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HTC One X Unboxing, Gallery and First Impressions


When HTC announced the One X at MWC in February, my initial thought was, “I need this device no matter what carrier it belongs to.” And then AT&T announced that they would have it, but it would not carry NVIDIA’s quad-core Tegra 3 processor and that only the non-U.S. version without LTE would. My second thought was then, “OK, unlocked HTC One X, here I come. I need me some quad-core phone-age.” (Not that the Snapdragon S4 is a slouch, but come on, who doesn’t want to say they have a quad-core processor in their phone?) And that’s where we sit today, with at first glance, one of the most beautifully designed smartphones I have ever seen on my desk. 

After pulling it out of the box, the feel, design and weight of it will blow you away. I wouldn’t say that it took my breath away, but almost. As you examine it closer, you start to marvel at the unibody design, the little details in the speaker grill, the minimal logos (no carrier branding either), and the subtle camera exposure. I’m telling you, this might be the best looking phone ever.

What about the performance, though? Well, I have had the phone for all of 20 minutes, so I’ll get into that later. What I can tell you is that even if every other site on Earth says differently, I’m telling you that this is definitely still HTC Sense. I’m not noticing sluggishness or anything weird like that, but I am going to have to get used to not using stock Android for a bit. HTC appears to have toned it down a tad, but there are still 3D animations, changed menus, new looks to icons, bloatiness and more. It’s a skin, through and through. Will it be better than all previous versions? We’ll find out.

What about that big beautiful Super LCD2 display? Yeah, it’s as good as you can imagine. Crystal clear, whites are bright, and the colors look amazing. Best screen ever? We will find that out too, but so far, it looks better than any device I currently own. We’ll get into macro shots of it, talk more geeky screen tech later though.

So my first impressions are short, but again, this puppy will take time. As I dedicate my Android life to it for the next couple of weeks and hopefully beyond that, we will surely have more. After all, we got this Tegra 3 version for a reason, so we may as well put it through some tests.



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  • Josh Groff

     I’ll stick to my Bionic and not be a douche, thanks.

  • yarrellray

    Hate to burst people but I will GLADLY remain with my GALAXY NEXUS. People who purchase this device do so for the stock pure android opportunity as well as all the other goodies. Htc ruined ice cream sandwich in my mind all the extra animations and flare are not needed on top of android any longer this is not 2009 0r 2010. What HTC has done was add their own flare with the 3 buttons at the bottom of the screen ICS was not designed in this manner and GOOGLE should prevent manufacturers from doing what they want but I know they won’t or can’t. The right concept exist on the GALAXY NEXUS the right flow from a software standpoint and the right feel. Htc is well know for it’s friendstream bug, browser crashes, mms text bugs, and various other issues that crop up with htc device. I owned the EVO 4G and EVO 3D and know all their is to know about htc. Various sites have compared the Internation version the HTC ONE X vs the GALAXY NEXUS and they too have found various bugs and issues with sense 4.0. People better be well aware of what they are getting out there in the UK. As for the states I’d be worried too because At&t’s network is new and these software issues on htc devices are bound to happen. Hardware doesn’t always match up to software and I applaud SAMSUNG and VERIZON for what they have done with the GLAXY NEXUS. It isn’t perfect maybe one 4.0.5 update away from perfection. Otherwise no device on the market today from an software standpoint will ever BEAT the GALAXY NEXUS. Sprint customers better pay close attention to what’s being said in forums and on the internet as well as tech sites who feel the current GALAXY NEXUS id BETTER THAN THE HTC ONE X. I already know it is even with the international quadcore tegra 3 it still won’t touch the GALAXY NEXUS……..

  • Wel

    If I buy the international version, can I somehow buy a sim card thingy to stay with verizon? I’m not locked into a contract with them anymore, but I do like that I still have my grandfathered unlimited data plan. I’d love to get the quad core phone goodness, but on V, any suggestions?

    • Josh Groff

      I doubt it, It’s most likely GSM (seeing as most “world phones” are) and Verizon uses CDMA/LTE.

  • HEY! I wonder if it could beat a windows phone 7 “snickers”

  • The galaxy nexus has a 4.72 inch screen.    its 4.65 of usable space