Download and Join the Public Beta for the Newly Redesigned IM+ Messenger

IM+ is looking to get user feedback on the newest version of their all-in-one messenger application. The current IM+ allows users to use many different messenger applications such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, and Gtalk all from a single app. They have now released this version which is dressed in all black, has a few more features and works insanely better.

If you’re up for trying it out and giving them feedback, just download the apk below and post your thoughts in the comments section. From there, we can forward the post to their team and make sure they know how we all feel. Sounds fun, right?

Download: IMplusBeta.apk

IM+ Adds Tablet Support, Other New Features – Amazon Version That We All Use Receives No Love

There are probably more than a handful of you that own and utilize IM+ as a chatting service on Android. The “pro” version of the app – which is normally $9.99 – was free for a day on Amazon, causing us to write about it and eventually adopt it as a go-to-app for Google Talk, since well, pre-Honeycomb Android can’t seem to handle multiple accounts. So today’s update that introduces full-tablet support along with a more polished UI is awesome, except for the fact that the Amazon version hasn’t been updated yet.

Here is a list of the changes:

  1. Version 5.0 changes:
  2. Fully optimized for Android OS tablet computers
  3. Support of native Android OS “Share” feature
  4. IM+ widget allows to change status right from your Android home screen
  5. Typing notifications
  6. Upload your avatar right from IM+
  7. Group chats for AOL/AIM/iChat and ICQ
  8. Option to select a different notification for active chat
  9. All chats are saved under Chats tab when IM+ is restarted/reconnected
  10. Battery usage optimization

Solid, right? And here is where we run into issues with having multiple Android markets. Many of you only have and use this app because it was free from Amazon, but who knows when you will see the update for it. Meh.

Cheers everyone!