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Contest: Seidio, Otterbox, Incipio and Case Mate Cases for the Galaxy Nexus Up for Grabs (Update: Winners Picked)

While we try wait patiently for Google to release Android 4.0.5 to the Galaxy Nexus, we might as well give some stuff away, right? Over the last month or so, I think we have given away almost 50 cases to DL readers, which is a solid number. Today, we add to that with some of the more popular big name brands in the business. We have a Seidio Surface, Case Mate Pop!, Inicipio Feather, and Otterbox Commuter to hand out to the greatest community in the world. Ready to win one? Update: We have picked our four winners! Go check your emails.


Prizes: Four cases total – Seidio Surface Surface, Case Mate Pop, Incipio Feather and Otterbox Commuter case

How to enter:

In the comments, tell us what your first cell phone of all time was. Also, mention the case that you would like to win.

We will choose a winner at 9AM tomorrow morning. Good luck!

*U.S. residents only.

  • Secret Squirrel

    I had a Moto KRAZR, it was like the multi media version of the original RAZR which amounted to music controls on the outside which made it so awesome back in the day. I would like the Otterbox

  • My first phone was the Motorola E815.

    I would like the Seidio Surface Surface.

    • I had one of those! It was one of the best hacker phones because you could use it as a free portable modem 🙂 Verizon patched that hole REALLY fast.

  • mMuk23

    Siemens A56 in 2004 my freshman year….everyone thought it was the shizz…if only we coulda time ported a Nexus =) and I don’t care what case I would win.

  • ah yes the old star tac,it didnt do much, but what it did do it did well, still have it ,

  • tagrzadz

    I had a Motorola StraTec, I would much prefer to have my GNex with the Incipio Feather

  • Caveman418

    I had a Nokia 6160 way back around ’98. I think it is probably still in a box somewhere in my closet. How far we have come since then.

    I would love to try out the Case-Mate.

  • My first phone was a non-color, stand up kyocera phone from virgin mobile. Got it in 8th grade, first phone my parents let me have. Only positive was that it had a built-in flashlight. I would gladly take any of the cases, but heard Otterbox is the most reliable. 

  • Sung Hwang

    nokia 3310
    i’ll take the seidio surface

  • My first phone was a Motorola bar phone that looked like a huge peanut!!! It was fugly!!! I would choose the Otterbox case.

  • Tiny

    Motorola star tac probably prefer otterbox but hey im not picky whatever u may throw at me is more than acceptable.

  • Flavorunit

    Motorola Microtac. I forget which model though. Any case thta fits the extended battery please

  • Shane

    Alltel Motorola V600
    and I’ll take the Incipio case please 🙂

  • BostonFan87

    My first cell phone was an old pay as you go then my first phone on contract was a Samsung x427 flip phone from Cingular, My first droid was the OG Droid and I love Otterbox cases so that would be my preference.

  • My first phone was the Motorola V300. Man, those were the good old times. I remember buying it off ebay used and being extremely mad to find out that it was used when it suppose to be new. Oh well, you live and learn. I’d prefer the incipio case please 🙂

  • jlsushman

    My first was the Ericsson 768! Oh the year of ’97. I would like the case mate pop, but any case would do.

  • siguy

    My first phone was a Moto Microtac. otter box or incipio.

  • Joesulich123

    My first phone was the Nokia candy bar… the phone that you had to mod with the custom shell, not a case but a face and back cover and I had a custom led antenna.I cant remember the model number but I loved that very personal phone.its funny when I think about my bright flashing antenna and neon blue shell now. It was like the disco times of cell phones 🙂 any ways I would love a seidio case please.

  •  my first phone was a nokia from 1998.  black white screen, i think i showed maybe 4 lines of txt..

  • Justin Lightner

    My first phone was the Lg vx5300. I would like Inicipio Feather or Seidio Surface.

  • nailbomb3

    I had a Qualcomm QCP2760 back when Qwest offered cell service LOL. #GHETTO! Anyway I’m in for the Seidio. Always wanted one from that company.

  • Jon

    My first phone… An lg one… Then there was a Motorola…. Both dumb phones… Lol
    As for which case… They would all be nice, but the feather one would be good

  • Sciontc12212

    My first phone was an old school Nokia with the battery and antenna that lit up when you got a call. Plus I had the”cool” ringtones of popular songs but with just tones.

    I’d prefer the case-mate pop or feather 🙂

  • My first cell phone was an LG Shine. How times have changed since then. And keyboards too. I’d love a Case Mate Pop!

  • joco1289

    My first phone was an old Nokia from T-Mobile, now I’m rocking my awesome gnex on verizon and hope to win the otter box case 🙂

  • Michael LoCastro

    My first phone was a pre paid kyocera from verizon , I actually thought that was the sickest phone around , even bought a holster for it hah. I would like the incipio case please, Thanks DL  

  • It took a dozen minutes, but I finally found a picture of my first phone.  I was a freshman in high school, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Most of my friends didn’t have a cell phone, and a couple had crappy flip phones with green screens and horrid font — we called mine the “Taco Phone” that could play music loud as hell, and we blasted it galore on the school bus home everyday afterschool haha.  Nobody knew how to make calls, and I always had to dial for them.  Definitely a phone ahead of its time, as texting wasn’t yet big despite this phone being streamlined for that avenue.  I’d really appreciate either the Case Mate or the Insipio.

    I also remember the Moto Bag Phone, as well as “Beepers” — my grandparents had them and I would always beg to call somebody/anybody!

  • Icehunter

    I had this little Sony Ericsson with an orange display. The battery would last for days and days….

    I’d like to win the Case Mate please.

  • Christian Bennett

    some weird LG flip phone with comically oversized speakers on the side. Wow how far we have come.(Any case would work fine for me, I am not picky.)

  • Blake Cabalka

    My frist phone was a Nokia 5165 back on AT&T. Of course the game Snake was all the rage, along with rapid T9 typing. Oh, and i’ve still got it. Yes, Snake is still a great game.

    I’d love to get the Incipio, but any of them would work. I’m already on my second GNEXUS, first one the screen shattered :-/

    Thanks in advance.

  • Calculatorwatch

    I’m holding my first phone right now, I had to take the battery out to reveal that it’s apparently called the Audiovox CDM-8300. Can’t say I have any fond memories but I bet it would still turn on if I charged it.

    All of those cases would be awesome but I’d especially like to win the Case Mate or the Otterbox.

  • livinglegend

    Motorola Startac. It was the best phone for the time. 

    Incipio Feather

  • pico

    motorola a630. otterbox i choose you!

  • Jose Venegas

    My first phone was the LG VX6000, kept me entertained for hours, lol. I would prefer a Insipio Feather, thanks!

  • Nolerltw

    A Nokia something, I used it to play Snake. I would like the Seidio case! Long live droidlife!

  • Abel Sanchez

    I was one of those who also upgraded from a beeper to a Nokia 3320 and its interchangeable cases….talking about it, I would take anyone of them, I’m not picky.

  • Brad Lerma

    My first cell phone was the Nokia 6822 with the flip out Qwerty keyboard. I would love to win the Case Mate Pop case.

  • I had a Sony Ericsson T28z…. It successfully made 1 call in it’s sad sad life, but you could play tetris if you turned it to “landscape”… The otterbox could do better than that without a phone in it.

  • MrBlonde04

    My first phone was an LG Chocolate, the first version of it. Eventually all the touch buttons stopped working BUT if I smashed my thumb on the screen it would automatically send whatever I typed or dialed. It was ahead of its time ^_^ I would go with the OtterBox

  • Haseeb1029

    A Samsung Motorola Razr copy. Flip phones were once cool and I want the incipio por favor!

  • I had one of those Motorola-Nextel push-to-talks! It was indestructible!  I can’t find which one though… : /
    I want the Otterbox please!

  • Bmos1821

    The iPhone killer lg voyager. Came along with a t.v. antenna. Feather case.

  • ph0oky

    Motorola T720, the first color phone on Verizon!

    Oh, and also my last Moto phone ever 😛

    I’d be happy with whichever of these cases would fit over my extended battery!

  • Evanfass

    My motor Rokr was good to me for about year. Great reception cool features and IT SLID UP AND DOWN.. I’d really like the white case

  • snoty

    Sony Ericsson t28! Sedio.

  • I was rocking one of those trac phones, then an LG clam shell from AT&T, I can’t remember the model now. The seidio case please!

  • KrisK

    Stupid Motorola star tac. I’d be happy with any of the cases

  • Benjiman

    It was a Motorola flip phone. I still have it as a backup… though it’s a replacement because I dropped the original in the toilet.

    Oh multitasking…

  • Cole Edmundson

    Motorola Razor, I would love to win the ottor box

  • David Gidley

    lg vx3300. brick of a phone. i would prefer the otterbox, however if i’m lucky enough to get picked for one I will take anything.

  • First cell was a Nokia 6300 series phone .  Feather or Pop!