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WidgetLocker Update Removes Legacy Menu, Adds More Actions From ICS Lockscreen, and Other Awesomeness


WidgetLocker has easily become one of my favorite apps of all time. What once started out as a decent lockscreen replacement with what felt like beta options and settings, is now a full-blown and polished beast. With multiple lockscreen options available directly through the app, you also have a massive theme community to make your lockscreen as customized as you could possibly imagine.

In today’s update, we get the removal of that nasty legacy menu button for ICS devices that do not have a physical menu key (meaning I can finally use it on the One X), the ability to add up to 8 and 6 actions through ICS and Sense lockswitches, additional root options for ICS users, and more.

Play Link ($2.99)

Cheers Paolo!

  • Kriz

    Anytime Amazon.. Just wanna update from your app store that I got WL off of. -taps fingers-

  • Lucas

    I personally think that widgetlocker is quite good with customizing features and all those abilities. Though it lacks with response and overall use … the stock lockscreen works as it should, and the widgetlocker lags and sometimes causes the phone to freeze as well as just seems to be un-responsive all together at times.

  • danieltobey

    I used it for a while and I loved it, but one reason I had to go back to the original lockscreen was that when I use Navigation (which I use a lot), the original lockscreen doesn’t appear, but the WidgetLocker lockscreen did, which was a pain in the butt to bring up the screen while driving.

  • Granpa

    I use MIUI locker and haven’t had issues with battery life.  Not as much customization offered, but plenty of user created themes. 

  • Guest

    I can’t find the setting to do this on my nexus 🙁

  • Gregg

    Yesterday SmartShift Lockscreen, today Widgetlocker. Are there any others that are better than these two? 

  • Kyle

    Has the battery life/performance improved?  I used a previous version on the Bionic with extended battery and it took a 12-14 charge down to 8-10 hours.  Would love to have it on my Nexus, but battery life suffers enough without adding another drain to it…

    • JagoX

      Yea ditto on that, I’ve REALLY wanted to like it but on my DX I could always tell a noticeable effect on the battery. In fact, I can tell a noticeable effect on the battery with other similar apps plus since it doesn’t load right away I sometimes have to wait for it to load before unlocking the phone (unlock the built-in lockscreen.(

  • tanknspank

    Love the icon set 😉

  • BTLS

     I always loved the app!  I’m excited about this, HOWEVER now the waiting begins for amazon to update… UGH

  • Manny

    Use it on my Droid X, but not my Touchpad running Cm9 ICS :). Still love Widgetlocker though. As for the Xda thread, I think the main issue holding people back is the fact that the thread is too convoluted and themes get lost in a sea of comments. 

  • J.B

    I don’t know what I would do without WidgetLocker

  • Kellex what theme is that??  I have a non-rooted Galaxy Nexus.  

    • I think it is HTC Sense on his One X

  • DanWazz

    Still love this app. Use it a ton.

  • 8 actions on the ICS slider? OMFG awesome!!!!!

    • GazaIan

      Have you not used an AOKP ROM? It has the Octo option, adding 8 options to the lock.

      • I have a Rezound. Rooted, but ROM-free 🙂 

        • RobMorris

          I definately recommend you flash one of the many ROMs available

  • thebruce44

    Wow, I want to meet this guy’s friend’s aunt!

  • Butters619

    Jealous that you have a One X and I have to wait another 17 days.

  • Andrew

    I’ve always loved Widget Locker, but haven’t used it since getting ICS

    • Same here. Custom sliders has slowed tremendously on XDA as well.

  • Benjamin Landwehr

    Good stuff, been using this for a little over a year.