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Newest CyanogenMod Nightly Includes Theme Engine Support and Custom Lockscreen Shortcuts

When the Theme Manager was introduced in CyanogenMod 7, applying different themes to your phone was as easy as downloading an apk and a press of a button. As of today, the newest CM9 nightly now supports this ever-popular feature and one other noteworthy addition. Along with the Theme Manager, users can now create custom shortcuts from inside the settings menu to open whichever application they need right from their lockscreen. Win.

If you want to give the newest nightly a go, check to see if the newest 5/7/2012 nightly is available for your device on the via page.

Via: CyanogenMod

Cheers Faustic!

  • I don’t see the droid razr listed as a supported device. Does is go by another name?

  • no

    I wait for a final…which means never.

  • Ryan Allaire

    How does anyone know what all those funky names mean??

  • Sqube

    I’m glad this hasn’t come out for the VZW GNex. I’d hate to have one of the most popular ROMs around available for my device.

    • Dave

      What are you talking about? CM9 has been available for the VZW GNex since they started the first nightlies. The device name is “Toro” by the way.

  • Where is the Rezound love

  • Nexjersey

    Does anyone know if it has working themes already? I’m assuming the old themes won’t work of course.

    • Dave

      Not yet, I’d give it a few days before we start seeing updated themes.


      There are two framework apk’s so far in green and purple but no full themes yet.

  • azndan4

    droid theory needs to stop making roms. his annoying rom names and childish leet speak hurts my eyes.

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  • C-Law

    i and many others left cyanogenmod for aokp and similar great roms. Aokp has been out for months and has more customization. we still have no idea when the official release of cm9 is, just nightlies for some and alphas for others. it seems to me that cyanogenmod has become somewhat irrelevent and behind the times. i understand its the best option for some phones but not for the gnex, and even on my og droid, i left cm7 for pete’s bb. i think they should have gone ahead and officially launched cm9 months ago for a small number of devices, and slowly added support for more instead of trying to launch really late to the game for every device they can. i think this strategy is what caused them to probably permanently lose a large chunk of gnex users to other roms.

    • DaveTea

      I think the CM team is more focused on their long term vision of what the ROM should be than releasing alpha builds. Certainly AOKP, bb, etc owe their existence to the CM team as they have all used CM as the base for their ROM. It will be a painful wait but I think it will be worth it since they are taking a very professional approach to their development. Or perhaps it will crap out. Donno.

      • FSRBIKER

        AKOP is NOT based on CM, I really don’t know why people keep mentioning this.

        • bjn714

          They just borrow features from CM but it is definitely built from the ground up.

          • FSRBIKER

            And vice versa, there are parts of AKOP code that are now in CM9. One thing you don’t seem to hear is either development team caring either way, that’s the way it should be.

  • Until the full version is out, I’ll stick with DT’S AXIOM CMPLX ROM.

    • azndan4

      yet another dumb name from droid theory

      • steven

        great rom

      • ass


      • I could care less about the name when the ROM is notch.

      • Diablo81588

        yet another dumb comment from you..

    • edaddy

      Great ROM, great battery life.

  • Steen Kendle

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between toro and toroplus is? Thanks

    • Brian

      toroplus = Sprint Galaxy Nexus

      • Steen Kendle


    • Sprint’s G-Nex I believe

      • Steen Kendle


      • cmonnats

        good call

    • Joberton

      toroplus is the sprint galaxy nexus lte

  • leetusername

    two giant thumbs up from me!

  • @fitsnugly posted the androidian.apk on twitter earlier. Bring on the themes.

  • Hope they going to start work on the HTC One X Cyanogenmod

  • GamerChica

    Sweet I have been waiting on lockscreen support for CM9. The battery life is pretty good on these nightlies

  • Dan

    I loved CM7 on my Dinc, using AOKP MS5 on my gnex now though.

  • JBartcaps

    Great 10 minutes after I flashed AOKP Milestone 5

    • John

      You made the right choice. AOKP already has the lockscreen customization. Themes would be cool, but I imagine the amount of options in AOKP will persuade you to stay with it.

      • JBartcaps

        Yeah that’s the main reason why I went back to AOKP, unbelievable amount of customizations

        • Apostrafee

          I recently switched to Liquid Smooth from AOKP just to check it out…I dont feel I’ve sacrificed any level of customization and I’ve seen a great battery life improvement…check it out

          • cmonnats

            LiquidSmooth is amazing. Was getting somewhat bad battery life in 1.2, but after team liquid switched to baking francos kernel in with the rom i have been getting something like 18 hours of moderate use. with the extendo battery of course. nothing imo is better than LiquidSmooth. Been running it since beta 2 and havent looked back

          • Apostrafee

            I agree I am pretty damn pleased with it….not that AOKP is awful because I really liked that as well but Liquid is great

          • cmonnats

            Yea, I was running AOKP for while and it wasn’t that it was bad, it was just, average, imo. Customization is great but just as great on Liquid and Liquid comes with the sexy battery life 🙂

      • Since AOKP is based a lot on CM, you can expect to see the theme manager making its way into AOKP shortly.

        • Roman and his team do a fantastic job. #AOKP4LYFE

  • switching between cm9 and aokp right now. those two seem to be the best ROMs for the galaxy nexus. aokp much smoother in its current development. will give cm9 another go today.

    • sc0rch3d

      Give DT’s CMPLX or Patient Zero a go. 🙂

    • Sean Livingston

      DT’s axiom based roms are too sweet for TV. I concur with CMPLX and Patient Zero, best roms there are.