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New Custom Sense 4.0 ROM Released for the HTC Rezound, Only Bluetooth Missing

HTC Rezound owners, more custom ROMs are on the horizon for you. This newest Sense 4.0 ROM is almost completely in working order after two months of stressful work by developer, newtoroot. It has a very short list of bugs, most notably being the lack of working Bluetooth. With full working 4G data, GPS and sound, this is the most complete 4.0 ROM we have seen so far.

For downloads and instructions on flashing this ROM, follow the via link below and read up on everything you will need. If you own an already rooted and unlocked ROM, your task is quite simple. For the rest of folks, let’s hope you know some adb commands.

Via: XDA

  • Would anyone be kind enough to explain how to install this in terms of someone who has no idea what they’re doing  🙂

  • Alright, well I definitely messed up and forgot to do a nandroid backup before attempting to flash this ROM and now I don’t seem to have a boot image at all. Every time I turn the phone on I am stuck at the HTC screen. I cannot believe I forgot to nandroid back up. I’ve Googled and found some other people that have done the same thing, but I am not entirely sure how to go about fixing this problem… I can still get into the bootloader and everything, I just don’t think my phone has an image to boot up anymore. Is there anyway that I can locate these files on the interwebz to place on my SD so that I can flash them?  I’m coming from a Motorola device, which was a little bit different than the Rezound. Please, I’m beggin you, get back to me.

    • Bogdan Gechka

      First download this boot image http://api.viglink.com/api/click?format=go&key=303f89e2b7ced7c1eaa261b9e782a03c&loc=http%3A%2F%2Fthemikmik.com%2Fshowthread.php%3F12042-Rom-Newts-OnE-XxX-beta-(Sense-4-GB-4-0-3)-4-2-2012%26p%3D197893%23post197893&v=1&libid=1334414128352&out=http%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2FH4TLQO&ref=http%3A%2F%2Fforum.xda-developers.com%2Fshowthread.php%3Ft%3D1501512&title=%5BRom%5D%20Newts%20OnE%20XxX%20RC1%20(Sense%204%20ICS%204.0.3)%204%2F10%2F2012&txt=Sense4_boot.img&jsonp=vglnk_jsonp_13344141380071 then rename it to boot.img and put i into where you have your adb file (its the same folder u used when u unlocked your bootloader) after u did that open up command prompt (cmd) and change the directory to that folder where you put in the boot image.  Last type in the command “fastboot flash boot boot.img” (dont put the ” in the command).  After that ure phone should be able to boot up.

  • I don’t like the new clock weather thing or the bottom box thing. I miss the circular shape 🙁 But love everything else

  • Seriously, not one comment about CleamROM ICS?  It’s been around longer and I love it, oh and guess what, bluetooth works on it, so I don’t get why this is news.

    • RobMorris

      Lol cleanrom is good, but it’s basically a leak with a whole bunch of mods, This is something that our phones will never actually have which has to be hacked on 

  • Rich

    What the heck… is the skin going backwards? now it looks like froyo…

  • TC Infantino

    This is great!  I have been running Scott’s CleanROM 4.1 and loving it (except that my phone was defective and was overheating, replaced and all is good).  Now on my replacement Rezound I have stayed locked and stock knowing that the ICS OTA was due to come out soon.  I will upgrade then do the unlock and root so I can enjoy me some custom ROMs with Sense 4.0.  I will not get into the argument about which is better Rezound, G-Nexus, or Razr, but I seriously enjoy my Rezound and know that it was the best choice for me.

  • Asimoalex

    When will someobe port this to my nexus???

  • Shouldn’t Rezound ROM’s take a giant leap forward after the end of the week when the official ICS build (which surely supports Bluetooth!) is released? Modders can work off of a good stock image rather than trying to reverse engineer the Rezound.

  • KleenDroid

    Happy to see the Rezound getting Rom attention.

  • Maxim Zhdankin

    Ok maybe I just can’t read … but according to the source link Bluetooth is working?

  • tu3218

    I may be on the outside on this but, I would like to have a sense 4.0 based rom on my nexus.  Its a nice change that offers nice features.  Plus I can always go back to good ol’ vanilla.  I just like changing things up from time to time. 

  • Looking sexy

  • Stephen Morrison

    But Nexus…… HAHA jk, Very happy I bought my Rezound.

    • sillyrabbittricks4kids

      its one of the best phones out just bad timing and nit many like sence

      • Stephen Morrison

        Yep. Idk why Nexus owners think they are all that and a bag of chips. The Rezound has better specs than the Nexus, and now with so much support from developers (have you seen how many roms there are on xda?) the Rezound is looking to be head and shoulders above other phones on the market currently.

        • Not to mention it’s $49.99 now. Sell the headphones on fleaBay and you actually make money by buying this phone. I sold my Beats headphones for $90

        • Stephen D

          Better specs? Like what?

          • Stephen Morrison

            screen, processor, camera… Really?

          • Stephen D

            Oh my, where to begin.

            1. Screen-The Rezound’s screen is .35 inches smaller and is LCD. This is more opinion and preference, but in my opinion, the OLED display on the GNex trumps the LCD on the Rezound. The Rezound’s contrast ratio is pathetically low at around 900:1. The GNex’s contrast ratio is more like 60,000:1. The Rezound’s screen also ghosts with a response time of around 16ms at best. The GNex’s response time is in nanoseconds.  

            2. Processor-The Rezound is merely clocked higher. Clockspeed does not matter. Architecture does. The Rezound’s CPU is 2 Scorpion(similar to Cortex A8) cores at 1.5ghz. The GNex’s OMAP is 2 Cortex A9 cores. The A9 dual core at 800mhz is equal in power to the Scorpion at 1.5ghz. The GNex is clocked at 1.2ghz, making it’s CPU significantly more powerful. Not only that, but the GPU in the Rezound is pathetic and struggles with gaming. The SGX 540 in the Nexus is significantly more powerful. 

            Go look at benchmarks for the Intel Core i5 2500k vs the AMD FX-8150 Bulldozer CPU. The 2500k has less cores, less threads, and is clocked lower. And yet, due to the immensely better architecture, the 2500k far outperforms the FX-8150. It’s also cheaper.

            3. Camera-  Rezound takes better pictures, GNex has no shutter lag. 

            The Galaxy Nexus is thinner and feels better in the hand. It runs stock Android. Basically, it has better hardware and software and is a much better device. 

          • chris125

            no shutter lag does not matter when the pictures are grainy. Yes I had the nexus and the camera is worse than my old droid 1.

          • Stephen D

            I don’t know about that….the Droid’s camera was pretty awful. The Nexus’ is definitely better. Graininess has improved after 4.0.4. It’s still not perfect though. 

          • So… what’s your highest Antutu score?  Mine’s 7389 on the Rezound.  “But benchmark’s don’t mean anything!”

          • Stephen Morrison

            Well, I wont argue with you about the proc’s architecture, but I have yet to experience any lag in any games I’ve played. I’ve been playing GTA3 and Dead Space and everything is extremely smooth. I don’t experience any issues when trying to snap a pic. I have a 16 month old. She doesn’t stop moving and I can actually get pictures of her face at the second I snap it instead of the back of her head as I did with my Droid X (still badass, btw). And as far as feeling good in your hand; have you actually held a Rezound?? It has a very comfortable feel. I like the fact that it’s slightly thicker. I can’t understand everyones infatuation with something being so thin. Also, battery life is better out of the box with the Rezound. No expandable storage with the Nexus either. There are pro’s and cons to both phones, but for me the dealbreaker was the camera, the battery, and the expandable storage.

          • Stephen D

            To be honest, if VZ didn’t have the Gnex, I would have the Rezound. I like it much better than the Razr. 

            When I say it feels better, I don’t mean in terms of thickness. The subtle curves just make it feel more contoured to your hand. The Razr kinda hurts my hand after a little bit. And I have no issues with the Rezound, but I find the Gnex feels better. 

            And I had a Droid 3 before the GNex. That camera absolutely sucked. It often took a good 20 seconds to focus, and the picture would still come out terrible. So the GNex’s camera, in comparison, is godly.  

          • CyberDude

            Bottom line, in todays market, the Rezound and Gnex are both kicking phones, you really can’t go wrong with either one.   That said, I really went with the Rezound for one major reason, the Rezound will do SVDO in 3G mode, the Gnex will not, it just drops it’s data connection anytime a call comes in.  With the Rezound, as I jump from 3G to 4G, and back to 3G my data just keeps flowing, which is important where I am located.  

             Really it mostly comes down to personal choice, I don’t game on my phone, it’s not what I bought it for, so the screen response is plenty fast enough..

          • Noyfb

            most people who bought the rezound bought it for a terrific mobile music player which means a lot on a phone to some. I’d love to have the beats system on my Nexus and a descent speaker too

          • Stephen Morrison

            With the right headphones, all you need is a music player and DSPmanager. Just look for that apk on google and you will find it. 

          • jameswagoner

            “The Rezound’s contrast ratio is pathetically low at around 900:1. The GNex’s contrast ratio is more like 60,000:1.”
            You sir, are falling into the trap set up by marketing teams. Contrast ratio specs is about as reliable as comparing hertz ratings for HD tv’s. You are reading dynamic contrast ratios. Basically for a split second you could possibly get 60,000:1.

            Quality and performance are in the eye of the beholder. That is why peer reviews are so valuable. Real world experience trumps manufacturer specs any day.

          • Stephen D

            I am aware of every TV marketing trick. I am actually an ISF certified calibrator. I am not citing BS marketing specs, I am citing actual measurements of their static contrast ratios, which are an accurate measurement.

          • jameswagoner

            So by your statement, you have or have access to the proper equipment to accurately measure contrast ratios? Most impressive.

          • Stephen D

            Yes. And I regularly calibrate TVs in my free time. And I can tell you that contrast ratio is one of the most important and undervalued specifications. It literally affects the entire color pallet. 

            The Pioneer Elite Kuro 9G is from 2008, and it is still considered the best TV of all time today. It’s black levels are either at or very near zero. They’re too deep to accurately measure. It’s (static) contrast ratio is similar to an OLED’s. And when you put any other TV next to, both calibrated, you can see what a difference the contrast ratio makes. It gives the display “depth.” It is difficult to describe, but anyone who has done this know what I am talking about.

        • I stopped reading after you said “all that and a bag of chips.”

          • Stephen Morrison

            I sto……

  • Putting Sense on top of ICS is like putting a giant wing on a Bentley.  It already looks great, and then you go and ruin it.

    • So what is it like when you buy Google’s flagship Nexus phone and have to install some basement-cooked hackery to make a phone call and hold a signal. 

      • You realize there isn’t a dev in the world that is creating new radios for the Galaxy Nexus, right…?  ROMs have absolutely nothing to do with signal.  Please try again.

      • KleenDroid

        Not sure what you are talking about. I am guessing you don’t own a Nexus and you read that somewhere…. 🙂

        • You are right about one thing. I don’t own a Nexus. I ‘did’. Lasted two weeks with that POS before I exchanged it for the highly superior (in every aspect) Rezound. That was the first and last Nexus device I ever lay hands on. 

          • KleenDroid

            Well then you did have one. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Same thing happens with every phone. Some have bad experiences while others love it and everything’s fine. Tons of people hated the Thunderbolt while mine was great and I loved it. And to be honest my Nexus had horrible signal and dropped calls for the first couple weeks also. Then everything fixed itself which makes me think it was network related. Glad you enjoy your Resound.. its a nice phone.

        • George264

          Ha. I wish it wasn’t true. My parent’s nexi couldn’t hold 4G longer than half an hour inside the house

  • Jer85008

    Darn – bluetooth bug is kind of a deal breaker, otherwise I would jump on this. Let’s see what happens Friday with the “supposed” official ICS update.

    • billybob275

      This is a Beta release.  Really just a proof of concept that Sense 4.0 can run well on the Rezound.  Bluetooth and other bugs will probably get worked out soon in future releases.  Not bad for a first test with working data/phone.

      • Jer85008

        I’m sure it will get worked out soon, and you are right – if this is the only significant bug with a new ROM they really did it right.

    • Same here. I use Bluetooth on a daily basis while in the car and at the gym. Can’t give that up just yet…

  • T4rd

    Has it been confirmed that the Rezound won’t officially get Sense 4.0?  I think I read that it will only have Sense 3.6 with the ICS update… which would be straight retarded.  There’s no reason why this phone wouldn’t support Sense 4; I mean, it’s supposed to be less resource intensive as previous versions of Sense, right?  So in theory, all previous (within the last year at least) phones with Sense should run better with Sense 4 on it.

    • nwd1911

      HTC said there is some type of extra chip that gives magical Sense 4.0 powers to the One series and that is why it has such a cool camera.  I’d still like to give it a whirl, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

      • T4rd

         Lol @ “Magical Sense 4.0 powers”.  I would love it if they actually used that exact terminology to describe it.

        • Stephen Morrison

          F’in’ magnets.

  • I just ordered a Rezound yesterday! Does anyone know if the Beats Audio lib zip files effect Pandora?

    •  nope, beats only work in the stock music app.

      •  Damn, I thought the zip file that over on XDA allowed for other programs to use beats. 🙁

        • David Hayden

          That might be the case, but the limited amount of time that I’ve used the Beats app, I’d say it isn’t anything special.

        • nicotinic

          If you can get the XDA zip to install properly then it “should” work with all of you media audio. Unlike the original Beats in the Rezound the zip allows all all media apps to use the “enhancement”.

  • Droidzilla

    I still think the Rezound will end up being a cult classic, much like the DInc was. I’m not a big fan of HTC phones, but I am glad to see them still in the game. The One ought to be nice, but I’ll probably cave over a GNote 2. Now I’m just rambling about stuff I like.

    Ponies are cool and all, but they’re really not that useful outside of Greenland. I also think that Ferrari should be able to do more with a stripped down, V12 street racer than Nissan can with an upscale, 2+2 seater V6. Candy is OK, but bacon is really where it’s at. Blue is better than green, but at the end of the day they’re both good colours.


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  • Guest

    Really glad to see some Rezound news around here. Thanks DL!

  • r0lct

    Aren’t the Rezound owners missing too?


  • Christopher Tubbs

    It truly is a amazing work of art.  

    • He’ll be here all week folks.  Tip your waitress.

      • Keith Sumner

        tip your ass, clownboy, that sense ROM is pretty damn sharp looking.

        • You have an opinion, I have an opinion.  I have used many versions of Sense, they’re all terrible.  This one looks about the same.  On a scale of 1 to 10, if Sense is an 7, then stock ICS is a 9.5.  Even if it’s at least fairly good, Android is still better off without it.

          • Christopher Tubbs

            Huh, it’s a Sense ROM why even comment?

          • George264

            if ur advanced enough to know the difference go put AOSP on One X. Im 12 and if i can install this on my rezound, you can def go buy One X and flash anything you want. BOOM. Thats better than GN. I bought(AHEM HALF bought) GN for my parents, and after a weeks, they were still clueless, and I went to go get them Rezounds, and now the Sense does help them alot. For advanced users it bogs it down. For regular people. its awesome. Sense is here to stay, whether u like it orr not.

          • LionStone

            If there were any reviews like that , they’re probably just wound as tight as you are.

  • Knlegend1

    Lol I’ve always wanted to say that.

    • Ryachu

      Get a life… I always wanted to say that

      • Knlegend1

        i thought internet bullies died a long time ago

        • Jsutton293

          hey guys this is newtoroot just wanted to let you all know i updated this rom… check it out if you own a rezound fixed most of the bugs

  • Knlegend1