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Android Distribution Numbers Updated for May, Ice Cream Sandwich to 4.9%

Here we are on May 1 and the Android team has already updated their OS distribution chart. The most notable change is the jump for Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) from 2.9% in April to 4.9% in May. Staggering increase, I know. Can you contain yourself? Not much else to say, but always like to share the numbers.

Via:  Android

Cheers Gary!

  • John Soulsby

    Thanks for this! The most important point here is that movement to ICS is happening.

    Of the 63.9% and 20.9% Froyo/GB devices, how many really CAN run ICS? Does anyone have that statistic?

    I bet that many on XDA Developers Forum would argue that all the devices could/should run ICS. However, when manufacturers/carriers see this an opportunity to up-sell to a newer model/new 2 yr. contract, why bother?

    Such control in the hands of carriers/phone manufacturers has definitely caused fragmentation. I just purchased the GN from Google in an effort to get as close to direct OS updates as possible and am very happy Google returned to selling directly. Also hoping that JB5.0 continues UI refinement and processor efficiency and that I get to test it first.

    Thanks again for the information.

  • parsonbrown11

    Androidpithecus turdsandwicherensis

  • Only the top 5% of people those being Techies, Geeks, Phone phreaks, Android Fanboys care about ICS the rest of society, the masses could care less what OS they have. Only thing they want “does it work” if so who cares. “Do I feel as cool as iPhone users?” If so who cares about OS. In the end the average consumer only wants their device to work and work how they want it to work. The rest is all hoopla.

  • beez1717

    I have said it and I will say it again: Google should be making it the best option by far to be on the latest software that a user’s hardware can support. If this were to happen, then I’m sure that people would be less confused by all the phones that are coming out, and they would also get the latest security fixes….

  • SD_Scott

    Can’t believe 20% are still on Froyo…  You poor bastards.

  • Wil

    So, my VZW GNex is still in that .5% on 4.0.2. Has the update been pushed out?

  • parsonbrown11

    the pie graph tells me the last few versions of honeycomb are the most stable
    how can developers keep track of all this fragmentation? it’s obvious the geeks are zealots for this OS. i’m interested in the opinions of ics users only, anyone who doesnt own the galaxy nexus has no business peanut gallerying this one, 

    • whatchootalkinboutwillis

      ICS is a dead offshoot of honeycomb?

      • parsonbrown11

        if you follow the progression of Android it looks like ics will be obsolete when they rollout the new OS that the nerds keep alluding to. the ics is a orphan disaster confined to a few products, never finished or supported. just found another annoying design flaw, photos snapped as captures for texts are not placed in any gallery and there is no way to add them, so all photos taken for text purposes as captures appear to be lost on the phone and not put in any gallery, that is a DESIGN FLAW, one of nearly 100 i have counted.

        • parsonbrown11

          already made obsolete by the new samsung phone, gnex users thrown under the bus and into the heap of phantom-ware garbage history

    • parsonbrown11

      a new phone announced since this first post, now my gnex truly is a door-stop

  • parsonbrown11

    reviews please….I don’t see one ” thank you! I’m totally stoked…” does this work? Does it void my warranty with Verizon?

  • Palmer Nyako

    considering that jelly bean is around the corner, this is terrible x-x

  • Sporttster

    Really ‘pushing’ that Ice Cream out to the masses, aren’t they…..record breaking pace…. … .. don’t blink, might miss it…..

  • Google will release Jelly Bean and the Manufacturers will still be trying to destroy ICS with their skins. If it weren’t for skins every phone that was cable of running it would be updated.

  • imronburgundy

    That’s terrible

  • blizzard89

    so the moral of the story is gingerbread grew marginally, ICS might finally be taking off, somehow with all these tablet ICS updates coming out honeycomb still exists, and 27.4% of android users should probably check if they have an upgrade available

  • Bionic

    Makes me think they might wait longer to release Jelly Bean.  Simply does not make sense to do it AT ALL this year if you really think about it.  First half of 2013 would probably be a better idea.  

    • moelsen8

       it’s not google’s fault.  they release the OS.  the manufacturers butcher it and make the whole process as pathetic as it is.  and it’s getting embarassing.  i’m not one for walled gardens like iOS, but google needs to intervene somewhere.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    Should jump up when Razr and Rezound hopefully get ICS this month. At a higher version number than GNex on Verizon to boot hahahaha

    • Bionic

      and Bionic

      • blizzard89

        I don’t know about that, from the looks of it the nexus 4.0.4 update is rolling out, doesn’t get much newer than that, granted I’ve been running a 404 rom for what seems like a month now.

        besides motos support is really going to hurt if the rumors of google selling off motos handset line once the acquisition goes through are true, better hope they have a bug free release right off the bat if this happens

    • LiterofCola

      Why do you incite them so?

      • CaptainHowdy13

        Because I’m unsure how a small update matters so much beyond bug fixes. Can anyone tell me the difference between 4.02 and 4.04?

        • Tyler Chappell

          Hopefully substantially improved battery life and better signal when in certain areas.  My dad’s Gnex, still on 4.0.2, gets the most embarrassing battery life of any phone on the market, its entirely unacceptable.

  • Jason Frasier

    So more devices are still running Eclair than Ice Cream Sandwich?  wow…  that amazes me.

    • blizzard89

      My droid eris is still functioning on Eclair, now that i have my nexus i let my daughter use the eris wifi only when i need her to be quiet for an hour (or until the battery dies)

      • Sobr0801

        Just broke my step kids hero trying to bring it back to stock.Oops.

  • Azn_Android

    I’m not sure if this includes those who have rooted and put a ROM on their Nexus… If it does, keep in mind that other phones that have ICS ROMs are included in that 4.4%! It’s almost silly to see that .5% of users who are Gnex users still on 4.0.2… 

  • Dliuzzo110

    I think its kinda funny how he stays away from the word fragmentation. Just bustin chops buddy.

  • Blood

    Once Sony updates all their handsets to ICS by the end of this month like they said, it would jump up to about 25%

  • Charles Harper

    Sorry, but 5% penetration 6 months after its release (and ostensibly halfway to the next iteration) is just pathetic.

    • LegalAmerican

      I’m beginning to think that Google/Android is terribly humiliated by Ice Cream Sandwich and so they are dragging their feet at an epic pace, hoping people will simply forget it exists.  Why else would a company take this long to push out a product that they have spent time trying to “perfect”?

      • Liderc

        Google has nothing to do with manufacturers updating their devices.  ICS is clearly a massive improvement over Gingerbread, so I can’t see how you could possibly think this is what’s happening. 

        Google released ICS to manufacturers 8 months ago and only Samsung has released a device since then with ICS installed(2 devices actually).  With HTC releasing their first device with ICS just last week. 

        Blame the manufacturers who continue to insist on putting skins over Android in an attempt to differentiate themselves from one another for the delay.

      • Actionlaser

        ICS puts iOS 5 to shame in almost every respect.  🙂  

        ….but maybe I’m biased, I used to work tech support for the iPhone.  😉

      • parsonbrown11

        Something is wrong with this OS and phone. Androidpithecus turdsandwicherensis

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    • Liderc

      Agreed, but one can only blame the manufacturers for not releasing devices with ICS already installed and not updating them in a timely manner.  ICS was released to manufacturers nearly 2 months before the Nexus was released, so they’ve had ample time to work with ICS(nearly 8 months now with the source code.)  Their biggest problem being they keep putting skins on top of what is already a great 

      Until Google takes the reigns with Android, this will continue to be a problem because manufacturers don’t care about updating software, they only care about units sold. 

    • AMANDA

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    • michael arazan

      But how many phones out there won’t be updated due to lesser specs that allegedly won’t handle ICS is the reason why the numbers will be low for another 2 years till more people upgrade their devices to handle newer os. more than 50% of android phones from 2011 and before will remain on gingerbread from companies saying that they cannot handle the update. 
      I’d like to see sharts in 2010 of how many phones were running gingerbread when they came out, and do a comparative side by side results. 

      • Kris Brandt

        Are you kidding?  Nearly all phones from last year can handle ICS.  We don’t need dual-core phones to run ICS.  If the Droid 1 can barely run it, then so can all of last year’s phones.

        • Chill, Kris.  Michael said ‘allegedly’ so it would appear to me he understands it’s not technically the reason updates aren’t getting pushed, but rather restating what companies will continue to say in excusing their poor update histories.

          • Joshyz73

            Exactly.  Especially when you see lower-spec phones from some makers getting ICS (HTC Rhyme for one – only single-core) when phones with more horsepower are listed as not being able to handle the update.

            It’s all just the carriers/manufacturers assuming all consumers are stupid and non-technical.  I remember something similar with the OG Droid: Verizon and Motorola kept the wi-fi hotspot feature off of it, because “the hardware didn’t support it”, but it works fine with root apps that enable it (Barnacle for one), and on many ROMs.

        • Dliuzzo110

          Its just like pharmicuetical companies. Why cure a disease (ics) when they can keep people coming back for treatment (new phones). “Mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money”

  • I am one of the 4.4%!

  • Guest

    Is it weird to have more 4.0.3 – 4.0.4 than 4.0.2? Is that mostly due to other phones than the VZW nexus on 4.0.3 or because a lot of people on the VZW nexus are rooted and running a 4.0.4 rom?

    • kixofmyg0t

      It just shows that people with a bone stock unrooted Galaxy Nexus(which was the majority of Galaxy Nexus users here according the the DL poll) are such a small group. 

      I suspect that more people have rooted and rom’d by now. Im part of the 4.0.4 group myself. My DX/D2G/Bionic and D3 are all running 4.0.4, my Xoom is still on 4.0.3 and my Atrix is stuck on GB. Which is strange because its unlocked but no matter what ICS ROM or kernel I try its stuck at the red M. MD5’s match….redownloaded 5 times for each ROM(kernels work so I didnt redownload them), tried ROM Racer, CWM and even flashing via fastboot. None of them work. So its stuck on CM7 til I figure that out. 

      • Joe Schmoe

        What Rom are you running for your DX? I’m ready to chuck my DX it is so bad with Moto’s .621. I used to use Liberty before the update, then updated before knowing about the root issues. Now I’m looking for an ICS rom to put back on it since that is squared away.

        • kixofmyg0t

          I run a CM9 kang. You can look on rootzwiki for it, I forgot the exact thread.

          Also, you can look at the Team Gummy forum on rootzwiki. The DX is actually the hottest topic on there.

  • stupidllama

    and since we have seen moto’s sales numbers and their update schedule’s for there flagship phones, we can expect next month to hit 5% maybe.

  • Michael_NM

    Didn’t someone at Google say that updates would be quicker this year?

    Sent from my Xoom LTE.

  • Stephen D


  • Bill Anderson

    That’s odd that 4.0.2 is only at 0.5% as that is where the VZW G Nex is at. Did everybody put a new ROM on?

    • Flyinion

      Not everyone but yeah a lot of us have.  Being able to do it so easily is one of the reasons I bought the GN (and I suspect it was the same for many others as well).  I did stay at stock rooted unlocked for the first couple months though, but once AOKP M3 hit it was all over and I went back to my OG Droid days of playing with ROMs lol.

      • Nick

        Bone stock here. I keep telling myself that this weekend I’ll root, but it always gets pushed back. Now that the 4.0.4 update is rolling out, I can probably put it off for a few more months.