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Samsung Stages Protest Outside of Apple Store, Encourages Customers to “Wake Up”

When does the imaginary line get drawn in the sand, where too much means too much. Samsung has recently hired a marketing firm to stage a protest out front of an Australian Apple store, urging Apple customers/kool-aid sipping employees to “wake up!” I will hand one thing to Samsung and it is that they love giving Apple free press these days. Some may enjoy this type of competition between huge corporations, but as someone who knows plenty of Apple employees and Android junkies, I can only find this rather lame on Samsung’s part. Don’t give people trying to pay their rent a headache with a mob screaming in their ears. That’s just my opinion. 

Is it too much to ask Samsung to stop spending so much money on marketing to bash Apple and to put it into something Samsung buyers can enjoy? What do you think of Samsung’s constant marketing war on Apple and its culture?

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Via: Android and Me

  • cphilano

    This campaign may make Apple users want to remain Apple users, but what about those who haven’t chosen yet? The one thing you’ll notice about about things like this is that there are a lot of people who like to get behind a cause, even if the cause is just a marketing scheme.

    This is funny, and I think way too many of you on this board are taking it too serious. It’s funny that right now Samsung is acting more like the American company than the American company.

  • Joe Buck

    What a waste of time, and very stupid

  • This made my day

  • This is an interesting advertising scheme. But if they were yelling their faces off it wouldn’t work. Remember when the 99% hipster dipsters blocked a bridge? Yea that will DEFINITELY make people support your cause…my ass. Neither will this if people trying to sleep got pissed off.

    If they made this something that attracted people that had curiosity, I could see it working.

  • frankandsimple

    The California government is to be blamed for that!.. they’ve made it so expensive to run a business that just last year alone over 150 small businesses moved out of California. My own brother who does not live in the.. when wanted to open a company in the San Francisco area.. opened it in Texas. It was shocking that even he knew California has the worst business climate.

    But that said, America still has the highest corporate tax in the world (recently surpassed japan). With millions and millions of apple products sold in the US, we pay taxes on every single one of them to the government. .. and Apple still is headquartered here in Cupertino.. where they pay most of their taxes.

  • i9zero

    Fire the marketing manager. This type of marketing only makes Apple users want to keep being apple users. one way to get Samsung name out there but this is all that they could come up with? Wow some marketing strategy.

  • Trevor

    Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the iPhone (just don’t like the OS and its lack of customization), but our cell phones would not be nearly as awesome as they are today if it weren’t for Apple’s innovation.  Samsung needs to give Apple a break and focus on making a phone that people will want to buy because it offers more than the competition.

  • Do I think that Android is better than iOS? Yes.
    Do I talk to people about how Android is better that iOS? Yes.
    Would I yell at people to WAKE UP when I disapprove of their phone? NO

    Yes, I get it Sammy you’re trying to get you’re product known, but this is just awarding sympathy points to Apple from anyone who cares. Because honestly most non-techies who see this will think nothing much of it, and THOSE are the people who you should try to advertise to. Tech nerds already know what is up in this world and what to buy, we don’t need this marketing, no one does.

  • CIFchamp24

    Classy move Samsung…. Way to look like the mature guys

  • This is just sad.

  • Dat Nguyen

    Samsung stands to lose more consumers than gain them here.  

  • If they diverted their “guerilla marketing” budget into their “android updates” budget, I might be inclined to support them.

  • Scott

    I wish they would put as much effort into their actual phones. Pinheads. 

    • frankandsimple

      no kidding! A pentile Display on a Nexus device!.. Criminal!!

  • Morpheus282

    There was an old Dilbert cartoon that said it best.  Marketing – that’s just liquor and guessing.

  • Travis Swan

    Isn’t “hiring protesters” a little like hiring guests to your birthday party?  That is the part that is pathetic.  I’d have come with a “We’ve rehabilitated 80% of crackberry users” sign and a little dignity.

  • AZSlakker

    I love this… its like an intervention your are a sheep and the 1st step is denial .

  • MrEnglish

    Leave the mud slinging to the politicians. This makes me want to trade my sammie in for an iPhone on principal. Well, that and because I want a phone that actually works. I’m kidding. Or not.

    • frankandsimple

      At least an iphone is from a full fledged American Company!!

      • MrEnglish

        Uh, sort of, until manufacturing, then no.

        • frankandsimple

          Foxconn is a private contractor hired by Apple to do what Apple tells them to do. They are strictly a labor force.

          That does not take away the American-ness from Apple Products. More importantly, unlike Google, Apple caters to it’s American Markets first!

  • cooksta32676

    Samsung is probably going to get sued, Apple holds the patent on organized protests.

  • Will

    F apple

  • cooksta32676

    Apple grossed $35B and netted $11B last quarter alone. I don’t think protests are the answer.

  • LOL. They didn’t have to hire people to do this. I would have done it for free. 🙂