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Sebastian Thrun Wears Google Glasses on Charlie Rose, Takes and Shares Picture With Them to Google+

Google’s Project Glass or as we like to call them, Google Glasses, are one of the more interesting tech topics to follow in 2012. First debuting in a “here is what they could do” video, we have already seen real versions in the wild on the likes of Sergey Brin.

This week, this whole Project Glass situation just jumped another notch or two on the Cool Meter. Sebastian Thrun, one of the Project Glass gurus, stopped by to chat with Charlie Rose while wearing a pair of these glasses. The interview was posted publicly yesterday, but from what we can tell, was actually conducted last week. Within the first few minutes of the conversation and while discussing some of the project’s features, Thrun appears to snap a picture of Rose and then share it to Google+ without doing anything more than a simple head nod. Obviously you can’t see the picture being taken or the UI for sharing since it is only viewable through his glasses, but what we do know is that Thrun posted the picture you are seeing above,  to his G+.

The video of this goodness is available at the source link below. We highly recommend you check out it and then discuss.

How close are we to Project Glass becoming a reality?

Via:  Charlie RoseGoogle+ | The Verge

  • Dliuzzo110

    Now Kim kardashian can get rid of her tripod. Also somewhere in the world a litebulb just turned on in a very very young Larry flynt

  • scijohn

    We are the Borg. Prepare to assimilate. Resistance is futile.

  • mustbepbs

    I think the real highlight should have been the Udacity bit. That guy is amazing. We need more people like Sebastian Thrun in society; forward-thinking, selfless humanitarians who aren’t in it for themselves, but the greater good. Think about his position at Stanford; he would rather continue offering free education to people like the “automotive engineer that lost his job,” instead of the 1%. He has some real character and Google is lucky to have him. I think I have a man-crush.

  • John

    I’ve seen a few google employees postnonchalant youtube videos & vaguely mentioned stuff about em. They’re definitely out there “in the wild” (hate that phrase) being tested.

  • Liderc

    I know it’s difficult to know what will catch on in the future, but these things seem like such a dead end. 

    Google should be working on building their own smartphone and tablet.  They need to fix the fragmentation that is destroying android’s ecosystem, which is really where they could improve a great deal. Android has so much more potential than iOS, they have to realize this.

    I know different departments/different employees and all, but Apple has the right idea of focusing their efforts and creating a few very high quality products.  Google should take note and we would be looking at some incredible devices instead of 100 mediocre ones.

    • Droidfan

      As evidenced by the number of Android handset buyers out there…Apple doesn’t have the right idea.  The fact that I can buy a Razr Mazz with a killer battery running a pretty stable and useful version of Android called Gingerbread…while some else can buy a Galaxy Note with a uber useful 5.3 screen and a stable and useful version of Android called Gingerbread and my neighbor can purchase a Droid 4.0 with a pull out qwerty keyboard and stable and useful version of Android called Gingerbread….that my friend is the right idea.

      • ForSpammy7726

        You’re giving the average consumer too much credit.  How many people went to the Verizon/AT&T/Sprint store and said “I want an Android/iPhone”?  Now how many people went to the store and said “What can I get for free/cheap?” 

      • Liderc

        You missed the point.  I didn’t say anything about the other manufacturers, I said Google needs to make a phone/tablet themselves.

        And having 20 different kinds of android is dumb no matter what anyone says, you can still enjoy your different phones if they all have the same(or similar) OS. 

    • John

      This is what sparks innovation, IMO. Try new stuff out! Some will work some won’t. That’s a generalized idea behind Google’s philosophy(kinda sorta). I appreciate them testing cool things like this.

      Get off the fragmentation bandwagon. I know it’s just your opinion(albeit true) but s hit isn’t going to change anytime in the near future.

  • ddevito

    Ah, so THAT’S what it looks like behind Charlie…always wondered 🙂

  • WrinkledForeskin

    Dude, I’ll be standing under the mall escalator all day long 😛


    I’m curious how things are controlled on-screen. eye movement? head movement? what if i sneeze ? will my friends get random sneeze texts?

  • LorenzoMalo

    Once the glasses were put on a search ran for “coffin prices” .

  • Drayphly

    if they can figure out how to visually translate words they would make billions!!!!!!

    • ProfessorSoetoro

       Maybe you should learn to read just in case.

  • thesaber2000

    It just got real!

  • Goddammit stop using Instagram!

  • Fakeplasticfool

    not close one bit 

  • marty jones

    Great idea, go on a state-run (Communist) show absolutely no one watches to show off your gimmick. The few thousand people who do watch the show are in that coveted 70-90 demo, great target market.

    • Fenam

      Target Market = Viral marketing + Internet + blogs. Mission accomplished.

    • srh12

       Kudos to you for turning a post about electronic glasses, on a website about a cellphone operating system into a political statement.

      I think you might need to turn off the talk radio for a minute and go out to get some fresh air.

    • Calculatorwatch

      Wow you should watch the video. I thought the part about Udacity was really interesting but I’d love to hear your thoughts on it (i.e. “It’s an evil communist plot to take over the world by educating the non-rich!!) hahaha

    • michael arazan


    • You, sir, are a Jack Ass First Class.

  • EC8CH

    This is the true application for transparent displays, not tablets.

  • Jeremy Cope

    Um…F YES!!

  • Obligatory “SHUTUPANDTAKEMYMONEY” post here.

  • sciwiz

    I was the one who sent them that tip. Check out the back of the device.

    • Jeremy Cope

      Wow that is large and clunky

      • Droidzilla

        True, but it is a prototype.

        • sc4fpse

          Better to voice your concern than risk Google not get the picture that such a hump on a pair of glasses is not going to go over well with people.

          • Droidzilla

            Maybe Google should send you and me some prototypes for testing and evaluation. You know, for the children or something.

      • They have to add a significant heat sink on these puppies. They are going to make a much smaller one without heat management but you will have to sign a release to buy them.

        • WAldenIV

          Unless you are bald and have no hair to catch fire.

          • From what I have heard, the flesh burns on your temples are not that noticeable.

      • Lucas Rasweiler-Richter

        It’s a computer on your head. Take a step back and marvel at that, rather than finding a small flaw (in your mind). Keeping in mind that this is a prototype, when you realize what the device is, and what it aims to do, it’s surprising that it’s not bigger.

        • Jeremy Cope

          Very true

    • Size is probably used as a counter weight for the weight of the front piece

      • Liderc

        or….a battery.

  • Taglogical

    Can we start calling them “Goggles” yet?

  • James Murphy

    Pretty good picture quality. Much better than what I expected.

    • snowblind64

      Considering the lighting it’s not a bad pic. I would like to see how it does under better lighting conditions.

      • Droidzilla

        Video of something like snowboarding ala Go Pro would be cool to see, too.

        • PILL KOZBY