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LG Spectrum Set to Receive Major Update to VS920V6, Still Isn’t Ice Cream Sandwich

A new update as VS920V6 is primed and ready to be rolled out to the LG Spectrum on Verizon. According to the changelog, it appears to be pretty major yet somehow is not Ice Cream Sandwich.

After updating though, users will find calendar improvements, Google as the default search, new Google apps (Play, YouTube, Gmail, and Talk), and a whole bunch of bloatware. Your version of Android will be 2.3.6. Typically when we see these changelogs go live, you can expect the update to be made available shortly thereafter.

Check out the full list below. 

The update is 127MB in size. More info.

  • buckgrad

    I was able to pull the upgrade last night. All is fine, works well.

  • noyfb

    why does verizon treat its customers like mushrooms, and never say anything , at least admit to what devices you are working on. How about a log of what your working on in a calender format that say how close to an update? Even if you run into bugs, you can post” ran into a few bugs, but still working on it April 15th,” “Everything looling good with soak test, this could be it” stuff like this, just a simple log to show people you are doing something would be nice.

  • PC_Tool

    I heard rumors about V5…..saw the “beta” ziprom…never saw it from VZW

    So is this going to be the same thing? LG releases an update and VZW skips it?

    Anyone actually received this one?

  • Evil

    Long live the GB!

  • Rager

    Bout time

  • mustbepbs

    Ice Cream Sandwich? Verizon don’t care! Just like that pesky honey badger.

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  • Hansel

    Wow!! Verizon has updated every smartphone in their stable!! Nicely done, Big Red!

    • 97892kh2l3h4

      Except for the Bionic…..

      • mustbepbs

        Motorola: The what now…? (sweeps the Bionic under the carpet)

        • hkklife

          I’ve been running the leaked 904 update for 3-4 weeks now. 904 toggles between 4G and 3G MUCH faster (also toggle in and out of airplane mode much faster too). But it’s got slightly worse battery life and my LTE reception actually seems a tad worse in fringe areas than 902. As before, the Bionic stilll remains one or two ROM updates away from greatness.

      • BlueLetter

        Actually, the Bionic’s still in a soak test for .904 right now if I understand these things correctly so yeah even the Bionic once the soak test is done.

    • Liderc

      Except none of them have been updated to ICS, which is now 7 months old?

  • EC8CH

    VZNav *facepalm*