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Google Drive Could Launch Week of April 16, Users to Get 5GB of Storage

Is Google Drive on the verge of a release? According to leaked screenshots posted this week, it certainly appears that way. Rumors have a launch happening the week of April 16, with users seeing anywhere from 2GB to 5GB out of the gate. There is a chance that they will be able to upgrade that limit by paying or by referring customers, however, referring customers seems highly unlikely. To my knowledge, Google has never offered a reward for referring people to any of their services. After all, this is Google we are talking about here. All they need to do is add a toolbar link to “Drive” and users will flock in. Google users are Google users, meaning they can access all Google products already with a single sign-in, including this new Drive service.

As one would expect, there should be mobile apps and PC software to help you upload docs or files easily and also access them from anywhere.

I for one am looking forward to a Google-based all-in-one storage service. As an Android enthusiast, Google handles almost all of my digital life, so storing my files with them simply makes sense.

Via:  Talk Android

  • Gonna love this.

  • 5GB for free? Now THAT’S more like it! {{-_-}}

  • Tempoeffects

    I am looking forward to this, although I should say that with no way to get more than 5GB for free, it may dampen my spirits. If you are going to be a new user to Dropbox, and want more than the regular referral bonus (i.e. you want 500MB for free as a bonus instead of 250MB), use this link: http://db.tt/NSEAntK.

  • Kernschatten

    Hopefully there won’t be any Apple employees using these to store patent information.

  • It’s going to be invite only at first, and no public links for files. 

  • Dropbox rocks for me.  I like it’s seamless integration and automatic uploading of pics from my phone. It will be interesting to see how this develops, however.  I already pay for extra space from Google; how will that be affected, I wonder?

  • Is it paranoid to be a little wary about storing everything in the Google Cloud? Not out of privacy but out of like, you know, risk that something could happen?

  • John Burke

    I’ll get it just to have, but my main online storage is Dropbox with my 26GB for the next 2 years

    • CORYK333

      Same here, i’ll probably slowly start to use gDrive over time seeing as i have about 64gigs in Dropbox already with about 75% used. No way i could jump head first into gDrive.

  • I’m not sure I want to switch. I love Google to death, but I’ve got 23.75 GB free on dropbox.

    Also, https://www.google.com/#q=site:drive.google.com&hl=en&prmd=imvns&filter=0&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=5d409e11edb055e4&biw=1680&bih=903

    Although none of them work.

  • GawkerRedesignSucks

    Ok…I can work with 5GB.  This could definitely be a valid dropbox replacement.

    You have my attention, Google.

  • Thanassi

    Anyone else pick up on the Icon branding deliberately taking cues from Drop Box’s isometric Box Logo? Well played Google.

  • For what it’s worth, Google DID offer a referral bonus back when they had “Google Pack” (a bundle that included Google Desktop, Google Earth, Google Talk, etc).  I think they paid $0.50 or $1.00 per install.  I made some decent money with that for a while.

    That said, I agree that it’s very unlikely they’ll include any kind of referral program with this.

  • jdrch

    5 GB? MS SkyDrive gives you 25 GB for free? C’mon Google.

    • That’s exactly what I was about to say.

      • And Box.net gives you 50 GB for free (at least if you were paying attention at the right time). C’mon SkyDrive…

        But the problem with all of these SkyDrive’s and LiveDrive’s and iDrive’s and such is that they’re not very convenient to use. Plus, they can have ugly limits on the size of individual files that you can upload. If they don’t have Explorer/Finder/shell integration, you’re stuck with using a browser or some crappy 3rd-party application. And you might not have any mobile access.

        So it’s not just about storage space. It’s about how to get to it and integrate with your other services.

        • But Box has file size limits for uploads.

          •  I know. That was my point.

          • Loki

            I need cloud storage for my HD videos I take with my phone. HD videos eat up all my memory on my phone. I have an old pc from 5 years ago and don’t like to download the use a video converter to convert vids to pc. takes up hours of time. Will google storage have Video storage? Any alternative cloud storage for hd videos?

          • How do you feel about using YouTube? Or Picasa? Both are Google services, and both allow for uploading videos, keeping them private, and playing them anywhere. In principle, at least from YouTube, you can download the videos, but most people would probably recommending keeping a backup somewhere. Still, the video streaming services already available at least take them off your phone and still let you access them.

            Minus.com also provides a good deal of space, has video support, and lets you download exactly what you uploaded. It also has an Android app that makes uploading easy. (you could say the same about several other similar cloud storage sites, like SugarSync, but they have weird idiosyncrasies or low storage space or poor platform compatibility or a crappy web interface)

          • Noyfb

            ty ted

        • Sean Maloney

          Windows 8 is built around synching data with “the cloud”.  For home users, all your data and settings are automatically sync’ed with Skydrive in real time, so you can switch to any other Windows 8 device (including a Windows 8 phone!) and have all your stuff, except non-Metro apps.  You can even boot Windows 8 from a USB flash drive in a library for example, and have access to all your stuff.  I’m guessing they will increase the SkyDrive’s free storage space when Windows 8 is released.  Plus you can buy more storage space which will likely encourage people who already pay for online backups to switch to SkyDrive.

          For corporate use, it has company-wide de-duping and you direct the sync to corporate servers.  They are also heavily pushing App-V so your apps follow you as well, which is not like app streaming.  Apps work even offline.

    • With only 5 gigs of auto sync…..

      The other 20 is a pain 

  • Andrew Ross

    Yes, probably more like “Over 5120.0000 megabytes (and counting) of free storage.”

    • CompCrash

       I hope so, that is what I like about Gmail but it would be more useful in online storage.

  • Having 12GB free with Dropbox, I’m quit disappointed. Even  Skydrive is 25GB with future desktop integration like Dropbox.

  • Anyone else notice that “drive.google.com” does in fact resolve, round-robin style, to an IP address? Compare this to, say, “notdrive.google.com.” I suppose that’s a good sign.

  • JBarr

    I hope it’s a “drag and drop” system like Dropbox.  I signed up for Box with the 50GB promotion, but don’t like that you have to hit “Upload”.  If Google works more like a folder where you can drag and drop, rather than uploading, I’m all in.

    • Being that you can drag and drop attachments to email using Google Chrome, I would think they would do this. On the other hand, I don’t think that’s avail for Google Docs… Hmmmm

      • Doogie

         You can do that with Firefox too. I don’t think it is a browser specific feature.

        • I think it’s just an HTML5 feature. Not 100% sure though.

      • CompCrash

         He is talking about having a folder in you computer that Dropbox automatically uploads files when you move or save them there.

        • Got ya. I think the browser option would be better though. less that you have to store on a local machine and no extra software to install

  • DLSucks

    Droid-Life I am disappoint. You allowed the Nokia Lumia 710 to beat the Galaxy Nexus and today Laptop Mags contest pits the Nokia Lumia 900 v the Nokia Lumia 710…talk about dropping the ball DL.

    • How is it their fault? They asked everyone to vote. And what does that have to do with cloud storage?

      P.S. Your mom sucks. Very well.

      • CORYK333


    • Blood

      Droid Life couldn’t take that pathetic “contest” serious if blackberry beat the htc one x.

  • BDFio

    Would be nice if the privacy policy didn’t say we will be spying on all of your documents and using it to sell ads

    • You are on the internet, you never had privacy and the only way to get it is to not use the internet. As if Google is the only company mining personal data for profits. I hate seeing this tin foil hat excuse every time Google releases a new product. PRIVACY DOESN’T EXIST ANYMORE SO SHUT UP ABOUT IT PLEASE.

      • StupidPhoneRumor

        PRIVACY DOES EXIST! So stop giving in to that rhetoric you idiot. No reason to give up privacy to use the Internet. It is the services you use on the Internet that degrade your privacy online. If Google Drive mines your uploads for the purpose of targeted ads, I will not use it. There are too many alternatives.

        • tryptech

          Yeah, because absolutely none of the free alternatives mine the information you feed them

    • What do you have to hide? We live in the age of The Patriot Act. There’s no such thing as privacy. Someone’s going to be spying on you at all times. 

      • StupidPhoneRumor

        So when a perspective employer (or a current employer) mines data on you and finds you searched for porn in 2002 on your home PC and says, ” We cannot hire (keep) you because you violate this company’s moral and ethical code…” you gonna finally decide to CARE about having privacy?

        Privacy does exist. The services you use on the Internet is where you give up your privacy. SO don’t use them, unless you truly are without ANY faults at all. We all have some things we would like to keep hidden…. that is what true privacy is.

  • Really interested to see how this will integrate with Android.

  • Tom_Cullen

    recent dropbox updates have made the android app almost useless, so this is coming at the perfect time.

    • CORYK333

      Curious as to what u dont like about the newest version of DB. The last few beta & official releases have solved a bunch of the problems & missing features i felt were needed. Not trolling you bc every1 has different usage patterns & features they need in a service, just honestly would like to know.

      • Tom_Cullen

        the removal of the local dropbox folder on the device was a big turn off for me. having to manually export every file you want to sync up with dropbox was a big step backwards.

  • Michael Forte

    5 GB is definitely more reasonable than 1 GB. I’d even be willing to use my free space in Gmail as well, because I doubt I’ll ever reach that limit.

  • RedPandaAlex

    “I for one am looking forward to a Google-based all-in-one storage service. As an Android enthusiast, Google handles almost all of my digital life, so storing my files with them simply makes sense.”
    Same for me. I mean, as it is I’m royally screwed if either my google account or dropbox account is compromised. If everything is in my google account, then that’s just one place I need to worry about security.

  • Someguyperson

    Why not just use the storage they give you for Gmail?

  • John

    Can’t wait to see how they implement this!

  • 2001400ex

    Is this gonna be a method to back up/ store apps like the iTunes store so when you switch devices everything will automatically download?

    • CORYK333

      The Market(Play) & gmail account integration already do this, so not sure what you mean.

      • 2001400ex

        Yes it stores the apps you have purchased, but not the free apps you have downloaded.  So like when I just replaced my Thunderbolt, it does not dowload any apps.  I had to go in and download the pay apps one by one.  Then I wrote down all my free apps and had to go redownload those one by one.  We need a service that stores these so when you get a new phone, you push a button and all the apps automatically push to your phone.

        • Kernschatten

          appSaver backs up your installed APKs locally. Transfer to PC or swap SD card and reinstall. Wait a few minutes for the Play Store to catch up.

          Works well for factory resets too.

          • 2001400ex

            Does it break the link with the play store? In that, I have used Astro to backup each app, but when I reinstall from Astro, they no longer get updates from the play store.

          • Kernschatten

            I did a factory reset on my A200 after the ICS update. Reinstalled everything fine. Cleared cache on the Play Store and then took about five minutes for the Play Store to show all my installed apps and pending updates.

            I also use it to back up apps before installing a potentially buggy update. I can always uninstall the updated app and reinstall the APK from the appSaver backup. Future updates always show up.

          • 2001400ex

            I will try it out.  Thanks for the heads up!!! I reset my phone for various reasons every few months and this will save a ton of time!

          • Lane Wollenweber

            Also take a look at MyBackup Pro. I used this for backup before and during the .596 to .602 to .605 Android update (DroidX not getting ICS).

            It’s pretty simple to use and I chose the Pro over the free version for more storage & being able to access My Stuff stored on Their cloud (free doesn’t allow this). I’ve also chosen their $2/month for over 1GB storage, although I’m not sure of its limits or storage capacity (sorry).

            It backs up Apps (Market, Free & others), Songs, Pictures and whatever the hell else you have on your phone. I’ve since removed the pictures cause that takes up a lot of unnecessary space & it’s dumb to pay for what’s on a USB. Check it out, perhaps it’ll interest you…


        • TC Infantino

          One of the cool things that the new update to the Google Play store added is just what you are talking about.  If you go into Google Play Store and under the menu choose my apps it shows which apps are installed, but if you swipe to the left it shows a column called ‘All’.  That column shows every app I have ever installed on both my OG Droid, and now my Rezound, even the free ones.  The only thing I can think that would be better is if it saved your data along with the apps as well.

  • Asuriyan

    Because Google doesn’t know about me and my life already!

    Yeah, of course I’ll use it anyway. Privacy, schmivacy. If anyone is going to abuse my online information it’s not going to be The Goog. I hope.

  • Sqube

    Hell of a lot better than that 1GB rumor. We’ll see if they offer anything to make me want to use them over Dropbox. Or Minus. Or Box.NET.

    I mean, other than being a part of my Google login. After all, I’m already with those other programs. There’s no significant mental costs to my continuing to use them.

    • John


      • Sqube

        Duly noted and modified.

  • MKader17

    Well see how it works. If its like Dropbox plus then I’m excited.

    One thing that would be nice is the ability to share pictures to the public from within it. I don’t like always having to upload to Photobucket then sharing the link.

    • Sqube

      Why are you uploading to Photobucket? Copy the file in question to your public folder and then share the link from there.


        imgur people, it is a great image hosting service.

      • MKader17

        Can you post it as an image in a forum? That’s where I mostly need it.