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Contest: Seidio, Otterbox, Incipio and Case Mate Cases for the Galaxy Nexus Up for Grabs (Update: Winners Picked)

While we try wait patiently for Google to release Android 4.0.5 to the Galaxy Nexus, we might as well give some stuff away, right? Over the last month or so, I think we have given away almost 50 cases to DL readers, which is a solid number. Today, we add to that with some of the more popular big name brands in the business. We have a Seidio Surface, Case Mate Pop!, Inicipio Feather, and Otterbox Commuter to hand out to the greatest community in the world. Ready to win one? Update: We have picked our four winners! Go check your emails.


Prizes: Four cases total – Seidio Surface Surface, Case Mate Pop, Incipio Feather and Otterbox Commuter case

How to enter:

In the comments, tell us what your first cell phone of all time was. Also, mention the case that you would like to win.

We will choose a winner at 9AM tomorrow morning. Good luck!

*U.S. residents only.

  • Frank

    Some random Motorola brick of a phone. Wish I could remember the random numbers it had as a name.  Incipio Feather case please

  • Jonathan Hincapie

    welp, looks like I was too late anyway. haha

  • Jonathan Hincapie

    My parents got me a Motorola T720 my sophomore year of high school. Thought I was so cool with my color screen.

    Incipio Feather looks good.

  • Scott Purkey

    My First cell phone was an Auiovox Bag Phone. I would carry it around but it would not work in the car very good so I mounted an antenna to the car that I would hook up to when driving.
    For the case I would like the Otterbox Commuter.

  • My first phone was a Motorola StarTAC back in 1997/98 since then I have owned dozen of other devices..

    I’d like the Otterbox Commuter

  • My first phone was an LG Dare. At the time, it was the cutting edge device at the time. 3.2 Megapixel camera, 3in (resistive) touchscreen, 3G speeds… it had it all. 

    Then it started acting up, I bought an OG Droid, and boy–I had no clue what I got myself in to. 

  • Booboolala2000

    Cellular One Audiovox. Was huge. But it was one if the first affordable digital cell phones.

  • carluverdrm2004

    My first cell phone was the Samsung Juke, haha. I would love the otterbox case, my defender has suffered much.

  • Alleycat51699

    I had the same phone Ben Stiller used in Zoolander

    I’d like the Otterbox please 🙂

    • Jimbob

      ooooh….too late

  • Arfunk

    My first cell was a Motorola StarTac, from work, but the first radio device I could make phone calls from was a Wilson 1405 handheld amateur (“ham”) radio transceiver.

    (Granted it was push-to-talk, with no privacy, and limited to non-commercial  conversations, but before the days of ubiquitous cell phones I must have called in somewhere between 50 and 100 car wrecks, fires, and other emergencies over repeater autopatches — including helping the USAF reach Davis Monthan AFB from the site of an A7D crash in Tucson.)

    Which case? The Incipio looks good, but I’ll be happy to receive any of them, should I be selected.

  • My first phone was the Kyocera Slider ( http://www.kyocera-wireless.com/slider-phone/ ).. Yikes. The Incipio Feather looks pretty nice, so I wouldn’t mind winning that one.

  • Christian Chew

    My very first cell phone was the Inspi(red) Motorola RAZR, the FIRST razr! The Insipio feather case would be a nice addition to have as well.

  • GuidZilla

    First was a Moto flip phone… brick style.. mid 90’s? thing was a beast… Otter!

  • My first phone was a Sony Ericsson candy bar style phone. I loved that thing…

    I would prefer the otterbox, but any case will do! 😀

  • Old no name brick phone 

    Seidio Surface Surface or  Incipio Feather please 

  • My first cell phone was the bag phone…had a bag with a battery in it and a car phone hooked to the battery….then i upgraded to the old motorola brick phone and thought that was something..lol those were the days
    The case I would like is Case Mate Pop!

  • Claytonhoppe

    Some Samsumg flip phone. Don’t know the model. I’ll take the Incipio.

  • Aedwardw

    Worldcom by Motorola. Any case I’m not picky

  • First cell phone that I can remember is the Motorola V710.  I’ve moved on, of course, but that phone was awesome!

    Seidio Surface or Inicipio Feather, please.

  • Adam Howland

    Pretty sure I had the Motorola V120c……..it had an antenna!  I would like the casemate!

  • Huey Jr.

    Star-tac. It broke by sneezing on it. I’d be happy with any case

  • d3xt3r d3xt3r

    Definitely the Moto Startac…. Incipio Feather

  • Troy Schmeling

    Nokia 3210!! i actually kinda miss the green with black pixels! not to mention the mdi ringtones! i could really use an otterbox case!

  • Arjun Meda

    I had a Nokia 3315. I would like to have Otterbox

  • LG VX5200 on verizon.. its strange to think back on the day of getting 2 or 3 days out of a single charge on the battery.. i’d prefer the incipio case, loved the incipio case i had on my zune hd

  • Carlton Miller

    Motorola Micro T–A-C 550, what a beast! OtterBox commuter, or incipio

  • Mdmalason

    My first phone was the Nokia 3310. The one with the original snake. I would like the otterbox case.

  • Flopdogg

    My first phone was one of the old Nokia phones in 2002 with snake, I modified that phones case to make it a flip phone. Would like the Incipio Feather

  • My first cell phone was the grey Motorola flip phones that Cingular sold for years. Got it back in 2003. 

    My choice is the Otterbox case.

  • Steve McD

    Kyocera Phantom haha. Ill would prefer the casemate pop but anything works 😛

  • RobG

    I had an old Kyocera 2135 http://i-cdn.phonearena.com/images/phones/7317-specs/Kyocera-KWC-2135.jpg

    I dropped it in the water while launching a jet ski, ran it over (twice!) and it kept on ticking until I upgraded to a “new 3g” phone.

    I like the case mate 🙂

  • MudRacer

    Siemens S60. The first smallest phone ever. This thing was so small it was impossible to type on.

  • Tubeaday

    I had A Motorola phone which was mounted in my car on the hump and the receive etc. took up half of my trunk.  Like the incipio.

  • Owewil3225

    i had an lg chocolate in white. it was uber sexy. first touch phone i had.

  • joemega2010

    First phone was an old school Nokia, that thing is still probably laying around somewhere…
    And the feather case is definitely for me!

  • Zacharypt

    Oh Man I miss my Startac… I loved it so. I would love to have the incipio feather

  • I had a samsung z810, it was an ancient flip phone that vibrated so loud it could be heard clearly across class. Id like the otter plz. 😀

  • Travis Swan

    I had the Motorola slim brick.  34% sexier than the original brick!  Came with the sweet “Black box” pager that just vibrated when you had a call and you had to call your voice mail to find out why.

    I really need a case for my Nex and would like the Inicipio Feather, or Seidio SurfaceLOVE DL

  • Opticdroid

    Nokia 8210, it was stolen the second day I had it. I’d like the Otter for my Nexus.

  • skaad

    started right with a smartphone: treo 650.  went through many windows phones and am retiring my Omnia 2 this week for a gnex!  Casemate looks good to me – but any will do

  • Kevin M.

    Motorola V170 prepaid! Hah. Incipio feather looks nice 🙂

  • tkisser

    My first cell phone was the Motorola Brick. Everywhere I carried it, people were amazed. I would love to have an otterbox commuter case.  Thanks


    Moto star tac, 🙂



      I went back and read a lot of phones and its so funny how far they have come. Also, why does it seem that star tax users want a otter box, ha

  • Jay Allen

    I had I think an Audiovox cell phone, was about the size of a shoebox on Alltel

    Any of the cases would be cool…

  • Pete

    I had a prehistoric home phone look alike NOKIA (first one that came out). Case Mate Pop! for me.

  • maxpood

    Motorola MicroTAC.  I would take any case 

  • thefullritz

    My first phone was a Motorola ‘brick’.  Send me the Icipio please!!

  • androiddict

    My first was a TracPhone Nokia (that Nokia  that everyone had in 1999).  It was a sad start, but it was the start that led to my Android addiction of today! 🙂

  • spliced249

    Startac FTW!  With $125 extended piggyback battery!

    The otterbox would be my choice.

    Thanks DL!

  • DeafDogo

    Nokia 3280 or 3285 (can’t remember).  Would love the Seidio case!  Thanks.

  • Kevin Smith

    Nokia 3310!

    Inicipio Feather looks good to me.

  • jimgoun

    I am an avid Otterbox user; had for almost ever phone for the last few years…

    I’m currently using the Defender for my nexus… The only case I like better was the LifeProof case when I briefly had an iPhone 4S…

  • Nfizree

    nokia 8250 ”butterfly” i would glad to win the incipio feather 
    thank u so much in advance 

  • daware

    My first cell phone was a POS on Virgin Mobile.  I would prefer to win anything but the otterbox, but I’m not picky!

  • Firetail_22

    My first cell phone was a motorola razr, i remember at the time my gf just upgraded to a slvr and that was a slick phone. I went swimming with my new phone not long after that and had to get a new one. I would like to win the seidio or casemate case!

  • xboxkid

    My first phone was the G’Zone Type-V right when it came out 🙂 my mom wanted to make sure I didn’t break it. I threw it at a tree a few times and it snapped in half. lol. But it still worked!!! The wires were in tact and it worked perfectly. I later lost it when it fell out of my pocket on a roller coaster. 🙂       I would like the Otterbox case.

  • David

    I can’t remember the name, but it was Sprint PCS in 1997.  The phone did not have a camera or games.  The screen was monochromatic.  I believe it only held less than 100 contacts.  It was larger than today’s cordless house phones!  I remember being one of the only people on campus (college) to have a cell phone.  At the time, 1 in 4 people in the US had cell phones.  By the time I graduated 4 years later, the number turned around to 1 in 4 did not have a cell phone in the US.  
    Part of me wishes I kept that phone, for the sake of nostalgia.  I ended up donating it to an organization for battered women.  
    Any case will do, but I like the cases in this order:
    1. Otterbox
    2. Incipio
    3. Case mate
    4. Seido

  • My first phone was a Motorola star tac – dual band!

  • Greg Smith

    Motorola MicroTAC grey. Flip open, pull out antenna, cool
    Seidio Surface case pls

  • Jeff

    Motorola Startac, baby!  I still miss that thing…

    I’d love the Incipio.  Thanks.

  • MasterGiraffe

    I had a Motorola brick phone back in the day where external antennas were the norm and flip phones were non existent. Can I please have the Otterbox Commuter case? Thanks!

  • Frank R. Messner

    My first phone was through Voicestream (before T-Mobile bought them) and owned a Nokia 3390. No Internet. No Camera. Month long battery charge. Those were the days 😉
    Oh, and an otterbox case would be great!

  • George Fayad

    My first phone was a Nokia 5185 with Alltel, one of the indestructible models! I’d like the Seidio Surface case! 🙂

  • Jgonzalez11208

    My first cell phone was a Motorola boost mobile chirp phone. “Where you at” with the outter box case?

  • My first phone was an Ericsson (pre-Sony!). The Case Mate Pop looks pretty cool.

  • John Burke

    Kyocera Slyder with the hard plastic belt case

  • Secret Squirrel

    I had a Moto KRAZR, it was like the multi media version of the original RAZR which amounted to music controls on the outside which made it so awesome back in the day. I would like the Otterbox

  • My first phone was the Motorola E815.

    I would like the Seidio Surface Surface.

    • I had one of those! It was one of the best hacker phones because you could use it as a free portable modem 🙂 Verizon patched that hole REALLY fast.

  • mMuk23

    Siemens A56 in 2004 my freshman year….everyone thought it was the shizz…if only we coulda time ported a Nexus =) and I don’t care what case I would win.

  • ah yes the old star tac,it didnt do much, but what it did do it did well, still have it ,

  • tagrzadz

    I had a Motorola StraTec, I would much prefer to have my GNex with the Incipio Feather

  • Caveman418

    I had a Nokia 6160 way back around ’98. I think it is probably still in a box somewhere in my closet. How far we have come since then.

    I would love to try out the Case-Mate.

  • My first phone was a non-color, stand up kyocera phone from virgin mobile. Got it in 8th grade, first phone my parents let me have. Only positive was that it had a built-in flashlight. I would gladly take any of the cases, but heard Otterbox is the most reliable. 

  • Sung Hwang

    nokia 3310
    i’ll take the seidio surface

  • My first phone was a Motorola bar phone that looked like a huge peanut!!! It was fugly!!! I would choose the Otterbox case.

  • Tiny

    Motorola star tac probably prefer otterbox but hey im not picky whatever u may throw at me is more than acceptable.

  • Flavorunit

    Motorola Microtac. I forget which model though. Any case thta fits the extended battery please

  • Shane

    Alltel Motorola V600
    and I’ll take the Incipio case please 🙂

  • BostonFan87

    My first cell phone was an old pay as you go then my first phone on contract was a Samsung x427 flip phone from Cingular, My first droid was the OG Droid and I love Otterbox cases so that would be my preference.

  • My first phone was the Motorola V300. Man, those were the good old times. I remember buying it off ebay used and being extremely mad to find out that it was used when it suppose to be new. Oh well, you live and learn. I’d prefer the incipio case please 🙂

  • jlsushman

    My first was the Ericsson 768! Oh the year of ’97. I would like the case mate pop, but any case would do.

  • siguy

    My first phone was a Moto Microtac. otter box or incipio.

  • Joesulich123

    My first phone was the Nokia candy bar… the phone that you had to mod with the custom shell, not a case but a face and back cover and I had a custom led antenna.I cant remember the model number but I loved that very personal phone.its funny when I think about my bright flashing antenna and neon blue shell now. It was like the disco times of cell phones 🙂 any ways I would love a seidio case please.

  •  my first phone was a nokia from 1998.  black white screen, i think i showed maybe 4 lines of txt..

  • Justin Lightner

    My first phone was the Lg vx5300. I would like Inicipio Feather or Seidio Surface.

  • nailbomb3

    I had a Qualcomm QCP2760 back when Qwest offered cell service LOL. #GHETTO! Anyway I’m in for the Seidio. Always wanted one from that company.

  • Jon

    My first phone… An lg one… Then there was a Motorola…. Both dumb phones… Lol
    As for which case… They would all be nice, but the feather one would be good

  • Sciontc12212

    My first phone was an old school Nokia with the battery and antenna that lit up when you got a call. Plus I had the”cool” ringtones of popular songs but with just tones.

    I’d prefer the case-mate pop or feather 🙂

  • My first cell phone was an LG Shine. How times have changed since then. And keyboards too. I’d love a Case Mate Pop!

  • joco1289

    My first phone was an old Nokia from T-Mobile, now I’m rocking my awesome gnex on verizon and hope to win the otter box case 🙂

  • Michael LoCastro

    My first phone was a pre paid kyocera from verizon , I actually thought that was the sickest phone around , even bought a holster for it hah. I would like the incipio case please, Thanks DL  

  • It took a dozen minutes, but I finally found a picture of my first phone.  I was a freshman in high school, and thought it was the coolest thing ever.  Most of my friends didn’t have a cell phone, and a couple had crappy flip phones with green screens and horrid font — we called mine the “Taco Phone” that could play music loud as hell, and we blasted it galore on the school bus home everyday afterschool haha.  Nobody knew how to make calls, and I always had to dial for them.  Definitely a phone ahead of its time, as texting wasn’t yet big despite this phone being streamlined for that avenue.  I’d really appreciate either the Case Mate or the Insipio.

    I also remember the Moto Bag Phone, as well as “Beepers” — my grandparents had them and I would always beg to call somebody/anybody!

  • Icehunter

    I had this little Sony Ericsson with an orange display. The battery would last for days and days….

    I’d like to win the Case Mate please.

  • Christian Bennett

    some weird LG flip phone with comically oversized speakers on the side. Wow how far we have come.(Any case would work fine for me, I am not picky.)

  • Blake Cabalka

    My frist phone was a Nokia 5165 back on AT&T. Of course the game Snake was all the rage, along with rapid T9 typing. Oh, and i’ve still got it. Yes, Snake is still a great game.

    I’d love to get the Incipio, but any of them would work. I’m already on my second GNEXUS, first one the screen shattered :-/

    Thanks in advance.

  • Calculatorwatch

    I’m holding my first phone right now, I had to take the battery out to reveal that it’s apparently called the Audiovox CDM-8300. Can’t say I have any fond memories but I bet it would still turn on if I charged it.

    All of those cases would be awesome but I’d especially like to win the Case Mate or the Otterbox.

  • livinglegend

    Motorola Startac. It was the best phone for the time. 

    Incipio Feather

  • pico

    motorola a630. otterbox i choose you!

  • Jose Venegas

    My first phone was the LG VX6000, kept me entertained for hours, lol. I would prefer a Insipio Feather, thanks!

  • Nolerltw

    A Nokia something, I used it to play Snake. I would like the Seidio case! Long live droidlife!

  • Abel Sanchez

    I was one of those who also upgraded from a beeper to a Nokia 3320 and its interchangeable cases….talking about it, I would take anyone of them, I’m not picky.

  • Brad Lerma

    My first cell phone was the Nokia 6822 with the flip out Qwerty keyboard. I would love to win the Case Mate Pop case.

  • I had a Sony Ericsson T28z…. It successfully made 1 call in it’s sad sad life, but you could play tetris if you turned it to “landscape”… The otterbox could do better than that without a phone in it.

  • MrBlonde04

    My first phone was an LG Chocolate, the first version of it. Eventually all the touch buttons stopped working BUT if I smashed my thumb on the screen it would automatically send whatever I typed or dialed. It was ahead of its time ^_^ I would go with the OtterBox

  • Haseeb1029

    A Samsung Motorola Razr copy. Flip phones were once cool and I want the incipio por favor!

  • I had one of those Motorola-Nextel push-to-talks! It was indestructible!  I can’t find which one though… : /
    I want the Otterbox please!

  • Bmos1821

    The iPhone killer lg voyager. Came along with a t.v. antenna. Feather case.

  • ph0oky

    Motorola T720, the first color phone on Verizon!

    Oh, and also my last Moto phone ever 😛

    I’d be happy with whichever of these cases would fit over my extended battery!

  • Evanfass

    My motor Rokr was good to me for about year. Great reception cool features and IT SLID UP AND DOWN.. I’d really like the white case

  • snoty

    Sony Ericsson t28! Sedio.

  • I was rocking one of those trac phones, then an LG clam shell from AT&T, I can’t remember the model now. The seidio case please!

  • KrisK

    Stupid Motorola star tac. I’d be happy with any of the cases

  • Benjiman

    It was a Motorola flip phone. I still have it as a backup… though it’s a replacement because I dropped the original in the toilet.

    Oh multitasking…

  • Cole Edmundson

    Motorola Razor, I would love to win the ottor box

  • David Gidley

    lg vx3300. brick of a phone. i would prefer the otterbox, however if i’m lucky enough to get picked for one I will take anything.

  • First cell was a Nokia 6300 series phone .  Feather or Pop!  

  • chucklehead322

    If we’re talking actual mobile phones and not the clunky old battery bag phone I had, it ould be the classic Motorola MicroTAC. A dude came into the video (yes, VHS) store I was working at selling them. I was a major sucker cuz I wanted to be the cool dude with a new cell phone. Needless to say, I got the phone… I honestly don’t remember the “cool” coming with the phone tho. Figures!

    Case of choice: Incipio Feather.

  • Raymond Zayas

    lg vx8300, took quite a beating but held up very well. I would love the casemate

  • Schafbuch

    I still have my Nokia 5110. If I do get selected I would prefer the Case Mate Pop. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • My first phone was on Primeco but cant remember which one, im pretty sure it was a Qualcomm though.  As for case i would most like to have the 
    Inicipio Feather but anyone would work for me.

    • nailbomb3

      Jeap that’s the Qualcomm I had with Qwest of all people. Far out….

  • Cory Parker

    Motorola V551 flip phone. Actually no, it was a Mitsubishi prepaid brick phone. Wouldn’t mind the case mate Pop Case.

  • Akraft619

    LG flip phone and I’d love the Case Mate 

  • Travis Noiles

    I had the glorious Samsung SPH N400 “flip phone”.  I prefer the Otterbox but will take any of them.

  • Sulayman41

    Nokia 2100, I would like the Incipio please. 

  • Doctajoey

    Once I graduated from a pager in 1999 I went straight for the Ericsson SH888. This phone takes the phrase bricking your phone to a whole new level. The display was nothing to joke about either, this sick pup sports 3 whole lines of block characters for your viewing pleasure. Oh how I love my GNex!!!      Case-Mate please or any really

  • CyDetrakD

    My first phone was a nokia. Id prefer a incipio feather

  • Kyle Walker

    OG Razr!  I loved that phone.  We went through hell together.  And it still works like a champ today.  But I would love that Incipio Feather case also (however, not quite as much).

  • lebaugh

    StarTAC! That darn antenna always used to get in the way. I thought I was the bomb though! Now I *know* I’m the bomb with the gnex! 😉
    Anything free is awesome, but would love to have either the Seidio or Incipio!
    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • My first cell was Sony Ericsson w810i, back in India. It was the best music phone of its time. Owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy.
    I’d love the Otterbox case for my GNex. Again, Owner’s pride, neighbor’s envy. 🙂

  • Traasdahldc

    Old LG flip phone. Can’t remember model. I would love the Inicipio Feather!

  • Lingo

    i had an LG on sprint.  The phone was a tank.  Wish i could remember more about it right now.

    Case Mate Pop 🙂

  • jlsushman

    Ericsson GF 768! ’97 baby! Case mate pop!

  • LostRedneck

    I had a old moto bag phone as well I would like the seidio case

  • kselby

    My first cell phone of all time was actually a first edition silver razr. This was before they became as big as they did and they were very expensive. I am not old enough to say my first phone came in a suitcase like my parents are always saying.
    Inicipio feather case please.

  • Darwinsdead

    Some POS LG flip phone but the battery was amazing (just didn’t know it at the time). I still remember the number I had on that wretched thing. Incipio for me please!?

  • Subguy812

    Primeco Qualcomm  ….  Otterbox

  • spickle

    mine was the Nokia with the changeable front covers. oh and don’t forget the flashing antenna’s. talk about old school customizing. – i would take any of the cases. thanx

  • hamblindave

    My first: Nokia 6000-series candybar phone… Good times! I’d love the otterbox case!

  • jjlyons

    The LG c-2000, I thought it was amazing that it had a camera and an external color screen, but I was also 12 at the time haha. I would choose the Incipio Feather.

  • Kismet769

    Nokia 636/638 🙂

    Whichever case fits best with the extended battery.

  • i had an old flip moto screen. the first one ever to have a camera. i thought i was the coolest guy in town. 

    now with my nexus, i know im the coolest! 

    incipio please!

  • motorola l7 i think http://www.foundvalue.com/upload/images/products/susanvb_632958709907881250_Phone.1.jpg otterbox or seidio

  • AJ

    My first phone was the AirTouch (before it was Verizon Wireless) Star-Tac from Motorola.   Every time I flipped it open, I thought the hinge was going to snap in half. 

    I would be willing to take that Incipio Feather case off your hands if you pick me 🙂

  • cw

    LG VX6000. The cases all look great, but I’d prefer the Otterbox.

  • Greg Robinson

    Nokia but I don’t remember the model.  I would prefer the Case-Mate.

  • ShinwhaKim

    Samsung sph-a500 from Sprint. Looked like a toilet cover but I loved it!  I want Incipio Feather please.

  • my first phone was the Nokia one with everything backlit blue. it was a non flip, non camera phone and was perfect for doing simple tasks, and the best part–it had snake built in. I loved playin that.

    for the case I actually really like the Incipio Feather, that case looks really nice.

  • 6895533

    My 1st phone was the droid 1 the (OG droid), that thing was strong i work in construction and i once dropped it of the 2nd floor no case at all and the screen cracked but the phoned worked fine and i still have it, now its all nexus baby!!!. I would like to win the otter case.

  • Ninenintwo

    I had an old Tracfone that I used and I always played ‘Snake’ on it 🙂 Those were the good ‘ol days…and I would like the INCIPOIO Galaxy Nexus case please…

  • My first phone was a Motorola MicroTAC (early 90’s). It was the first flip phone, features an incredible 30 minutes of talk time, and had those crappy batteries that you had to discharge completely or it would get a memory…making them last a whole 10 minutes.

    Phones in those days were pretty much meant to be plugged in all the time, with the battery only to be used on short trips away from the car. I remember office-mates carrying around 2-3 extra batteries  (they were about the size of a deck of cards).
    This is why I have a hard time complaining about any phone today. We’ve come farther in phone tech than I could ever have imagined.One feather case to protect my futuristic modern marvel please 🙂

  • Pilotbluemike

    Hey DL! After a couple of beepers.. my first cell was on Sprint and was a black flip phone
    .don’t know exact name but it had an outer screen that was in black and white haha! I loved it though.. Anyways I’d like the Incipio cuz my g/f has it and I wanna annoy people and match her! 🙂 thanks DL!

  • My first cell was a Kyocera 2255 super phone model on Virgin mobile that was pay as you go.  I got it when I turned 16 and it cost $0.25 a minute and because of that I never checked my voicemails due to the cost.  Well one night I had over 40 voicemails and I decided to check them, forgetting of course that it cost me $0.25 to do so.  After about 20 messages I realized what I was doing and threw the phone against the wall… it was a beast, and expensive beast…  Loving my Gnex now!

    and i would love the Case-Mate Pop!  Please!

  • Samuel

    I had the SCH-u740, that thing lasted 2 1/2 years, the last 1/2 year it was on life support (the charger) before I got my OG.

    The Case Mate Pop case looks slick

  • Daveandtirzah

    My first cell was the LG 9600 I think,flip phone woul loje to win incipio or any other

  • Fadi Al-Mubarak

    My first phone was the Ericsson T28i. I would love to get the Case Mate Pop!

  • Anarchycustomz

    I had the first nokia without a antenna Every told me that it wouldn’t get good reception. The incipio feather would be so cool I never win anything so that would be the best

  • traction

    First phone was the Samsung SCH-A850. I’d like the Otterbox, but they all look like nice cases.

  • Jack D.

    First phone was some kind of Sanyo flip phone. I think you had to launch the “browser” to retrieve SMS messages. How about the Incipio or Case Mate? Have a Seidio case, not really that fond of it.

  • Motorsports601

    it was a nokia from circle k prepaid i think. the feather or surface case because my galaxy nexus is already too big would like the thinest case

  • Kiran Mandrekar

    My first cellphone was the Nokia 6610. I would like to have the Case-mate Pop! case.

  • Ayman Hawatmeh

    My first phone was the old school Nokia phones which had snake. Then 10 days later my mom forcefully returned it cuz i called 911. Apparently the TV not working isnt an emergency. i was trying to watch Dragon Ball Z 🙁


  • Matt Osborne

    After he was able to upgrade, I scored that sweet sweeeet piece of 80’s technology from my good buddy Mr. Zack Morris! 🙂

    If anyone forgot how cool it was: http://goo.gl/XcJsd

    I’d like a chance at winning a Seidio Surface case please and thank you.

  • StevieSP

    I had the middle one and it lasted me well, until I bricked it with jailbreak. Then I chose an operating system that was designed for modding and love my giant (yet unprotected phone) since. Casemate or Incipio mr lovely Kellex & friends

  • Zac Hart

    I was 12 years old and it was a nokia 3110 on voicestream, had to mow 5 acres twice a week for my 19.99/month plan that was only 100 minutes. no games, no text, i don’t even think i had voicemail lol its hard to imagine that was 15 years ago… if you choose me i’d like the 1. Incipio Feather 2. Seidio Surface 3. Otterbox Commuter 4. Case Mate Pop

  • Greg

    First phone was some Nokia phone for Bell Atlantic. Don’t remember name but I found a picture. Incipio case would be my choice.

  • RadicalPie

    My first cell was some piece of crap lg…. I would like the incipio one. Thanks Droid Life!!!

  • Erik

    My first phone was a Motorola razr…how things have changed. I’ll take any case, but I would love the otterbox

  • GreenEvo

    I had a Nokia indistructable bar that I barely charged yet always worked! I would prefer the seidio case.

  • Moto Razr that constantly gave me issues, went through 3 replacements. Don’t miss it all.

    The Incipio case looks nice 🙂

  • My first phone was my enV.  Great phone!  I would love the Incipio feather please! but anything works great, as I am currently caseless.

  • xboxkid

    I had the origial Cassio G`Zone phone. I don’t know what it was called. Lol. Broke it in half (except for wires) and it still worked greatly 🙂 I want the otterbox.

  • My first phone was a sony ericsson with an attachable camera (before cell phones had cameras).  You couldn’t really see what the picture was of , but everybody thought it was awesome.  Here’s a link to a page about the phone: 
    http://www.phonearena.com/news/PhoneArenas-Retro-Rewind-Sony-Ericsson-t68i_id9549 . I want that Otterbox!

  • Nick20719

    LG Chocolate on verizon. Oh the good ol’ slide phones caught my attention haha. I’d love the Seido Surface!

  • Nokia 6310i…those where the days…the incipio is nice but my Gnex doesn’t mine. 

  • Dain Laguna

    my first cellphone was a samsung flip phone on sprint…i searched for the model number, couldnt find it.

    i would love the otter box, but i’ll take any!

  • 6675636boff

    Kyocera Phantom thought it was the greatest phone ever.

    Incipio feather would be awesome

  • Tyrian

    I had a brick of a Nokia phone. 

    Seidio, Case Mate, or Otter

  • Forrest

    I started out with one of those phones you carried around in a
    Suit case size bag!! Lol I wont be picky if you are giving me a free case
    Any of them would be great!!

  • My first cell was the moto razer, phone was near indestructible! I would prefer the Case Mate Pop! to replace the one I lost:-(

  • Adam Cargal

    From a Moto bag phone back in the day to the GNex (hopefully with that awesome white case mate).  Unbelievable progress made with phones over the last 15 years or so.

  • Charlie23

    Old Motor bagphone. Big pimpin’. I’d take whatever case is left over. I’m not picky. 🙂

  • blizzardskier

    Had an old silver and black Sammy flip phone that was free on contract with big red, with the exception of my Droid Eris, I’ve been brand loyal to Sammy since, their flip phones were damn near indestructible, the otterbox or case mate would be nice

  • Mistamario

    My first phone was the LG Decoy and it was awesome because it had a built in bluetooth headset. I would prefer the casemate Pop but i’m not picky.

  • Matthew Arthurs

    OG Razr v3c, 😀 .  Surprise me, I like all the “feather” type cases.  Thanks DL for being awesome!

  • JohnnyAstro81

    Ericsson SH888. Otterbox please!!

  • durangojim

    Some kind of motor phone that my folks bought me for Christmas of 91. Pretty cool but huge at the tome.

  • Scott W

    my first phone was the motorola t720… first color screen phone… what!

    I would like the otterbox or the seidio

    • Eric Payne

      First color screen phone came out in 98, made by siemens, model was the S10.

      The moto t720 came out in 02.

  • David Snyder

    I had an old school Nokia phone.  I’d prefer the seidio followed by otterbox

  • maxkobi

    not to brag but i had a LG VX8100 with an extended battery! tbh i cant remember ever charging that thing it lasted SO long… im pretty sure if i found it today it would still power on for a little while, ahhh what a battery!!! WHAT A PHONE!!!! and i pick the feather case 😉

  • I had a orange LG slide keyboard phone. I want the Incipio Feather please!

  • Alex

    I had a old Samsung flip phone.. it was embarrassing -_- lol
    & I would like any of these cases

  • Jon Ashley

    I had a brick of a Nokia and it had no games…not even that snake game. I’d love to rock the case mate white case.

  • Tommy J

    Samsung Juke for Verizon. Case Mate pop poor favor. 🙂

  • Shikoku88henro

    First ever was an Audio ox post for Verizon. I hated that clam shell. asemate on here please.

  • djon1077

    my first phone was nextel flip phone i would like the otterbox 

  • My first phone was i205 from Boot Mobile….lol Brick! ^_^

    I would like any thing that will make my Nexus Sexy! ^_^ [or 
    Case Mate Pop!]

  • First cell phone was an old LG flip phone for Verizon, similar to the LG VX3300, except it had a green display. I would prefer the Seidio Surface or the Otterbox. When I got that phone I always told myself I would never be obsessed with phones and would only use it to make emergency calls, now I’m a complete phone junkie…lol

  • generalday

    I had a Motorola flip phone that was military grade. From Nextel. Damn thing was the toughest phone I’ve ever had. And I would love the otter box please

  • I believe my first phone was the Motorola Circa. I hardly ever carried that thing around. But when I did. My pockets were full!

    I would love an Otterbox case

  • Orion10

    Motorola handset on T-Mobile with replaceable covers and the model was numbers. No colors and texting was taking off. Otterbox!

  • Thatguy

    I had a motorola razor, the original, folks. I would like the otterbox commuter please!

  • Billmaxwell4

    Audiovox 9100, had and extendable antenna that could call afghanistan!

  • Barlog

    My first cell phone was the moto razor that a friend gave me because i was the last person outta everyone i knew that didnt have a cell phone. Then a few months later the Droid 1 came out and i was hooked! So the real first one that i really got into and figured out was my D1 and im glad i finally decided on getting a cell phone. The Otter Box would be awsome to have to protect my beautifull GNexus Thanks again DL

  • Christoferyacoub

    kyocera 2325. that phone was legit. prepaid and all. I would love the casemate pop 🙂

    [img] http://0.tqn.com/d/cellphones/1/0/3/c/4/kyocera-2325-g.jpg [/img]

  • Dean Milord

    WOW.  My first cell was a Motorola StarTAC when I was on Sprint.  That phone was horrible but it was the best that I could have at the time. Don’t miss the blk and grn display at all!!!
    – Otterbox case for me!! Thanks.

  • My first phone was an old Samsung Flip phone on Verizon.  I would LOVE to have the Case Mate POP!

  • Bub

    I was a freshman in high school and talked my mom into buying me Ericsson phone from t-mobile. I don’t remember the model but it was uber thin green flip phone. I’d like to win the seidio surface case but I’m a begger so I’ll take anything. I just wanna win something ONCE

  • I had the Nokia with snake and exchangeable faceplates! Gotta say I prefer the otterbox, but any would be nice on my naked g-nex

  • T Graham Turner

    My first phone was an LG crap phone. I would love the case mate! 

  • jo_stv

    It was the good old Motorola V265 with a VGA camera, served me well for a long time! Would like the Otterbox case.

  • Mnix002

    First phone was the tiny ass moto flip that I got at a pawn shop went to activate but had a dirty esn that previous owner racked up 1000 dollars and pawned it. First phone able to use was a beat up Nokia with the snake game don’t recall the name but at least it worked. I like the looks of the case mate but would gladly take any

  • Hayesj09

    Mine was the LG VX8300 flip phone. It would be great to have the Seido.

  • First phone I ever had was the Kyocera QCP-2255. Man did I feel like a complete rebel taking that phone to high school with me. NO BODY had cell phones at that point. Oh sweet memories of when a full charge would last me days. If I win I’d like the incipio case!

  • lg chocolate haha. i’d like the otterbox 🙂

  • Matt G.

    My first phone was the original slider. The almost pear shaped one.

    The case mate

  • I had a Samsung M-series dumbphone. I would like the Incipio Feather.

  • Od droid is best phone Incipio feather for gnex.

  • requiemmm

    moto starTAC 3000 =] otter box commuter case.

  • David Shon

    My first phone was the enV touch. I would like the Case Mate Pop

  • Drootz

    The Og moto Razr was my first phone, and I would love to win either the Otterbox Commuter case or the Case Mate Pop for my galaxy nexus.

  • First phone was a old eggish shaped Sony phone I don’t even think it had a game on it.
     Seidio or incipio

  • Iamkeeler

    Nokia candy bar. Great phone! If I win I would love the otterbox.

  • DroidModderX

    I cant remember what my first phone was since i was 13 when i got it. It was a big yellow Motorola Nextel phone. I was all excited because it had push to talk, and if I wanted to talk to my girlfriend i would just call her and tell her to call back since i had free incoming calls. Oh and the rep said the phone could withstand being ran over by a truck and threw the demo unit across the store to show us how durable it was. 

    Id love to win the Case Mate Pop case. Love the white!

  • Mlarson6

    Oh and I guess that Case mate one looks pretty cool

  • Johndominici

    my first phone was the LG Voyager and I proudly did my own tear down of it once I moved up to my droid incredible. I would love to have the Incipio Feather!!

  • Mlarson6

    I’m pretty sure my first phone was the original Motorola razr ironically enough lol. First 3 phones were flip Motorola phones….and I quickly learned to hate the company even 10 years ago.

  • Gyroslice

    I had an old Nokia analog phone with a wood grain finish. It meet its demise when i drove off with it on the roof of my car. Case mate pop FTW!

  • Adam

    I had a Nokia brick(don’t remember the #) on att . It had a antenna that pulled out. Id like a surface vase

  • Acniehaus04

    My first was a Nokia 5165. Pretty sure everyone and their mother had that phone at one time. Too bad I always sucked at Snake.

    I’d like the incipio feather!

    • Acniehaus04

      But honestly, any case is fine with me!

  • First phone of all time was a Virgin Mobile flip phone, black and white screen and all, only color was the LED backlighting haha I would love the Seidio Surface Surface for my Nexus =)

  • Adrianlorenzoc14

    My first cellphone was the LG cu515. I would like to win the otterbox case!

  • Brian La Porte

    I was rocking the Qualcomm QCP-1960 on Verizon. Can’t believe that it was 13 years ago…and now smartphones are the standard!

    I would be thrilled with any case, but if I had to pick, I’d say the Incipio Feather.

  • DroidRT

    My first phone was a motorola bag phone. That was before digital cell service so I was lucky to get like 4 hours of standby service on a charge. I would take the Otterbox or Incipio or quite frankly whatever you would be willing to send me.

  • The first cell phone i ever owned was a candybar style Virgin Mobile phone. It had a pull out antenna and a flashlight on the top of the phone that probably wasn’t even an LED. I wish i knew the name of  that beast. I think i got it in 2003 maybe 2004. If i win i would love the otterbox or seidio. Thanks Droid Life.

  • First phone was a Motorola Teletac 200 on Bell Atlantic Mobile. I would prefer the otterbox.

  • Jvick

    Back when flipping your phone open to a stunning 3.3 inch gray scale screen meant you were cool, I proudly rocked the LG VX-10. A legendary throwback….My Nexus would feel comfortable inside a Seidio Surface Surface… Much thanks in advance!

  • jaxxmjd

    I was sporting the Zach Morris phone.

    Otterbox, please.

  • I had a MicroTAC Elite from motorola as my first phone. I would like the Seidio Surface Case.

  • Josh Sleeper

    My first cell phone was an LG CU500. Man, that phone easily had the best keypad of any flip phone I’ve tried to date. I’d be down for the Otterbox Commuter if you think I deserve it. :]

  • Dansan

    nextel i710. no front screen lol

  • Jose Gasteazoro

    Nokia 5110… sedio surface to go with my new extended batt…

  • i had an oldschool motorola nextel candybar phone, the battery for that thing was as big as my phone i had after that! otterbox is good!

  • cgalyon

    My first phone was an old Kyocera “candy bar” style phone. It actually did alright for me. I’d like to win the Otterbox case, though I think the Incipio looks great too.

  • vwauditech

    I can’t remember the first ever cell phone that I had, but I can remember my first smart phone and I still have it. It was a Siemens SX66 Windows mobile phone. The screen was huge for its time and the slide out vertical keyboard was slick. It is obviously nothing compared to my Galaxy Nexus that I use today. I would love to protect my sexy nexy with the Otterbox commuter series case.

  • Tyler Morrow

    Track phone….it was horrible…

  • r0lct

    The first one I remember buying with my own money was a Moto Star tak.

    I would prefer the otterbox.

  • Nextel i500!


  • Badassbosoxfan

    I think it was a Nokia 1330 or some crap like that. I have been through way to many dam phones to give an exact answer but it was definetly a Nokia. Kinda digging the case-mate… 

  • Jeffcase55

    I had a Nokia something. It had the green display and you could change out the keys and cover. I would love to have the incipio.

  • qingming111


  • nextel i710 push to talk phone lol. didnt even have a front screen.

  • Jyarbrough20

    an awesome Motorola mounted cellular one phone! And we thought we were high class with the externally mounted antenna! I would prefer the seidio

  • Mayze23

    Boost mobile PTT phone on Nextel. Seidio surface would be nice

  • Stuart Hannon

    First phone was the LG VX8300, such a solid phone until it got stolen and replaced with a refurb. My first cell phone, I’d definitely like to win a case for my Nexus!

  • Seanfranb

    Motorola bag phone!. Should have never sold it at a church garage sale. otter box!!

  • MikeyyyC

    My very first phone was the Sidekick 2 aka the Danger Hiptop 2 aka I had the coolest phone in Highschool!

    I would like to win the Case Mate because I haven’t won a case before, and my 5$ didn’t win me millions this past friday. 🙁

  • Galapagosriot

    My first was a motorola v180. I would like to win the Incipio Feather.

  • Motorola v60i, Whichever case Kellex thinks is best 😉 (Otterbox)

  • cpd343

    qualcomm dont remember the name but it was circa 1999-2000. Decent device for the time period.  Oh and case mate pop!

  • amosk

    lg candy bar phone. Man that thing stayed charged for days, and you could play poker on it.boy were those the days lol.

  • rockstar323

    I’m not 100% sure but I think it was a Startac if I had one before that it was a Nokia no clue which one. Love stuff from Seidio so that would be my choice.

  • My first ever cellphone was a samsung juke, and boy was it awful

    I would love the case mate for my gnex 🙂

  • Kyocera Phantom 
    And i would like the case mate pop!

  • Aziz Joudi

    Nokia 3390, gave it to my little cousin years ago. 🙂 I’d like the Incipio Feather please, that is IF I’m picked. Keep up the good work!

  • Justinball9709

    The Nokia 6010 ! Green old analog screen no camera and feels like a rock. It took a beating though I can’t complain. I would like the Otterbox please !!!

  • ArmanUV

    Nokia 1100 was my first cellphone, and also my first zombie weapon. 
     I’d like the feather. 

  • My first cell phone was a Nokia 5150 candybar phone. The biggest decision I had to make back then was analog or digital. I’d prefer the Seidio, but would take any

  • Johnsandroid

    I had a sexy LG dare. I’ll take the otterbox.. or a job, either one. 
    Sincerely your Android neighbor (salem, Or),

  • Jlankford3336

    First phone was a Motorola bag phone, I velcroed it to the transmission hump in my car. I could use the Seidio surface case.

  • jaye horvath

    I believe it was a Motorola Star Tac , kinda grey body with an orange text. I’d prefer the otterbox, but would welcome any of the above.

  • kentrburton

    Motorola flip phone with snake FTW lol … I would like whatever case is the most thin

  • Michael Tollon

    It was a Qualcomm and my wife (GF at the time) called it The Brick…lol
    I need a case to fit my extended battery GNex….I’ll let Droid life decide which one is right for me if I win 🙂

  • Aran Miller

    I would be more than happy with any of the cases, but that Otterbox is very alluring. 

    My first ever cell phone was… wait where they even naming phones back then?

  • abrasive

    LG VX6100. But the first phone I fell in love with was the Nokia 6160 I bummed from my dad when he upgraded. Didn’t need to activate it because I was a fifth grader, but hours of snake logged on long bus rides. Things a tank. Still in a drawer around here somewhere…
    Glad the GNex has similar functionality now.go otter!

  • Wsifonte

    WoW , My first phone was Motorla’s first flip phone. I dont remember the model number but the year was 1989 ( I think) all I know is that sucka was huge ..lol

    Wouldn’t mind the incipio feather.

  • David Elisha

    Samsung Alias Double Flip Phone. Got pushed into a pool with it, best thing that ever happened to me.
    Case Mate POP!

  • Bammbaldwin

    I had the OG Razor phone from Motorola, I would prefer the Case Mate case.

  • My first phone ever was the original Motorola Razr. Boy do I have some memories attached to that phone. Its battery almost exploded near upgrade time. Oh and I would love the Otter case.

  • My first phone was some cheap thing made by LG. It was a good starter phone but that’s about it. 😛
    Would like the Seidio Surface case if I win. 

  • Tyler

    I had one of those big blue green-screen Nokia bricks.  I’d like the Seidio Surface.

  • Sauce

    I had some junky Verizon LG Flip Phone, which was tons better than the old black+white display, terrible battery life phone my parents used to let me borrow.  I do miss the battery life from these old phones.

    I’d take any case (Mine’s starting to bore me :P), but the Otterbox would be my choice if I had one.

  • My cell phone was the moto star tec…loved that phone.  It survived a 3 story drop multiply times.

    I would like the casemate 

  • John Jablonski

    I had an original(?) Palm phone. Really old anyways. Pre-Treo. I think. Or the first one. Don’t even know what it was called anymore. A true beast of a phone. Monochrome display. Can’t even find a picture of it. My first cell phone, and I’ve been with Verizon the whole time.

  • g_what

    I don’t remember my very first phone. The oldest one I remember was the LG Chocolate. From there I jumped up to the D1, and then stuck with that for 2 years until I got the GNex. I’d prefer the Otterbox, but I’ll be happy with any of them if I’m chosen.

  • Joe12304

    Motorola StarTAC of win. I think i should win, well it doesn’t matter which one. I have a Droid Bionic so I’d like a GNEX case so I can stare at it and cry.

  • DodgerDroid

    My first cellphone ever was the Motorola 120c for Verizon. I remember it didn’t have any games and I was always jealous of Nokia owners for being able to play Snake. I would love to win the Case Mate Pop case.

  • John Horner

    first phone wad a motorola startac.  i would like the incipio if i win.

  • Cmonnats23

     First cell phone I had was the moto Krazr 🙂 the skinnier version of the razr! 😀

    • Cmonnats23

       I would LOVE to win ANY of them 🙂

  • KittyKittyBangBang

    My first phone? Some Motorola flip phone. First smart phone? Palm Centro, thoughy it was gold. And I would LOVE the Incipio case. Thanks!!

  • Chriskampmann

    I had a panasonic rubber phone.  It was awesome, I could drive over it like the Gzone!  I think I had a minute-2-minute plan.  I would take any case as my wife wants one too, but she also wants an update to 4.0.5

  • The notorious LG egg flip phone. Seidio please!

  • My first was the classic Motorola StarTac. Loved that it was made out of “motocycle helmet” grade plastic. I would love an Otterbox Commuter case.

  • Kevin Olson

    I had a Motorola StarTac like the one pictured here…

    I’d LOVE the Otterbox for my GNex please! 🙂

  • Yatkoos

    I had an old Samsung flip phone with no games. An incipio case would help me repress this memory.

  • Ellie Ortega

    I had the first Motorola razor, more of a handy-down but I felt so cool with it that I pretended it was actually a weapon but also shaving device. -i think my gnex would love an otterbox, it told me so.

  • Brett Books

    Motorola Startac = 1st phone

    Incipio Feather is the case I’d like to win. Thanks!

  • IlanAlpert

    The original Kyocera Slider was my first phone. Case Mate Pop would be my choice.

  • I had the original enV phone I would like the otterbox! 🙂 

  • eltacoguapo

    Kyocera 2235. Ahhh…brings back great memories. 

    I’d like the Seidio case 🙂

  • first cell phone was the og motorola razr, I got so good at texting inside my pocket during class with that old keypad =) 

    I’d prefer the white case mate case

  • Stnkycheezman

    Ericsson T28 Baby! With an antenna that doubled the size of the phone. It was a pretty sleek little guy for its day though with Tetris pre-loaded on 3 lines of txt. back on Cingular days (right before ATT merger) My first and last phone with them…..long live VZW since! prefer the otterbox or its complete opposite incipio as secondary choice.

  • Kevin Olson

    My first phone was a Motorola StarTac 3000 LOL. Looked just like this one pictured here..


    I’d LOVE to have that Otterbox Commuter case for my GNex  please 🙂

  • Rith

    My first was the Motorola 3682 for Omnipoint. Oh the memories of my college years. One of the very few to own that phone. 🙂

    I would like the Seidio case, if picked.

  • Richard Quick

    My first phone was the LG 1010 on Sprint. I got it back in 7th grade and I was only ever allowed to use it to call my mom to pick me up from basketball and track practice. 

    I would prefer Case Mate Pop!

  • jgrizz13

    LG TM 510. Flip phone. Green LCD. Sweet phone. Case mate POP!

  • Wpace

    First phone was the Motorola Startac.
    I need a case for my Nexus real bad!

    Thanks in advance!

  • florious80

    I had a nokia 2110. It was a pass me down phone from my sister. Charged by the minutes, never called much on it. Good for emergencies that’s about it. The battery lasted a long time though, not like the smartphones we have today. Inicipio would be an awesome case to put my phone in.

  • I had a kyocera brick on verizon. I would love the Seidio since my incipio feather just broke

  • Lancemason

    First phone was a Razr – the original.  Loved that phone and it lasted years.

    I would like the Case-Mate one please.

  • Alexis B

    My first phone was an Audiovox 9155. I’d prefer the Otterbox

  • My first phone I ever owned was a Motorola v60. I would like the otterbox case for my Galaxy Nexus because it offers really good protection.

  • 13bgarli

    I had a Moto Razer (Original not the smart phone version).  I’d love to win any of these cases 😛 but if I could choose I’d take the Otter Box.

  • a nokia green screen phone, took a picture a while back

  • Konnect00

    i had a LG flip phone, can’t remember the name cuz it was way to long ago can I have that Incipio case(: pa pa papaweease(:

  • Timothy Bracken

    Nokia 5165…….what a beast!

    Incipio Feather 

  • Paul Rogo

    My first phone was an LG VX7000, super thick phone but served me quite well.
    I wouldn’t mind the Incipio Feather 🙂

  • first cellphone in my name was a kyrocera slider, it was all the talk in 7th grade…If i win the Incipio Feather please and thank you

  • Copperpenny

    a little bitty samsung flip phone from sprint. ironically i got the flip phone so I wouldn’t have to buy a case, now I want to win a case! the sturdiest one you’ve got. I have a 2 year old who thinks every phone is “my phone, my phone” so it’s got to withstand a lot!

  • motorola t720i flip phone FTW!!! and i’d like the case mate pop 

  • Jscards26

    motorola d70 for sprint… that thing was undestructable lol…. I’d like the case mate pop case please!

  • Siemens C35. I can’t believe I was happy to carry that around. Pre-snake

    Case: Incipio Feather or any

  • rolltidedad

    First phone was a bag phone from Cellular One. Would like to get the Incipio case.

  • My first celly was the Nokia 8260. I loved that phone all I did was play snake high score over 1000 lol I would to win any case doesnt matter to me.

  • galaxynexusprime

    I too, had the Motorola Startac. 

    For my Nexus, though, I’d prefer the Seidio Case. Many thanks.

  • LaSamuel

    My first phone was an flip phone on my family’s Cingular plan.  It was definitely free.  No camera, no qwerty keypad, no browser/email, barely made calls…they should have paid me to use it.  It would probably crap it’s circuit board if it saw my Galaxy Nexus in action.  Incipio Feather please.

  • Nokia 2110 – a marveling display of technology.  Any case is wonderful.

  • Samsung SGH-R225M when I was in 8th grade. Still had it up until 3 years ago, when we donated it to the local women’s shelter.

    Incipio Feather  please

  • Bryan Sparks

    Nokia 5190. The night I got it I played snake all night with the phone plugged in and burned the battery up, literally. So the next day we had to take it back to Cricket Wireless and get it replaced. The guy at the store laughed his ass off. I had never even made a phone call on it. Could have been a faulty unit, but who knows. I do like the looks of the Incipio Feather!

  • Scruffy Bob

    Janky old OKI phone on Cellular One. I’d love for my GNex to be wrapped up in an otter!

  • Christopher Sass

    I had a Samsung Juke, the commercials were too awesome to resist. The Seidio surface

  • Chris

    Galaxy Nexus!!!
    Otterbox please.

  • Motorola 2900 bag phone.  I wonder where that thing is now……..

    I have two Incipio cases so i would love an Otterbox.

  • Dgwood12

    The good old Nokia 3310. Who needed a smartphone when you had snake… thy sure don’t make them like they used to….

    I’m hoping for the seidio surface. Thanks!

  • Gb714us

    My first cell.phone of all time was a chocolate for.Verizon

    That seidio case looks sexy ;D

  • Borchey12

    My first cell phone was a Motorola startac. Only had like 10 minutes/ month included in my plan. Lol. I would prefer the studio case

  • Mexigreek

    My first cell phone was in 1996 or 1997. Moto Startac.  I really dig the Case-mate pop. But any of the cases are very usable. Thanks DL!

  • @zhugs546

    My first phone was the Motorola v330 – way back when T-Mobile had a viable cell network. I prefer the Incipio case, but any free case is wonderful. Thanks to DL for everything!

  • My first cell phone was a Motorola Microtrac , I don’t care which case, doesn’t matter I never win anything anyway…

  • Randy

    Motorola Brick Phone with the extended battery, what a monster…I am not picky, any case would be cool….

  • nandre

    LG LX5450 flip-phone was mine… such a great device, considering it was one of the first few to offer “high quality” color.

    • nandre

      Oh, and the Seidio one would be my choice!

  • My first cellphone was the Motorola Startac! Oh how I thought I was the stuff then! lol It was so ‘small’! 🙂 I would love to rock the Incipio Feather

  • MMiles84

    Motorola Startac. Great phone ahead of time I thought. As far as the case goes would like to put that incipio feather a go on my GNex. #wannawinforachange

  • Gtvin360

    My first phone was the samsung glyde i got it because i wanted the first touch screen phone and dam did that thing suck went off more on its on then me using it . I still stick with samsung tho nexus now 🙂 id like the incipio feather thanks if i win .

  • double post, sorry

  • First phone was a Motorola MicroTac and I’ll take what I can get but I love the otterbox

  • Bradley Albert Nemitz

    It was some random pay-as-you-go Virgin Mobile flip phone. Unless you count the (literally) brick-sized analog Motorola phone that I kept in my glove box for 911 only.

    I’d like the Incipio Feather.

  • RichDuellman

    I had a old school Nokia looked like a big yellow banana.
    Any case is cool with me.

  • bheider

    the motorola nextel i315 it was rugged but not rugged enough….luckily i have learned to treat my phones better 🙂   any case helps though!


    My first phone was a Nokia 6110! I sometimes still play Snake on it 😛

    I’d like the Seidio case!

  • Wilsonw1127

    My first phone was a Nokia prepaid phone. Don’t remember a model but I remember playing countless hours of snake and some sky diving game. And then there were all the floors I ruined by dropping the thing too…

    I’ve been eyeing the CaseMate for a while, they were out of white for the longest time on amazon though so I never quite got around to buying one…

  • My first phone was a Motorola StarTAC I believe.

    All the cases look good but I like the Incipio most.

  • Travis Keany

    Mine was some kind of Samsung flip phone that had a tiny black and white screen. The flip part only covered the key pad, so it didn’t actually fold in half. This was circa 2002.

    My choice would be the Otterbox Commuter.

  • Daniel Flanigan

    My first cellphone was a Nokia 3360….its was literally the ugliest phone you could imagine. The plastic case was translucent red, so you could see through the thing…..I apparently did not think that was enough, and added a flashing battery and flashing antenna to it…..ugh….gives me shivers.

    otterbox….if I win.

  • Letah75

    I had a Motorola phone in the early ’90’s. It was wood grain and huge. It; nky held about 30 numbers. I would like the incepio case.

  • DrMacinyasha

    My first phone was a Sprint Nokia 3585i. I remember all too well staying up all night playing Snake on it, though my stepbrother and I had to share it; whoever was staying over some place or visiting other family members had priority.

    As for a case, I’d love that Otterbox Commuter!

  • My first phone was a small silver with metallic dark blue front, flip phone by LG that came free in the family plan we signed up for when we first began our contract with Verizon. Case preferred: Case Mate POP!

  • My first phone ever was a tiny Kyocera flip phone on Alltel. I thought it was awesome until I saw all my friends’ RAZRs. I got jealous and eventually got myself a RAZR. I kept it for a couple months before it started screwing up. I then upgraded to the LG Scoop. After a long 2 years, and after the Verizon-Alltel merger, I switched to Verizon to become the proud owner of an OG DROID. I kept it for 21 months (just one lasted me the whole time). And on December 25, 2012, I was gifted the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. I love it.

    I prefer the Incipio Feather.


  • first phone was a moto flip phone, the razr. I’ll take any case you want if I win one, but the Inicipio Feather looks good!

  • I had some Nokia tracphone. Gawd that was only like 7 years ago. I’d like the Seidio Surface Case 🙂

  • Potin1

    Oh and the Otterbox would be my choice. 

  • StirCwazy

    Had a Motorola star talk, until I flipped a canoe. 🙂

    Would like the Incipio Feather

  • Mitchell Martinez

    It was one of the first color flip phones from verizon. I think it was an audio ox. What ever dis happen to that company? Oh and I would love an Incipio Feather

  • Michael

    First cell phone was a Motorola bag phone…thought I was pretty cool.

    Would love the Otterbox Commuter Case.

  • LG VX8350. It was great because it was a flip phone and had a camera.  50 txt message limit was a bummer though.  Otterbox would be awesome.

  • Potin1

    I shared a Motorola StarTac with my mom back in 96. When i say shared..i mean that i knew how to use it and she lugged it around in her purse as an accessory.

  • Rick A Trujllo

    My 1st phone was an old school Nokia from Primeco!  I would like the Otterbox case if I were lucky enough to win it!

  • fvqu

    My first cell-phone was an LG Chocolate, Case-mate or Incipio please. (I already have the Otterbox case.)

  • My first cell phone of all time was some horrible blue flip phone on verizon, and one that didnt even have an outside screen. I only had it for a couple days before I decided it sucked, and returned it for a motorola razr, which back in the day, was a champion phone. 🙂 The Seidio or Case Mate seem cool.

  • Lifebeginsfriday

    My first cell was an old school sprint prepay. I don’t remember the brand exactly. But I do remember being excited when I replaced it with my first flip phone! Haha.

    Either case would be awesome! But if I were to win I’d prefer the otterbox.

  • motorola bag phone easily the best phone to date as a phone ive had never lost signal wasnt the sexiest but worked epicly as a phone… still wouldnt trade it for my gnex tho lol and the feather case

  • aholland1

    Oh man, I had that old Nokia with the white light buttons, can’t remember the model though (N9?). It was definitely a dumb phone but it had Snake 2 AND that parachute game and the battery would go for days lol. The feather case would be sweet, thanks DL!

  • Paul Johnson

    Not sure what model but it was a huge Sony about the size of a home cordless thought it was awesome, this was about 1994 or so. I still have it somewhere in storage have to find it one of these days.  I like the Case Mate Pop but I would be happy with any of the cases.

  • Raptorlogic

    My first phone was a little blue kyocera from sprint. Best free phone I’ve ever had. I’d love the seido feather case!

  • Steve

    My first cell phone was a motorola, the giant brick with a long antenna lol.
    If you were lucky you might even be able to make a call once in awhile.
    I would prefer the case mate pop!

  • NathanOlsen

    My first cellphone was the venerable StarTac (7662 I believe?) in 1999. I then augmented it with the StarTac Clip On Organizer, arguably one of the first attempts at a smartphone. The organizer was clunky and horrible, but I loved the StarTac. And for my GNex, I’d love the Otterbox Commuter!

  • I had a Virgin Mobile pay-as-you-go crappy flip phone and I would love to have the Incipio Feather!

  • BuTbKa

    Can’t even remember. It was a Samsung on SprintPCS. Case mate looks nice 😉

  • My first cell phone was the SE-T610 phone! Otter FTW!!!!!!

  • Rgw5018

    Motorola StarTAC!! Gotta have the otterbox 🙂

  • glyde FTW

    My first phone was the Samsung glyde… until I *accidentally* dropped it into the toilet and got an env which was so much better !

    • glyde FTE

      Oh and I would take any case! Thanks

  • Mine was some old samsung flip phone on sprint lol….id prefer the 
     Incipio Feather case thanks

  • Uniball415

    One of the early generation lg flip phones. Can’t even remember the model name. Would love the otterbox. Thanks for all the giveaways

  • Grady Duncan

    I had some random Motorola flip phone that didnt even have a name. Just a bunch of letters and numbers…. Alltel was not good at naming phones lol. i would like the case mate

  • Christian Aldridge

    My first cell was a Nokia dumbphone!

  • andyjv

    first cell phone was also a Samsung … the samsung a650 and now a galaxy nexus!

    • i think thats the old samsung that i had too lol dumb piece of crap with an extendable antenna lol 

  • I don’t know the model number but I had a really old Nokia handset. I don’t even remember what network it was on because I was in 3rd grade at the time. I would LOVE a Seidio Surface Surface for my soon to be owned Galaxy Nexus on Sprint.

  • Aaron

    I had the original Envy. I loved that little green phone with its fold out keyboard and all. Now my Galaxy Nexus is king. I would love the Incipio Feather.

  • tanknspank

    My first cell was an lg env 2. I’ve already got a feather type/surface type case so I would love the otterbox.

  • My first phone of all time was a really old sprint phone with a panda on it. 
    Inicipio Feather would be nice 

  • Tom Lehtonen

    Nokia 3310.  Otterbox

  • Bobby Greenwood

    My first cell phone ever was a motorola bag phone.

  • The Kyocera Phantom! 
    Seidio Surface Surface or Incipio Fether if the Seidio is gonzo!

  • Dc

    The first phone I had was an LG flip-phone. That was followed up by the LG Chocolate.

  • Gavin Marty

    I had a Samsung Ace from sprint. And if i get lucky enough to win, id prefer Incipio case. Thank you for holding this giveaway! 

  • Nate Myers

    not even sure what it was, some cheap crappy brick from alltel i think.

  • started out with an LG flip phone, VX#### can’t remember the exact model. The enV was the first phone I had that had an actual name. I like the look of that case-mate pop

  • Scottyb112

    Ohh boy, im not sure but i think my first cell was like the Nomia 5100-5110. The one tjat looks like a house phone with changable faceplates! Snake of course.
    Id be happy with the case mate or otterbox. Or Anyone that would fit over the extented battery. Thanks DL

  • Ortizkenny1

    I had one of the the old motto flip phones, can’t even remember the name tho… That otter box case is looking good for my galaxy nexus 🙂

  • aziadeh

    I had a nokia 5190 and my service was with pac bell at the time.

  • Tylerwatt12

    My first cell phone was a Nokia 1100. Any case will do, preferably the CaseMate

  • Riseonfire

    some no-name flip phone, but the top part would rotate 180 degrees so you could make the big screen show on the outside when closed.

    Case mate pop please.

  • Egut125

    My first phone was around 2000 and it was an old black and white screen candy bar phone with a flip down cover over the keypad. It was pretty bad ass.

    I’d love to get the incipio feather or the seidio surface!

  • Rctp10

    My first phone was a Motorola flip phone through Alltel. I would prefer the otter-box case although i would take any of them due to the fact i have dropped me nexus twice now on the cement and somehow only had to glue the bottom of the phone back together. still no real visible damage. Need a case asap though. 

  • Ben France

    My fist ever was a Motorola RAZR.  The original.   I’ll take the Otterbox.

  • Attractive Slider Phone Combines Functionality and Fashion
    i would die if i used this today

    also: incipio or otterbox

  • Rodeojones000

    I don’t remember exactly what my first phone was. All I do remember is that it was a Kyocera flip phone and at the time it was pretty sweet. I got it for a job I had while in college (they paid the bill, but I picked out the phone) and I was the only one in any of my classes to have a phone (this would have been in 1999). I was on Sprint at the time.

    Regarding a case, I’d prefer the Case Mate Pop, but I’d also be willing to take the Inicipio Feather.

  • Strashunm

    First phone was the best phone, the.original gun metal motor razr

    The otter box would be nice every day I spend with a naked phone feels like a tick on the clock before something bad happens.

  • Skitals

    My first cellphone was the Nokia 3110. For my Galaxy Nexus, I would love to check out the Inicipio Feather case. Thanks!

  • My first phone was the 
    LG VX8300… I loved it to death actually. I could type faster than sin and drop it repeatedly without a second though.

    I would like the incipio case as well.

  • David Seibel

    Sprint’s Nokia 6150 with extended battery for the Otterbox.

  • Bzchickin

    Og droid, any of them.

  • ws808

    I had a Motorola v60i.
    I’d like to win the Otterbox case.  Thanks!

  • Prttyboiii007

    My first phone was a Samsung flip. It was a competitor to the OLD Razr flip. If I won I would like any! lol But if I could pick, I’d pick the Otter!

  • Veridor

    My first phone was a Nokia 6190. Otterbox Commuter case, if I win.

  • I had an LG VX-6100. What a beauty. I still activate it from time to time just for nostalgia’s sake.

    And of the 4, I think I’d prefer the ottorbox.

  • James Murphy

    First phone was the LG Chocolate 2. I would like the Otterbox.

  • Rob Christie

    had a MicroTAC in the early 90’s. i’d love to win the seidio case for my gnex, but i’m sure i could put any of them to good use.

  • Lopzb1331

    First phone was HTC Google g1! One of the best phones ever! I would prefer otterbox

  • Dan Lopez

    I honestly don’t even remember the name. It was in 1996, small lg flip phone. I’d love to check out the 
    Seidio case.

  • goblu197

    My first phone was a bar shaped nokia that came with snake on verizon.  Man, do I miss that thing…..If I were to win, I’d prefer the seidio or otterbox.

  • Tyler

    Motorola RAZR V3m. I’ll say Otterbox but I don’t care which case as long fits the extended battery within it. 

  • Samsung SCH-a670 was my first phone.  I would like the Otterbox Commuter for my newest Samsung.  (I’ve had LGs and Motorolas in between but I guess I’ve come full-circle).

  • Jason Brown

    the original motorola razr. i would prefer either the otterbox or seidio.

  • Peter Yanni

    Motorola V180. I would like to win the Seidio Surface Case

  • Steve

    motorola Startac. Yeah, those were the days

  • carl miller

    I had the OG razr as my first phone, I would like the Otterbox Commuter but any of them would be fine with me.

  • topherct

    I had a Kyocera brick phone.  Remember when text messages were not included in plans?  I would love any of the cases.  I would prefer the case mate pop or the surface case.

  • Hunter27Reese

    My first cellphone was the original Env in silver! Boy did i think that was cool at the time! Lol talk about a thick phone! Two galaxy nexii and a hinge is abt the thickness 😛 anyway i really like the white/black case-mate!

  • Brian Arroyo

    My first was the Moto StarTAC. I take the Otter. 

  • My first phone was the LG Chocolate.  I would love the feather or casemate pop

  • Motorola Startac – Badass phone. Slim and sleak.
    Would rock the Otterbox or whatever you were willing to throw my way. Thanks

  • Tyler Hupp

    My first phone was the Motorola StarTAC. I’d prefer any case that fits with the extended battery!

  • rudyutz1

    My first phone was an lg env touch. A good first phone but it had issues. Ill take any case but I would perfer the Casemate Pop.

  • Type your comment here
    The Nokia 3310 was my first cellphone. I loved that phone. I had a custom case put on it that had a battery that had blinking LED’s that would go crazy when I got a phone call or was on the phone.  

    I would prefer the Inicipio Feather.

  • Fourbellz

    A nokia  circa 1998 can’t remember the model there were like 3 different colors on the screen it was the biz!! LOL..  I like the looks of the otter box!  Thanks!

  • will ber

    My first Phone was the LG VX8350, I would like the casemate pop

  • Tim Buchanan

    My first phone was my mom’s old Motorola phone with an obligatory flip down “mouth piece” (even though the microphone was on the main body).  Made me feel a little like I was in The Matrix. (Case mate, please!)

  • xman350

    My first phone was a Nokia brick phone.  I would like the incipio feather case.

  • Mikepinter

    It was a U.S. Cellular-branded Motorola bag phone, with the magnetic external antenna on the roof because I was still miles away from any cell tower in the boondocks of Wisconsin.  I quickly moved up to the Motorola StarTac trapezoid and was shocked by how small it was. Neither had any options for cases (although today my daughter would have be-jeweled the bag phone’s case), so I’ll live vicariously through my GNex if you’d give me the OtterBox Commuter!

  • Icecold715

    i Had a nokia 6800 from us cellular, i would like the otter case

  • I was rocking the Nokia 61xx. I thought I was so badass with snake and actually having a cell phone, then a friend showed me his phone with a color screen. Yea… FML! Beggers can’t be choosers. I would go with any case. I guess I am running on borrowed time rocking my GNex without a case :rollseyes: To out in a pick I’d say Otter Box.

  • twix_y

    my first phone was a nokia brick that withstand numerous drops!
    the incipio feather would be nice! thanks

  • Shawn Phelps

    My first phone was the Nokia 1100.  I would prefer the 
    Otterbox Commuter or the 
    Inicipio Feather.   Thanks!  Keep up the good work!

  • Trevorhanson82

    I had Nokia 2110. This lasted a week on one charge! I would like the Case Mate pop case please.

  • Fg2srt4

    First phone was a Nokia 5110. Loved the Snake game!…..would prefer the Case-mate POP!

  • John

    Like many others, my first one was a Motorola startac. That thing was a beast!

    I’d take any case, but I prefer the otterbox.
    Thanks DL

  • Mattspector22

    My first phone was the LG VX-6100 on Verizon and I remember it.being so cool because it.had a gray scale LCD on the outside that I could use for self pictures. lol. And I would.be happy with any case.

  • PicoDeGiao

    My first cell phone was some flippy thing from verizon (possibly a LG phone). That was about 13 years ago. I would like the Incipio case.

  • ckeegan

    The year was 1995.  Just what every 15 year old needed.  A Motorola MicroTAC (yeah, you heard me, pre-StarTAC!)  I was working at a full-service Exxon, pumping gas and washing windshields.  I received my first cell phone bill from Bell Atlantic Mobile…$186.  I vividly remember my father’s excitement, and the month or so it took me to pay it off at $5/hour and 10 hours/week!  I didn’t get another cell phone until I was a sophomore in college.  At that point, it was all Nokia, since YOU COULD CHANGE RINGTONES AND PLAY SNAKE!  I was, the bomb.

    Feather and Otter, in that order, would be my preference. 

  • ashclepdia

    The first phone of ALL, TIME I ever owned was a TracFone, I, went through a couple Nokia TracFone then finally got a contract with Cingular and got a Motorola flip phone with a camera on it, man I was big pimpin! lmao, everyone wanted to use that bad boy, then it got ruined when I was walking in the rain texting, poor moto flip phone, you served me well, It would have been fine if they had had otterbox for them back then lol.
    then I didn’t own a phone for almost six years, during which time Android and smartphones exploded, I finally have in and got a Droid x2 and I was ecstatic, until I, started getting a bunch of issues with it, past week I ordered a galaxy nexus, so thrilled to be moving away from the x2, I had an otterbox on my x2 almost the whole time and would LOVE to able to have one to protect my beautiful nexus because the one on my x2 saved it’s life

  • gadgetgirl5

    My first smartphone was the Treo smartphone. I really hope I win, I would like the Inicipio Feather case. 

  • Dallas

    i had a nokia 5110. But not until i finished highschool. I would like the otter box

  • Amartin737

    my first phone was a qualcomm jog dial. It was sweet. Held like 50 contacts. Had a awesome dial to go through your contacts. Wish I still had it.
    I’ll take any case your offering. I’m running around naked now!

  • skakajici

    sadly it was an audiovox CDM9100 (or something similar) from verizon dating back to 2000. i still have it if you need proof.

    • skakajici

      the seidio surface would be awesome.

  • Dallas

    i had a nokia 5110. But not until i finished highschool.

  • Honestly, don’t remember the name. It was some old silver LG flip :p
    I’d like the POP case!

  • Ignitros

    My very first active working phone was the Nokia 9000 Communicator with Voicestream which is now T-Mobile. I’m happy with any case since I’ve never won anything.

  • Professandobey

    I don’t remember the name exactly, but it was a Nokia phone with a QWERTY keyboard split in two with the screen in the middle, kind of like the game boy advance. It was practically a smartphone several years before the i*hone. Unfortunately I only had it for 1 week due to my parents disliking the service on Cingular.

    • Professandobey

      Sorry I jumped the gun. Any case would be fine.

  • First cell phone was Nextel i1000 – Yup I was a chirper – And case I would like would be the Case Mate looks cool. 

  • Edsanchez10

    my first phone was a sprint lg camera phone. cant even remember the name. it was a flip up phone.

  • Matt

    LG 9400 the phone from the first iron man. I would really like the feather case.

  • Henry

    My first phone was the LG Fusic, which I really enjoyed. First smartphone though was a Palm Treo 650. I would prefer the Inicipio Feather

  • My first cell phone was a Motorola E815. I’d prefer the otterbox case.

  • MTPenguin

    First cell phone of all time was a big (little @ the time) nokia.  Don’t remember the model.  Waaaaaaaaaaaay before anything ‘flipped’.  Wasn’t too long after the bags.  Would like the otter, since I’ve never had one, however the leather ones look nice too.

  • Samsung a650! Had a color screen and I thought I was all that! Back in the day where we had limited texting and when I got upgraded to 50 to 250 texts a month and I thought “how in the world could someone send that many text messages?!”

    And then I got a girlfriend.

    PS: Case Mate Pop

  • One of the Cingular Nokia phones with Snake and the custom ringtone composer. Spent hours typing in ringtones I found online like the Mortal Kombat theme haha.

    As primitive as they were, it was one sturdy phone, don’t know how many times I’d dropped it and it was still fine. Otterbox would definitely help me keep my GNex is good shape though.

  • Jlaurence24

    My first phone was an LG Slider phone…..would turn on and off on its own…..crazy

    Case:  Incipio Feather!

  • Alex Nicoletti

    I think my first cell phone was the Audiovox 9000 I purchased while working at Verizon Wireless back in 2000. Otterbox

  • Jacob Mata

    My first phone was the Droid Eris. I would like to enter to win the Otter box case.

  • I got my first cellphone in 2007, it was the LG Chocolate 2. The case I want is the Case mate POP

  • MrWicket

    Motorola StarTAC 🙂 Incipio Feather for me please!

  • Butters

    I had an old nokia brick phone. Best thing about it was that it had a LED on the top where the power button was acting as a flashlight! Every phone I had since then (until the droid) did not have a light, even the ones with a camera flash! http://www.ifixit.com/Device/Nokia_2128i

    Incipio case looks best.

  • My first phone was the Samsung “Juke”…in red. Great little thing for music, not the best texting phone though. But hey, i sure did love it!!

    Id also prefer to have the Feather or the Pop case!

  • Jonathonflores6958

    Wow haha I had some random @$$ Samsung MM flip phone. It had a HUGE 3.2 MP on the side. The top flipped and swiveled lol best phone ever. Back when Sprint was sh*tty… Oh wait. Casemate Pop seems like a good case.

  • Droid_Dude

    First phone? A POS prepaid monster that I was laughed at for owning! Prefer the Seidio.

  • Lwwiggins

    First phone…original razor
    Case preference…Outterbox

  • ABerry5

    First cell of all time was a prepaid virgin mobile “party animal” in 2003 I was a freshman in high school.. that was a kyocera 2119b

    I need this incipio feather !

  • Lisa Teichmann

    Nokia tracfone, still have it! I would prefer the otterbox case

  • My first phone was the Motorola StarTac.  My case of choice is the CaseMate Pop!!! 

  • Garrett

    I had a a lovely little Nokia candy bar phone. Unfortunately I dropped it while riding my bike one day and it crashed through the street straight through to China. In all reality it got run over a few times but still made calls.

  • YankInDaSouth

    My first cell was some random Motorola flip phone – it got the job done lol

    My Nexus would LOVE to be wrapped in that casemate 😉

  • movalpolos

    cheap plastic b&w nokia phone at age 12.

  • Kevin M

    First cellphone was a Nokia 5100.. HOLYCUSTOMIZABLEFACEPLATE!!! yup, me and sixteen million other ppl… Otterbox would be delightful.. thank you!

  • Beau McCoy

    My first phone was the Audiovox 4500. I got it for my 18th birthday right before I went to college in 98. Back then the digital network, what is now known as 1x, was just being born. Most places had only analog service, whatever that means.

    When the phone was in analog mode it would get ridiculously hot. I mean like stupid grabbing a pan of the stove top hot. It would burn your face/hand if you touch it so I always had to use a headset if talking on it for more than a few minutes.  
    If I win I would like the case mate. Thanks

  • Cliff Hoffman

    The Nokia 3310 was my first.  We’ve come a long way.  I don’t remember having any problems with that.  Maybe because it was 12 years ago.  That or because it was only a phone.  Anyway, I like the case mate POP, but i would take any of them.

  • Timothydcassell

    My first phone was a Nokia “Brick”. And I felt as cool as Zack Morris with that puppy.
    In honor of that brick I would like to try the Otter Box Case (assuming it fits my extended battery of course;)

  • humidity

    My first phone was a blue Motorola T720. Worst phone ever! Otterbox Commuter case please!

  • RashadGattis

    I will take the Seidio Surface Case for chosing the Motorola V60 as my first cell phone. 

  • My first phone was The “V” yes the thick qwerty keyboard phone on Verizon. The predecesor  to one of the most popular phone series of all time, the enV. I would prefer the Otter Box, but whatever you have available is welcome, thank you. 

  • Joshua Casey

    I had the Qualcomm QCP-2700 on Sprint PCS! 
    Sign me up for the Incipio, but any would do. 

  • dsass600

    I had a Motorola Razr. I would like the Case-Mate POP case.

  • I had an LG Chocolate.

    Actually, four of them.
    I’m clumsy…
    This GNEX is my 16th cell phone…

    The Case Mate looks pretty!

  • Sony Ericson T610 with Cingular, thank god for technology advancing! Ottor box

  • I’d love to win that Incipio case.

    So far I’ve come since my Nokia 1610 brick!

  • Ppm

    I had a audio vox car mounted phone. I would like the otter box case.

  • Nokia 3330. I remember playing a killer game of snake on that thing. 1st Seidio, 2nd Incipio, 3rd Otter, 4th casemate. 

  • Tex

    An old nokia candybar style phone, I don’t remember the model…I’m old…
    The feather case looks pretty sweet.

  • Sean

    Audiovox CDM-8600!

    Case Mate Pop!

    Droid-Life Rocks!

  • jromash

    NOKIA brick, didn’t even know what texting was
    Icipio Feather

  • Motorola v60i.  An awesome phone in it’s day!  Of course, it’s not even worth comparison to my Galaxy Nexus.  I’d like to win the Otterbox case to protect my GNex!

  • RickyGrundyJr

    my first cell phone was a Nokia 3310. i would like to win the Pop case. .-)

  • Mike Kilar

    First phone was the OG RAZR! Loved that phone. Actually still have one on my 3rd spare line. 7 key doesnt work that well. 

    Would love to win the Case Mate. It looks awesome.

  • Ziv

    Motorola flip phone, 1992 🙂

  • whenjasonattks

    It was some sony ericsson phone on t-mobile. I couldn’t tell you what the model was but I did buy a flame case for it. It also had a camera attachment lol

  • Kadeem James

    I had the Nokia 6110 back in middle school. With a sweet Mario Bros. monophonic ringtone and a strobe light antenna! Incipio please!

  • Jngibson24

    I had an LG flip phone
    Otterbox Please!

  • Rcrook2

    Pick me y’all..I have a case less galaxy nexus at the moment…kinda long story why but in short sold my first galaxy nexus along with all cases and two weeks later bought another. Dont want any scratches.

  • Hipe0ples555

    LG Voyager!!!!! and i would like the incipio feather pweaseee!!!

  • Weilerda

    Nokia 8210… Phone past all my drop tests. I would like Seidio Surface.

  • Justin Koch

    My first phone of all time was some silver Motorola flip phone. Not sure what model it was but it was around 2001. Oh how cell phones have changed!

    I’d like to win the otter box!

  • My very first phone was a Kajeet LG. I don’t have the exact phone model, but it was a clamshell style with little to no features. (And I got a blackberry upgrade soon after!)

    Case: Otterbox or Feather

  • Kevin Faaborg

    My first phone was Sony Ericsson T100.
    I would prefer the Incipio Feather, then secondly the Otterbox.

  • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

    MAN…. I had one of the Old Sony Erricson phones and the thick antenna sticking out of the top LOL. I was just looking for it online and I couldn’t find it because I can’t remember the name. It was on At&t. The other was the Old School Nokia 3360!!!!!!

  • My old Nokia phone was like a brick! And Casemate is preferred, thanks! 🙂

  • Audiovox CDM 4000 … so long ago.

    Incipio please 🙂

  • Brandondavis81

    My first phone was a Motorola StarTac. I would enjoy the Incipio case.

  • Elitegreek

    Audiovox CDM-8910 – Sedio Surface.

  • bobbymay1


    This little baby, back on Alltel. Since then I have had a touchscreen MOTO on alltel, the env3, the og droid, and now my beautiful Galaxy Nexus. I would love any of the cases! Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Nate Cadle

    First phone was a kyocera slider, man I felt like the coolest kid ever, I would love an Incipio Feather

  • Ron Gomez

    My first phone was the StarTac.  I would like to have the Incipio Case

  • Dwilder

    I had a Motorola bag phone–excellent quality, but BIG.  I would love the Otterbox case.  Thanks!

  • tshook06

    Motorola e815 was first I can remember first Android phone was g1…any case except otterbox

  • Mustang5Oh

    Nokia 3310 baby!!! 🙂 LOVED playing Snake on it which made me feel like a rockstar! Also modded it with a clear case and some intense lights inside!

    I’d love the Case-Mate Pop or the Incipio Feather!!

  • z32589

    Nokia TracFone baby! Nothing like a limited number of texts and calls when youre trying to be super-fly…my Galaxy Nexus has made up for it though! Would love to through and Otterbox Case on it though!

  • symetriic

    Old Motorola brick, black. It had an LED screen! Incipio Feather would do fine, thank you you very much.

  • NebDroid10

    I had an old LG flip phone. At least it had a camera. I would take any of the cases but I’ve always wanted to try out an otterbox.

  • AbbieRosario

    The Nokia 5110 where I was the champion on Snake. The greatest game ever. I remember that I had the first minute free of every incoming call so I would always keep conversations very short as I only had like 100 minutes each month on top of that.  This is back in 1998 or so where there was no option for unlimited nights and weekends.  I would take anyone of the cases as I am not very picky since I have never had one and do not know what is good or not when it comes cases.

  • Deslotnick

    Motorola StarTAC baby!!! digital all the way.

    Incipio Feather looks pretty cool

  • My first cell phone was a StarTac flip phone. Later coupled with my green display Palm Pilot, it was a great combo. Would love either the Otterbox or Seidio case.

    Thanks, Droid Life!

  • PowellByron

    Ṁy Ŕooṁate’ś ṁotĥer-in-laW Ṁakeś $71/ĥŔ on tĥe internet. Śĥe ĥaś been out of WoŔk for 6 Ṁontĥś but laśt Ṁontĥ ĥer pay Waś $7393 juśt WoŔking on tĥe internet for a feW ĥourś. Ŕeaď ṁore on tĥiś Web Śite >>> Goo.gl/189kz

  • teknque

    old nokia bar phone with a clear battery that lit up when the phone rang.

    i would prefer the otterbox

  • I dont even know what it was called, it was an old silver lg flip phone with a green and black screen, no front screen. worst signal in the world along with the worst games. Id love to win the incipio feather case

  • Nokia 5190! Otterbox!

  • Buckazui

    i had the old nokia 252 for my first phone and really thought i cool as hell lol. i would like the incipio

  • Wsiembida

    My first phone was N old motorolo the one the size of a large home cordless phone .. and I want a case mate for looking like a idiot back in the day trying to be cool..

  • TankerTuff

    My 1st cellphone was a Mitsubishi branded phone. It looked like a household cordless phone.I would like the incipio feathercase

  • cswin72

    my first cell phone was a motorola “star tac”  (i can’t find the model number online…argh!).  it was the 8 pound door stop shapped one that “flipped” open (not the small starTAC11)….. the peice you flip open was only a very thin, cheap, plastic cover for the numeric keypad.  

    i would love to try the otterbox case!

  • I had a Nokia back when flip phones were huge. Also I would like the Case Mate case.

  • Finderdj

    First phone was a Nokia pay as you go phone. First smart phone was a iPhone 3G

    Case mate please!

  • took me about 15 minutes to find it but here it is

    I guess it was call motorola e815, didn’t remember that name
    and case mate is the one i would like

  • Nokia 3360…Incipio Feather

  • Forget the exact model but it was something similar to the Nokia 6120 back in 1999.  I still have it in a drawer and laugh at how bulky it is.  At the time I thought how slim it was!

  • williambwarren

    First cell phone: the Nokia 5190 – hand-me-down from my dad since we were using Alltel, but the first cellphone that I got to pick on my own was the Samsung SCH-n330; $.99 on contract. Followed by a Motorola RAZR v3c, and finally an LG Glimmer before my OG DROID and now, my GNex. 🙂

    • williambwarren

      Meant to add in – I would love the incipio feather. 🙂

  • First phone of all time, LG VX5000. I want the Inicipio Feather or Otterbox one!

  • Scott Harman

    Qualcomm QCP-2760 …. I remember it being “really thin”.   Inicipio Feather, please.

  • J. Wolf

    My first phone was a chunky motorola, it was HUGE!!  I prefer the otterbox.

  • Nokia 2110 Otterbox

  • I had a LG enVy as on verizon as my first phone….oh how far we’ve come, lol I would love to have the otterbox case since my Gnex is currently naked.

  • An LG Env 2. I prefer the Incipio Feather!

  • drewbie_al

    First phone was a Nokia 5900 on Powertel.

    I’d prefer the otter, but I’ll take any of ’em.

  • John-Mark Clawson

    My first was a Nokio 8210.  I would be interested in any of these cases… but I don’t think any fit with an extended battery.

  • SysWiz

    Motorola StarTac.  Otterbox, please.

  • jdomann

    It was a Nokia not-so-brick brick phone.  I was on Tracfone and I wanted a phone to be able to communicate outside the house. This was back in I think 2006.  Since then, I’ve owned a Motorola RAZR (<3 that phone), two Samsung flip phones I can't remember the name of, HTC Incredible, and now a GNexus. <3 my phones.

    Also, I have no preference on the case, they all seem amazing. Otterbox if I have to choose though.

  • Glock

    Nokia 2250 was the first one I paid for. Had a Motorola Cxx series I believe but couldn’t quite locate it. Looked like a marshmallow of a bar phone and came with 2 rubber skins…blue and orange. I dare say it could kill the infamous Nokia going around. O.o

    Otterbox or Feathercase

  • My first phone was the Nokia 1100 from Tracfone. It wasn’t amazing, but it could text my girlfriend and make my friend’s car speakers buzz whenever it did anything on the network. It was the best.

    Also, the Otterbox would be awesome, but (almost) any case is better than no case!

  • Mike Thomason

    My first phone that wasn’t a push to talk, that you could dual from wasa Motorola walkie talkey with a dial pad. To make a call, you held down the push button and hit the star for a dial tone!

  • Ben Schulz

    I had this old LG flip phone.  Loved it.  Only problem was that it was the thickness of a brick, but with a flip screen stapled to it.  


    Seidio Surface please!

  • xMrRocknRollx

    First phone was definitely a LG VX-10 in black.  And that Incipio Feather looks awfully nice.

  • Madcrossover2000

    my first phone is a Galaxy Nexus

    i prefer: Otterbox commuter

  • Greenairwaves90

    I had a LG fliphone when i was in 9th grade one.of first to have a camera as the craze at the time was boost mobile and nextel. So many people wanted to take pics lol. I would prefer any case as its a free case 🙂

  • Jordan Oakley

    My first was a Nokia 5165. I’ll never forget her or the ex-girlfriend that smashed it… Ah memories. I would like the Case-Mate Pop!

  • ManBearPig618

    Nokia brick…screws inside got so loose it sounded like a maraca! Incipio please!

  • Jeremy Case

    My first phone was a Nokia 5100 series. Had about a dozen different faceplates for it in a variety of colors and also had one of those cheesy hologram decals you could put on the screen. Any of the cases would be fine Kellex

  • Trooper

    Motorola bag phone for me, heh. I can haz ze Otterbox?

  • http://st2.gsmarena.com/vv/bigpic/mov555.gif
    This badboy. I would like the Gnex Pop case (:

  • bsherwoo

    Samsung a670 flip – Both my very FIRST and LAST phone before the Galaxy Nexus. What a world of difference.

    Any case is good but *incipio feather* sound cool

  • Joe Guion

    My first phone was one of those indestructible nokias, before that a moto pager.  That really puts tech advancement into perspective…Wow!   Otterbox please

  • Ryan

    my first cell phone was a motorola bag phone (4500x or similar). It was really more of a car-phone as it was permanently installed into my Jeep when I bought it (previous owner had it done I’m assuming, was a used car but only for a year before I got it). My Jeep still has the window-mounted antenna installed, as I think it adds a neat touch. If you mean first real portable cell phone, it was a Kyocera QCP-2035 on Cricket wireless. I had avoided getting a real cell phone for a few years, though I got that one back in 1999 or there abouts.

    • Ryan

       Oh and oops, whichever works best with the extended battery. Probably the Seidio

  • harryharry

    Good old Nokia 5110 (i believe that’s the model.. it matches according to google images) on Cingular Wireless. Those were the days (not really).

    At least I wasn’t so bogged down in specs and capabilities… and screen resolution.. and how good the camera is.  Simpler times haha.

  • Robert Husley

    My first phone was a Nokia 5110, and would like the Incipio case.

  • Jesse Venegas

    A Nokia 3360, would spend hours playing Centipede. I would like Incipio Feather Please!

  • Nokia 6110 – It was a candy bar style phone and I was a pimp with my silver face plate and flashing/vibrating battery! Ohh and might I add, the battery lasted about a week on a charge!

    As for the case…I’m not picky

  • Patrick Dackins

    My first phone was a Sony Ericsson T610. I would like the  Incipio case.

  • Mitchell Steele

    I had a Motorola v60.  Went swimming with it, ran it through the washer, and dropped it down 17 feet to solid concert.  Still works to this day.

    I would probably go for the Seidio Surface case.

  • FknTwizted

    had a Motorola bag phone installed into my camaro… $100 for 50 minutes. any will do but #1 would be the otterbox.

  • I don’t know if I can actually classify this as a phone, but my favorite phones were the fake ones filled with candy. As a kid, those were amazing, and delicious! And I’d love the incipio!

  • Tavares1914

    I had this charcoal grey Kyocera with a hard antenna that had this awesome brick breaking game on it. Spent hours destroying my high scores.

    Incipio Feather

  • Jordan

    I got a Moto Razr for Christmas. And the Incipio case would be great.

  • Sts86gt

    I had the old Motorola “brick” phone that came out in like 93 or 94 and operated on the Nynex or Bell Atlantic system.I thought I was so cool with that phone.because it wasn’t a bag phone. I even had a leather cover for it that had a zipper,like it wasn’t big enough already..I’ll take any case if I win.

  • Yelohjigga

    I had the motorola razr and was really intrigued by its design; too bad they cant make 4G phones that thin with removable battery. I would prefer the otterbox.

  • Jim Sheeran

    OG Droid. Coming from a Samsung Omnia the Droid blew it away. I no longer got mad every time I used my phone.

    And I’ll take any case. Thanks!

  • bsnarles

    I don’t think my first phone had a name. It was just a regular flip phone from Verizon, but my first phone with a name was the Voyager. I completely destroyed that phone and don’t want that to happen to my Nexus. The one thing its missing is a case rated from most wanted to acceptable – Case Mate Pop!, Inicipio Feather, Otterbox Commuter, and the Seido Surface.

  • Glen Fotre

    My first cell phone was a bag phone that I hard wired into my car!  I’d like the Incipio for my Galaxy Nexus

  • I can’t remember the model but my first phone was a nokia Alltel Simple Freedom phone from Walmart. It was a candy bar style phone.

  • Mr.Man

    Motorola v120.  Otter Case please

  • Bag Phone. size of a small suit case.  otterbox case please

  • mikesuds

    I had a monochromatic, blue Samsung flip phone on Sprint. I can’t find any pictures of it… I really liked it for the time! Incipio!

  • Zachary Stone

    My first cellphone was the Motorola startac. Otterbox please

  • Tweekex

    Motorola Razr, the RED edition. I worked and saved for months to afford one (couldn’t get a contract – I was 16).

    As for the case, the white Case Mate case has my name all over it!

  • Mholton12

    my first was a motrola razr and the and black and white case mate.

  • Jon McCardell-Sameulsson

    My first phone was the LG VX3100. I would like the otterbox

  • Tim_Horton

    edit: Motorola dynatac8000x (cellular one) was the first cellphone I was ever given to use as mine but it never got used cause I couldn’t afford the near 1$ something a minute to use it.
    Motorola R370 (nextel) was the first one I had, and had on me, and actually used – like a phone.

    Feather or Commuter if today is may day, your choice.

  • ncsurob

    It was one of those pre-star tac motorolas.  I am not sure if it even had a name.  I will take the otter.

  • Wow, I’m a lot younger than a lot of you guys haha…

    I had the *classic* LG VX-8300.  Check out those specs!  http://www.phonescoop.com/phones/phone.php?p=905

    PS. Incipio Feather please!

  • kamui0

    classic nokia 3585i. id like the otterbox 

  • letsmotor

    kyocera candy bar style; pop would be nice but all look good compared to case i’m using for gnex fro

  • LetsGoToday

    Coffee can on a string! Ok, StarTAC. Incipio Feather looks groovy.

  • ScottyfromGA

    my first cellphone was a motorola i205 beep beep from nextel. Would love to have that Case-Mate one.

  • Cliffordgadd

    I had a Motorola RAZR. Otterbox please.

  • support our troops !

    My first cell phone was in the military. Took 2 people to run it. It worked ! Loving the otterbox commuter for my nexus. God Bless America !

  • Kelly

    I had a Kyocera KX414, which was a beast – totally indistructible! I would like an otterbox please!

  • Ericlewislt

    Mine was a Sanyo mm 970 I think with interchangeable color face plates. I would like the case pop

  • ScottyByrd

    I had a Motorola Star Tac and would love the Otterbox 

  • My first cell phone ever was the Motorola MicroTac 9800X…. Ohh boy was that thing heavy and bulky, I was not expecting to take pictures or changing my FB status with it but it was cool the be the guy on the street with his own cell phone. Not bad at all exchanging my Freestyle GT BMX bike for it 🙂  If you don’t mind, send my the Outter Case please!

  • I had a Motorola 120t on Sprint.  Parents wouldn’t let me get a phone until I had a job and could pay for it myself.  Also, I’d prefer the Incipio Feather.

  • hotelmode

    I had a Motorola V60 as my first phone. It was a badass phone. Flip-phone with a front display. The guy at the Verizon store sold it to me by throwing his personal one across the room. It landed on the carpet, no problem. He probably threw it 15 times a day.. I wonder how long it lasted him.

    Anyway, I’d like the Incipio Feather. It looks great!

  • hldc1

    Ericsson 388. BOOM!


    Otterbox Commuter.


  • Matthew O’Sullivan

    My first cell phone was one of those Nokia’s with the game boy type screen. I tried desperately go get a ringtone that was “cool”, but ultimately it was always that obnoxious Nokia ringtone. God I hated that phone. I wish I had a cool story like “I had a Zach Morris Saved By The Bell style block of cheese size phone” but alas I do not.
    I like the feather case!!

  •  I was only 13 when I got one but from what I remember it was one of the very first camera phones and it was a flip phone, both of those combined made it as awesome then as my Gnex is now haha. I’d love any of the cases, especially the OtterBox, as this phone is significantly more fragile then any of those old school bricks!

  • Getting OLD

    I can’t recall the model of the phone, but we all know it as “The Brick”. I think they still spoof that thing. I remember watching “Night at the Roxbury” and lmao thinking….damn….that was us back in the day!! (well not like them but carrying that damn brick around as a phone). Sheesh, I’ve been through a lot of freaking phones. Hook me up with anything BUT an Otterbox. 

  • AHoL

    First phone was a Nokia 5110 – I thought it was SOOO much cooler than my sisters Motorola, and to this day my phone is WAY cooler! I would prefer the Otterbox or Case Mate POP!

  • Lucas Smith

    My first phone was (I just looked through LG’s discontinued phones to find it) the LG LG3280 (http://www.lg.com/us/cell-phones/lg-LG3280). What a long way I’ve come to my new Galxy Nexus! I would be happy with any free case.

  • Kevbowong

    Moto Startac. Otterbox please.

  • My first was a Motorola flip phone in the early 2000’s (I’m a youngin compared to some people on here haha) with a front and rear facing camera (it was a single camera that flipped back and forth) and was also a “Specialized MP3 Player” phone and I’d want the Ottbox

  • KRDMTech

    Nokia 1260… solid black phone with (omg… wait for it) black and white (well sorta greenish) display.

    Case-Mate please 🙂

  • Cjromanos

    OG Droid was my first phone. I would like to win any of the cases. no preference

  • I had a prepaid flip phone from t-mobile and it was a samsung.
    I would like the OtterBox

  • Colin

    Nokia 51xx. It did nothing but make calls but at least did that

    I’d like the otter box, followed closely by the case mate.

  • Ben

    Easy!  A Motorla SCN2395 bag phone with Alltel back when you could get the $10.00 / 100 Minute plan.

    When your phone is also a carrying case, who needs these fancy protective sleeves?  Now my GNex would look quite sexy in that Otterbox Commuter.

  • The first Motorola color phone, forget the name now, but I remember it was a big deal being the first color phone.  Would love the Otter Box case.

  • Motorola Microtac, can’t remember the model number, just that it was nice and warm against my cheek when I used it to make a phone call. Otterbox, por favor.

  • my first cell was a Samsung.  No idea of the model number…but anyone that was anyone had one back in 1999.  Floppy antenna, 3 line black and white screen.  It was awesome.  I’d take any case but would prefer otterbox or feather

  • my first phome was the first nokia gsm color screen. i would prefer the incipio i already have the otterbox and the pop case.

  • h8thepain

    Samsung A500!!! damn was that an awesome phone!

    I’ll take whatever case is available.

  • OhAaron

    My Verizon GNex wants one. 🙂  My first phone was a pre-paid Nokia bar phone on T-mobile.  It was freaking awful!  I don’t live in a metro area, so the signal reception was just terrible.  Thankfully, my parents put me on their Verizon plan, which led me into the grandfathered unlimited plan that I have today. 9 phones later & I finally have the best. 😉  I’d really like the case-mate, but they’re all cool. Thanks for the opportunity to win!  

  • Barnaldo

    My first cellphone was a Treo 700wx.  I finally got it after carrying various Palm PDAs for nearly a decade.

    The Seidio Surface case would be very nice for my Gnex!

  • Michael Dickenson

    My first phone was a Nokia brick phone… Don’t even remember the model just that it was heavy and had a massive antenna you had to extend to use the phone…

    Should pick me! I would love to have the Seidio surface! 

  • ikryptic

    LG PM225. I would like the otterbox. Thanks.

  • shr1k3r

    Lg flip phone with the sickest helicopter game. And I would take any case! otter box is probably my favorite though

  • Jerrymen88

    The first Moto Razr flip up and i still have for memories….Case-Mate POP

  • My very first cell phone was some LG flip phone that was silver with a circular screen on the outside. I don’t remember the model number and I can’t find it. My dad’s very first cell phone was a Nokia “brick”. It was fun changing the ring tones. 😛 

    Case: The Seidio Surface or the Incipio Feather. 

  • FusionSaint

    Motorola V400… on AT&CRAP before they screwed me. 

    Either the incipio or the case-mate… PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE =D

  • Kaufkin

    Motorola Bag phone – perfer any case (if any) that will fit the extended battery Verizon version. Tks!

  • Motorola flip phone ‘circa 1994 – single line led screen, but one button re-call and side of phone volume controls!

    Seidio, please…


  • allan

    Case mate pop. Green label please

    Those old school Nokia phones. Where you can basically put a clear case. Light up antenna when you receive a call. Mine was like a disco lights. I’m sure everybody had that and did that.

  • Scontreras07

    The game changer aka LG Chocolate… Would like to get the CaseMate Pop

  • Travisgary

    an old nokia phone  where you could progam like 10 stored numbers in it.   

    how crude.

    not picky on the case.

  • I had the Sanyo SCP 3000 Cell Phone from 1999…Also would prefer the Otter Box

  • I had an old Motorola PT 550 in the late 90’s.  That sucker was awesome!  One thin LED screen showing my awesome signal and battery strength.  Oh and lets not forget constantly checking to see if im roaming or not!  🙂

    Id take the any of them but I like the Incipio Feather case.

  • Vonny571

    Motorola V60. I had the “dongle” that let me use it for dial up internet for my laptop. Thought that was pretty cool. Crazy that 10 years later I’m tethering high speed wifi from GNex. Any case would be great.

  • Andrew Davis

    I started late. But my first phone was a Motorola Pebl. I LOVED that phone. Great in hand.. Ugh. Don’t get me started. Out these, I would like the Surface. Or the feather, as a second choice.

  • Ashley

    Can’t remember the exact name but it was a Motorola flip phone. Oh the days with black and white phones. I’d prefer the Case Mate Pop

  • Nokia 5190, Surface case, or whatever case works with the 2100 mAh battery

  • MattSweeden

    My first phone ever was a LG Dare

    Seidio case

  • Kevin Dahlstrom

    Wow! I don’t remember the model, however, it was in 1992 and it was an installed Motorolla — “Car Phone”! Flashbacks!! Would love the Seidio Surface please.

  • Dodge4bbl

    Motorola e815…i’ll take the seidio case if you will.

  • My first mobile was the classic Nokia 3390.

    I wouldn’t mind any of the cases, beggars can’t be choosers.

  • Jacob Silverstone

    First Phone Audiovox PCX-1000XL-E (been with verizon that long) 

    Would love the Inicipio Feather

    Thanks a ton.

  • First phone wasn’t all that long ago – ATT LG CU400… it was a real POS – no need for a case on that thing.

    However I would like the Seidio for the Galaxy Nexus.

  • tehserver

    A Kyocera something or other candy bar style phone. I wouldn’t mind winning the Otterbox or the Incipio.

  • tomwhite86

    My first mobile was the LG VX4400. External color screen!!! I would love the Incipio Feather case.

  • Roshan John

    I had a the ever popular Nokia 3210. And man was I a beast at Snake. (Incipio Feather would make my day)

  • YinzerRob

    my first phone was a nextel don’t even remember the model, it was a brick.

    i would like the least bulky case that will also fit my extended battery…

  • Falexander115

    First cell phone was purchased in 1985. It was a discontinued AT&T hard-mount car phone that cost $1500. Service was through Cellular One and one-minute (or any fraction thereof) of talk-time cost $.35. No “plans” back then – so you had to watch your minutes. In fact most of my calls lasted no longer than one minute! Signal? Now that was another story all together…

    Would really love to try the Pop! Case.

  • InfrnalSky

    Motorola T720 and the Otterbox Commuter case please!

  • I had the Nokia Brick. If I could remember the name, I would…but you know what I mean! I would like the Otterbox Commuter.

  • Bobaliscious1981

    My first cell phone ever was a nokia flip phone. I want the case mate.

  • CompCrash

    I first has a Samsung flip phone. It did take a beating and lasted a while.

    I would like the Incipio Feather.

  • Josh515

    My first phone was some Cingular (or pre-AT&T) pre-paid Motorola flip phone. I’d love to win the Seidio Surface case!

  • I know it was a cheap samsung flip phone from T-Mobile. I would like to win the commuter case 🙂

  • El Big Chris

    My first phone was a sanyo camera flip phone. I thought it was so cool because the camera was integrated (back in early 2000’s when i was a teen still) and i hated the leather pouches, so i kept it naked and it payed the price. Scratched to hell. So to avoid that, I’d like that casemate one 🙂

    • Aguilacahc00

      Forgot the pic haha

  • Brian Walker

    My first phone was the Motorola 120c (had to Google it). It was pretty basic, even for when it came out, but I loved having it. I would like the seidio, please and thank you.

  • Dale Rolley

    Motorola Star Tac… Any case would be fine. 

  • Robert

    An older Nokia brick phone. and ill be damned if that thing ever broke. Since phones are not made like that anymore, id like the otterbox! 

  • I had an awesome kyocera slider phone.  It split in the middle and the top rotated up it was awesome. Now Ive got the Nexus and Id love the Otter box.

  • Dallasfan90262

    Nextel i1000 – incipio feather

  • 89Fialcon

    It was a Nokia 5110 on Cingular.
    I’d prefer the Case Mate Pop

  • Kiter86

    Not sure of the actual model, but it was a Motorola car phone with a phone book size battery and receiver. I would prefer the incipio feather but would definately take any.

  • dnruas

    I remember my first phone. It was about two years ago when I was 18 right after Christmas there was a deal going on with the Droid 1-buy one get one free- and my dad wanted to buy a cellphone after the incident that happened in my school. Basically I blacked out and there wa no way to contact my parents and the only one’s capable of picking me up didn’t know how to ge to my school. So back on story, my dad shows up home later at night with my mom and they were like surprise we got cellphones. After a moment of just awww my mom was like I won’t need a smart phone sododo you want it and I was just like YES!

    Also I would like the case mate pop

  • kaos2flo

    My first phone was the Nokia 8210. Man that phone was slim and it had snake on it. I remember playing snake all day long to beat the high score and my phone would last aaaaallllll day long… I would like the case mate pop or the feather. I like to keep my phone thin. 🙂

  • My very first phone was an LG VX4400.  I thought it was awesome with a clock on the outside that would flash different colors when someone would call.  I would prefer the otterbox or the Seido feather.

  • My First phone was a Motorola Bag phone on Sprint!

    Case Mate POP! please!

  • Anthony55

    A Motorola RAZR V3m. I would like the Otterbox.

  • E Diddy

    My first phone was a Motorola Startac. Bad mother at the time, lol. I would take any of the four cases listed, but if I had to choose one it would be the Otterbox.

  • Jschorr100

    Motorola Star Tek….am i giving my age away? lol
    Incipio would be nice, thanks DL

  • Koolice

    my first phone was the little nokia phone that came out around 2000 that was thefirst phone with an internal antenna. It was so small
    and hard to talk witg but it was awesome.
    Otterbox would be awesome.

  • AznGwiz

    I had the motorola portable phone. It was programmed so I can make and receive free calls.

  • Arie Hoogendoorn

    Old School Nokia I don’t even know the model number: Case mate Pop

  • chrisjj

    my first phone was an lg dare

  • Brendan Turner

    I held off until the Treo 650 and rocked that until the OG Droid. Now my GNex would love the Case Mate Pop! or the Inicipio Feather. But heck, anything would be great

  • Coopster

    First phone was a Motorola Microtac.  It was a helluva deal at $0.35 / minute!

    I would like the Inicipio Feather.

  • Patmw123

    My first cell phone was the alltel 8910 and I would love to try out the incipio feather case.

  • drdrowsy

    starTAC.  still awesome!


  • Eric

    My first phone was a minimal-featured freebie, not even name brand. It was Nokia-like, but…not even.

    It could make phone calls only. When I first got it, I was incredibly excited and spent three hours listening to the midi-style ringtones to see which I liked best. 

    Oh, and most importantly: it was a freebie from CRICKET. Yup. Cricket was my first carrier, and at the time I couldn’t be happier. With my GNex on Verizon, it’s fair to say I’ve come quite a long way.

    I’d adore that Otterbox Commuter case!

  • Bionic Man

    My first cell was an Ericsson R280. It had a monochrome screen and a WAP browser. I used to be able to use that sucker in a basement in the depths of my work and it worked flawlessly.

    Luv the style Case Mate Pop!

  • Corey

    First phone I had was a Nokia bar phone with a flashy orange clip on case.. I like the caemate

  • Nokia 6590i and I’m glad those days are gone. I would like the Incipio

  • Got Fragz

    Moto Razr. Except it wasn’t made of Kevlar… :/
    I would prefer the Incipio.

  • Nokia brick. Snake ftw!

    Incipio Feather please.

  • My first phone was an old LG flip phone.  I honestly don’t remember the model number its been so long.  I upgraded within a year to an LG VX9800 though.  Now that was a fun phone, no matter how ugly it looks now. 

    Any case would be cool, but the Feather does look nice.

  • microdot44

    I dont even remember what my first cell phone was but my first smartphone was the Motorola Q. Given the technology back then it was actually a pretty nice phone. Very thin and a nice keyboard. I would like to try the case-mate case but anyone would do really.

  • beardedman

    I had the Nokia that every highschooler had in 1999. it had snake, custom faceplate and keys. it also was outfitted with a custom battery and Antenna that matched and lit up. It didn’t help pick up chick’s… I would like the otter box.

  • Skennedy412

     This was my first phone as a kid… two cups and a string!

  • 92Lex

    Ericson T28 it was awesome! I would love any case for FREE!

  • Steve-O

    LG Chocolate 🙂 and I like Seido Surface case

  • b00sted

    Motorola StarTAC FTW! and would like the Incipio Feather case

  • nmaxfield

    nokia 8290 and i would take any of those cases, but if we have to pick one i’ll go for the incipio feather

  • theotherogue

    Made me think hard to remember the phone, but my first was a Nokia 8310. I was 15 years old in 2001 and I thought my phone was so cool at the time. 

    Amazing how far things have come – glad to be using my GNex today! 

    The Otterbox is definitely on my radar 😀  Thanks DL!

  • arex

    First phone– starTEC

    Would take any case available

  • tu3218

    LG VX8300…oh yeah, flip phones seem so long ago.  

  • Cdoan34

    my first phone was a nokia 3360 with Cingular! haha if i win. id prefer the incipio feather case :]

  • Evil-D

    Long time ago in a land far away I had a motorola starTAC.  Seidio Surface please.

  • Johnathan

    First phone was the LG VU.

    Incipio :-p

  • Collin Galloway

    Can’t remember the  manufacturer, but it was the size of small brick and the carrier was ATT.  Seidio Surface for me please!

  • BestonMars

    Motorola T720…one of the first phones with a color screen and camera (though it was an attachment to the bottom of the phone :-P)

    The Otterbox case would look great on my GNex I think!

  • Motorola StarTac was my first cell phone.  Cool amber display lol.  I would like the Incipio Feather case for my GNex 4G LTE.

  • Greaud

    Haha, I had a Nokia 5190 it was around 1997 through bell South mobility. It actually came with a cheap no name leather case.

  • KleenDroid

    Motorola bag phone from Cellular One. I was one cool dude!

    Incipio Feather or Otterbox… I would just like to get lucky and finally win something 🙂

  • EdsonDJ

    My first phone was a Nokia 3360 on AT&T. I’ll take the Incipio Feather, thanks.

  • Alexander Han

    Nokia 5110 >.< man I've come a long way.

    Otterbox, please!

  • liquidice

    My first phone was a huge Qualcomm Verizon CDMA phone, with a humongous battery that gave up to 6 hours of talk time.  The thing was a beast! 

    The case I’m most interested in is the Otterbox Commuter case.

  • Jonathantheunicorn

    I’m 19 years old. My first cell phone was one of those ones they call “Basic Phones” now. It was on Sprint in 2007. Now I’m on Verizon in 2012 and me and my phone are smart!

    I don’t mind what case I get. I haven’t ever used a case on my Nexus and it feels bare to me and… breakable. Any that fit the Extended Battery from VZW is preferred!

  • speraider430

    I know a lot of people will argue for the OG droid, and that does have a special place in my heart.  But I have to go back a little further to the high school days with the LG enV.  I literally thought this this was a super computer after getting it.  Back when things like a qwerty keyboard and cameras were considered top of the line features. (I remember begging my parents for a phone with a color screen)

    I still keep my orange brick as a relic and a phone in a pinch.  Remember when batteries would last a few days not a few hours and dropping a phone was nbd?  Thing was an absolute TANK!

    Thanks for bringing back the memories!

  • I got a Motorola V70. Felt so cool until it became American Idol’s feature phone on season 3. Then everyone called it the Seacrest phone. “Seacrest out!”
    Case-Mate is my choice.

  • dragonflyr

    Motorola StarTac. A classic phone. Fried your face off too!! 

    Inicipio Feather or Case Mate would make me happy. 


  • Travis John

    My first cell phone is the galaxy nexus. seidio case please

  • Seimens CF62. It was the coolest phone in the world at the time because it had a color screen. hahahahah! (Seidio Surface)

  • Jeremy Morrison88

    Nokia 5165 on CellularOne Network. I was 14. Wouldn’t mind the Incipio feather.

  • Keyan X

    This was my first phone that i used for two years, and still have. Don’t remember specifics, moved to the razr. If I won, I’d like the Feather by Incipio. 🙂

  • forgiventhief

    My first phone was an old Samsung flip phone. Speaker went out and I used a handsfree till the phone finally died.

    I would prefer the incipio case. I already have an otterbox defender. Second choice would be the otterbox commuter.

    • forgiventhief

      I think it was the 3500 on Sprint

  • This wasn’t my first cell phone, because there was no such thing as a cell phone in those days, but it was my first mobile telephone.  A Motorola IMTS (Improved Mobile Telephone Service) unit.  The control head had a rotary dial and the unit itself probably weighed about 50 lbs.  Only about 6 units could operate in our town at the same time because of spectrum issues.  And, there was a push-to-talk button in the handset.  That was the only way to use the “car-phone” to talk to another “car-phone”.  Yeah, I’m old as dirt. BTW, I’d like the Otterbox.

  • Motorola v120.  Breaking off the antenna made it even smaller with no reception problems.  I don’t get it either.

    Either case would be awesome, but I’ve been eying the Incipio Feather case for a while now.

    Thanks, Kellex!

  • Swift_LawnGnome

    My first phone was the Samsung Alias. That was an absolute piece of crap. Broke literally 5 times.
    I will take any of the cases, as long as it fits the extended battery.

  • Jesse Aviram

    I had a Sprint Sanyo SCP-4000.  I want the Seidio.

  • Elkniwcire

    My first phone was a Motorola Krzr. I thought it was awesome at the time. I would love the commuter case

  • Scott

    I rocked one of the old Star-Tacs with Alltel back in the day.  I could even extend the physical antenna out telling the whole world that I had a cell phone and I was cool. 

    I also bought an old Ford Taurus one time that still had the stuff installed for some type of car phone, but the phone was gone.  I never uninstalled it as it made a great conversational piece when people got into my car.  

    I’m not picky about any case, but if I had to choose, I would go for that Otterbox. 🙂 

  • Mark Wilk

    First phone was a Motorola e815 from Verizon. I would like a Commuter case please, or Incipio Feather (or both :D)

  • My firest phone was the Nokia 5165 for Cingular.  I thought that phone was great when I got it.  I would like to win any case really, cause I spent all my money on my phone. Didn’t really think about the case!

  • 7mgte

    Moto Razr.

    I want the Seido

  • Mister Guzman

    the first cellphone I had was a Samsung from Sprint PCS (1997). It was black and had no camera. The phone had a charging dock.

    I would like to win the Casemate Pop.

  • droidify

    Motorola Startac.
    I can remember people actually telling me that it was just too small and that they would lose it. Probably the same people that now tell me my gnex is too big. What can I say…..haters gonna hate.
    oh yeah…..and any free case would be cool with me.

  • Some form of the Motorola Microtac that was handed down from my parents while I was in high school…

    I’d love the Incipio Feather case plz.

  • Obi_Shwan

    My first phone, which was my phone up until my Droid X, was a Motorolla Razr. Everyone I know who had one hated it, but I thought it was nice because it was sleek and slim, and felt proper on my hands. I kept mine in good shape and had the same phone forever. Still miss it in a way. Good ole T9.

    I would love the Incipio case. Thank you for doing this guys. 

  • Adam Warner83

    My first was a cup with some string attached to another cup. Otter box case would be fantastic

  • CAPerkins22

    The Nokia 3650 – a massive phone with a round dial at the bottom and and square screen on the top.  Thought I was cool until I realized that I clearly wasn’t.

    Wouldn’t mind the Incipio Feather case, if you’re so inclined to award me one.  Thanks!

  • evan brown

    original motorola razr, revolutionary looking phone with no revolutionary features, ironic. 
    i would prefer the otterbox, but im not that picky

  • Tanner Sotkiewicz

    I had the original Motorola razr. Best phone of my childhood. I’d like the Case ate pop case.

  • Not counting my mom’s Motorola StarTac that I used to carry around, my first cell phone was a Nokia 5190 with service on AT&T.

    I’d prefer the Otterbox Commuter, please!

  • Jstnldtke

    My first phone was a Kyocera Koi on Cricket Wireless! I would love to win the Incipio feather serie, we carry them at my kiosk and are one of the top cases I recommend. Also, my galaxy nexus is in the mail from negri electronics so it would be perfect timing!

  • Brad

    My first cellphone was a Motorola. It was a huge phone that did nothing but make calls. I thought I was the coolest kid around!

    Definitely interested in the Seidio case.

  • nokia 3210 (Tracfone)……. otterbox

  • Bsgriffal

    My first was a sidekick slide, not exactly stone age old…but still light years behind what we have now haha. And I’ve been digging the case mate pop case lately.

  • RWW

    I like the Incipio Feather.

    First phone was a static-ridden analog Motorola flip phone.  I don’t recall the model number, but I know it was so thick that when the Startac came out, we all thought *that* phone was actually thin!

  • I had a pager first, and my first phone was a qualcomm-kyocera phone on sprint. I don’t remember the model number, but it had changeable faceplates, a primitive bricks-style game, 100 contacts, and it was free with a contract on sprint pcs.

    I like the look of the case mate pop.

  • Panasonic portable car phone.  i would like the Otter box case.

  • Lacrosseking72

    My first phone was the so called ” indistructable” yellow Nextel phone. Thing was a beast until i dropped it and the screen cracked… -__-

    Wouldn’t mind the otter box but I’m not picky

  • ankit199

    First cell phone ever : Nokia 3310 in 2002. It was solid as a brick. Survived a drop from 2 floors and under a waterfall too 😛

    Case Preference : Incipio 

  • My first cell phone was the Ericsson DH668 on Bellsouth Mobility back in 2000. AMPS analog cellular, 100 minutes/month (no data/text back then of course) $39.99/month.
    I wouldn’t mind that Case-Mate case should I win. 🙂

  • Me and half of the world were rocking the Nokia 6110/5110, I would like the otterbox.

  • Lucas Monroe

    Nokia 5165. I was a master at snake on that phone. Otter.

  • Lito31

    First phone was the motorola e815.awesome phone. I’d like the surface case and if it can’t be that one, then the case mate pop

  • Vaphilly

    All I remember is that it was made by Siemens and resembled a walkie talkie with one of those old neon yellow displays. It was horrid looking. I love my incipio case but would love an otterbox, thanks!

  • emrikol

    I’ve been a Motorola fanboy all the way until I got my Droid X.  Let’s just say I’m done with them for a while.

    I started out with old Timeport P8767.  Man those were the days!

    I’d prefer the otterbox, but I’d be happy with any case.

  • base2wave

    I had Motorola StarTAC. I was sad when it finely died. It makes me laugh to think about it now.

    The Otterbox would be swooby.

  • Chris Wright

    Some kind of pre-Sony Ericsson.

  • Brian

    My very first cell phone was a Nokia. It was awesome because of a little game called Snake!

    I would love to get the otterbox because I’m in construction and dirt and water just doesnt mix with the fragile Galaxy Nexus display.

  • Um…. some Nokia POS that I had to have replaced 3 times.  Free phone from Centennial wireless which was eventually bought out by ATT I think.  I’d like the Otterbox, already own an Incipio :).

  • 1ofdakoolkidz

    My first phone was a Motorola P280(wow)! I would love to get that casemate case.

  • Tferrell7368

    My parents had a bag phone, I had a Sony-Ericson with a pull out antena, I thought I was somebody, lol. I’ll take any case you’d like to send.

  • Tzoller

    My first phone was a MOTO RaZR.  Otterbox please.

  • Kon-Kon Chao

    My first phone was a Samsung flip phone on Verizon.  It was one of the first phones with a color screen on the front so I could take pictures of myself…I was so cool.  I continue the tradition today with the Galaxy Nexus… still the coolest kid on the block!  I’d love to protect my Gnex with the Otterbox commuter!

  • shdowman

    First cell phone was a Motorola TeleTac 200. I used to work for Airtouch Cellular here in SoCal (they ultimately became Verizon). 

    I would prefer in this order: Otterbox, Incipio, Seido, Case Mate

    Thank you in advance if I end up winning. 🙂

  • Josh Bestrom

    Kyocera 6035
    Kyocera 7135
    LG enV (only cause I needed to txt faster)
    OG Droid
    Galaxy Nexus.

    Otterbox Commuter.

  • ksat

    My first cell phone of all time??   I’m not sure I clearly remember…  Some sort of flip phone on with a belt clip…I’m sure I could find it in my junk pile at the house given enough time!  And it was on whatever Verizon was before it was Verizon!  AirTouch Cellular or something?  Don’t remember!

    Galaxy Nexus today, though, and that’s all that matters!  What a long way we’ve come!

    I think it would look great in a new Incipio Feather case!  

    Thanks DL!

  • Brian Reynolds

    I had some Toshiba something or other- it was before I was really into gadgets and technology so I can’t remember the specific model. I’m pretty sure it was free w/2yr.

    I would like the Incipio please.

  • cashclay

    Moto Razr V3. Would love to win a Otterbox.

  • Eric Payne

    Siemens S10 
    the first color screen as far as i know, it sucked horribly, circa 1998
    i would love that sexy white casemate case

  • Franzie3

    First cell phone was a old School Nextel i50 with inter-changable face plates….so baller…

    I would liek that Seidio Surface case please…..Hoping to finally win something

  • Scip

    black Motorola startac best hockey Puck I ever used. Seidio case looks cool

  • My first phone was a Motorola Startac.  I’d love to get the Seidio Surface case

  • my first phone was an LG flip phone. I don’t even know if it had a name. I would prefer the casemate but anyone is good to me 🙂

  • Brett

    LG Chocolate, went through about three of them. I’d like to have the incipio case

  • Dylan Wednieski

    1st phone was the Kyocera Candid Phone pretty much only good thing about it was ez text and Inicipio Feather if possible

  • Nokia 3310 on Voicestream

    Otterbox Commuter please!

  • Sean27030

    First Phone of all time and what lead me to come back to my sexy Nex’y from my brief stint on MOTO … the Samsung SPH-N200… and she was a gorgeous beast at the time.. in my book…lol

    • Sean27030

      opps.. forgot to mention the case… Incipio Feather.. for the extended batt if at all possible please

  • Motorola KRZR, because even then I didn’t want to be mainstream with a RAZR

    I’d like the Otterbox Commuter

  • Motorola MicroTAC.  The INCIPIO case please!

  • Moto Razr 🙂 & i would like incipio feather please ^_^

  • PC_Tool

    I swore I’d never get a cell phone.  Put it off as long as I could…and then jumped in whole-hog, so to speak.

    My first cell phone: LG Voyager.

    Loved this phone.  I don’t even really know what I liked so much about it. Sturdy, had a solid flip, the keyboard was, bar none, the best I have ever used on a phone…there was just so much to like about this phone.

    Sadly, it died.  (battery clip broke…battery wouldn’t stay in, even with the case on)

    They replaced it with an LG Envy Touch 3 or whatever it was called….a sad “upgrade” from such an amazing device. Looked similar, but I was either burnt out on it, or the device itself just wasn’t as good.  Couldn’t wait to upgrade past that into the smartphone world.

    …what a mistake that turned out to be.  😉  (But that’s another story…)

    Any would be fine. Pop! sounds kewl-ish.

  • jwis305

    I had a Motorola StarTAC. Talk about a phone lol. I would prefer the Incipio case

  • Alan Diamond

    Personally I had the Nokia 5150 I believe.  That little bugger helped me with my long distance college relationship like no other!  I’d like the Seidio case.

  • AndrewScottRox

    Oh wow, my first phone was a Nokia 550. I was a broke college kid so my plan only had 15 minutes of talk time but unlimited nights and weekends. The only time I turned it on was to call my parents from college. My Galaxy Nexus is light years ahead of that phone. It’ll look especially good with the Incipio case.

  • Android1997

    Okay, im 14 so i dont have a huge phone. Lol, but my first phone was made by samsung, had no camera, and only 5 backrounds lol. Flip phone with a pull up antenna.. Only cool thing about it, was it had a little notification light that lit up if i had a call. 

    Its my friends birthday present so i bet he would love an otter box, but the Casemate looks cool too. Ill take what ever is left over. Thanks

  • chevyrado14

    My first phone was an old nokia brick. I would like the Otterbox case.

  • TravisHannon

    my first phone was the motorola RAZR flip phone! Otterbox PLEASE

  • MikeCiggy

    My first phone was when I was in just 3rd grade. I’m 21 now so you can assume cell phones were still pretty new. My parents got me the phone because I had to walk to and from school for the next 7 years and it made my mom feel safe. A black brick nokia with a green and black screen was the first phone I ever had. I remember playing snake on it and having fun. I also remember swinging it around while walking home from school by the black pull out antenna.  I’m hoping to win the CaseMate Pop! 🙂 thanks!!

  • Triumphrider81

    first was a blackberry 6220 and i wound’t mind have any of those cases

  • My first phone – Nexus  One (don’t judge me!) I’m not that young either. 

  • Raptor13

    Moto StarTAC with an extended battery. It was stupendous.

    How about the, um… Seidio?

  • jcmusicman

    I had a Qualcomm somethingorother from Airtouch (back before it was Verizon).  It had a ringtone that sounded like birds chirping, so it would ring, but no one would really notice that it was a phone.  It was awesome.

    I’d like to win the Otterbox.


    my firsphone was the milk chocolatey cherry red LG chocolate slider. And I would love the incipio feather case for my gnex.

  • Underfundedmandate

    An LG clamshell phone with an sd card
    for my music. Had the best camera of any
    I’ve had.
    O’boc C’muter, I guess, backwoods protectionA

  • whosthegoss

    Nokia 5120 series. I even had an orange face plate for it! I’d love to win the Incipio Feather case for my Galaxy Nexus! 

  • Gus

    I looked to see if I could find the actual phone. I wanted to take a picture of it. I did a bit of searching and I found an image of it online. I recognized it in a heartbeat!

    Who would have guessed I would be buying another Samsung phone, the GNex, in 5 years!


  • Aridzona

    First mobile phone was the venerable Nokia 3310.  I would like the Incipio Feather to cradle my g-Nex.

  • I had a Motorola Startac ultra cool flip phone! Otterbox!

  • Cbenz411

    Kyocera KWC 2135…. Great device! Incipio Feather please!

  • M Olague

    A blue LG chocolate 3
    Case-Mate pop

  • Mcheda

    In the 90s I rocked this Seiko Message Watch.  Too bad they killed the service in ’99.  I’d like the Seido case.

  • roo5ter

    Motorola StarTAC…. and the Incipio!

  • Danny01327

    My first phone was the Nokia 3310. It was a prepaid phone on the old AT&T network. It had a small black and grey screen, mono tone ringer, and games such as snake.

    I just purchased my Galaxy Nexus last week and haven’t purchased a case for it yet so I would definitely take any of them!

  • Zbaltrip

    My first phone was the LG White Chocolate, was a sexy little thing and appealed to my teenage cravings to to stand out. I still have it, along with my plethora of Android devices littering my desk. I’ve yet to own a Seidio case but have always heard good things, think I’ll shoot for that one!

  • incredibuyer

    Motorola DynaTac or the Moto 2900 installed in my car…can’t remember. Otter’d be nice!

  • Edgar

    My first phone was a Moto KRZR thanks to my dad’s Nokia brick dying.
    Otterbox please.

  • My first cell phone was a Motorola Star Tac discarded by my Dad – but was soon replaced by a Nokia candybar style phone.

    I would love the Otterbox case please!

  • Nelson Padgett

    LG chocolate first generation. Silicone case. Otterbox

  • Anthony

    lg dare..supposedly was suppose to be an iphone killer…it was not

  • Jon Vera

    First phone was the LG VX 8300, oh how badass I thought I was in Highschool!
    Sportin’ the GNex now! Holla!

  • richoz30

    The Motorola MicroTAC was my first phone. I would like the Case Mate Pop!

  • Rick Lopez

    My first phone was a Blueberry and when I was out of the country it still connect. Please send me the Incipio. Thanks!

  • I was rocking the Nokia 6160 right out of college

  • SD_Scott

    First phone was a Nokia 6000…  And RIP to it.  That little guy was probably the toughest phone I’ve ever owned.  You could literally play soccer with it, and it would work the next day no problem.  

    As for the case I would like…  The case mate looks pretty sweet.

  • Wpd805

    it was a Motorola (i think) bag phone. And i want the Incipio!!

  • my first phone was a lg 200c id prefer the seidio

  • JamesU513

    Oh geese, some POS LG something, can’t recall.  I’ll take any case except the otter

  • Robert Toudouze

    motorola car phone.  incipio please

  • First cell phone was a Samsung A950.

    Incipio Feather

  • My first phone was a samsung flip phone. It was during the times where the model number was the name of the phone as well so I don’t remember it lol. The case mate or the incipio please 😀

  • Justin Everett

    My first was an old Nokia one. I think it was the 6110.  Pretty much no features whatsoever and it was still too expensive >.<

    I'd have to say i'd like the Otterbox Commuter case.  I see that it will fit the extended battery so sounds the best.

  • My first phone was a Nokia flip phone that was only identifiable by a long series of numbers and letters which I forget now.  I got it because it had an awesome spring loaded button on the side so it popped open like a Star Trek communicator… sadly I played with it too much, popping it open and closed over and over again without thinking until the button broke.  

    *case mate*

  • Justin Potnick

    My first phone was a Kyocera 2235. Loved the retractible antenna!
    I’d like the Otterbox if I win

  • Tmccu006

    My first phone was a 100 Kyocera 2235 Verizon Cdma Trimode Phone. Cool blue backlight and had snake on it. I’d take any case but wouldn’t mine taking the white case mate pop.  

  • J Loiacono80

    Nextel i90!

    I’d love the otterbox for protection on the job Site.

  • Motorola Razor
    I would like to win the otterbox

  • elemeno

    I had the LG VX6000. Solid phone.

    Prefer the Incipio case.

  • duke69111

    This is a very cool question. Love seeing all the old phones people have had. I’ve looked up a bunch of them to see what they look like.

    My first cell phone was the Nokia 5185i from Alltel.  I loved that the back of the phone had a port for an external antenna that you could put on the top of your car and greatly increase signal.  I wish some phones today had this.

    I would love to have the seidio or the incipio feather, but would take any of the 4.

  • BigODroid

    My first ever cell phone was a Nokia Zack Morris. Took two hands to push down a singke number. And there was no texting, the coolest thing we could do was change the.language to spanish. Couldnt even change the face plate. Id love to have the Incipio. I wormed my way into this phone and feel that karma is wanting something bad to happen to it. HELP !

  • Seedster

    Nokia 6190 with annoying red and blue flashing LED’s as the antennae.

    Case: casemate pop!

  • James Knicely

    Motorola Krazer -represent! and I am looking for the Seidio case, thanks!

  • My first cell phone was the SCP-4000 by Sanyo. I got it from Radioshack when i was 17. It was a sprint prepaid. I thought I was so cool but i didn’t even use as a cell phone really, I used it as a pager and then I would most of the time use the payphone cause it was cheaper then using the phone. **Otterbox**

  • potacho

    I think I had a Nokia 5110…

    I prefer the Incipio Feather, but any would be fine!

  • Brandon Bias

    Ericsson T28, what I thought back in the late 90s was small.  I would prefer the Seidio case.

  • Dale Bloom

    My first cell phone was the Kyocera Slider http://cnet.co/HfSR6l . I thought I was the coolest person in the world.  I still have that phone somewhere…

    I’d like the Seidio case!

    • I totally thought that it was cool, too.  I even won some sort of contest and got a Kyocera winter jacket branded with the Slider logo.

  • Reiterz007

    Had the motorla star-tac. I thought that phone was the coolest thing ever! Ill tai would like te any of the cases yoy want to give me! But, i guess i would like the case mate the most!

  • Kyleen Blanchard

    A giant Tracfone. Otterbox puhweeze.

  • Nokia 5190
    I would take any case, but would prefer the Otterbox Commuter

  • anezarati

    some big nokia brick. lol

    case: otterbox

  • Slab

    My first phone was the LG VX4400. I thought I was awesome for having a flip phone with a color screen inside. My preference would be the Incipio Feather. Thanks!

  • Eddie Sprouse

    I got my first Cell Phone in the Mid-1990’s. Unless I am mistaken it was the Audiovox MVX-480 from US Cellular. It didn’t have great reception. Most of the time I would have to stop the car to talk. But it was a life line and I was happy to have it. As far as cases go, I would  like either the Otter Box or the Incipio

  • Roxycp6

    First pone was a Nokia long time ago…don’t even remember the model but looked like a house phone I want the seidio case

  • My first phone was the Motorola Droid, I still love that thing! If only I could replace its guts. As far as I’m concerned, its still one of the best phones ever. 

    I would prefer the Otterbox.

  • My first phone was a Nokia 918.  Wow how far we have come!  I would like the Otterbox.

  • Some prepaid Nokia. It didn’t even have snake on it =(

    Incipio Feather!

  • will bartlett

    the sidekick 3 was my first phone, well second, it was the first one i bought. the first one was some moto flip that was black. i dont remember the name.

    id love all of them in the order of the otterbox>incipio>seidio>case mate

  • An oooolllllddddd school Blackberry was my first phone. Think it was like a 7200.
    (the Inicipio Feather, please)

  • Foamposite0o1

    My first cellphone was something that looked like a Nokia 3310. The case I would like to win it’s the otter box, followed by the incipio!

  • oliman37

    My first cell phone was a Nokia something or other that let you make calls, send text messages and play the snake game. I do miss charging it only twice a week though… I would like the Case Mate Pop!

  • Shawn

    My first phone was definitely a Nokia 5110.  Snake!!!!  I would love the Casemate pop!

  • Bigwayne325i

    Mototola startac series. Would love the incipio.

  • The T-Mobile Samsung T-319 was my first phone. I would love the Otterbox!

  • Danmlaceves

    Motorola startac old flip phone. I want the otterbox

  • Eric Soriano

    Count me in on the Primeco bandwagon.  My first cell phone, Audiovox PCX 1000XL, gold flip phone. http://www.discountcell.com/images/pcx1000xl_x.jpg

  • First Phone Lg Vx 5300 good time xDD
     i’d love either the case mate POP  or Otter Box!

  • Gbalti87

    old school nokia phone………..and I thought that phone was bad ass, boy was I wrong because now I have the GNex. I have the extended battery on it, hoping for one that can fit it

  • Sembowers

    Sprint clam shell 5300.

  • My first phone was the original RAZR 😀 It was the coolest thing around, and I could throw it at a concrete wall and there wouldn’t be a dent on it. I suppose if I had to pick 1 case, I’d try the Incipio Feather

  • peezwizz

    My first phone was a Nokia 8210. I thought it was so badass because of how small it was. I could literally forget which pocket I had it in…..Not so much the case with my Galaxy Nexus, but I would never go back. The otterbox case would make it even bigger!! (I still have that Nokia as a keepsake)

  • JustisLewis

    Motorola Droid (I realize I’m revealing my youth here).  Great introduction to smartphones, and I loved the rom scene so much I saved up enough to purchase the Nexus (ramen is a college student’s best friend).  I would be most interested in the Incipio Feather.

  • Old school Nokia 5100 with interchangeable faceplates.  I would like the incipio feather

  • whosinaname

     Motorola StarTAC  Good ol’ analog.  I loved it because of the Star Trek feel of flipping open my “communicator”
    I would prefer the Case Mate Pop  Thanks!

  • wakebrdrnc

    I had a motorola bag phone in the mid 90’s that my dad passe don to me.  I later passed it to my brother to use through college.  The Incipio Feather is sexy!

  • Kyle Smith

    LG VX8300….wow…how far we have come!
    I’d like to win the Otterbox!

  • masterxchief

    I had the Nokia 5190 back in middle school. I was then scraping together money from lunch money and birthdays to get a new phone just about every year.

    I would like that case mate pop case since I was going to get it but they were “revising” it for months so I ended up with a cruzerlite case.

  • Eric Richardson

    First phone was a Nokia 3210 from the golden age of phones. A.K.A. when they sucked. 

    I kind of want that Incipio. 

  • First Phone: Samsung Alias (before it was known as such)
    Case: case mate pop!

    I’m one of the younger readers so I never experienced the old brick like phones.

  • Dude

    Motorola 2900 Gold Series Bag Phone. Ya, I rocked that!

    Case Mate

  • Slagg3r

    My first cell phone was on Cinngular and was the little blue nokia they offered before the og Razr. Which i also owned lol.. But i have no friends and never win anything…. Would love the Feather or otterbox or even the seidio surface .

  • mjmedstarved

    Nokia 2000 series baby 😀

  • Danielseymour4

    My first cell phone was the nokia express music! When I upgraded to my Samsung galaxy nexus, the Verizon employee said I upgraded from a rice box to dodge viper lol. I’d love the surface case by seidio!

  • Nokia 3390 – Incipio Case pls 🙂

  • trollinginthedeep

    First phone was a pink razr. It sucked. I’d like the Incipio Feather, though.

  • Adam F.

    A month ago I activated my Galaxy Nexus, and it’s probably the best phone at the moment; I digress, the phone I came from was the DROID Incredible. This phone was my first Android phone and turned me on to the custom ROM scene.

  • LaRocKa1158

    I always went with weird phones. I hadthe Kyocera Koi. It was like a switch blade. It was pretty cool at the time.
    Hopefully the Incipio Feather case can make my Gnex just as cool.

  • moelsen8

    i think it was the nokia 6110.. big plasic thing with a big antenna on the top and a screen the size of my thumb.  haha.

    and i’d go with the otterbox, sure.

  • RJ Agbayani

    Motorola RAZR and can i get the otterbox if i win? I WILL LOVE YOU FOREVER

  • Emilano1

    My first cell phone was a Motorola startac. Otterbox all the way

  • ssjnimma

    honestly dont remember what my first actual cell phone was… all I remember is it was a Nokia and was a POS!!! any case would work, not picky here!! 

  • real4life72

    My first cell phone was the beloved motorola brick phone/army field walkie talkie…lol Sturdy and worked well. Idlike to win the Otterbox.

  • Case Mate POP

    1st cell?  Don’t know the name but it did 2 things…. place calls and receive calls.  Awesome!

  • Jason Purp

    My first cell phone ever was the LG VX8350, but my first Android phone was the OG Droid. 

    I’d like the Otterbox, but I’ll actually take whatever I can get. My puppy ruined my TPU case 🙁

  • TLufsey

    Mine was a old virgin mobile phone. Don’t remember the name of it, don’t remember anything about it except that I had to put money on it every 2:days lol. Casemate!

  • Drosa1987

    i had the lg 900 from verizon ir was a flip phone in 2002…..and i want thecase mate

  • Trevor Blain

    Moto Razr is the first real phone That I can name. I had some Nokia brick of a phone before that, but be damned if I can remember what it was.

    Wouldn’t mind having the Otter. thanks and good luck all!

  • Edwin Tablada

    My first phone was on old Nokia brick, can’t even remember what it was called but it lasted weeks on one charge and was unbreakable. I would love that commuter case. 

  • Lakerzfan80

    Man I’m to old to remember that lol but I do remember one of the first phones that let me be cool was the Motorola StarTac…yeah buddy that phone has it memories …as far as cases go …I honestly wouldn’t mind any of them but preference the otter box

  • LG Chocolate 2. does the seidio fit the samsung extended battery?

  • Bonzix

    Sanyo 4700 ( I believe)

  • Cehrl7

    I had the “Brick”.. Incipio Feather.

  • hfoster52

    It was a Nokia not sure of the model but it had a pull out antenna and was a brick.  Incipio Feather

  • My first cell phone was a Nokia 6110… it was like a snickers bar in your pocket, and led to very awkward pocket dials… such as the time i accidentally drunk dialed my boss at 4 in the morning on a work night because his number happened to be the last one on my recently contacted list… awkwaaaaaard…


  • Kinkolk248

    the first moto razr v3

    case: ha im a broke college kid so id be happy with any of those bad boys, and would probably keep the box to eat my cereal out of… 😉

  • Eddiekim22

    The first cell phone I had was a Motorola star-tek old school

  •  it took me months to convince my mom to get me a pager because she believed that any kid with a pager was a drug dealer.

  • snowbo83

    My first phone was.the Motorola flip phone with the greenish screen and red numbers when you typed. It also had the antenna that you would pull up… and unscrew and play with.

    It was the Motorola Startac 6000. All my friends with pagers would bug me to use it. I’m 28 now so I think it was the beginning of high school 1998 ish.

    The g nex is my first smart phone. A lot of holding out waiting for a phone I wanted… should have bit the bullet earlier but glad I waited.

    I would like to try the Incipio Feather!

  • nextstepbasketball

    First cell phone was a Nokia 3395 back in 2001.  First smart phone was Droid X.  My wife is still rocking the Droid X but she’s got an upgrade in a couple months.  Might have 2 Galaxy Nexus’ in the house.  Whatever case will fit my extended battery would be awesome.

  • My first cellphone was the Motorola StarTAC (the younger people are lost on that one). Lol. I loved that phone to death. It’s strange how we thought those older device were major products. My choice of the cases would be the Otterbox Commuter for my Gnex.

  • I believe it was a nokia 6xxx series.  I remember it ran on the PrimeCo network, and I bought it just prior to PrimeCo putting out all those crazy commercials with the little pink Alien.  I remember how foreign the concept of a “mobile” phone was to those around me.  Great memories…thanks for the question!

    As far as “what case” I think I might be interested in the Otterbox, but honestly any of them would be great to try!

  • MikeyD

    My first phone was a Motorola Nextel!

    Case:Incipio Feather

  • comAucenciom

    My very first phone was the Motorola flip microTac (a.k.a brick )I thought I was super and was up with technology! I do recall enjoying pulling the antenna up…but it seemed like it was used more for putting in your mouth! great memories! I’d like the otter box. DL is the best android site! Long live droid lovers! Droid for life!

  • tomn1ce

    My first cell phone was the Nokia 8290 back in 1999…The incipio feather case would be a nice case for my G-Nexus…

  • nokia 5190 with a faux leather pouch.  i remember sitting on the bowl playing snake til my legs were numb.  but perhaps i’ve said too much.

    if my oversharing hasn’t disqualified me, i like the case mate pop

  • Adam Minichelli

    Kyocera K9. Incipio Feather please!!!

  • Stevie Thunder

    I had a Motorola bag phone lol. I would prefer the otterbox case 

    • Jason Purp

       And people complain about the display on the Bionic

      • SOPHIE

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  • Jodie

    it was some korean phone when i was stationed in korea, couldnt even pronounce the the name lol hope i win the otterbox 😀

  • Kaibrok

    My first phone was the LG Chocolate 2

    Incipio Feather Please!

  • DontPanic

    My first phone was a Kyocera 2235… It was a big upgrade from my beeper 😀
    Could use any car but world prefer the incipio feather

  • Igotadroid

    First cell phone was a Motorola Razr. Still own it 10 years later too! PS: I want the Incipio Feather.

  • Oh man… I don’t even remember the model # of my first phone. It was some Motorola with a green and black screen with a breakout-style game on it.

    I’d like the Feather case 🙂

  • Mac

    My first phone was some old tiny blue Nokia from 2000.  I can’t remember the model though :(.  I prefer the Incipio feather but any will do 🙂

  • Schoat333

    My first Cell phone was an ugly Ericsson with a big fat antenna on it. I thought it was awesome at the time, because I could check the news on it. All text, on a black and gray screen. This was when AT&T was just rolling out their “PCS” network. LOL

  • Twitter: AlwaysAndroid

    My first ever cellphone was a black Motorola V120 when I was in fourth grade. I got it in 2001 and the first call I ever made with it was calling my parents on September 11th. Not even kidding. Feather case would be my first choice and Surface second.

  • My First phone was the LG VX6100, The case i want to win is the Otterbox Commuter case

  • ranger

    htc tilt 2

    case: incipio feather 

  • OFD

    My first phone was the nokia 1610. The Gnex battery is spectacular compared to that thing. Prefer otterbox – but i’ll take any of them.

  • Nokia 6160 on ATT. Would prefer whichever case fits the extended battery.

  • komradefox

     Motorola e81!5 was my first cellphone. First opened me up to the phone modifying scene.  The otterbox case would be amazing

  • Anoninja118

    its been so long I don’t even remember what it was called, I just remember it was a Nokia “candy bar” shaped Tracfone… ah I do remember the good old days of Tetris and Snake for games though hahaha

    hmm well all those cases look nice, honestly I wouldn’t mind winning any one of them 😀

  • PurdueNexus

    LG VX-5200

    Incipio Feather, but I’ll take any of them!

  • Samsung SGH-X450. Beloved silver flip phone that kissed the asphalt when I first left the Sprint store:/ 

  • Albokay

    It was some nokia phone on voicestream. A cell service thats been long gone.

    Ill take the otter box please.

  • TIAN212


  • Mine was the old school motorola razr.  I had just turned 16 so I was allowed a cell phone because I could finally drive.  I was also the oldest out of my friends, so I got it.. but had no one to text because none of my friends had phones yet. 🙁  Everyone envied my awesome sexy razr.  And I proceeded to go through 6 of them in the next year <.<

    Otterbox Please! 🙂  


    The first phone I had was a shoe phone I got from sports illustrated when I was 8! I’d love each the otterbox!

  • Super Shep

    Mine was a sweet LG VX10  Also definitely the incipio feather

  • Tyler Harris

    Motorola Startac.  It was a trooper.  

  • My first cell phone was a pre-paid motorola Brick through PrimCO.

    I’d like the Incipio

  • Sean Rector

    My first cell phone of all time was a Motorola bag-phone, in 1992.  I don’t remember the model #.

  • Brent Friedeman

    Moto RAZR!  Before the 4G’s and new fangeld technologies!

  • Motorola flip something or another… seems like ages ago

  • I believe it was an old school Nokia.
    Feather or Seidio

  • jldleo

    My first mobile phone was a Motorola SCN2397A bag phone… Classic

  • My First Good looking phone was Nokia 6600.  I would love to have “Incipio Feather” case.

  • Jared Duquette

    I had an ancient Nextel brick phone when I was younger; as my parents paid for my phone – so the Moto Brick it was.  True to Motorola build quality it remained my phone for years… My next phone was the OG RAZR, which I had for university all the way until the OG Droid launch day. 

    I have broken my Moto tradition with the Galaxy Nexus and could only be happier with an Incipio Feather case!

  • Andrew Weckerly

    Motorola Razr, Pop! Case Mate

  • Im not even sure what my very first phone’s name was (it might have been a Sanyo PM-8200). It was a flip phone from sprint and it fell out of my pocket at six flags.
    Case: seidio

  • Colin J Wolfson

    My first cell phone was the Qualcomm QCP-2700 from PrimeCo. I got it in 1998 and it was so awesome and thin (but tall). For my new Galaxy Nexus (which replaces my destroyed RAZR which replaced my destroyed RAZR which replaced my destroyed Bionic) that I was forced to purchase without insurance (obviously they dropped me…) I would love to protect it with an Incipio case!

  • Sqube

    I hope this doesn’t show up as a double post, but the Disqus troll hit me with the “moderator must approve your post” action.

    My first phone was a StarTAC. My current phone is a Nexus. Make me happy!

  • Randark

    Nokia 5120 with the blue face.  Loved playing Snake

    Otterbox please.

  • Rafael Gonzalez

    Motorola StarTAC on AirTouch. I like that Seidio Surface.

  • My first cell phone was a Nokia 8200. I’d like whichever case you guys think is the best. Either that, or the Otterbox.

  • Watts1971

    I don’t remember the model number but is was one Cellular One. The phone weighed about 3 lbs and was considered to be light and portable.

  • Andrew Robitaille

    The Motorola Bag Phone, convenience and a forearm workout in one.  Ottorbox Commuter.

  • David Yu

    First phone of all time: Nokia 3310
    Would like to win: Otterbox Commuter or Incipio FeatherThank you!

  • Logan_jinx

    My first phone was my dads old used nokia phone that he had tried to repair and paint so that it didnt look funny. Plus it that really awseome pseudo wood finish next to the ear piece.

    Otter box commuter FTW

  • Dan Dudas

    I don’t even remember my first cell phone per se, but I do remember that I was still rocking a NUMERIC PAGER while everyone else was getting cell phones!

    I’d take the Case Mate Pop.

  • Prime7

    My first cell phone was a Kyocera, circa 2001. It had no games, no data, nothing, but I was enthralled that it wasn’t the size of a brick and had an LCD screen that lit up.

    I would like the Otterbox, but any case is fine.

  • Jarboe3

    One of the best cell phones ever, the Motorola Startac. I love the Incipio Feather case.

  • Josh

    Old school Nokia. Had to love that little tank…

    I’d like to try the Case Mate Pop!

  • Moto STARTAC FTW! (Seido)

  • mising

    My first cell phone was in 1998, a huge Sprint/Qualcomm bar phone similar to this
    I would prefer the Otterbox, but will take whatever…

  • Geo

    My first cell was the blue Nokia that had the lights on the sides, or at least that’s what I remember. It might’ve been the earlier version of that one. You could just give me the otterbox one if it’s still available, if not I’m ok with any.

  • JaredKirk

    Motorola MicroTAC

    And I’d like to win the Otterbox Commuter, but any of them would be nice as the one I’m using right now is fubar 🙂

  • BTLS

    Ericsson R320

    One of the 1st phones with a browser, back around 99-00!  Not even color though LOL!

    I recall sitting in a horrible music class and browsing some sort of built in eBay feature – Imagine browsing on a small digital watch, it was just like that!  Still though at the time, to be able to get on the net at all while in class was rad! Incipio Feather please!

  • Earn_jr_fan

    My first cell phone was the Razr with the Miami Ink Dragon pattern. I’d prefer the Otterbox case.

  • Ryan Becker

    First phone: an ancient Sony Ericcson jobber that wasn’t even capable of playing Snake like all the cool Nokia phones everyone had.  

    Any of those cases would suit my G-Nex well, but the Case Mate Pop looks pretty sharp if I had to choose

  • LordVierge

    My first phoen was an old Nokia TracFone.  I don’t remember the model number just that it was blue and could make calls most of the time.

    I’d love an otterbox Commuterr!

  • sideshowmel91

    LG VX8300. Loved those speakers.

    Inicipio please.

  • Guest

    I had a Motorola MicroTAC (get off my lawn). Otterbox please?

  • @area0052

    My first cell phone was a Nokia candy bar, I forget the model number, with voicestream. And I modded the antenna with a multi colored led one to blink when it rang 🙂 we’ve come a long way! I’d love to win the otter box case.

  • nutpn

    My first phone was the moto flip along,long time ago,Now I own the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and woul love a case,maybe a Incipio for a galaxy nexus

  • MDawg

    My first cell phone was some LG flip-phone with the flip part eventually snapping off.

  • mark stoddard

    Nokia phone not sure what it was it had a built in flashlight. I would like to try the incipio..

  • Jake

    A Motorola W385, I remember it was so cool because it was “thin” and had a camera. Now my phone has two cameras! That poor phone went through a lot of drops and bumps and it still works to this day.  I would be ecstatic if I won the Incipio feather, but I would be grateful just to win any of them! 

  • Chris W

    My first ever phone was a Motorola 120C.. What a long way phones have come! I’d love to win the Otterbox case!

  • Greg

    My first cell phone was a Sammy SPH-N200 blue on Sprint, still have it still works. Love my my Galaxy Nexus!

    • Greg

       I f I don’t win a case, I was wondering were I could get one of those awesome Droid Life battery covers for the Nexus.

  • A.C.

    My very first phone was a motorola pre-pay phone. I ended up staying with Moto for 4 more phones after that (last one being Bionic before my Gnex). I’d like the incipio feather case. Awesome contest Droid Life!

  • Joshua Dudash

    I cant exactly remember what my first cellphone was, but my first smartphone was a Motorola Q9C.
    Not that it was especially “smart” but I guess it did do more than most flips 🙂
    I would love to give the Otterbox Commuter a run. 

  • EC8CH

    I dunno… some brick from Radio Shack.

    Otter case looks nice.

  • Ddifulio31

    My first phone was a tiny Nokia, funny back then it was like zoolander, and now we want bigger. I would take any case!

  • jcuvs

    Is it sad that I don’t remember my first phone (my first legitimate phone following my stint in high school with an “emergency” trakfone). I believe it was an LG flip phone and I remember it being super tiny with a round dial screen on the front. It wasn’t much to look at but it had the perfect snap when you shut it.

    And I’d like the OtterBox if I could get it.

  • fuzzy
  • villian1998

    I think my first one was a Nokia phone, but the one I remember was the Nextel Motorola phone. Otter box thank you.

  • My first smartphone was a Palm, my first cellphone was some simple Nokia.  I’ll take whichever case works best with the extended battery, preferably the Otterbox!

  • Crazydog

    My first phone was an old Silver Motorola with a blue backlight. Got it around 2002.

  • droid209

    the first phone i had was  a samsung flip phone.  the signal was so bad, and i misplaced it and could not locate it again.

    as for the case, i’d like the incipio or the seidio.

  • I can’t even remember my first cell phone!  But I think it was some big flip Motorola from Alltel.  I’d like the CaseMate or Feather.

  • Hunter

    First phone was a motorola flip phone, like a T218 or something.

    Case: otterbox

  • Mine was the old school Nokia 2000 something or other. I would love the Otterbox Commuter case!

  • Buck Masterson

    seidio surface case.

    i had a LG C1300 back in 2005 or so. it still works.


  • Ken_P_619

    Changing the question up just a little bit….my first type of communication device was this… http://www.braddye.com/images/MotorolaPager.jpg .  It was a LS335 Motorola Pager.  For the young kids that don’t understand what a pager is… you would only send alpha numerics to this device by pushing the corresponding letters on your telephone pad and you would then need to find a local phone or pay phone and call that number back. Crazy huh?  This was before the internet! lol.

    • ^ This

      Then onto the StarTAC like every 1997-era P.I.M.P. was pimpin’

      I’ll take whichever one fits the CDMA Gnex with the extended battery…not picky

      • Marc Cohen

        Then we had the real first TXTing device, the pager with the keyboard… 

  • My first one was a nokia 1100. It was a tracfone. Loved me some snake. And it had a built in flashlight. It was pretty hardcore. I like the case mate and incipio cases. They look nice. 

  • sc0rch3d

    first cell phone was Ericsson GF 788 – i actually had to look it up b/c i honestly couldn’t remember the model #.

    I’d take the seido case b/c i’m more of a bumper fan that takes as little away from the phone as possible while still protecting it.

  • Owen Harvey

    First phone ever was a motorola razr.

    I’d take any case. I’d prefer the casemate pop or otterbox

  • Cesieradzki

    First phone ever? Motorola V3 RAZR. the ‘kind of metal but not really one’

    The Case Mate looks nice 😉

  • n3ssie

    My first phone was an Ericsson T28, on Omnipoint…or was it VoiceStream?….it was a great phone, though.

    I’d love the Commuter case; I had one for my Droid 1, and it’d make me feel better about handing my phone to my 3-year-old (he loves Angry Birds!)

  • Ryan

    First phone was the Motorola Razr from T-Mobile. I was the cool kid B-).
    Would love to get that Case Mate Pop for my brand new Galaxy Nexus (purchased yesterday)

  • trevorsalienarms

    Not interested in contest, but nice gesture anyway, thanks.

    Having now tried most of the “big name” case offerings for my Nexus, the hands down best has to be the Diztronic rev 3. Have you guys ever checked out one of those? Sure, it’s inexpensive, but it’s not cheap.

    It’s my go-to recommendation for a Nexus case, really nice.

  • My first phone was a Nokia non-flip no color phone, I thought it was pretty nice because you could do this new thing called “texting”.

    If I win I would like an Otterbox, need to keep my Nexus prime shape for 4.0.5

  • the_ryno

    lg3200 sedio plz?

  • masterodst

    Mine was a Kyocera 2325 that I got for my 15th bday I believe.   I like the cool white case-mate pop!

  • sdot770

    my first phone was a Nokia 5165…I’ll take the otterbox, thank you

  • Legacy23

    My first phone was the Samsung V200, it was the first phone I’d ever seen with a front facing camera. The ability to easily take self portraits did wonders for my dating life.

    I would like the Inicipio Feather because it’s slim and sleek. Thanks guys, this would make an awesome birthday gift!

  • Michael_NM

    My first cell phone was a Motorola MicroTAC. I think it had a locked bootloader. 😀

    When, I bought in 1990 (I think), I got better reception in remote areas, than I do now. In some ways, I miss the simplicity and coverage of analog telephony…

  • Arcospark

    My first cell phone was a large clunky thing on the old LA Cellular system, around 1988.  I don’t remember the make/model, but it had an antenna you had to extend up from the handset, mono screen, and terrible sound, but meant I could call if I was stuck in traffic or making a stop at the market.

    I’d like to get to Otterbox Commuter.

  • jcorf

    My first phone was a LG EV3. , with my 2nd/current phone being a Galaxy Nexus. This makes me a young one then. And I already have the incipio so I would like Otterbox.

  • cokm4n

    First phone was an Audiovox MVX X502.  They sure have come a long way in 12 years…

    If picked, I’d like the Case Mate, please.

  • KenBarnum

    I had a really crappy Sprint Samsung dumb phone.  Can’t even remember the name.
    May I please have the Seidio case?


    First phone ever was the original razr. Greatest phone ever until everyone else in the world got one.

    Otterbox please! Protect my baby!

  • My first phone was a small LG flip phone with a monochrome screen.  It had some sort of helicopter game and solitaire to go along with it.

    I’d love to grab up the incipio feather

  • my first cell phone was a tiny samsung flip phone I got free for signing up with verizon. the otterbox case looks nice.

  • My first cell phone was the Nokia through Voice Stream back in 2000.  Feather Please

  • My 1st phone was the Motorola Brick I believe it was the Ultra model. Because I need the Otterbox for my Galaxy Nexus and I can gift the others – sharing the love x3!

  • Timfantry

    My first phone was a Motorola W315 It was a very smooth reliable phone.  I would like to win in order  (Otterbox, Case Mate, Seidio, Incipio)!

  • Oliver Acevedo

    Nokia 3310! 
    Inicipio Feather please…

  • My first phone was an LG clam phone with texting! No camera, 3 ringtones, and durable as heck.  

    I’d like any of those that’s compatible with an extended battery. =]

  • Alanduran1020

    My original phone was a star tac flip phone! I will take any case, preferably the case mate. Beggars can’t be choosers

  • Steven Trifu

    Motorola V60…..I’d love a case mate or the Incipio

  • My first cell phone was a Sony/Ericsson POS that was just good for making calls. A monochromatic screen and I had to purchase an extended battery or it would die within 2 hours. It was a hand-me-down from my uncle. He paid for the line and I went over my minutes many a time because I had just met a girl that would later become my wife. She is the only reason I remember that phone.

    I would like to win the Incipio Feather cover. I had one on my bionic, it was quite nice.


    I had a Nooks brick phone with a Penn State face plate ahh good times

    I’d take any case but would prefer the Incipio or the Sedio

  • demolition505

    It was some kind of LG flip phone
    Any case would be cool

  • Scott in MA

    My very first phone was a Motorola bag phone (it had better reception back then) in the 1990.s. I would like to win the Otterbox case.

  • russ0627

    My first phone was a LG5350 on sprint. It started me down the path of “modding” phones, and been doing it ever since. I would love to win the otterbox, so i can give it to my wife who like to gravity test her g-nex.  If I win one of the others though, that would be great and I would keep it for myself 🙂

  • Droiddroid

    no cases for the rezound

  • TheCheapGamer

    My first phone was an old Kyocera from VM.

    I honestly forget the model number, but it was their cheapest model and I was just glad to finally have a cellphone. That was 8 years ago now.

  • My first cell phone was the Motorola Microtac. Loved it, battery lasted forever. 

    Otterbox would be nice!

  • Dboombuki

    I had the g1 on T-Mobile for my first smartphone but my very first phone was a Nokia 5100. The case mate pop

  • Motorola Sliver. Mmmm, Incipio case.

  • First phone I ever had was an Erricson T10s – http://www.lekki.fr/29-132-large/ericsson-t10.jpg
    If I am lucky enough to win, I’d like the Seido Surface please.  

  • Cameronjmayfield

    My first phone was an unbreakable nokia. When not playing snake, I would run the vibration feature until it danced off the table.

    I would love an otterbox, by the way.

  • I’m hoping to win the Otterbox Commuter. My first cell phone ever was a Motorola V120 back in ~2003: 

  • My first cell was some Samsung flip phone on Sprint in either ’99 or 2000..  The screens(inside and outside) were green.  I thought I was cool as hell since I was like 1 of the 2 people in my group who had a cell.  Wish I could remember the name of it.

    I’d like that Incipio Feather case if I happen to win.  It would make up for not winning the lottery on Friday.. well kinda sorta but not really.

  • Iny

    My very first cell phone was a small, Samsung flip phone on Cingular Wireless back in 2005 in my sophomore year of high school.  Didn’t have a camera and couldn’t receive pictures via text messages. If I were to win, I’d prefer the Otterbox commuter case.

  • Let’s see… it was an old Motorola flip phone, pre-RAZR… silver body with a black insert, rounded end… don’t remember the model name.

    I’m not partial on which case as long as it’s one that fits the extended battery.

  • Bjcroteau

    My first cell phone of all time was a Nokia candy bar style with a small antenna that was on Virgin Mobile(bleh I know) but it was decent at the time. I would love to have that otterbox =D

  • Tim Roberts

    My first cell phone of all time was some brick phone that was through some carrier (can’t even remember who) that was gotten through an AAA discount program.  Had like 10 mins total per month or something.  I’d love to win any/all cases. 

  • C Marceaux

    My first cell phone ever was a Nokia (I forget the model #) but it was from voice stream wire less and the case was cherry red clip on. The Casemate look really clean

  • Liz

    I had the Nokia 5110 in high school. It had an orange faceplate and I thought the “kick” ringtone was the coolest sound a phone could ever make. I like the white Case Mate. Thanks!

  • msnight04

    My first phone was a generic Nokia flip phone. I don’t remember what it looks like nor the model. If I won this contest, I would prefer the Seidio Surface case.

  • Sony Ericsson T610 with the awesome camera flash attachment 🙂 so cool i actually found the flash the other day still in the case and threw it away lol

    Seidio Surface or  Inicipio Feather 


    My first phone was a cheap Motorola free phone that could make calls and text(which was new at the time)…no idea what it was called….it was just FREE. lol

    I would love to win the Case-Mate Pop!…lay it on me. ; )

  • NemaCystX

    Panasonic Versio EB-TX320, I still have it and the box it came in – Case Mate Pop

  • My first cell phone was the Nokia 5190 (on VoiceStream, later became T-Mobile)…

    Would love the Seidio Surface case, but any would be great!

  • Leodiego1300

    my first phonevl was also a nokia with the snake game. Back in the 9th grade. I would love the otter box please.

  • The first true phone I ever had was an old Nokia. For the life of me, I can’t remember the model, but it was insanely popular. It had the removable face plates.  Ah, memories.

    PS – I would LOVE the commuter 🙂

  • Bsilver2988

    Motorola V60 with my antenna super-glued on after an unfortunate accident.  Ah simpler times.

  • Richard Hall

    My first cell phone was a Kyocera 2325, it wasn’t great but I could at least make calls. Would like the Seidio Surface.

  • zepfloyd

    First phone: The venerable Motorola StarTAC!

    Case: Feather, Otterbox.

  • It was a gold-colored Nokia

    I like all of the cases. I guess I like the Otterbox the best, then the Incipio and Case Mate

  • my first phone was my mom’s kyocera KWC 2135, and then i got my own motorola V260.
    i’d be down with any of these cases. i’ll take any sort of protection for my G-nex

  • dt3

    Nokia 1600! And preferably the Otterbox.

  • Haproot

    An old school Kyocera candy bar phone.  It had a dot matrix display and was the coolest thing ever!
    I had a sweet leather pouch with it and I was super stylin.

  • Chris420o

    Ohhh my first cell phone…my first actually purchased cellphone was the second iteration of the i1000…if u where a teenager in the bronx and didnt have a nextel u prob didn’t have many friends…id love to see that seidio surface on my nexus bc i loved it on my og

  • Sgiacomo84

    My first real phone of all time was the Motorola V120. Was awesome in its day!

    I would love to win the Case Mate Pop! This is the case I was going to get before going with Verizon’s standard black silicone cover.

  • My first cell phone ever was the LG Rumor on Sprint.

    I would gracefully take any case.

    My order, I guess, would be:
    1. Case Mate Pop
    2. Incipio Feather
    3. Seidio Surface
    4. Otterbox Commuter.

  • Gibsonlp223

    My first phone of all time was an LG x-jfhboif;f;eowij900 whatever the hell kind of model names they were putting on phones at the time. xD I would like the otterbox please! (but I would settle for the pop case 😉

  • Aaron Brodsky

    a big Motorola flip phone. The original one, not totally sure of the name. Maybe a star tac, or was that later?

  • My First Phone was a Nokia 8210…lasted me a few years but it was a great first phone.  I would like the Otterbox case if I were lucky enough to win!

  • motorola W385. Had one before it but can’t even remember the name… I think that incipio looks pretty boss

  • Hendrix

    Motorola razr v3m. That razr had a different screen than all the other razrs so finding a case was impossible. therefore I deserve the feather case that is up for grabs.

  • Farrbb

    kyocera slider like a boss 

    and the seidio surface looks awesome for my galaxy nexus i just ordered

  • curtis206

    Ericsson GH337 from 1994

  • First phone was a Kyocera 2235. Neon blue screen FTW. I would like the Feather case

  • rocketdaddy

    Hmmm… first cell phone was a Nokia brick of some sort. First REAL phone was the OG Droid ! I would like the Incipio Feather.

  • Not entering, but wanted to toss out my first phones as well. The original was a Nokia, but I don’t even remember fully what it looked like because my coverage area (Blackfoot wireless) in Montana was so small that I couldn’t really use it.

    Then I switched to Verizon some time in 2001 or 2002, so the first phone that I could use all of the time was the Motorola T731…ballin’.


    • Reiterz007

      I forgot about this one! I had this one too! Haha. I thought it was awesome…

  • Guest

    First phone was the LG VX4500.

    Otterbox or Feather, please.

  • Bariman43

    My first phone was a black Motorola Razr flip phone. Didn’t have it for long, left it in my pocket by accident a few months later and it got washed. I’d like the Otterbox, please.

  • liquidsense

    Nokia 8210; on AT&T in 1999.  I dropped that from a four story balcony onto dirt and it continued working perfectly.

    I’ll take the feather!!!

  • dbam987

    My first cell phone of all time was one that looked like the cordless house phones we have now. Big, bulky, monochrome screen… but the battery did last a super long time. I don’t remember the make or model of it anymore (probably a good thing).

    Side note: I don’t want to enter this particular contest, because I opted for a Droid RAZR (and loving it).

  • Nokia 5110 – a new phone with the purchase of a new back cover, LOL.
    I’d prefer the  Incipio Feather case.

  • Sean McEvoy

    My first cell phone was a Nokia phone.  Can’t remember the model.  I do remember when my old man had the giant suitcase car phone. 
    I’d like the Case Mate pop case.

  • It gives me the shivers but my first phone was Kyocera 2325! 

    Otterbox Commuter looks sleek! 

  • pd240

    An old Nokia that u could swap out the face plate. Seidio cases have never let me down.

  • First phone that was mine as in not borrowing my parents when I rode my bike somewhere was the good old LG enV.  Loved that phone to death, and it had a full keyboard so I was so much cooler than those T9 kids (psh).  Any case would be lovely as my Gnex gets quite cold running around naked in the winter

  • 3M4NU31

    My first phone was the Samsung GLYDE!!! It was also the WORST phone ive ever had! The touch screen was horrible & the phone was super buggy. Samsung has come a long way…
    Oh & ill take the Otterbox please 🙂

  • Jdoughertygsr

    Can’t remember my spring flip phone…my first smartphone was a droid eris.

  • ramifications

    A nokia candy bar with snake running on cingular wireless’s network ! If you count my family’s first cell, we had one of those car phones in a box that you could carry around from car to car. ahh, the good ol’ days 🙂

  • BrutalSauce

    Samsung SCH-A670. Back in 2005 this thing was a BEAST. Full color camera and full color display oh yeah!

  • Michael Forte

    My first phone was a Sprint Sanyo Flip phone. I’d like the Incipio please.

  • My first phone was the Nokia 3410, and it was a TANK. I can’t tell you how many times I dropped that thing and it wouldn’t give up. I bet if I still had that phone it would still boot up.

    I wish to have any of the cases but prefer the otterbox.

  • Twofourturbo

    First phone was a startack flip phone. I sure thought I was pimp with a sweet flip phone.
    I would love to give my Nexus some Otterbox love!

  • Original Moto Razor.

  • The first phone I had was a prepaid nokia “candy bar”.  The first REAL phone I’ve had is the Galaxy Nexus…yeah baby!!!

    Otterbox please.

  • Peter Barrera

    My first phone was the Nokia 5190 back on AT&T.

  • marty jones

    I had the Keyocera Slider, lol.

    Would prefer Seido.

  • Adam Buchoff

    Kyocera SE47 is the first phone I bought myself. I want the Incipio Feather case.

  • some samsung model on sprint! i’d like the incipio feather!

  • cooneyd

    nokia 3300. aka. the brick!

    case mate pop

  • znewman

    I had a candy bar Motorola phone. Green and Black screen. It was great.

    I would love the Otterbox Commuter.

  • Jcoleman38

    Nokia … really like the case mate!

  • johnnyanalog

    Motorola V2288! I’ll take the otterbox.

  • jnt

    Moto MicroTAC


  • My first phone (aside from cheapo prepaids which date back to the late 90’s) was the LG vx5300.
    Today, I cut my finger open with an exacto knife cutting out the volume toggle on my diztronic rev 2 case.  I did a really bad job and ruined my only case. Winning one of these would help heal my pride, especially the Inicipio Feather 😀 Thanks Droid-Life!

  • Bill Davidson

    First phone? Fujitsu Commander DX… yes an actual carphone. Otterbox por favor.

  • Patrickd35

    I had a VoiceStream Nokia phone, can you say BRICK!!!!!!  The Otter Case looks nice

  • gbenj

    My first phone was an LG 5350 on sprint. After a year the battery had bulged to the point that I used a piece of twine to keep it in place. 


    And I’d like to win the Incipio Feather. 

  • ManiDePRico

    Tough to say what is my fav. i would have to say my OG Droid, for getting me into this whole messy world of android. 

    Case Mate Pop would be nice. 

  • I had a crappy Nokia Trac Fone for like two or three weeks before my wife made it apparent that we were going to save money by getting a contract phone.  We ended up getting Moto Razr’s back before everybody had one, and before they started self destructing.

  • chdir

    The first phone I had was an old Nokia brick on a pre-paid plan about ten years ago.
    If I win, I would like the Otterbox, however, I would be happy just to win anything.

  • First phone of all time was a motorola bag phone (actually my parent’s but I used it when I started driving).  
    Inicipio Feather, but any one would do!

  • 1MPR0BUS

     Motorola Micro T-A-C 550

    My pop brought it home from work and let me and my brother mess with it when we were kids.

    The Case Mate looks cool.

  • Stephen Gaskins Jr.

    My first phone was the old Motorola V60c.  No camera, no games, no color screen.  Just phone calls.  

    I would really like to win the Incipio Feather.  Thanks.

  • Adammari

    My very first phone was an old LG flip phone.  Best phone I ever owned.  I would like to win the Otterbox case.

  • My first phone was the motorola RAZR and it was a good one for the time.  I would love to have the Case Mate Pop for my Galaxy Nexus.

  • My first phone of all time was attached to the wall by means of a curly wire. As for which case–whichever one fits my LTE Nexus, standard battery.

  • JosephCabrera

    The second to cheapest phone that Virgin Mobile offered back in 2003, it has the green screen with black text. It did have that snake game on it which was entertaining back then.

  • My first was a Nokia 6010! Come a loooong way since then. I’m interested in the Case-mate case!

  • My first phone was a Motorola Star-Tac.  I don’t remember the number that came after the name.

    I’d like to win the Seidio Surface case.

  • Dusty Bottoms

    The Motorola Flip Phone.  Otterbox.

  • Anthonydorazio

    MMy first phone was the old Motorola flip – the big one. Awesome phone.

    I’d want the Otter or the Incipio but I am not picky.

  • Jpnestel

    Oh and the incipio case 🙂

  • ChuckDz3

    My first phone was the old school Nokia with Snake! That was the best game.. I’d take any case, preferably the otterbox. 

    • QQpayne

      Snake is just not the same on newer phones.

  • My first phone was one of those generic looking Nokia phones that I cannot remember the model of.

    I would enjoy the Case Mate Pop for my GNex.

  • First phone ever was a LG flip phone with a mirror on it. (Cingular anyone?) – seidio or incipio would be nice but ill go incipio

  • Yellowcanary73

    Te Otterbox sucks does not fit snug all the way around.

  • Jpnestel

    Nokia 5110

  • p_droid

    My first phone was a black Samsung flip-phone about 6 years ago. It was a great phone – IT EVEN HAD A CAMERA! 😉

    Incipio Feather case would be sweet because I like to keep my phone slim and light!

  • Blomgrenjason

    My first phone was the Motorola star tac. It was sweet at the time. Inicipio Feather

  • Travisjshepherd

    my first phone was the motorola razr, you know, the original one that flipped open? ha ha wow I’ve come a long way lol! I would like the Seidio Surface “Surface?” case.

  • I don’t even remember the name of it.  All I remember was that it came in a small carrying case and still had a phone cord attached to it, but it was still portable. lol  This was before the big brick-like Motorola phones.  … Incipio Feather

  • benjamin forehand

    My first phone was a Samsung Flip phone lol from metro. It had a blue screen and it sucked. Plus i had a pay as u go plan so i would always run out of minutes. I gave it to my dad and he broke it 😐

  • Sheesh… first phone of all time. I think it was a no-name Ericsson that had a plastic cover that flipped over the number pad. Hated that phone but it was in my budget, and back then, that was a feature!

  • sahilm

    First phone: An old LG phone (I’m a bit younger than most on here)

    I’d love to win the Sedio Surface case!

  • sofunnytom

    My first phone ever? The Samsung SCH-U740, later renamed to the Alias.  Not that long ago either, but I love my GNex now! I would love the Incipio case!

  • Eric Wilborn

    I had the original Razr on Verizon. Great first phone.

    For my GNex, I’d love to check out the OtterBox.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Of ALL TIME?

  • oz0ne

    MicroTAC Lite XL!

    • oz0ne


    • PowellByron

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