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Larry Page: We are “Quite Focused” on the Lower Priced Tablet Market

During Google’s Q1 2012 earnings call that just wrapped up this afternoon, CEO Larry Page was asked a number of questions about Android and tablets. His answer to one in particular could be a bit of foreshadowing for what we will see from them in the future. As you all know, rumors of a $199 Google branded tablet have dominated the rumor mill over the last month, and Page essentially echoed the feeling that it would be incredibly successful if done right. 

He said:

There has been a lot of success on some lower priced tablets that run Android. Maybe not the full Google version of Android, but we definitely have a belief that there is going to be a lot of success at the lower end of the market as well, with lower priced products that will be very significant. And it’s definitely an area we think is important and are quite focused on.

While he didn’t specifically mention that they have a product in the works, he did say that they are expecting there to be “significant” players coming along. Is he referring to the $199 tablet we mentioned above that has reportedly been delayed until July?

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  • If anyone want to buy the lower price’s tablet, then just should go for android market or eBay online store because here they will provide best android tablets with lowest prices.

  • Boswd

    What Google really needs to do is take a look at what Tablified.com and their App has done in regards of creating a separate section of table optimized apps.     They are getting KILLED  in the mainstream tech media about them reporting on the “lack of tablet apps”   Many of these tech pundits have no clue of how many and what are available for the Tablet Market on Android.
    Most will go to the market place and the only direction is   “Staff Picks” and then conclude that is basically the bulk of the apps for android tablets.   They then report it and then it resonates with the general public and then that translates on their purchasing decision.

    But anyone who owns an Android Tablet and has their finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the Android world in terms of Apps knows this is the farthest from the truth.    Most mainstream popular apps are optimized for tablets and that seems to keep increasing every week.

    So if Google really wants to be “focused” then they need to take a look at Tablififed.com and create an REAL tablet section in the Google Playstore.

  • Me No Want Cheap Crap Google!

  • frankandsimple

    Wow.. what a surprise!.. Google is focused on cheap stuff!!

  • “we cant beat the ipad” is what he’s really saying, lets rebrand again PLAYPAD

  • zaoche55
  • jeff3yan

    The low end is definitely where to focus when it comes to dominating the market. Just look at the low-end competitors to the iPod.

  • ajavgeek

    Come up with 9 inch size tablet and I am in.

  • Nick

    I really hope they realize that while the price point has been successfull for the kindle fire, the real reason it is doing so well, same as the iPad, is the ecosystem. Google can crank out $200 tablets all day, but if they don’t double down on the serious lack of quality android tablet apps, then it won’t do diddly squat.

    • Buzzchilly

      What quality apps does Android lack?

      • Nick

        TABLET apps.

        • Buzzchilly

          OK, but would you give some examples of what tablet apps are missing?

          • ^This

            I still don’t know what tablet apps I’m missing out on.  I seem to be perfectly capable and functional with the apps I have on it already.

            What precisely am I missing out on that I HAVE to have?

            My tablet surfs the web, does email fantastically, does office documents great, video/teleconferencing, image editing, sound-recording, video editing, task management..  Its completely replaced my work laptop.

            So I ask again, what is it that I’m missing out on?

  • $600 nexus phone, $200 nexus tablet, $100 nexus TV, right? Do it!!

  • Joe Buck

    just remember, you get what you pay for

  • Android1997

    So the cheapest android phone i can buy on verizon off contract is the Motorola Citrus, $250.00, has a 528mhz single core processor, and runs android 2.1 eclair???

    I can buy a 200.00 nexus TABLET, possibly Quadcore, runs android 4.x or maybe 5.x, and runs stock android??? 


  • Joe Buck

    much as I hate to say it, it looks like if you ever want to get your money back on phones or tablets,ya gotta buy apple

  • Lakerzfan80

    I just sold my OG Asus Transformer for $300 on Craigslist and honestly this has swayed me to do so…I can see the tablet hitting sometime in may ans honestly I see Craigslist and eBay saturated with more tablets like mine so I just hedged the market and will be tabletless for less then 60 days I predict …

  • Joe Buck

    looks like they have given up tryin to compete with the ipad, of course now they will look like a lesser item,,,, cheap stuff

  • Tim242

    I want my 7″ “Nexus” tablet, and I want it NOW!

    • Why get nexus after the failure of the galaxy nexus overall.  At least teh CDMA/LTE version. I guess a Wi-Fi only tablet would at least not get treated like a red headed step child.

      • Tim242

        My Galaxy Nexus is not a failure. It is the best phone I’ve ever had. I dont obsess over .0X updates. I havenr counted on updates in over a year. I bought the Nexus for the main thing that makes it a Nexus…unlockable bootloader. People that whine about the Nexus need to get a life.

      • i’ve owned the droidx, droidx2, played with the bionic, and the nexus  is hands down the best.

  • Rick

    I just wish Verizon would focus on 4.0.5

    • Tim242

      I just wish people would stop obsessing over .0X updates.

    • Joe Buck

      i hear ya,was over due,id love this pos to work

  • Butters619

    AKA we are giving up trying to compete with the iPad and instead realize we should have done what the Kindle did

    • Google


    • BAoxymoron

      I don’t think that’s what I’m seeing here… I feel like what they’re saying is they are trying to get manufactures to go for the knees of apple instead of only focusing on the head… do I think that Asus, Samsung and other will still make premium tablets yes I do, but Android’s biggest strong point is that anyone can use it yet that is a fact that tablet manufactures aside from amazon have largely ignored..

  • Michael_NM

    This is great: $600 phones & $200 tablets. Something seems wrong here…

    • Verizon:  “We have classes that cost lots of money. We need to recoup those costs some way right? It’s not like we already charge you $30 extra just for buying a phone…oh wait…”

      • myandroid324

        I actually heard today on CNN that Verizon was doing this $30 fee because they were taking a beating on iPhone sales, meaning too many people were buying them…? Make any sense?

        • Michael_NM

          Of course it makes sense. VZW gets in bed with apple, and we all get screwed.

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        • PhillipCun

          its the extra cost for customer service, training, etc. the iPhone is the main reason why we dont have unlimited data anymore, data throttling, these stupid ass fees, etc.

          not to say android didn’t contribute, but in the past I’ve read about fee increases from AT&T and they too blamed iPhone users.

        • capecodcarl

          No, not at all.  If they’re losing money on iPhones then why not just charge the $30 fee on iPhones?  It’s not like the Apple lovers won’t pay to have their precious.

          • richlizard24

             And it’s not like Android lovers won’t pay to have their precious.  No one is going to leave Verizon over this fee.  They are going to pay it and that is what Verizon is counting on. 

        • There are two reasons why overall smartphone users are getting screwed. First, not everyone has the capacity to use a smartphone right out of the box, which leads to lots and lots of customer support that you don’t with a DumbPhone. Not the least of this group are the people who buy and iPhone because it’s supposed to “Just Work” and then go to the carrier because they think that the carrier is supposed to help them make their phone work. In the mean time, the idiots at the Genius Bar are laughing their asses off because they get to sit back and relax because the carriers (who are not nearly as fully trained on the Apple line as they should be) are taking the brunt of the questions. 
          Second, Apple has the Walmart mentality when it comes to its vendors. First money in, at the price they dictate, last money out. It’s the reason I don’t buy Apple products anymore, they are just horrendous to the people they depend on for their products to work properly. If all of the carriers got together and told Apple to screw off, Apple would wet their pants, because they’re used to being in charge.
          The interesting thing on that point is that I think that the Apple vendors are growing some balls now that Jobs is gone. I think you’ll see a drop in quality, as well as a price hike from all Apple products because the vendors will be tired of losing money.

    • EC8CH

      Yeah… how come my 42″ TV didn’t cost only $19?

    • Bionic

      Its simple supply and demand. Almost everyone needs a phone. Not everyone needs a tablet.

      • Google

        It is supply and demand but not because everyone needs a phone. Its because there is no demand for a tablet not made by Apple for $500

        • taarkan

          Count 1 here. 🙂

      • Josh Groff

         Also, having a 4G wireless modem built in adds a pretty large heft to the price. Hence why one typically pays more for a 4G tablet even with carrier subsidizing than the WiFi only versions.

    • Google

      This is easy to figure out. Nobody(this is a figure of speech) is buying a Google tablet for the same price as an iPad. If there were not carrier subsidies nobody would be buying an Android phone for the same price as an iPhone. Android is leading in market share in the phone market due to BOGO and deals where you get the phone for $29, $59 or $99. Google cannot compete with Apple in the “premium” market. Hell, look at the number of phones running ICS. It is minuscule because nobody is paying $299 for an Android phone. If Apple released an iPhone for $299 they would move millions of units the first day. Amazon showed Google there was a market for the $200 price range and Google knows they can compete with the Fire way before they could the iPad. 

      • Diablo81588

        You are a FOOL. Every flagship Android device is more “premium” than the iPhone, with it’s old, outdated, simple OS. Apple makes twice as much profit on every iPhone sale than any other Android manufacturer. Apple sheep pay premiums for a subpar device because Apple has a genius marketing department. Don’t even get me started on the iPad. The home screen is the biggest waste of display real estate I’ve ever seen. Theres literally an inch between each app icon. All Apple did was blow up the icons and spread them out. The reason Android tablets haven’t been successful is because Honeycomb is a buggy mess. The layout is confusing and the OS is unstable. It was rushed to market to compete with the iPad and ruined the Android tablet image. ICS is considerably better, and people will soon realize how much better the tablets are than that blown up iPhone OS that the iPad runs. Also, don’t think for a minute that Android has considerably more market share than iOS because of cheap phones. That is simply untrue, and I challenge you to back that up with evidence. What are you doing reading an Android blog anyway? Go away sheep..

        /end of rant

        • Google

          Great diatribe. Nothing but opinion which means nothing to market sales. Yes Android is leading market share because of cheap phones. Look at the sales for the premium Android phones, such as the Nexus, which are not available for a cheaper price. they don’t sale, sorry to break the news to you . 

          • David

            They don’t sale because it’s become a proven fact 4 months from a devices release their will be a better, faster, bigger, more stable phone then the one just released. So people wait. It’s not because they cant compete. Because spec wise, they compete very.. very well. Like for example.. motorola xoom beats ipad. Ipad two comes out… motorola xoom… still beats it spec wise the only thing better is the screen on the ipad 2. 

            So the reason they don’t sale isn’t because they cant compete with apple. It isn’t because android phones are subpar compared to “premium android phones” it’s because of no reason other then the fact iphones are bought by idiots who want to be told how to use their phone. Android phones are bought by people who want the device to work for THEM not the other way around. So inherently the average android users is smarter the the average iphone user. Thus… By being smarter by default, The average android user will wait for a better phone for the same money, or they’ll wait till the phone they want drops in price before buying it. Because its a utterly universal truth that in 4-6 months their WILL be a better phone, which will then reduce the price on the phone you actually want.

            Android phones are cheaper by default because if they didn’t drop the prices… damn warehouses would be crammed full ALL the time and their would be no room for new devices.. Not because apple creates the better phone. I thought that was relatively common sense. I suppose I was wrong.

      • Apple does have an iPhone for 299 go to AT&T’s site right now and look at the price of the 32GB Version. The 64GB is 399.99 Not sure by what mean saying if…  They did release a 299 iphone after all.  Or are you talking without a contract, basically an iPod.  Which kind of goes to show what a frickin cell radio costs.

        • Google

          The 16gb is the best selling iPhone by far. I am referring to the base model being $299

  • Luniz7

    Well hopefully it will have more storage save then the fire. If it’s gonna have 4gb at least give me a sdcard

    • And a full size SD slot too.  I want to be able to take the card out of my DSLR and look at pictures on a bigger screen right away.  Buying Micro SD and then using an adapter in my DSLR is not an option.

  • gregmr

    Definitely made a subtle reference to the Kindle Fire

  • Edit: Fixed!

  • Bob Martin

    $200 Google Nexus tablet running 5.0? Just let me know when to buy one. I may buy 2

    • It won’t run 5.0/Jelly Bean. It’ll probably run 4.1 ICS and be called the Google Play.

      • Yes, we’re probably looking at a launch with 4.1 with this tablet. I’m not entirely sure about the Google Play name though. That’s been rumored because Google had bought domains and such for Google Play and different services. As we know that, that was the re-branding of their Android Market, Books, Music, etc. I don’t believe that’s their product name for the tablet. Who knows, it may carry the Nexus name.

      • Tim242

        I don’t care. I just want it! Not sure why, but I want one!