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Tumblr for Android Receives Full UI Makeover, Better Photo Browsing, and More


The Tumblr app for Android is finally awesome thanks to a new transformation. As you can see in the pictures, it looks nothing like previous overhaul that happened last August. This new version is fast, polished, beautiful, and functional. It also includes multi-blog notifications and something called “Tumblr Radar” which we are assuming is like Instagram’s hot image section. Go grab it.


  1. Totally new, beautiful interface
  2. More responsive, faster-loading dashboard and blogs
  3. Better photo browsing
  4. Notifications for multiple blogs live in one place
  5. Tumblr Radar!

Play Link

Cheers E!

  • Jlmcc

    downloaded it, played around with it a bit,whats the big deal here?  uninstalled

  • Definitely very dope.

  • Tumblr has also taken interest in the android.The use of android has increased a lot in last few months.

  • Can’t download in Italy…anyone else outside US?

  • finally…faster loading dashboard 🙂

  • ErnestineADavis



  • thislandisyourland


  • Stephen Morrison

    Welp, with the right camera app this has become a waaaaaaay more functional instagram with a desktop interface.

    • Max

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  • Asimoalex

    are gifs working properly now ?

    • You click on them to view them in a separate viewer.

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  • dieringer scott

    I laugh at the people who arent cool enough to know what tumblr is

    • Bob Martin

      I know what tumblr is so I guess I’m classified as “cool”. Tumblr is the another term one would use when they roll. They tumble which makes them a tumblr. I guess I’m a cool person.

      • CORYK333

        This guy is clever^^^^^


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  • EvanTheGamer


  • Jlmcc

    number one, what it is,never heard of it
    number two, whats it for

  • Blood

    What is tumblr usd for?

  • Will

    Still not allowed on Tablets?  That’s a shame!

    • CORYK333

      Just go to the full/desktop version on a browser…..full pages look dope, especially the pages with end to end pics/gifs

  • James Lucas II

    Bout Time

  • Smooth918

    About time, cause the current one really looked cheesy 

  • >2012

    >using Tumblr

  • KevinC

    no ICS look? boo.

    • KevinC

      not that i use it or even know what tumblr is.

  • And now Tumblr for iOS looks horrible. Damn need an upgrade.