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Thursday Poll: Thin Phone or Longer Battery Life?

One of HTC’s VPs, while speaking at a private conference in Seattle today, said that at one time, battery life and mega 3000mAh batteries were areas of focus and on their roadmap. But after doing research with consumers last year, they came to the conclusion that people actually care more about having a thin phone than one that can last all day long. I don’t know about you, but this is semi-surprising in that battery life is one of the most talked about subjects here on DL. Rarely do we say, “Hey, we love thin phones!” or “Man, I wish this phone was thinner!” Thin seems like something that we expect now since it is 2012. Instead, we are looking for manufacturers to do what Motorola did with the RAZR MAXX and figure out ways to boost battery life while adding little-to-no thickness. And not that we all want to walk around with tanks in our pockets instead of easily pocketable devices, but a bit of girth to a device that can last for 2 days isn’t such a bad thing.

So let us do our own bit of research. What would you rather have, a thin phone or longer battery life? We wish we could give you a “both” option, but that would defeat the purpose and because HTC must not believe that thin and long battery life can co-exist. ūüôā

Thin phone or longer battery life?

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  • Mark Boyd

    Call me crazy but I don’t want a crazy thin phone, mostly because they general feel brittle and it feels like I’m going to snap it or break it.

  • eestubbs104

    I would definitely go for the thicker phone with the longer battery life, but realistically, right now, I would not buy any phone that did not allow for a battery removal. If I buy a phone that can not last at least a complete day without a recharge, than I should be allow the opportunity and option to carry a spare battery or buy an extended battery if that is my ‘choice’.

  • Stevepoll12

    When I purchased my bionic, the longer life batt. was avail with a thicker back.  I knew that I would not want to be running out of juice in the middle of the day.  So I have used the phone from day 1 and never regretted it. 

  • Bat life doesn’t really matter to me anymore since my droid Razr stays in the car dock of my work truck for a good 6-8 hours a day only coming out when I’m gonna be at a location for more than 5 minutes. ¬†I do however remember the days when all I wanted was bat life for my phone.

  • i used to say thin phone, then i got the razr…battery life.

  • jdrch

    In the context of the RAZR, I’ll take the thick phone. A slim phone with short battery life and no replaceable battery is just trouble.

  • Gamblor77

    I would like to be able to hammer the sh*t out my phone and still get 12-15 hours of solid use. If that means it needs to be a whopping 10mm to get a +2500mah battery wtf would I NOT want that?

  • Perfect example of HTC being out of touch with reality. The ONLY complaint with most of their best phones has been battery life, yet they’re convinced that people don’t want longer battery life? Do they even listen? RAZR MAXX is a perfect example that people would rather have the battery life than the thinness.¬†

  • Captain_Doug

    Serious guys, both. These polls are stupid if they neither of the choices are the correct answers. We shouldn’t have to sacrifice a thin phone for better battery life. Even the MAXX is a little overkill for me. I just need something that will last me a day and a half. The MAXX equivalent of a 2500mah battery not 3300. Is it too much to ask for a phone that’s under .4″ but still have 2500mah? The Ascend D quad XL has a 2500mah and is .43, good enough for me.¬†

  • I just had a brilliant idea: ¬†A belt clip with an extended battery, that recharges the phone through pogo pins. ¬†They could do it for my Galaxy Nexus. ¬†Get on it people!

  • EvanTheGamer

    Thinner phone with better battery life(no, I’m not joking, some day there will be micro sized phones with 100+ hour battery life, this will be a reality some day,¬†hopefully¬†before I meet my end..or before I’m 80).

  • Chad D.

    Both. And inductive charging. Study the MAXX.

    I had a Palm Pre, and it barely made it through one day. Having the Touchstone (inductive charging, no need to plug phone in) helped this situation, but that didn’t help if you were away from power. I eventually went to a larger battery, which added lots of thickness to the phone because it wasn’t designed for a larger battery. And, then I had to hack the Touchstone “receiver” into the new, thicker case. It’s basically a 1-2mm thick sticker with power leads, which had to be extended.

    Since I’m in Verizon 4G LTE service area, I tried a RAZR, and returned it because it didn’t last a day. Now I get two days of *use* out of my RAZR MAXX, no problem. That includes all day at work without WiFi.

    If manufacturers are reading this: include big batteries by default. I will *NEVER* buy a phone that can’t make it through at least a day of usage anymore. Don’t make us buy third-party hacked-in batteries that make our phones look like the bottom of a boat or carry some external battery or charger around all the time.

    Oh, and agree on an inductive charging standard and include that with the phone, already. The technology is there.

  • Joe Buck

    well the big battery didnt seem to change the shape of the razr very much,and with so many things you can do with a smart phone, I see this as the future for smart phones

  • Sjcea

    Just buy a Razr maxx ! Best of both worlds !!! DUH 

  • Kyle Fullmer

    Alternatively, (if not both like the MAXX), thin with swappable batteries.

  • Josh Groff

    Bionic with extended battery, I’m rocking that. ūüėČ

  • Adam F.

    Better poll:

    Removable battery, with ample life

    Non-removable battery, superior life

    I wouldn’t mind my g nex having a non-removable battery, if it were 3300mAh; I’ve already gotten over not having an SD card. The only reason individuals need a removable battery is due to poor battery life. Fix that, and I’m sure theAndroid community wouldn’t mind.

  • Guest

    Your “vote” needs to add 1 more choice:
    > Very thin phone… 3300mah battery.

    Why is the Razr Maxx the ONLY phone that can do both?

    • Josh Groff

      Motorola, that is why. Remember how paper thin the original RAZR series was, it was practically inconceivable.

  • Harryeballs1234

    I’ve got a Maxx so I have both!

  • Extremely one-sided poll. {{-_-}}

  • smellyfeet

    you’re all a bunch of imbeciles. ¬†

  • KC

    I did not buy the HTC One X cuz it came with embedded battery and no expansion slot.  My wife did.
    I’m now scouting around for a phone with 2GB RAM, expansion slot for microSD, battery or 3000mAH or more to last 3 or 4 days, and now, with NFC.

    I learnt from my old HTC Desire how useless it can be – bloatware, insufficent memory even to load Chrome Beta, and lousy battery. ¬†No more….

    I’ve new root my old HTC Desire and Romed it with ICS 4.0.4. ¬†Still insufficient memory for Chrome Beta. ¬†Sigh…

    I’ve learnt Meizu has 2GB RAM, 3000mAH battery and still look nice.

  • Nexusornexus

    my nexus last all day with ICS

    • Yellowcanary73

      I’m glad yours does cause mine with the extended battery barely last 5 hour.

  • smellyfeet

    the average consumer is a freakin moron.  everybody wants it their way, like the freakin whopper. 

    • Guest

      People are SO horrible… they actually want a battery that lasts more than *ONE* day.

      What do they think this is… 2012, or something????

      • Josh Groff

        I know right, the nerve of people.

  • After an upgrade from the Droid X2 I got the Droid Razr. A week after having the Razr I decided to pay the extra $100 to get the Razr Maxx. So worth it!

  • This isn’t even close.¬† Battery life.¬† The people who care about how thick or thin it is are using the phone as a fashion accessory, and are not “power users” like most readers of this website.

    • Josh Groff

      ^ This

  • Sdny8

    I’ve been whining for this since my first week with my old dx. Extended battery should look like they belong while still providing 3000mah or more. Gives people the option for thin or battery life

  • Destroythanet

    We need more phones like the RAZR Maxx that have the best of both worlds. Period.

    • Trevor


  • Kelly

    “Thicker phone with longer battery life.”
    As long as said battery is removable

  • Liderc

    I don’t want a thick phone for sure, but I want companies to start increasing the size of their batteries like Motorola did with the Maxx. ¬†It only makes sense to increase battery size, I’m surprised it’s taken so long to do what Motorola did. ¬†All they did was take 2 batteries and glue them together, not exactly ground breaking.¬†

    I still get through an entire day with my Nexus no problem, but it would be nice to be able to have my phone all day, go to say…a party at night, wake up in the morning and still have some juice left. I don’t think I need 2 days, just an entire day and the next morning =P

  • I’m on the battery side, and think most people are as well.

    I’d think that comparing RAZR sales to RAZR MAXX sales would be helpful to answer this question. There isn’t any public data on that, right?

  • How about a keyboard AND an extended battery in it? I don’t want a thin phone. Thin phones give my hands cramps. I have a Rezound and a Stratosphere w/ Extended battery and the Stratosphere is more comfortable to use.

  • JulianZHuang

    android MIUI rom inside iphone 4s = perfect for me.

  • STiK

    I had a Razr for about a month then sold it and picked up the Maxx. The Maxx feels much better in hand to me. Razr was just too damn thin…

  • Thank god someone finally asked

  • MrSteve920

    As previously said, is it too much to ask for both?

  • subiedude85

    I like my razr but I am a power user and only get about 10 hours out of it. I would settle with twice the thickness and weight just to go a full day. (yes, the maxx is still a sore spot for me)

  • Thinness sells phones because you can’t tell how good battery life is in the store. That is a pleasant surprise that comes later.¬†

  • droidbeat

    The thinnest phone that can last 24 hours under heavy use, or hunting for weak signals, and still have a removable battery.

  • Alexander Garcia

    Option C!   RAZR Maxx   =)

  • llwang

    I DON’T like thin phones. ¬†They are so hard to hold while talking on it.¬†

  • steve30x

    How about HTC and others stepping up to the tech like moto with their Razr Maxx.. its possible to build a phone with a slim battery with lots of power.. you would think these companies would assume thats a money making pitch..especially with these 4.5, 4.7 screens hitting the market.

  • Meticode

    I think it has a lot to do with the type of users of the phone are. If you’re a light to moderate user and yoru phone can get you at least through one normal day. You’re good, you’r thin phone with your 1600mAH to 1900mAH battery does you completely fine. If you’re a heavy user and you have to charge your phone or do some form or charging at least once during the day then you’re going to want the longer battery.

    Personally at he end of the day I still have 25% to 40% battery left, and I have a Rezound which isn’t an excellent phone regular the battery, it has a normal 1600-something mAH battery with a splendid power-sucking 720p screen and does me just fine.

  • Sobr0801

    You should do a poll that says, long lasting non-removable battery, or removable battery average battery life. Some people cant seem to separate its one or the other in most cases.

  • Joe Buck

    When you have a battery like maxx, who cares if you cant take it out. Ive had 5 of the nexus phones, with fwo of them new, so I have an extended battery plus two regulars and those two never come out of the drawer.just plug it in

  • As long as the battery and cover can be replaced I am not too concerned with a small battery. For example on my LTE nexus I use the thinline battery most of the time. but I keep a 21000 MAH battery in my bookbag which I take to work. If I know I am going out for awhile I use my 3800 mah battery. I like having options, but I prefer that my phone be as thin as possible. This is probably because I have been gaining weight and my pants are getting tight.

  • bassman418

    I would rather carry around 2 batteries…….

    • Guest

      Why in the world would you want all these hassles… instead of none?

      Very expensive extra batteries.
      Lost or broken battery doors that keep falling off.
      Thicker phones… just to make the battery replaceable.
      Constantly inserting/removing batteries.
      Carrying around multiple batteries.
      Always remembering if *ALL* your individual batteries are fully charged.
      You have to power down the phone… just to swap batteries each time.
      Costs more to make the device with removeable batteries.
      Lost batteries.

      • bassman418

        Because I bought a phonebecause I like the way it looks and performs. I’ve said it before with my Thunderboltand I’ll say it now with my Gnex. I refuse to lower the brightness and stop animations, shut down gps or put a giant log off the back of my phone to extend battery life. I have no problem to carry an extra battery and swap out while the others charging. Its so not a big deal to be down for 2 minutes. Verse carrying around something unsightly or have it not perform because of the restriction I had placed on it.
        Its all about personal preference. Mounted battery and restrictions = iPhone. NO THANK YOU…

  • Migamix

    now… go ask this question of the everyday nontechy phone owner… who doesn’t fun ftp server software and uses vnc clients everyday

  • djkoz78

    I prefer to have more battery life than thinness. I without question to have the HTC Rezound updated to ics like we were told. I guess ICS ready means ICS not yet, but soon.

  • I’m not a fan of thinner phones as they seem flimsy. ¬†A thinner phone does nothing to increase the ease with which the phone fits in the hand. ¬†WIDTH of the phone matters. ¬†Also, battery life is BY FAR more important than thinness of a phone.

  • NorCalGuy

    Third option: RAZR MAXX

    I have a nexus with a 2100 and because it fits under the original cover its not such a big deal, but my buddy with the MAXX and its 3300, which is almost double that of the stock nexus battery,can last two days easy and with his smart actions on sometimes three whole days, or two more than my nexus does.

  • I’m lucky if my battery gets through 5-6 hours of use lately on my DX…. wtf¬†

    • I agree the Droid X has issues after heavy usage.¬†
      The back of it at the bottom becomes so hot, you get to use it to warm your hands up if it’s cold outside.¬†

      As long as you don’t use it too much in a short amount of time, it should be fine.¬†
      For me, using it to play Temple Run for an hour nonstop drains the battery by like 50%…

      Btw, battery got worse for me after that “Mother of all Bug Fixes” update

  • kulanapan

    It’s pretty obvious from this poll what real users want. I want to know who the hell HTC was interviewing…

  • chris125

    Manufacturers should quit worrying about 8 mm thin phones and make a 10 mm phone that isn’t super wide and has a battery the size of the maxx

  • jjrudey

    HTC is saying that because they are unable to make a phone with a monster battery. They should at least have removable batteries so we can have a choice.

  • Rick

    I choose 4.0.5 is that an option?¬† oh i forgot its Verizon late march became early april is now late april soon to be may…

  • How about removable¬†batteries¬†so we can swap in an extended one if we are a power user. ¬†

    • Spc Hicks09

      Kind of pointless to have a removable battery when you can use the phone for 2 days straight. That’s the point they’re trying to make.

  • brando56894

    Definitely longer battery life. My OG droid was pretty big compared to my Incredible and my Rezound (when I don’t have the extended battery in) and I didn’t mind it one bit, and an added thing was that I always knew when I had it with me.

    I don’t mind a phone being uniformly thicker, it’s only being thick in certain places that I hate. I love the way my Rezound feels when I have the stock battery in it, but when I slap on the extended battery it feels awkward in my hands when I have it in landscape mode since about 75% of the phone is¬†bulged¬†out except for the perimeter. It also makes it pretty damn heavy, so much that it actually makes the joint of my pinky (finger) hurt after a few minutes of holding it in portrait mode.

  • myandroid324

    Wether or not anyone wants to admit it, the Razr Maxx is the prefect phone. It gives an extremely thin profile, while also giving it a massive battery. I will admit its a bit too wide at times, and it doesn’t have ics yet, but the pros heavily out weigh the cons. People complaining about non removable batteries? Seriously, when you have a 3300mah battery you don’t need it…it is somewhat hard to kill! Motorola set the bar with this one, and other manufactures will follow if they are smart.

    • Spc Hicks09

      Oh it has ICS. Just gotta know what you’re doing and where to look for it.

    • ericl5112

      I LOVE comments like this. ¬†“this phone is perfect, no matter what you say”. ¬†No it’s not. ¬†There is no such thing. ¬†It’s an excellent phone, and the battery is a hugely compelling feature.

    • TC Infantino

      No, the Razr Maxx is not perfect.¬† It does many things right, such as long battery life, great radios, Moto’s excellent build quality.¬† But it falls short on some things as well, the screen, odd feel in the hand (thin but seems too wide), and what many here will agree – the locked bootloader.¬† The Razr Maxx is a good phone, but not perfect.


    Had a DROID RAZR, then found out DROID RAZR MAXX was coming out…promptly preordered it and waited for its release to get an exchange…

    Couldn’t be more happy.

  • Tommy Thompson

    Thin. Thin doesn’t always mean its going to have a small battery or terrible battery life. My Epic Touch is much thinner than the Original EVO but it still has a larger battery and gets much better battery life.

  • Hocky

    The thing to keep in mind is that most consumers are often as smart as a trout when it comes to what they want vs need. Most don’t even know what Mah means let alone what something like 1800mah’s would equate to.¬†
    The great thing about current generation phones is that it’s possible to do both, proven by (and noted by posts below mine) Motorola’s RAZR Maxx. Personally, I don’t mind a bit of bulk to mine. It often makes the phone easier to grasp and hold. The Maxx’s shape is a great feel to me and I don’t mind having a slightly thicker feel like what the extended batteries of the SGN has.¬†

    So I can understand the consumer wanting something thinner when they are in the show room for that cool factor, but when it comes down to it, the consumer may really want (but certainly not everyone) more battery life). I know that I wish my Verizon store would note, in the phones¬†description, the Mah’s. Maybe if they would start doing that people would have a better understanding of the¬†versatility¬†vs. form-factor of their new phone.¬†

    • Hocky

      …Especially when you have a trend of flagship phones being released that have non-removable batteries. that I’m not a fan of.¬†

  • Towelie420

    Give me a thin phone with a removable battery.
    Don’t be cheap, shell out a little money and buy an extra battery and a cradle charger for said battery.
    Or continue to walk around with a brick in your pocket.
    Phones with non removable batteries are absolutely unacceptable to me. You do realize that batteries don’t last forever right? They can’t just be recharged unlimited times. They do eventually lose their ability to hold a charge, often a lot quicker than you’d think. Then when your battery won’t hold a charge, regardless of its massive size, your brick phone is useless.

    • Spc Hicks09

      So buy the phone for say $300, another battery for $50, then the cradle for another $50? Or just pay $250-$300 for a non-removable, extended life battery already built into the phone. The latter seems more logical. The battery can still be removed, just have to break a seal.

      • tomn1ce

        and void your warranty, something goes wrong with your phone and you’re stuck with it….

      • bassman418

        I got an original Samsung 1850mah battery w/NFC and charging dock for only $28. Shipped…….

  • I’m a woman, which one do you think I picked?? ¬†LOL

    • Spc Hicks09

      Thinner. Women are more shallow than men.

    • imns

      ¬†I’m going to guess the thicker one that lasts longer.¬† ūüôā

  • Cameron_Watt

    give me them mah’s

  • Who needs a battery that last two days? ¬†

    • Power users, aka me.

      • If you are awake for 48 hours straight you have bigger problems than your phone battery.

        • kixofmyg0t

          So when your phone dies you fall asleep? Or do you mean you are awake every second your phone is on? Just because he wants a phone that can last 2 days doesnt mean hes gonna be awake the whole time. My Bionic can last 2 days(with the 2880mAh extended battery) but that doesnt mean *I’M* awake for two days. Your argument is retarded.¬†

    • Bob Martin

      Someone thats on a 2 day drive to a diffferent state. Sure they can stop at a hotel and charge it but it would be easier to just last the entire trip.

      • Towelie420

        Too cheap to buy a car charger?
        Or perhaps a spare battery?
        Or maybe even both?

  • I prefer thin, because I am a desk monkey and can have it plugged in all day if needed. Also I carry emergency chargers.

    All I really want out of a phone is a massive screen, little weight, and very thin.

    • kulanapan

      The Razr Maxx is pretty thin. It doesn’t take that much thickness to double the battery size.

  • Usmitcboy

    Option 3: Motorola Razr Maxx (best of both worlds if you throw in ICS)

  • LLcdPH

    Love my Razr MAXX!

  • Paul

    I bought a RAZR in November, so I’m biased. But with Smart Actions, I think battery life is fine considering how thin the phone is. Form over function all day.

  • Rodeojones000

    Thin. As long as the battery can last 10-12 hours I’m fine with it.

  • Drew66


  • also, i have the 2100 mah battery for the gnex, and i use easy battery saver, and i have over 40% usually by like 1am after turning it on at about 9:30 or so¬†

    • 9:30 am that is¬†

      • Tyler Chappell

        How? My dad bought 2 2100mAh batteries for his GNex, and even with juice defender, it barely lasts any longer than the stock battery. ¬†I dont think it lasts him more than a few hours. ¬†I got a cheap $20 3850mAh Qcell battery off Amazon and that helped, but its still only better by maybe 2 hours. ¬†If the 4.0.5 update doesnt make a big improvement, I’ll be convinced his is a lemon.

        • kixofmyg0t

          He didnt answer so Ill explain. 

          He doesnt actually USE his phone at all. It sits there most of the time. Thats how he gets great battery life. 

  • thin phone with the option of a bigger battery.¬†

  • Tonus1

    Removable battery! Quit trying to re-invent the stinkin’ iphone.

    • Spc Hicks09

      Seriously? Things had non-removable batteries before the iPhone.

  • I now have a couple spare batteries. I dont have to carry a thick ass battery with my Thunderbolt.¬†

  • Dan

    Sent from my 1″ Inch Thick Brick Thunderbolt

    • Thought it was funny that HTC was talking about thin phones. They have been producing tanks with bad battery for the last couple of years.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Im not an HTC at all….but they got it right with the One-X right? HTC’s answer to bad battery life? MOAR CORES!

  • I want a thin phone, but if I can’t get through a day it stops being a phone

  • I have an HTC Rezound, after having a Samsung DROID Charge and a Moto OG DROID. ¬†I’d gotten the DROID tweaked where I could get through a day, and eventually got the Charge where I could on some days. ¬†The Rezound’s original battery was terrible–in fact, my guess is it was faulty somehow. I bought their extended battery, which made the phone a whale–but MAN, it’s great being able to go all day and have anywhere from 20-60% of the battery left, depending on how hard I was using the phone. ¬†And ¬†you know what? ¬†I actually kinda like the heftier feel and added girth. ¬†It’s grown on me (ha). ¬†My only gripes are the odd Sense UI elements that ADW Launcher can’t hide, and the lack of Gorilla Glass (was spoiled by the other two phones in that regard).

  • I think the 2100 mAh battery improves the feel of the GNex quite a bit. I agree that the Maxx’s battery is the standard everyone else should be aiming for, but I’d settle for a happy medium of some sort. I think the batteries HAVE to get bigger as the screens grow.

    • Replying to myself to say that I don’t want to give up removable batteries, either, that being one major problem with a lot of the new phones now.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Why? All phones with non removable have a button sequence to reset them. So whats the problem if yiur phone lasts a full day and more on heavy use?

        • Stubbornness, I suppose?¬†

          I guess, in part, I feel uncertain about button sequences as hard resets, as I’ve had to take the outer panel off a computer and pull the power supply to get it to reset before when the usual hard reset failed.

          Aside from that, I do camp in places without power, so even the Maxx’s battery is unlikely to last me 2-3 days in a place with only so-so signal, and it would be nice then to have an extra battery. /shrug …. I know that they sell external battery packs, even solar ones, and I suppose that’s the route I’ll have to take if more and more phones go to non-removable batteries.

          • endless

            Couldn’t figure out how to unplug the computer from the wall huh?

          • Lol. No, I’m usually smarter than that believe it or not. In this situation, the power cord was permanently attached to the computer, and the wall outlet was inaccessible in an office. However, that’s all more or less beside the point. I’m not the only person in the thread who expressed a preference for removable batteries, and I remember a time when every comment on droid life didn’t have to turn into a stupid battle.

  • masterxchief

    Why is the thunderbolt fat with terrible battery life then?

    • Because the TBolt was designed for those few elite people that want “neither”. ūüėČ Actually the batt got much better after the GB update.

      • Tyler Chappell

        yeah it really did, I use a GB ROM (Thunderstick full-blown sense 3.0) and with the 2750mAh battery, I usually have about 30-40% left at the end of the day, and I use my phone moderately-heavy

    • Cameron_Watt

      its actually better then my incredible. and thats with using 4g. 

    • kixofmyg0t

      Single core Cortex A8+first LTE chip. 

  • Captain_Doug

    I said thin phone but i justify it with the razr. I don’t own one but I really think that other manufacturers need to step up and make thin phones that either have a big ol battery inside or that sip the battery juice like it was lemon cough medicine. Phones need to be thin but we shouldn’t have to¬†sacrifice¬†battery life. I’m talking all thinner than .4″ with at least 15 hours of talk time. That’s where we should be headed.

  • I was torn between the Razr Maxx and Nexus…. I went wit the Nexus for software updates. Although Verizon is retarded and not updating the software!

    • LLcdPH

      That’s one of the many reasons I gave them back my Nexus and went with the Razr Maxx.

      • Cameron_Watt

        so you gave back a nexus on 4.0 for a razr on 2.3? fail logic is fail

        • Yes, because running newer OS is much more important than being able to make a call or hold a data connection. /facepalm.¬†

        • kixofmyg0t

          He gave back a 2100mAh for a 3300mAh. Win logic is win. Besides its easy to get ICS on the RAZR MAXX. Im running ICS on my Bionic.

        • Spc Hicks09

          ICS is possible on the RAZR Maxx. Your argument is invalid.

        • LiterofCola

          Try harder

          • You guys are almost making me regret buying this 4.0.2 phone! Maybe those Nokia ads were right about us being Beta testers!

      • kixofmyg0t

        If i had a dollar for everyone that returned the Nexus for the RAZR MAXX lol.

        • Or just returned the Nexus, period!

          • kixofmyg0t

            I feel compelled to point out that returns of the “G-Nex” are in the tens of thousands.¬†

            Very awesome indeed.

          • kulanapan

            You wouldn’t have very much money.

          • kixofmyg0t

            Oh how little you know LOL. 

          • Spc Hicks09

            Jealous GNex user is jealous.

  • Will

    For me at least, even the Galaxy Nexus is _too_ thin, it slips out of the hand quite easily. ¬†I bought the Seidio extended battery mostly so I’d have something more substantial to grip, and haven’t ever looked back. ¬†I didn’t even really need the extra battery life.¬†

    So, battery life aside, this “thinner and thinner” trend has got to stop. ¬†I’d gladly take some extra thickness for a user-swappable battery, MicroSD slot and bigger capacity batteries. ¬†I know thin is sexy right now, but I’m hoping manufacturers start aiming for ergonomic instead soon.

    • lostsync

      It’s also just a slippery phone. I love the thing but it jumps out of my hand like it has a death wish. I need to get a new case for it. I got the extended battery and my old one doesn’t fit anymore.¬†

  • Greg Morgan

    Both? Moto proved it’s possible.

    • X2caleb2X

      with the cost of removable battery life

      • Greg Morgan

        True but with that battery you don’t need spares.

        • Yeah but it makes you wonder…why not make the battery removable? Cost savings? I don’t get the point of non-removable batteries from a company’s perspective.¬†

          • ericl5112

            A removable battery needs to be protected. ¬†It has the potential to be handled, taken out, dropped, stepped on, etc. ¬†That outer level of protection takes space. ¬†The mechanism to remove a back cover can take space (although the GNex and SGS2 avoided this for the most part). There needs to be a wall between the battery compartment and the rest of the phone that takes up space that wouldn’t need to be there if the battery was non-removable.

            Lots of things to take up space that could instead be filled with extra battery. ¬†Moto’s 3300mAh battery wouldn’t have been that thin and removable, not with todays technology.

          • Butters619

            The G-Nex avoided it, but look at that flimsy POS battery cover.

            But I completely agree with you.

          • ericl5112

            I had a Focus S for a while, same battery cover. ¬†It was flexible, but I wouldn’t call it a flimsy POS. ¬†It was actually one of the easiest to remove and put back, while not taking up much space.

      • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

        Thats the point. You dont have a reason to remove the battery. Youlll be too busy using for phone 2 days straight

    • Butters619

      The Razr Maxx received much better reception for Moto than the Razr.  Hopefully it is a trend they keep.

      • kixofmyg0t

        Very true. They sold a crap ton more of the RAZR MAXX than the RAZR.

        Also the down to earth marketing campain certainly helped.

      • smellyfeet

         they both have the same exact 4g radio, moron.

        • Butters619

          I really hope you are not that stupid…

          nouna manner of being received: The book met with a favorable

          noun Informal . a person who is notably stupid or lacking in good judgment.

          • LiterofCola

            Hahaha EPIC

          • Division by Zero

            +5 000 000 000 000 I’m literally laughing picturing Butters (the character) saying that. You sir, have just brightened my morning.

        • OMG YOU ARE ARE AN IDIOT. ¬† ¬†

        • LiterofCola

          LMAO you are a ‘tard

    • Ahku Droid

      I second that.  My Moto RAZR MAXX is excellent and lasts nearly 2 days on 4G.

      • Clarkkent434

        I get around 4 days on mine on very strong 4g.

        The funny thing is I have had all three nexus. But I got angry with Gnex battery life and jumped ship and never looked with my razr maxx.

    • Michael Forte

      Exactly this. If the RAZR MAXX can do it, why are we seeing HTC make phones with small non removable batteries? Thinness definitely isn’t everything.

    • New_Guy

      My sentiments exactly =)…

    • feztheforeigner

      I think the average consumer does not realize which phone will last longer, and who can blame them? They see thin and go “that’s really nice!”. When they see a fat long-lasting phone they do not realize it is long-lasting and say “eww..a brick…”.

      We are more educated on these products and realize the differences, but we are not the majority and manufacturers will not cater to us, just the average ignorant consumer.

      • Many people do not spend too much time away from a charger and a 6-8 hour battery life is not a huge problem.¬†

        • Asuriyan

          The fact that I have a charger in every room and two in my car is no excuse! Not until I get an inductive charging pack in my wallet, anyway.

          • And have all that energy passing through my leg, since I’m a back pocket wallet guy? I’ll pass on the leg tumors.

          • Kevin

            I don’t think you understand how non-ionizing radiation works…

        • Guy

           6-8 hours is still horrible. A phone should last no less than twice that.

    • LiterofCola


  • Bob Martin

    I wouldnt mind owning a brick phone from the 80’s with touch screen Android and smartphone technology. as long as the battery lasts all day with no charge.

    • Spartan

      For that size, it better last one year.

      • Bob Martin

        If it were possible I would connect a car battery to my android phone and carry it around in a backpack. As long as my phones battery life is equal to that of a cars battery life.

  • Kernschatten


  • Battery life has become my most important stat to judge upcoming superphones. SGN is nice but damn I need something that lasts longer……

  • my nexus is skinnier and bigger battery than my tbolt had so htc isnt really on the ball here¬†