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FXI Cotton Candy ICS-in-a-USB-Thumb Drive Almost Ready for Worldwide Primetime, Android on Any PC for Only $199

We have covered the FXI Cotton Candy before, the Android thumb drive that allows you to virtualize our favorite OS on any computer that you want. Since we have heard from them, they’ve been getting their ducks in order, and now the little USB-drive-that-could is ready to launch by the end of this month, in Scandinavia. And while FXI is promising Android 4.0 pre-installed on this device by launch, the demo that Engadget was shown was still running Gingerbread. Either way, the stick has enough specs to run either smoothly.

This little thumb drive is more than meets the eye, packing a 1.2GHz ARM Cortex A9 processor alongside a monster quad-core Mali-400MP GPU. There is 1GB of RAM inside but for other storage than that you will have to turn to use the microSD card slot on the side. On one end of the stick a USB 2.0 connector lets you connect to your PC of choice but the other end features a full HDMI connector that is ready for 1080p output. All in all, this little thumb drive is pretty snazzy, let’s hope that it comes to the States soon enough. At the price of $199, what would you use this for?

Via: Engadget

  • brando56894

    I’d use it to make any tv a smart tv or a computer whenever I need one.

  • travis

    If you are using a PC you can get ICS for x86 from a number of sources for free and boot it from a regular thumb drive or within virtualbox.. this could be handing for turning a hotel TV into “PC”.. but then again, for that I would wrather see it running ubuntu/android hybrid

  • blizzardskier

    this seems very non useful, I’d rather just wait till phones have more than 64 gigs of ROM and 2 gigs or better of ram and pair it up with ubuntu for android, the processing power is there to let your phone drive a computer, the memory just creates a bit of a limiting factor.

  • I signed up for preorder long ago… IMO this is going to be much better than the Rasberry Pi, I’m going to use it as a HTPC replacement since my logitech revue sucks balls

  • aholland1

    Cool idea, but I’m not interested in hooking anything up to my TV that doesn’t have Tegra3 or better for the obvious purpose of gaming or streaming movies through the device or via Splashtop to my home PC from the living room.

    • Dima Aryeh

      Protip: The Mali-400 will blow away a Tegra 3 GPU. CPU is a different story.

  • Alchemy08

    $200 ehhh meet me at the $50-$100 range.

    • Androidman81

      your on crack there bud this flash drive got ics 4.0 to me thats tight i wood like to see some ics on a desktop pc but your saying meet you at the 50 dollar to a 100 range your on something to think it will sell for that less of a mount get real this is the 21st centry there’s hardly anything that sells for that cheap this ain’t the 50’s or 60’s bruh to me 199 is noit a bad deal there’s no telling what all it will do lol

      • Androidman81

        and its got a trgra 3 in it to 199 for that and its got a Kal-EL tegra 3 in it thats a good price to me thats what they need to sale tablets and phones that have a tegra 3 in it

        • Alchemy08

          relax there boss. I’m looking at this products as a simple solution to make my tv interactive. Now if Google made a GOOGLE TV box the size of this i’ll buy it for $200, but this does not run google tv software and the 4.0 firmware they put on the device is not a TV UX. Its just forked version.

  • br_hermon

    This article doesn’t mention it but you can also install Ubuntu on here and it also includes the ability to run Windows / OSX via VM. So my first thought is to use this as a HTPC. Combine it with a networked TV Tuner and network storage, could be pretty promising. However the system from Always Innovating seems to have promise too. I’d like to see the two devices specs compared.

  • cancerous_it

    I visited the FXI website and still don’t have a clue what this is used for. What is this thing used for? How does it access the net?

  • bionicchimp

    It’s cool but i keep thinking is it $200 cool for devs great for consumers meh

  • mouse as input device? what would you use to input if you hooked up to your LCD TV hdmi? #fail

    • br_hermon

      It has built in wifi and bluetooth, you can pair a mouse and keyboard to it.

  • I can see this as a great App developer tool, but I don’t see how your average consumer would use this. If I could get one for maybe $99, I would cosider it, even more so if you could plug it into a USB port on a keyboard/mouse dock that would then run it direct over HDMI on a TV or Monitor.

  • I’m still waiting for the Android on a stick.I think engadget had a article from always innovating.something like that.connect to tv, built in wifi Bluetooth, etc etc

  • PrjctArchAngel
    • Thanks for link, that is wat I was referring to.way more impressive for way cheaper

      • PrjctArchAngel

        Np, the always innovating dongle looks like will have endless possibilities (computer on a stick, wireless keyboard+ wireless mouse using on-board Bluetooth, a game console, media streamer etc etc all for around $50-$80! Google should be looking to create things like this as their google tv instead of the set-top boxes currently being used.

        • After lookin at the video engadget. This FXI product does seem exactly like the Always Innovating dongle. Weird that they are totally lseperate like the other doesnt exist. This does have Wifi, bluetooth, etc etc.And you do see on the microusb end a little logitech keyboard/mouse plugged in.

          • PrjctArchAngel

            You are correct, nice catch. Hopefully these things get popular so the price of these drop under $100. There are a ton of uses for these but i dont see the value of it over $100.

  • Michael_NM

    “At the price of $199, what would you use this for?” That’s a question I hoped this story would help me answer. However, I can’t imagine using this for anything…

  • DJyoSNOW

    Seems far more impressive than the logitec review I bought with high hopes.

    • Indeed. Might replace the Revue with this if it works as advertised.

  • Philip A. Kaiser

    C’mon, we know what everyone is thinking. Can I hook this up to my work PC and surf the web unregulated?

    • if it has built in 3G/4G yes. Otherwise it’ll use the network connection that’s a part of the PC.

    • If it uses the internet connection of your pc you would still be blocked by any work webfilters/firewalls

    • AlexKCMO

      As long as it doesn’t have flash….