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Isis Mobile Wallet Announces First Batch of Merchants for Austin and Salt Lake City Launches

Isis Mobile Wallet will launch this summer in two test cities:  Austin,  TX and Salt Lake City, Utah. When that happens, owners of NFC-enabled phones in those cities will have “hundreds” of merchants to choose from that will take advantage of this new mobile payment option. As a service backed by Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T, Isis is going to be the payment option of the future – today’s released list is evidence of that. 

Here is the list of merchants:

National:  Aéropostale, The Coca-Cola Company, Champs Sports, Dillard’s, Foot Locker, Jamba Juice and Macy’s.

Austin:  34th Street Café, ABC Home & Commercial Services, Austin Diamond District, Ben White Florist, Book People, Brodie Park Market, Chez Remy La Sandwicherie, Dogadillo, DoubleDave’s Pizzaworks, Downtown Burgers, Elbe Body, Iron Works, milk + honey spa, Rosemary’s Catering, Round Rock Express, Texenza Coffee, Touch of Sass, Twin Liquors and University Co-Op.

Salt Lake City:  Barbacoa Mexican Grill, Bohme, Cactus and Tropicals, Caputo’s, Deseret Book, Eborn Books, Great Harvest Bread Company, JMR, Lola Bella, Maverik, McKay Diamonds, Mini’s Cupcakes, Oakridge Country Club – private club for members, PGi Services, Salt Lake Running Company, Sugar House Coffee, Supersonic Car Wash, Utah Transit Authority, Utah Woolen Mills, Weller Book Works, Zagg and The Larry H. Miller Group, including All-Star Catering, Energy Solutions Arena, Fanzz, Larry H. Miller Megaplex, Larry H. Miller Automotive, Miller Motorsports Park, Salt Lake Bees, Spring Mobile Ballpark and Utah Jazz.

As you can see, Google Wallet has quite the battle on its hands and Isis hasn’t even launched yet. And let’s not forget that Isis already has partnerships in place with all of the major credit card companies, not just MasterCard. Isis will also partner closely with merchants to offer discount and loyalty programs.

Ready for Isis? It certainly seems like it is going to be our option, thanks to carrier downplaying of Wallet.

Via:  Isis

  • Nate

    use levelup

  • letsmotor

    So microsoft got in trouble at one time for forcing people to use IE with their OS , can someone explain why its okay to be forced to use ISIS over choice to use Google wallet is any different?

  • SchwannyT

    Whooo HOO Utah! Its good enough for nuke testing!!!

  • erivera989

    OK, I have a Tap and Pay card from my bank, and an NFC enabled phone the T-Mobile Galaxy S2 now will they ever two meet…no. So here in Georgia we have several stores and vending machines where I can take advantage of it but still waiting for agreements to happen to start. I flash my card at McDonald’s, CVS, and coke machines to name a few.

  • strows

    Pretty sure Isis will also not support rooted phones…

  • moelsen8

    f*ck isis and f*ck the carriers. they shouldn’t be able to ban or hide apps with similar functionality from users. that’s kind of a monopolistic move. i want google wallet and that’s all.

    • noyfb

      And you just F#$%ing know they are going to charge a fee everytime you use their sh$tty isis

      • [email protected]

        That’s not true .. isis is not gng to charge anything… but something more monopolistic is coming .. i guess Careers are gonna get the taste of same Medicine.. mcx http://www.fiercemobilecontent.com/story/will-retailers-trump-google-and-isis-win-mobile-wallet-wars/2012-08-16

  • BrianWenger

    I guess I wouldn’t complain much to use ISIS if it works and is robust enough. But I would much rather use Wallet and have my money (or usage of money) go towards Google than the three Prime Evils (you like that?).
    Either way, once iPay comes out all the fanboys will flock to this new innovation and everything else won’t matter even more.

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  • I’m pretty sure just like bank cards after the first year or so you will be able to use them anywhere. Google should have been much more aggressive with wallet.

  • proggr

    wife has a gnex which we’ve been playing around with google wallet. I love using it and wish there were more places to use it. I don’t care which one we end up with, but looks like the big dogs are bringing on ISIS. Thats cool too. I doubt we will have problems finding places to use it in the next year or so. Hurry up with the pilot and bring it on.

  • Clay S.

    I guess my question is will NFC payments work at places that already have NFC active? there are a bunch more places in austin that have NFC……these merchants listed looks more like frequent buyer cards rather than just NFC payments. i live in austin, love that we get this first.

  • I couldN’T care less about which payment system I use as long as it works.

    When I CAN use a paypass terminal, I do. Sadly there aren’t many.

    • FortitudineVincimus

      It’s “I couldn’t care less” not “I could care less”. If you say “I could care less” than it means you could care less than you already do and if that is true, than it conflicts with what your trying to say.

      • LiterofCola


      • Actually – I care a little but not a lot. Technically I COULD care less about it.

        Oh jesus christ its a goddamned DISQUS thread.

        Next you’ll be seething about my superfluous use of “nonetheless” or some other worthless criticism.

        • Dr_Buttballs

          Don’t mind Fort Vinny, he’s the resident complainer.

          • LiterofCola

            I’m quite sure that there’s more than just one.

          • Dr_Buttballs

            one of several resident complainers*

  • FortitudineVincimus

    As if Android platform is not fragmented enough, these NFC payment systems are on the same path. To many, to confusing, different implementation, consumer can’t see a difference between offerings, vendors accepting different methods, nothing is universal other than they use NFC, and not one really even accepts the payment method….

    • cancerous_it

      that’s ok. when apple rolls out their nfc payment system, they’ll sue everyone for patent infringement and we’ll all have one standard.

    • Anything ironic about this poster correcting someone else’s grammar above, yet then doesn’t know the difference in “to” and “too” ? 🙂


    If it works with my debit card directly, then yes, I’m ready. But there aren’t many pay pass terminals around here.

    • Although I second your sentiment, as of right now it doesn’t look like it. Per their website:

      *Chase Sapphire and other select Chase Partner Cards can be loaded into the Isis™ Mobile Wallet- a customer cannot load debit cards, INK small business cards or private label cards into the Isis™ Wallet.

      That’s for Chase CC, I didn’t see anything about Capital One CCs.http://www.paywithisis.com//what-cards.xhtml