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Facebook Update Adds Little Facebook Icons to Camera and Messenger Shortcuts, We Still Think It’s a Dirty Little Trick

On Friday, an update was released by Facebook that didn’t exactly thrill the masses. Upon installing, users noticed that they now had 3 icons from Facebook in their app drawers:  Camera, Messenger, and Facebook. The camera app was a shortcut so that you could instantly take photos and then load them into FB, while the messenger shortcut was exactly what you would expect it to be, a shortcut to their messenger service. As I mentioned earlier, many of you were not excited to now have Facebook in 3 different spots, especially right next to two of the most used native apps on your phone. You now had to be careful when you hit “Camera” or “Messenger/Messages” as these are the identical (or close enough) names to your stock camera and messenger apps for Android.

Well, a new update has hit this afternoon with new icons to help those apps stand out a bit more (no, they didn’t remove them). As you can see from the picture above, the icons now include mini FB icons. That was  nice of them, wasn’t it? (No comment.)

Unfortunately for most stock Android users, you will need to install a 3rd party launcher if you wish to hide these shortcuts. They are attached to the Facebook app, so uninstalling would simply uninstall the entire app. It’s sort of a shady move by Facebook, especially for those that like to keep their app drawers tidy without a bunch of extra spam. It’s almost like bloatware that isn’t from an OEM, something I didn’t think was possible.

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  • AhhQC

    Can I go back to the previous version? If so, how?

  • Tracey001

    How to remove those icons? I really don’t like them!,,

  • Olivebranch17

    I like a dedicated fb app, doesn’t take extra steps to post a picture!

  • jeesung

    People launch stuff from the app drawer?

  • While I think these app shortcuts have their uses, they definitely could have been developed a bit better…why not just put Facebook before each one?  That way, a user would know which shortcut they were using and be able to access the proper one right away.  

    I don’t think Facebook was being intentionally misleading because plenty of people use Facebook, FB Messenger, and FB Camera, and the shortcuts will be useful to them.  But, after reading the comments, a good chunk of people found this update handled poorly and did exactly what Facebook didn’t want: they uninstalled.

    Perhaps a simple rename by Facebook can fix this problem for a lot of unhappy and/or confused people.  

  • Jedi54

    Upgraded to Nova Prime, stupid FB bloatware is now hidden.

  • William_Morris

    Normally check facebook on my tablet or my computer so an app is useless to me. Worthless with the extra apps they’re adding in. Stock camera has a share button for a reason.

  • lol Wow! I read the first paragraph, then went to my phone. I had to laugh.

  • Joe Buck

    also noticed that when you go into settings and force stop facebook, you have to forcestop 3 separate things

  • Joe Buck

    this is strange, when I try to use my browser to got to facebook, it uses activates the facebook app on my phone

  • It’s a controversial situation.

    If you call each one “Facebook Messenger”, “Facebook Camera”, etc, all you will end up seeing is like, “Facebook …” in some launchers.

    This is not something new, btw. There was already a standalone Facebook Messenger app. Now I have THREE icons called “Messenger”. Two are Facebook, one is G+.

  • Bristecom

    Yeah, I kind of want to uninstall it now. I don’t have any friends anyway. I just like to pretend that I do. 😛

  • Gritchu

    I solved the issue by uninstalling Facebook. It got rid of all three icons and increased by quality of life by about 10 points.

  • Spunker88

     I tried Facebook for a day when I first got my phone and uninstalled it. It was always running, registering significant battery use. Not a huge Facebook user anyways so I’m fine with just using the mobile version in a browser.

  • If I wanted stupid shortcuts added to my app drawer I would of downloaded the messenger app or a camera app separately! Is there a petition or anyway to voice thoughts to get it removed?

  • TheOiulkj


  • J Trayer

    I just uninstalled it. That is what everyone should do.

  • Jim

    This is news to you that Facebook are evil bastards?

  • AndroidUser00110001

    After noticing the new Camera icon the other day I immediately uninstalled Facebook from my phone.

  • droidiac13

    I’d just like to know who said they could put a camera app on my phone…  LOL

  • Dmb1517

    I just uninstalled it and use the mobile site. Much less stress on the battery and just as fast.

  • Droosh

    Thank you Facebook.  I was keeping your app on my phone even though I only open it once a month.  This was just the nudge I needed to finally uninstall. 

  • Add it to the list of reasons I use FriendCaster

  • The app is useless anyway, it takes forever to do anything, if it even manages to load. The website is much better and faster. Goodbye, Facebook app.

  • DanWazz

    probably going to get rid of the facebook app and just use fast facebook. Faster and no B.S. bloat.

  • Dliuzzo110

    Its like McDonald’s putting onions inside the beef. Dirty little hooha’s

    • Josh Groff

      Onions make the beef, I always cook them in, although I guess if you don’t like onions that can be annoying.

      • Dliuzzo110

        Actually I like onions as well I just couldn’t think of anything else to make my point:-P. Had McDonald’s on the brain. But yeah no option for onions or the ability to take them off if ? Sounds pretty shady

  • I recently deleted facebook from my LTE G-Nex and noticed a significant improvement in reliability and a noticeable improvement in battery life. Seeing posts like this just affirm that I made the right decision…

  • mike_s123

    Facebook is evil. Log out, and don’t look back.

  • I use wave launcher for my camera, but I still think that’s a little below the belt

  • hey facebook….. uninstalled!!!!

  • On Friday when I saw your story about the new apps I promptly deleted the Facebook app. The browser is twice as fast anyway.

  • Rrmchavez

    Always scuuuured uh sumfin’

  • RGiskard

    Yup, that just made me uninstall FB from my Nexus.  Joke’s on you, FB.

  • PhillipCun

    i still hate the extra icons, i rather have them as separate apps for users to decide if they want or not.

  • Darren Tabor

    Yay for the double-tap home shortcut from moto (that’s how I access my camera) I still really want that BS off my phone though…

  • AlexKCMO

    While I never will use this, it might actually be useful for snapping several pictures and uploading them to Facebook quickly and seamlessly. my mom might also like this because it will make it easier for her to upload pictures from her phone.

    Most of you are seriously over reacting. All 3 of you on this site not using Apex or Nova might have to look at the icon before you tap it. If it bothers you that much, use FriendCaster or another FB alternative.

    You people are whining worse than iPhone users about InstaGram on Android.

  • Adam Metzner

    I know how to remove them. Remove Facebook! I don’t own an Apple product due to the fact that I like to make my phone just that… MINE! Don’t give me the option to remove icons, that you think that I need in my app drawer? Your app is no longer on my phone.

  • Azndan4

    Just use friendcaster or fast facebook

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Friendcaster has been giving me some trouble as of late. Fast Facebook seems nice, but is there a way to get notifications all?

  • Needless to say….Uninstalled.

    • PC_Tool

      Needless to say….”

      …and yet you felt the need to say it anyway.  😉

  • This update totally ruined FB on my Rezound after de-bloating it. As soon as I updated I got constant  Android process FCs and I couldn’t even open FB or my camera. Not sure wtf happened, but I ended up un-installing. 

  • Micah Gemmell

    I feel like we could also just get into the manifest file and disable the new icon for those two activities.

    I don’t want shortcuts to my shortcuts facebook!

  • AndroidsOfTara

    I haven’t used the Android FB app for a while because it’s a buggy piece of crap, but I’ve been using the mobile FB site via Chrome. I noticed this past Saturday that I was no longer able to upload photos to FB via the mobile website. When I click the ‘Photo’ button, it throws up “Sorry, your browser does not support photo uploads.”

    Coincidence? I think not.

  • Definitely not a fan of multiple icons. Luckily I’m running apex

  • My sentiments exactly. http://bit.ly/IgpGNL

  • Count me as a un-fan of the update too.   I don’t know if it’s because I’m running a custom rom or not, but since the update I can see everything everyone on my friends list does and get message alerts in my status bar, OR I can get nothing, I can not figure out how to enable MESSAGE alerts by themselves, without seeing every post someone makes.  Annoying.

    • le randomonium

      for cereals? it has all been broken out fairly well under settings…turn notifications on and un-check everything else you don’t want to see.  works for me since the last update…i actually consider this to be the best improvement to FB functionality in quite a while.

      The manager of the dev team commented heavily in a reddit thread and noted a bug where if you had the stand-alone messenger installed & uninstalled it w/o logging out of it first, it would disable message notifications for the new integrated messenger.  Work-around was to install the stand-alone messenger, configure notifications, log out of the stand-alone messenger, and then uninstall it.

      • Hai Mac Duy

        Hi randomonium, 

        Did this fix the problem for you? I have recently installed the new Facebook update and seeing that it has better support for messages now, I have uninstalled the stand alone Messenger app without logging out first. Now I don’t receive any notifications for messages. 

        I tried your method but it didn’t work immediately. How long do you need to wait after logging out to log in back from the main Facebook app? I notice I do receive push notifications in the main app for newly created conversations.

  • I uninstalled facebook after 1.9. Battery life is godly.

  • Inquizitor

    The camera one is annoying, but I’m fine with the Messenger icon. I used the Messenger app and I’m glad it’s been integrated. It would actually be pretty annoying if it were integrated without the shortcut, because then I wouldn’t have an easy way to go straight to FB Messages. The way I have it, I just have a “Messaging” folder in my dock to quickly get to gtalk, voice, and messenger for fb and g+. Not that I use the g+ messenger…(who does?).

  • Facebook added two snazy looking icons. The messenger one was definitely useful, and while I don’t need the camera one (I don’t post that many pics, and never just to facebook) I can see how people would find it useful (it shows that Facebook can be like instagram too I guess.)

    Now with the little Circle-Fs they look a bit silly. Honestly the two icons don’t cause clutter, they don’t take up too much space, they don’t look bad, and they DO have a useful function (quick access to messaging and social camera app).

    Grumble grumble rant rant….

    • Daniel Simpson

      They should’ve called it Facebook Camera so that people weren’t confused by it.  I had to explain it to the people in my family so they didn’t accidentally upload all of their photos directly to Facebook.

  • Trevor

    Yeah, that’s absolute pants that the Facebook app added crap to the app drawer.  WTF Bookface?

  • Firelight

     Kinda goes along with so many free things that are given away. It’s the crack formula. It’s free – you just have to suffer the consequences of what they’re dealing.

  • Sgland7771

    Yup, that is it for Facebook.  I just uninstalled it and now will start using Google+.  I have enough crapware on my phone thanks to VZW, now FB?  Give me a break….

  • I uninstalled it completely.  I didn’t want to accidentally upload a picture of my schwantz, you know?

  • I honestly don’t mind the messenger addition, as it replaces the separate app that they’ve had for a while. But the camera is ridiculous.

    Also they added this, but still have failed to update to the new API for contact syncing in ICS.

    • EC8CH

      Those aren’t your contacts… those are FB’s contacts 😛

    • Google hasn’t allowed that since Gingerbread (or Froyo?)

  • ssjnimma

    it would have been fine if they would have placed “facebook” infront of each app so they all 3 would be in a row… but nope to hard to do that hahah

  • Icehunter

    I’m keeping my older version until this is fixed. Please keep us posted Kellex.

    • LionStone

      Me too ! So glad I didn’t update the last one yet…it can just there with VZ Navigator and the others !

  • EC8CH

    FU FB

    • Joe Buck

      Got to agree with you on this one

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Maybe, just maybe all of you social media and sharing suckas will learn just how evil this stuff is and how badly you have been bamboozled into drinking the Kool Aid and participating in this world wide sickness – all while thinking your an actual individual. These guys and Twitter and G+ and Instagram own you… and you let them.

    Just say no! I dare you to shut it off and cancel your subscriptions. But I know, you can’t.


      Watch out!  Your tin-foil hat is showing.

      • That was my reaction to this entire article and most of the comments….

    • All you conspiracy theory whackjobs make me LOL

      • yup he is just another one of those psychos who was no friends and thinks everyone is trying to spy on his boring excuse of a life.

    • Dr_Buttballs

      Will you please stop commenting about how much you dislike social networking? Or better yet, just stop commenting all together.

    • PC_Tool


      Leave the Drama to the high-school cheerleaders.  You’re doing it wrong.

      • Dr_Buttballs

        You mean to tell me he’s not a high school cheerleader?

    • J1102g

      That’s because you have no friends!

  • Cruzzin4abroozin

    I saw that Sunday. I rooted to get rid of my bloatware. At least give us the option to hide them.

  • a complete and utter joke. to put it nicely, they can go f*** themselves. 

  • steve30x

    a dedicated facebook camera app.. they need to get rid of that.. all android phones can share with ease already within the stock camera app and video too.

    • Exactly.

    • Or better yet, just get rid of Facebook.

      • steve30x

        haha, well at this rate they might as well.. i have two icons added to my app list..im like ookay 0_o

        • rals

          Is there a way to freeze that application on ICS, just for the camera?

          Edit: You can’t, it’s part of facebook application and not a separate one.

          • you would have to hide it with your launcher. not an ICS thing. it’s not an app, so you can’t freeze it.

          • Noyfb

            Facebook sucks worse than a loose hooker after a busy weekend

          • Bodhiballer

            It really feels like FB is on the backfoot when it comes to mobile and the more they try the more they appear to be flailing.  

          • Guesto

            I have Apex launcher and I just hid the two extra icons from the app drawer.  Seems like a fine solution.

          • leehead

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    • GCas

      There is a modded Facebook app at the xda developers forum. Just google facebook app no extra shortcuts or something. It’s the exact same version but with no camera/messenger icons. I’ll stick with this until they add an option to remove them…