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N.O.V.A. 3 Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer Released, Was That A Warthog I Just Saw?

In classic Gameloft fashion, they have released yet another upcoming N.O.V.A. 3 trailer. We always knew that this game took certain aspects from the Halo series, but now after seeing this new multiplayer gameplay trailer, I can officially say that this game is Halo-on-the-go. Take a peak at the trailer down below to see what I mean. Notice the Warthog? In the new N.O.V.A. multiplayer, teams will have to work together to drive vehicles and to defeat their opponents. Oh, like Halo? Either way, the trailer is making this game out to look pretty flippin’ sweet and the trailer says it should be out this month. Excited?

Speaking of game trailers, did anyone catch the new Call of Duty Black Ops 2 trailer that aired last night? I will save my commentary on that until I see additional footage, but I will say that so far, I am scared for CoD’s future.

  • swetha

    i love playing this game! i found it on applorer. its a free app to download games and it has the best ones from Google Play!
    try it! 🙂

  • JMacGill

    That does look more like a warthog than a puma, so it can’t be a warthog.

  • pacnwsoundstream

    Dear sony and microsoft

    This game is for mobile devices and looks nearly as good as your console… Release a console thats not weaker than my cellphone please.

  • Rodney

    Looks pretty good, I hope there’s a few more vehicles though, i mean im happy with what they have shown but im hoping for jsut a LITTLE more. Also about black ops 2, from the trailer it seems to me its horses vs. robots…..

  • looks interesting. nice.

  • darkknezz

    upgrade the graphics add support for dual analog and port this baby to the PS VITA = WINNING

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      • feztheforeigner

        Who’s Esther?

  • Jason Purp

    Wow, this game totally isn’t a ripoff of Halo! And that totally wasn’t sarcasm!

    And yeah, CoD has been going nowhere but down since MW2. I don’t even like WaW but most people do, so yeah.

     Space Warfare is next, just so you guys know.

  • Timfantry

    Wait they they port halo 4 to android?

  • James_Kernicky

    Guess I’ll pass on black ops 2 and wait for MW4…well that’s a lie, I’ll still get it

  • There’s no way I’m not buying this BEAUTY!  

  • mustbepbs

    Damn, that’s pretty impressive.

  • The graphics are definitely getting close to the lower end of modern console quality as in modern consoles when they first came out. 

  • Christopher Riner

    Yeah, I love nova 2.  Wish I had a quad, core but my nexus does alright with it.  Every once in a while the direction control will freeze up sending my guy sideways, and I have to hit the recents button and just go right back to the game to get it to stop.  Other than that tho, I hope its just like halo, I was always the king of driving those warthogs.

  • New_Guy

     I know Gameloft gets a lot of flack, but damn these guys make some awesome mobile games. I have about 10 of them so far and this will be 11. I tend to scoop them up when they randomly go on sale for $.99 🙂

    • Josh Groff

      Same, scooped up Backstab and Asphalt when they hit 10c. Not willing to fork out $5 unless the game looks really good like Shadowgun and Nova.

  • GSAI

    I’m really excited… but it’s just screaming resource hog!

  • RLJSlick

    Micro$oft(Bungie) soooo gonna sue. LOL

    • GQGK

      Bungie is no longer owned by Microsoft. They went independent a little before the last Halo Reach DLC.