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Wednesday Poll: Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

It’s time to settle this debate once and for all (because polls can do that). Yes, we are talking about headphone jack placement on smartphones. The DL crew wishes that all phone manufacturers going forward would do the right thing (biased much?) and put headphone jacks on the bottoms of phones, because it simply makes sense.

If the jack is on the bottom, you can plug in your headphones and the headphone cable stays out of your way as it drapes below the phone. Also, when you go to place the phone in your pocket in the natural way, which is top down, then the headphone jack points upwards and out of your pocket. If the headphone jack is up top, the cord then becomes a nagging issue and is either draping off to the side, behind, or often times in front of your phone. Then, as you go to place it in your pocket, you have to consciously make an effort to adjust (possibly break) your wrist to slide the phone in bottom side down so that the cord sticks out of your pocket. (That makes my entire forearm hurt just thinking about the maneuver.)

So tell us, which do you prefer and why. Also, to further our argument, we dove deep into the logistics, creating evidence in the most proper of ways – yes, GIFs.

Headphone Jack on the Bottom or Top?

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On the bottom:

On the top:

  • zzwerty

    For top:
    When it’s in a car, the phone can connect to the aux more easily
    Your phone has the pleasure of not being upside down in your pocket, hooray!
    For Bottom:
    When it’s on a sport armband thingie you don’t have to maneuvre your arm weirdly to see the screen
    When it’s in your pocket it is easier to get out
    When it’s charging and you have it plugged in the cables don’t tangle
    When you are looking at the screen, the headphone cable doesn’t get in the way. This can be really annoying sometimes.

  • Sarah

    Better on top. Every phone I have had with the jack point is on the bottom the headphones never last. Finally have a phone with on top and its the longest the headphone has lasted. I have never put my phone in my pocket top down I do it the other way round.

  • Whichever one you choose, top or bottom, you’re all idiots and wrong. Get with it.

  • What about docks? If your phone is made to dock upright, then docks would need to all have a way to plug headphones into them.

    And regarding cupholders, stock Android doesn’t flip the phone so it’s display can be upside down. So it’s not really a great option to flip your phone upside down in a cupholder… (or anywhere else, really)

  • gb79

    I say put it on the top AND the bottom. This would be useful for both groups of people as they could choose the port they prefer. It also has a handy benefit for situations where you wanted to let a friend listen in on a song as they could just pop their ear buds into the opposite port.

  • Louis-Abner Philippe

    bottom, i put it upside down in my pocket. and if i carry it in my hand i prefer it to be at the bottom..otherwise wire gets right in the way of the screen and what not … that is all

  • commenter

    So… I’m a fan of the top, well only because i only previously had top ports. (rocking an HTC Thunderbolt) BUT… i don’t use headphones with my phone. I have a private office at work, so i just use the speaker/kickstand with my music. when i drive, my car has bluetooth, so i just wireless transmit the sounds. Because CM7 doesn’t play nice with gps (as of last time i checked) i don’t use navigation or anything like that. so my phone goes in “bottom first” into a pocket. That way, i only need to pull out a little if i need to chedk time/message from the status bar. Or if i have to pull it fully out, i have gooten used to gripping with my thumb and index finger on the top corners and then rotating as i’m pulling about the top axis to make it lay flat in my hand. I find it odd to have to twist my elbow when the phone is upside down. but that’s just me

  • ChaoticInfinityX

    I was used to the top side jack for the longest with my Droid X, but I really enjoy my bottom side jack of my Gnex.

  • mikeym0p

    On a lighter note: Can you share the icons/wallpaper you have on the One X in the picture?

  • mikeym0p

    Bottom, Samsung got it perfect with the NS and GNex. The wires never hamper usage and they never are awkward to use. I put my Gnex in my pocket upside down anyway so the chin sits just at the rim of my pocket and feels thinner.

  • Side! Where is the vote for on the side?

  • I use bluetooth

  • Travis Swan

    Bluetooth headphones.  It goes in the pocket the way that it goes in the pocket (sometimes I have to flip it, and sometimes I have to flip it twice).  So its all good

  • LLcdPH

    A headphone jack on the bottom makes it next to impossible to use your phone in your car when you want to use the jack AND use your phone for navigation.  Android doesn’t rotate 180 degrees.  If it did, then it really doesn’t matter.  This was one of the major reasons I dumped my GNEX.  Useless in the car.

  • JB

    Doesn’t matter on a phone. Tablets, however, better have the jack on the side.  My K1 has it on the bottom and so I have to use headphones with a bent plug or when the tablet is in it’s stand its almost entirely held up by the headphone jack.

  • dbam987

    I voted top, but it doesn’t really matter.

  • Um, where is my option for “I don’t care, I use bluetooth headphones”?

  • Javissullivan

    Doesn’t matter. Bluetooth.

  • kevintufts

    Reading through the posts, I see that people think that top up in pocket requires you to flip your phone when you pull it out.  I’m a top up guy and it just depends on how you pull out the phone.  If you rotate your hand to swap the thumb and pointer finger while its top up, it comes out correctly in hand.  I just do this naturally.  

  • r0lct

    It’s obviously a classic Yooks vs Zooks problem

  • Steve Edholm

    While I like the bottom, docks don’t think like that.  I have a dock and I have to mod it to get an elbow adapter in there so I can listen to music while it charges.  I hate it.  

  • Bluetooth. I don’t care where you put the headphone jack, I don’t use it.

  • Samuel

    I voted bottom because it just makes sense, I put my phone in my front pocket upside down and having it at the bottom makes it much more convenient to change the song when I’m doing crazy things like “walking.”

  • nimbyist

    where is ‘doesn’t matter’ option??

  • Bonzix