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Asus Eee Pad Transformer Update Rolling Out, Bug Fixes and Face Unlock Included

Asus is continuing their excellent service record for “OG” Eee Pad Transformer owners with a new firmware update. The newest update will bring you up to build number and has a few needed bug fixes and added features. For starters, Transformer owners really wanted Face Unlock, a popular feature from Ice Cream Sandwich, which is now baked into the tablet. Go download the update and tell us if you can spot any other noteworthy features or fixes.

Cheers Jose and Mahers!

  • Dwane

    Still got problems connecting to the internet using my mobile phone. Can’t even connect to my phone via bluetooth. (except file transfer)

  • I just want root available for .21 and now .24 for TF201. D: Shouldn’t have updated it right away without doing my research, first. But oh well, loving these updates. 🙂 Thank you Asus!

  • subiedude85

    Hope this fixes the “won’t come out of hibernation” and the random deletion of apps.

  • wachutlknboutwillis

    Trying out face unlock, it’s very unreliable, haven’t got it to actually work even once and I’m in my office (recommended to be indoors) which has pretty solid lighting.

  • elliott9000

    no update available for me either. fml

  • Androidman81

    will there be a update for the tf201 because if the face unlock comes to the 101 before it comes to the prime that wood suck cause the primes had a update like this and they said that the update wood bring face un lock to the tablet and when the update came and gone there was no face unlock on it so come on there people talk to me

    • Raven

      Maybe it would help if you knock on wood.

  • is there anyway someone can dump the blob file before they upgrade so we dont have to wait for it to get pushed?

  • Rob

    Wait… how come my Transformer Prime never got the last update from a little while back? Wasn’t that supposed to have face unlock too? Or am I just imagining things? It would surprise me if face unlock came to the OG Transformer before the Prime.

    • paulmike3

      | It would surprise me if face unlock came to the OG Transformer before the Prime.
      It did. :

      • Rob

        OK, so I wasn’t imagining that the Prime had yet to receive it (or that I missed it somehow and it won’t update it). Crazy!

  • Ok i updated but it is not highlighted and is showing this message ” Disabled by administrator, encryption policy or credential storage” both the slide and none options have the same message can someone help me with this

    • fastyzfr1

      Clear credentials. bottom of screen

  • paulmike3

    Not seeing an update. Pulled?

  • William_Morris

    Yet another reason why I LOVE Asus. Consistent with updates.

  • I just want the random reboots and the lag to be addressed. Updating now….

  • Dan

    This supposedly still does not fix the Random Reboot issues that have plagued this tablet since the upgrade to ICS…..

    • William_Morris

      I haven’t had that issue since prior to the last update.

    • wachutlknboutwillis

      I too have had no issue, my transformer works great, and battery life is better then ever.

    • OreoMan

      No random reboot issues here.

    • I think you have the wrong tablet Dan. The TF300 shipped with ICS originally. Never ran Honeycomb.

      *Update: My mistake. I thought this was about the TF300 because that was just updated the other day too. 🙂

  • Bionicman

    the last update (before this one) fixed the auto reboot issue but it still reboots when running certain apps (like youtube ugh). hopefully this resolves all issues. otherwise i LOVE my transformer 🙂

  • Asus is officially crushing all other OEMs in tablet support.

    • guyladouche

      My experience directly disputes this, as one of the unlucky ones that had nothing but problems starting from the ICS update. Hoping this most recent update fixes things–no problems after ~24h (when I would otherwise get SOD or the tab stuck on the start-up screen, or the battery would have completely drained from 100% when left overnight–never had any issues with Honeycomb). IMHO, I’d take one OEM that can make a refined release that addresses all of their devices as opposed to numerous releases that may or may not break some of their devices. It’s clear that while ASUS might make efforts to push firmware updates, their QA is severely lacking based on the community responses. My experience with my ASUS TF makes me realize that I will never buy another tablet from ASUS ever again.