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Samsung Unveils Galaxy Tab 2 Tablets for the U.S., 7-Inch at Just $249


With the Galaxy Tab 2, I get the feeling that Samsung has decided to ditch the high-end and instead shoot for affordability. Basically what I’m saying is that they are trying to compete with the Kindle Fire and not the iPad any longer. It could be the right move after an abysmal 2011 in the tablet game.

In this latest series, they give us 7″ and 10″ tablets, focusing on the low price, expandable storage, and media sharing as selling points rather than specs. From what we know, they both have dual-core processors (OMAP?), decent screens (nothing special though), run Ice Cream Sandwich, have SD card slots, GPS, below average cameras, and connect via WiFi only. At $249 (7-incher) and $399 (10-incher), maybe you won’t care if the camera is hardly usable? As long as you can game at a decent rate and extend your media consumption beyond a phone or TV, they still may be worth a look.

The 7″ model will be available April 22 – 10″ Tab 2 on May 4. 



Samsung Unveils New Galaxy Tab 2, Galaxy Players for U.S. Market

Highlights for Galaxy Tab 2 Include Integrated Universal RemoteIce Cream Sandwich™ and Expandable Storage; Galaxy Player Devices Deliver a Full Android™ Experience without monthly Service contracts

RIDGEFIELD PARK, N.J., April 11, 2012 – Samsung Electronics America Inc., a market leader and award-winning innovator in consumer electronics, today unveils the latest additions to the popular Samsung Galaxy line of handheld and portable devices. The two new Galaxy Tab 2 products and two new Galaxy Players continue to showcase Samsung’s commitment to providing users with choice, flexibility and connectivity to the full Samsung ecosystem of products, apps and services.

Galaxy Tab 2 – Powerful, Smart, Easy to Use

The Galaxy Tab 2 Series, available in both 10.1” and 7.0” screen sizes, are powerful dual-core tablets running the latest version of Android – Ice Cream Sandwich. The devices feature an integrated IR blaster for universal remote capabilities, as well as an easily accessible memory card slot for convenient loading of multimedia files in a range of supported file formats.

The new tablets offer endless content access in a sleek design that can maximize the home entertainment experience. The Smart Remote App and built-in IR Blaster turns the Tab 2 into a universal smart remote, helping users easily find their favorite shows. Users can choose from more than 450,000 apps, access favorite movies and TV shows from Google Play or Media Hub, and surf millions of web pages with Adobe® Flash™ support.

In addition, the Galaxy Tab 2 products are fully Google certified for complete access to Google Play (formerly Android Marketplace) and competitively priced at $399.99 and $249.99, respectively – so consumers no longer need to compromise when selecting a tablet.

“These new Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Player devices deliver what consumers have come to expect from all Samsung products – exceptional design, impressive connectivity options and a selection of choices for each type of person and user scenario,” said Tim Baxter, President, Samsung Electronics America. “A one size fits all solution is just not sufficient.”

Galaxy Players put Android in the Hand – without Service Contracts

With the two new Galaxy Players, available in 4.2 inch WVGA screen or 3.6 inch HVGA screen variants, gaming, videos and music are more fun than ever.

Easily connect to Wi-Fi hotspots anywhere to get instant access to the latest content. Users also can play their own video and music in a variety of formats, connect to other devices using USB 2.0 or Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity, or simply load the device via a micro SD card. Because the device runs on Android™ 2.3, Gingerbread, a world of apps is a touch away.

Plus, dual-stereo speakers (on the Galaxy Player 4.2) deliver an incredible music, video or gaming experience – anywhere.

The new Galaxy Tab 2 and Galaxy Players will be available for purchase at a variety of retailers including Best Buy, Amazon, Tiger Direct and others.  The Galaxy Player 3.6 is available now for $149.99 exclusively at Best Buy and soon at other retailers. The Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 will be available for preorder today at $249.99, and for purchase on April 22. The Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 and Galaxy Player 4.2 will both be available for pre-order on May 4 and for purchase on May 13, at $399.99 and $199.99 respectively.

Take Note…

Stay tuned for more information on other additions to the Galaxy Family.


More information can be found at www.samsung.com.

About Samsung Electronics America
Headquartered in Ridgefield Park, NJ, Samsung Electronics America, Inc. (SEA), a wholly owned subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., markets a broad range of award-winning, digital consumer electronics and home appliance products, including HDTVs, home theater systems, MP3 players, digital imaging products, refrigerators and washing machines. A recognized innovation leader in consumer electronics design and technology, Samsung is the HDTV market leader in the U.S. Please visit www.samsung.com for information.

  • Cpalmer312

    I bought the Samsung Tab2 7″.  I love the thing.  Responsive and low price point make it a great alternative.  It is a very very nice tablet that has my friends wanting one

  • AmineRomdhane

    Ialso heard that the 7 inch model will be available a little earlier since pre-orders are possible today for delivery on April 22. Its price is more aggressive since the Samsung will sell across the Atlantic from $ 250.

  • zaoche55
  • frankandsimple

    come on samsung.. put a phone radio in the 7 inch tablet and market it as a phone already!.. you know you wanna do it!

  • I’ve got a family member that works corporate for samsung, so I’ve tested and played around with both of these. That being said, they are both pretty good. They don’t advance technology much (especially the 10″), but for the price point the 7″ is an awesome deal, better than the kindle fire due to the inclusion of bluetooth and dual cameras. Also the pictures don’t do either justice, as they are very attractive pieces of hardware in samsung’s piano black and would complement any android user, be they an enthusiast or 35 year old soccer mom. It’s a fully functioning android tablet, video chat support, bluetooth gamepad or headset/headphone support. That 7″ seems very attractive now at this price and could trump my Iconia as my portable everyday tablet.

  • Pdiddy187

    Hopefully this will allow AOKP to get some needed drivers for the current 10.1

  • Jer85008

    What’s the point of this? Still looking at almost $300 with tax/shipping on the 7″ model, with sub-par specs and wi-fi only. Not sure when these companies will figure out that nobody wants to pay this kind of money for something to read e-mail on/web surf/wach Netflix on at home or Starbucks.

    Android tablet manufacturers are still trying to re-invent the wheel, at what point to they start from scratch and abandon what hasn’t worked in the last couple of years?

  • New_Guy

    Well it’s about friggin time Samsung…

    And I’m liking the whole “Integrated Infrared.” Sounds like a decent tablet to me.

  • PowersUSA

    Just give me a wifi only version of the current 7.7 for $300 and I would be happy.

    • Droidzilla

      I’m thinking, with that gorgeous sAMOLED panel, Samsung would lose money on the 7.7 at that price.

  • Dan

    These are the tablets you’re looking for and are projected close to the 10 inch price:


    • Bionic

      Thats not the $250 price range.

      • Dan

        Thats why I specified, “close to the 10 inch price”.

        • Bionic

          But yeah for 10 inch thats a very good price.  I seriously believe ASUS makes the best Android tablets.  Google didnt choose them for no reason.  

          I have my doubts about Samsungs GPS and wifi radio range in these new tablets.  Example being the Galaxy Nexus problems.  

          • Dan

            Agreed. I would place them as the sole competitor against the ipad. Granted, Samsung, Htc and Motorola have wonderful tablets, but they don’t push the envelope like Asus.

            Yeah, thats my biggest concern with these tablets. That and Sammy is know for their screens so these would have be above average to win me.

          • Bionic

            The 370t was quoted as having a higher resolution screen than these sammys

          • Dan

            What was it 1280×800? That is a lot of punch for a 7″ tab. I hope they do produce it or keep the same specs if it combines into another project.

          • Bionic

            not sure but multiple people have said it

  • Bionic

    This might be a game changer.  If Samsung cant put out a quad core tablet at $249 why do we think Google can put one out at $199?  Google’s has to be subsidized big time if its quad core.

    I just wish we would hear what the google specs are.  

    Im gonna wait and see before I buy my first tablet.  But this Samsung is in the running.  

  • Dan

    Cheap price, but in a few months I can get an Asus 1.2 Tegra 3 Quadcore with 16GB of internal memory for around the same price. Why would I purchase this with half the specs?

    • Bionic

      What Asus are you talking about exactly?  

      • Dan

         These are the tablets you’re looking for and are projected close to the 10 inch price:


        • Bionic

          I want the Asus memo 370t which was seen at CES.  But recent rumors and articles have suggested that Asus has cancelled the 370t because its becoming the Google Play Tablet.  (it will not be called the nexus tablet)

          • Dan

            I was following that tab too. I was really interested in it and even more so now that Google has probably stepped in. Regardless of all these tablets, this is the one I’m really looking forward to. Once it is out I can make my final decision.

          • Bionic

            Yup, im not buying anything until the Galaxy tab 2, and Google Tablet and/or 370t are all on the shelves at Best Buy and I can decide what is best for me.  

            I really really really want quad core tho.  Do i need it?  No.  But it would be cool to have.  

          • Dan

             Right? I’m gonna wait for some decent reviews before I make my final decision.

            Exactly. I hate to jump on the “dual-core is so last year” bandwagon, but quad-core is so badass that I want it.

      • Dan

         They are projected to be $379 and $399 for the 16GB and 32GB respectively. They only corners they cut was the screen isn’t an IPS+ like the prime, but rather an IPS like the OG Transformer. And they switched out the metallic back for a plastic one. Which seems better for the GPS in my opinion. I would expect a bigger price range between the two versions though.

        • Bionic

          Matters not to me.  I want a 7 inch tablet and my price max is $250.  I dont need a huge screen.  I really dont need a tablet for much of anything.  I want a tablet for games on road trips and my main music player.  

          I also might use it as a GPS if they come out with a cool car dock for it.  

          • Dan

             Ah, gotcha. Under those circumstances the 7″ inch Sammy would be great for you. I just want a 10″ Tab that has more power under the hood.

          • Bionic

            But why buy a Sammy when I can wait a little longer (my birthday is in June anyway) and get an ASUS?  

            Im still hoping that the 370t isnt cancelled and Asus will release it at the 250 price and the google tablet will be 200 but maybe without a camera or something.  that way you can decide if you want to spend an extra 50 to get whatever google leaves off their tablet.

          • Dan

            Yep, decisions decisions. haha I’ve been fighting myself not to buy one of these refurbished tabs. I really want one, but I’m sure patience will pay off. I think we’re gonna have a lot of options this summer.

          • charles leonard

             I agree the original 370t is what I really want. but I suspect that Google will release something closer to the Samsung

  • give me an android tablet with same or better specs than the new ipad. please please please for the love of god. 

    • Bionic

      it would cost just as much as ipad

    • Droidzilla

      Transformer Prime Infinity. On par screen with the New iPad, better everything else. If you want a better screen, GTab 7.7.

      You’re welcome.

  • bakdroid

    TouchWiz ruins any device it touches.

    • Bionic

      you can put GoLauncher on it.  GoLauncher on tablets is pretty damn nice actually.  

    • Touchwiz actually runs fine on these devices. 

  • Joe Buck

    samsung wrote the book on below average cameras, looks like something you would find in a big lots store,I’ll spend the extra and buy an ipad

    • Droidzilla

      You can’t convincingly troll and claim the iPad has great cameras at the same time.

  • SH

    Make that 10″ version $299, and I’ll buy.

  • I’ve used the Galaxy Tab 2s at Mobile World Congress… meh!  The problem is that they’re basically just price- and feature-cut versions of the original Tab 10.1 and 7.0 Plus with Android 4.0.  And 4.0 doesn’t do much to change the landscape over 3.0, which isn’t good if you’re trying to compete with Apple (which has had no problem fending off Android 3.0 tablets).

    The $250 price is really the selling point on the 7.0.  That’s more than the Kindle Fire or Nook, but it’s a general-purpose device and gets more value out of it.

  • Dan-O

    So the 7 incher is $50 more than a Kindle Fire and has specs that can barely see over the Kindle Fire’s head?

    • Kyle Fullmer

      And run android out of the box.  Remember, not everyone ROMs.  In fact if you do you are in an extreme minority.

    • Athensjohn

      I have a Fire and I love it, but this adds bluetooth, camera, mic, and RAM for $50 more.

      • exactly. The 7″ is a damn good deal actually.

    • Droidzilla

      $50 for expandable memory, ICS (even with Sammy’s skin, it’s way closer to stock than the KF), front and rear cameras, mic, 512MB RAM, bluetooth, better screen; what part of this doesn’t add up to you?


    Thinking about getting my parents a tablet… can’t wait for Nexus tablet. So I’m between and OG Samsung 8.9″ Tablet ($350) and Sony 10″ Tablet ($399). Suggestions? 

    • Nick

      Original Asus transformer. You’ll have a better experience all around for the same price range.

    • Droidzilla

      I prefer the 7″ size, so I’d say go for the GTab 2 7″.

      In before twss!

  • Philip Van Luke

    7 inches at 249 with ICS… godamnit of course im out of return window for my ipad 3

  • LiterofCola

    I’ll wait to see what the Nexus tablet looks like before I make a tablet purchase.

    • RadicalPie


  • These are getting pretty below average reviews.

    • S_T_R

       Reviews? For a product that hasn’t even been released yet? Okay…

      Anyone claiming to be a “reviewer” of this device is full of it.

      • hkklife

        Ever heard of pre-release evaluation units for reviewers? Or signing a NDA to be held under a review embargo until a certain time? You obviously don’t understand how the journalism & product review process works. It is no coincidence that SlashGear, The Verge, Engadget et al all had reviews appearing on the same day.

    • Are they basing it off high-end devices like many tech review sites tend to do, or are they thinking about the average or budget consumer that this is aimed at?

  • Tom

    So will the Tab 2 require a 2 year contract?

    • thefullritz

      WIFI only.

    • WiFi only, so no contract.

  • It’s nice to see some more affordable options out there.  I hope it has an HDMI port along with full size SD.

    • John

      even if it’s MHL, just get a dongle.

      • That’d be fine too.  I just want some sort of connector to an HDMI to play on any modern TV, that is the most missed feature on my Thunderbolt.

  • Zebra

    Looks like the Android tablet game is becoming quantity over quality, which is very unfortunate.  

    • ShopDroid

      Make that Android period.   Phones too…   Before you flame – I do own Android phone and tablets and not a fanboy.

    • But quantity will make devices more available to a lager demographic.  There will still be high end Android tablets coming out, and these mid range tablets are still more capable than the Ipad.

      • More capable than the iPad? Come on.

        Widgets are basically the only thing that Android tablets do better than the iPad.
        The iPad has thousands more higher quality apps than the android tablets.

        If they were in the same league, Google would not have said that they needed to “double down.”

        Care to give me a couple examples of these “capabilities.”

        • Androidandwp7equalsPower

          How about expandable memory, better multitasking and 
          Desktop-like browsing, Flash( I know its dying),
          Full access to your files. You can plug an Android  tablet into your computer and browse it as if it were a hard drive. You can drag and drop files from your PC at will — no limitations, no proprietary software required, easily customized, choice of screen size, no sync needed, full google suite, and some have removable batteries.

    • Droidzilla

      If you think that, then you think the iPad 2 is a horrid quality device for someone to buy. You know, because these have on-par processors, superior (PLS) screens, and expandable memory.

  • guest

    I’ve been looking to get a tab for some time now… 250 was pretty much my high.  I was  thinking about a refirb original transformer that is 300, along with some other options, but I think this might be it…
    Idk thought, only coming with gingerbread? That really won’t matter much as long as the developer community is being it, but will it be?

    • Zebra

      Buy an HP Touchpad from ebay for $150-200, put ICS on it, done.

    • Jordan Webb

      They’re running ICS, not Gingerbread.

      • guest

         you’re right, my bad.  thanks for the correction

  • Michael_NM

    I’m all for better prices, but this seems like a race in the wrong direction. I hope this doesn’t become a battle for best option to those who can’t afford an iPhad.

    • zepfloyd

      really it isn’t even that, you can still be the iPad 2 for 399.

    • Droidzilla

      Samsung is going both ways. In the 7″ sector (my favourite size; I know that she already said that), you can get the GTab 2 with decent specs, or opt for the expensive GTab 7.7 with the greatest screen known to man. I bet it won’t be long until we have a quad core/dual core A15 with a sAMOLED panel from Sammy for the undisputed (awesomest tablet on the market” award. It’ll probably cost close to ultrabook pricing, though.

  • EC8CH

    Actually I think Asus has it figured out better.

    Give your customers a choice.  Release 2 versions of your tablet.  One a high end beast like the Prime for people who want a top tier device and are willing to pay for it. The other a lower priced version with average specs for people on a budget.

  • picaso86

    I want a 10″ tablet with a IR blaster to use it as a remote… anyone? 

    • Droidzilla


  • moelsen8

    definitely the smart move for samsung.  glad manufacturers are starting to figure it out.

    • WAldenIV

      It took them long enough.  They’ve thrown so much crap at the wall that something was bound to stick.  They need to just step back from the tablet scene for a while after these two tablets.

    • bigdav1178

      I agree! So many people here go “meh” because the specs aren’t top of the line, but they don’t seem to understand that the purpose here is to attract a greater audience through a more affordable price. I think the biggest problem Android had with tablets last year is that they had a small audience of buyers paying a premium for those products, and they weren’t too happy when they found shortcomings in that “premium” product. I think people are much more willing to accept a few shortcomings when they are paying half the price of a “premium” product.

      • Counsel Dew

        Yes… as if 60% of those buying iPads actually need the CPU power. Who uses their tablet to take pictures anyway?! Really?

  • Boblank84

    finally someone besides amazon gets it.  that is a perfect price point in my opinion for 7″ tab.  I think keeping these prices reasonable is key to competing with apple.

    • Zebra

      I think the key to competing with Apple is actually releasing tablets that are on par with the quality of the ipad. People are buying the ipad so it’s proven their price points works. I’m no apple fanboy but releasing even more cheap android tablets into the market is not going to help Android. 

      • Nick

        quality is not even the problem, Asus’s transformer and prime tablets are increbily high-quality devices with only very tiny issues. The problem is that Google has not made any effort to get developers to make tablet-friendly apps. The android tabet ecosystem is still very flat and lacking.

      • bigdav1178

        I agree with Nick, quality is not the “key” problem. Android’s biggest problem with tablets is adoption; they need to appeal to a bigger audience. Apple had it made with name recognition when the iPad came out, and ever since – It doesn’t matter what they release, I think most of us will accept it’ll sell well regardless because of its name.

        A cheaper price point will open Android tablets to a larger audience and bring about greater adoption. Much the same way Android handsets didn’t really take off until the huge advertising campaign with the original Droid on Verizon, I think you’ll see much better Android tablets do much better once they’re in more hands.

      • bigdav1178

        And in regard to the iPad price point, it does not mean that price point works for all tablets; it, again, comes down to name recognition. Consider a pair of Calvin Klein jeans to a pair of Wranglers: the Wranglers can be every bit as good of quality, but are you going to pay $50-60 for a pair of them – yet there are millions that do pay that price for CKs. 

      • Apple could brand a rock and sell it to the same type of customers who buy their Ipad.
        Android users are more technical savoy and are interested in specs and features, not a fashion accessory.

        • This guy gets it. Lol

      • You realize most ipad buyers aren’t buying the new $500-$700 ipads, but the 399 (359 at microcenter) ipad 2’s and even more afforadble Ipad 1’s that are not being discounted. The Ipad is selling, but not the most expensive one. The success of the Nook and Kindle families lines up with his too. What android needs is to Market better. People don’t see the Nook and Kindle as tablets, they associate them with e-readers because that’s what they were introduced and marketed as. Sell these tablets at low price points like this, and Market them right, and watch the results. Better example, which has gotten better marketing, comercials, and ultimately sales, GS2 or Galaxy Nexus?

      • Droidzilla

        PLS screen is superior to the iPad 1/2’s IPS. The dual core will be at least on par with the iPad 2. Expandable memory vs. none. A tablet UI vs. a 2002 Nokia dumbphone UI. Cameras that are a bit below par (GTab 2) vs. ones that are about as crappy as a Sony digital with a floppy disc (iPad 2) or none (iPad 1).

        It’s not about quality.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      The only reason it’s that cheap is because it only comes with 8GB internal… There’s an SD slot if you want more. That’s not the same as comparing 16 and 32GB tablets. They cut a lot of corners to get to this price starting with the screen and internal.

      • Droidzilla

        PLS LCD screen is certainly not cutting corners. It’s no sAMOLED, but it bests all of the IPS/TN panels out there.

        • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

          Of course it’s cutting corners. I’m talking about cost of materials here… which equates to demand of said materials. It’s just a basic LCD with basic resolution that no one is clamoring for.

          • Droidzilla

            PLS beats IPS tech. It’s not a sAMOLED, but if you don’t think this screen is good then you also hate the screens on the iPad, Transformer, Rezound, etc. I agree that Samsung took out a few things, but the screen is not a weak point on this tablet by any stretch. The only better screen out is on the GTab 7.7. There are higher ppi screens out there, but that won’t be an issue on something of this size (unless you’re in to staring at static text from 2″ away).

          • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

            You’re missing the point. I’m not a screen junkie by any means… but there’s a reason there isn’t the exact screen that the 7.7 has… It would COST MORE to produce.

          • Droidzilla

            I’m not debating that; I’m just saying that the screen, though not the best thing out there, certainly isn’t cutting corners. A screen like the Streak 7’s, now that’s cutting corners.

    • New_Guy

      The only thing that is sort of strange is that the tablets are practically half as much as the phone…kind of scratching my head about that one, but yeah, good price point for sure.

  • Yawn. Next please.