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Acer Releases App to Help A500 Owners Update to Ice Cream Sandwich


The Acer A500 Ice Cream Sandwich update is supposed to be available today for all owners. On Wednesday, a lucky few received the update early, but the rest should have it today. In order to make sure the process goes off without a hitch, Acer has an app in the Play Store for you to download that should help. We aren’t exactly sure what the app does other than check to see that the update is available, but you might as well grab it so that you don’t run into any problems.

Play Link

Cheers Shane!

  • Sad_One

    April 30 and still no ICS … well I keep waiting.

  • Urm, what about A501 users?

  • ICS updated flawlessly’ no problems. Working great so far

  • thajack

    Doesn’t help. Says my network coverage is poor.

  • Disappointed

    Still no update today 🙁

  • Jonathangaraway

    I have app from march but still no is update, maybe next year who knows. Given up now try checking update so many times, but keeps saying no update. Put it on the side now and left it I will check in two weeks and I bet there is still no update.

  • Radcliffgrant19

    I install the Acer update yesterday on a rooted a500 now. It won’t start all I got when it turns on is the Acer logo

    • Radcliffgrant19

      Please. Help me

  • No

    Thanks. Was getting worried that my Acer hadnt updated.

    Updated that app and straight away it told me I had a new firmware update

  • LTE4G

    They could have posted about this update sooner… would have been nice to see that instead of checking all day for nothing…

  • The ‘UPDATE’ Kellex is talking about was pushed out a few weeks ago OTA. As a matter of fact, I believe Kellex even mentioned it here. May have been another site. If you didn’t get the update automatically, maybe it is because you are running a non-stock ROM? If people were notified of the update, and put it off on purpose, they deserve what they get.

    If you haven’t installed the patch above, I HIGHLY recommend it before installing the ICS update. If it won’t install, ICS probably won’t either.

    I was patched a few weeks ago, and the ICS update was waiting for me when I got up this morning. Everything went butter smooth and ICS is purring along nicely.

    I don’t know, but I feel like the display is much sharper than on Honeycomb.  It may just be the new default font they are using, but it is nice to look at now.

    No problems of any kind so far with ICS, however other than speed and the way it looks I really haven’t found too much new to write home about. Maybe something will surprise me, we’ll see.

    Peace, people

  • Diablo81588

    Got it this morning and boy is it super nice. Smoother than an iPad and zero force closes so far. THIS is what Android on a tablet should have been from the get go. Nice job Acer and Google!

    • Tiamatb5

      Lucky you, mine keeps telling me that 3.2.1 is up to date 🙁

      • Diablo81588

        Just keep checking. I’m sure itl be available soon. 🙂

        • Tiamatb5

          Yep that’s what I do 🙂

  • AngryTurd

    Woke up this morning and checked for the update. It was there and it all installed without a hitch.  ICS is very nice! Although Honeycomb wasn’t buggy nor laggy on mine, so I dunno what all the fuss was about. I’ve been pretty happy with my tablet, specially since I got it when Staples had their $100 off coupon. $300 was well worth it! 🙂 

    • Thomas030

      The only issue I had was very rarely the default and dolphin browser will close with no warning. But other than that its a great tablet. With ICS it made that much better. I feel the pixels got reduced with update as well.

      • Tyler Chappell

        Just in the past couple days I have been experiencing the exact same problem with Dolphin on my Thunderbolt, so hopefully they’ll fix it since it seems to be the browser itself.  It even just did it no more than 5min ago on me.

  • Crazyrunner33

    Without a hitch, eh? What better way to spend time and resources than trying to force as many people as fast as possible onto an update plagued with problems

    • Just out of curiostity, what are you talking about? Other than the one guy below who says his is hanging on boot, who else is having issues? I haven’t heard of anyone.


      • Crazyrunner33

        A lot of people are having issues with orientation and accelerometer issues, lock screen pin issues, and wifi connection issues with some people experiencing OS crashes when attempting to connect to a network.

        • DadofSix

           I am having issues with the orientation and accelerometer issue as well.  Other than that, it is sweet.

      • Scomom55

        Both of my browsers keep crashing and it won’t load all images.

  • Awkward when the app is Gingerbread themed. Awesome work Acer :’)

  • StephanC

    What if I have a rooted Iconia A500?

    • Matthew Merrick

      then you should have already bern running ICS – taboonay 4.0.3 (which i use)  has been out for over a month now, zero bugs so far 🙂

    • Matthew Harmon

      Un-root first.

  • John

    I’m also curious as what it does other than notifying you an update is available

  • Ramp1188


    • belsonc

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      • ipodmypants

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  • Matthew Harmon

    Wish I would have had it this morning.  My tablet only boots up to the ACER screen and won’t go any further.  I’ve been looking all day for a zip file that will hopefully work to get me going again.  Hasn’t been easy.

    • After the update it DOES sit at the Acer screen for a little while finishing the update. Turn the stupid thing on and leave it alone and see if it makes it through all the way. PATIENCE.

      • DadofSix

         Mine updated, semingly OK, then would not auto rotate the screen.  Today it started to auto rotate and seemed fine, but then shut off and when I restarted it just sits at the “android” screen and cycles.  It seems dead.  What now.  Acer online support will not deal with me as this was a referb machine but the issue seems to be the ICS update so what to do????  Any suggestions?