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Pick Up the 32GB Transformer Pad From Amazon for the Same Price as Best Buy’s 16GB Version

Looking to score a deal? Best Buy has had the Asus Transformer Pad (review here) listed at $379.99 for the 16GB version. Thanks to a tipster, we now know that Amazon has the same tablet, but 32GB for the same exact price. If you’ve been looking to scoop up the T-Pad, now would be the time.

Via: Amazon

Cheers Brandon!

  • p0k3y

    Wow, an Asus tablet that’s actually in stock in the first week of release. Either they figure out how to run the sweat shops or nobody wants this.

  • larry


  • pete

    went into best buy today to handle both devices, prime and pad. Gotta say, i like the pad better: gripped better (ridges in the plastic), and other than a slightly miscolored display (franco.Kernel would fix that…) i think the screen looked as good as the Prime (which to my surprise was pretty bad and pixelated, considering some of the reviews i read)

    on a side note, i decided to hold a couple galaxy tab’s, just to get a feel….omg they sucked, and i haven’t felt such a laggy interface since my OG droid was running MIUI 😀

  • OGDroid

    You could always just get it from Walmart for the same price + $.97 cent shipping and you get 90 days to return so you don’t get stuck with something that turns out to be below your expectations.


    • TheMan876

      From Walmarts electronics return section
      GPS units, digital music players, e-tablets, e-readers and portable video players: Must be returned within 15 days of receipt.

      Good luck trying 90 days later

  • If you live in a part of the country with a Fry’s Electronics, they’ll price-match on-line prices. PLUS, they’re selling the 32GB version IN STORE right now.

    So you can walk off with a $379 T300 today — no need to wait for shipping. You will have to pay sales tax though. So if you have Amazon Prime, you may as well just make use of your 2-day free shipping.

  • Stewie

    Of course, you could go into said BB and see (jokingly) if they are desparate enough to give you an extra discount due to this fact, you never know …

    • They only price match to physical stores.

      • Josh

        It’s up to the manager at that store. I am one.

  • Trevor

    They should call it Worst Buy.

  • N8shon

    I test drove this tablet in BB the other day for a couple hours-VERY nice tablet experience in my opinion.

  • Alex

    Which one is better, this or the new 10.1 TAB 2

    • MKader17

      If I were in the market I would wait for the Transformer Infinity (Tf700) It will have the Tegra 3, which I’m sure will be tweaked for better performance, a 1800×1200 screen, and all the problems with the original transformer will be worked out.

      What killed this tablet for me was the quality. I went to BB to try it out and the backing felt really cheap, and the screen was obviously sub-par to both the OG Transformer and the Transformer Prime (w/o IPS on). I think the screen is supposed to be the same but it was very obvious that everything was much sharper on the other 2 tablets. I’m not usually a guy to worry about a screen and plastic build, but it solidified my reasoning to keep my Prime.

      • Alex


      • Dain Laguna

        thats gotta be the most annoying thing about android tablets. every ‘what should i get question’ involves an answer that says ‘wait for this’.

  • Smooth918

    IDK, I still say, A Tablet/Pad should not have a physical keyboard at all, maybe I’m just Old School, but why turn a Tablet into a Laptop…

    • MKader17

      There are many reason’s but if it’s not for you the tablet is still an amazing machine.

      Off the top of my head the keyboard provides a way to type something of decent length, is a nice “kickstand”, provides the ability to easily connect an external HD, has the ability to allow different versions of linux. (I know a guy that uses a 7″ netbook for linux all the time. he would have the best of both worlds for this with likely a better battery life.), its good at protecting your screen, is an external source of power, etc…

      The external keyboard is really the best accessory for any tablet ever imo.

  • gallery69

    Not really a deal, Amazon’s price is the normal price for the 32GB version.

    • mustbepbs

      Haha. They should rename the article to: Best Buy robbing customers on overpriced Prime tablet, buy from Amazon instead

      • ljb

        i took my 16gig back to best buy today and got the 32 gig from office depot. Office Depot matched walmart at 379.

    • The normal price for the 32GB on Amazon is 399.

      • gallery69

        I stand corrected! Maybe I’ll buy one after all. $20 off, no tax and free shipping. Good deal.

  • ty

    Best Buy: Your #1 source for rape when it comes to buying gadgets.

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  • Mack

    Seems like they only have the blue one, nice find though I might have to jump on this.

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