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Rumor: HTC to Launch Device With 5″ 1080p Display and Quad-core Krait Processor on Verizon This Fall

Annoyed over the fact that Verizon passed on the HTC One X, a device that has blown us away over the last couple of weeks? According to a new rumor, they plan to make up for it by launching a device with a 5″ 1080p display and quad-core Krait Snapdragon processor this fall. Think of it as a Galaxy Note competitor.

Also in this report are a couple of other supposed confirmations that should make you happy. The claim is that Verizon will indeed carry the Galaxy SIII, we just wonder when exactly. Last year, they passed on the Galaxy SII in favor of the Galaxy Nexus and the year before that they released an original Galaxy S device months after others. Maybe they’ll get this one right? Third time’s a charm?

Lastly, this report claims that Verizon will see “multiple” variations of the RAZR throughout the rest of 2012, one of them as the RAZR HD. The RAZR HD is no secret to readers of DL as we have been on its trail for months now, previously reporting it under its codename of Fighter.

So there you have a rumored roadmap with no dates or time frames other than “fall” for one. Not a lot of surprises other than the HTC device, which we are certainly interested to learn more about if it actually does exist.


Via:  BGR

Cheers Scott and Skant!

  • Chris

    I’ve been waiting for this! HTC Rezound till then

  • yarrellray

    Knowing Verizon as we all do they will release this device with ICS instead of Jelleybean that’s how Verizon does business. Verizon sucks major eggs

    • squiddy20

      … because Jellybean won’t be previewed till then, and then released a few months later, just like every other Android OS update. Use your tiny brain for once Dick.

  • Trevor

    1080p seems superfluous, and I’m afraid 5″ might be too big.  Sounds like a nice phone other than that though.  Except I’m not much of a Sense fan.

  • Danny Rodriguez

    Its all nice and all but when are they going to finally realize that the screens are getting too big? … i mean cmon 5 inches? really? at this rate in a couple years we’re going to have like 20 inch phones ffs

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      13″ tablets are coming this year :p

  • Nigga

    lol sounds like a verizon reader’s wishful thinking. although it could happen :/ but highly unlikely. also.bgr lol

    • Guest

      Nigga, please.

  • Lovehate

    Hope Android does some great things, cause apple its out selling all Android phones combined at all three carriers . I don’t understand why this little underpowered phone sells do well

  • krait obviously lost to tegra 3, BUT it has LTE built in! that’s got to have battery benefits.

  • i’m so tired of waiting for phones. >:( But i’m not going to be an early adopter ever again.

  • I bet HTC was heart broken when they were able to get a TradeMark for the OneNote.

  • chris125

    Maybe this will be verizon’s version of the one x? Looks like it will be a nice phone can’t wait to see what htc brings.

  • it would be nice if they just carried the note lol, but 5″ quadcore 1080p would at least excite my wife lol

  • T0ked

    When my upgrade comes due in November, I’m hoping a decent sized phone (5″is too big for me… that’s approaching tablet size) with a huge battery and good screen/camera is available. Crossing my fingers for a RAZR HD2 MAXX or something of the sort by then. LOL. The GS3, whenever it gets to Verizon will still be a viable option.

    HTC does not have a good reputation for adequate battery life as it is. How long is this 5″ monster going to last, 1 hour? As a Thunderbolt owner, I had to wait until around November to get the Rezound battery and experience acceptable battery life.

  • Oh yeah, I’ll take 5″ of HTC  😉

  • Tyler Chappell

    If this is true, it will likely be my next phone as my upgrade will be in december.

  • CaptainHowdy13

    So instead of just pushing out a new Droid every 3 months, now we get “new” Droid RAZRS! IN COLORS!!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY

  • eleazar

    I don’t think VZW made a mistake by passing on the SGSII. I absolutely love my Galaxy Nexus and would have chosen it over the SGSII any day.  That being said, I hope they get the SGSIII before December 2012!

  • EatUrCrap

    To big.

  • i can wait for verizon i guess

  • bjn714

    I will buy this unless HTC continues to use hardware keys. Should be on screen or no deal. The current implementation is stupid.