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Friday Poll: All Android or Do You Mix Up Platforms?

(Feel free to click around the Lytro image if you are bored.)

This morning, our boy Ron wrote up his opinion on the “fanboy” situation that plagues almost every tech community. Whether you own an iOS or Android or Blackberry device, someone is bound to call you a fanboy because you chose one over the other. At one time, Apple users were pegged as being the worst fanboys, but since, it has grown to include other platforms as well. Hell, even in the Android game you are starting to see groups of users band together as “Nexus fanboys” and/or “Motorola fanboys.” It really doesn’t matter what piece of technology is in your hand or on your desk, someone is bound to have a problem with it and thus refer to you as biased or as a fanboy.

But during his piece, Ron talked about removing the blinders and embracing “good” technology overall rather than siloing yourself into one platform or brand. I’ll just say that as someone who runs an Android site and has dedicated his life to the platform, even I find myself branching out to other areas of tech until I find something I truly love. For example, my favorite tablet to this day is still probably the Blackberry Playbook. Had that sucker actually had an app ecosystem, I probably still be using it. On a computer level, brace yourself, I use an iMac and a Macbook Pro. I’ve been through every version of Windows since the early 90s and in the last year made the switch to OSX. So far, it has been a breath of fresh air.

So I’m just curious, since I know that many of you own iPads and other non-Android products, what your mix of technology is. Windows or Mac? iPad or Android tablet? Anything else?

  • gotta mix it up! android phone for my business line, iphone 4s for my personal line, and a Samsung series 7 slate windows 8 tablet.. who says you have to choose??

  • Droid RAZR MAXX, Dell Windows 7 PC, the “new” iPad… Just all over the place. I am happy with the phone and tablet, but computer is showing its age. I will likely stick with Windows for computing, though. I hate buying apps for both Android and Apple

  • Dave

    iMac – Sony Vaio – iPad 2 – Samsung Fascinate – iPhone 4S – Xyboard 10.1 – Apple TV (2) I like it all.

  • dpeeze

    Droid Incredible, htc Rezound and Transformer Prime. Apple free…

  • Galaxy Nexus…iPad 2…MacBook Pro…iMac with bootcamp of windows 7 and OSX Lion

  • Jim Davis

    G-Nex phone, all Linux (Kubuntu) everywhere else (work, home).

  • boybert

    Mac desktop and laptop (dual boot to Win 7), iPod touch, HP Touchpad (dual boot to ICS), OG DROID and DROID 3, Sony Blu-Ray GoogleTV, AppleTV 1.0, Roku

  • Sour_Diesel

    I’m all mixed up. Desktop is iMac, iPad, Transformer Prime is what I am on now, iPod Touch, Windows Laptop, and G-Nex on my hip. I’m basically a person who chooses tech on capability not just who its made by.

  • jpv190

    Mac Book Pro 13″.. Xoom Tablet -Wifi only.. and Samsung’s Nexus S 4G ( If I had the money I would buy an iphone instead though).. And Xoom beats up the IPad..

  • Used to own a Macbook. Switched to a Samsung PC this spring. I really like Windows 7. I use an iPod Classic with iTunes still. Of course I rock a D4 (still wish there was more of a dev community for it). I can appreciate iOS and WP7, but nothing beats the openness and customizability of Android.

    • Don’t actually own a tablet yet, but I’m liking the Asus and Acer ICS tablets

  • SolipsisticPsychologist

    I currently own a HTC Rezound, Galaxy Tab 10.1, Windows 7 laptop and an Apple iMac. As far as phones and tablets go, well you couldn’t pay me to use the closed iPhone and iPad systems. But despite not having some of my favorite Windows applications available, I think I will always prefer using my iMac for all of my computer needs. That is until Apple, in all their idiotic greed driven wisdom, decide to implement Gatekeeper on all of their computers and ramp it up and eventually get rid of an “opt-out” feature. Well if my current iMac becomes so obsolete over time that I might be forced to upgrade to a new operating system that runs Gatekeeper or a more sinister incarnation, will will most definitely be the final Apple computer I allow in my house.

    If Microsoft decides to follow suit and reimplement their already failed version of Gatekeeper, then it will be hello Linux and a big “EFF YOU!” to Microsoft and Apple. Either I control what is on my computer’s or no one does.

  • Nate S

    Windows PC, Android phone, Ipad2

  • ashykat

    Duel booting Macbook Pro (i5) and an older Macbook (Intel Core 2 Duo). Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Lenovo S10 Netbook for easy portability and general messing around (windows 8 is on it right now). Galaxy Nexus, Palm Pre 2, HTC Trophy. I’ll use any technology as long as I like it. I don’t pledge any allegiance to a particular brand.

    • ashykat

      Oh and an Apple TV (2nd gen)

  • Orange

    Droid Bionic, iMac, MacBook Pro, iPad3, Roku.


    Desktop, 3 laptops on win7, Rezound,DX. That’s all folks!