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Chrome With Tab Sync for Desktops Leaves Beta, Why Would You Use Another Browser?

Back in early April, Chrome beta for desktops received the ability to sync tabs throughout all of your other Chrome experiences. It was essentially the same sync feature that the Android version of the browser had at launch, but this would complete the syncing experience. Today, this same syncing feature was released to the non-beta or stable Chrome for desktops. If you don’t see the option after signing into Chrome, Google has said that it make take a few weeks before it is active on everyone’s browser. 

What exactly is tab syncing? Think about this – you are just about to leave work, yet couldn’t find the time to finish the video that a friend sent over. Once you get home, you can retrieve that and any other tab that you had open through your home PC’s Chrome thanks to tab syncing. Better yet, you could start reading an article on the cab ride to the airport via phone and then finish it through your laptop while waiting to board. Again, all you have to do is sign-in to Chrome on all of your Chrome browsers and the magic will happen when you open a new tab.


Via:  Chrome Blog

Cheers Scott!

  • jdrch

    Why would I use another browser? Because Firefox has the same feature and a customizable UI.

  • jacksonasdf

    because chrome isn’t supported on the Razr…

  • Droidfan

    Flash still does things no other product can. Whether we like it or not. BMW still uses it for its web site. I can guarantee you…if it could be done any other way….BMW would be doing it.

  • Because it crashes like crazy on my Asus Transformer Prime.

  • James Nichols

    I need flash support. I understand that that’s old tech, but the web on desktops will always use it so if I want the full internet experience than I need it.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      I hope you are wrong, but old terrible technology has a way of never dying… just look how many people still use IE6.

  • Alan Burnstine

    Already been said.. But still waiting for Android 4 on my Rezound, Xoom 4GLTE and Thunderbolt. (don’t tell me to root. I have reasons not to). Lack of Flash is a big deal currently too, but I could use Chrome as my every day and just have an alternate for Flash sites I need if I could only run it on my devices at all 🙁

  • No Flash support and ICS is required. Sticking with Boat Browser.

  • Guest

    Flash needs to go the way of Betamax and HD DVD.

  • Osborne195

    WHAT!? Uh maybe because Firefox destroys Chrome on every single level (except maybe the UI and the lightweight feel) The amount of add-ons I have enabled would blow your mind the browser basically navigates itself.

    I’ve tried to find comperable addons for Chrome but it’s not even close to being able to have the options Firefox has. If I had a netbook or something with no RAM and a weak CPU I might consider Chrome. And I also like Chromes UI better. But dude Firefox is a beast.

    • Osborne195

      Side note: Chrome for Android is killer though. I still use Dolphin but only because it’s the only browser with perfect LastPass password functionality. Once Chrome starts allowing addons for the app – I’m on it in a heartbeat.

      Excited to check out the new Firefox Beta redesign that just went live in the Play Store but I’m not hopeful. Their apps so far have just not been very good – no idea why.

    • Kyle Fullmer

      Just curious what addons you couldn’t find in Chrome. I have been using Chrome for a long while now and want to make sure I am not missing something important in firefox.

      • Osborne195

        Well, I can’t go through everything I have baked into my Firefox build, but off the top of my head the ones that really made it impossible to switch are “Grab and Drag” which allows me to surf all webpages by grabbing the current page and moving just like reading a PDF. There are several attempts on Chrome, and they work okay – but nowhere near as good as the Firefox variant. I literally never run into a site that it doesn’t work or disable itself in the event it’s not compatible. When II want to highlight and copy text or drag and drop it just works always and the others didn’t.

        Another necessity is the Lastpass plugin for Firefox is excellent and the Chrome version is really stunted.

        Another I remember not being able to find was AutoPager which automatically loads the next page of a forum that I’m browsing when I get to the bottom of the page. Great for sites like XDA_Developers.

        Then there’s the nicer Add-on menu, AddToSearchBar which has all the sites built in searches that I use often, about 30 that I can select from the drop-down menu in the search field.

        I have honestly have tried to move to Chrome at least 5 or 6 times because I think it’s a great browser and it’s nice and light – but as soon as I would start beefing it up with add-ons it seemed to really start to chug. As of now IMO it’s just not versatile enough for my needs.

  • Why would I use another browser? Because Chrome has crappy support when it comes to using a Vim-like frontend. For those of us who hate to use mice, Chrome sucks.

  • Why would I watch a non-work related video at work?

  • Shane

    Firefox > Chrome on desktops. More powerful.

    • Liderc

      Chrome is literally twice as fast as firefox. Firefox may be safer, but only after installing multiple addons that really slow down the browsing experience.

      • Calvin Williams

        Safer? How? Google has always come out on top in hacking contests due to the sandbox

  • mmoreimi

    Website compatibility…

  • Paolo_Ozaraga

    Some of us don’t use Chrome on our desktops (I prefer Firefox) and there are some sites that I go to on the desktop that I wouldn’t access on a mobile site

    • Kiter86

      I think it is safe to say that most of us use chrome on our desktop.

      • Firefox brah.

        It’s unsafe for you to say that.

        • Calvin Williams

          Chrome>FF any day

  • Stevie Thunder

    Lack of mobile Flash Player! Duh.

    • Why would you want flash? It hogs battery and is generally an awful experience on mobile.

      • John

        I never had many issues with it. If you get a newer(faster) phone, you’ll notice it being much more stable. With it on ICS & my galaxy nexus, it’s just about flawless

        • I have a HTC Sensation and I just generally don’t want flash. I can deal with it on my desktop (but it still needs to die), but on mobile I just don’t find it’s needed.

  • The bigger question would be why, when this leaves Beta, would it remain a separate app? Why doesn’t Google make this the new default Android browser?

    • John

      I like the stock ICS browser. It’s very fast & works great w/ quick controls. I’ve never had any issues. Bookmarks stay synced (tab sync isn’t necessary for me. that’s why I have chrome2phone & phone2chrome)

      • T4rd

        I was about to post this exact comment. I have Chrome on my phone and play with it occasionally after updates, but I keep going back to the stock browser because it’s noticeably faster (scrolling/zooming on congested sites) and for flash support. I keep trying to use quick controls on Chrome too when I use it, hah.

        • Liderc

          Does seem like stock is faster with scrolling and zooming.

    • r0lct

      Maybe it’s to disruptive to the upgrade cycle and consistency to redo a major component without moving onto a new version. I would imagine whatever is the next major version whether 4.1 or 5 it’ll have it.

  • MyStroPro

    I’ll use another browser because I hate Chrome’s desktop UI – Just isn’t my style or my liking. As well, I really don’t need all my devices to sync – I don’t need to be that connected to websites.

    If I’m honest, I really like Dolphin HD.

    • Dolphin HD has exactly the same (or almost the same) UI as desktop Chrome…

      • MyStroPro

        Notice I said that I like it on a “desktop UI.” I can’t try Chrome Mobile since I don’t have HW Acceleration on my device yet (though I am running an ICS port).

        For mobile applications, Dolphin HD is fine (You should want a streamlined near no-controls when screen real estate is an issue), and has been the only browser that works consistently for me. Firefox was rubbish as was the traditional Browser on devices – I can’t tell you how many sites I had display wrong on both of those.

        I use Firefox on my desktop comps. It’s always worked well and been quick for me. I just hate the Chrome desktop UI on a desktop; therefore I could care less about “syncing” an experience.

  • Flash?

  • Liderc

    Anyone ever have a problem with chrome syncing deleting their bookmark bar? Seems like I have to always have to redo my bookmarks bar when I sign into chrome to use this.

  • Masterminded

    Lack of Android 4…

    • This!

      • Rickerbilly

        No Flash support. Complete fail! It is like the ultimate sports car, but they forgot to install a front window. If you can see the web, what is the POINT?

        • Flash needs to die, if it inconveniences some people while it’s dying, so be it.

          • Rickerbilly

            Boy that was insightful. My job relies upon
            information provided by the many webpages of noaa.gov. Until the government abandons flash
            and uses Html5 I NEED FLASH. It is not a matter of convenience;
            it is a matter of the livelihood of dozens of people in my employ.

          • Use something that supports flash for work and Chrome for everything else then.

            Chrome is hands-down the best browser on Android (maybe even on mobile) and on desktop.

          • I hate that there is no limit to the number of open tabs. My wife always has 40 or 50 tabs open, and she didn’t even know it had tabs. Chrome just makes a new tab all the time for various reasons, and it gets really slow when you have that many open.

          • Hmm…doesn’t bother me that badly. I’d like an ability to close all open tabs or multi select tabs for closing.

          • I’d like to set a limit of about 3 tabs. They’re not a problem if you’re a nerd and you know about them, and maintain them so they don’t get out of control. But for a normal person, they can easily end up with a performance crippling 40 tabs open without even realizing it.

          • Stephen D

            Not true. I have 44 open right now. Then again, I also have a 2500k at 4.5ghz, 16 gigs of RAM, and 2x 560s in SLI…

          • I was talking about Chrome for Android. But you’re welcome for giving you the opportunity to needlessly brag about your PC.

          • Rickerbilly

            I use Dolphin HD on all of my devices. And I do use Chrome as my primary browser on desktop. For Android I think it is lacking. IF it supported Flash I agree it would be the best mobile effing browser! Geeez!

          • I don’t want it to support flash. Flash NEEDS to die. Quickly and painfully. (Although I have seen your reasons for needing Flash so I respect them. But still: flash needs to die ASAP.)

          • Let me rephrase that then: “Flash needs to die. That is all.”

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          THANK YOU!… It’s the same reason my iPad one has been collecting dust since I got it (as a present) . . . You don’t realize how many websites need flash for basic navigation until you don’t have it installed.

        • Inquizitor

          More like they forgot a tape deck or cd player. Most of us don’t give a crap and have abandoned the outdated format, but a few of you continue to desperately hold on to it for some old favorites.

          • Bobby Phoenix

            @Inuizitor So what do you use to view simple everyday websites that use Flash? From work to play for me there are very little sites that support HTML5, and because of that I need a browser that runs Flash. I guess I can use Skyfire, and have it convert to playable video, but why when FF does it now. Until Flash is 100% gone AND replaced by an EQUAL alternative there will be a need/requirement for Flash players in browsers.

          • Inquizitor

            Few sites I go on with my phone require flash. The few times I really go on Chrome itself, rather than use a specific app for my need like Google Reader or Youtube, it’s typically just text or mobile-optimized video like the Verge, Droid Life, IGN, etc. I can’t even think of anything I would need to access on my phone that isn’t either a mobile-optimized or an app. Grooveshark, Chant (4chan app), Flipboard, Netflix, HBO Go, etc…

            A lot of the web has already done away with Flash, at least in mobile versions. For the few times it’s needed, like when I use watchseries.eu or w/e to watch TV shows, I can always just boot up the browser. It’s infrequent enough that it’s not too inconvenient.

          • Inquizitor

            Also, before someone half-jokingly brings up this argument in favor of Flash, many “adult” sites have mobile optimized video. 😛

  • Ben

    Google > Everything

  • John

    Quick controls. That’s why.