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Download and Join the Public Beta for the Newly Redesigned IM+ Messenger

IM+ is looking to get user feedback on the newest version of their all-in-one messenger application. The current IM+ allows users to use many different messenger applications such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Gtalk all from a single app. They have now released this version which is dressed in all black, has a few more features and works insanely better.

If you’re up for trying it out and giving them feedback, just download the apk below and post your thoughts in the comments section. From there, we can forward the post to their team and make sure they know how we all feel. Sounds fun, right?

Download: IMplusBeta.apk

  • jdrch

    Ugly notification icon and poor grammar? I’ll stick to imo.im. Love the black theme though

  • bangbang223
  • mikesuds

    People still use chat services these days, with email/texting/hangouts/facebook being so readily available? I don’t even know of a single friend of mine who uses a chat service.

    • Mike

       After such a compelling argument, I have no choice but to abandon the communication method that was working so well for me all these years. Thank you for pointing out the error in our ways, Great Oracle of the Internet.

      • mikesuds

        Simply a question, dick.

    • jdrch

      FB has a chat service, and Hangouts is built upon Google Talk. Good job contracting yourself, or betraying your ignorance.

  • Kerrythebeast

    Icon sucks and ads won’t go away I’ve had to exit it 3 time, back button doesn’t help. I’ve disconnected and deleted Skype 3 time still can’t get it to sync other wise all is well

  • STiK

    Tried it.. Keeps logging out… Uninstalled it…

  • ostensibly001

    Installed, connected and no issues so far. I’m not wild about the black theme, the original was just fine.

  • Billyskip

    OK. I’m uninstalling it now.. I’ve had to do 2 batt pulls on my GNex with this app so far.

  • Not enough of a benefit to take me away from imo.im beta. LOVE that app.

    • jdrch

      I didn’t know there was a publicly available beta until now. Thanks

  • I see they still haven’t updated their horrible icon.

  • EvanTheGamer

    Downloading and trying this biatch out! OH YEAH!

  • ttocsmill

    well I use Skype everyday to chat with my wife on her desktop @ work,, and I cant keep it open in the background, if i do 2 or 3 other things, like take a pic. or send an e-mail,, I come back to it, and I have to log back in… hopefully this will change that. HOPEFULLY!!

    • Towelie420

      Why is she at work and not in the kitchen?

  • JSK

    Any pros to this over trillian, considering I have the ad-free version?

  • mjmedstarved

    So… what is the purpose of this exactly? Sorry, I’m just not big on like AIM/trillion IM type chat services… I was when I was young.

  • Mule0331

    Does this keep the video capabilities in gtalk?

  • Willard Potter

    The will sleep policy pop up is going to confuse a lot of users if they don’t understand what’s going on. I remember that being the description before, but its changed to “Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” in recent versions of android. So, “never” is actually “always” in this case. Some people may end up setting this to shut down wifi on sleep by mistake.

  • hi? it’s hai. step up your game kellex.

  • From your screen caps, it looks pretty slick.

  • Vanessa

    avatars dont work 

  • I thought facebook API didn’t allow third party messaging, how do they have it?

    • Nick

      Trillians done facebook messaging for years.

      • Aaron Abdis

        And digsby

    • Lucas Smith

      It works because Facebook actually does allow third party messaging.