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MotoActv Updates on the Way: Syncing App Available to All Android Devices Tomorrow, Golf Software 6.5 to Fitness Units Too

Tomorrow, Motorola will release the first update to their MotoActv pairing app for Android smartphones. Currently locked to only a couple of phones, this update will make the app available to all Android phones running 2.1 and higher. Not only that, but they finally added some functionality to it which turns it into more than just a battery draining notification system. In fact, this now sounds a lot like what Nike’s Fuelband app does on iOS and should do when it is released this summer to Android

Here is the list:

  • Plan workouts on your phone, launch them from your MOTOACTV and see your workout data back on your phone
  • Track progress of your personal fitness goals on your phone
  • Use your Android smartphone to set up Wi-Fi networks for your MOTOACTV

MotoActv Fitness Tracker Golf Update 6.5

Remember the golf update that Motorola told us would be made available to current MotoActv owners during the first week of April? It should be here right on time. On Friday, Motorola actually posted up the full changelog (here) for the update, but has since pulled it. My guess is that it will be up tomorrow along with this new Android app. One thing to note is that you will only have until April 16 to download it for free. After that, it will be a paid download that we can imagine will not be all that cheap. So if you want golf GPS software on your unit, be sure to stay close, as we will let you know the minute it goes live. Might want to start checking tomorrow afternoon though.

Via:  Motorola [2]

Cheers Chris and Daren!

  • qingming111


  • jonny6pak

    I think I’m going to have to get one of these now.  I didn’t really think it was that amazing, or worth the price, until I started ramping up my training.  Having a watch that links up to an ANT+ HRM and can plan/sync all my workouts seems incredibly useful, especially since it’ll play music and keep my phone functions working without my phone battery going dead during a long session.  

  • Pay after the 16th huh? April Fools me thinks

    • sru571

      Kind of strange.  It says they will charge for the full version on the 8gb model later this year, but there is no time restriction for the 16gb model.  Not sure what their plan is, but not liking this fragmentation of updates if that’s the plan in the future.

  • The device is nice but not worth the price at all.

    • David Geiger

      I take call for work on an every other week bases and it is nice to be able to receive texts/phone calls while training. I do agree the price is high but it is very convenient and the functionality is nowhere else in the market. I did use my phone most of the time prior to the motoactv but all the run trackers plus listening to music eats a phone battery in a very short amount of time. I think the longest my droid x on an extended battery lasted on a run was right around three hours. 

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  • Bob Martin

    Could this update be Icecream Sandwich?

  • mashed potato

  • rizzet

    Love Love Love my 16gig Motoactv! Stoked for the update!!!!