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Acer’s Expected Date for Ice Cream Sandwich Update to Iconia Tablet is April 27

Acer has placed an exact date at which they intend to pump out Ice Cream Sandwich to users of the A500 Iconia tablet, along with the A100 model. The update should be hitting both models April 27, 10 days from now, and will bring the tablet up to the Android “4.0.X.”

Via: Acer

Cheers Michael!

  • Raven

    I actually have the Acer A100 and it is a nice little 7″ tablet that I picket up for $190.  I already had an Asus Transformer TF101, but I wanted to get something for my daughter to play games on since she was always wanting to use my Transformer.  But, I have found myself loving the 7″ form factor because I can easily stick it in a jacket pocket and take it with me.  I honestly probably use it more than my Transformer, but I still always go back to the Transformer for anything that involves some serious typing.  So, I for one am looking forward to the ICS update.

  • So glad I got a 32GB Xoom Wi-fi, which has had ICS the past few months.   Holla!

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  • Read up on this Acer…hahahaha…wow….1Ghz Tegra 2 processor…thats the Droid X2…its thicker, wider, more plasticky, the camera is worse, etc.

    Maybe if someone had never heard of Samsung or Asus I could see them buying this but anyone who reads this site and a few others should’ve been like “hmm, I think I’ll save my money and wait”

    And in all honesty I was 100000% going to get the Transformer Prime..then I found out the gps and wifi sucked and the silver on the back looked a little purple and I decided to save my money.

    Good thing..looks like the 300 and the Infinity will kick ass

    • geedee82

      Yeah the Infinity is definitely going to kick ass, I’m waiting on that one too, unless Samsung drops some sort of mind-blowing next-gen super spec’ed tab, the TP Infinity is my next tablet.

  • Smeckle

    Important question, would really appreciate it if somebody could answer. For those of you who have the OTA ICS already for tablets, does ICS for tablets allow Apps 2 SD? Honeycomb does not, and it’s a killer for me because my 16GB A500 only has a couple gigs left and a big empty micro SD card since I had no idea that Honeycomb barred Apps 2 SD when I got it. My GNex is rooted but I feel less secure about rooting my tablet because I know nothing about any tablet ROMs. If the OTA ICS allows Apps 2 SD then I have no problem waiting, but if I can only get this by rooting then I’d like to know now so I can root before the 27th.

    THANK YOU! 🙂

    • Matthew Merrick

      you need a root-powered third party app (rom toolbox works for me) to make this work .

      • Smeckle

        That’s disappointing…thanks for the info!

  • Matthew Merrick

    I’ve been running ICS on my a500 for a month. Based off the official acer leak, zero bugs. Loving it so much. 

  • Tyler Chappell

    Super glad to see them finally confirm.  My mom has the A100 and my brother the A500.

  • I’ve been running the leak for a while now and love it, only thing missing is facial recognition.  I’m still waiting for an ICS daily driver for the Thunderbolt.

    • LTE4G

      Me too, I’ve been beta testing ICS for the tbolt, but no 3G/cell otherwise it runs fast ans smooth!

      Do you know of one that works with the radio/3G, I know wifi works on Liquid’s rom either that or I need a newer radio… 

    • Matthew Merrick

      i’ve been running the leak for a while too, and i have facial recognition (try out taboonay) 😉

  • E A butler

    i wont hold my breath

  • LTE4G

    Even my HP tablet has ICS, I am not holding my breath for the 27th of this month… for my a500

    • E A butler

      you read my mind

  • Mtsunami31

    Samsung….your thoughts???

    • Leroybrute

      Yea I am close to getting the Transformer pad 300. 399 for a 32 gig quad core is great. It seems Asus puts more effort into the support for their products also. Give my daughter the a500 depending on TP300 reviews.

  • richardsonadm

    Samsung, your move. My Galaxy Tab 10.1 is rocking CM9, but would be nice to have some help with drivers(camera)?

  • Shannon Hoff

    I find it funny that it looks like we will be seeing another tablet getting ICS before the Xoom 4G.  And by funny, I mean it makes me sad, as a Xoom 4G owner.

    • Androidfan1981

      get over yourself quiet wineing 

      • LiterofCola

        Do you mean for her to get over herself while quietly sipping on a nice Zinfandel?

        • normmcgarry

          He spells at a third grade level. He’s trying.

  • Bigsike

    Sold mine to my sister only because I was getting a deal on a TP but I have to say it was an outstanding tablet! I still miss the Let’s Golf game that was pre loaded on it I can’t find that game anywhere now. Honestly I only have good things to say about this tablet tho it was rock solid I’m glad to see ICS now coming but imo a little late.

  • Wow, so glad I chose the TF101 over this last year…

    • Leroybrute

      Wow, why?

      • Because the Transformer got ICS in February. No disrespect to Acer, I remember weighing my options heavily and having a tough time deciding between the two. 

        Asus has been great about releasing updates… better than any other Android hardware provider I’ve seen.

        • Bigsike

          Even I must say using both and currently having the Transformer Prime the Acer A500 was better in almost every way than the TF101.

    • this is a pretty timely update if you ask me. plus my transformer STILL has issues after the first ics update and the “bug fix” second one 

    • Sb_vg2

       And, there you go. The typical fanboy post one can expect from the owner of a “rival” device.

      • dude, we’re on the same side here.

        • Sb_vg2

           Apparently, your definition of “same side” is not the same as for the average person. Really, you consider your petty boast of “so glad I chose the TF101 over this last year” as being on the “same side”? As least be honest about your need to feel “superior” about your choice of device when making snarky remarks about other devices.

          • Excuse my attempt to avoid another irrational and unending debate in forums. We’re both fans of Android, and if you read my post earlier, you would have seen that I have huge respect for Acer and their products and had a very hard time deciding between the two. In no way did I intend to announce my device as superior over yours, so you can take back that basic generalization. The Transformer is flawed in many ways, they each have their strengths, admitting that has no ill effect on my personal well being, so do not make assumptions. That is all.

  • Diablo81588

    Nice! Finally able to get rid of that buggy mess of an OS Honeycomb.