Nothing else really..

  • Fattie McDoogles

    GNex, Rezond, Droid 4, Pre, iPhone 4, Stratosphere, Thunderbolt, XOOM, Galaxy Tab, windows 7 laptop, windows vista laptop, windows 7 desktop, and working on an Macbook

  • Started with OG Droid, then Bionic, GNex, Nook Color on CM7, Sony Google TV BluRay Player (NSZ-GT1), Android x86 on my laptop.

  • nhlpreds98

    M$ for all PC’s, All Android for me, RAZR MAXX & iPad2 for wife.

  • PyroHoltz

    All phones and tablets are the little Green bot.

    For everything else, Windows 7…Gaming rig, media box, server, office computer and ultramobile.


    • nhlpreds98

      no such thing as 2 many, I have 6, Main, Server, Wife, Junk xp box, 2 laptops, + 2 android phones, a xoom and ipad2.

  • Mostly Android. Droid 4 + Viewsonic gTablet. I did get an iPod Touch for work just to make sure websites work on the iOS browser.

  • MikeCiggy

    Gnex + Windows 7 Laptop & Desktop + Ubuntu Laptop

    It’s what makes me happy πŸ™‚ I can agree Mac Books are superior to windows 7 in a lot of areas however not for $800 more.

  • Motorola Atrix, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Logitech Revue

    Custom Windows 7 Gaming Rig

  • DX, Transformer Prime, MacBook, self-built desktop with linux and windows 7

    • (Oh and MIUI on the DX, duel boot on the MacBook as well, and Kubuntu as far as the linux distro)


  • Brett

    Windows 7 Laptop, Win 7 desktop, OSX Dell Mini 9 Hackintosh, RAZR Maxx, Ipod Nano for my Alpine HU ICE,

  • Darkseider

    DEC Alpha’s (21164 and 21264) running Tru64 Unix and Linux. SGI O2 and Octane running IRIX. AMD based x86 running Linux, HP netbook running Linux, Dell x86 laptop running Linux. Raspberry Pi running Linux. Transformer Prime and OG Transformer w/ docks both on ICS. LG G2X running ICS. FXI Cotton Candy on order.

  • Keith0606

    multiple windows pc’s and Gnex phone. trying to decide on either ipad3 or next nexus or galaxy tablet.
    Had a galaxy tab 10.1 and it ended up being somewhat disappointing so I sold it.

  • UndergroundWire

    All devices are active and are listed in order of preference.

    Phones: Galaxy Nexus (LTE), iPhone 4S and Nokia Lumia 900
    Tablets: iPad 64GB (LTE) and Motorola Xoom (LTE)
    TV: Xbox 360 Elite, Apple TV HD and Logitech Revue
    Computers: Windows 7 Desktop, Windows 7 Laptop and Chromebook Cr-48

    Kellex: You have a Litro? Would you recommend it?

  • Roy Ruhling

    All Android on the phones – all Motorola, too. I’ve been through the Droid, DroidX and currently run with the Bionic. I switched to OSX from Ubuntu/Windows in 2010 and never looked back! I run with an iMac and MacBook Pro for desktop computing. For tablets I’ve run through an iPad, iPad2 and I’m currently on a VZW 4g enabled iPad HD and loving it. I use a Kindle for an eReader, an iPod Touch/Nano for music player and I think that is pretty much it. Oh yeah, I did pick up the webtop dock for my Bionic when it was on sale for $90 a few weeks back but I find it really lacking.

  • I gave Android tablets a chance for over a year, until I tried the new iPad. While iOS is mind-numbingly simple and I’d rather use Android on tablets, that iPad screen is a real killer and things sure are smooth. At the same time, my Epic 4G Touch (SGSII) runs smooth as butter as well and also has an excellent screen, so Android trumps iOS on smartphones, IMO. And Win 7 is the best full-size OS on the market, so that’s what runs on my HP Envy notebook. Bottom line: all current platforms have their strengths and weaknesses, and so folks should pick what works best for them and forget about the rest of the shenanigans.

  • I only care for functionality, capability, price, and companies with corporate policies/tendencies that I approve of. Design, brand name, manufacturer, carrier, and apps are irrelevant to me. I refuse to buy products for the sake of a sticker…

  • br_hermon

    Gnex, Windows 7 Desktop, Zorin laptop.

  • siphyn

    13″ MacBook Pro as my main computer, also running Windows 7 & Ubuntu via vmware, and I’m using a VZW galaxy nexus as my phone.

  • Teumi

    I have a laptop running Windows 7 and an HTC Rezound. I used to use an iPod Touch 4th gen for music, but for the sake of convenience, I now just use my phone for music.

  • Inquizitor

    GNex + TF300 + iPod Touch + Sony GTV Blu-Ray player + Nexus S 4G + OG Droid.

    My family has sort of swayed one way here. Also all PC’s.

  • MattM1974

    Windows laptop, Android phone, Apple iPad. Love the iPad, but I’m committed to Android for my phone

  • DroidBricker

    Android, except when Ubuntu but soon Debian.

  • Spacecaddet

    Gnex, mac book pro, windows 7 laptop, touch pad with aokp

  • bbbb

    Windows Desktop – Gaming, Linux Desktop(s) -Hosting/Dev, Macbook Pro – Portability, Galaxy Nexus – Mobile

    They all serve their own purpose extremely well.

  • sciroccohsd

    3 Windows 7 and 1 Linux Laptops, 2 Windows 7 desktops, 2 Windows 7 HTPCs, 1 Windows 8 tablet, 1 Windows 7 phone, 3 Android phones, 2 Android Tablets, 1 iPad 2, 1 Windows R2 Server, 1 Linux Server

  • lilschil

    Windows XP PC, W7P laptop, RAZR, ASUS Transformer. Will make everything Android one day. Even my new JVC truck stereo has a built-in app that’s made specifically for my Android phone!

  • 2.2 on a Droid X, 2.3 on a Bionic, 4.0.3 on the Xoom, Mac OSx on the work laptop, Windows XP on the work desktop (and home desktop), Windows 7 on the work laptop, Solaris 8 on the SPARC box. I’m pretty much covered…

  • weston

    Incredible, Ipad, Windows 7 laptop

  • It’s not about iOS vs Android vs Windows. It’s Google vs Apple vs Microsoft. You have to pick one ecosystem. I don’t see how people mix and match ecosystems. I’m all in with Google’s many awesome services. I’m not going to buy an iOS or Windows Phone device and have access to none of those services.

    I do have a Windows 7 PC, but that is a traditional OS and doesn’t anchor itself in any ecosystem. Windows 8, however, is heavily reliant on Microsoft’s ecosystem, which is unfortunate.

    • CopierITGuy

      I’m with @google-9e66d161daeccef81687c8ed2eafa4c9:disqus . I love the Google ecosystem. My work pc requires Microsoft products in order for me to do some of my job (Windows), but other than that, I use Google services on it (Chrome browser {with about 2 dozen apps}, Docs, Gmail, Voice, etc.) My mobile world is all Android. Still rockin’ the HTC T’Bolt and the OG Transformer tablet – use both for work and home.

      Never been a fan of Apple products – never even owned an iPod. My T’Bolt (and previously my OG Droid) is my iPod-type device, rockin’ Google Play Music! While I can appreciate their pioneering of the touch-screen smartphone, Google has way outdone them since joining the party.

      • I’m fine with iOS as a piece of software, but I need my native/integrated Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Voice, Gtalk, and Maps support. You can sort of get all that on iOS, but it’s all janky.

    • I’m buying a Mac this year. Mostly because I can’t stand Windows, and I need a powerful OS to run alongside Linux. I can’t use Linux for my creative uses until we get Adobe CS and for my gaming needs until we get Steam. Everything else, Linux wins.

      • Well, at least on the Photoshop/Adobe front, you can get them working on Linux with about 10 minutes of work. I have CS6 running on Lubuntu right now and it runs just as well, if not better, than the installation I had on Windows 7. If you want to know how, look into Wine and Play On Linux.

        • Hmm. OK. I did try this ages ago and it didn’t work too well. I’ll try again, thanks!

      • Don’t bother with Linux. Its a hideous mess when running pretty much anything. Get the Mac and bootcamp along Windows πŸ˜›

        • I’ve used Linux for over 5 years and am completely comfortable with it.

    • I hear you. PArt of me only buys an Apple Device because I have soo much locked up under DRM (yes I pay for music not porn) It’s nice to see how the other half live from time to time. I just don’t know how they do it with such a small screen.

      • You know that the music your purchase in iTunes is now all DRM Free right? Sure computers have to be authorized still, but my music purchased through iTunes all plays on my G-Nexus with no issues.

  • AndrewScottRox

    GNex – iPad 2 – MacBook Pro – Airport Extreme Base Station – Apple Tv. I like Apple, but really prefer android phones.

  • dancedroid

    Nexus S, MacBook Pro (for now)

  • Murphy

    Thunderbolt (I know I know…) + Kindle Fire + Windows 7 Desktop/Laptop + iPod + Nintendo Wii + XBOX 360

    Overall, I’m just a fan of emerging technology.

    • Murphy

      Oh, and legacy devices… I have the OG Droid, HTC Touch Pro2 (WinMo), and LG Incite (WinMo)…

  • moelsen8

    windows, android

  • riktking

    Samsung Galaxy Nexus
    Advent Vega
    Ubuntu on my laptop and my server

  • MrEnglish

    I mix platforms from MS, Android, iOS and whatever else I like at the time. I see communities being overrun with pedantic schoolboys who act like if you don’t un-categorically agree with their prized possession, you’re scum. Part of the reason why I peruse forums (this or any other) is to learn the latest news or tips/tricks, etc. about a product. I tend to click away with more disgust than before from the barrage of negativity that is pervasive on these sites. The good thing is that there are always at least a few decent, adult, and mature folks that still have not been diluted by the punks of the day. It’s those people that make the forums tolerable. In the case of this forum, the guys like Kellex who, different opinion or not, never seem to make anyone feel unwelcome, give the site the credit and validity that it has. Funniest thing is you never see the punks talking smack at events, cuz they know they’d walk around holding a towel to their noses. πŸ™‚

  • Diablo81588

    Windows desktop and laptop. Android phone. No interest in tablets.

  • Flyinion

    Phone is Android
    MP3 player is Zune (I use the subscription service and love it)
    Desktop is custom built PC with Win7
    Laptop is Vista (couldn’t be bothered to pay for an upgrade, hardly use the laptop)

    If I owned a tablet it would be Android 4.x. My GF has an iPad2 and to me it’s like an oversized iPhone with just the one button. Yes it has soft buttons for stuff like “back” in the browser just like ICS, but to me it’s more intuitive to have that stuff at the bottom where your hands will more naturally be while holding the device.

    My ultimate dream would be if MS wrote a Zune app for Android πŸ™‚

    • Luke

      Plus one to zune on android. I’ve settled down with rhapsody to cut down on multiple devices.

      • Flyinion

        Hmmm, not bad I just checked that out. Zune still has a key point over it unfortunately. For the same price, you get to “buy” 10 songs per month for “free” with credits from your subscription fee. Of course, if you’re like me and forget to use them, or there’s nothing worth using them on that month, then it’s a waste lol.

  • Android1997

    Windows 7 laptop- would perfer Mac however because they perform well
    Acer a500
    Samsung Fascinate- (Broke my thunderbolt)
    As you could guess by my name, I leik the robot phone

  • Christopher Ruiz

    Ipad 1st Gen, Transformer Prime, HTC Rezound, Win7 Desktop, Macbook Pro laptop, and an old LG dumb flip-phone.

    Also use a Windows server and LAMP webserver.

  • Karl

    I stick with android because I know how it works and I like the customization. I’ll admit I’ve not so much as touched a WP7 phone, but from what I’ve seen of it’s advertising, it doesn’t appeal to me, and I feel like I’d grow to hate the huge tiles, instead of the option to use smaller icons (my homescreens are crammed full of frequently used apps)

    I’ve used iPh*nes but I’ve found that they’re not very intuitive to use for me. Even if I liked the iPh*ne I’ve sworn off any apple product (no matter how magical it may be) due to their lean towards litigation over innovation. Competition is good for the consumer, and they seem to be doing everything they can to limit competition.

  • pdiddy187

    12 core Mac Pro running both OS X and Windows 7. Android only for tablet and phone.

  • Android for mobile, Windows for desktop. Where I work uses Macs, but I got them to let me run Bootcamp and Windows instead of OSX – can’t stand OSX. Still use iTunes, though, because Windows Media Player stinks out loud. LOL

  • Windows PC … Android everything else … that’s how I roll …

    • Mike


    • Rickerbilly

      Ditto that. Windows 7 laptops, one dual-boot Ubuntu. Exclusively Android phones and tablets. Not a single fruity device in my household of 6 humans.

      • Android phone, Macbook Air, iPad 2

        • Jacob121791

          BOOOO!!!! Lol jk…..

        • feztheforeigner

          I just can’t support the business morals (or lack thereof) that Apple has been displaying.

    • osc707


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  • duke69111

    Windows and Android FTW. Jk’ing.

  • There’s a variety around the house that are active though the ones that are mine and not works are generally Windows, Linux, and Android. I have a Win7 desktop, Linux Laptop, Linux server, Android Tablet and Android Phone. For work I have Macbook pro and a Iconia W500 tablet with Windows 8 CP.

  • Galaxy nexus and ipad (3rd gen)

  • kennedy myril

    im making the transition… had an android tablet, sold it… now i have a phone. im loving it though..

  • theentropic

    Lets see.. in my home: GNex, Galaxy Tab 8.9, 3 Windows 7 machines, iMac, iPhone 4S (x2)

  • Jason

    win 7 / android / linux still learning lol !

  • I have Windows and Linux machines and one MacBook Pro with Mac OS X. I have several Android phones, an Android tablet, and an HP TouchPad running WebOS. I want to pick up a Windows Phone, a Nokia N9, and a few other unique pieces of technology, too. Sadly, my budget won’t allow for it right now. πŸ™

  • Mr Josh Zombie

    I run all Mac software for daily use and work, Windows 7 for gaming, an unRaid server, and my phone is Android. I get the best of all worlds and have absolutely no brand loyalty. I use what works for me.

  • dunn32

    Macbook Air + Galaxy Nexus + iPhone 4S + iPad 3 = Best of both worlds.

  • My Desktop is Win7, Laptop is Linux, Server is Linux, Tablet is Android, Phone is Android, and then my Google TV (Revue). I am sure App1e has nice products but for what I do I don’t need to spend the extra money.

    • David

      Macbook Pro i7+Windows 7 i5 box (gaming)+iphone 4s (for now)+Galaxy player 5.0 in car+ Ipad 1+2 but not the kids have taken over!

      Would love to c galaxy note cm to BigRed… other than that might jump on Droid HD soon..

  • ddevito

    GNex + iPad 2 + Windows 7 Laptop + iMac + Linux Server + Logitech Revue + Apple TV 2 + Raspberry Pi

    = PURE GEEK.

    • Damn my man, that’s a lineup.

    • John

      Rich boy πŸ˜‰

      • Well, a Raspberry Pi is only Β£16/$22, so that didn’t take much of his well-earned wealth πŸ˜›

        But I expect that iMac took what was left!

        • ddevito

          lol – can’t argue with that – it was quite expensive. But it is 5 years old and still runs like new.

    • Mark Gardener

      Respect man, I always like what you have to say on here. Usually sensible choices with tech means sensible blog posts about tech. You are an example of that. For me the last 4 years it’s always been mainly Android phones and Win7/OSX/Ubuntu for computing. I had a jailbroken iPhone for a month or two last year but it still felt so limited, almost like a toy. When it comes to tech, I feel like everyone should try as much as they can to truly find what they like.

      • ddevito


        I had an iPhone 3G – loved it, then got bored with it. I jailbroke it, and ran so many jailbroken apps and features it ran slower than a windows mobile phone (that’s CE not the new ones).

    • brando56894

      Sell that Apple TV and Logitech Revue, and install XBMC. It’s free, way more configurable and has pretty much all the features of the previous two, unless you actually like to buy your media lol I have all my media stored on my Linux box and have it shared via UPnP to XBMC running in my Living Room. Didn’t cost me a dime either. πŸ™‚

      • ddevito

        I have OpenELEC running on my Pi – it’s okay, but I’m waiting for a better port. The Revue sucks at HD video – the Apple TV is much better, but it’s the iPad’s best friend – AirPlay alone is the reason I bought it.

        • brando56894

          XBMC supports Air Play πŸ™‚

  • JohnPA2006

    Ahhh a Lytro pic, SWEET !!

    • Just thought I’d throw one out there. πŸ˜›

      • Mike

        pretty cool

      • elemeno

        Lytro fanboy!