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New Android Commercial Reminds You That Your Contacts, Calendars, and Photos Have Always Been in the Cloud


When Apple unveiled iCloud last June, I actually laughed out loud. As an Android and Google user, we had been using the “cloud” for our contacts, calendars, apps, books, feed readers, etc. for years, but didn’t realize that users of iOS were so far behind. Today’s newly released Galaxy Nexus/Android commercial highlights that idea. You don’t need some fancy “cloud” service add-on to your Android or Google world, you just need an account. Simply sign-in to your Google account in your Android phone and you have access to it all – email, contacts, calendars, browser info, and more. Stop using Verizon’s Backup Assistant or some other 3rd party app and let Google handle it all.

  • Chris Sandoval

    I hate reading DLs articles on my Google Reader. Everyone else that I’m subscribed to fully puts their post, and either the photo they want to show or video. With DL its “click to continue reading” thata stupid!!

    • rohicks

      I hate when they are talking about an app or whatever and the links within the article don’t point to the website they are referring. Instead they link to a search of the tags within DL with the keyword within the article, and you have to scroll to the very bottom of the article to go the external link that you originally wanted.

      • KevinC

        yeah, i hate that most of all.

      • Chris Sandoval

        That too!

      • I dont like it either but it is pretty common practice among blogs, the plus of it is though that links to it are always in the same place

    • Michael Quinlan
  • Why is Android Einstein conducting a symphony?

    • bakdroid

      It is probably Leopold, the famous conductor. Do you forget the old school Buggs Bunny cartoons?

  • Stop using Verizon’s Backup Assistant or some other 3rd party app and let Google handle it all.

    What if someone doesn’t want to rely on a single company for everything?

    Oh, I forgot. This is Droid-Life, where diversity and freedom of choice has no place.

    • ddevito

      don’t you have a wall street to occupy?

      • I’m not from the USA, we’re fine without “occupying” anything in Japan.

        • ddevito

          just jerkin your chain – no worries. 

          (Seriously though what time is it over there right now?) 7am?

          • 06:45. I rarely sleep, if that’s what piqued your interest.

            (And I have a bone to pick with Google. I dislike their “overmind” approach, and the way they force it upon customers.)

          • MG

            hmm isn’t Apple is the on force things on customers?

          • Hmm is this a binary exclusive OR operation?

            A small question: let’s say there are Company A and Company B. Company A forces things on its customers. Does this statement about Company A mean that Company B doesn’t?

            Your argument — if you don’t throw it away as an argument for the sake of argument — basically boils down to:

            1. Let A and B.A and B are completely separate entities.
            2. A has C. C is a non-unique quality.
            3. If A has C, then B doesn’t have C.

            This doesn’t really work in formal logic.

  • kixofmyg0t

    Umm no. I dont like to let Google back up anything because im 10 days into my billing cycle and “Android OS” has already used 1.5GB of backround data. Once I disabled Googles backup BS battery life improved and stopped hogging data.

    I have Titanium Backup and Dropbox for that. I dont need Google trying to sync every 15 minutes using up battery and data.

    • SH

      You have a problem…. 

      • kixofmyg0t


        •  no dude, you have a problem is you think google background is using 1.5gb, sheesh.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Last month “Android OS” used more data than anything. 1.5GB. Now I just disabled Google backup yesterday, but as you can see I was well on my way to the same thing this month.

          • Your “usage” is screwed if all you used was 4.8KB in the entire month from a foreground app/system

          • kixofmyg0t

            Android OS by itself shouldnt use much data at all period. 

          • mons

            That’s what everybody is saying – the problem isn’t Android OS/Google backup.  Something screwy is going on.  

            I have everything syncing.  My “Android OS” has used 1.33 MB over mobile and 1.92 over wifi since Sunday. I did a fresh install then, so it restored all of my contacts/browser stuff.  

            You should try to figure out what the real problem is instead of just turning off syncing.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Well thats what i got when i googled “Android OS high data use”. Im not the only one with this problem. 

            Turning off Google backup(which backs up app data too btw) solved my problem. 

          • mons

            Sounds more like it’s treating the symptom than solving the problem.

            Some people have that problem, but it is not normal.  You should be able to use the back up service without fear of going over your limit.

          • kixofmyg0t

            The problem is Android OS. Its not like i can cut off backround data to it, Google Play throws a hissy fit without it. Oh and Google Play doesnt count into the “Android OS” figure. Its seperate in the data usage setting. 

            I dont even use Google backup. I restore everything from titainium anyway. I still use Google to sync contacts but thats about it. 

          • mons

            Most people with androids do not see that kind of data usage from Android OS.  It is abnormal and it should not be happening.

            Have you tried a data wipe or a fresh install?  

            I use titanium for restores too, but like having everything backed up to google in case something were to happen to my phone.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Yes I have. Thats when I see a hugejumpin data use for the month is right after a wioe. I havealot of appsthough. Heres a pic.

  • Frankly, I can’t laugh. I wanted to, but I can’t. Why? Who are the target audiences of the commercial? Folks who don’t already know their data are on the “cloud”, right? I seriously doubt that people who don’t already know this would “find out” this commercial. If Google is seriously about getting the words out to those people, they need to market using the traditional media.

  • peezwizz

    that commercial sucked lol 

  • Sp4rxx

    To simply comment based on the title –

    That still isn’t enough for me to shrug my shoulders and say “oh well in that case….” and put my personal files in the cloud.

    Servers still crash (clouds dissipate – Amazon, anyone?).  I will stick to conventional storage as long as I can.

  • I relied on this just last night as I walked my brother through a factory reset process last night.  This is his first Android and I told him not to worry about his contacts as they are backed up on his google account.  Well… As of this morning no contacts can be found and when you log into google he has 0 contacts under the contacts tab.  Ouch!  He is so frustrated.  Luckily he kept his old phone so he can pull them all from there and reload.  I am still clueless as to why his google account didnt back up his contacts.

    • Leachpunk

      That’s probably the result of whatever crappy stock UI he has on that phone. Especially if it is a motorola phone, they try to circumvent you from storing to Google in favor of the motoblur account. (At least it was like this last time I used the Motorola Defy)

      • Jamerson90

        Every motorola phone I’ve had did not have this issue (Droid 1, Droid 2, and now Bionic). My sister and brother in law had the HTC Incredible and both had their contacts erase because the stupid Verizon rep set them up with local contact storage. Sisters Inc broke, got an insurance replacement and she had no contacts. I made sure to walk her through syncing contacts to her google account.

        • gkinsella2

          Bad VZW rep…I have a Dinc, and rep set mine up via Google contacts, not the phone contacts.

          • Jamerson90

            Yeah. Any phone can be set up wrong if a rep tells someone “This is the best way to do it”

    • Higher_Ground

      He probably didn’t save them as google contacts. Make sure he changes them to google contracted and sync before wiping.

      Another alternative if he has an sdcard is to export the contacts as a file and then import them from the sdcard after you reset.

  • Jason Purp

    Verizon – “Um, move along, nothing to see here!”

  • yeh

    This is where Android fans have a disconnect that I don’t understand.  Apple backs up all of your apps and data seamlessly to the cloud.  Android requires you to root your phone, go through 3rd party apps and then sync those backups manually with drop box or another cloud service.

    I love Android, but the value of iCloud is that it just works.  If I’m switching over to a new iPhone from an old iPhone with iCloud (or with a backup on iTunes), everything transfers seamlessly.

    • Liderc

      Everything automatically transfers to your new android device as well…it uses your gmail account to do this. No rooting, backup, or 3rd party app required.

      Like the article pointed out…

      • AlexKCMO

        While I’m not sure if iCloud does this, I think he’s referring to app data.  For example, for me to restore my Angry Birds Space progress, I’m going to have to find another app to do it for me that probably requires root. 

        If iCloud backs up app data and would keep my game progress, that would be a HUGE advantage that Android currently lacks.

        • Michael Quinlan

          That’s what I was thinking.  Android is great, but it’s a glaring oversight to not provide some means of full device backup.  I’m sure there’s no shortage of people who put up with defects in their devices solely because of the hassle of individually backing up each applications data (assuming the apps provide such functionality) – a necessary step if you want to preserve your data when exchanging your device.

    • RadicalPie

      You don’t know what you are talking about clearly

    • nerdrow

      I have a work iPhone and have had 7 Android devices (G1, Droid1, Bionic, Galaxy Tab, Xoom, Prime, GoogleTV).  Without rooting, all of basic data has always sync’d across devices.  On phones, whenever I upgrade it automatically re-installs all apps I had installed on the previous phone (unless I cancel), same for tablets.  It restores my homescreen wallpaper, contacts, browser bookmarks, everything that’s not tied to app settings (ie, Facebook logins or something like that, which would be a huge security breach).  All of this happens on a bone-stock Android device as soon as you sign-in to your Google account and check the box to “restore data tied to my Google account” (or whatever the verbiage is).  If you INSTALL (not use) G+, every pic you take is auto-backed up to a private album.  I see pics from my phone on my GTV, tablet, and desktop without ANY intervention.  I never connect my phone/tablet to a laptop (wired or non-wired).  All of my mp3’s are available on my phone, tablet, and TV through Google Music.  All of this is absolutely true and not conjecture.

      Whenever I turn on my work iPhone, it says I need to get on Wi-Fi to backup to iCloud because I haven’t sync’d in X months.  It’s been on Wi-Fi plenty of times, I still get the message every time, must be missing some setup.  I use Google voice, so really there’s nothing on the phone itself that I care about.  This is also absolutely true and not conjecture.

    • Leachpunk

      what are you talking about? Android has synced and stored all your information since day one.

    • Yeahright

      I don’t think you know what you are talking about. When you purchase apps on your android device w/ your Google account, they are automatically synced to that account so if you ever change android devices, they will all be available from the get go. Hell, from the moment you sign in, your new phone will begin downloading all your old apps to your new phone. The same goes for contacts, pictures, and e-mail once you open up the gmail app. Google makes it quite simple and seamless. You don’t need to root anything. Hell, with google Music even that is synced,

      iCloud? Ha! My boss has an iPhone and she said her iCloud took forever to download all the stuff she had on her phone, and then lost quite a few contacts, and pictures to boot. She was so pissed, she told me as soon as her contract is up, she wants to switch to an Android device. 

    • ddevito

      Android has ALWAYS backed up this information in the “cloud” since its inception. 

      Something Apple COPIED later on. 

      • mons

        But they gave it an iName!

  • qbix

    I’d be 100% happy if the sync process didn’t friggin lowered the resolution of contact pictures, AND if it would let me add connections to social networks without the need to use Google+.

  • Michael Forte

    Now if only Google would sync high res contact photos. They seriously look like crap when someone calls me.

    • RadicalPie

      Agreed I have tried all the tricks and none result in high Res pictures. Oh well

    • LiterofCola

      I know, broke down and got Big Caller ID app for that reason.

    • Rob Becker

      Set the photo using your phone and it’ll stay high-res until you wipe your phone and resync contacts.

    • speraider430

      Try haxsync and disable google syncing contact photos.

      I agree it should be built in though

    • snowblind64

      I don’t seem to have this issue. At least for contacts that use Google+. And you can always manually set a high-res contact photo.

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    • Benjamin

      I have been using an app Called “HD Contact Photos” and it works perfectly for me.

  • SoffMouf

    The clapping android made me LOL.

  • Jonscurve

    I personally like verizon backup assistant. some people forget there google password and if you didnt input a secondary email at signup you may be screwed…. also sometimes the “sync my contacts” box gets unchecked sometimes…dontknow how or why but it does….back up assistant is a great fail safe device…and it even can remind you of your pin if you allowed it.

    • You are no longer allowed to post on this site. 😉

    • Liderc

      I have an idea, create a password you can remember. 

      Crazy I know…

    • RadicalPie

      How can you possibly forget your Google password… it is used for literally everything.

    • Leachpunk


    • ddevito

      ummm…if you forget your google password then you can’t activate your Android phone.

      • Higher_Ground

        Which, as I recently found out, is easy to do if you listen to the vzw reps and rely solely on backup assistant. I tried to help a friend out by factory resetting her phone… only to find out that she didn’t remember her gmail (eventually she did). Then I learned that when she would add contacts she used BA instead on google…. and of course she had no idea what her PIN was!

        I will say that it’s nice that BA will send you your PIN – ended up being a lifesaver. However, if she had just used google from the start it would have fine a lot smoother.

  • Canoftin

    Contacts yes. Photos? Not so much. I may be doing it wrong, but unless I want to go back to Google + (which i hated) then I really can’t find a good solution to getting photos to picasa web. Anyone have suggestions for me?

    • I want an answer to this soooo badly…

      • Curran Gehring

        Just go through settings select Accounts and Sync and make sure that ‘Sync Google Photos’ is checked. All your picasa web albums will appear in your gallery app.

    • ddh819

      i think the g+ app is worth using just for the pic auto uploading, you could just not use it for anything else, right?

      • CoCoCalypso

        That’s what I do…
        No one uses G+ but all my picks still go there

        • CORYK333

          For March Madness? Or maybe a mock NFL Draft??

    • Liderc

      The only thing I use G+ for is the instant photo-upload. 

      Once you’ve signed in, it’s the easiest way on the planet to have your pictures saved in the cloud.  I never even think about uploading my pictures, if I want to put them somewhere, I go to my g+ account and pick them back up. It really is one of, if not the best ways to instantly put photos into the cloud.

      The best thing is you can just set it to private and not even worry about the social aspects, then it’s simply a place to store all your photos.

    • NorCalGuy

      Its a feature of ics once you upgrade to 4.0 it becomes an option but before that your only options are Gmail, contacts and calanders I don’t remember if books were in 2.3.

    • Rob Becker

      Just install G+ and only use it for automatically uploading your photos and videos.  Guess what.. G+ photos ARE picasaweb. stored in the same place and accessible from both. The gallery app in ICS will stream albums from the cloud as well. Or you can use QuickPic.

  • picaso86

    How can we sync our photos? I have a Razr Maxx

    • Charles Clout

      The Google+ app has instant upload and will upload all pictures to a private folder on Picasa.

      Secndly, any albums you upload to Picasa shouldshow in the gallery app.

    • Matthew

      You have a razr maxx, you have backup assistance+, you can use that to sync your photos and contacts, otherwise you have to use google+ to do it.

    • Jamerson90

      Google+ or Dropbox. Both offer automatic syncing and you can tell it to sync only when on Wifi as well.

  • Zebra

    “and let Google handle it all.”

    Some people don’t necessarily like that…

    • Benjamin Griffith

      Then they don’t have to let it. You can turn off syncing, not login to google, or any number of things to not let google handle it all. Most people are looking for convenience, and that’s what they’re promoting here.

  • Josh Groff

    1 minor conflict, whenever I go to restore apps on flashing a new ROM, the market installs like 2-3, updates to Google play and stops trying to install the other 10 apps forcing me to restore from ROM Toolbox. Is there a way around this, not like it’s that major but it is quite bothersome.

  • Charles Clout

    My contacts have been cloudified since my first Android in 2009. Never looking back now!

    • ddh819

      i even used it with my WinMo 6.1 phone – handy for all those times i had to do a hard reset.

  • Staticx57

    Always as in of 2.2 or always?

    • Paolo_Ozaraga

      My first Android phone was an Incredible on 2.1. It synced my contacts, calendar, etc even back then

  • Humberto Cortes

    i like it =]

  • KleenDroid


    • Mkaone

      Excuse me I am lost(completely). How do I know my contacts, calendar, etc is being backed up to a cloud? Please help me Thanks so much.