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Wednesday Poll: Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

It’s time to settle this debate once and for all (because polls can do that). Yes, we are talking about headphone jack placement on smartphones. The DL crew wishes that all phone manufacturers going forward would do the right thing (biased much?) and put headphone jacks on the bottoms of phones, because it simply makes sense.

If the jack is on the bottom, you can plug in your headphones and the headphone cable stays out of your way as it drapes below the phone. Also, when you go to place the phone in your pocket in the natural way, which is top down, then the headphone jack points upwards and out of your pocket. If the headphone jack is up top, the cord then becomes a nagging issue and is either draping off to the side, behind, or often times in front of your phone. Then, as you go to place it in your pocket, you have to consciously make an effort to adjust (possibly break) your wrist to slide the phone in bottom side down so that the cord sticks out of your pocket. (That makes my entire forearm hurt just thinking about the maneuver.)

So tell us, which do you prefer and why. Also, to further our argument, we dove deep into the logistics, creating evidence in the most proper of ways – yes, GIFs.

Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

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On the bottom:

On the top:

  • zzwerty

    For top:
    When it’s in a car, the phone can connect to the aux more easily
    Your phone has the pleasure of not being upside down in your pocket, hooray!
    For Bottom:
    When it’s on a sport armband thingie you don’t have to maneuvre your arm weirdly to see the screen
    When it’s in your pocket it is easier to get out
    When it’s charging and you have it plugged in the cables don’t tangle
    When you are looking at the screen, the headphone cable doesn’t get in the way. This can be really annoying sometimes.

  • Sarah

    Better on top. Every phone I have had with the jack point is on the bottom the headphones never last. Finally have a phone with on top and its the longest the headphone has lasted. I have never put my phone in my pocket top down I do it the other way round.

  • Whichever one you choose, top or bottom, you’re all idiots and wrong. Get with it.

  • What about docks? If your phone is made to dock upright, then docks would need to all have a way to plug headphones into them.

    And regarding cupholders, stock Android doesn’t flip the phone so it’s display can be upside down. So it’s not really a great option to flip your phone upside down in a cupholder… (or anywhere else, really)

  • gb79

    I say put it on the top AND the bottom. This would be useful for both groups of people as they could choose the port they prefer. It also has a handy benefit for situations where you wanted to let a friend listen in on a song as they could just pop their ear buds into the opposite port.

  • Louis-Abner Philippe

    bottom, i put it upside down in my pocket. and if i carry it in my hand i prefer it to be at the bottom..otherwise wire gets right in the way of the screen and what not … that is all

  • commenter

    So… I’m a fan of the top, well only because i only previously had top ports. (rocking an HTC Thunderbolt) BUT… i don’t use headphones with my phone. I have a private office at work, so i just use the speaker/kickstand with my music. when i drive, my car has bluetooth, so i just wireless transmit the sounds. Because CM7 doesn’t play nice with gps (as of last time i checked) i don’t use navigation or anything like that. so my phone goes in “bottom first” into a pocket. That way, i only need to pull out a little if i need to chedk time/message from the status bar. Or if i have to pull it fully out, i have gooten used to gripping with my thumb and index finger on the top corners and then rotating as i’m pulling about the top axis to make it lay flat in my hand. I find it odd to have to twist my elbow when the phone is upside down. but that’s just me

  • ChaoticInfinityX

    I was used to the top side jack for the longest with my Droid X, but I really enjoy my bottom side jack of my Gnex.

  • mikeym0p

    On a lighter note: Can you share the icons/wallpaper you have on the One X in the picture?

  • mikeym0p

    Bottom, Samsung got it perfect with the NS and GNex. The wires never hamper usage and they never are awkward to use. I put my Gnex in my pocket upside down anyway so the chin sits just at the rim of my pocket and feels thinner.

  • Side! Where is the vote for on the side?

  • I use bluetooth

  • Travis Swan

    Bluetooth headphones.  It goes in the pocket the way that it goes in the pocket (sometimes I have to flip it, and sometimes I have to flip it twice).  So its all good

  • LLcdPH

    A headphone jack on the bottom makes it next to impossible to use your phone in your car when you want to use the jack AND use your phone for navigation.  Android doesn’t rotate 180 degrees.  If it did, then it really doesn’t matter.  This was one of the major reasons I dumped my GNEX.  Useless in the car.

  • JB

    Doesn’t matter on a phone. Tablets, however, better have the jack on the side.  My K1 has it on the bottom and so I have to use headphones with a bent plug or when the tablet is in it’s stand its almost entirely held up by the headphone jack.

  • dbam987

    I voted top, but it doesn’t really matter.

  • Um, where is my option for “I don’t care, I use bluetooth headphones”?

  • Javissullivan

    Doesn’t matter. Bluetooth.

  • kevintufts

    Reading through the posts, I see that people think that top up in pocket requires you to flip your phone when you pull it out.  I’m a top up guy and it just depends on how you pull out the phone.  If you rotate your hand to swap the thumb and pointer finger while its top up, it comes out correctly in hand.  I just do this naturally.  

  • r0lct

    It’s obviously a classic Yooks vs Zooks problem

  • Steve Edholm

    While I like the bottom, docks don’t think like that.  I have a dock and I have to mod it to get an elbow adapter in there so I can listen to music while it charges.  I hate it.  

  • Bluetooth. I don’t care where you put the headphone jack, I don’t use it.

  • Samuel

    I voted bottom because it just makes sense, I put my phone in my front pocket upside down and having it at the bottom makes it much more convenient to change the song when I’m doing crazy things like “walking.”

  • nimbyist

    where is ‘doesn’t matter’ option??

  • Bonzix


  • B’s nuts

    How about both? Dual jacks problem solved.

  • SH

    The only time I ever use my headphone jack is when I am hooking my phone up to the aux in my car stereo, or my speakers at home. Either way, it makes no difference where it is located on the phone.

  • fauxshizzl

    The animosity in the comments about peoples preference of cord placement is hilarious. Not quite to ApplevsAndroid proportions, but funny.

    • r0lct

      That’s because its Gnex vs RAZR fanboys going it at pretending it’s about the headphone jack.

  • J Dub

    I don’t really care as long as it’s basically a no wires affair when you dock it in your car to get charge and sound. Like the G-Nex is supposed to do.

  • spliced249

    Bluetooth headphones.  Why do you guys like wires?

    • r0lct

      I like listening to music using my car stereo.  Even though it supports BT audio it sounds worse than using the aux jack.

  • Joelseph

    3500 people have apparently never used a phone with a port on the bottom.  There is no logical reason to like it being on the top.  The cord is out of the way when you’re holding it.  When you put it in your pocket you don’t give a crap where the the port is.  You’ll get used to whatever way you have to put it in your pocket.

    Seriously, find someone with a phone that has a port on the bottom and use it.  Then make the call. It’s obvious.

    • Jeremy Turnley

      I have one now, and since I keep my phone in my shirt pocket not my pants, the bottom just doesn’t work well. Also, since the charge port and headphones are close together I can’t use the heavy duty headphone cable I bought because it won’t fit. 

  • mtrip98

    i still have an infuse and the headphone jack is on the top and charge port on the bottom. http://forums.offtopic.com/images/smilies/weaksauce.gif

    i would prefer the both to be on bottom since i put my phone in my back pocket top down.

  • Had a HTC Desire, it had a jack on the top, i loved it like that, made it more simple, then i got a desire HD, it had one at the bottom, i hated it. it just didn’t feel right, now with a HTC one X it’s on top again =) just as i like it. 

  • HP input on top, lock switch/power button on side along with those pesky volume buttons. 

  • gangan115


  • Slab

    I like having the headphone jack at the top because often use it while driving for music and GPS. I set the phone in a cup holder so the top is far more convenient.

  • MeetOza

    well its good to read…. chkout htis blog….. 

  • C-Law

    I prefer bottom. I put my phone upside down in my pocket and cup holder now so I don’t have to flip it when I pick it up. Didn’t think I’d prefer bottom at first but definitely do now. No cord trying to hang over the screen

  • brando56894

    Top. Bottom is just odd…

  • kimjongdun

    it actually doesnt matter for alot of folks. alot of custom roms allow 360 degree screen rotation.

  • anglababay

    The poll shows it’s almost 50/50 split.  I slide it my phone in top up
    because that’s where the headphone jack is for my DX.  If it were on the
    bottom and I was using headphones, I’d probably slide it in bottom up.
     People generally have a certain maneuver(s) which work for them when
    placing/removing their phone, and if it works for them, that’s fine with
    cheap nike free

  • FknTwizted

    I say which ever is cool just make it so the charger port and hdmi is all in the same…. Get tired of my phone looking like something on life support with them all coming out in all directions.

  • Medications

    I put my phone in my pocket top up-bottom down, that’s how I’ve put every phone I’ve ever owned in my pocket, it is second nature. Also i often peek at my phone for notifications/checking the time without having to take it all the way out of my pocket. Different folks have different needs/uses so there is no right or wrong way.

    I rarely use the headphone jack anyway since i prefer using an ipod when it comes to listening music. When streaming music on a phone doesn’t destroy a battery and data usage the way it does with current phones, then the smartphone will finally be my primary portable music player, but until then I’m gonna use an ipod. Plus my car has an ipod radio built in so it’s too convenient.

  • I prefer the bottom. 😉 

    It makes more sense with it on the bottom, but at the same time, it leaves a lot of slack in the cord, which usually gets shoved into the pocket anyways. 

    The 3.5mm jack definitely won’t make or break whether I buy a certain phone. You get use to whatever the manufactures do with it. 🙂 

  • dylan84

    Headphone jack on the top. When I put my phone in my pocket I put it with the top facing up.

  • Putting it on the bottom would work better for docks (vertical style speaker docks to be specific), although I’m kind of used to it being on the top.

  • Zebra

    Bottom. So that when its docked in my car (in portrait) the aux cable naturally connects at the bottom out of the way, versus on the top where it gets in the way and I have to run it behind.

  • Chris

    I like having it on the top better. It seems the right way for some strange reason. Maybe just because I’m used to it with my first iPod and every iPhone I’ve owned. I voted bottom though because it does make more sense.

    • Liderc

      Oddly enough the itouch has it on the bottom. 

      • Chris

        And I always thought it was stupid until I got a Galaxy Nexus.

  • And now you know why OEMs don’t have a consensus in design paradigm either.  You’re all wrong!

  • cphilano

    Really should have put an either as a choice for those of us who don’t care or would place the phone with the headphone plug up no matter which side side its on up or down.

  • Danofiveo

    Neither! Bluetooth!

  • Drayphly

    Actually now that I thought more about it , it is top up when its in my shirt pocket and top down when in my side pant pocket. 

  • Who puts their phone in their pocket upside down?! You cant peek at your phone without removing it all the way when it’s upside down. Also when people drive they commonly have it in their lap or a cup holder. Why would you want your phone upside down, lol

    • TC Infantino

      I can’t reply to what is common, but I put my phone in the car dock which makes it easy to see, and touch the screen to change songs or whatever I need to do with it without taking making me take my eyes off the road for more than a split second. 

  • Drayphly

    I think on the bottom is strange, I first encountered this with my HTC Desire and then my Ipod touch and now my G Nex…. It sucks if you use docks or want or any type of stand, also if the power button is on top of the device you run the risk of it accidentally turing on because it is unside down in your pocket resting on the power switch.  Atleast the Nexus poer switch is on the side.    … Blah blah blah… I prefer on the top, like the millions of iPhone users… lol … PEACE

  • Brent Stewart

    Gotta be on the bottom. It’s where it’s at on my iPod Nano (3rd gen), it’s where it’s at on my Zune HD. I don’t use my phone for music. While not necessarily popular I still prefer carrying a separate device for music. My Zune is either laying on a flat surface in which case bottom makes most sense. Or it’s in the change tray in my van in which case again the bottom makes the most sense otherwise the cord keeps it from floating all the way to the back of the tray. When it’s in my pocket its upside down because it just feels natural to grab it fingers and and thumb down, pull it and it’s automatically facing up right.

  • Top. I don’t know about other people, but on my Galaxy Nexus, when I am using the headphone jack while the phone is being charged, there is an interference on the sound coming out. I tried a couple different cables and none of them help solved the problem. Since many phones put the USB port at the bottom, the headphone jack, IMO, should be at the top in order to avoid the same problem.

  • jrphillips10

    I think most will say top but after having a gnex with the bottom jack I prefer that now. A lot easier to have in your pocket with headphones plugged in

  • PoShow

    Let’s end the discussion right here and right now.  Like most things in life, if there are multiple ways of doing something, there isn’t always a “best” way of doing it.  The poll shows it’s almost 50/50 split.  I slide it my phone in top up because that’s where the headphone jack is for my DX.  If it were on the bottom and I was using headphones, I’d probably slide it in bottom up.  People generally have a certain maneuver(s) which work for them when placing/removing their phone, and if it works for them, that’s fine with me…  Unless you do some type of official study where you compare some endpoint (how many times someone drops it, how many distinct moves it takes to place your phone in “the ready position”, etc), this is all a matter of opinion, and everyone’s entitled to one.

  • Towelie420

    Bluetooth headphones…. so neither

  • Mr. Chips

    Why not put one on both the top and the bottom?  That way the user gets to choose.

    • CivilDroid


  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    lol at these pictures… Having phone hang out of your pocket like that has to be enticing to pick pockets.

  • Tim Buchanan

    I use my phone for music in the car, so if the jack is on the bottom, the screen is upside down when I put it in the cup holder.  Top please.

  • Nickfloria

    I prefer top that really is the only thing i don’t like about my nexus

  • Jeff


  • I have google glasses so I don’t need a head phone jack. 

  • Reeb99

    A good portion of these phones have a camera bulge, so they just fit better going in the pocket top up. That’s probably why most have the headphone jack on top.

    To each their own I suppose, but I still prefer the headphone jack on top.

    Edit: I also put my phone in my left rear pocket but am right handed, so I switch hands anyway by nature.

  • ghostrigger

    should be on top in my opinion as some stands would then block the port

  • I would like to see a complete standardization of all plugs and types. iPhone users have an inferior OS but have superior accessories that they can get from apple or third party. A first gen iPhone user can use the same charger, bases, and other gadgets that they can use with their current iPhone 4 or 4s. I cannot say the same about Android, even if you stick with one manufacturer, they change things from product to product. Make a standard, and stick to it. As the Joker said about Batman, where does he get such wonderful toys.

  • BearMinimum

    Top makes way more sense for me personally. I have a Thunderbolt and a Galaxy Note, glad they’re both up top. I almost got a GNex the other day…now that I realize the jack is on the bottom its actually a deal breaker.

  • I had no problem with the jack on my OG being on the top, but now that I’ve used bottom and top jacks, I do like the Nexuses placement (bottom) better.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Wheres the “I dont use headphones (even the beats that came with it)”

  • Lakerzz

    I’m on the fence with this one. Our work truck has an auxiliary cable to connect to the stereo, and therefore needs headphone jack on the top. I totally agree with the “natural” positioning of the phone in the pocket though. So in that case, on the bottom. Then when if I were to get a phone call, or answer a text, it wouldn’t be very “natural” at all to pull it out of the pocket and put the phone up to the ear, or start to reply to a text to have it on the bottom. If you were JUST talking about it in your pocket, I would agree. But my phone hardly ever stays in my pocket so I voted top. That’s just my fifty cents…

  • fvqu

    Why the majority of the votes is for the top is beyond me. It all depends on how you put your phone in your pocket. Most people put their phone in your pocket upside down (I do, atleast), so it only makes sense to have it on the bottom. Although the micro usb port on the bottom is a different story, I find it much more comfortable when the micro usb port is on the side.

  • Top top top. It seems so awkward to put my phone in my pocket upside down. The way you grab the phone from your pocket in the second gif seems so odd. I grab mine with my thumb and forefinger and it slides perfectly into the rest of my hand when I pull it out. Why does everyone think “top down” is so NATURAL?

    • Nick

      here’s what I want you to do. Empty your pockets. Now put your hand in your pocket. Now put your phone in your hand like you are looking at it, and put your hand in your pocket the same way you just did. The phone will end up top-down unless you rotate or slide it about in your hand. Thats why people like the top down, since it is how the phone naturally goes in the pocket from your hand.

  • SD_Scott

    Don’t really care where the jack is as long as it’s not blocked in its dock.

  • Really… I don’t care, as long I can put it without messing with the cell use

  • Taglogical

    I’ll just say that it would be a design gaff if docking the device precluded easy access to the headphone jack… Given that either side of the phone is no good, and I think we all agree that we don’t want our phones docking upside-down, the only sensible answer is: Top.

    • Taglogical

       …following this, if docking is done on the side of the phone (my preference) then either the top or the bottom would work – 6 of one, half-a-dozen of the other at that point, no?

  • yarrellray

    Bottom will always rule. That’s one of the main great thing about the Gnex…It just makes sense…

  • the one thing i detest about my gnex is the headphone jack on the bottom >_>

  • Insert_Name

    What about the, it doesn’t matter option?

  • jb

    Why not both top and bottom?

  • I never knew the “natural” way was top down. Ever since my Blackberry (in holster) top up was the way. Same as iPod (not nano). Top down would push the on button on many phones, like my OG droid, so it carries on with my RAZR.

  • bottom


  • Normally I would say top, but my GNexus has the usb and audio plug on bottom and I like having them in the same place.

  • Murphy

    Top or Bottom? Those have totally different meanings to me 🙂

  • RoadsterHD1

    jack at the bottom is for iphone users

    • tech fan

      Except theirs is on the top.


    I put my phone in my pocket as if it were in my hand and I put my hand in my pocket, ie. top down.  That way when I pull it out, it’s orientated in my hand right-way-up.  Therefore, bottom please.

  • frankandsimple

    Top for obvious reasons. Situations where bottom makes more sense are if you were holding your phone all along as you listened with the headphones (why?).. or when your phone is docked on something in your car…  Even then, the top position is not bad. 
    For all other situations, headphone jack on the top is natural and makes sense. 

  • Kurt5153

    Top easier in the car

    • Mate01

       Top better when out of pocket for everything.

  • StevieWelles

    It is obviously more convenient to have it on the bottom in pretty much every circumstance. When my phone is in a car dock for navigating, I also find it aesthetically criminal to have cords coming out of the top (3.5 mm, yeah, I know, get a bluetooth capable stereo) and bottom (charging). Alas, my HTC One X is on preorder, so I’ll just have to deal with this design flaw.

    • Diablo81588

      Design choice*.. It’s not a flaw when more people would rather have it on top according to the poll 😛

      • If more people wanted to jump off a bridge, would you call that a design choice? 😀

      • StevieWelles

        The majority in this case are apparently illogical. Seriously, I haven’t heard a remotely compelling reason to put it in the pocket right-side up, UNLESS you are listening to headphones with your phone in your pocket AND the jack is on top. I think what people are saying they prefer is as a result of most phones having the jack on top, not because they would actually prefer it to be there if given the choice.

        • Diablo81588

          I listen to my phone in the truck on a daily basis. I keep it in the cup holder or a compartment next to the shifter standing straight up with the cord coming out of the top and towards the radio. Unless i wanted to keep my phone sitting upside down, a bottom jack would be completely stupid. There’s a perfect scenario where a bottom jack would be worthless.

          • StevieWelles

            But there is no reason why you couldn’t have the phone sitting upside down in the cupholder. The reason the bottom makes sense is because of one or two use-cases that are very common: 1) listening to headphones with your phone in your pocket (in which case, as demonstrated in the GIFs above, having it upside down makes more “ergonomic” sense), and 2) you have it in a car dock and don’t want cords coming out of both ends.

        • MyStroPro

          You apparently are illogical for the illogical attack on readers of the site.  Ad Hominem much?

          Because a person doesn’t fit what you believe is logically does not mean their belief is illogical.  People thought the world was flat at one time, but boy was that illogical.  They believed that the opposite was true – that not thinking the world was flat was illogical.

          Anyway, here’s a compelling reason. I put my phone top-end-up in my pocket so when I pull it out I can look directly at the screen if I get a text or email.  I grab it on the sides with the finger and the thumb, and lay it in my hand as it comes out of my pocket.  The people who put it in upside down have to push their whole hand down in their pockets to pull it out and flip their hand’s general direction just like they are pulling a gun from a holster in the days of the Wild West.

          When i work out in the gym, I slide the phone in my pocket the same way – Top-end-up.  Quick access to player controls on the screen, quick viewing for texts that may pop in. No head or hand turning needed.

          • StevieWelles

            Yikes, chill out my friend.

  • tvjrc603

    So this is how the DL crew distracts themselves from the anticipation of the SGS3 announcement tomorrow…

  • Justin Howard

    OMG why does it gotta be so complicated when it comes to explaining why it is better on top or on bottom, …….maybe they should start making phone with a jack on the top and bottom lol…..anyway I have the razr and it’s obviously on the top and I don’t mind at all, it just seems right to have it on the top (my opinion), but if I owned a nexus then I’m sure I wouldn’t mind having it on the bottom, like I said it’s really no big deal. I mean who doesn’t take pride in their phone and defend it and its specs, I take pride in my Razr, I think its great. Everyone has their own taste and style so please quit complaining about it being BETTER to be on top or on bottom….honestly who really cares lol

    • Lakerzz

      That is a pretty long comment for someone who doesn’t care, lol.

  • I dont really care.. on my Droid X and My Thunderbolt I was never bothered by the top headphone jack. But spending some time on my Dads GNex, quickly got used to the bottom jack.. I figure with as much as we use our phones, it would take all of a day or two to adjust to where ever the jack was.. 

  • Skeltergrave

    The bottom is a ridiculous choice. It would bother my bottom palm way to much. Charger jack on the left side and headphone jack on the top.

  • jjrudey

    I’m glad the droid-life crew agrees with me on how I like my headphone jacks.

  • BulletTooth_Tony

    Did I cause this with what I said in the One X review yesterday? I actually like both ways.. bottom for laying on my desk so it doesn’t spin if I tug on it a little. On top for my pockets… for when I put the phone in my pocket in the PROPER direction – top up! 😉

  • with apex launcher on my gnex, i don’t think it really matters. orientation change within the lockscreen is the tits! 

    • Lakerzz


  • TheOiulkj

    I’d like the jack to be on the front, right in the middle of the screen. That way I always know whether or not I have my headphones plugged in and I don’t accidentally play pron videos on speaker phone.

  • balthuszar

    i put my phone in my pocket bottom first…i don’t use headphones, but if i did, the jack being on top is fine, the jack being on the bottom is fine…i wouldnt “break my wrist” trying to put it in bottom first, nor would i “break my wrist” putting it in top first if the jack was on the bottom…also, unless you make a habit of holding the phone above your head…the cord is going to drape up across the screen if the jack is on the bottom, and unless you have a cord that’s too short(which increases the tension on the cord) the cord will drape down across the screen if the jack is on the top…so…?

  • gregwilliams

    Auto rotate! It don’t matter

  • I prefer the headphone jack to be on the back. of the device, next to the flash and the camera. It really fits in my pocket well.

  • steve30x

    i like it on top 0_o

  • Rodeojones000


  • Ohhh the things we are fanatical about.
    I’m a bottom jack fan boy
    I hated the top jack on my DInc, flipping it over every time I took it out, and the cord taking a 180 and draping down when holding it.

  • pacnwsoundstream

    bottom is the best hands down. I hated my droid plugging in at the top and the charger coming out of the bottom. so if i was using it in my car i had two cords going the opposite directions. I love how my cords just streamline out of the bottom on my nexus.

  • nicotinic

    I’ve never had a phone with the jack on the bottom but after hearing why it should be, it makes sense.

  • Anthony

    I don’t care either way. As long as it is on the same side as the charger port. Like on my MAXX. Both are right there on top. It is nice cause I plug both in while driving. My D3 I believe have the charging port on the left side and the headphone jack up top. Stupid design. 

    • Anthony

      Actually come to think of it I would like both on the bottom. That way while it is in the charger both wires are hanging straight down. Not putting any strain on the connection. Less chance of a loose connection this way. 

      • Anthony

        Meant to say Car Dock, not Charger

  • Jeremy Turnley

    Top. My phone lives in my shirt or inside jacket pocket, so when I pull it out, it’s not upside down like you, because I am grasping it with my hand already oriented right.

  • blizzard89

    slow news day waiting for the S3 eh?

  • Paul

    I don’t put my phone upside down in my pocket, so headphone jack makes more sense to me.

    • Paul

      *headphone jack on top*

  • Q

    It makes more sense on the bottom.  It’s probably one of my favorite features on the GNex.  I hated flipping my TB, DX, and Bionic around when pulling them out.

  • dplowden88

    Bottom. When I went from a DX to the Galaxy Nexus I was a little thrown off by it being on the bottom. Now I can’t imagine why it would be anywhere else. It truly does make the most sense for most scenarios. Obviously to each his own, but I’d be willing to bet that a lot of people voting top have either never had a phone with the jack on the bottom or just have not spent enough time with it.

  • Corey Marrier

    Bottom would be good. The best solution would be to have the headphone jack and the charging port on the same end. Makes it easier to charge and listen to music. With my Thunderbolt I have to sit the phone in a very awkward spot if I want to charge and listen to music.

  • JMac726

    We need a phone with BOTH

  • Dliuzzo110

    Top top top. Though I see the reasoning for the bottom….its just wrong. 1) power buttons on top so if you put your phone in pocket upside down it will constantly wake up, turn off, ect. 2) docks, holsters and kickstands would simply just not work 3) think about how you use your wallet. You grab it between your thumb and fore finger and as you lift, it rotates ever so effortlessly into position. You don’t put your wallet in your pants upside down do you? Silly Droid life dudes I think you’ve simply been “out-logic-tified” (is that a word) on this one

    • Power button is on top? What? Not in all phones. Also.I put my wallet in my pocket upside down… Why wouldn’t it work with kickstanfs holsters and docks? Elaborate please. Its fine that you like the jack in top, but your points don’t really jive.

  • Ksae

    i put my phone in my shirt pocket feet first. i don’t like putting it in my pants pocket because of keys, coins, and other stuff that usually scratch up the screen.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      that’s why you dedicate 1 pocket for change, the other for your phone… hand your keys to your girlfriend/wife and they’ll purse the things.

  • Qbrisco

    The beauty is having a choice.

  • My phone is right side up in my pocket because I have OCD and nothing should ever be upside down ever!

    • blizzard89

      that exclamation point at the end of your comment kinda looks like an upside down i

  • ckeegan

    I’m actually amazed it’s this close (almost dead even at 1200 votes). I figured top would be a no-brainer. Interesting.

  • Tim242

    I’m versatile haha

  • Neither, Bluetooth!

    • Tim242

      Why burn battery with BT?

  • will bartlett

    these gifs make my head hurt.

  • Bains4u

    How about giving it at both locations 😉

  • Benjamin Storrie

    I put mine in my pocket and still would prefer top.  This is why they make the l-shaped headphone connectors.  Oh, you’re using stock/cheap headphones?  Why are you complaining about your jack placement again? 

  • Mustang5Oh

    Bottom due to how it goes in pocket. If you place it upside down in pocket when you remove the phone its already right side up.

  • Montero

    I don’t really care where the jack is. I would subconsciously orient my phone so that the jack is on top. however. If it is at the bottom and I ever want to lower or increase the volume while the phone is in my pocket. I’d have to reach further and it’d be upside down. I’d have to adjust to that or always take my phone out of my pocket everytime i want to change the volume

    I prefer the top. 

  • Hmm….

    If you put it in your jeans, you probably put the phone in upside down.  If you put it in a shirt/jacket pocket, it goes in right side up. Here’s my theory: Kids want it on the bottom. Grownups on the top.

    Now, depending on what I’m wearing, I’m either a kid or a grownup! 😛

  • Butters619

    Well when I want to take control I like it on top, but if I just want to enjoy myself and not do any work then bottom works….

    …..wait, what?

    • Tim242

      LMAO! I know that’s right!

  • I use a hardshell holster so it would piss me off if it was on the bottom.  

  • That depends, for pocketability I prefer bottom, but for other uses such as propped up on a desk I prefer top.

  • Anthony Armando

    -i put my phone in my pocket with the bottom on top.
    -stock doesnt rotate 180 degrees, which would make interfacing with my phone very difficult when in my arm band for exercising. having the jack on bottom is perfect for putting the headphone wire into my sleeve to be tucked away under my shirt and out of the way. ever get a wire attached to your ears stuck on something? hurts and you might just ruin those headphones/earbuds.

  • whenjasonattks


  • gardobus

    Bottom makes way more sense.  I didn’t realize it until I got my GNex.  Now when I plug my phone into the car (power and auxiliary) the cords are both on the bottom and easy to deal with.  With it on the top, theres a cord coming out of each side.  Ever worse on a Motorola with the power coming out the side and headphones out the top.  Dumbness.

    • except the most modern moto phone (Razr series) has ALL the jacks on the top. headphone/usb/hdmi

  • I say put two jacks on a phone (top and bottom) and be done with it.

  • Michael Quinlan

    I can see reasonable arguments for both top and bottom, but accommodating people who put their phones in the pockets is not one of them.

    That said, if I were to put my phone in my pocket, upside down would be the most natural orientation.  If I’m holding the phone in a natural way for use, the top of the phone is away from my elbow.  If I then go to put the phone in my pocket, the phone will naturally end up upside down, since my arm length is such that my elbows are typically above my pockets.

  • I think it makes more sense to have it on top. Because headphone cords aren’t always long enough, the most direct way to your ear from the phone makes sense. Also, like in the images above, if you put the phone in your pocket, it makes more sense to have the cord coming out of the top of the phone. Seems more streamlined. 
    San Bernardino Personal Injury Laywers

  • BlueLetter

    I’m sorry but turning my phone upside down to put it in my pocket is not “natural” to me. It may makes sense, but I’ve been doing it the way most people do it for years now, and that to me is the natural way to do it.
    And having the jack on the bottom would interfere with the way I hold my phone, but thats something I could learn to get around given time.

    • Paul

      I completely agree.

  • Live2Rootz

    Can’t believe how many people are saying top. I used to have to flip the phone around when I pulled it out of my pocket but with my gnex that is no longer a problem. Most people saying top have never had a phone with the Jack on the bottom so they just don’t know what they are missing 😉 Top from now on for me.

    • Diablo81588

      Did you just contradict yourself? 😛

    • Durpadurr

      but now you flip your phone whenever you put it in your pocket

  • Tim242

    DL is of its rocker today. First you call the DROID brand crap. Now you think it’s natural to put your phone in your pocket upside down??? I say top is best. But, I love my Nexus anyway.

    • Beer:30 may have started early today. 😛

  • DrHotmann

    As long as it’s not on the side like my Dell Streak…Worse decision ever.

    • Diablo81588

      Now THAT makes no sense.. Leave it to Dell, lol

      • nicotinic

        They’re just dellusional.


  • TheWickedShepherd

    Should have had a 3rd option to the poll: Don’t care.

    Now that decent BT earbuds/headphones aren’t much more than wired versions there’s no reason I’d ever go back to wired. Nothing has caused me to drop my phone more than walking around or working out with wires dangling all over the place.

    • Inquizitor

      Unless you care about battery life.

      • TheWickedShepherd

        Battery life is a smidgen shorter with BT but not enough to make a difference between lasting all day or needing to swap in a fresh battery. If I have to change out the batteries it’s not because of the BT.

        • Inquizitor

          On the One X or the GNex? I can tell you BT is as much a battery killer as anything else if it’s used for long periods of time like listening to a lot of music or podcasts on the Nexus.

    • Dliuzzo110

      “I lift things up and put them down”

  • AngryTurd

    When I have the headphones plugged in, I put the phone in my pocket facing up. All other times, down…it’s not a big deal. I prefer it on top. 

    I guess if I put it a holster or inside of a fanny pack, I’d have a stronger opinion. :p 

  • PC_Tool

    I vote for: Nowhere.

    Seriously…we should be *long* past the days of needing a frigging headphone jack, peoples.  Wireless charging, wireless adb, wireless everything.

    Get rid of all the connections.  Ancient history.  No joke.  We should be beyond this crap by now.

    • Tim242

      Wired headphones provide the best quality. BT is not the greatest quality, and burns battery.

      • Diablo81588

        Agreed. Streaming audio over bluetooth kills your battery worse than the LTE radio it seems.

      • Yup. I only use BT while at the gym to avoid dealing with cables. But audio quality suffers. Nothing compares to the sound quality of a wired headphone, and it probably never will. 

      • PC_Tool

        Why can’t our devices sync/stream wirelessly over wifi to our … everything? Or even over 4G/3G…whatever.

        Pick yer poison. 😉

  • TexAgMichael

    Epic journalism is epic.

  • Diablo81588

    Top. Regardless of how many times you say it, it makes no difference what orientation the phone goes into your pocket. I’ve never had the urge to put my phone in my pocket upside down. It’s just as comfortable to have the phone right side up and adjust accordingly when you bring it out of your pocket. Also, the cord getting in the way when you’re using the phone is nonsense. It just wraps around the back and goes underneath towards your head. In addition, I would hate having the power button on the right side, as that’s where the volume rocker should be. I don’t use my phone with my left hand, so it’s very uncomfortable to have to adjust the volume from the left side.

    • Dliuzzo110

      I’m right handed but use my phone with my left hand…is that wierd?

      • Diablo81588

        Not any weirder than me putting my phone in my left pocket and using it with my right hand. 🙂

        I’ve always been accustomed to having my keys in my right pocket, and phone+keys in the same pocket=no no.. lol

  • I put my phone in my pocket top down, screen facing my leg. that way when i take it out i’m already holding it like i would be to use it. so put the jack on the BOTTOM

    • Liderc

      Exactly, and that’s why headphone jack on the bottom works best. 

      • Droidzilla

        *for people who put their phone in their pocket top down.


        • Liderc

          You should always put your phone top down, because when you pull it out, it will be right side up.  Any other way and you’ll have to rotate the phone. 

          The only place this doesn’t work is if you put your phone in your inside jacket pocket. 

          • Droidzilla

            My phone is right side up and I have no issues with getting it in and out of my pocket. The Moto bump makes it pretty handy/easy, too.

          • Diablo81588


          • LiterofCola


          • Nick

            But you still have to rotate it.

          • MooleyBooleyTroll

            Some people don’t walk around with pockets big enough to wrap their hand around it in pocket and pull it out. I reach in and grab it with my finger tips and it flips into my hand in one motion. I say you buy a phone with a jack that fits your own style 🙂

    • This.

    • cizzlen

      Exactly. I had a Droid X and hated the jack being on top. I don’t understand why anyone would prefer it that way. 

      • David Lutz

        I have a Droid X and prefer it on top because I keep the phone in my pants pocket facing up due to the extra thickness caused by the camera. Makes it easier for me to pull it out that way. I guess it all just comes down to how you actually use the phone…

        • cizzlen

          Yeah but that in turn can cause stress on the head of the headphones themselves, the part that’s most likely to get damaged than anything else.

          For me, it’s easier to pull the phone out upside down screen facing my leg and headphone jack on the bottom so I don’t need to flip my phone around as it’s already in my hand. Especially handy when working out.

    • Jonathan Ross

      Yea I agree. People keep talking about their accessories not working but fail to realize that they would make the dock and cases accordingly. 

      If you don’t charge your phone in your car, then you don’t use it enough. 

  • Bart Gilliam

    Top works best for me. When I’m in the car I tend to put my phone in the cup holder. Having jacks, headphone, HDMI, Micro USB, etc, can be dangerous especially if your ever have liquids or condensation lurking in your cup holder. Having worked in the cellular industry in the past I have seen may liquid damage claims on phones that pick up moisture just that way.

  • subiedude85

    Doesn’t bother me either way, I use Bluetooth 90% of the time.

  • Wil

    I agree – bottom. The chord isn’t in the way, and I usually put the phone in my back pocket upside-down, the way the hand fits in the pocket.

    • Diablo81588

      Better not sit on it lol

  • Trevor

    That must have been an awkward picture to take…

    • Dliuzzo110

      Physically awkward? Or awkward like the morning after awkward? “Soooo……”

      • Trevor

        Depends who took the picture 🙂

  • tankboyben

    where the hell is the “dont give a shite i use bluetooth headphones biaches!” option??

  • cody climer

    I have a bad habit of breaking headphones and headphone jacks, so I’ve gone bluetooth for music. I can spend about 80bucks a year on head phones because they always break down and then the cost of having the head phone jack fixed or replacing the phone… it’s just not worth it. It’s cheaper to buy a bluetooth stereo headset and not have to worry about those problems. 

  • jorelkilcullen

    who cares, who uses headphone jacks anyways? bluetooth is the only means i ever use to transmit audio

    • Those who care about highest-quality audio. 

    • Tim242

      BT burns battery.

  • Wizwoz

    Why would you almost break your wrist putting a phone in your pocket? How do you handle your phone when using it? The ear piece is at the top, hence you just drop it into your pocket in the manner which you hold it. Not too difficult. Put the jack at the top… which is the natural way to put a phone in your pocket. 

    • That seems so wrong to me. When I hang up a call, I extend my arm straight down and drop the phone in my pocket, as if I was going to lay my arm at my side. The phone ‘naturally’ goes in my pocket top-down. 

  • Michael_NM

    I like it on the side…

    • Tim242

      That’s what he said.

  • The only issue with the 3.5mm jack being on the bottom is that it’s too close to the microusb (this has to be on the bottom IMO), and risks interference when it’s being used for charging.  Other than that, it’s just that smidge more convenient when it’s on the bottom. 

  • sc4fpse

    Top. Whenever I’m driving a car other than my primary vehicle, my car mount for my Nexus isn’t in it. If I sit the phone down on the passenger seat, the acceleration of the vehicle screws with the orientation of the screen while using it as a GPS. I can’t put it in my cupholder right side up because the headphone jack is on the bottom, so I’m forced to put it in upside down… but the screen won’t rotate 180 degrees, so that doesn’t work. Bottom placement blows, period.

    • Unexpected62

      180º is in some ROMS, AOKP for one, but I do wish it was in stock android.

  • I just wish they put ALL the ports on ONE side. One thing I hate about my Rezound is the audio port is on top and the charging port is on the left side. Using two ports at the same time makes it look like electrical spaghetti with wires all over the farking place. 

  • heyheythere

    how is putting your phone in your pocket top down “the natural way?” I put it in my pocket straight down, top on top, bottom on bottom.

    • Because we say so. 😛

      • Tim242

        You also called the DROID brand crap today. Your credibility is sliding

        • kixofmyg0t

          He called the DROID brand crap…..yet runs a website called droid-life. 

          Just think thats ironic lol.

        • Liderc

          I’m sure they’re worried about what Tim242 says about their “credibility.”

          • Tim242

            Regardless whether they care what I think or not is irrelevant. The man built a website around the DROID brand. To now call that brand crap, is silly. That being said, I was joking. At least he thought it was funny : )

          • Liderc

            I’ve never seen droid-life as JUST droid phones, I don’t know why everyone seems to feel that way.  I know the intent was Droid-centric at first, but it hasn’t been focused on droids since the OG became “dated”.  

            It’s a place for all android devices to be discussed, I bet you 90% of their readers wouldn’t even come here if only droid branded phones were discussed(I know I wouldn’t) because Droid branded devices are no longer the majority and best android devices. 

          • Tim242

            I never said it should be Droid only. I wouldn’t come here either, if that were the case. I said that he built the site around the brand. Calling it crap is beyond crazy talk. I enjoy reading about all Android phones. As long as he keeps iDevices out, I’m good.

          • Liderc

            I think the fact is the Droid brand is crap right now, so it’s not crazy to say that.  It started this android revolution and then got blown by. 

          • Tim242

            That is a generalized comment. The DROID brand still has its place. There are still some great DROID devices being released. Maybe he should follow everybody’s advice and fold Droid Life into Android Life.

          • Liderc

            Droid life is what became popular, hence why most of the news stays here.  It’s simple economics. 

          • Tim242

            I said fold them in together, not ditch one. You seem to just want to disagree with everything.

          • Liderc

            You stated you wanted him to fold Droid-life into  Android-life, but the domain name Droid-life is much more popular.  It would kill his sites value.  

          • Tim242

            Adding two letters is not going to kill the value. It’s something that should be done. Following your logic, we should call all Android phones, DROIDS, because that was what built Android’s value.

          • Liderc

            You’re using my logic about Kellex keeping his website valuable to the entire android ecosystem? 


          • Tim242

            Yes. The DROID name built both.

          • Liderc

            I didn’t deny that, I actually said that earlier about the OG.  My point is, he would lose an incredible amount of value and links by merging DL to AL.  Droid-Life has an Alexa rank of 14,202, which is very good.  An.Droid-life has a terrible domain name and a much worse rank.  Droid-life is his bread and butter and it’s about the incoming links that he’s achieved since it’s conception that has built his readership.  Without it, his google search could literally disappear. 

            It has nothing to do with the actual droid brand, it’s about the domain’s alexa rank. 

          • Tim242

            The links can be linked together. My favorite local TV site was kthv.comfor many years. They decided to change the domain to todaysthv.com. That was 3 years ago. I still type in kthv.com and get redirected.

          • Liderc

            Yes you get redirected, so many of the people would make it over to the new site, but Droid-life the domain would lose thousands of backlinks(which take years to build and are the most important thing for a website) and indexed pages in search engines.  It would literally kill the alexa ranking(which is what makes a site worth money).  Trust me, I’ve been in web design for nearly 6 years and the worst thing you can ever do is change your domain name once it’s become ranked well.  I’ve seen it kill an entire site before. 

            The best thing would be to kill an.droid-life and redirect everyone to droid-life. It’s the much more valuable domain by literally a factor of 10.

          • Tim242

            Then maybe he shouldn’t call it crap then : )

          • Liderc

            That’s my point, I don’t think he thinks of droid-life as the “droid brand” he thinks of droid as “android” because this is the site that took off.  He feels the droid brand has gone to crap, which a lot of people agree with so it’s just not as crazy as one might think. 

            From past polls, most of his readers aren’t using droid branded devices anyways, so it’s irrelevant. 

    • It just depends how you put it in and pull it out. I follow the first animation, so bottom makes sense for me.

      • TexAgMichael

        That’s what she said (not heyheythere)

      • Tim242

        Hahaha dirtiest thing I’ve read all week.

    • Put your hand in your pocket, that’s the natural way. Hold the phone in your hand, now stick your hand in your pocket. How is dangling the phone in your hand using 2 fingers while dropping it into your pocket, natural? Now try to take the phone out of your pocket when it’s face up, you again have to hold the phone with 2 fingers and rotate the phone in your hand to get it into the proper position, completely unnatural.

      • mike_s123

        It’s a bit silly arguing about what’s the “natural” way to put something in an unnatural pocket. Unless you’re a kangaroo, that is, and they keep their pocket contents upright.

    • jjrudey

      If your phone doesn’t fit in your pocket I think that’s a problem you need to discuss with your pants.

      • I think heyheythere is a girl. They can, and should be expected to, wear the tightest pants physically possible. 

        • TC Infantino

          I agree with just one exception, there are certain women (and men) who should avoid wearing tight clothing at all costs.  I was at Walmart just yesterday…(shudders)

    • Kal5el

      There are no girls on the internet.

      • CORYK333

        I saw one, once, i swear

    • TC Infantino

      +1000 for girls wearing tight jeans.  Woot!

  • teleclimber

    the gifs assume that you pull your phone out by wrapping your hand around it. I pull my phone out by grabbing the top. It then pivots and lays in the palm of my hand in the correct orientation. Hang on while I work on a gif.

    Edit: I voted top, and I put my phone in the pocket upright.

    • Damn pivoters. 😛

      • TC Infantino

        Heh, well the spinners are more fun.

    • BulletTooth_Tony

      That’s how I do it too… and most of the weight tends to be at the bottom, just feels better.

    • Liderc

      More likely to drop it that way.  2 fingers and rotating vs. multiple fingers and thumb and no rotation. 

  • Blink1st

    Haven’t had a phone with the jack on bottom (og droid, dinc, thunderbolt) but I wish I did. It may seem.insignificant or nit-picky but the cord does get in the way when you put the phone in your pocket top down.

    • Tim242

      You should be asking yourself why you pit your phone in.your pocket upside down.

  • Doesnotmatter.avi

  • Bottom, no question. I thought it was weird when I first got my gNex but now I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • Hoyce1212

    How about we get up with the times and use bluetooth!

    • Tim242

      Because it sucks unneccesary battery…..

  • bottom just makes more sense. as you can see on the gif for top you need to rotate your phone and stuff

  • Mate01


  • riktking

    On the bottom. Looks better in car window mount.

  • tanknspank

    Definitely the bottom… Why would I want to flip my device around in my hand to put it in my pocket? 

    Had both, definitely prefer the way it is on the Galaxy Nexus to, say, my thunderbolt and droid.

    • Droidzilla

      I have mine on the top and don’t have to flip the device; I just don’t pull it out like a momo like in the gif.

      teehee – I said, “pull it out.”

  • muffnman

    Bottom – makes for better docking experience.

  • Mack

    Bottom. That’s one thing I loved about my old iPod Touch. 

  • Jack

    I like being on top.

    • John

      so does your mom

      • tvjrc603

        Yeah, that’s what she told me at first too, but she is really willing to experiment once she gets comfortable.  I pulled off the double-wheelbarrow Eiffel Tower on the second date…well worth the price of lunch at Denny’s.

        • John


        • LiterofCola

          you killed it -_-

      • Bazinga!

        How can they both be on top at the same time?

        • John

          Obviously, you’re not a golfer.

    • Tim242

      : )

    • Larizard

      i saw the poll options before reading the post and I was like.. wait, what?

    • Oh yeah

      It depends on my mood, sometimes it’s the top other times it’s the…. Oh wait. What are we talking about again???

  • Erfahr

    Bottom. Gotta say, although there’s only been a few votes, I’m surprised that there have been so many people who prefer it on the top.

  • EL Big CHRIS

    I really like the bottom approach but since I dont have a cardock for my galaxy nexus it’s cumbersome for it to on the bottom.

    • gardobus

      How is it cumbersome?  I don’t have a cardock and I love that the auxiliary and power both come out of the bottom.

      • EL Big CHRIS

        Because I used to use my DInc and for a short time the iPhone 4 in a cup holder thingy I got from the dealership and when the jack was on top it worked. Now on the bottom I have to have my phone upside down so the cable can’t get on the way. I drive a Scion tC.

        • CORYK333


  • Samvelavich

    most people put their headphones in their pocket upside down… do bottom makes more sense

    • I put my phone in the right way up, and the headphone jack is on the top. If I had a gnex, I’d put the phone in my pocket upside down.

      Doesn’t really bother me either way tbh. One thing that does bother me is the USB thing. HAS to be on the bottom for me.

      • Samvelavich

        I agree with the USB thing… my cousin has a droid RAZR and I hate that the charging port is on top… it gets in the way so much when you try to use it.. same with it being on the side because u cant get a comfortable grip on it.

      • Droidzilla

        I prefer the USB port on the top.

      • scotcho85

        My preference is that the headphone jack and USB port are on the same side, whether it be top or bottom

    • FortitudineVincimus

      According to the poll thus far, “most” people are not doing this.

      I like to put mine in a stand on the desk, so bottom is no good. I have a special pocket on my backpack and when I pull phone up and out, I like to not have to flip it over.


      • Samvelavich

        not everyone uses a stand or a pouch… im pretty sure a lot of people just put it in their pockets and it wouldnt make sense putting it right side up because you would have to flip it over after taking it out… if its upside down u just pull it out and its automatically right-side up.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          and yet even now…. the poll still shows your wrong.. “most” people are not doing what you say. 

          • Samvelavich

            yeah dude, i see that and believe me, im surprised lol… i dont know any people that put it in right-side soo ya

          • balthuszar

            by right-side do you mean top up? i do that

          • Liderc

            Shouldn’t you be on the RIM story b*tching about how it’s irrelevant to this site?

          • tanknspank

            I would rather go with most people are voting with what they have, because that’s all they have had. 

            Whatever floats your boat though.

        • JMac726


          • tvjrc603

            I don’t know exactly why, but I had visions of Insanity Wolf in my mind as a read that…

        • mike_s123

          If you carry it in a shirt pocket, then right side up is right side up. There’s no flipping involved. 

      • LiterofCola

        Agreed, mine sits in the cup holder while driving, do it bring on the top makes more sense.

        • StevieWelles

          Why? Just put your phone upside down in the cupholder. Makes absolutely no difference in that case.

          • SteveTango


          • feztheforeigner

            You can’t see the screen. I do the same thing for navigation and music by plugging the audio jack into my car’s stereo; need to see where I’m going and what’s playing!

          • UnknownMember

            I use a proclip so my phone is above my aux cable, and power source. Thus bottom for both is ideal. I take it you don’t charge while in your car?

          • LiterofCola

            I charge in my car, and it works out well since the outlet is on the top as well.

          • r0lct

            Enable auto-rotation for 180 degrees

          • LiterofCola

            But the phone would still look awkward, being upside down and all.

          • r0lct

            For me I’m not concerned with how it looks in a cup holder, just how well it works.  Especially with on screen keys, it becomes a non-issue.  However I know everyone has their own preferences.

          • LiterofCola

            Yeah, it really is a non-issue.

          • feztheforeigner

            As far as I know you can’t in stock ICS

          • LLcdPH

            That’s correct.  It doesn’t rotate 180 degrees. 

          • r0lct

            To be honest I don’t even have that feature turned on it AOKP, it being inverted while in my cup holder doesn’t bother me at all.  

          • LiterofCola

            Why would I want my phone upside down in my cupholder?  It would look super awkward when shuffling through songs.

          • Samuel

            I hope you don’t drive anywhere near me

          • LiterofCola

            Ha!  I use Player pro, so I can chage songs with a swipe of the screen without looking.

          • mikeym0p

            How? I learned to hit the fast forward button without looking even when the phone is upside down. Not only that, you can pick it up and select the song, or even with Cm9 use the volume key skip.

          • ddh819

            i hope you’re not driving while using the phone, but you could let the screen rotate.

          • LLcdPH

            You also can’t use your phone for navigation if upside down in a cup holder.

          • But stock Android doesn’t flip the display for upside-down mode. You’re stuck with an upside down display.

      • Matthew Rosidivito

        I think most people generally do put their phones in their pocket upside down, but you’re right if you were trying to say that it doesn’t correlate to most people preferring the mic jack on the bottom.

      • feztheforeigner

        I like to pull my phone out just a tad to see the clock. To keep from reading an upside down font I have to put my phone in right side up.

      • Liderc

        I bet a majority of the people only say top because that’s what they currently have(it’s more common currently).  It’s not their preference, they’ve just never had one on the bottom yet to compare. 

        Although I did hate my OG’s headphone jack being on top, anytime I was listening to music and holding it, the damn cord would always keep hanging in front of the screen. 

        • Panicswhenubered


        • Josh Groff

          My old slider phones had it on the side, always put my phone in with the screen up. It’s only a 90 degree rotation of the phone if you’re used to it.

          Hold phone normally, rotate 90 degrees clockwise if you’re right handed, it will now be ready to put into your pocket with the top up.

        • firant

          I keep my phone in my breast pocket — if its upright I can just pull it up and key the screen on to check the time / notifications when I’m in court / in a meeting. Top for both lockswitch and phono jack is a good thing.

          • Liderc

            I agree that the breast pocket works out better with the headphone jack on the top, but power button on the top doesn’t work for larger phones, the side is a must.

      • TC Infantino

        Actually, if the headphone jack were on the bottom then a stand specifically made for your phone could also have a jack built in so that when you slide the phone into it (in portrait view) then your stand could be a music output as well.  Though I really don’t like Frapple for many reasons, they did do something right with their devices all having the same exact connector type and placement on the bottom.  When you go to the electronics store and see 10 different types of docking stations (music, alarm, etc…) and they all work with any iPhwne, then you have to agree that standardized port placement allows aftermarket manufacturers to make a variety of devices you could use.

        • Mr. Joshua

          iPod Classic has jack on top.

    • UndergroundWire

      Exactly my reasoning.

    • BlueLetter

      Somehow I doubt that, even if just as a result of conventional jack placement I’m pretty sure most people change their grip and put their phones in rightside up.

      • EvanJ2462

        LoI just put my phone in right side up for the first time maybe ever, and at first I tried to hit a power button that wasn’t there and then when i spun it i dropped it.

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    • MooleyBooleyTroll

      Guess I’m not most people 🙁 I put mine in my pocket top side up.

  • Jason Purp