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Soak Test for DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX Begins Tomorrow Morning, Build 6.12.181 and is Not Ice Cream Sandwich

Motorola has started to notify members of their Feedback Network that a software update will be made available in the morning to the DROID RAZR and RAZR MAXX. Most assumed this to be Ice Cream Sandwich after seeing information about it in a leaked screenshot from Best Buy, however, the changelog that we just received indicates that it is not. The update rolling out tomorrow will be build 6.12.181 and includes numerous enhancements and bug fixes. We have the full list of goodies below.  

Here is the full changelog:

Who Can Use This Release:


Build:  Version.6.12.181.XT912.Verizon.en.US

Enhancements and Fixes:

Battery Life

  • Optimized device performance to extend battery life


  •  Added new MotoCast widget to enable easier access to MotoCast files
  • Implemented several fixes to improve MotoCast performance


  •  Modified the storage settings screen to clarify total, available, and used storage space

WiFi and Network

  •  Implemented IPV6 support over cellular connection and WiFi to facilitate updated interaction with the network
  • Corrected 4G coverage indicator to accurately display data connectivity
  • Improved Wi-Fi hotspot connectivity when utilizing WPS security

Visual voicemail

  • Improved visual voicemail performance with data disabled and visual voicemail notification delivery


  •  Corrected loud call end and connect tones over Bluetooth®

Google Play

  •  Fixed Share app functionality to directs users to the app page in Google Play

Text Messaging

  • Improved text messaging to ensure timely receiving of texts


  • Added easy access to bookmarks through a press and hold on the back key


  •  Enhanced device security preventing unauthorized access of telephony database by 3rd parties

Updated Vcast app with new security enhancements

Here is the letter going out to MFN members:


Thanks very much for agreeing to this advance test of new software for your DROID RAZR or DROID RAZR MAXX.

The software will begin to be pushed out in the morning; however, it may take several hours for all targeted devices to receive the update.

Please log in to the private community here for more information and to provide feedback on the new software update.

If you fail to log in:

* You will have to log out and back in to access this area.
* Login with your email address in Lowercase
* Check your forums profile to see if you have accepted the Forums terms and conditions and the Motorola Feedback Network opt-in and confidentiality agreement.
* If you have, and still cannot access the site, please reply back to this email and include your forums user name and the email address you use to log in.
* Any other questions or comments NOT having to do with community access should be posted in the private community.

Remember that you will not be able to post on the public communities while this test is underway.

Please respect the confidentiality agreement. Friday or Saturday morning I will send out a survey for your input — please respond to that as soon as possible.

Thanks again for your help!


– Mark

So no ICS just yet. Not sure at this point when it will happen.

Cheers Droidzilla, K, P, J, C and everyone else!

  • jeffro boudine

    Lots of static in this room. Just moved over to droid razerMAXX from and iphone and cant wait to take it baxk. My feeakin heads spinning. Thatss all i needed, another tempramental widgetcentric sprinter with no sense where it is running. I want my iphone back. As for harley davidson…same thing. Bought an old cb1000 honda that no longer scratches the itch

  • Kbayard

    OK, excuse my ignorance, not exactly a tech savy person when it comes to phones. Will ICS ever make it to my RAZR, or will I be upgrading my phone in another year to something else that will not get the latest operating platform? Last I read (Januaury timeframe) ICS was coming this spring, which was supposed to be around Christmas, which that was supposed to be a month after the release of the razr. Do not confuse this with a rant, its not, its just a confused question!

    By your honest best guess, when will I get my ice cream sammich, this fat kid is hungry!

    • Kbayard

      p.s. I ask, because I just got this update at 5am EST this morning… thats why I ask.

  • Monoxide55406

    another reason why people at best buy have no idea what they are talking about. the motorola site has had it in evaluation stage for over a month now and has not changed.

  • Humzadroid

    Google is doing this cause they want they trash ass phone to sell they even went as far as partnering with Android fuk google

    • Dan Gibson

       Google *created* the Android operating system.  There seems to be a bit of confusion on your part or I am reading your post entirely out of context.

  • huskerhog

    Has anyone received the software from the soak test yet?

    • xxyoungkid92xx

      the software was never received by soak users. i should know, i am one.

  • Xxyoungkid92xx


    • ShaveW/MyRAZR

      Let’s get some pics. I hope the sandwich is almost ready, cuz I’m getting hungry

  • _

    Just give me my farking ICS already.


  • Bodhiballer

    I don’t know what’s sadder, that BB trolled you guys, or that you allowed it to happen.  It all comes back to the age old thing about lies- it has nothing to do with their believably, and everything to do with the person’s willingness to believe it.  

  • Sjschwar

    More battery life, awesome…

    maxx owner

  • meta96

    … why not froyo? moto?

  • baobao112


  • I like these phones because they are the thinnest phones in the world. I want to see Android 4.0 ICS on it.

  • Benjamin

    Ok, come on, think about it- One set of Developers for the Android OS, and they develop for ALL the Android OS phones, on all carriers, with ALL models- so having the update for specific phones/models a couple times a year, is a good development team- AND you’re getting the new OS for FREE, so, seems to me a pretty good deal, and a misinterpreted bit of info in what we’re receiving isn’t anything to really be upset at the developers for- someone most likely told Best Buy about an update, and he/she/they at Best Buy misinterpreted it as being ICS. So, whoever told/informed Best Buy of an update (if there was an informative) told the truth, and there’s an update, just not what the Best Buy individual(s) thought it was. So, if we get the update, at least it is an update at all, and maybe, just maybe, it is the update to get our phones ready for the upcoming ICS.

  • Anyone really thought any different? Verizon is worst when it comes to updating to next version of the OS, they are more interested in bug fixes than anything. This looked like a perfect early April fools to me. I would be surprised and say kudos to verizon if the ICS update actually comes out for this phone and the Rezound, but I highly doubt it will be here for another few months.

    I was surprised the HTC vivid is already kicking it with ICS update and AT&T seems to be stepping up to ics updates. I would not be surprised if the Rezound gets the ICS before Razr because it has been in the works for quite a while now.

  • Mslaughter2005

    Droid 2, X, X2, and RAZR Maxx owner. I love the RAZR, and would like to see ics but not looking for it until I hear reports of it being pushed though vzw’s ota. Its just like the 2.3 gb update for the x2. We all make sacrifices to get what we considered priorities… higher resolution screen = leas batt life, great battery life = slow update releases

  • ABerry5

    I REALLY hate to do this as I constantly ridicule idiots for inter-android fanboyism .. but because of all the razr owners comments over the past week here it goes… I bet 4.0.2 looks pretty damn tasty right now huh?

  • ABerry5

    If ur a razr owner who owned any previous moto Droid you can’t act surprised.. I guess the fact its been almost 5 months since ur phone was released you may have thought you’d get ICS within a few months but cmon this isn’t a nexus

    • Mslaughter2005

      Droid 2, X, X2, and RAZR Maxx owner. I love the RAZR, and would like to see ics but not looking for it until I hear reports of it being pushed though vzw’s ota. Its just like the 2.3 gb update for the x2. We all make sacrifices to get what we considered priorities… higher resolution screen = leas batt life, great battery life = slow update releases

    • meta96

      this is moto [fixed for you]

  • EdubE24

    Now I don’t have sellers remorse for selling my Razr MAXX last week. A few days ago I was a little upset…thanks Motorola!!!

  • No

    Glad i installed teh ics leak.

  • Benjamin

    Well, how I see it, can you really 1. Blame the device manufacturer, in this case, Motorola, when they are not the makers of the Android OS, and 2. Google, the ones who make the Android OS aren’t the ones who claimed it would be pushed today. Android has been pretty awesome with the firmware updates, if you consider, that unlike PC updates who get updated every few years, and ever time, you have to pay for the PC OS, and even Android’s weak little competitor has you paying for the “full” update of their OS

  • None

    Please tell me, how many people actually pay for visual voicemail? At least it’s free with Sprint.
    Come on Motorola.
    All the time you wasted on these minor fixes could have been put towards ICS !

  • Rlarson_mn


  • Travis H

    all these comments bring one thing to mind, i dont think android itself is as fragmented as the people fighting over which phone is better…

  • Razr user

    What would be nice would be a fix for a more stable 4G mobile hotpot, for the screen to stay active while in the navigation mount, and a less data connectivity issues.

  • Cody Mcgee88

    Just got the moto RAZR and really regrett ing it its supposed to be16GB internal only. 8 and no ics ywt

    • jtwildman1

      Like any device, it does start with 16 before the OS and extras are added..nothing new..add a 32GB removable sd card and you have over 40gb’s of storage! I love my razr, hands down best phone I’ve owned and I have had a few.

  • brando56894

    Well at least we know it wasn’t a lie and the Rezound update will hopefully still be on schedule. Here’s to hoping it is ICS and not just a minor update like this…

  • jtwildman1

    Not a big deal honestly people, ICS novelty wears off pretty fast.

    • ABerry5

      You must not have ICS.. the gingerbread and froyo novelty wore off.. ICS is a completely redesigned platform I could never go back to 2.3

      Its like saying you’d go back to XP from 7

      • jtwildman1

        Had it on the Nexus, does that count? I’m not crapping on it, but seriously not a big deal.

      • I could never go back to Froyo after using Gingerbread. Likewise, I can’t see myself going back to Gingerbread after ICS.

        • C-Law

          Agreed. And if you aren’t on a 4.0.4 rom yet, get on it asap! Its even smoother and quicker than 4.0.3.

      • chris125

         Eh ICS isnt all its hyped up to be. I had a nexus and between all the issues with it and ics, I can see why some would rather wait and let the nexus users be the beta testers.

  • I’m well aware that we are all on the same Android loving team here, but from that post last week about the Best Buy rumor and all the hate from RAZR owners about how the Gnex sucks, it’s really hard not to feel just slightly smug about this….

    • Hmm….

       Could be the constant vitriolic Moto hate from Gnex adopters that brought this about???? Frankly, it’s been like a kindergarten school yard around here since the Gnex was released.

  • Tromanojr

    It won’t happen.

  • Vtwinbmx

    Stop your crying. Just root your phone and put team, gummy 4.0.4 on it works great amazing battery life. No Verizon or motor bs

    • razball

      Link please 

  • Alexander Garcia

    LOL it’s pretty damn funny how worked up and upset you all get over a silly UN-CONFIRMED RUMOR.

  • Soooo thennnnnn No ICS for Rezound Friday?

    • Lactose_the_Intolerant

      Remains to be seen…

  • Fenderforever111

    I hope this update doesnt screw up foxfi : )

  • Ortizchief

    If my Razr is rooted can I still get the update without issues and doesn’t matter to lost root?

  • hmm…..

    So much for confidentiality…

  • ddevito

    Razr owners don’t fret – ICS will come soon enough. Be patient

    • ABerry5

      I wouldn’t talk about that subject.. some razr owners have had their phone for 5 months.. don’t think they want to hear u talk about patience..

      Sent from my Galaxy Nexus;)

      • ddevito

        You know what – if you bought a Razr AND follow sites like those AND expected ICS sooner than 6-7 months then you’re a fool.

        (You in general).

  • What happened to this site in terms of comments and quality (articles are still good!)? Aren’t we all on the same team?

  • skkennedy08

    I work at a best buy mobile and got the employee news about ics dropping today. Like a fool I believed. I now hate bbym as well

  • Nklenxhi

    Well isn’t that a big “fu” to razr and maxx owners lol

  • I had written a disgruntled customer email to Moto last week and some low level person finally called me back today and at one point in our conversation where I was telling her that I feel that Moto lied to everyone regarding the speed at which ICS would be released to the RAZR she slipped up and said it might be available in the next few months or next quarter.  Again, she seemed low level and probably has no idea, but after I called her on it, she put me on hold to obviously go check with someone and came back to try to back track on me.

  • D3 wins

    Droidzilla, the htc vivid officialy has ice cream sandwich and its in the US

  • jnt

    First World Problem

  • Sporttster

    We’re never getting ICS….I kinda figured it. Gotta wait for the Devs to get something going because they’re our only hope….

  • GooGooFruit

    And this is why I will not buy another Moto phone. Their update release schedule runs on the same track as dumbphones did 10 years ago.

    • Did anyone consider that this is an entirely new Motorola which is now OWNED and RUN by the developers of the Android OS (The Google folk). Larry & Surgei clearly know what is at stake as well as what is required to compete against the company that comes out with new phones and firmware on a schedule you can set a clock to – Apple. This is precisely why Google bought Motorola – so they can have control over a hardware platform as does Apple. This will surely speed up development. Keep the faith brothers, I think we are in for a pleasant surprise.

  • Liderc

    lol fail

  • bkosh84

    Also… The last part is VERY true.

  • This sucks.

  • MKader17


    ’nuff said.

  • OhAaron

    This is why I left Motorola for my GNex.  They can’t update phones to save their life.  Those updates are still in the “Evaluation and Planning Stage,” and I’d estimate that they’ll come out in Q3 or Q4.  Ridiculous!

    • Droidzilla

      I used to flash ROMs like a . . . well, like something that flashes ROMs a lot back when I had my OG Droid. Since getting my RAZR, I haven’t even felt the need to root it. I’ll get ICS when I get it; even if I never do, I’m very happy with this device.

  • DeeMat


  • Scott H

    I don’t see anything that looks like “fixed issue causing loss of data connection”. 🙁

  • jnt

    Holy cow… the unnecessary Moto hate at this.  Moto never said this would be ICS.  Moto never said it would be released this soon.  A silly Best Buy leak is the ONLY piece of info that pointed to an UPDATE (didn’t even mention ICS) for the Razr/Maxx.  Moto gave a pretty clear message that ICS would not be out this earlier awhile back, and for some reason this Best Buy leak has exploded into all of this.  C’mon people…

    • jnt


    • nimbyist

       that works. i hate best buy too 😛

    • Btross89

      The leak picture said clear as day updated to ics (android4.0) so where did you get this from?

    • Tom Hanks as…

      It matters not!  Nerd rage must be satiated!  Pele demands a sacrifice!

    • Jbfkafb

      To be fair, it did mention ICS.

  • Its gonna suck that after the ICS update comes out, thats it for the razr, might get a cheap bug fix update after but then its all down hill.

  • Oh goody:

    Updated Vcast app with new security enhancementsWell my Bionic doesn’t feel so bad now. But seriously Motorola, Unlock the Dang Bootloader!

  • Lgreg64

    My under standing they needed to push these fixes before pushing ICS lets hope that ture.

    • Blackbullet4749

      Why would that be true? When they push ICS they push a new kernel, drivers, everything. What you just said makes no sense what so ever. 

  • LifesABitch

    Shoot me!

  • the3dolla

    Its funning how there were some who were POSITIVE that this was ICS, its unfortunate they were wrong.

  • Justin Everett

    Wait…Motorola phone owners actually expected Moto to care about them wanting ICS and actually give it to them?

    • Michael Forte

      Exactly, I bet we’ll see a new Moto phone come out with ICS (Fighter) before any current phones get updated.

      • ddevito

        +1 agreed.


    Wooooow…. I have a Bionic, and even I’m disappointed 🙁 

  • MooleyBooleyTroll

    lol I told you all it was going to  be .181

    • Just Messin’ With Ya

      Yes, you did. As I recall, many didn’t want to listen to ya.

    • LionStone

      lol … Ok…NOW where are those guys saying this was not gonna be ICS!? Oh there you are…good job, you called it ! 🙂

  • /me points and laughs from his Galaxy Nexus – HA HA HA

    I learned my lesson the hard way about Moto after my Xoom LTE.




    • ApplesNAndroids

      Points and laughs at you for owning a galaxy nexus.
      This coming from a guy who traded his GNex for a RAZR Maxx

      • Mannysaurus

        Different strokes for different folks.

      • Hows that crappy screen workin out for you buddy? 😛


        Sorry I just can’t help but feel vindicated over my decision to ditch Moto wholescale after they botched the DX Gingerbread update and then screwed me on the Xoom LTE upgrade.

        Couldn’t be happier with a consumer electronics device as I am with my Gnex 😛

        • Chris

          This kind of attitude of fanboy-ism is what is making me start to realize the dream of an active COMMUNITY that Kellen started is not attainable.

          • Just because its a “community” doesn’t mean that everyone has to hold hands and sing “kumbaya”.

          • No, but true “members” of a “community” tend not to go out of their way to be complete douche bags to other “members”.

          • Really?

            We’re all supposed to tow the party line and be nice to each other?

            Since when did independent thought and opinion become unpopular around here?

          • Craigslist29201

            Seriously give it a rest…will ya?

          • M1ghtysauc3

            Mommy didn’t hug you enough?

          • Blackmagick20

            So…you’re pulling the party line behind a vehicle?! How about ‘toe the party line?!’ It pretty much became unpopular when Galaxy Nexus owners started acting like Apple product owners and wanting to borderline urinate on anyone else that didn’t own one. You know what…I have a Droid 4 and absolutely LOVE it and wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. I don’t need to comment to everyone else to make my choice justified. Some of us also do actual work outside and like being able to have a screen that is highly visible in direct sunlight. It helps me be more effective and efficient working on the family farm…which saddens me to know it could possibly be going to feed pathetic people like you…

          • LiterofCola

            Get over yourself dude

          • Irtrail

             Indeed. I wholly agree. I am a member of an active marksmanship community. I am fairly certain that trying to sing Kumbyah with one of them may end up with your body having a few unnatural orifices. As I was practicing on the 150 yard range with my pistol, and frustrated because I could only hold a 4″ pattern, it occurred to me that if I were to agitate one of the members of the marksmanship community, the internet and a keyboard and obfuscating my identity would do absolutely nothing to render me safe against their rebuttal. It also occurred to me that the use of firearms puts everyone on an equal playing field in which the only way to settle a dispute without someone being hurt is through polite discourse based on reason. Indeed, a 78 year old woman with a .44 mag is just as dangerous as a 22 year old navy seal with all his skills and training. Have you ever noticed that having equal force at your disposal makes everyone polite and reasonable. I do so enjoy the right to keep and bear arms, it makes me feel closer to my fellow citizens.

            Moral of the story: You can be an egregious and nefarious snob on the internet because it is a playground of wit, just be fully certain that you have enough intelligence.When the big boys come to play, you may be found lacking.

            You are certainly one of the best advertising programs Motorola hasn’t paid for. I know I am ready to hurry out and buy one of their devices after seeing your spiel…I need something for target practice.

          • And just to clarify,  I’m not a particular fanboy of the Gnex.  I just HATE motorola for their LIES about the Xoom.  I was one of the ones that bought it on launch day saying “Motorola has always lived up to their promises, why should I doubt them?”  How naive.

            After getting screwed on the Xoom and the botched DX gingerbread update, I’m over Motorola and wish them doom and unmitigated failure.

          • Chris

            I can respect no longer going with a particular manufacturer, I have done the same with other electronic things in the past.

            THe issue I took with your comments is the attack you made on people who use this site. I have been actively rooting, exploiting, and running custom software on droid since the OG Droid, watching Kellen’s original video to root the sucker.

            I am now a Droid RAZR Maxx owner, a happy one at that, and yet I feel like you were personally singling me out as an owner of that phone, calling me ignorant or naive.

          • If you cared about getting ICS sometime in 2012 in an “official” capacity, then yes, you’re an idiot for buying a RAZR based solely on a promise from Motorola that it would be coming soon.
            They’ve lied in the past and will lie in the future just to sell you their inferior product compared to their competition.

          • Steve S.

            Verizon was more to blame. Verizon were the ones promoting that ICS would come to the RAZR quickly. I saw this coming more from Verizon and less from Motorola.

          • Djenks24

            I traded my Gnex for my Razr because I couldn’t make phone calls with my phone. The great thing about android is all of the options. I like having a strong signal in my area. The local Verizon store is selling for Moto phones around here, simply because they work better when they have a strong signal. If I lived in an area with a strong signal and 4G then maybe I would have kept my Nexus but it didn’t work. Not really sure why everyone forgot about Samsungs failures. Moment, Droid (name not coming to me), Galaxy Tab (On Froyo). HTC had the Eris and the Thunderbolt.  This is fairly new ground, All the big boys has had their share of screw ups and lies.  Get over it, its all good stuff, I want options. BTW, posting from my slow ass Logitec Revue, That’s ok, I’m just lucky to be able to have it!

          • Rodriguesant619

            That’s just how you feel… but you shouldn’t cast judgment to those who choose something different.  Me personally I can care less about ICS….. I am sure it is NEW and IMPROVED over Gingerbread…. but can you make phone calls?  Can you browse the web?  Can you watch videos and movies with Gingerbread?  Than who cares if you have to wait a tad longer for ICS…. Only thing that bugs me about Moto is the fact that they came out with the Maxx too soon after the Droid Razr came out… basically screwing over those who bought the Droid Razr…..

          • Email

            Remember everyone, he’s just a troll……he can’t really hurt anyone

          • Rodriguesant619

            I have to agree…. I am still using my DINC until I have an update and I’ll be getting that Maxx unless they come out with the Fighter.  I was not to keen on the GNEX over all feel.  It’s battery life alone will keep me away from it.  NO OTHER phone can compare to the Maxx…. Yes other phones have better screens but if you can’t see the screen because of a dead battery than what’s the point?

          • Иван Иванов

             I happen to work in Wichita KS, not too far from the company Lear Jet. Now, if you know anything about history, Harvey Lear was the co-proprietor for Motorola, which made the first in car radio. Now, he did several other things you may not realize, like radio navigation for aircraft and was a major driving force in electronics miniaturization. With out Mr. Lear, your Samsung cell phone would have the crap quality of, well…a Samsung cell phone. <–see what I did there? So, since I have a friend that works in the avionics department at Lear Jet, where they use a lot of, you guessed it, Motorola equipment how many aircraft they built have been lost due to avionics failures. Its a nice "round" number. Care to wager a bet on how many have been lost with Samsung equipment? Yep, the same. But you never see an aircraft with Samsung labels on the instrument panel. If you do, you should hope that you catch that fact before you get airborne because the landing is probably going to be a little rough.

            Oh, and by the way, I asked and Motorola is getting sick of your lies too, but they are decent enough not to hate you for it. Serious, they are taking up a collection for you to attend some self help classes. So far, they have a couple pills of Xanax, a zoloft and a ball of pocket lint for you, but there is still hope of getting you into the next "Self deception and how to fool yourself into stopping." class. The main problem is that its terribly expensive because its a tele-learning class on Samsung TVs and they have to buy at least three new TVs from Samsung every day just to complete the lesson. Well, that and the class action lawsuit filed in Texas over Samsung TVs failing to turn on after a week of use. Apparently in Texas, they don't like expensive equipment that doesn't work. Go figure.

        • Droidzilla

          It’s your phone, not your identity. If you’re trying to hype yourself up by the phone you have, you’re no better than iPhone and Harley Davidson owners.

          • You’re honestly on a website called droid-life, trying to lecture someone about identifying with  their phone.

            Have you met kettle yet, mister pot?

          • Droidzilla

            I should know better than to feed the trolls. Sorry. Carry on, all.

          • Craigslist29210

            Agreed…leave the troll by him/herself. Carry on, all…

          • You folks are a petty bunch. At first it is a bit humorous however it becomes tiresome quite quickly.

          • hmm…..

            What an excellent example of idiotic fanboy trolling posts. Defensive much defenestratus? As a point of fact, in normal use, the screens are not that much different. I, among many, MANY others dumped it for the superior RAZR MAXX. Superior battery, hardware and radios trump a slight increase in resolution on tiny screen real estate. As far as updates, Moto has been more than timely with the RAZR, and has historically proven to be among the best for phone updates. The ICS beta leak proves that it’s nearly ready. Just because that’s on the way, doesn’t mean they should stop fixing previous releases.

            …canned fanboy response in 3.. 2.. 1…

          • What’s wrong with Harley owners? We aren’t bad people, I personally wanted a bike that can rattle the windows in my home. The louder the better. hat’s all, I don’t dress in colors, work as an engineer and have been working for 45 years. BTW there are more a$$holes on crotch rockets than anywhere else. Riding down public streets on on wheel. It’s a motorcycle not a unicycle.

          • Bodhiballer

            You are welcome to rattle your own windows, but not mine.  

        • your mama!

          Z-idiot……. All of these devices are great.  I love having a long life battery on a phone that is very fast. I can’t complain!!!

        • Counsel Dew

          Are you serious? … here comes the stirring the pot… or just 13? Actually, my son is 12 and is more aware of what a subjective opinion represents…

        • Ekknr

          Oh yeah I’ve got everyone beat, I’m on 5.1, so suck it!!!

      • Colin Wolfson

        I want to trade my GNex for a RAZR Maxx too… find me someone willing 😛

        • I’ll swap you a Bionic and Incredible 2. 😉 Just kidding.

        • Steve S.

          Ill swap my Razr for your Gnex!

    • B Diggs82

      Why would you laugh at someone else’s misfortune, too many ten year olds have smart phones these days I guess, I used to love this community. When did it get so immature

      • I laugh at their misfortune for being idiot consumers if they cared about getting updates.

        If you value an “up to date android operating system” as a feature on your smartphone, and STILL buy a motorola phone – then you’re an idiot.

        Fact of the matter is that 99% of RAZR owners don’t even know what the hell ICS is.

        • Chris

          I can pull fake statistics out of my butt, too. Most RAZR maxx owners want battery life, more than 1% are into the rooting community, let alone know what ICS is.

          Yes, Gnex is a developer phone, but that doesn’t mean that it is the ONLY choice for consumers who want to actively participate in the development community. Two days without charging, especially when traveling with my friends for a weekend (not tied to the internet searching for threads to troll) is a great pro for the con that I have to do a little more work to run ROMs or root.

          To each his/her own

          • Sorry, battery life is not a problem.  See.  I have these things called extra batteries that I carry around in my luggage… you know… the place where heavy, bulky batteries belong.  Not strapped to the back of my phone like a useless brick.

          • Chris

            See my comment above, this is exactly what I am talking about. You are talking down to owners of this phone. Your extra batteries are exactly the extra bulky things we don’t need with Maxx, yet my phone is almost IDENTICAL to yours in size and weight… fail to see your point.

            But semantics aside, it is this attitude that drives me crazy, like we’re suddenly on an Xbox 360 Modern Warfare server…

          • I’m sorry that you’re so insecure in the purchase of your product that you can’t handle someone being critical of your consumer decision.

            I guess it really is true that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

          • RAZR FANN

            It actually seems like you’re the one who can’t handle someone being critical of the Galaxy Nexus, considering he said the same thing to you and the only retort you have is to not respond to his argument and post a cliché statement.

          • Mslaughter2005

            OK well I think your stupid for lugging 3 extra batteries around everywhere you go. Lol

          • Rodriguesant619


            How many EXTRA batteries do you need to carry as well as your charger?  And do you walk around everyday with your luggage in tow?  Or do you have a man purse to put all of these batteries in it?

          • Email

            Feeding the trolls won’t help – it only encourages them…..

          • Trust me  I know!… I was just having some fun!….

        • Who the hell are you to call someone any idiot for their decision to purchase something different than you? Here’s a news flash for ya, pal. It’s a damn phone! Something tells me that your phone is your entire life. Your big plastic overrated cheap ass phone. Wow, it has ICS!! Give me a break will ya. I mean, are you like 15.

          • Blackmagick20

            Yes…thank you. Some of us that are actually adults or ‘socially productive’ realize these things are just phones. I still remember having a pager. So…I’m not all caught up in screens and stuff. I still believe phones should be able to send and receive phone calls and texts. That’s about it

        • chris125

           Because the nexus has just been getting a ton of updates before every other phone. Oh wait the nexus s for many is still on gb, not to mention some phones already having a higher version of ics than the nexus.

        • Projoe90

           Fck You.

      • bkosh84

        It happened when the Galaxy Nexus was released.

    • Q

      Remember all the people who were like, “OMG, Gnex sucks.. We will has 4.0.x before U .. HAHAHRHAH!! Radios suck LOL!*!!”


      • Guest

        cept the nexus’s radio still sucks so…
        and alot of people new the Razr wouldn’t anything newer than 4.0.3 this soon, and hopefully even more were pretty suspicious of the leak anyway(as everyone with a historical perspective is of Best Buy’s info)

  • Very disappointing!!!

  • Colin Mackenzie

    Well, this is disappointing. 

  • edaddy



  • Droidzilla

    Meh, I’ll take it. There’s been a cheesecake leak for ICS, so it can’t be far behind.

    • BSweetness

      And from all accounts, it’s a very stable build.  That, along with Motorola releasing ICS compatible updates for nearly all of their apps, bodes well for a release at some point in the not too distant future.

  • Moto blueballs

    • PABNJ

      Now that is funny.

      • 🙂

        I used to have a Droid X, which was updated on a decently regular basis (didn’t it just get an update like a month ago?) but I know how bad Moto can be with these things.  Love their hardware build quality though.

        Since switching to a G-Nex and experiencing the Nexus experience (i.e. unlocking bootloader, rooting, and installing a ROM [AOKP FTW]) I can never go back.

        • Droidzilla

          Which non-Nexus phones are running ICS official in the US?

          • D3 wins

            the htc vivid is officialy running ics here in the US

          • Droidzilla

            So, a single device. Wow, everyone is right to freak out about how slow Moto is at updates!

          • Noyfb

            Every Motorola device I’ve owned it always takes 6 months to get the update after google releases it. Why would it change now? I said it before and I’ll say it again, It won’t be until June when Moto has an ICS update.

        • Bigsike

          @twitter-20757235:disqus I had your exact situation and feel the same way.

        • Counsel Dew

          Gkad your Nexus experience was not like mine–no two-way conversation due to other party not being able to hear me after about 1 minute into the call…

          • DIANNEMARK

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          • r0lct

            Does everyone just cut and paste the same anti-Nexus posts?  We get it not everyone wants a Nexus.