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Contest: Seidio, Otterbox, Incipio and Case Mate Cases for the Galaxy Nexus Up for Grabs (Update: Winners Picked)

While we try wait patiently for Google to release Android 4.0.5 to the Galaxy Nexus, we might as well give some stuff away, right? Over the last month or so, I think we have given away almost 50 cases to DL readers, which is a solid number. Today, we add to that with some of the more popular big name brands in the business. We have a Seidio Surface, Case Mate Pop!, Inicipio Feather, and Otterbox Commuter to hand out to the greatest community in the world. Ready to win one? Update: We have picked our four winners! Go check your emails.


Prizes: Four cases total – Seidio Surface Surface, Case Mate Pop, Incipio Feather and Otterbox Commuter case

How to enter:

In the comments, tell us what your first cell phone of all time was. Also, mention the case that you would like to win.

We will choose a winner at 9AM tomorrow morning. Good luck!

*U.S. residents only.

  • Claytonhoppe

    Some Samsumg flip phone. Don’t know the model. I’ll take the Incipio.

  • Aedwardw

    Worldcom by Motorola. Any case I’m not picky

  • First cell phone that I can remember is the Motorola V710.  I’ve moved on, of course, but that phone was awesome!

    Seidio Surface or Inicipio Feather, please.

  • Adam Howland

    Pretty sure I had the Motorola V120c……..it had an antenna!  I would like the casemate!

  • Huey Jr.

    Star-tac. It broke by sneezing on it. I’d be happy with any case

  • d3xt3r d3xt3r

    Definitely the Moto Startac…. Incipio Feather

  • Troy Schmeling

    Nokia 3210!! i actually kinda miss the green with black pixels! not to mention the mdi ringtones! i could really use an otterbox case!

  • Arjun Meda

    I had a Nokia 3315. I would like to have Otterbox

  • LG VX5200 on verizon.. its strange to think back on the day of getting 2 or 3 days out of a single charge on the battery.. i’d prefer the incipio case, loved the incipio case i had on my zune hd

  • Carlton Miller

    Motorola Micro T–A-C 550, what a beast! OtterBox commuter, or incipio

  • Mdmalason

    My first phone was the Nokia 3310. The one with the original snake. I would like the otterbox case.

  • Flopdogg

    My first phone was one of the old Nokia phones in 2002 with snake, I modified that phones case to make it a flip phone. Would like the Incipio Feather

  • My first cell phone was the grey Motorola flip phones that Cingular sold for years. Got it back in 2003. 

    My choice is the Otterbox case.

  • Steve McD

    Kyocera Phantom haha. Ill would prefer the casemate pop but anything works 😛

  • RobG

    I had an old Kyocera 2135 http://i-cdn.phonearena.com/images/phones/7317-specs/Kyocera-KWC-2135.jpg

    I dropped it in the water while launching a jet ski, ran it over (twice!) and it kept on ticking until I upgraded to a “new 3g” phone.

    I like the case mate 🙂

  • MudRacer

    Siemens S60. The first smallest phone ever. This thing was so small it was impossible to type on.

  • Tubeaday

    I had A Motorola phone which was mounted in my car on the hump and the receive etc. took up half of my trunk.  Like the incipio.

  • Owewil3225

    i had an lg chocolate in white. it was uber sexy. first touch phone i had.

  • joemega2010

    First phone was an old school Nokia, that thing is still probably laying around somewhere…
    And the feather case is definitely for me!

  • Zacharypt

    Oh Man I miss my Startac… I loved it so. I would love to have the incipio feather

  • I had a samsung z810, it was an ancient flip phone that vibrated so loud it could be heard clearly across class. Id like the otter plz. 😀

  • Travis Swan

    I had the Motorola slim brick.  34% sexier than the original brick!  Came with the sweet “Black box” pager that just vibrated when you had a call and you had to call your voice mail to find out why.

    I really need a case for my Nex and would like the Inicipio Feather, or Seidio SurfaceLOVE DL

  • Opticdroid

    Nokia 8210, it was stolen the second day I had it. I’d like the Otter for my Nexus.

  • skaad

    started right with a smartphone: treo 650.  went through many windows phones and am retiring my Omnia 2 this week for a gnex!  Casemate looks good to me – but any will do

  • Kevin M.

    Motorola V170 prepaid! Hah. Incipio feather looks nice 🙂

  • tkisser

    My first cell phone was the Motorola Brick. Everywhere I carried it, people were amazed. I would love to have an otterbox commuter case.  Thanks


    Moto star tac, 🙂



      I went back and read a lot of phones and its so funny how far they have come. Also, why does it seem that star tax users want a otter box, ha

  • Jay Allen

    I had I think an Audiovox cell phone, was about the size of a shoebox on Alltel

    Any of the cases would be cool…

  • Pete

    I had a prehistoric home phone look alike NOKIA (first one that came out). Case Mate Pop! for me.

  • maxpood

    Motorola MicroTAC.  I would take any case 

  • thefullritz

    My first phone was a Motorola ‘brick’.  Send me the Icipio please!!

  • androiddict

    My first was a TracPhone Nokia (that Nokia  that everyone had in 1999).  It was a sad start, but it was the start that led to my Android addiction of today! 🙂

  • spliced249

    Startac FTW!  With $125 extended piggyback battery!

    The otterbox would be my choice.

    Thanks DL!

  • DeafDogo

    Nokia 3280 or 3285 (can’t remember).  Would love the Seidio case!  Thanks.

  • Kevin Smith

    Nokia 3310!

    Inicipio Feather looks good to me.

  • jimgoun

    I am an avid Otterbox user; had for almost ever phone for the last few years…

    I’m currently using the Defender for my nexus… The only case I like better was the LifeProof case when I briefly had an iPhone 4S…

  • Nfizree

    nokia 8250 ”butterfly” i would glad to win the incipio feather 
    thank u so much in advance 

  • daware

    My first cell phone was a POS on Virgin Mobile.  I would prefer to win anything but the otterbox, but I’m not picky!

  • Firetail_22

    My first cell phone was a motorola razr, i remember at the time my gf just upgraded to a slvr and that was a slick phone. I went swimming with my new phone not long after that and had to get a new one. I would like to win the seidio or casemate case!

  • xboxkid

    My first phone was the G’Zone Type-V right when it came out 🙂 my mom wanted to make sure I didn’t break it. I threw it at a tree a few times and it snapped in half. lol. But it still worked!!! The wires were in tact and it worked perfectly. I later lost it when it fell out of my pocket on a roller coaster. 🙂       I would like the Otterbox case.

  • David

    I can’t remember the name, but it was Sprint PCS in 1997.  The phone did not have a camera or games.  The screen was monochromatic.  I believe it only held less than 100 contacts.  It was larger than today’s cordless house phones!  I remember being one of the only people on campus (college) to have a cell phone.  At the time, 1 in 4 people in the US had cell phones.  By the time I graduated 4 years later, the number turned around to 1 in 4 did not have a cell phone in the US.  
    Part of me wishes I kept that phone, for the sake of nostalgia.  I ended up donating it to an organization for battered women.  
    Any case will do, but I like the cases in this order:
    1. Otterbox
    2. Incipio
    3. Case mate
    4. Seido

  • My first phone was a Motorola star tac – dual band!

  • Greg Smith

    Motorola MicroTAC grey. Flip open, pull out antenna, cool
    Seidio Surface case pls

  • Jeff

    Motorola Startac, baby!  I still miss that thing…

    I’d love the Incipio.  Thanks.

  • MasterGiraffe

    I had a Motorola brick phone back in the day where external antennas were the norm and flip phones were non existent. Can I please have the Otterbox Commuter case? Thanks!

  • Frank R. Messner

    My first phone was through Voicestream (before T-Mobile bought them) and owned a Nokia 3390. No Internet. No Camera. Month long battery charge. Those were the days 😉
    Oh, and an otterbox case would be great!

  • George Fayad

    My first phone was a Nokia 5185 with Alltel, one of the indestructible models! I’d like the Seidio Surface case! 🙂

  • Jgonzalez11208

    My first cell phone was a Motorola boost mobile chirp phone. “Where you at” with the outter box case?

  • My first phone was an Ericsson (pre-Sony!). The Case Mate Pop looks pretty cool.

  • John Burke

    Kyocera Slyder with the hard plastic belt case