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DROID Bionic Update to Build 5.9.904 is on the Way to Testers, Here is the Changelog


The next update for the DROID Bionic is build number 5.9.904 and is not Ice Cream Sandwich. A friend of ours sent over the changelog for it that we have pasted for you below. You can see that behind-the-scenes bug fixes are all that is in store, which makes sense going from .902 to .904. In fact, when Verizon posts this changelog after testers have it, it likely won’t have any of these details on it, so take in this rare opportunity to see what backend bugs are being taken care of.

Update:  Our buddy Sam has told us that if you update to .904, you can still use the .902 fastboot files to return to .902 or to save your phone should you do something that it doesn’t like. 


Issues Corrected / Enhancements

Application Updates/Improvements

  • Updated Visual Voicemail access URL
  • Preload Google R10 GMS apps

Stability and Performance Improvements

  • Visual Voicemails are sent to a device but no notification is given to the user
  • Bluetooth call tones are too loud
  • The APN table can be overwritten by 3 rd party applications,resulting in an inability to camp on the LTE network
  • DNS cache is not refreshed when moving from EHRPD to LTE
  • IPv6 default route is left over after LTE to EHRPD handoff
  • Added support for IPv6 over eHRPD
  • Reduce blank screen lock ups with inability to power up
  • Device may show a white 4G icon but the user is unable to connect to Internet

If you can’t wait for this update to be made available (it could be a couple of weeks), know that it already found its way into a forum or two earlier this week. Again, nothing major, but expect it to arrive some time soon.

Cheers ___ and Sam!

  • I read with great interest.Thanks for you sharing. 

  • Taglogical

    YAY for the following (fixes)!!The APN table can be overwritten by 3 rd party applications,resulting in an inability to camp on the LTE networkDNS cache is not refreshed when moving from EHRPD to LTE

  • Drew56

    My phone still drops signal 5x+ a day even after the 10 attempts at fixing it.  I will say the camera with the Camera ICS app makes this phone’s camera better then even the iPhone 4.

    • RoadsterHD1

      have you heard anything about the 904 update?

  • Buckazui

    chris 125 makes the most valid point about the gnex the radios suck. i have the phone and its hands down my favorite phone ive had but the radios suck and sammy cant or wont fix that in a reasonable time if ever. i waited and waited for the bionic and i think its a solid phone for the right ppl my friend has one and loves it. he claims he is more than happy with it and doesnt have any issues. with androids its all about the user some ppl like a phone for the dumbest simplest reasons that doesnt make it wrong to love your phone does it? ive had a moto devour, an OG droid, an Incredibel 1, a fascinate and now a gnex i personally liked certian things about each above the others none are perfect… but i fell in love with ICS and so the gnex was my choice and sure i wake up some days and wonder is i should have gotten the rezound but i went with my gut and im happy generally.moral of this rambel is just do you get the phone you like and be proud! no need to go shoving it in others faces tho becaues every android phone on the market has its flaws.

    • Buckazui

      just wanted to add that i do run custom roms on everything except my first android and in my opinion you are wasting the pontental of your device if your not.


        Agreed.  Which is the reason i belive we all LOVE android being open source.  It is something to brag about when you have a variety of verry different ROMs to install on your phone with a little know how.  Where as you buy an Iphone, you get what you get.    Been running Eclipse 2.2 for a while, can’t belive anyone wouldn’t want this as their operating system over MOTOBLUR.  It makes way more sense to me, and is just faster, battery lasts longer, everything is smoother, just a great ROM for anyone to try.  I tried liberty 3 first, I found it too glitchy, maybee it was just me.  If i could unlock the bootloader to my bionic……THEN WHAT???? i still have the same $h!t as i have now with my bionic…huh….and yes i bought my bionic for 300 dollars when they first came out.  Wish i waited

  • Not Perfect, but Happy

    Thought this was a post on a Bionic update?  Is there even one comment regarding that?  Seems the commets are all about unreasonable expectations and greener grass elswhere.  No matter what handset you throw your $ at there’ll be one with better specs on the horizonand you’ll NEVER be satisfied if having the ultimate phone is your desire.

  • haohao113
  • haohao113
  • Daniel Dlugos

    If you are wondering, Google R10 GMS is Google Message Security.

    Here is a quick overview (PDF) http://www.google.com/a/help/intl/en/security/pdf/message_security.pdf

  • Josh Groff

    disqus is buggy this morning…

  • Josh Groff

    ^ Now this guy has a point. I think most of us put G-Nex owners up there with iPhone users because they tend to brag and call other phones crap (which makes those of us who bought and love said phones fairly angry.) I personally like my Bionic, the dev community is decent and most ROMs just work. There’s even a few ICS beta ROMs chilling out there. I can admit the Nexus is awesome, but I’d rather get one for 300-400 off contract than on.

  • ABerry5

    android is about choice so everyone needs to stfu.. but gnex owners arent the trolls it’s all the non-gnex owners justifying their purchases by flaming the gnex so gnex owners have been having to defend themselves (not even necessary if you’ve had a gnex for 3+ days)

    I have a gnex and wouldn’t trade it for anything, but my friend has a bionic and its a nice phone no complaints

    I just could never go pre-ICS now.. it’s not a 2.2 to 2.3 upgrade, its an entirely new android and incredible

    • Josh Groff

       ^ Now this guy has a point. I think most of us put G-Nex owners up there
      with iPhone users because they tend to brag and call other phones crap
      (which makes those of us who bought and love said phones fairly angry.) I
      personally like my Bionic, the dev community is decent and most ROMs
      just work. There’s even a few ICS beta ROMs chilling out there. I can
      admit the Nexus is awesome, but I’d rather get one for 300-400 off
      contract than on.

  • Rodys Gonzalez


  • 2012新年新气象,新年大优惠。盛大购物最低3折。没有我做不到,你敢想吗?哈哈

  • smellyfeet

    my feet smell bad

  • smellyfeet

    my balls are a more reliable phone than the bionic.

    • Jon

      I love my Bionic running Eclipse 2.2, but lol!!! 

  • Gardnerml55

    But will we EVER SEE ICS.???

    • Bionic

      my guess is a month after the RAZR

      • hkklife

        2 months IMO. Quite possibly longer.

    • Josh Groff

       I can see ICS if I want to, just not officially. There’s a few fairly solid ports out there to test. 😉

  • smellyfeet

     the bionic blows.  a flawed product that moto should be sued over.

    • Bionic

      seriously dude?  cuz ive had zero problems

      • Adnoxaei

        He must be like me. I have a huge block of text describing my issues with the phone up above in the comments. I abandoned it and got another phone because I couldn’t handle how terrible my experiences were with the Bionic.

        • ERIC REED

          I had two Bionics and neither could hold a data connection. The 902 update didn’t help me at all. I decided me and the Bionic were not meant to be. I thought it was a great phone other than that!!!

  • ClaraCWhitsett

    I have both Galaxy as my employee line and bionic on my personal….
    guess which one never gets used besides DEMOing for the appl… errrr
    sorry gnex fanbois… galaxy nexus is way over rated…


  • chris125

    It’s hilarious how people bitch and moan thinking they should get something. You buy a phone for what it has at the time of purchase not what it may get down the line. Get your heads out of your asses people and all the damn nexus fanboys you are worse than the iphone fanboys. At least they comment on articles that pertain to them and don’t troll every article saying how the nexus is so much better blah blah blah. Let people choose what they want and what works best for them. that is the benefit of android…..lots of choice.  And to all the bionic owners congrats on the update and bug fixes are better than nothing.

  • Silver91354

    Any kind of upgrade to the Droid Bionic is a positive.  It let’s us know we are not forgotten.  Of course, we all want ICS, but in the meantime, the Bionic has been a great phone for me.  I have had no issues.  With the last update, it made most of the cons (on pros and cons in reviews), pretty much null.   I’m being patient for ICS as I keep pretty busy as not to make a smartphone the center of my life (thankfully).  Although, If I had the time, I would probably spend most of it learning more of the ins and outs of the Bionic.

    Stock Droid Bionic.

  • ddevito

    My wife’s Charge was giving her issues (and the 2nd and 3rd replacements they sent her also had issues) – GPS couldn’t get a solid lock, Wi-Fi radio issues, etc – admittedly I will say Samsung screwed the pooch on the Charge.

    So VZW sent her a Bionic – now I had my reservations about that phone – namely not being able to connect to the network on two Bionics – I must admit – it’s a damn great phone, and she basically upgraded to a much nicer device. I found her an extended battery and door and she now goes 3 days without charging it. She loves it.

    Dare I say it – I miss having a Motorola, the Bionic’s build quality is awesome. And when she gets ICS it’s an even playing field. 

    (And BTW – she likes Blur a lot).

  • STiK

    I see the GNex trolls are trying to justify their purchase here also 🙁

    • snowblind64

      Most of them probably don’t even own a Gnex. Just trollin. It is getting out of hand though.

  • Tjay229

    I hate that I even have this phone now.

    Motorola promised ICS the first quarter and we still don’t have it. And i bought this phone the day it came out. This will def be my last Motorola product.

    And it does no good to complain to them… They give a BS reply that they are working on it.

    Verizon needs to step its game up and get Better phones.

    • buy this

      Totally agree with you and posted about this on the survey yesterday. Unfortunately the responsibility falls on the consumer to make themselves aware as the VZ reps are generally poor in facts but rich with sweet promises for your ears. I would encourage you to be patient though, it will get ICS eventually (I would guess before the end of summer). Root it and slap Eclipse on it, you wont be disappointed…I still think this is the most underrated phone and best current deal on Verizon.

    • Mine can’t even charge right.  When on almost any charger, the charger unit heats up until difficult to touch, and the screen of the phone becomes unresponsive.  Warranty phone actually had the problem worse.  Verizon won’t refund the Verizon-branded, Moto-manufactured, Bionic-branded charger that doesn’t charge the Verizon Bionic.  I told them I’d open it up and identify the component they were trying to light on fire if they didn’t refund it, and got a threatening call from their Verizon’s legal department.  Nice.

      (Car charger works perfectly though, which IMO further proves the wall chargers are bad.)

      • movado777

        Don’t belive you.

        • Fine, but that’s what it does, and that’s what happened.  The longer cord is worse, and the charger that came with the phone is slightly better.  A warranty replacement had the same issue.

          Your Bionic does not become unresponsive when plugged in and charging?  Maybe it’s the battery causing the issue, I don’t know.  All I know is Verizon can’t fix it, won’t refund the $30 for the charger, and threatened me when I told them I’d tell people about that.

          • Anon

             “Your Bionic does not become unresponsive when plugged in and charging?”

            While I believe you, mine does not have this issue at all.  I’m wondering if you have a hardware issue with your phone that goes beyond the charger.

          • Touchscreen devices in general can act weird while plugged in and charging, IF the charger or USB cord is defective.  A “noisy” power source can interfere with the capacitive touch sensor’s ability to sense touch.

            My OG Droid’s charger developed a problem at some point, and the touch screen went crazy when you plugged it in.  It would dial people at random and launch apps.  I even had it trying (very poorly I may add) to play Angry Birds by itself *LOL*

    • Josh Groff

      I believe on the map, Bionic was TBA and then Q2, RAZR was supposed to be Q1.

      Also, for delayed updates, you can blame the FCC and stop being a sheep. Thanks.

      • Tjay229

        Don’t know or care to know what “map” you are referring to jckss (since I’m a sheep) but what I read was Bionic was the first quarter.

        Now, buy you a deck of cards, you can play more games that way instead of here.

        • Josh Groff

          Blaming Verizon and Motorola for delays that are largely due to the FCC, I’d say sheep or at least ill informed of the phone world.

          (If you remember, Verizon and Motorola also planned on releasing the Bionic much earlier than the RAZR, but guess who delayed that?)

          Also, the “map” I was referring to was Motorola’s ICS update road map.

          • Anon

             Actually, the Bionic that Motorola planned on releasing much earlier had completely different guts, using nVidia’s Tegra2 processor instead of the TI OMAP.
            Apparently, Motorola had a lot of issues integrating 4G/LTE radios with Tegra2, necessitating a complete hardware design.  There’s a lot more to it than the FCC.

  • hkklife

    I have been running the leak since yesterday morning and I can say that not a whole lot had changed.

    My battery life does seem a tad better but that will have to wait for a full work weekday before I can test it during my usual usage patterns. Swiping through homescreens and the app drawer seems smoother as well. I drove through a fringe area outside of town and I usually drop down to 3G there or fluctuate between 3G/4G. But yesterday I held steady with one bar of 4G. Maybe the updated radio in this release is helping?

    Otherwise, no major differences. I was really hoping for something like SmartActions to be added or at least for an update for Webtop. Sadly, the camera app doesn’t appear to be changed either. I was really hoping for snappier camera response along the lines of the RAZR’s cam. Oh well. Hopefully we will still see ICS within the next few months and all of the LTE Droids will then be on the same page software-wise.

  • buy this

    This is hands down now the most underrated phone on verizon. Eclipse 2.2 might as well be Pete’s Bugless Beast. My stock system sits on one side of safestrap ready and rooted whenever it comes time to update while Eclipse is my daily driver on the other side. No data issues. A solid, full day of battery life with lots of use (4g and screen lit up) zippy fast performance (even on stock) I can’t speak on what the original phone was like but I bought right after 902 was pushed and have never felt better about dropping 99 on a phone. If youre on the fence and dont want to shell out for the nexus or razr, here is your phone. I will even go so far as to say that stock blur is tolerable and remains zipp. AND we will get ICS (eventually). This is my answer to GNEX fanboi’s. I get my kernel kicks on my Xoom. Tools.

    • buy this

      NICE, gettin some love. 

    • Jimstar

      Nice, I got mine on the Leap Year sale for free and can hardly believe that this is the device that was the subject of so much negative criticism. I even forgot to do the OTA for nearly a week and it was super stable.

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      • Drewgy

        My coworkers’ mother in law got even lucker and didn’t get any spam from an oxygen thief like you. The rest of us would appreciate it if you would please stop stealing our air….

    • Azndan4

      My bionic had an extremely pixelated screen, a defective volume button, and the worst defect of all, Motorola’s garbage user interface. Needless to say I returned that piece of crap. So much for “Motorola build quality”.

      • that’s why you use a custom launcher like launcher pro so you don’t have to deal with moto’s interface no matter which phone you have

        • Tony Allen

          Except that the blue on blue taskbar is still going to be there, no matter what launcher you’re using.

      • Josh Groff

         Hardware… Radios… Motorola isn’t known for software moron…

    • Adnoxaei

      I bought it right when it came out. It was the worst phone I’ve ever used. Data was glitchy and failed often, transitions were not smooth, slow to switch from 3G to 4G and back, incredibly short battery life (10-14hrs without use, 4-6 with use), pixelated washed out screen, slooooooooow camera, calls failed, calls dropped, calls would hang up and dial new numbers(wtf), text messages often failed to send, receiving texts was often delayed, lots of annoying little things (like the word suggestion bar covering the answer/decline buttons if a call interrupted writing a message), and it deleted and corrupted data. Verizon replaced the phone for free with another Bionic, but the new one performed just as badly except it didn’t corrupt or delete my files. The Verizon store employees were not surprised and said maintenance updates were on their way. It made me loose almost All faith in Motorola. The first software update fixed a few annoyances and extended battery life for me, the second cleared up more issues, but I was still unhappy. The hardware is uncomfortable to hold compared to all Samsung and HTC designs, but it is decent. It has the power and the means to perform well and screen preferences vary by person, but my experience with the software soured it all. The Razr Came out and was like pouring salt in a wound, but I kept my Bionic until the Galaxy Nexus came out.

      Now I have a Galaxy Nexus and I love it. The minor lag in on screen rotation and rare reboots don’t bother me (the browser even usually reopens my tabs after reboot), especially since I have the direct and massive contrast of my horrible experience with the Bionic.

      Edit: BTW I hope the issues that made me hate that phone are no longer present and that you are happy with the Bionic and not experiencing any issues.

      • Drooiiddd

        tldr but..   you mad bro?

        • Adnoxaei

          Yeah I’m still mad lol you should have seen me when I had the thing. It probably would have been even longer

      • ABerry5

        are u kidding me man.. troll much? Two random reboots since Jan but had google maps open both times and since a maps update never a reboot again

        but my buddy has a bionic stock, never any issues you’ve described

        • Adnoxaei

          No, not trolling…I think your first sentence refers to the Nexus…I have had over a dozen reboots since launch day. The screen gets briefly brighter and then reboots. It hasn’t much of an issue, but it still exists. I’m not going to hide that just because I like my GNex.

          My bionic had all sorts of issues and the next one they gave me had almost all the same issues. At least your friend isn’t experiencing any of those issues and I hope he never does. It made me want to destroy the stupid thing and ensured that Motorola will have to impress me way more than HTC, Samsung, or LG for me to recommend them or buy from them.

          • ABerry5

            then you need to replace it because I never get reboots ever.. I’ve had one or two over 5 months while in the maps app, but haven’t seen that for a long time so must have been an update.. all I can say is I have no probs with auto brightness and rebooting, so that should tell you either your hardware is defective, or some app you have is defective

      • Tony Allen

        Yup I’m jumping off the Bionic boat on the 6th of June to get a GNex. The Bionic is a solid device when it wants to be, I’m currently on my second one. 

        They’ve done a decent job at eliminating the network instability, but it still happens, quite a lot. I want NFC, I want fully custom ROMs and Kernels, I want to flash things all over. I can’t do that with the Bionic.

        • Just an FYI, I was testing a Galaxy Nexus at a Verizon store, it had one bar of 3G, I checked, LTE was on. The Bionic less than 2 feet away from it had 4 bars of 4G, so if you’re worried about network instability, I think you should know that..

        • Adnoxaei

          As Keith says, the radios seem to be weaker in the Nexus. I get a consistent signal and good connection on my Nexus, but it is slightly less than my Bionics reported (when they were working). I’m glad to hear that they worked out the data problems on the Bionic.

      • Taglogical

        See… and I’ve returned 3 GNexi (due to similar issues you cited with the Bionic) and ultimately went back to the Bionic; I’m extremely happy that I did.

        • Adnoxaei

          I’m extremely happy I left the Bionic. We all have different experiences. My two Bionics were the worst phones I’ve had, my one Nexus has been great. You seem to have has 3 terrible Nexi and good experiences with the Bionic.

      • Aaa

        I guess I must have a junk Bionic, cause even with all the updates, data still sucks on it… guess I need to go in and complain… wish I could trade it for Razor MAXX

    • Liderc

      Actually the Rezound is probably the most underrated phone on Verizon, it was on sale for 49 bucks the other day, that’s pretty nuts. 

      • Josh Groff

        The Rezound is pretty brilliant, but it gets more acclaim than the Bionic.

        • Taglogical

           And the battery (brick) my friend’s Rezound has to run in order to come close to the battery life I get out of the Bionic is laughable. I couldn’t agree more with ‘Buy this;’ the Bionic is the 2nd best phone on Verizon, next to the RAZR MAXX. And for under $100 it’s the best bang for the buck imo.

          • Josh Groff

            I threw the Motorola 2800 MAh extended on mine and a TPU case that fits, pulls through a day and a half or so (which is great because I always forget to charge it.)

      • buy this

        I agree the price that phone has been touting for months is ridic. I still feel like it gets more love though. I messed with it in store and didn’t get any other good first impressions besides the nice screen. I’ll never argue with someone about phones because I know its so much personal preference for me but I like having a semi thick slab of a phone. Motorola matches my preferences perfectly. THIS IS NOT A TROLL COMMENT just pointing out some people like their phones exactly the way Moto does it. As much as I like to complain about Moto and bootloaders I loved my DX and I like my Bionic just as much.

        • Liderc

          I loved the OG and I’ve literally hated every phone Motorola has released since then.  I’ll never buy another Moto phone unless they make a Nexus at some point. 

    • Josh Groff

       I know right, and for me, it’s my Touchpad. The Bionic is a pretty solid beast especially with the extended battery. I’ll stick to a phone that works instead of a broken toy.

      • buy this

        Wait is there a liberty rom available that works on the 902 ota? I have not checked really cause Eclipse has been too good. I like some of the ICS roms but I use launcherpro and cant stop getting FC’s when I add LP widgets, sometimes without even adding them.

        • Josh Groff

          There’s a patched zip that’s 902 compatible for Liberty. It’s pretty solid. I’ve had too many FC’s with LP in general, so I’ve been using ADW Launcher EX. Seems to be more stable and fluid.

    • Dan

       Eclipse 2.2 is also my main system, Works flawlessly aside from a few eclipse launcher force closes, I use the Nemus launcher now, small footprint low cpu, and its quick and snappy with more options than eclipse launcher.

    • Yep! Bionic with eclipse 2.2, bloat removed, and the Bionic TCP buffer hack = AMAZING!


      yes…..i paid 300 for my BIONIC….(doh)  Eclipse is the best rom ive found as well….agreed agreed agreed

    • def agree. i paid full retail for my bionic when day that it came out. kinda felt stiffed when the razr came out, but honestly i prefer mine now that i’ve played with both. only thing i hate is that i otterboxed it on day one and haven’t taken it out since…… goddamn brick

  • djembeman

    Oh yeah!!! We’re talking about a Bionic soak test here. I forgot until I got down to the first comment.

    I really was hoping Motorola/Verizon would be updating the WebTop app to fully support the LapDock 500. I hope I get a soak test invite, but haven’t yet… so I guess I can’t get the udate early this time. I got the invite last time, but was rooted and traveling without my laptop so I had to decline. Oh well. I guess I could have lied and did it anyway.

    Stock Droid Bionic

  • fralogan

    The Gnex much like the iphone has the halo effect. My bionic does all I need it to do and well.

  • Your article is well written, I really like, thanks!

  • Therddler

    I like a woman that’s thick with a little muffin top and a J-Lo booty.

  • Android1997

    Just because it isnt ICS doesnt mean its not helping your phone…

    • chris125

       People on sites like these can’t grasp that. It’s we must have the latest OS or nothing. Bitch more than the apple fanbois

      • I heard ICS has features to help me ditch the Verizon bloat.  Still great they’re finally fixing the “phone periodically forgets how to internet, until rebooted” issue.  (Wait, how long has this phone been out? No that’s not all that great at all.)

        I actually counted the other day.  Ignoring basic functionality apps like voicemail:
        I have installed 17 apps.
        Moto and Verizon have bloat-installed 20.
        Several of those are highly invasive. (VZ Navigator taking over ALL URLs, CityID…)

        So yeah, not so happy seeing as how I thought ICS was coming a long time ago.

        • Jay

          Uhh what do you mean VZ navigator takes over all URLs? It isn’t the default choice on mine when I wanna navigate somewhere, and I’ve only seen city ID pop up twice. It’s nowhere near as invasive as I thought it would be.

          •  City ID has been fairly good about going away when I told it ‘no’.  It’s still in the list of apps and can’t be removed, and still updates though.  Most of my app annoyance comes from when the bloat apps want to update.  If I decline the update notification, it just pops back up later.  I explained the VZ Nav thing in my reply to chris125.  A few months ago VZ Nav decided to register itself as a URL handler just like the web browser, and pops up as an option when tapping any URL sent to me via text or gchat or whatever.  I’d just register Browser as the default, but then what if I do want to open a URL with an app other than Browser?

            Mainly, frustrated at receiving repeated update notifications for all 20 apps, and the only solution being to root. (which is too much of a pain for me.)  I’ve heard ICS lets you freeze those, which is why yet another delay is mildly annoying.

        • chris125

           VZ nav doesn’t take over all URL’s idk what you are talking about. Not to mention you buy a phone for what it has not what it “may get”

          •  If someone sends me any URL in a text message, email, any URL click that’s ‘http://’ except if it has ‘youtube.com’ in it.  It used to be the browser would open it, now VZ Navigator shows as an option for all URLs.  If I choose Browser as default, I can make the problem go away but now I lose the ability to have a choice of two browsers. VZ Nav is always in the list.

          • chris125

            So you complain when you can say no and stick with other browser saying it doesn’t give you options then yet complain about having options. Hm

          •  No, you apparently do not understand.  I complain that VZ Nav inserted itself as an option when I don’t have that service, and the only way to make it stop is to remove my ability to have options when tapping links.

            If I make it go away by assigning Browser to “always handle URLs” then I cannot choose between two browsers.  If I don’t set the default, VZ Nav is a constant landmine on my phone’s screen, waiting for me to tap slightly too low so it can load for 20 seconds and then hang or crash.

            I don’t think this is a particularly invalid complaint.

            Ironically, while I was here typing, I received pushed updates for the following apps that I don’t use and would like to (but can’t) remove:

            NFL Mobile
            MOG Music
            Slacker Radio

            If I ignore them, they will come back in a few hours and bug me again.  It will take a good quantity of my phone’s time, battery, data plan and storage space to chug through those.  I get push updates for apps I don’t use three to four days a week.  The ability to lock them away and never hear about them again is what I’m hoping I’ll get from ICS.

          • Guest1

            I dont agree with your problems cuz mine doesnt do that.

            I do agree with the bloat ware and updates.

            But, i actually enjoyed the NFL mobile app last year, gave me free streaming to nfl games through some promotion!

  • smellyfeet

    they’re still trying to fix that piece crap?  

    • idk why it is necessary to hate on an update? People own this phone and an update is an update. Not everyone has the time or money to wait for the next great android phone. and the droid bionic by all means is still a decent phone.

  • GnexorGnex

    A better update is a trade to a Gnex.

    • bakdroid

      Go jump off a bridge, troll!

      • GnexorGnex

        You must have a razor, I Know its killing you in side.

        • Shadow

          Nexus owners like yourself should no longer be able to make fun or apple fanbois… you guys are just as bad. Reality check for you… not everyone cares about unlocked bootloaders, stock android, and easily rootable. Like I mentioned to the guy below you… I own both and my galaxy nexus is used for DEMOing and nothing more. Its nice though that you like to be 12 years old and hate on other android phones. Way to help build the android community! Maybe you should just take the leap and head over to the Iphone 4s and I pad 3 oh whoops the “NEW” ipad!

          • Dr_Buttballs

            Are you that dense where you can’t tell he’s obviously trolling? 

          • snowblind64


          • SolipsisticPsychologist

            Well, they have to expend all of that self-loathing and insecurity on to something. And when it is not Apple, they turn on their fellow Android owners to try and fill that never-ending void. Sometimes they grow out of it when get older and mature, and see what really has value in life. Sadly though, they get sucked down deep into a life of antagonism and anti-social hostility, that is just a ruse for their own self-deprecation. Funny how just being a “troll”, happens so often.

            edit: naughty typos

          • smellyfeet

             i own both the bionic and the GN.  i’m a fanboy of what ever works: the GN.  my bionic is the worst phone i’ve ever owned and will never buy any more garbage from moto.

          • Guest1

            nice of you to own 2 phones for no reason…..My Bionic works.

        • LiterofCola

          Try harder

    • WickedToby741

      The problem is no one wants to trade a GNex for a Bionic.

      • Shadow

        I have both Galaxy as my employee line and bionic on my personal…. guess which one never gets used besides DEMOing for the appl… errrr sorry gnex fanbois… galaxy nexus is way over rated…

        • smellyfeet

           if you own both, as i do, and actually think the GN  is “overrated”, then you’re a ‘tard.

        • Liderc

          You don’t own both and wtf is Demoing lol, you’re a troll. 

          • Shadow

            1/10 for me having to reply to you. Read what I said to the other guy but your trolling skills are way below par.

        • ABerry5

          yeah I have to agree with the comments below.. im in no way a troll or a ‘specific android phone fanboi’ as android is about choice so choose whats right for u.. but if u have a gnex and a bionic and say the gnex is trash you do not have a gnex, in denial, or your brain is just wired wrong

          • Shadow

            Lol classic reply from a fanboi “If you don’t like _____ your a tard” Your a step away from apple. I work at Best Buy and got my galaxy nexus as my employee line. Even got it for 150 because of my rep. Phone is OVERRATED I know it stings seeing that since your very similar to the apple hipster but hey if the gnex works for you cool. Just keep it to your own posts not coming and bashing an update for a phone that isn’t a gnex

          • ABerry5

            I’ve owned an iphone4 for 15 months, still own it, so I can give a pretty damn good unbiased comparison as I MOVED to android

            if anything it is highly UNDERRATED

  • Kyle

    My friend just got a Bionic. Should I educate him on getting a newer phone for his 2 year contract or just let him be happy with his Bionic?

    • GnexorGnex

      Get him a Gnex the bionic is horrible, unless he root but the cam still sucks. Its best if he has a true ICS experience with the Gnex.

      • bakdroid

        The GNex camera is a POS.

      • Tyler Fish

        The Bionic camera does suck if your using the default camera app. I bought camera zoom fx and now my Bionic’s camera works amazingly well.

        • capecodcarl

          How can an application fix a hardware problem like a crappy camera?  My wife’s Bionic takes horrible pictures.  They look grainy and half the time they’re out of focus.  Even when they’re in focus they’re still grainy.  Can software really fix that?

          • BIONIC

            wow i wonder what kind of phone this prick has lol. Take a wild guess. DOUCHE {cough} BAG

          • Tyler Fish

            Yes, it can. It has for me anyway. Im not going to say it will for sure work for your wife, but it sure has worked for me.

        •  Does camera zoom fx fix the takes-two-years-to-focus issue?  That’s the main issue I’m having.  (And extremely poor handling of exposure…)

          • Tyler Fish

            For me it has. I have it set to auto focus and it takes the photo almost instantly. At least, it does for me anyway. Plus the photos look amazing.

          •  Interesting…  Looking in to it I found several reports of it corrupting photos.  Any idea what’s up with that?

          • Tyler Fish

            I have no idea. It works perfectly for me.

      • chris125

         The nexus camera isn’t anything to praise lol.

    • bakdroid

      The Bionic is a great phone after the recent update to 902.  This update should make it even better.  Don’t listen to these GNex fanboys, they are all douches.  All they care about is trolling every post.  The GNex is an ok phone, but their are better ones out there.  Once they all get ICS, this will be proved.

      • BIONIC

        amen. I’ve never seen such an epidemic b4 where anyone who gets that phone seems to turn immediately into a douchebag. And I swear I’d much rather have a Bionic. Ppl who have never even touched one talk isht about it just because of what they heard from all the haters out there. Bionic is a badass device. The Gnex would be a downgrade IMO, Sure, the specs are slightly better on paper but its quality took a major hit being made by sammy. Dont even get me started on the battery

      • Lakerzz

        I had the Bionic and I would’ve been happy with it if it had an unlocked bootloader. I sold it to get the Gnex ONLY for that reason. There Bionic is a great device, but just not for me personally. I agree with you, to each their own, wth??? Sometimes I’m affraid to pull out my phone in public, because what I’ve been reading in the comments lately, I’m affraid people will think I’m like the “isheep”, haha!!

    • WickedToby741

      I’d advise him to get a Razr, GNex, or Rezound unless budget is a problem. The Bionic is fine if it’s all you can afford, but the other 3 are going to be far better off support wise and are just better phones.

      • Blackbullet4749

        Bionic has been far better for most than the Razr…no point in getting the Razr unless it’s the max. 

    • smellyfeet

       will he  be happy wit his bionic? seriously?  

  • Mikedeamicis

    all i got to say is they better not break my phone with their update and what is google gsm apps?

  • chris125

    It’s not ICS but at least they are pushing out bug fixes.

    • Nick

      Thank you Chris, at least you understand they need to push out bug fixes first before they can push ICS. I guess the complainers want a buggy OS when ICS is pushed instead of a polished and well performing phone.

      • chris125

         Because they think they need to have the latest at all times. Most who are normal people and not on sites like these would rather have a working phone over having the latest os. ICS has its fair share of bugs no need to give it even more.

      • Actually, they wouldn’t need to push out bugfixes if they put all of their resources towards getting ICS working.  The issue is that they take so damn long to “Blurify” the OS that they need to appease folks in the meantime.  ICS is most likely going to be a full OS install, so there would be no need to incrementally patch GB first.  At least I HOPE ICS is a full OS install, to try and do an incremental update for a major version change is only asking for disaster. 

        Of course, a full OS install could bring about a whole slew of new bugs.  So, for those folks who are overly anxious for ICS, ask yourself this.  “Am I happy with my phone right now?”  because if so, you may not be so happy once ICS comes out (until they’ve had time to release a couple of bugfixes for it).  I doubt it is going to be smooth sailing right from the get-go.

  • Adam

    Will this unroot me?

    • Jon Amireh

      Yes, use OTA RootKeeper to maintain root.

  • Jay

    Meh, nothing I need. Hope it’s solid, I’d hate to have my phone start goofing up after months of trouble free service.


    I just want a new damn phone!

    • WickedToby741

      Amen! Give me ICS and I’ll be satisfied, but the follow up release of the Razr has left a bad taste in my mouth for Moto. I feel betrayed.

      • ABerry5

        you knew about the gnex before the bionic came out if u were a DL reader..  I like many waited for the bionic from jan 2010 from CES.. when it finally came around to getting released in sept we were reading about the gnexs release in “nov” and I waited and it was the best decision ever

    • Tjay229

      I agree

  • “The APN table can be overwritten by 3 rd party applications,resulting in an inability to camp on the LTE network”

    Does this mean they are finally fixing the data connection issue?

    • Vladivostok

      Heh. I always camp on the LTE network pwning n00bs. 😛

    •  Sounds like they’re going to try.  Mine still forgets how to connect until rebooted every now and then, though the frequency of that has reduced a lot.  Not so great when I’ve just got into the car to go somewhere I need directions to….  End up sitting in the running car waiting for the phone to reboot.  :p

  • Vladivostok

    Lets get some ICS on there already! FIRST!