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Video: HTC’s New Car and Media Link HD Experiences

HTC released a couple of new videos today to highlight the car and media sharing capabilities of their new One Series. The car software, as you will see in the video below, has been optimized for music (once paired with a dongle), so that you can have wireless tunes throughout without all of those pesky cables. Their Media Link HD accessory gives One Series owners the ability to share media with any screen at any time. You will need to purchase a Media Link receiver in order to make this magic happen, but for those wanting to easily take their phone’s screen and share it with their TV, it doesn’t appear to get any simpler. 

Media Link HD:



  • Finally a car dock app that makes sense. The Android stock (and HTC too) car app has sucked forever and is difficult to disable. The alternatives on the market are not much better.

    It would be nice if HTC would just release this app (at least to HTC users still waiting for their ICS update, for example!)… but maybe, as with Beautiful Widgets, someone will knock it off and bring it to the masses. That would be nice.

  • El Big CHRIS

    It’s a shame that there’s little to none in the accessories dept for the galaxy nexus.


      completely agree, but im still hoping eventually that the accessories come out… just the dock for the lte version and the car dock would be nice.. its all i want.. considering i just got the car app running on my gnex..

      • ABerry5

        Check out Car Home in the store… im a religious fan of car docks and this app is the cream of the crop in car home software

        • GNEX(MOTOX)

          i don’t need too.. i did look at it, but its too much. I like the stock one but since its not on our gnex.. i decided to go find the apk.. which i did, load it on.. download the app that opens car homes.. its called car mode..and it opens it.. its basically stock but you can choose the color, move your shortcuts around etc, and works quite nicely so its fine for me. Plus its free though i would have paid if i found it. If you want the stock apk, i can send it to you or put it on my dropbox.. ?

          • ABerry5

            Yes please send me the apk..im always open to trying new apps.. I’m curious as to why you think car home is a bit much.. you can add or remove as much as you want and the ability to have Widgets is key to me.. I also like pages as I have 3 .. swipe left and its dedicated to phone so quick dials voice search etc swipe right its dedicated to navigation so one touch destination navigation etc then the main page is general dock.. I will admit the devs need to work on the interface but I still haven’t found much better except I’m digging this HTC app

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            hmm, maybe i should try it but i didn’t from the ugh screen shots provided even though yea i could have returned if i wanted… look nice or elegant enough.. I plan to buy an infiniti convert so i wanted something that matched its “niceness”… lol. well it has 5 screens, you can change colors, the icons, put shortcuts, not widgets sadly i don’t think.. Anyways once i find it i’ll share it.. its on my phone so let me check for the apk there… i don’t know where i put it on my laptop.. XD Though yea.. if that htc car apk comes out ill definitely give it a try. It looks nice but i think it couldn’t because unless the weather widget is built in and its literally a whole app.. it wouldn’t work on our phones.. Ill link my apk shortly.. once you download it.. you’ll have to download car mode to open it..

          • ABerry5

            I love how the app lets you customize the colors. I have a BMW 335 coupe and one of the coolest things about this car is all of the ambient lighting. Only the 3 series coupes have it, not the sedans 🙂 But other than every single button and thing you would want backlit in this car the trim that extends the entire door above the handle makes the door glow this orangish color, same with the rear. So I made the app match my car. Looks sweet at night, this pic doesn’t even do it justice

            (Pic of my car’s ambient lighting not mine but found online which you can control the brightness of)

            Pic in my car with the dock and the app running

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            ooh. Yea the pic probably doesn’t do it justice. Actually i just saw the avengers today and am now considering the acura nsx because i saw it topless.. a convertible which would be acura’s first but not sure if it’l come out that way.. Would be amazing. My dad owns an acura so i know there reliable and nice.

            Should give this one a try though, its uniform and simple, is what i like about it. 🙂

            the ambient lighting looks pretty sexy though.. 🙂

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            oh.. and another thing.. i can’t remember, im not sure if it will install… it either might or might not. I think it does… but you have no way to open it which is why i downloaded car mode.. its been like a month since i found it and installed..

          • GNEX(MOTOX)

            alright found the link even though i have em.. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1569027 the fourth post has the google car home apk and launcher.. not sure what the launcher does.. but since im not rooted… i installed it and downloaded car mode on the play store that forces it open. It works nice, and is simple/elegant. Then again, not sure i got from xda.. so im gona see if this one’s an upgrade maybe.. 🙂

  • I used to have BT audio on my old car stereo, and I found that music just didn’t sound as good through it as the old aux cable. Then again, that was 3 or 4 years ago so I’m sure tech has improved since. Both of these look sweet though!

  • Shadowcell

    Right hand has lift off. *jet sounds*

  • Sven Enterlein

    Looks like phone makers finally realize that pushing out top-notch hardware is only part of winning the competition in the Android market and innovative/intuitive software is just as important.

  • While Samsung isn’t releasing the car dock for the Galaxy Nexus HTC is about to release a nice dock with bluetooth audio dongle. Awesome….

    • John

      Nice but expensive

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        you pay for quality.

  • Butters619

    I’m pretty excited for that car dock! Does the beats audio still work since you technically aren’t using the 3.5 mm jack?

  • canucknnv

    It looks good but it would seem any phone could do this with a bluetooth dongle. So where could I find such a dongle? I don’t want to tear my dash apart or have any wires. Do they make a 3.5mm bluetooth dongle that i can pair my phone too and just plug into my aux jack in my car because this looks nice but keeping my nexus is more important

    • Butters619

      You can buy the dock and dongle separately.

      As for a generic bluetooth aux dongle. I know there are plenty out there for audio only, but to get one to work with the phone, it would have to have a built in mic too.

      • canucknnv

        I have never tried but can you pair the phone to 2 different devices at the same time? I mean have the phone paired to a headset for voice and a dongle for streaming? I guess I don’t need this because I already have the bluetooth for calls and the 3.5mm wire for music but it looks cool and i kinda want it

        • Butters619

          HTC does offer an in car bluetooth speaker for calling purposes, so maybe the phone is smart enough to realize this dongle is for audio only. I know most phones can’t make that distinction.

          I don’t really need this adapter either, but I can’t help but think this will come in handy at parties when I want to keep my phone in my pocket. Although I feel one drunk night I am going to leave it someplace and it will be gone forever.

          • canucknnv

            yeah never tried to do it and yes I’d probably leave mine behind too. I guess I’ll just move on to the next thing that i must have

        • ABerry5

          Yes you can pair to muultiple devices at once.. how your car handles it is a didf story

    • B T

      Yeah, a Tunelink will do this. It’s worth the $100. Just know that if you have a stereo unit with bluetooth for phone calls (almost none of the affordable ones do both phone calls and A2DP bluetooth– stupid, I know)– if you have that setup, there’s a bug either with the GNex or ICS that makes the phone call crackled. You can unplug the Tunelink and wait 7 seconds and it will fix itself. Even with the issue, it’s worthwhile. Search Tunelink on android forums and we’ve got a couple of threads talking about it.

  • Any idea if this stuff will work on the incredible 4g?

  • What happen to DLNA? Why these proprietary standards that require specific OEM hardware?

  • You too can have a wireless music experience with a simple adapter that works great. I created a behind-the-dash 12V adapter and plugged the adapter into the Aux jack in the back of my head unit so its completely hidden.


    • Butters619

      Did you just tap into the cigarette lighter from the back side and connect another 12V adapter?

      I currently have a DNX6160 and although it has bluetooth it is phone only :(, but this is a clever idea.