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My Verizon App Updated With New UI, Finally Works Well

I personally do not use the My Verizon app, but I know that many of you do and wanted to make sure you received the most recent update for it. Previous version of the app were slow, riddled with bugs, and could frustrate even a monk. The new version is a lot simpler with a tabbed layout, allowing you to quickly check messages counts or minutes used or data consumed. You can view upgrade dates, purchase accessories, change features, and more without worry.

Play Links:  My Verizon | Nexus Version

Cheers 0mie!

  • zaoche55


  • dezignstuff

    If it sends you out to a website then you come back, you have to log in all over again. That is just like the old version, and kind of lame.

  • I never used My Verizon app.

  • My Verizon has never worked on my Thunderbolt. It always says system maintenance or something similar.

  • bangbang223


  • GooGooFruit

    Dear Verizon, your network is great; everything else pretty much sucks. This app changes nothing.

  • Thanassi

    You’ve only used 11 MB in the past week??? Most of us go through that in a couple of minutes. I’m not saying we’re all streaming porn on our phones, but I’m not, not saying it also.

  • jtwildman1

    It finally works, I was able to pay my bill using it today! First time ever it didn’t have a problem with my username or password

  • George264

    It looks like it’s meant for feature phones. Cmon Verizon. Get Your Droid Ad people design this.

  • Im not a fan of Verizon as well..but some of you seem you just like to bitch just for the sake of bitching. How can you not find this app useful. If you wanna complain about a upgrade fee or a service charge go right ahead..but give it a break sometimes.

    • jtwildman1

      I’m sure these same people are successful in life, because they obviously have created so many better things.

      • LiterofCola

        Ha!  Awesome.

  • Harryeballs1234

    As a monk I can contest without a doubt the old version was frustrating…..

  • dtm4

    Anybody else having an issue where they have to log into it every single time you open it? Shouldn’t it know what phone I’m on?

    • Dougjohns

       It should.  Mine doesn’t either.  I HATE that I have to sign in every time I use it.

  • Havoc70

    rooted and removed this bloatware crap

    • Only thing I kept when I moved to CM9, useful to keep an eye on how much data I’m running up, I’ve got unlimited, so I got to 20 gigs last month, it’s great fun!

  • So that’s what my extra $30 went to… App Development to something they have provided for years that never worked very well.  “Hey guys we fixed / made better this bloatware app so give us $30 more”. A-HOLES!

    • jtwildman1

      It’s actually the only app they should have installed on your phone. Life is about choice, big red isn’t the only player in the game. If you don’t like them, go enjoy one of the others, then let’s see how much more you can sound like a little bitch.

      • I love Verizon, just not their worthless apps they pre-install on my phone.

        • jtwildman1

          I’m just giving you a hard time, but seriously understand not wanting all the BS apps, but the my Verizon one is actually useful now that it works.

      • Lane Wollenweber

         Why the F can’t we remove Blockbuster. They’re all but a memory at this point. Would love to see the #’s of how many people actually use BBuster on their phones. Probably less than 5% of all users.
        Maybe Android could create a bloat folder called Blocksbuster & move all the bloat to it so we can remove it this garbage taking up space

        • Raven

          I am so tired of people bitchin’ about so called “bloatware” that doesn’t run in the background.  Do you actually realize how little space the Blockbuster app takes up?  It is 396KB or about .4 MB on my phone and it is installed on the internal system partition that is not writable unless you root your phone anyway.  I have 8GB internal space on my rather old Droid 2 Global split into 6.5 GB user and 1.5GB system and I still have 3.5 GB free despite having well over 500 apps installed.  Blockbuster is only a drop in the bucket and it isn’t even the same bucket the rest of your user apps are in.

          The only thing that I consider actual “bloatware” are apps that run in the background consuming resources and you can’t get rid of them.

  • Bob Martin

    Why update something that no one cares about?

  • Caleb Martin

    Hmm, I’m pretty sure it’s had the tabs for a while.

  • Verizon: Bloatware or GTFO

  • wtfman

    “useful” bloatware that i don’t use.

  • b00sted
    • Y U NO HAVE BUILD 31?

      • b00sted

         I got the sense theme on the phone and not on 31 yet and I am to lazy to port it myself LOL

        • you should try axiom patient zero since you have to wipe anyway. it’s just better AOKP, literally.

          • b00sted

             I will have to check it out, my wife’s Gnex is coming friday also so got to find her the perfect rom too 🙂

  • RW-1

    Basically the community should consider this malware … can we get it listed on the major mobile AV products as such?    🙂

  • asdf

    I just decided to check the update out when I saw this and it caused my phone to restart when I tried to load the data usage details.

  • nseg

    It came out a while ago, but haven’t updated cause I don’t know why they need to read my contact data or modify/delete my USB storage and contents.  I’ll pass

    • Michael Quinlan

      The only thing worse than bloatware is bloatware with privacy/security issues.  I don’t need or want any of Verizon’s apps, nor do I want to be frequently harrassed about updates being available for them, especially when I have security privacy concerns about the updates.

      I’m doing my best to avoid rooting if for no other reason than I grew tired of tinkering with ROMs on my OG Droid, but BS like this might push me into it.

  • Better use it guys, its costing you $30 

  • Leeiii

    Widget shows my wife data not mine, needs a fix

    • Give them $60 more and they will fix that for you in a couple of years!

    • ddh819

      is your wife’s line the “primary”?

  • sirmeili

    Sorry, I can’t see information for anything other than the main device on my account (which is a suspended MiFi), so this is worse than useless for me since I can’t change devices. I don’t know how you have the 3 dots next to your phone number. Mine has nothing there.

  • EC8CH

    Do I need to pay $30 to upgrade to this new version?

  • This was updated over a week ago. It’s still ugly, slow, and doesn’t follow any ICS design conventions. It would be an awesome app, if it was still 2010 and running on Froyo.

    •  This is referring to the non-GNex version. Yes, ours was upgraded like this awhile ago.

      • Diablo81588

        Ignore my previous statement… lol

        • sirmeili

          Actually, the “nexus version” linked to above clearly states “My Verizon – Galaxy Nexus”. There is also a non Galaxy Nexus version that can’t be installed on the G-Nex.

        • OhAaron

          There is.. it was updated on the 2nd.

    • EC8CH

      VZW thinks as highly about ICS design conventions as it does it’s existing customers.

    • Thanassi

      I still think Froyo was a beautiful thing. Infinitely easier to root, still runs wireless tether without VZW butting into GB & Beyond. Had it ROM’ed on my D2 until yesterday when my GNex arrived.

      • Raven

        Still running good old rooted Froyo on my D2G as well.  I see no need to go to GB until I get a brand new phone running ICS or later.