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HTC One X Unboxing, Gallery and First Impressions

When HTC announced the One X at MWC in February, my initial thought was, “I need this device no matter what carrier it belongs to.” And then AT&T announced that they would have it, but it would not carry NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor and that only the non-U.S. version without LTE would. My second thought was then, “OK, unlocked HTC One X, here I come. I need me some quad-core phone-age.” (Not that the Snapdragon S4 is a slouch, but come on, who doesn’t want to say they have a quad-core processor in their phone?) And that’s where we sit today, with at first glance, one of the most beautifully designed smartphones I have ever seen on my desk. 

After pulling it out of the box, the feel, design and weight of it will blow you away. I wouldn’t say that it took my breath away, but almost. As you examine it closer, you start to marvel at the unibody design, the little details in the speaker grill, the minimal logos (no carrier branding either), and the subtle camera exposure. I’m telling you, this might be the best looking phone ever.

What about the performance, though? Well, I have had the phone for all of 20 minutes, so I’ll get into that later. What I can tell you is that even if every other site on Earth says differently, I’m telling you that this is definitely still HTC Sense. I’m not noticing sluggishness or anything weird like that, but I am going to have to get used to not using stock Android for a bit. HTC appears to have toned it down a tad, but there are still 3D animations, changed menus, new looks to icons, bloatiness and more. It’s a skin, through and through. Will it be better than all previous versions? We’ll find out.

What about that big beautiful Super LCD2 display? Yeah, it’s as good as you can imagine. Crystal clear, whites are bright, and the colors look amazing. Best screen ever? We will find that out too, but so far, it looks better than any device I currently own. We’ll get into macro shots of it, talk more geeky screen tech later though.

So my first impressions are short, but again, this puppy will take time. As I dedicate my Android life to it for the next couple of weeks and hopefully beyond that, we will surely have more. After all, we got this Tegra 3 version for a reason, so we may as well put it through some tests.



  • Josh Groff

     I’ll stick to my Bionic and not be a douche, thanks.

  • yarrellray

    Hate to burst people but I will GLADLY remain with my GALAXY NEXUS. People who purchase this device do so for the stock pure android opportunity as well as all the other goodies. Htc ruined ice cream sandwich in my mind all the extra animations and flare are not needed on top of android any longer this is not 2009 0r 2010. What HTC has done was add their own flare with the 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen ICS was not designed in this manner and GOOGLE should prevent manufacturers from doing what they want but I know they won’t or can’t. The right concept exist on the GALAXY NEXUS the right flow from a software standpoint and the right feel. Htc is well know for it’s friendstream bug, browser crashes, mms text bugs, and various other issues that crop up with htc device. I owned the EVO 4G and EVO 3D and know all their is to know about htc. Various sites have compared the Internation version the HTC ONE X vs the GALAXY NEXUS and they too have found various bugs and issues with sense 4.0. People better be well aware of what they are getting out there in the UK. As for the states I’d be worried too because At&t’s network is new and these software issues on htc devices are bound to happen. Hardware doesn’t always match up to software and I applaud SAMSUNG and VERIZON for what they have done with the GLAXY NEXUS. It isn’t perfect maybe one 4.0.5 update away from perfection. Otherwise no device on the market today from an software standpoint will ever BEAT the GALAXY NEXUS. Sprint customers better pay close attention to what’s being said in forums and on the internet as well as tech sites who feel the current GALAXY NEXUS id BETTER THAN THE HTC ONE X. I already know it is even with the international quadcore tegra 3 it still won’t touch the GALAXY NEXUS……..

  • Wel

    If I buy the international version, can I somehow buy a sim card thingy to stay with verizon? I’m not locked into a contract with them anymore, but I do like that I still have my grandfathered unlimited data plan. I’d love to get the quad core phone goodness, but on V, any suggestions?

    • Josh Groff

      I doubt it, It’s most likely GSM (seeing as most “world phones” are) and Verizon uses CDMA/LTE.

  • HEY! I wonder if it could beat a windows phone 7 “snickers”

  • The galaxy nexus has a 4.72 inch screen.    its 4.65 of usable space

  • joe buck

    just got my 5th nexus delivered, id love to trade it for the one x

  • thickey85

    Nice Physical Keys!! Lol What an awful design for a phone with so much promise….

  • Got mine yesterday.  Very impressive speedwise with quadrant blowing away my unlocked Galaxy Note.  It just scored 4927 (Cpu:13555, Mem:2978, I/O: 4874, 2D: 990, 3D: 2439).  However, even though my GNote is laggy at times, I’m keeping it and getting rid of the very light and very capable One X because for me, the extra screen size matters.  It’s also amazingly light for it’s size.  Screenwise, I don’t see much difference between it and my GNote, I’d give it just the tiniest edge over the GNote’s Super AMOLED.  Speaker is nothing remarkable, but I haven’t tried the included buds.

  • jtwildman1

    Looks really nice/well thought out. I’m not sure why you would want the head phone jack on the bottom though? Now the I would prefer to have the the charging port on the bottom.

    • jink333

      The headphone jack is on the top.

  • John

    Hardware buttons?? Really?

    Camera that protrudes obnoxiously fromt he rear and is goign to get all dinged up.

    moving on.

    • Josh Groff

      Capacitive, not hardware. Get over it.

      Agreed on the camera, but a simple case will fix that.

  • William_Morris

    Other than the white unibody, this is one of the most attractive android phones I’ve seen.  Slap black or gun steel color on it and I’d actually have a preference of it over most other phones on the market.

    That being said, the minor take back on a phone like this is it being skinned.  I really hope for a day when Android phones have a unified interface.  It will eliminate all “arguments” of fragmentation… even if the current arguments are mostly negligible.

    Having now had a pure google experience phone for 4 months has helped me realize it doesn’t need extra widgets or pretties on it to make it a satisfying phone.

    It’d be nice to see HTC get the Nexus job again.  The N1 was a solid phone.

  • yarrellray

    Yes it is clear that HTC has stepped up their game which is always fine for everyone in android land choice will always rule. But let’s really get down to the nitty gritty boys we in android land need and actual comparison in day to day usage from snapdragon S3 vs Snapdragon S4. Tegra 3 won’t matter much to us here in the states because it won’t play nice with nobody’s LTE network. With the new HTC EVO 4G LTE coming soon that has the Snapdragon S4 how much better is that device over let’s say the HTC REZOUND on Verizon that would be and excellent comparison The Rezound and it’s S3 processor vs the Evo 4g lte and it’s S4 processor. Personally i don’t believe real world usage will be that big of a difference. I bet that exynos processor on the Samsung Epic 4g touch is FASTER than that S4 on the new Evo 4g Lte. I think in the coming months people are about to be BLOWN OUT THE WATER with Samsung and it’s GALAXY S3 offering WHY??? because of all the elements QUADCORE EXYNOS PROCESSOR (5212) or (5250) built on the cortex A-15

    • D+T→n(14.1MeV)+α(3.5MeV)

      Samsung will not make three Nexus phones in a row. There will not be another Galaxy Nexus, at least for awhile, if it ever happens again. Regardless of what Samsung does with the GS3, Google picks the specs, and hardware, for the most part, not Samsung. I don’t think Motorola will get the Nexus 4. If I had to bet on it, I’d guess HTC would do it. LG is a possibility, but a long shot. Nvidia has already previewed the Tegra 4, a 2GHz quad-core A15 with LTE capability, however, I don’t know that Google will decide on it or not since it is so far away in terms of release dates, actual specs, etc. Verizon may or may not get the Nexus 4 – they passed on the Nexus One (They already had the OG Droid, which was the primary reason for them passing on it, and the DInc was on it’s way, which, at the time, was specced comparably to the N1. In fact, the DInc was an EVO with a smaller screen, basically.
       As for the rest, I doubt it, but time will tell. I don’t care for Samsung phones, including the GNex I have that I only use for 4.0.x dev purposes, but I do like the Note. I highly doubt Verizon will pick up all of those devices, they already have a big inventory of current devices to move.
       As for the rest of it, well…*shrugs*. I’ll leave it at that.

  • tonysam1

    Dare I say it? I think this may be sexier than my GNex.

  • Austinrgoebel

    i have had a galaxy nexus for 5 months and i love it, but the one xs looks and design are far better then the nexus, im really looking foward to this phone, samsung should take notes from this phone

  • GazaIan

    Should have gotten the Snapdragon S4 model over the Tegra 3.

  • Yakuzahi

    It’s not a Euro charger, its a UK charger.

  • Anyone else waiting for the SGS3? I just get worried when HTC try to do photography. So many blurry memories… Seems like a nice phone on paper though, and I think it will be popular. Already sold a few.

    • You’ll be waiting a long time.

      • GSMarena.com says May or Q3, which doesn’t sound that far, but you’re right, somehow I think Q3 is more realistic. And I’d probably wait until it was un-fashionably cheap before getting one anyway. It never pays to buy just released gadgets, but I’m going to have fun selling it to people who think technology will make them feel better about their mortgage, loveless marriage, and kids that hate them. Haha!

  • ddevito

    I’m happy to see HTC on the rebound.

    But am I the only person who thinks this phone is still ugly?

  • that’s what i wished my galaxy nexus looked like. Fantastic looking phone, hopefully Verizon get something similar this year

  • PuzzleShot

    So do we know how it handles Android 2.3- apps (where with touch screen buttons the action overflow button would appear on the far right)?

  • bakdroid

    Sorry Kellex but the headphone jack on the bottom is the dumbest thing ever.  If you are listening to music you can’t prop the phone up if it is on the bottom.  Also, can’t sit the phone in the car’s cup holder either if its on the bottom.  As for the comment some have about walking around with the phone upside down in their pockets and listening to music.  You should walk around listening to music anyway.  Good way to not pay attention and walk out into traffic and get ran over by a bus carrying senior citizens on their way to a casino…

    • With the headphone jack at the bottom you can prop the phone up in landscape, not a big deal. When you put your phone in the cup holder put it upside down. Are you really going to do anything on your phone with it just sitting in the cup holder anyway?

    • Josh Groff

       You can’t listen to music and pay attention to your surroundings at the same time? Pretty sad…

  • Number1pain07

    Trolls Everywhere! It’s a phone that runs on your favorite Mobile Operating System so STFU!

  • STiK

    Headphone jack on top = WINNER!!!! 

    • Tyler Chappell

      I listen to music on my Thunderbolt a lot and it makes it super awkward putting it in my pocket, I would much prefer if the headphone jack were on the bottom of the device.

    • brandon coulter


  • Brendan

    all of those first impression details he gave can also be applied to my genitals 

  • EraserXIV

    To be honest, I’d prefer the S4 dual-core over the Tegra 3 quad-core. The Tegra 3 is based on the antiquated Cortex-A9 architecture while the S4 is very similar to the newer Cortex-A15. The S4 should be just as fast, if not faster, while using less energy. I doubt there are many applications that can take advantage of quad-core yet, it’s just a battery waster.

  • why are the US carriers so retarded

    • TC Infantino

      Heh, While I dislike the way the mobile industry in the US works, they are far from retarded.  They have a system in which they can really rake in the money from the consumer for services that really shouldn’t cost as much as they do.  Is there any reason at all that we should have a seperate plan for how many texts can be used per month on a smartphone that is required to have a data plan? No, because text is just data transfer.  But the carriers are able to use that old mobile plan paradigm because the consumer is used to it and not enough people question it.  Should the consumer who brings his own phone pay the same monthly plan rate as someone who buys a susidized phone through the carrier?  No, of course not, but until enough people vote with their wallets and change to a carrier that doesn’t do these things we will all be at the whim of the carriers.

      • we should take those arseholes to small claims court like that random dude did

  • This is why the Nexus brand needs to come back to HTC.  They know how to make a phone.  Everything Samsung did wrong, HTC has done right.

    • Daniel Seymour

      Yes, but keep in mind that the nexus came out 6 months ago! Of course there will be improvements in design, processor, etc.

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Samsung didn’t spec the hardware, Google did.

      Blame Google if you are upset with the phone itself.

  • wonder how big the battery is

  • RoadsterHD1

    Quadrant standard Score to please!!!

  • Q

    Looks like a great device, but it highlights the things that makes me like the Nexus so much… With the Nexus, they actually paid attention to design and ergonomics with the curved screen, headphone jack at bottom, power on the side, no capacitive buttons, etc.  Since these phones are so similar, making a device that feels natural is a HUGE selling point for me..

    • unaffected

      Every time i tried to turn up or down the volume on my nexus i ended up turning the phone off. Power button needs to be on top.

  • RoadsterHD1

    I like this phone, probably the best one HTC has ever made. Hope t does come to VRZ

  • Samvelavich

    not a fan of sense, so i do not see myself ever using a phone like this… Great phone with great specs and hardware, design, etc. but the fact of the matter is that its full of sense bloatware that doesnt appeal to many users. I understand that companies such as htc and moto have listened to some feedback by making the experience look “stock-ish” but its still full of unneeded things that just make the phone clunky and hard to use. Just my opinion on the matter.. anyone else agree? or disagree?

    • TC Infantino

      I respectfully disagree.  I like Sense and the way it provides a very smooth user experience.  I like the widgets that are built in, I like the fact that it will link contacts information from multiple sources, such as phone, email, facebook, skype, etc and put them in a single contact card for each person. The calendar also will automatically fill with the birthdays of your contacts.  These are just some of the useful tweeks that Sense gives that when I tried one of the custom SenseLess ROMs, I found that I was constantly missing and irritated that I could not find an app or widget in the market that would exactly reproduce.  And as for Sense slowing the OS down and ruining the experience, I did not notice any difference between the ROMs with Sense and those without. 
      I know that some do not agree with me, but since I am happy with my phone it doesn’t concern me if they don’t.

  • I got a nexus id trade for it in a heartbeat

    • will bartlett

      OH MY GOD! again? seriously? why?

    • skakajici

      I second that! 

  • This thing looks like crap and personally knowing what kind of build quality that HTC puts out its probably Junk just like any other HTC is.  The UI looks like awful I wouldn’t get it

    • Blood

      Why are you here then if you think htc devices are crap?

      • Ralphie

        to let you know! everyone gets an opinion, not just those that see things your way.

        • I agree everybody has an opinion.  And I understand that most people won’t agree with my opinion but this is my opinion I have owned one HTC which was the thunderbolt my I have friends that have owned HTC devices and I am the go to person to do things with there phones and I have had nothing but bad experiences with HTC phones When the Thunderbolt came out it was suppose to be soooo good but look how many problems that phone had publicly and it is still having problems I got rid of mine and went back to DX I won’t have another HTC phone and this is my opinion.  I’m sorry if you think I’m trolling that is not what my intent

    • Daniel Seymour

      The UI looks really good, even though stock ICS is a lot better.. But it’s 1000x better then touchwiz lmao

    • Azn_Android

      Thanks for trolling. I own a galaxy nexus and I’d take HTC hardware over Samsung’s in a heartbeat. Like.. there’s no comparison. And sense is a lot better looking than touchwiz. Thankfully I don’t have to deal with that on my nexus though.

  • Nitemare15

    Please tell me why no one is taking the approach to the soft keys that the Galaxy Nexus has? 

    • Jarred Sutherland

      Probably because, as of yet, they offer nothing over a regular set of buttons. Heck, in some apps the soft keys disappear and do not come back until I lock the screen and dump myself into the camera or SMS app. 

      • That’s weird… I’m able to modify my softkeys in numerous ways on my GalNex. To me that’s something offered over hard buttons.

    • Youllreachus

      Looks like for some time in the future we will have some sort of considerable bezel on the bottom of phones. No reason that they shouldn’t put some buttons there. Maybe they’ll start doing ones that can be switched off if someone doesn’t like the look. The buttons on the nexus are a gimmick as there is still tons of real estate down there. Bottom bezel looks bigger than my rezound.

  • CharlesHussell

    look at what a freakin boat the nexus is when he puts them next to each other at about 2:30 in the vid!

  • FortitudineVincimus

    Yep.. best looking phone I have ever seen I will say

    F*** as no VZW F*** F***

  • dk81

    looks like a white gnex to me for the most part.  what i dont like is the camera sticking out, is it actually resting on the camera when you set it down? hope not, that would be annoying

  • Neil Voskeritchian

    I hate the bulging camera lens.  Like a big zit on the forehead.

    • Azndan4

      You don’t like having a better camera in your phone?

    • Jeremy Turnley

      Sadly, if you want good optics, you have to have a bulge, or an overall thicker phone. You can do a lot with software, but in the end optics are about physics and you can’t change those laws.

      • Neil Voskeritchian

        Apple seems to have figured out how to do it.

        • That’s cuz they use “magical” “innovations”. In other words time wizards and/or pixie magic.

        • Number01pup

          Its really simple how they did it. If you notice on the iphones , the screen doesn’t overlap the camera or speaker. Allowing for more depth in this section. It also means that iPhones will never get a bigger screen without also getting much thicker.

    • niteperson

      It seems like it could easily get damaged.  It’s not really protected.

  • Blackmagick20

    I feel like we’ve reached a sad day and the apocalypse is near when a stupid hunk of plastic and glass can almost take someone’s breath away. Yup…a cell phone certainly must be as magnificent as the seven wonders of the world or babies being born…give me a break

    • jnt

      Context man, context.  This whole site is based off of geeking out over phones.  You think Kellex would give a crap about any phones if he had a kid being born? 

      • FortitudineVincimus


      • Spartan

        Only if that kid was holding an HTC One X. Oh yeah!

        • unaffected


      • Blackmagick20

        Well…I would say that the kid would come second. Also…’geeking’ isn’t even an actual word

        • TC Infantino

          Actually it is one of those words that will most likely be added to the ‘official’ dictionaries in the near future as it is becoming more commonly used.  English is a constantly evolving and growing language, and they add new words every year.  Oh and here is an unofficial definition…

  • chris125

    Verizon will get one that is as thick as a brick and missing something just like they always do

  • FortitudineVincimus

    So we get to read about a phone here that

    1. is not coming to VZW
    2. we cannot really get anyway as it is quad core


    • Sobr0801

      Get over it.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        oh… okay

        Sobr0801 says get over it.. I am over it and moving on.

        thanks man!


        • Sobr0801

          He can run the site as he pleases. If you don’t like it go else where, otherwise get over it.

          • RamboCop

            Yeah you need to get that sand out of your fat vagina, bruh.

          • Thanks for saying what I was thinking.

          • Guest

            Apparently liking articles on a website is a binary state: You either like it, or YOU CAN GIT OUTTTTT!!!!

      • will bartlett

        he has a legitimate point. you are just being a troll.

        • FortitudineVincimus

          really? tell me how both my points are not legit.. I’ll be standing by

          • chancho1978

            they are both subjective.

          • will bartlett

            hey, i was agreeing with you dude. look at who i replied to. if you are going to be like this though i guess he is right in that you should go somewhere else. 

            context bro, context

      • Google

        Shut up, Meg!

    • Google

      Yep. You are right. This could at at least be on an.droid-life. What is the point of that site if all the non-verizon or general android news is posted on droid-life?

      • Josh Groff

         Page hits/ ad revenue?

    • QQpayne

      This phone interests me heavily, if the build quality is spot on, the hardware is flawless, and overall look and feel are amazing, we may be looking at something similar for the next nexus phone. Lots of people are let down by the Gnex, Google will be taking a hard look at who they award the next nexus contract too.

      On a side note i love my Gnex, because of it i wont own anything but an other nexus ever again.

      • Noyfb

        +1 Q, exactly. This looks like the first HTC phone worth taking a look at. Its nice to see they finally stepped up their game for the first time.

        • Ihateidiots

          have you ever owned an htc phone? fricking build quality is second to none! U must own one of those cheap plastic phones everyone rants about.

          • Josh Groff

             Motorola = top tier build quality + radios, HTC = slightly lower build quality and radios, but a bit more open.

          • Derkk50

            A bit more open?  lol….WAY more open…actually it’s like 180 different than moto.

          • Josh Groff

            Being able to replace the kernel is that major? I can still flash customs ROMs, gain root access, and overclock on my Bionic. Also, with superior hardware, replacing the kernel isn’t as necessary. The Bionic is snappier on stock than my Sensation was with a 1.8 GHz overclock.

    • Lolatrdag

      troll get under your bridge

    • majormudafuckinhun

      I am and always have been a Supaman Sense Lover! I think he’s super smart for posting a first about this phone! Hell if I was on the position to get sent a review model given that I post a review, send me an iphone too!

  • Jason Purp

    Thank you for teasing us with a phone that most of us cannot use.

    • Jason Purp

       Oh, and inb4 somebody throws a tantrum at me for saying that ^

      • Heh, the point is to show what the future of phones is. HTC doing new things with style and screens, plus the Tegra 3.

        • Jason Purp

           That’s a valid excuse lol.

          I got trashed when I said how much I like this phone and Sense 4.

        • Blood

          What would you use the tegra 3 for anyways? Besides playing a game like shadowgun.

          • FortitudineVincimus

            better lower level task handling with the companion core means less processor intensive and better battery life as the main power hungry cores are not wasted doing petty tasks…

            THAT is the reason for quad core.. not speed and power IMHO

          • snowblind64

            Why not just make a dual core with companion core. Much more efficient than a 4+1 setup. Honestly Tegra 3 isn’t terrible but it’s also not that great with a fairly weak GPU especially considering that Nvidia is traditionally a GPU company.

            I’m waiting for some more Snapdragon S4 SOCs and the upcoming OMAP5 chips.

          • Calculatorwatch

            I agree the GPU is much more important than Nvidia (and other companies) act like it is. I hate that pretty much all Android manufacturers boast these processors with more cores and Mhz and then stick it with an old GPU. There’s a reason why iOS often looks smoother than Android even on inferior processing power and that’s because iphones always have top of the line GPUs.

          • Apostrafee

            OMAP5 should be great

        • Bionic Man

          don’t listen to these chumps Kellex. Most of us appreciate you posting a hand on for this phone. We don’t know for sure that Verizon won’t get it!

        • Lolatrdag

          the difference is you blog they troll they have no life try to get a job and get from your bridge trolls

    • FortitudineVincimus

      ding ding.. winner

  • I personally want the headphone jack on the top… Bottom headphone jacks are kinda a deal breaker for me lol. Everyone’s different though! 🙂

    • Ginosylum

       i thought so too until I got the GNex… when you use it, it makes perfect sense. I go back to my old DInc once in a wile to flash roms mess around and use as an “iPod” type thing and i hate top head phone jacks now… Bottom jacks are the way to go for me but like you said, everyone is different..

  • PlankLongBeard

    Can You Please See if T-Mobile Works on It Out the Box… I So Don’t ind Dropping $700 as Long as the Signals Work Fluid 🙂

    • Nepherim

      This. Reports are that the X doesn’t support t-mobiles 1700 band, so would be great to know if this is true, and what it actually means if we want to use it on t-mobiles network.

  • Logan_jinx

    Awesome design with even more impressive specs. Hopefully that can pull it through the whole year HTC plans on doing

  • Nobody needs a quad-core processor in a phone. A lot of people don’t even have quad core processors in the COMPUTERS. The Skin/UI is ugly as hell. It reminds me of launcher pro. The Motorola ICS UI actually looks like ICS. I remain unimpressed by HTC. 

    • How many times do we have to go over this?

      A four core processor in your computer is still way more powerful than a four core processor in your phone.

      • But of course. If that weren’t the case, the thing would probably melt away while you play your favorite game. 🙂

      • Jarred Sutherland

        Of course it isn’t as powerful as a CPU in a standard PC, but he isn’t claiming that’s the case at all. These quad core CPUs in phones are just all marketing hype and a battery drain. People have trouble enough writing desktop applications that handle multithreading properly, much less guys dev’ing for mobile devices (have you seen most of the apps out there?).

        Nothing but marketing gimmick. Give me better battery life!

        • Blood

          I’m confused now. I thought quad-cores were going to use less battery like nvidia claimed. But everyone is saying that it uses more battery. Though wouldn’t it make sense that they well use less battery since each core use little energy as to what a single core will use all the cpu and require more energy?

          • ddevito

            it all depends on the software. ICS utilizes the cores, but no one will know how well Sense does – or all other 3rd party apps.

            Devs need time to catch up. 

          • Taglogical

             1 beastly core that’s going to draw beastly power when it gets used… 
            Most uses of such a core are underutilizing it meaning that in most
            cases, the beast-core is overkill.

            Having multiple, lower-power cores, will assuredly achieve efficiencies
            over a single-core solution as software works the cores on-demand. This
            translates into better battery life.

            This will also ‘feel’ faster when multitasking/multithreading (ala Android-ICS+).

        • Him:”Nobody needs a quad-core processor in a phone. A lot of people don’t even have quad core processors in the COMPUTERS.” 

          “Of course it isn’t as powerful as a CPU in a standard PC, but he isn’t claiming that’s the case at all ”
          Enlighten me. What was he saying?

          • Jarred Sutherland

            I am not sure how I can enlighten you beyond telling you to re-read his statement. 

            I will try. Since most people do the brunt of work that requires CPU horsepower on their PC (not mobile device, for numerous reasons), this is where the majority of the power needs to be. But the fact of the matter is, the majority of PC applications have trouble even supporting more than one thread, much less four. If people can’t really push their systems at home to the limits and those are much more powerful, what are they going to do with a mobile device that will?

            This focus of faster faster faster doesn’t matter to the majority of Android device owners. They want something that doesn’t have terrible battery life (look at the MAXX). The phones are fast enough for them (heck most of them still have single core CPUs running 2.1-2.2) and move along just fine with it. It only matters to spec junkies that spend their days running benchmarks to try and prove something to their buddy, but these are the tiniest fraction of Android users.

          • Taglogical

            1 beastly core that’s going to draw beastly power when it gets used…  Most uses of such a core are underutilizing it meaning that in most cases, the beast-core is overkill.

            Having multiple, lower-power cores, will assuredly achieve efficiencies over a single-core solution as software works the cores on-demand. This translates into better battery life.

            This will also ‘feel’ faster when multitasking/multithreading (ala Android-ICS+).

    • Well, the U.S. version doesn’t have quad core. But it’s funny – my 13.3″ laptop that I bought a little over a month ago doesn’t even have quad core like you said. Quad core in a phone though is really only going to be beneficial in a scenario where one docks the phone and uses it as a full-blown PC. No mobile applications are going to have any reason to need that much processing power, and it will be nothing but a huge battery drain.

      • A quad core phone processor is not going to be more powerful then your computer. The architecture is completely different, cores don’t mean anything. 

        • Hmm? Never said they would be. I was just saying that four cores is impractical for purely mobile use, at least with the software we’re running nowadays.

    • Could you tell us how you truly feel?

    • Azndan4

      Noob. Sense is the only aftermarket ui worth a damn. Motorola ics, although somewhat similar to stock, uses hideous icons, fonts, and who knows what else. Die Motorola.

      • Blackmagick20

        Motorola is, in fact, a company and not a living, breathing organism. Therefore…it can not ‘die’ as you would like it to.

        • Jacob121791


        • Last I heard companies are people too! At least according to the government….I’M JUST SAYIN BRO!

          • Juan Caballero

            Not “the government”.  Mitt Romney….he said it.  And if corporations are people,  Apple is old, rich people that don’t like you so you knocked up their daughter to teach them a lesson.  Stupid Apple.  That’ll fix their little red wagon!

          • DaveTea

            The last time I checked corporations were comprised of people doing a job. I own a corporation and we have about 50 employees. We are the company.

          • TC Infantino

            We are Borg, resistance is futile.  Your individual distinctiveness will be assimilated. 😉

          • Supreme Court said it 4 years ago. Romney just repeated it.

    • first world problems.

    • angermeans

      I was all for your comment until the Motorola comment. If you are honestly comparing anything that is in market by moto with this (or really any phone for that matter) then you’ve bumped your head harder than Motorola has. Motorola is awful man it doesnt matter how close their horrible skin “looks” like ICS it isnt ICS and it wil more than likely not run anything like ICS. it will however be more than likely buggy to the point that it is unusable, horribly late to market on most if not all phones (the few that will actually get ICS), and will still more than likely keep the eye sores it has now like like the atrocious icons they refuse to change. I don’t care how nice moto’s hardware was (I say was as they have even fallen in that department as the Razr, Razr Maxx, droid 4, and xyboard are the ugliest phones I have seen in a long time and I used to be a huge fan).

      • Taglogical

        Own a Bionic. Love the Bionic. It’s the 2nd best phone available on Verizon right now.

        If you call taking steps forward in mobile screen tech ‘taking steps backwards’ then we agree.

        *2nd of course to the RAZR MAXX

  • Darthseph23

    Wait… why should the headphone jack be on the bottom??!

    That just means the cable has to run further to the bottom of the phone when I’m working out…. which means they are even more annoyingly yanked around?

    • Layawayangel

      [grammar police: farther] But seriously, I like the bottom side phone jack. Much better design. And depending in whether you’re pocketing or using a strap/holder of some sorry, can’t you just insert upside down?

      • Darthseph23

        Sorry, typing quickly at work. =0P

        Anyway, I don’t use cases or holsters so that design would be a severe annoyance to me.  I like my phone to sit upright in my pocket and keep the cord secured with a clip.  The upright thing is due to the profile; it works better for range of motion exercises with leg exercises.

        I’m just saying.

        • Layawayangel

          I might not understand then. You mean the profile of the phone? Like, a phone with a curve or a big battery hump? This phone looks like it only has a tiny hump for the lens. I don’t see why you couldn’t slide it in your pocket head first. Plus, when typing/browsing (not what your main purpose is, but for others it is) I prefer the jack on the bottom. No worries, to each their own

        • will bartlett

          my gnex is in my pocket, straight up and down, with the cord at the top because it is upside down. why does having it upside down or right side up make a difference? it fits and sits the same in your pocket.

          plus it goes in your pocket how you use it. so you dont have to flip it when you take it out or put it back in your pocket.

    • dk81

      the headphone jack is on the top, i’m assuming that’s whats above the camera right

      • Darthseph23

        You didn’t watch the video and hear Kellex’s comment did you?  He complains about the location of the headphone jack.

    • Butters619

      Because when you are holding your phone and go to put it in your pocket the most natural choice is upside down. And when you reach into your pocket, if the phone is upside down, when you pull it out it will be right side up without having to flip it as you bring it to your face

      • Darthseph23

        You put your phone in your pocket upside down?  That’s strange to me.  I’ve never done that with any of my phones.

        To each their own I guess.  I wouldn’t claim that is natural though.

        • Butters619

          Hold your phone like you normally would and then lower your hand to your pocket without flipping your phone.  Which way is your phone facing?

          • Darthseph23

            I slide my phone straight down my hand into my pocket.  I’m not saying a wrist doesn’t turn it lays normally.  I’m saying I don’t think everyone places a phone in a pocket the way the hand naturally falls.

            I’ve seen a lot of my friends who place phones in pockets do it the same way I do.  Stick the bottom edge of it at the hem of the pocket and slide it down into the pocket.  Then when they check it, they pull it straight up, so that the screen is already facing them without having to turn the phone, or if they need a quick pocket glance, they can see it and place it back in the pocket.

            Like I said, to each their own.

          • Lfreeman202

            Why not just allow the screens to do 180° rotation, and then it won’t matter how each person likes there screen to be in comparison to their headphone jack… It’s Android, we have options.

          • Lfreeman202

            *their* typo. Sorry

          • Butters619

            In theory that would be cool.  However, then the phone would need a mic and speaker on each end.

  • kidtronic

    Kellex you have a calcium deficiency. 

  • Michael_NM

    Can you remove the Beats Audio sticker?

    • It’s not a sticker; it’s imprinted on the body itself.  Which, if you’re going to do it at all, is a lot better than a typical Windows PC-style logo sticker.

  • Leroybrute

    I would love to say my phone is quad core but it would suck knowing the s4 dual core is faster in about every category. So I would take the s4 version.

  • Michael_NM

    I used to say I wanted to work at Google. I think I’d rather work in the Droid Life receiving department. 🙂

  • It says Snapdragon on the package when you zoomed in on it yet you keep saying tegra 3??

    • Doh, maybe I’m thinking of something else, nm…

    • The U.S. version has Snapdragon, while the international version has Tegra 3:

      Source: http://www.phonearena.com/reviews/HTC-One-X-Review_id2993

      The italicized text at the top explains it.

  • Hellen Keller SEXY! Too bad big red isn’t getting this..

    • chris125

       Hopefully verizon gets something like this since every other carrier is getting one version or the other of this.

      • FortitudineVincimus

        we won’t.. we get lame crap like the Galaxy Nexus

        • SteveTango

          Just go die already.

    • fvqu

      I’m going to assume that the Incredible 4G will be the VZW / US variant of the One X

      • Michael Forte

        More like the One S. The Incredible 4G only has qHD resolution.

        • teleclimber

          Agreed. I’m thinking One X could be Thunderbolt 2?

          • I’m hanging on to my TBolt now hoping and waiting for something better then whats out now.. Like you said the TBolt 2 or SG3.. Happy with the TBolt for now aside from my humpback extended battery.

          • unaffected

            We won’t get the S3 i dont think. But we will have first dibs on the next Nexus (which may or may not be better then the S3. GNex vs Sll as an example). How about a nice big next gen Galaxy Note/Journal for Verizon?

    • unaffected

      You’re right, but if HTC teams with Google for the next Nexus this may be a preview of things to come.

  • Hardware done right.

    • JustTrollin69

      You’re mom did me right.

      • Your.

      • Michael_NM

        It’s unfortunate that your mom didn’t teach you the difference between your and you’re.

        • Wel

          Your is possessive. You’re is short for “You Are”. So he was correct when he said “Your mom did me right.” for two reasons. The first being that he meant the possessive of your mother and not “You are mother did me right” and also because your mom actually DID do him right. 

          • Michael_NM

            You’re correct. He edited his post. Had your eyes seen it earlier, my reply would’ve made more sense. It’s still apparent to me that his mom didn’t teach him well. 🙂

          • Ralphie

            I had to like this whole chain as i went along