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Facebook Update Adds Little Facebook Icons to Camera and Messenger Shortcuts, We Still Think It’s a Dirty Little Trick

On Friday, an update was released by Facebook that didn’t exactly thrill the masses. Upon installing, users noticed that they now had 3 icons from Facebook in their app drawers:  Camera, Messenger, and Facebook. The camera app was a shortcut so that you could instantly take photos and then load them into FB, while the messenger shortcut was exactly what you would expect it to be, a shortcut to their messenger service. As I mentioned earlier, many of you were not excited to now have Facebook in 3 different spots, especially right next to two of the most used native apps on your phone. You now had to be careful when you hit “Camera” or “Messenger/Messages” as these are the identical (or close enough) names to your stock camera and messenger apps for Android.

Well, a new update has hit this afternoon with new icons to help those apps stand out a bit more (no, they didn’t remove them). As you can see from the picture above, the icons now include mini FB icons. That was  nice of them, wasn’t it? (No comment.)

Unfortunately for most stock Android users, you will need to install a 3rd party launcher if you wish to hide these shortcuts. They are attached to the Facebook app, so uninstalling would simply uninstall the entire app. It’s sort of a shady move by Facebook, especially for those that like to keep their app drawers tidy without a bunch of extra spam. It’s almost like bloatware that isn’t from an OEM, something I didn’t think was possible.

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  • AhhQC

    Can I go back to the previous version? If so, how?

  • Tracey001

    How to remove those icons? I really don’t like them!,,

  • Olivebranch17

    I like a dedicated fb app, doesn’t take extra steps to post a picture!

  • jeesung

    People launch stuff from the app drawer?

  • While I think these app shortcuts have their uses, they definitely could have been developed a bit better…why not just put Facebook before each one?  That way, a user would know which shortcut they were using and be able to access the proper one right away.  

    I don’t think Facebook was being intentionally misleading because plenty of people use Facebook, FB Messenger, and FB Camera, and the shortcuts will be useful to them.  But, after reading the comments, a good chunk of people found this update handled poorly and did exactly what Facebook didn’t want: they uninstalled.

    Perhaps a simple rename by Facebook can fix this problem for a lot of unhappy and/or confused people.  

  • Jedi54

    Upgraded to Nova Prime, stupid FB bloatware is now hidden.

  • William_Morris

    Normally check facebook on my tablet or my computer so an app is useless to me. Worthless with the extra apps they’re adding in. Stock camera has a share button for a reason.

  • lol Wow! I read the first paragraph, then went to my phone. I had to laugh.

  • Joe Buck

    also noticed that when you go into settings and force stop facebook, you have to forcestop 3 separate things

  • Joe Buck

    this is strange, when I try to use my browser to got to facebook, it uses activates the facebook app on my phone

  • It’s a controversial situation.

    If you call each one “Facebook Messenger”, “Facebook Camera”, etc, all you will end up seeing is like, “Facebook …” in some launchers.

    This is not something new, btw. There was already a standalone Facebook Messenger app. Now I have THREE icons called “Messenger”. Two are Facebook, one is G+.