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Here are Two More Incredible 4G Pics For Your Viewing Pleasure

Needed more HTC Incredible 4G pics to take you into the night? Here you go. Two more popped into our inbox this evening, giving us the clearest view yet of the front of the device. There is your dedicated hardware softkeys that HTC has chosen for their 2012 line of phones, along with a look at Sense 4.0, the qHD screen (believed to be 4-inches), and the Rezound/Incredible styling that we have seen on a number of VZW HTC devices over the years.

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  • JaySee08

    : I think a 4″ screen is perfect for me. My GNex is a bit too big & overwhelming at times.

  • David Hollingshead

    Stupid new Android phones… taking away my menu and search buttons.

  • NightAngel79

    Not happy with 4″ but if the price is right….

  • Jamsil0877

    Who cares! Just give us a “Phablet” Hate my Ipad3&2, Xoom ,Fire, Flyer, Galaxy Tab, all them MF’rs, F’em all! They do nothing that my G Nexus(work) or Bionic(personal) can do!

  • zaoche55
  • Dave

    I was hoping that HTC’s new product strategy in streamlining their line-up like the One phone series would make it’s way to US carriers like Sprint and Verizon, but I guess that won’t ever be the case with carrier incessant need to prop up their entrenched brands like the Incredible, Evo, and Droid.

    Too bad. I like the way the One S and One X phones look way better than Verizon’s Incredible 4G and Sprint’s Evo 4G LTE.

  • GOD DAMMIT I HATE VERIZON. Stop neutering our phone choices and giving us the crap from manufacturers. We want the One X. We want the SGSIII. 

    I sometimes wish their network coverage sucked so it would make my decision to jump ship that much easier. 

    • Dave

      I get the feeling this will be Verizon’s mid range offering with a One X like device later in the year. Just pure speculation.

      Of course, they’ll probably screw up the form factor and uglify it so it has no semblance of being a One X. Wishing AT&T will some day suck less so I can finally break free from the bonds of CDMA locked devices.

      • Yeah I hear ya. If it weren’t for the decent coverage, unlimited data and 23% corporate discount I get, I would have dumped this disaster of a company. 

        I wish Verizon would act like the dumb data pipe they’re supposed to be and simply provide me with cell phone service and data, and I give them money in return. The more they try to get involved the more they ruin things. 

  • ceejw

    This thing looks like ass, especially when compared to the One X and One S

  • frankandsimple

    I have always wanted a sub 4″ or even a 4″ smartphone with good specs. the qhd is a turn off.. but I can probably live with it. The current generation of phablets are just ridiculously unwieldy and inefficient. I am 6ft with fairly large hands. The Razr maxx is ridiculously wide.. the Galaxy Nexus is just too fugly and cheap, not to mention totally unwieldy with one hand. HTC has always managed to somehow strike a balance with good software and fairly decent hardware.
    To me, there is absolutely no logic or reasonable need to go bigger on screen an compromise on efficacy of a small form factor phone. 3.7″ is probably just perfect.. I can reach all parts of the screen with one hand.. I can type efficiently with one hand and the phone feels like a device that is helping me out.. rather than a device that needs my help to make use of. I will definitely be looking at this phone.

  • James E Barger

    I wouldn’t say these pics are Incredible, they’re mediocre at best.

  • smartguy05

    Why do these manufacturers put ICS on a phone and still  have those “soft keys”? That’s one feature I love about my Gnex. I can change the software keys and do whatever and it is awesome. I don’t think I will buy another phone that doesn’t have the keys like my Gnex.

  • Alphabets13

    yeah, i don’t understand why you wouldn’t just get a rezound over this.

  • The hell, Verizon. Other carriers are getting mighty devices from the HTC One series and we get this ugly hunk of crap?

  • 来看看,收啦

  • skubadoo

    HTC One S for Verizon…
    Not a horrible phone, it’s a decent mid range for those who don’t want to shell over another $100 to snag a top tier on VZW (assuming the price point would be $199) I personally would pass though..

  • GotSka81

    Anyone else notice the drop down is completely clear?

  • Joe Buck

    oh my god you mean its our fault it loses signal ? and its our fault the mic cuts off ?,,wow, what color is the sky in the world you live in

  • Jlmcc

    I called samsung yesterday,asking if they knew anything about nexus updates, told them this is the worse phone I have ever had, she said she so sorry  , what a laugh

    • Joe Buck

      I agree with that my friend,I got you beat I am on my 5th nexus, I have to reboot the latest one a lot,it keeps losing 3g and 4g signal,and mic cuts off a lot

  • bangbang223


  • Genesis3c

    My friend has a Incredible 4g test unit (Fireball?) and he let me see it – Its not even 4″  – same size as the original Incredible, which I think is 3.7″? Looks like a REALLY nice phone, but that size is very disappointing.  Would’ve been better off at least with 4″.

  • Towelie420


  • Michael G

    I’m sorry but the HTC skins have never looked good to me.  They look childish. 

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