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Nova Launcher Update Introduces Custom Drawer Tabs, Transparency, Bulk Adds to Desktop, Tablet Fun and More

Nova Launcher, one of the top Ice Cream Sandwich-friendly launchers received a significant update today. Along with a new logo, the update brought with it transparency settings for your app drawer, throwback vertical scrolling, ability to add new groups or folders in drawer tabs, bulk adds of items to the desktop, widgets for the dock, special tablet optimizations and more. We haven’t seen a release this significant since the early beta days, so be sure to jump on this. We should point out that some of these features are only available to the newly named “Prime” version which will run you $4. 

Full changelog:

  1. (v1.1.1 fixes a startup FC introduced in 1.1 and other minor issues)
  2. Custom app drawer tabs and folders (Prime)
  3. Vertical scroll in app drawer
  4. Configurable drawer transparency
  5. Bulk add to desktop or folder
  6. 1×1 widgets in dock
  7. Tablet optimizations (Dock, full screen app drawer)
  8. System shortcuts for app drawer (Works with AOKP Navbar)
  9. Activities shortcut
  10. Many optimizations and bug fixes

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  • PowersUSA

    Two features I’m looking for in a ICS launcher which I think I will code up this weekend.

    1) Double tap a folder = a single click on the “top most” object in the folder

    2) Moving home screen objects “zooms out” just like when dragging widgets to the home screen.  This makes moving between screens simpler and makes room for drop targets above the screens (no more goofy remove target sliding in under the top most desktop objects)  

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    • T4rd

       Wrong article?  Lol

  • Hogdawgs

    tried both apex and nova, then tried sslauncher it is far better then apex or nova. Kellex u need to do a review on that one AWESOME!!!

    • Tora

      Just looked at sslauncher. That is one ugly piece of software.

      • Hogdawgs

         give it a try best 3 bucks you will ever spend. smoother then ANY launcher. customize any way you what.

  • The new tabs in the drawer are awesome!  Love this launcher!

  • What is the wallpaper he is using 

  • cizzlen

    Just when I had gotten used to Apex, Nova has to come out with this awesome update. MAN IT SUCKS TO HAVE CHOICE

  • This is what I’ve been waiting for. Now I can chuck Go Launcher for good.
    But the Bulk Add to desktop is crashing the Nova for me. 🙁
    Anyone else having this issue?

  • EvanTheGamer


  • Ronnietheboywonder

    Share wallpaper?

  • Tim242

    Does anyone know if Nova or Apex have the ability to remove the dock? I like having icons at the bottom. So far, ADW EX is the only one that I’ve found that allows it. Last time I tried Nova, I didn’t see the option.

    • whenjasonattks

      I have my dock removed with Apex

      • Tim242

        Ahhh. I’m about to go try it. Thanks!

      • Tim242

        Still playing with the Apex settings. Loving it. It is my new launcher.

    • Executor 32

      You can disable the dock in Nova, too.

    • Teddy

      You can setup gesture dock toggle with Nova Prime. So worth the money.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Is there a choice to hide notification bar?  I want this.  I want this, bad.

    • Tim242

      Apex let’s you hide it.

    • Executor 32

      You can hide it in Nova, too, but not through the settings.  Rather, it’s one of the ‘Nova Actions’ that you can add to a home screen as an icon or set a gesture to perform. 

    • Smeckle

      Yes. Go to Nova Settings > Behavior and it’s a checkbox. Then use the Gestures screen to set up a gesture to pull the notification bar up and down. 🙂

  • MrEnglish

    Nova works the best, but I’m on Apex because of the features. I’m sure Nova will surpass, but until then, eh.

  • Smeckle

    Folder icons are huge now. Kind of looks like crap if you have folders ans regular icons on the same home screen. 🙁

  • Rollercoasterguy

    Apex has had this for nearly two weeks.

    BTW, that new logo looks terrible.

  • BrentKensey

    Epic. This totally changes the way I organize and categorize my apps. Now I don’t have to worry about sorting everything into folders within my dock. I can put the less common ones into launcher groups. Amaaaaazing!

  • Brett Ward

    wallpaper? i keep seeing it in the blog posts, but where do i get it lol

  • RobMorris

    All these new ics launchers still seem to function around the same old ics launcher look instead of diferentiating and doing something new

    • That’s because the ICS launcher looks great. The older replacement launchers were different from stock (or the various overlays) because they saw a better way to do it. The ICS launcher is fantastic, these are just offering some extra options.

    • Cowboydroid

      There are only two…

      • RobMorris

        Nova, apex, trebuchet, saw 2 others on play store that wern’t great upgrades but versions of it

  • ChuckDz3

    Anyone else notice the dock icon size increased? 

    • guest

      Only the size of folders in the dock seem to be enlarged. Unfortunately using simple text makes everything look out of whack instead of uniform like it was. I hope they get that corrected.

      • ChuckDz3

        Yeah you are right. My dock icons are folders with a custom icon. I kind of like how large they are. I haven’t tried simpletext as an icon yet though..

      • ostensibly

        my simpletext dock icons seem the same, but my non-dock simpletext icons are way bigger now.

  • Background transparency has been there forever 😛

    • RobMorris

      Maybe in apex, not nova

      • Nope.
        I have been using it for about a month now.
        I have been using betas.

        • RobMorris

          You on some beta or something? I’ve never seen the option for it

        • RobMorris


  • Cowboydroid

    Dock still looks out of proportion in Nova, so sticking with Apex for now.

  • smellyfeet

    still missing a free price for pro app. 

  • Jason Purp

    Trying to keep up with Apex. I’ll always stay faithful to Nova.

    • Balthazar B

      I’m on Apex now…switched from Nova. But I really like both.

      • I tried Apex, it has some nice features, but had serious redraw issues.  Would often take a couple of seconds for the desktop to reappear coming from some apps.  So I switched back to nova. 

        • whenjasonattks

          That’s the main issue I had with Apex

          • MrWolf

            Ditto.  The Apex dev really needs to address this redraw issue.

  • I’m wondering why none of the ICS based launchers have added icon theming in the drawer. That’s really what I’m looking for. To be honest, I’d take a completely stock ICS launcher with just the ability to tweak icon shortcut icons and have the drawer pull a full icon pack automatically.

    • John

    • Jason Purp

       Um I’d rather have custom docks. Why the hell don’t we have custom docks

      • hothfox

        I agree that it would be nice to see some more customization changes in Apex, but I continue to use it because 1) the pro beta is free 2) it was the first of the ICS launchers to write for the new Gmail API and show an unread bubble on the app and 3) you can change the icons on the home screen.

        What I would like to see that would make the experience complete is the ability to change the color of the unread icon bubbles. Other than that..

    • Mack

      Which is?

    • El Big CHRIS

      yeah i really like this feature to be added. This one of the reasons why i dont by the pro version yet (and because Im cheap/poor)