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DROID 2 4.5.621 Update Finally Arrives – Includes Security Patch and Handful of Other Fixes

We aren’t sure what took Motorola and Verizon so long, but this was the update that was included in a soak test well over a month ago for the DROID 2. It’s build 4.5.621 and is essentially the same as the update we saw for the R2-D2 version of the phone at the end of March. It’s nothing major, other than the fact that it probably tries to break root, hence the “Google Security Patch” that comes with it. Otherwise, it appears as if this update was ready long ago, as the support doc was created all of the way back in February. Weird.

Anyways, head into Settings>About>System updates and see if it as arrived yet.

The update is 14MB in size. More info.

  • Lee

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

  • BrianFromTX

    update bricked my droid 2 global taking it to verizon store today to see if theres anything they can do (i do not use custom roms or anything) so hopefully they will..  I will post later with their response.

    • BrianFromTX

      Just got back from verizon store they seem to be well aware of the issue on my model of phone they are sending me a replacement for no charge and I don’t have the warranty so it seems like they are doing their customers right on this one.  I overheard an employee mention something about an email saying that on my model and I assume other affected models for them to just issue a new phone no questions asked which is exactly what they did for me.  SO everyone out there bricked cause of the new update that haven’t installed custom ROMS, cracks, etc…just bring it in and get you a new phone.

  • Andfive

    This update fried my Droid……now useless!!!!!!!

  • Rebbit

    Still has the “Cannot hear callers” issue.  Garbage… Who cares about stupid ringtones when the phone doesn’t work half the time!


  • Grrr

    cool still can’t us auto correct, or spell assist without destroying battery life and bogging down the entire OS. So this update is……. useless!

  • animelas

    Hey what is this update suppose to do for the D2G?

  • something

    hey i dont get it what is the update suppose to do lmao my D2G still doesnt show the contact birthday 

  • haohao113


  • haohao113
  • Dont do it. You will lose root and unable to SBF back since it changes your bootloader. I already froze my updater and upgrader so it dont try to update anymore on my R2D2.

  • huihui22



    The lack of comments show how much people still care about the droid2. #moveon

    Sent from my Rezound until Dec. upgrade

  • GMPY

    I was rooted happily, but missed spotting my internal memory filling up (in spite of having 10gb free on SD card) until too late and most programs stoppped working.

    I am forced to SBF to Ginger–NO–thanks to Verizon–back to Froyo. Since the D2 is about the only phone of its era never to receive Gingerbread SBF I will have no choice but to accept the OTA and try to root. Lousy timing!! My best backups were done with Titanium.

    Waiting impatiently for next gen phones to upgrade. Prefer not to have to settle for phones with last year’s technology.

  • RedPandaAlex

    My D2 is up for an upgrade today. Trying to decide weather to get a gnex or wait for something with an s4 or tegra3

    • Timothy Hamm

      That’s exactly the boat I’m in.

  • oz0ne

    My wife uses this phone.  It was a hand-me-down.  But when I saw this, I just laughed.

  • Plasmoidia

    The soak test just started, actually. Something held up the update, then unexpectedly it was started. It should have been out earlier, hence the oddly old dates.

  • moelsen8

    I would guess it not only breaks root, but kills the ability to sbf back to older builds like all the other second-gen phones moto just locked up tightly.

  • smellyfeet

    wow, only took a decade!!

    somebody still uses this phone??

    • kixofmyg0t

       A friend of mine was issued one for work. I still have a D2G that I play around with. So yes people still use this phone.

    • John Davids

      Yeah, I do.

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    • Ihatepeople

       What do you use dumba$$

    • Raven

      Yes, I still do.  And, I still consider it to easily be the best single core phone ever made.  Obviously it is starting to show it’s age now, but a 2nd core is the only thing I would really change about it.

    • Tkp

       Why do people have to put others down about what phone they have?  People have 2 year contracts, for one thing.  My upgrade comes next month, but the phone hardly makes the man (or woman).

  • Don’t install if you like root and custom ROMs.

  • Nikolai197

    Should I not download this since it possibly breaks rooting?

    • Bigdav1178

      If you want to keep root, I wouldn’t. You can stop the update from installing by freezing BlurUpdater_VZW.apk and Upgrader.apk in the /system/app folder. That’s what I did when the update came out for the R2-D2; I decided the few issues it was supposed to resolve weren’t worth losing root. If they ever find a way to root this version, you can always apply the update at that time by unfreezing those apks.

  • Looks like someone forgot to flip the switch on this one XD

  • Rick

    ooops thanks verizon….

  • Rick

    is this 4.0.4 or 4.0.5? no….thank verizon, you suck ass.

    • kixofmyg0t

       My D2G is running 4.0.4 on CM9…..it’s not that hard to get….

  • Adam Elghor

    …..my D2 needs to go to a retirement home soon