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Handful of Lucky DL Readers Receive Android 4.0.4 IMM76K Update on Verizon Galaxy Nexus? (Updated)

nexus update again2

Soooooo, about that Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4 update that you are all waiting for – is it ready to roll out as build IMM76K? According to one of our readers, the update appeared for installation this morning on a replacement phone that he picked up over the weekend. He claims to be running stock Android 4.0.2 and to not be rooted.

As anyone in this business knows, readers try to deceive blogs all of the time, but the date on the kernel, the brand spankin’ new radios, and the newer build number over any other Galaxy Nexus including the Sprint and GSM versions, leaves us to believe that this may be real after all. We keep hearing “early May” for a release of this update and being May 1, that certainly matches up. The odd thing here is that he is the only one to have mentioned it, anywhere, on the internet.

Stay tuned for more. And be sure to check your phone immediately and throughout the day to see if you are prompted as well. 

Update:  After hitting “publish” on the post, another reader received the same update.

Update 2:  A handful now have it, some with screenshot in the comments:

Update 3:  Store unit with it:

Update 4:  Folks, if you are prompted, we need pictures of the pop-up that is notifying you of the update. Also, install a logcat app so we can find the location of this file. Or better yet, when you are notified that it is ready, email us before installing it.

Update 5:  A lot of talk in the comments about VZW support confirming that an update is rolling out to select devices with a mass rollout happening later in the week or even month. That’s usually how updates work, but feel free to keep checking. We’ll continue to update this post as we have more.

Update 6:  If you are following along in the comments then you are probably seeing the same trend we are – VZW corporate devices are all seeing the update. In our update above, we posted a picture of a store device with the update and were told that all of them had it available to be downloaded. Since then, multiple DL readers have been in stores and noticed that the display devices all have the update available as well. Here is the prompt to update which lists it as 39.8MB in size:


Cheers Scott!

  • scott

    We need to stand up and do something about this besides complainiyon here. I have started my process and I ask you to do the same.

    I have received and reviewed the letter that you have sent from Verizon. First off I would like to say I have not gotten any phone call from them about this matter and I just got a letter in the mail on 05/18/2012. I am sorry there was not enough time to call them about this matter since I got home from work after 8pm. I also do not like the fact that Joe states Ms. Privett when I am a male.

    On the second paragraph it states I called into Verizon and I did. I was told that the update would be out in the first week of May by customer service. I was then told that the update had to come from Samsung since they are the maker of the phone. This is where Verizon told me a completely false statement and the update comes from Google Inc. At that time that is when I was cut off by the lady that worked for Verizon and she told me no and that was pretty much the end of the call. After I got off the phone with Verizon I did some more research and that is when I contacted Samsung directly to see where the update was. When I was on the phone I asked them about the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and how the updates worked on the Verizon line. This is when I was told that the phone is suppose to get its updates directly from Google Inc., I was then told not to get to excited. This is when she went on to tell me that Verizon would not allow this process to happen because they wanted to control the phone. I was also told they we should have Google Wallet on the phone and we don’t due to Verizon blocking this app form working on the Verizon line. This is when I told her thanks for the info and the call was over with.

    My next step was to get info coming from Google stating they push all updates to the Nexus line phones. This is when I came across a PRESS RELASE from Google Inc. that we have pushed out the new update for the Verizon Galaxy Nexus but Verizon has not released that yet. That was in the later part of February this year. So when I contacted them on March 27 th you could tell by the way the Rep talked that there was an update that Verizon was working on for the phone and they had no Idea when it was going to be released to the public. Now you can walk into their stores and the model that is sitting there for customers to look at has the 4.0.4 update that Verizon has pushed to them and the public is still waiting.

    I do find it rude that Joe T.I.D thought it would be a great idea to give me a credit for one month when this problem has been going on since December and I think that it was ok of me to ask for my money back for the phone and for all of my open contracts to be paid off. This has come down to customer service and Verizon does not do very good in this area and it needs to be fixed.

    Refund $

    $250 credit for 3 phones total 750.00

    $29.99 credit for 6 months total of 179.94

    Full refund for the Galaxy Nexus

    • scott

      This was sent to the BBB in new jersey.

  • Ralph123

    Just left the corporate Verizon store in Lady Lake, FL near Orlando and no update on their display phone yet…

  • JLP001

    After calling 611 (Verizon), I was informed that no update was leaked, planned, rolling, etc. Nothing, notta. No beta either. I can’t imagine this being untrue being my personal experience has been more of the, “it’s planned, but hasn’t rolled out yet” or something along those BS lines to keep us appeased. This women seemed less then seasoned as a rep and as a result, I believe she basically stated facts. I tried the clear google frameworks option with no result. I check for updates almost hourly. One thing I DO KNOW is that if you fake an update, there are enough desperate nexus owners searching google probably 10 times a day to spark the idea of launching a fake page stating a fake update. Why?? Perhaps it has something to do with those ads that produce revenue every time they pop up. Do the math….probably 100k plus people searching this everyday. Get paid for impressions, load your page up with impression based ads and your simply making money off the public’s desperateness. Don’t believe the BS. When you see the update come up on your phone, that’s when its available. If you want more info, call Verizon. I can’t imagine that they have any reason to lie about an update like 4.0.4 if it is truly rolling out. If the answer is, “we have no such information about an update” guess what, there is NO update!

    • TrivialTweeter

      Don’t know what you’re talking about. I am running the 4.0.4 update, along with many others. Walk into a Verizon corporate store, look at the G-Nex on display. I guarantee you it has received the update as well.

  • Daniel7443

    I must be lucky because I got this update already

  • gg48gg

    So who has this installed and what’s your experience like?

  • Jaymoneyman100

    Will this fix multi touch issues and auto rotate issues